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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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melissa: look who's back? david is back. david: i'm back from florida recharged. now on to south carolina, the campaign trailheading down south following a wild night in new hampshire. donald trump tropical storming his republican competition in -- trouncing his competition in the first republican primary of the season. carly fiorina is out and reports another candidate may be out. melissa: bernie sanders winding every demographic including women and moderates. we have you covered this hour. ed rollins, lou dobbs and former senator john sununu. david: look how the markets ended the day. it is not good. [closing bell rings] there were times all indices would be in the green. not so. two out of three in the red. dow just avoiding it, as it settles a triple triple digit loss. only one positive is nasdaq. melissa: here is what you need
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to know right now. >> together we have done what the pundits and the media said could not be done. >> what began last week in iowa. when voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight. is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state! >> we can do this but it's going to require someone with proven leadership skills and i have those skills. [cheers and applause] melissa: historic night in new hampshire. on republican side donald trump towering over the competition just crushing them, pulling in 35% of the vote. john kasich has a strong performance in the grand isn't state coming in second. followed by ted cruz, jeb bush,
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marco rubio and governor chris christie. charlie gasparino, is reporting he is suspending his campaign according to one major donor. no confirmation from the christie camp. but it has been confirmed moments ago that carly fiorina is out of the race. on the democratic side bernie sanders pulling off a huge victory over hillary clinton with 60% of the vote. look at that march bin there. david: i thought it was mistake when i first saw it. unbelievable. it is easy to see why. bernie sanders winning over hillary clinton in virtually every demographic including women and moderates. the senator coming out on top in one key area, pulling 91% of the voters when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. broader poll in new hampshire voters say the economy is most important issue more important than government spending, terrorism and immigration. melissa: if history is any indicator we could have republican nominee in trump. since 1976 every republican nominee won either the
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new hampshire primary or iowa caucus. no republican candidate has come in third place or worst in new hampshire and gone on to win the nomination. but my next guest says this race defies history. joining me is ed rollins, former reagan political director and fox news political analyst. ed, you rote something today i laughed when i read it. i'm handicapped by 50 years of knowledge and experience which is totally irrelevant in this election. >> i have been right on one thing all year long. i bet 10 bucks on denver broncos. melissa: good for you. >> everything else has been totally wrong. melissa: forget politics. go on over to sports. it is really defying all logic so it makes me sort of wonder as we sit here and look out at the rest of the campaign it, seems like trump, start on the republican side, trump is going to be the nominee. does it feel like that now? >> you know, a long ways to go. critical thing, five players
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today, two are senators and two are governors. they have a knowledge of a lost government. donald obviously doesn't have much. he doesn't need much. he promises a couple things like christmas. get the walls, isis conquered. if you don't like that said go to bernie sanders giver you free education and free health care and whatever else you want and make all the rich guys pay for it. melissa: i was talking to a lot of operatives when it comes down to trump versus cruz, republican party and lot of establishment and people in washington would work against cruz and would back trump. do you agree with trump? >> i don't think anybody knows what is going to happen at this point in time. i think there are two very strong candidates. cruz is conservative candidate. john kasich big second place, your next guest, john sununu, the young john sununu was a senator, his father was a ledge
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again dairy governor. they have to stay in the the game to get to ohio. ohio march 15th is winner take all. it is about gathering delegates. no one will knock trump out or these other players for the foreseeable future. >> the theory is only way to beat trump, if it comes down to two-man race, him and someone else. right now ted cruz is the likely someone else. jeb bush, you say yourself he is pretty much out of it. you know it seems like the only person it would be would be ted cruz and that even though conservatives back him and certainly a lot of magazines back him, that he just has too many enemies and focus groups, public is too negative against him and that the party doesn't think he could win a national election. do you agree with any of that? >> no one knows who can win a national election in this environment. let's begin with that premise. that is conventional wisdom. conventional wisdom has been wrong. melissa: good point. >> i think cruz put a brilliant
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organization together showed last night without spending much money came in third place. he has strong organization in south carolina. in my piece i dismiss bush and what have you, bush still has a lot of money. rubio will make a comeback. they're not all going away. two big factors. melissa: okay. >> ohio, 66 delegates, march 15th, winner-take-all. florida, 99 delegates, winner take all. that will eliminate somebody. john, governor kasich obviously has to win ohio and either rubio or bush have to win florida or they're done. melissa: let me introduce one more wildcard. listen to the sound bite. talking about michael bloomberg getting into the race. here is trump's response. on other side tell me about this wildcard. >> i hope he runs. i would love to compete against michael bloomberg. i think he might hurt the democrats more. i would love to see michael run but i think it is not going to be very easy for him to be honest with you. melissa: how would michael bloomberg change the whole thing
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i just laid out. >> make it hard for the democrat. he will not draw republican support. he is candidate advocates gun control, pro-life, gay marriage. melissa: slurpee bans. >> bans liquor, cigarettes. that doesn't sell well in the republican turf in the south. my sense he will take votes. hard process to create independent candidacy across the country. billion dollars sounds like a lot of money, i promise democrat or republican nominee will more more than a billion dollars as romney last time. melissa: thank you very much, ed. david: slurpee ban really bugs you? melissa: it really bugs me. david: then there were eight. carly fiorina suspends her campaign. john roberts is in spartanburg, south carolina where all this will play out on the campaign trail. john? reporter: david, good afternoon to you. it was only matter of time for carly fiorina. she did not do well in iowa and
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not do well in new hampshire. looked like she would be boxed out of the debate in south carolina. she is running lean, mean, efficient campaign machine and can run with a oily rag you can only do that so long before you have to call it a day. however is she out completely? i don't necessarily speak so. i don't think her play was for the nomination anyways. she was running potentially to be a running mate. talked to a number about campaigns, almost to a campaign they have said she would be strong contender for a running mate should their particular candidate prevail and be nominee. other person we're guessing about, will he or won't he, chris christie, will he get out of the race? i'm hearing from people familiar with his campaign, part of his staff, from iowa, working for him on national basis have been sent home. they figure that is a pretty big indication the curtain is about to come down on the christie
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campaign. who benefits from all of this? christie obviously in the establishment lane. fiorina as well in the establishment lane to a large degree. running as outsider. people i talk to in new hampshire who were undecided before the voting there said, that anybody who at least for carly was also potentially looking at bush, rubio and kasich. the same thing with christie. there was a lot of crossover between rubio, christie and kasich. their support was moderate at best i think in most of these states, david. if their support goes to anybody, i think it would be probably more along of line of establishment candidates than trump or cruz. david: gotcha. carly hasn't declared which other candidate she might go with? >> i think that, when you're in a position like that you go with whoever might ask you. >> david: good point, john roberts. thankthank you, john. melissa. melissa: very good. hillary clinton back on campaign trail after being dealt a painful blow by bernie sanders in new hampshire.
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ed henry joins us now with what the candidates are up to today. i mean it was quite a victory tour for bernie sanders. he is on "the view." having lunch with al sharpton. not same thing over in the clinton camp. reporter: quiet day for bernie sanders. what is trying to do there, bernie sanders, general rate african-american support. clintons believe they have firewall starting in the south in south carolina in couple weeks. young african-americans are telling some media outlets, like young white college students we saw here, mostly white anyway in new hampshire, they're going, breaking hard for bernie sanders. i think you're seeing that also in the money. look at this. overnight bernie sanders raised we're told $5.2 million over the internet. didn't cost him a dime basically to do that. that gives him fuel to stay in this race for a long time. i spoke to bernie sanders campaign manager jeff weaver, he
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brought me inside of their game plan. they said look, they think they're not going to necessarily win the african-american vote in south carolina, georgia, mississippi, arkansas in the days ahead, but they believe they cut into hillary clinton's support among african-americans and do well with the white vote in all the states they will win or at least come close and finishing second is not a bad deal for bernie sanders in these big states in march with a lot of delegates because the democrats don't do it as winner-take-all like republicans do in a lot of states. democrats have it proportionally. if you come in second you will still get a bunch of delegates. with the money bernie sanders has he is in this for the long haul, maybe all the way to the convention, even if he loses or comes up short or maybe it is deadlocked. once inevitable nomination for hillary clinton is now anything but and she is in for a long struggle. even if she wins she may emerge in very much in difficult shape for somebody heading into the general election to face republicans.
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let's not forget another big number last night, you mentioned a moment ago, she lost big time among independents. independent voters decide general elections, melissa. melissa: no, amazing. more women voted for bernie sanders? the numbers are just astounding coming out of this. she ends up getting bloodied by a socialist, first time ever running as a democrat. this is truly the most bizarre election year of all time. we have front row seat. >> just beginning. melissa: just getting started. david. david: breaking all the precedent. melissa: who knew. david: stories on our radar, women soccer team may be without their star goalie for the olympics. hope solo said zika virus could prevent her from going. if she had to decide now, she wouldn't go. irs identifying automated attack on their computer system aimed at stealing tax returns.
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460,000 social security numbers were identified under attack with 101,000 successfully accessing a e-file pin. thankfully as far as it went. irs blocked the breach from there. pope francis standing up for migrants literally. first ever visit to mexico, the pontiff holding a cross-border mass next week just 90 yards from the u.s. border. 200,000 mexicans are expected to attend. and 50,000 going across the rio grande from texas. melissa: self-driving cars becoming more self-driven. why legally may not need to be a human behind the wheel. we'll explain why coming up. david: unbelievable. john kasich making a very strong showing coming in second in the granite state. former senator john sununu, head of kasich's new hampshire campaign. he will tell us how he plans to keep the momentum going in the south. >> tonight we head to south carolina and we will move through south carolina all
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across this country. here in new hampshire, i have to tell you there is no way i would have gone forward in this campaign if it wasn't for john sununu, the great senator john sununu. [cheers and applause] melissa: and ted cruz, marco rubio and jeb bush all fighting for third. how will south carolina shake things up? lou dobbs, host of the lou dobbs show is here to weigh in. we have a jam-packed show. don't go anywhere. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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vote. >> at a time when change is clearly in the air, maybe, just maybe, we're turning the page on a dark part of american politics because tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. [cheering] david: but can the ohio governor ride the wave to the next primary? here to weigh in, former senator john can sununu, campaign manager. ed rollins spoke highly of you. did a lot of town halls in new hampshire. spent a lot of time and energy. is it possible to transfer the strategy in south carolina? >> it is not identical but there are a lot of similarities. he had well over 500 people at the first event in the morning getting on the plane at 2:00 in the morning. tremendous turnout, tremendous response. there is a lot of personal interaction. one of the advantages of
4:19 pm
campaign style in new hampshire he listened understands the problems, has real ideas and solutions that respond to voters concerns. david: that is different electorate down in south carolina. >> sure. every state is different. david: much tougher on immigration than kasich is, correct? >> look what john says, finish the wall. establish a guest worker program that is variable, certifiable where people can come in here. he recognizes though that the idea of deporting 12 million people all at once, doesn't make a lot of sense. culturally or economically. david: does he change or bend his message on immigration at all to suit a different audience. >> i don't think so. because voters catch on to that. voters know they will not agree with you on every single issue. in south carolina do they agree with john kasich cutting five billion in taxes in ohio? sure they do. privatizing economic development and prisons in ohio? sure they do. david: what about -- >> they agree with him on fiscally conservative issues. david: he got the appearance of
4:20 pm
doing something in favor of obamacare by expanding medicaid within the state of ohio. how do you answer that charge? >> it is not obamacare. he wants to get rid of obamacare and replace it with other things. we can talk about health care reform. david: most of obamacare these days is medicaid spending correct. >> on medicaid. he used money to reform the program. growth in medicaid spending in ohio went from 10% to 3%. reformed the program. brought in competition of the uses technology. allow senior citizens staying in their homes rather than before sending them into nursing home. this is sharp, common sense reform that can be transformed nationwide that is it what being a reformer all about. david: i have to ask about one quote in new hampshire he got a lot of grief for. maybe i should run as democrat? maybe i ought to run democratic primary, i have more democrats for me. do you have any republican friends? >> democrat happened to come up to him obviously.
4:21 pm
you know what the real point is, this is the republican that will win the general election. he will win ohio, he will win michigan. he is the republican that they're most worried about. of the at same time he has never strayed away from conservative roots, balancing budgets, cutting taxes, rolling back regulations. he did it as chairman of the budget committee. he did it in ohio. he is the kind of independent thinker that can actually solve these problems. one last thought about being conservative though, okay? john kasich cut taxes five billion dollars in ohio. how many taxes has ted cruz cut? none. he rolled back regulations to create jobs in ohio. how many regulations has ted cruz rolled back? none. david: he has experience. >> conservative isn't making speeches. conservative is getting this stuff done. john kasich has. david: senator, we have leave it there. congratulations.
4:22 pm
on to south carolina. melissa. melissa: tesla motors out with fourth quarter numbers. lori rothman has details. break it down for us. reporter: melissa, fasten your seatbelts it's a bumpy ride for tesla. they continue to trade lower in extended session, last check down 4% there. here are the numbers. tesla reporting a loss of 87 cents a share. revenue, 1.75 billion. tesla was expected to come in with revenue of 1.79 billion. tesla is giving full year projections in materials of total vehicles it expected to deliver. it is significantly higher than last year. tesla says, 2016 delivers should come in a range of 80 to 90,000 new vehicles. so that is the model s, those are the new more mass market appeal vehicles and also model x, x as in xerox, this is
4:23 pm
the suv model tesla has out. last year they delivered 50,058. that was at low end. down in extended session after missing fourth quarter numbers. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you for that report. 90% of new hampshire voters fear a terror attack on american soil. we'll tell you which candidate they feel will keep america safe. the threat of isis is evolving but are government's ways of dealing with the extremist group evolving too? more on that coming up. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime.
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we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at david: more earnings, with twitter out with fourth quarter earnings. jo ling kent with the numbers. hi, jo. reporter: we're going through numbers right now, twitter absolutely tanking in after-hours trading down 8% right now. it was a beat top and bottom. 11 cents earnings per share.
4:27 pm
beat of 709.9 million street was looking for. real number i am watching 320 million monthly active users. appears no movement for growth of monthly active users this is metric that investors and analysts watch very, very closely. so that seems to be holding steady as expected by analysts. we're looking at the first quarter outlook, the current quarter for 595 million to 610 million in revenue. and the estimate there was 627 million. so they are missing on the outlook. the combination of the monthly active users plus that weaker outlook for the first quarter not helping twitter's stock as it continues to plunge, guys. melissa: jo, stay with us. we want to bring in a managing partner at 360. give me reaction to the numbers. >> what i'm see something exactly what i thought would happen.
4:28 pm
the big disconnect i see here is wall street and silicon valley. they're looking at revenue numbers and usage growth, what i'm looking for, the moment for jack dorsey on the call is his vision. ii want to about all the changes he made since he became ceo in november. i want to know what is the product road map, the strategy. where is this company going to be going is what i'm looking for. there is always that disconnect. wall street is short-term, looking what is happening daily, quarterly. the group rose close to 50% in revenues year-over-year. melissa: they did. let me play other side. they grew 50% off what base. you look at this company, donald trump basically ran his campaign from remarks and outrage on twitter. and used that to his advantage without spending money. think about what we just said. he ran a campaign without spending money using twitter. that is the inherent problem in this vehicle. also the fact that it seems
4:29 pm
like, you know, people who are on it are on it and they like it but it is not cool with the kids anymore. it is not really growing. >> sure, absolutely. there are definitely changes they need to do to the product. there are new ad campaigns and new products coming out. they haven't done a major acquisition since periscope. jack will be on periscope. that is the way they dot earnings call. i had no way donald trump would actually get more time today on this show. i agree a little bit where you're going, users that are cult followers of twitter they're not happen with changing timeline, going from 140 characters plus. what i see melissa and jo lending, this will be the resurrection of twitter this year. i feel that. melissa: okay. >> all-time low. close to a year ago, it was 50. chinese call it year of monkey and i think year of jack. resurrection for twitter with all the changes this year. melissa: you bought the stock at ipo. have you gotten rid of it? >> absolutely.
4:30 pm
i got rid of it a few years ago. melissa: all of it? okay. >> i got rid of all of it. we're waiting -- with all the ceo issues last year to wait. i see a great buying opportunity right now. melissa: okay. >> in fact i don't think we'll see this much lower. this stock will definitely double by the end of the year. melissa: guys, thanks to both of you. david. david: getting hammered. terrorism is still a top concern helping to fuel trump win in new hampshire. according to fox news exit polls 90% of the gop voters worry there will be another terrorist attack in the u.s. those voters went for trump. the billionaire businessman garnering 20% more support than his nearest rival john kasich. specter of isis attacks in the u.s. is continuing to grow. after warnings of a potential terrorist attack on u.s. this year, house foreign affairs committee holding a hearing on evolving threat of islamic state group. fox news's catherine herridge with all the latest. catherine what did we learn
4:31 pm
about isis? this is not lone wolf terrorist or something directed by isis in the u.s., right? reporter: that is important distinction. with we learned last two days of public hearings in washington, isis is deemed by the u.s. intelligence community to be the single greatest global terrorist threat specifically to the united states. what we heard in the testimony the terrorist group has been trying to use these refugee streams to insert its own operatives inside of the united states to launch its own attacks. switching from attacks inspired by the terrorist group to social media and to attacks carried out by isis operatives inside of the united states. other big data point we got this week, number of foreign fighters traveled to iraq and syria since the conflict began in 2012 is record high of 39,000. this is despite the 17-month-old bombing campaign. that is not in effect put dent to number of foreign fighters overall. but it led to shift where they
4:32 pm
sought to travel in the future which is libya, david. david: what about libya? what more did we learn about them? >> we first began reporting on isis presence in libya about a year ago. specifically that a handful of wouldn't call it leadership but senior operatives within isis in syria relocated to libya with the idea it would be sort of a launching pad or plan b for the terrorist group if they became under too much pressure in iraq and syria. what we've seen 5000 fighters in libya. they intend to use that country as launching pad into europe. also more i thought interestingly, they want to find a way to sort of harness the natural gas reserves in libya to maximize the kind of funds they have at their disposal. same way isis used that revenue stream in syria and also iraq. they want to get in there. they want to expand training camps, find a way to finance their operations using local
4:33 pm
natural resources. though i would add to date, isis in many cases has destroyed the infrastructure if they did not feel they had expertise to use it adequately. david: so much for the arab spring, remember that, back in 2011? catherine herridge thank you very much. reporter: you're welcome. david: melissa? melissa: time to buckle up for 2016. 10 days before republican contenders go head-to-head in south carolina. no one is taking any chances. >> the great thing about iowa and new hampshire, it has narrowed the field and has given south carolina a clear choice. >> south carolina will be definitive and determinative. i need your vote. come out and help us. >> you just wait. let me tell you, there is so much going to happen, if you don't have a seatbelt, go get one. david: buckle up. hope you picked out the perfect gift for valentines. otherwise you will need a lot more than chocolate to solve your problems, right, melissa? [laughter] ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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>> one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states, the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reality tv star is still doing well, looks like you all reset the race. for that i'm really grateful. >> here is the good news, we have a game coming up. there is a future here for us and this campaign. more importantly for this country. melissa: all right. they didn't win new hampshire but cruz, jeb and rubio have
4:38 pm
their eye on the prize going into south carolina primary. here with his take on which candidate will drop out, lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight." what about all the other guys? we all other people drop out. you have trump on top. talk to me about wisdom of these guys behind him. >> i will talk about them after i talk about the guy who won. there is impulse to ignore the fact that donald trump just crushed the second candidate, the person closest to him by more than two to one. melissa: blew the doors off him. >> this is candidate who not only did that, he also then proceeded to win every demographic classification there is. he won women. he won minorities. he won, you name it, he won it. not only that in new hampshire he won every county. if there is anyone, whom suffer,
4:39 pm
watching this whom so ever, irrespective who you're for, doesn't respect that performance there, is no second to that performance, walking out of new hampshire with 10 more delegates and immense win. everyone was saying he would underperform. if he got 25%, it would be awful good. he got, he got 10 points more than that so when we turn to who's behind him, who's behind him? everybody. melissa: who cares? they're so far behind. >> exactly. >> he did it without living in the state. john kasich was running for president of new hampshire. >> 100 town hall meetings for christie. kasich is sitting there moving town to town in a bus. melissa: is there a run to the finish line in your opinion? >> i don't know about the future but i can sure tell you about what happened in new hampshire and the fact is what we witnessed was a pounding on the part of donald trump and all
4:40 pm
these other candidates. going forward you're looking at state in south carolina to take the next one up on the 20th. this is a state far more diverse. it, economically, social logically and racially. he is sitting there with a 16 point lead. melissa: yeah. >> what happens after we see impact of this? we've watched the establishment, they're so frightened, scared to death of donald j. trump. that they have created at pac a super-pac called, our principles. now if you can't imagine a greater irony. melissa: like jumbo shrimp. >> exactly. our principles has one job, that is to kill the campaign of donald trump. melissa: very principled. >> very principled. the people running it are absolutely unprincipled. it only, it is only to stop him. melissa: let me ask your opinion on this one. this is the theory i've been hearing all day long for people
4:41 pm
who don't want to say it on camera. >> so you turn to me? melissa: because you're brave. the closest person to donald trump is ted cruz but the establishment hates him even more. so if it came down to those two they would get behind trump and do their best to dump cruz because they don't think he could win an election. >> they want to kill both of them. they want to kill both of them. melissa: you don't like my theory either. >> i won't argue with your theory you may indeed be right. melissa: okay. >> they want to kill both of them. melissa: both of them. >> trump is disturbing the entire model of modern american politics. you can't buy him because he has got money. he doesn't want what they want in its entirety. he won't follow the chamber of commerce dicta. he will not follow the principles such as they are of the business roundtable or the national association of manufacturing. he is a man who is absolutely committed to the idea, he is convinced me, of working men and women and their quality of life
4:42 pm
in it country, their right to a standard of living that will allow them to provide for their children, for small businessmen and women to actually have the opportunity to create wealth. right now we have under this president of ours, we have witnessed seven years of erosion of both confidence and any form of optimism about who we are, where we are headed and trump seems it me to speak loudest to those issues. melissa: lou dobbs, thank you for coming on. >> great to be with you. melissa: david. david: new hampshire is feel the bern, that's for sure. the vermont senator domenici nating hillary clinton in the granite state by 292%. exit polls painting a very difficult picture for former secretary of state. when it came to trust, 91% of democratic primary voters chose bernie over hillary. we have star parker and liz chatterton.
4:43 pm
liz talking about something hillary didn't win which is women's vote. 55% of the women voted for hillary in the new hampshire democratic primary. why? >> i'm not a woman from new hampshire but i think hillary's message with all due respect to secretary clinton, a little stale. i think the message of i'm a woman, you're a woman, let's all go vote is not the message that women are necessarily looking for. they're looking for a bigger, broader, message. what will you do for my family, for my economic bottom line. david: right. >> i absolutely think secretary clinton is going to need to revamp, rethink her message walking into the nevada caucus and then into the south carolina democratic party, particularly to women. david: got to be more than just, i'm a woman and therefore you should vote for me. star, bernie and al sharpton were put together today. bernie is obviously trying to take some minority votes hillary has going into south carolina.
4:44 pm
what do you make of this meeting? >> it is interesting. while bernie hates wall street he embraces people that are manipulators of wall street or anyone else that has deep pockets. what i make of the meeting, hillary and bernie will try to outsocialize each other. if hillary really wants to beat him she will have to become a socialist, because blacks like many in our hard hit communities bought this idea we should steal from the rich and give to the poor. they think the reason they have problems in their communities is because of racism, not because of socialism. what they have had for the last 50 years under leadership like hillary clinton is socialism. and even bernie sanders. so it depends how much he decides he will pay off. she will meet with al sharpton next week. we'll find out which one has the deepest pocket to pay off al sharpton to go out and pump their tune in black america. david: talk about sense of entitlement. ladies, we'll have to leave it at that i'm sorry, we've run out of time. >> thank you. melissa: what if you could blame
4:45 pm
your speeding ticket on your car? that could be reality now that the government recognizes the self-driving cars as the driver. we'll be right back. many people clean their dentures
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melissa: we are just getting official word right now chris christie is in fact suspending his campaign. we had been hearing rumors of this in various reports all day long. now after what happened in new hampshire, finishing sixth he is officially suspending his campaign. david. david: i think that leaves us with seven in the republican race. melissa: hard to keep track. david: janet yellen on capitol hill, the federal reserve chair testifying in semiannual appearance before congress. pressure on both sides of the aisle raising interest rates amid a weakening global economy. there was talk of negative interest rates. here with details our very own adam shapiro live from inside the beltway. adam? reporter: it was the discussion of negative interest rates, david, that really had some people on edge because it is known the federal reserve considered that in 2010 but janet yellen talked about the fact not only were they
4:49 pm
considering it, they were exploring whether they could legally do that as have some central banks in other parts of the world. here is what she told congress. >> in the spirit of prudent planning it is something that in light of european experience, we will look at. we should look at. not because we think there's any reason to use it but to know what could potentially be available. reporter: so yellen says they would have the power to go to negative interest rates if the fomc ever deemed that was necessity but then said that remains a question that we need to investigate more thoroughly, that question, can you do it legally? david? david: think of having to pay a bank to take your money. adam shapiro, thank you very much. melissa: tesla posting its 11th straight quarterly loss but stock is soaring. fox news automate tiff editor gary gastelu weighs in on this
4:50 pm
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melissa: more breaking news, chris christie announcing suspension of his 2016 campaign. chris at this had 4:00 p.m. conference call where the new jersey governor announced the decision to the campaign staff. david? david: tesla motors reporting 11th straight quarterly loss. the stock is up despite the loss fox's automotive editor gary gas tell lou joins me now. >> elon musk said he would not make profit until 2020. the fact there was no profit is no surprise. david: like amazon. putting all the money back into the company? >> it is startup. they're making money as far as
4:54 pm
march bins but all that and more is being reinvested in new product and distribution and dealer network and that is expensive. david: battery company. the model 3 is middle class car. i think it will sell for about $35,000 a car. bus the market expect them to succeed or not? >> a little questionable. by the time it comes on the market which is late 2017 maybe, more like 2018 before we see it there will be a lot of cars in that segment, most notably the chevrolet bolt. tesla will have competition. about the same price, about the same size. tesla will have $35,000 model, they confirmed that, but most of these cars will cost much more. cheapest model s is 70. average transaction price is 100,000. david: if gas is as cheap as it is today in a few years when they're ready for this model, it ain't going to succeed. >> that is bigger factor. people buy the model s because
4:55 pm
it faces and sexy, don't care about gas prices when you're talking about lower end. electric cars, new toyota prius is cheaper to operate on gas than the new chevrolet volt on electricity. david: google has self-driving car. now, it is, the driver which could be a computer is considered to be legally responsible for the car. this is crazy to me. that they would decide to do this. how could computer be legally responsible entity if there is a crash? >> here is what the federal government said. they say the computer is the driver as far as they're concerned. you need steering wheel, brake pedal, rear view mirror for humans to interact with the car. when federal government sets saved standards, if the compute sir driver maybe we don't need that. as far as crashes and all that are concerned they will leave
4:56 pm
that up to the states, licensing. this will be the state responsibility. so the states are still going to decide whether or not you need a driver in the car or not. look, this is the first time the federal government recognized computer as being. david: we would be sued if somebody suing something. >> time is up for us. david: gary gastelu. melissa. melissa: valentine's day is around the corner. watch out men you may not have a girlfriend the next day if you don't do one very specific thing. ♪ the.
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melissa: men, if you're tuning in right now you are are in luck. we're about to save you from your relationship ending unexpect he hadly. david: survey revealing one in seven women would end relationship if they don't receive a gift on valentine's day. melissa: what? david: whatever you do, make sure you get a nice gift for your woman. melissa: that is most ridiculous thing i heard in my entire life. david: my anniversary is next day after valentine's day.
5:00 pm
i have double duty. melissa: get one bigger gift. david: roses are cheaper after valentine's day. i still have to get a gift. great to be back. melissa: i missed you. glad you're back. david: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: big changes to the gop field. governor chris christie and carly fiorina both ending their presidential bids. this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. in the new hampshire primary donald trump and democratic senator bernie sanders both won by double digits. >> we are going to start winning again. and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy, we are going to make america so great again. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge, we won. >> there's magic in the air with this campaign.


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