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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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that you are able to jet out of this area. it is icy and cold. take it away. trish: i am glad you said that it is a wonderful area. we are just south of the border here. governor chris christie will jump out of the presidential race. an announcement could come any minute. voters send the establishment candidates packing. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. i am trish regan. it was a night for the outsiders. donald trump and bernie sanders both with victories. all heil governor john kasich. a big second place finish. he is in play. peter barnes is then washington with the very latest. peter, over to you first.
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>> the republican field, as you just said, may be thinning again. considering whether he will continue the race. after he finished sixth in new hampshire. single digits. charlie gasparino on those. christie could be dropping out. he has made no decision yet did the other candidates are joining donald trump. talking about how kristi's attack on marco rubio's debate may have backfired on the new jersey governor. >> chris called me up last night. he is a friend of mine. he is a talented guy. he did not come out the way that he wanted. >> over on the democratic side, bernie sanders is in new york today trying to build momentum
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after his win last night. african-american voters will play a big role. heavily favor hillary clinton. sanders made a pitch for their vote on the view today did their calls for criminal justice reform will win them. trish: thank you so much, peter. we will move on here. last night by more than 20-point margin. john kasich, he has considered it a victory. it was for him. nobody was talking about it, and now they are geared a look ahead to where we need to go from here. good to see you guys. were you surprised by kasich? >> look. a great showing by john kasich.
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he has a finishing kick in new hampshire. the last couple of days. coming in second. a real event. he may be a one-hit wonder. he does not have a national campaign. going into the very conservative states in the south. in the next month, five weeks. it will be very tough for him to follow-up. trish: he has not had the groundwork. the ground troops out there. he did not have a ton of money. he needed new hampshire to get some momentum. do you run the risk? this kind of environment, every bit counts. despite his success in new hampshire. he is not able to follow through in south carolina. >> his campaign talks about michigan and early march. thinks he will do well there.
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absolutely right. he said very well new hampshire. will not have the luxury of doing that. other southern states a lot more conservative. i would be sending chris christie a bottle of champagne today for doing all the work for us. he allowed christie, woody about was kasich to come out with a nice calm moderate. kristi strapped on a suicide vest. trish: i do not think at the time he thought he was blowing himself up by doing that. i was surprised to route the entire process. they did not catch on more in new hampshire. he will really have a tough time. new hampshire is a place where
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chris christie should theoretically resonate as what happened? what went wrong? >> things that you think will happen. i thought, too. i thought chris christie was very good at that town halls. he went to very many of them. that is how john mccain won the nomination for the republicans in 2008. it just did not work for chris christie. he is a new jersey guy. maybe that is something that did not fly as well in new hampshire. it is not an uncommon phenomenon. there is a bit of a backfire, two. that is exactly what happened to christie. dagen: very interesting. you have the huffington post out with quite a headline. i will race you.
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just won the new hampshire primary. they are referring to donald trump. another headline coming out of the daily news. i would love the viewer to see this. don of the brain-dead. you can see a clown face their on trump. i do not know if there is any love lost. when you see this kind of media coverage, in some ways, does it help fuel him? people are like, okay, there is the media attacking him. they feel like they rally around him even more. >> i think that you are onto something there. the liberal media talking to the conservative media as well. it has not had any effect on him. he continues to grow. the best performance yet. he did what ronald reagan did act in 1988.
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every candidate going back to 1980, it has been first or second in iowa and new hampshire. it has gone on to win the nomination. that is why he is in such a strong position. a longtime well-respected center. former governor. you know, he said, he is really so fundamentally against ted cruz. look, if push comes to shove, yes, i will take trump. there is an increasing number of republicans. cruz is so badly displaced. >> you have seen it already. look at bob dole. former majority leader.
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republicans in 1996. essentially saying that he could live with donald trump. he could not live with ted cruz. that just says to you, what kind of problem ted cruz has. john mccain on the ballot in arizona this year. running for reelection. given the choice between donald trump, who they are not fans of, and ted cruz who has been their nemesis in the senate. who are they going to go with? i think they would probably reside with trump in that case. >> it is interesting. republicans saying, okay, we will take them. you look over on the democratic side. fred, i do not know if the democrats will be okay with sanders potentially getting the nomination. saying just last night that he
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did not think the democrats would allow this. do you think that that is accurate? >> i do not know how they stop it. joe biden could jump in. how are you going to force hillary clinton that has been thinking out of the race. still the strongest candidate. a better chance than bernie sanders. look, democrats, i think, will line up with the very strong candidate. trish: they are in tough shape. it is bizarre when you think about it. it is not bizarre, actually. this is the reaction. bernie sanders and donald trump. the anti-establishment,
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anti-status quo. i will see you guys in a little bit. do not go anywhere. all the money being spent on these advertisements. candidates splurging. basically, the war that you see heating up on these airways. whether or not they are actually resonating with voters. adam, good to see you. i want to start right there. i am a consumer, obviously. i watch a lot of news. to me, i want to see the candidate. i want to see them responding to questions. i want to see what they have to say in a real environment. you have to add. they are so reproduced. i wonder if they have the same
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respect. >> they have already spent over $200 million collectively in just iowa and new hampshire. their are a lot of ads. they are everywhere. understanding whether they are working or not. whether or not the media is meeting the messenger and the moment. we certainly saw one narrative coming out of iowa. hillary bailey survived. now we have a whole mother narrative coming out of new hampshire. just referencing the last segment that chris christie may be dropping out. incredibly entertaining. i guarantee you you will see more of chris christie on television ads moving forward. probably the expense of chris christie. >> you have a few that you like in particular. let's talk about one of them.
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they are in the control room. this is donald trump's recent ad. >> it is really cool to hear him speak the truth. >> he wants to make america great. the airways every time we begin with. not saving a heck of a lot of money. he is a living walking breathing television commercial. from the donald trump show to an american of movement. trying to slingshot that across the south. it is not just about me.
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it is a reality play. he knows how to play that cord very well. >> having grown up in new hampshire, the television station there, the one and only television station loved this political season. it was a lot of money in their pocket. thank you so much. thank you very much. my intel on the race for campaign cash. gerri willis will join us with a look at the cash. who needs it. who can continue on for another day. activist al sharpton. the african-american community. this is a major constituency in the state of south carolina. is this going to work for him? stay with me. ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. trish: we are live from just south of the border. here in boston massachusetts. just north of us in new hampshire. bernie sanders. quite the victory lap. john kasich came in second. we will talk more about that. a dow that is up now. you have 24 points they are. we will continue our coverage on the markets. i want to get back to politics. all eyes are now on south carolina. ten days away. that is next. if you want to compete, you have to have the money to engage in this type.
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some may actually have to call it a day. not enough cash on hand. gerri willis has been looking into all of this. which are flushed with cash. gerri, how is it looking? >> first, let's start with the winners. who is doing well. who can have the lease per voter. i want to talk about standards for just a second. $20 million. raising 15 million. here is what happened last night. sanders collected two million dollars. think about that. could not handle all the folks who wanted to give him go. the 20 million also includes $3 million he got after his strong second place finish in
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iowa. now let's move on to the republicans for just a second here. i want to show you new hampshire and spending by gop candidates. he spent a lot of joe. especially here at christi $18.5 million. i want to show you another full screen now. fundraising for the year in 2015. look at christi again. only has 30 million to begin with as of january 1. this is why you are hearing all the conversation about christie as of now. he is running out of joe. that is exactly what happens. they go through these contests. keep in eye on christie. >> we are expecting that announcement at perhaps any minute. chris christie, everyone, will drop out of the race.
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as gerri just explained, south carolina. thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: bernie sanders on the heels. heading out to south carolina. he is in new york city today. he had breakfast with activist al sharpton. african-american voters. the key voting bloc in south carolina. very, very different state and new hampshire. will he get some support from this community and al sharpton? that is next. ♪
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trish: bernie sanders on the heels of a victory in new hampshire. heading to new york city. the socialist senator from vermont meeting with activist al sharpton. you see them at breakfast this morning. bernie sanders was hoping to gain how sharpton's support and
2:24 pm
gain some traction with african american voters. julie and fred barnes are back with me now. one thing to win new hampshire. new hampshire is a very not diverse state. it is a whole another thing when you get down south. what does he need to do right now? convinces very important demographic from the voting if. that he can deliver for them. >> keep focusing on his income inequality message. a lot stronger than it does other communities. talk about criminal justice reform. it may, however, be too late. he has 10 days, two weeks to solidify that. that is quite an accomplishment.
2:25 pm
they had a very, very long history. congressman from south carolina. very influential in our african community. the problem for him is this is not a community that he has traditionally focused on. >> is kind of like new hampshire. >> for him, this is not a job by any means. something he would have to focus on as a senator. hope you does not have the same meltdowns he had back in 2008. >> he was campaigning against an african-american candidate. very different. who does the advantage go to in south carolina? hillary clinton? >> well, i do. new hampshire was made for bernie sanders.
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a ton of white liberals. not many minorities. not many white liberals. it definitely favors hillary. i agree with almost everything julie said except for one thing. hillary clinton needs to sell herself. she has not done a good job on that. she has not been a good candidate. she needs to really excel now and not try to rely on bill clinton as popular as he may be. she needs to really step out and run a strong campaign and be a much better candidate then she has been before. trish: you are absolutely right. the problem for hillary is she has no message. that is a problem. the most electable person in november.
2:27 pm
saying that we know he is not electable. we will still vote for him. done a brilliant job. dating to instill her campaign down. even donald trump today. >> that is hard. this guy is a socialist. i don't understand why she can't it out in front of that war. the kinds of policies that he wants to put in place. we are a capital nation. continuing to make a success. she knows that. >> a brace and capitalism.
2:28 pm
enthusiastically. it is great for ted cruz and marco rubio and donald trump. it is just not a good mesh and four hillary clinton right now. i think most of these voters, a liberal in a hurry. turning out to be this gray-haired 74-year-old guy that has turned out to be a more inspiring candidate than hillary clinton. i did not expect that, that that is the case. >> joe biden is kicking himself right now. maybe what he could have done. very quickly. i cannot let this one go. talking to bill marr. i want the viewers to see it again. >> when you are young, you are
2:29 pm
thinking, where are the boys. the boys are with bernie. >> if i said that -- [laughter] trish: we all know why that is just bad. i think that this is inherently one of the problems. madeline albright saying that this is a special place. you are going straight to the devil. this kind of rhetoric that the hillary clinton campaign now sees as very poisonous for their campaign. how do they bring in young women when you have people saying stuff like that? >> a feminist icon. looking at what she has done for the last six years. what a horrible thing to say. i serve on the board of the
2:30 pm
women's campaign school. i think that she is dead wrong. i am not a bernie sanders supporter. they can make up their own minds. it is completely contrary to the message. i think that what she said harmed hillary clinton immensely. they have every right to legitimate lead support whoever they want. young people. i would never stand by that kind of statement and let it go. hillary should come out. >> she needs women. she needs young women. all of them. >> that is absolutely right. they have to find a way to suddenly make this message. this is an important one.
2:31 pm
i will be the first female president did you need to take that into account when you vote. there has to be a better way to put it. [laughter] trish: or you are going straight to how map. >> there are smart people about this. trish: coming a long way. >> we are not blind. nobody needs to keep making it. she needs to talk about what to will do for women. for men. for everybody else. we are ready understand that she would be the first democratic woman, first woman to ever be elected. trish: good ideas from both of you. thank you. good to see you both on this important day. ten days away from south carolina. marco rubio blaming nobody but himself. his disappointing turn in the
2:32 pm
new hampshire primary. can he turn it around? how badly can the attacks on him really hurt. i will see you back right after this. ♪ yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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trish: marco rubio blaming nobody but himself. saying something we do not often hear politicians say. >> i want you to understand
2:36 pm
something. our disappointment tonight is not on you. it is on me. i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this. that will never happen again. that will never happen again. >> how badly have those attacks of him being a robot really hurt him. republican commentator. good to see both of you guys. we are getting word that he himself, marco rubio, is calling a lot of key donors and saying, look, i am sorry. is that the strategy to take at this point? >> you know, i think so. it is ash wednesday. i think that it will work for marco. it is refreshing to see somebody
2:37 pm
take responsibility. one thing trump has taught us is that authenticity self. i think that this is really authentic from marco rubio. bowing to change it. i think that it will sell. he is not not out yet. he is dynamic and young. he has a powerful message. the map starts to turn his way. florida, his home state. >> i agree with the authenticity. there is something kind of green about him. not just that he looks young. the scrubs. doubling down. this is a guy never admitting that he is wrong. it is all disheartening.
2:38 pm
they did not like hearing him apologize like that. is there a better way for him to move on? >> here is the problem. i will disagree with the analysis. he should have apologized saturday night. by pretending that this was okay. talking about how much money he has. oblivious to what actually happened. already way too late. could have gotten behind a few days later. instead, he knew that he screw up. obviously, everyone knows. >> more like a politician. >> yes, exactly. he is supposed to be the young authentic type. >> we look forward to south carolina. how much did that poor showing, in your view, hurt him?
2:39 pm
>> i think that it killed him. honestly. i think that it is pretty close to toast. i do not know how anybody else we'll get into this. rubio, i think people have seen it. another bad thing for rubio was the clip of somebody from his campaigns attacking the marco rubio robot outside in new hampshire. i think that it is really coming down to cruz and trump. >> i think that it will be a free man race. we have chris christie drop out today. i hope that he saved room on the couch for jeb bush. i think rubio will pick up a large percentage of the voters. it will come down to the two amigos. >> he has money. >> they have money. all three of them have a very rigid in that case to make.
2:40 pm
an extremely effective contrast to what we have seen on the democratic side. [laughter] >> all of this establishment. i do want to get your thoughts on bernie sanders. that was a big indictment against hillary clinton there. basically a, causing mission. a guy that they know cannot win nationally. they do not care. they are voting for him anyway. >> first of all, i disagree with that analysis, two. trump or cruz. at least a 50, 50 shot. for hillary going forward, i do not know. reflecting more of what america actually looks like here at there is no question she needs a
2:41 pm
much cleaner message then she has so far. trish: what is wrong with the message right now? do they get muffled because of bernie sanders pushing her so far to the left? and taiwan street. healthcare for everybody. more of an extension to the old palm a years. she needs to capture peoples imagination a little bit better. it is also a whole lot of baggage that obama never had. her husband was previously for her. he neutralized though clinton or even turns him into a liability for the clinton campaign. she has real problems. >> it will be an uphill battle. we are all over it. thank you.
2:42 pm
>> thank you, trish. a big night for john kasich. i have been saying this all night. he is a guy that everyone was talking about in new hampshire. he took second place there. what does this mean for his boat ahead? maybe he will have a little money. my intel next.e ♪ wing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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♪ ashley: i am ashley webster with your fox business brief. the dow has turned negative. also just moving slightly higher. traders are digesting testimony from janet yellen to congress today. she warned that the federal think will be cautious. media companies having a tough day as well. reporting that espn network is struggling. time warner budging as well. twitter is struggling. up late. reporting's after the bell today. catching all the braking action on fox business in the 4:00 p.m. hour. the intelligence report will be right back with from boston. ♪
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trish: welcome back to the intelligence report. we are live in boston today. we saw a very, very interesting 100th anniversary of the first in the nation primary. bernie sanders winning big time. the other big winner was john kasich.
2:47 pm
interesting he had special. important. a small state with a population that cared deeply about their role in batting who may be their party's next nominee. you have independence. actually voting in the democratic or republican primary. when we saw yesterday that there were so many independents coming out to vote and we saw record numbers of voters there in new hampshire, that was a good sign. both were trump and also kasich. kasich spent the time on the ground there in new hampshire. it paid off. one of the few places that you can do that. you just go do that door to door campaigning. it is nice to see that.
2:48 pm
can he move forward to south carolina? he can probably get the momentum out of new hampshire. it is a different population. there are different issues that will matter to voters. maybe they don't matter as much in new hampshire. it is a real test at this point. interesting and surprising when they're from john kasich. that is today's intel. coming up the fed chief janet yellen with some disturbing warnings on our health of the economy. are we heading for recession? what would that mean for the campaign trail? art laffer. ♪ the microsoft cloud allows us to
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>> okay. most of the day here. the market was in the green. you can see 14 points. the s&p still positive. this is following testimony from the federal reserve chief. warning lawmakers. it could ripple throughout the united states economy. a delay in rate hikes. that is next. that will play out on the election. former reagan economic advisor, art laffer. >> good to see you. >> i enjoyed being with you in charleston, by the way. i always like to get your perspective. if we are heading into a recession, as some people believe we are, what does that mean?
2:53 pm
politically. >> i do not think it will help the democrats at all. it is really bad for the country. we really have not recovered from the last one. we have never recovered. it is just a terrible, terrible recovery. you are mr. capitalism. the founder. the godfather. the more he attacks, the hard it is to grow. when you see a candidate, you started it all out. that is great. people actually see it. when you see someone like bernie sanders catching on, what do you
2:54 pm
think about that? possibly entertaining a candidate. an economic system that is so fundamentally opposed. does not have a real opportunity . i am here at the state of tennessee. we are booming here. no income tax. the highest tax rate. it is just classic. you cannot tax and economy. you just plain cannot. a poor person cannot spend it. this kind of economics makes no sense. >> bernie sanders is resonating. clearly, they liked it in new hampshire. what does that suggest about where we are?
2:55 pm
how did we get to a point where people are willing to embrace something that is fundamentally opposed to who we are? >> the economy has been bad for a long, long time. they say to blame everyone else except for themselves. in 1970, this was a very polarizing. once the economy got going again, once we got the economic growth, once we got the tax act, you know, the senate vote, democrats and republicans, 97- three. cutting the corporate rates. side-by-side. working together. >> once it starts.
2:56 pm
once the boom starts. you will see it coming together. look. the standard momentum keeps up. hillary clinton has a lot of plans to offer freebies. all of this costs money. she has made it very clear how she is going to pay through this through higher taxes. >> hillary clinton is a very impressive person with a great degree. these are not the issues that you will win on. they are all proposing lower tax rates. trish: i don't know. we shall see. we shall see. >> believe me, trish. thank you very much. >> good to see you.
2:57 pm
heading into the final hour of trading everyone. negative and positive territory. we will be right back. see you in two. ♪ :
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. trish: that's it from boston. i will see you all back in new york tomorrow. liz, over to you. liz: safe travels to you, breaking news, the signals are very strong that new jersey governor chris christie is on the verge of dropping out of the republican presidential race as early as today. the news comes after christie's poor showing in new hampshire where history was made last night. two outsiders, the first-ever billionaire businessman to win, joined by the first ever democratic socialist jewish guy to win, total domination by both at the polls handily winning the first-in-the-nation primary. donald trump crushing the competition, but second-place finisher, ohio governor john kasich grabbing headlines right and left as the trump


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