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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we'll tell you who is moving up. >> silence and smirking. the embattled former drug ceo, not making any friend on capitol hill today as liz was talking about, calling congress imbeciles on twitter. >> well. >> we'll have a congressman, earl carter coming on. [closing bell rings] melissa: while markets five days to go to the first primary race in the country. fox business's blake burman is in exeter, new hampshire with the latest. blake? reporter: hi, there, melissa. after the iowa caucuses donald trump admitted his ground game there could have been better. here in new hampshire today, he
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is actually doing a little bit of retail politicking. just a little while ago trump was in manchester at the police department there during shift change and talked to about 100 or so officers there. before that he gave a town hall, basically a trump town hall. four to 500 people at the old town hall here in exeter. that might be a lot of people in attendance for a lot of these candidates for trump, that is rather small. a little bit of a change we've seen here for trump in new hampshire today. in the old town hall he stuck to the trump speech he has been giving but railed against politicians he is running against and did so in a place abraham lincoln once spoke. here is trump on his take of politicians today. >> these people, i would like to use really foul language. i won't do it. i would say they're full of [bleep].
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it's true. i won't say it. but they are. i won't say it because it is too controversial. reporter: meantime ted cruz using words of past democratic president to go after donald trump and cruz has been relentless against trump today. he released a video from using the words of jimmy carter. carter had said essentially trump would be more malleable if he was in the white house wan cruz. cruz is also trying to portray as trump as candidate who has just about come apart from the seams. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. he told the entire world he would win iowa and he didn't win. his reaction was he got very angry. i don't think people are interested in temper tantrums. reporter: also today new poll out from american research group has trump way ahead here in
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new hampshire, with support of one in three republicans. battle is for second place between cruz, rubio and governor kasich. they are trying to make new hampshire as their jumping point from here on out. melissa: typical day in the most unhinged race for the white house ever. blake, perfect. love all of it. connell? connell: worth noting history is not on the side of senator ted cruz of the as we get set for new hampshire, comes to winning new hampshire in last six contested primary there is since the year 1980 there has not been a single republican, not one who has taken both iowa and new hampshire. melissa: all eyes on new hampshire as marco rubio ride as strong wave of momentum. florida senator surging to second place in the granite state according to new daily tracking poll but trails front runner donald trump who leads the gop pack with 36 -- look at that gaping lead there. that is crazy.
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here to weigh in, fred barnes executive editor "weekly standard." he is fox news contributor. it is still meaningful -- thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here. melissa: that marco rubio moved into second place. do you think he is a threat to trump given still that margin that trump holds? >> probably not. i mean margin as you point out is very, very large. if trump, look, if trump does not come in first in new hampshire, he's done, he's toast. you can't lose a lead like that, it was over 30 points at one point, and move on. i mean it will, it will really make his, his campaign would crater, would fall apart in other states. now i think he will hold on to substantial part of that lead but one never knows. new hampshire even more than iowa is a state where people make up their mind at last minute. things can change. i'm not surprised that rubio has moved into second place. he run a strong campaign. he is a guy who hit his stride.
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if he wins or in second place that will exactly be where he needs to be. melissa: what does it mean for cruz? he won iowa. comes out looking very strong. if he doesn't finish in top two this new hampshire what does it mean for him? >> it means history would say, if you don't finish in the top two in new hampshire you don't win the nomination. iowa has never been predictive who wins the nomination in either party or who wins the presidency but cruz, look, cruz will have a lot of good states ahead of him. south carolina is a state where he trails, he trails trump but he has a lot of support there. you get on march 1st, the so-called sec primary. there are four deep south states. there's virginia that's in it. then you get to march 15th, florida, texas. there are a lot of states past new hampshire where cruz ought to do very well. melissa: what is it -- is ground
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game as important in new hampshire as was in iowa? we saw donald trump did not spend the money on ground game in iowa. he thought he could do it on social media and popularity alone. does he have one in new hampshire and how important is it? >> it is less important than iowa. you have to come out -- iowa you have to show up at 7:00 at night on cold night on monday, that's when you vote. in new hampshire you can vote all day. it is like regular polling on general election day in november. so, it's a lot easier to vote there. i don't think you need kind of organization that is required in iowa actually, in new hampshire. melissa: fred, thank you so much. appreciate your time. connell. connell: another interesting story today involves carly fiorina. now she's up for a fight but she has been left out of one in the state of new hampshire. she failed to qualify along with jim gilmore we should point out for the final debate before the primary. she a appealing to rnc to steak the stage saturday night.
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she has some support. mitt romney said she bod more votes than john and chris, don't exclude the woman. we have a carly supporter here. >> proudly so, connell. connell: it is interesting, because she has been left out. these networks as you know, fox news, fox business among them when we had our debate set criteria on polling numbers. if you don't meet i had you're not in the debate with such a large field this time around. why should abc break their own rules? >> criteria shifted from debate to debate on broadcast considerations. connell: sure. >> maybe this is doing what is right. as governor romney, carly fiorina did better than governors case i can sand christie both who are on the stage. connell: is that the case to point out only woman in the race? governor romney pointed that out. carly herself pointed that that out. does it matter or is it based on performance in polls in iowa. >> i was privileged to being
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only woman, doctor elected in congress. i'm a republican and proud of that. connell: matters to have a woman on the stage? >> we need the diversity. we have it. not only that but as we all know carly fiorina is only one of our candidate's democratic frontrunner's reason for running which is it's my turn. connell: she has been strong. to one for her side she has been fairly strong in the debates. >> absolutely. connell: it hasn't caught on for whatever reason in the polls. why do you think? >> actually i beg to differ, con nil. it has caught on, she has in new hampshire, she has 500 community captains. i've been with her in several states now. it is remarkable to he see people leap to their feet and cheer this extraordinary eloquent leader. they call her america's margaret thatcher. connell: where do you get the% in the lowell poll in new hampshire? what do you expect her to get? >> she has outperformed in
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everything shy has every done. connell: what does that mean to impress? what is the goal staying in? obviously goal is president. >> sure. connell: why stay in so long if you're not among the top tier, if you're not somebody's considered likely nominee? >> this is a long run process. connell: so you think she could win. >> absolutely. connell: how? what would the path be? that is what everybody says about these other candidates. what would her path be. >> carly has teams on the ground in 25 states. on ballot in 33 states and growing. 35,000 people across the country growing signed a petition to see her on the debate stage. carly fiorina is powerful voice. we had eight candidates drop out of this race. carly fiorina is not quitting as famous lady once said. connell: i wonder if they will change their mind and let her in. it would len i be eight on the stage if they do. congresswoman, thank you very much. >> thank you. connell: melissa? melissa: something smells in the democratic party. "the des moines register"
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calling for audit of iowa results saying there were too many opportunities for error if that is what you want to call it. that is not only good news for the sanders campaign today. the senator outraising hillary clinton in the month of january, pulling in $5 million more than the former secretary of state. fox news's ed henry on the campaign trail in new hampshire with the latest. what is that fund-raising news tell you, ed? that's meaningful. reporter: well, you're right, melissa. i'm on the campus of university of new hampshire. big debate tonight for these two democrats because martin o'malley is no longer in the race. first time it will be mano-a-mano if you will. fund-raising tells you a lot. it is about momentum, energy and enthusiasm. couple things. numb about one, hillary clinton had beaten bernie sanders every single month in this campaign. for him to beat her in january by $5 million shows you he is surging.
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number two, how he is getting money? in 20, $25 chunks is the average from real people. he is not holding big glitzy fund-raisers in new york and boston like hillary clinton. what does that tell you? hillary clinton is spending a lot of time raising money. hillary where bernie sanders is focusing 100% on time campaigning. he goes pack to the people send me another 25 bucks. they're doing it on internet. that is less overhead. from business perspective this is phenomenal for the campaign. he has to start winning states. "des moines register" news is interesting. nobody can predict those results will be reversed but consider is a cloud over hillary clinton's win in iowa because of the "des moines register" saying that, call for that audit. they're no a critic of clinton. they endorsed clinton in the caucus. that is significant. look, this debate tonight will be some sharp punches back and forth but there is a new poll out this hour from msnbc which is hosting the debate tonight.
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it has sanders up here in new hampshire 58-38. so a 20-point lead after the tight finish in iowa. this is a run of difficult news for hillary clinton and she's hoping to get past new hampshire and get it down south because she has advantage with after ran american voters. believes when this goes to when you talk about the sec primary down south, she is going to do better because right now she is struggling, melissa. melissa: yeah, ed, thank you for that report. connell? connell: we shift gears to failure in war against isis. white house says progress is being made new intelligence numbers are suggesting we are no further along in the fight than we were a year ago. melissa: major computer outage after the irs may delay your tax refunds. latest details on that coming up. connell: this guy, martin shkreli everybody is talking about, the former bro as they call him, form see ceo known for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug on capitol hill. he wasn't saying much.
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: isis may be losing ground but not losing strength. a u.s. official tells fox news that the number of fighters in isis's army is relatively the same compared to a year ago. in spite of being hit by more than 10,000 airstrikes since august of 2014. here to weigh in, peter brookes, former deputy assistant secretary of defense and heritage foundation senior fellow. thank you for joining us. what do you make of that news,
4:17 pm
we have this many airstrikes, they have roughly same number of fighters on the ground? >> it is obviously very troubling, we're 15 months into this campaign, the air campaign. there is some progress on the ground. administration will tell you that isis lost 40% of the territory it held at its peak in iraq and syria. the fact of the matter the army is still the same size even though they probably terminated 20,000. the flow of foreign fighters, ability to pay those fighters and arm those fighters, they still hold the largest city in iraq, they're obviously very active in syria. it is not a good news story to any extent. melissa: does the lesson they're recruiting as fast as they're being killed? >> right. you're the number person seems to me that is actually the case. so the flow of foreign fighters is critical of preventing them, and appeal, melissa, they're
4:18 pm
able to appeal to people. we know isis fighters came from 120 countries. at last count u.n. has 193 nations in it. melissa: wow. >> some other entities. you're talking about more than half the world's population. i'm also worried about the fact they're looking at places likes afghanistan and libya. some people think that libya is going to be the fallback caliphate capital in raqqa ever falls in syria. there is news reporting there may be 5 to 6,000 foreign fighters and libyan fighters working for the islamic state in libya. melissa: does that news counter the fact -- i mean the white house says isis lost 40% of the its territory in iraq, do you believe that? maybe it doesn't matter? they're expanding into libya and moving somewhere else? >> that is what i'm worried about. if you're looking at press reporting, that the u.s. picked up military activities in afghanistan against the islamic state. we're already up against the
4:19 pm
haqqani network and taliban and al qaeda out there. i think in coming days, maybe coming weeks we'll see military activity against the islamic state in libya. this is growing. there may be 20 or more affiliates of this organization. may not be just issue of syria and iraq. we're in the cross-hairs of this organization and they're looking at u.s. interests around the world wherever they're popping up. melissa: peter brookes, thank you. connell. connell: we have breaking news here on the fox business network. it is a earnings alert. ashley webster, linkedin and news corp. how are we doing with numbers? reporter: falling like a rock after hours, connell. look at numbers belie what is going on with the stock. eps at 94 cents. the estimate was for 78 cents. on revenue side, 857.59. actually came in at 861.9 million. beat slightly on revenue, also beat on earnings.
4:20 pm
but it is the outlook killing this stock of a hours. 2016 revenue estimated by the estimated at 3.6 billion. street had 3.9 billion. way off on outlook for rest of the year. that is tanking the stock, guys. want to bring to you news corp, parent company of the fox business network. they're reporting also. earnings come in at 20 cents. that missed the estimate of 21 cents. revenue beat at 2.11 billion. estimate was 2.13 billion. news corp saying currency, strong dollar hurting to tune of $141 million by estimates. news and information services down 10%. cable and network programing also down 5%. but stock not moving a whole lot at all after-hours trading. connell: ashley, thank you. we'll see those stocks tomorrow. melissa: americans may no longer run on dunkin. the ceo is here to respond to that next.
4:21 pm
plus donald trumped. why the republican frontrunner refuses to change his strategy in new hampshire. >> jeb bush, here is a guy that spent $100 million on the campaign and he is down to 2%. i spent the least money and i have the highest rating. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit
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to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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connell: foxing breaking news ashley webster told you about a few moments ago on linkedin, boy, this stock is getting hammered in after-hours trade. 20 plus percent to the downside and trade lower on abormally large volume for after-hours trade on linkedin. this will be a big stock to watch tomorrow. earnings ashley went through were better than expected. the forecast though was weaker in terms of profit for the next quarter. so it is down and down big on the forecast. melissa: americans might be running on something other than dunkin.
4:25 pm
the company reported a surprise quarterly drop in dunkin' donuts the sale in the u.s. and mcdonald's all day brake fast breakfast. ceo join us, nigel travis. don't blame us, because our family never pass as dunkin without going in for munchkins, my kids treat of choice. we did as bet as we could. what happened to everything else. >> melissa, thanks for the business. good to see you again. if you look at our earnings, we beat our guidance. in terms of comes important to put it all into proportion. firstly the huge achievement of 2015 is we launched our k-cups into supermarkets and online, between that initiative our development which was again, above 5% growth and ourcoms for
4:26 pm
the year which were positive at 1.8, sorry, 1.4, we actually put into peoples mouths around the country 350 extra cups of dunkin' donuts coffee. melissa: that's a lot of fuel. that is a lot of caffeine. we are customers of your k-cups at my house as well. so i know exactly what you're saying. let me ask you, because you have such great insight into what the consumer doing and what the average person is doing because i don't know anyone who doesn't, you know, stop by to get a cup of coffee somewhere during the day. how are americans feeling? some people wonder why this lower price in gas hasn't really translated into spending? what are you seeing? >> i think we've got a kind of a mixed economy. on one side we have, as you say, people saving money on gas and the benefits seems to be, according to recent article i read in the "new york times," that people are saving more. melissa: yeah. >> on the other side you've got
4:27 pm
what i would have to say relatively full employment. now you got the whole issue of the labor activity level which is clearly a big issue that needs addressing. but what i would say is there seems to be this mixed economy. bringing it back to dunkin, we feel we're perfect. we're in the middle. we have value and we'll up our value equation. melissa: yeah. >> we have premium products like our croissant doughnut in the studio. melissa: we showed our guys on the set are pigging out on doughnuts doing interview. save me something. they're eating it all before we're even done. i love dunkin. you're talking about wages, minimum wage hits you from both sides. because on one hand you have to pay your people. if there is $15 mandatory minimum wage, that hits your labor cost. at the same time dunkin is exactly the kind of place proponents of minimum wage say
4:28 pm
would benefit from higher wage because people would have more money to spend in your shop. where do you come down? how would it impact your business net all of those things? >> well, clearly the increase in the minimum wage is a concern for our franchisees. we worked very closely with them. we've now developed a five-point plan which is designed to return our business tocom. and traffic growth -- to comp and traffic growth. a major focus is mitigating minimum wage. it is not only comp driving top line is important we're looking at costs. we're looking at things like energy costs. we have a whole initiative we'll give them next week. we're looking at our supply costs. our franchisee owned dcp is doing great job and will do a better job in the future. we're helped by the fact that the commodity climate is pretty benign. it is all about franchise economics, it comes back, melissa, a key point that separates from some of the other chains you talk about, we have store growth.
4:29 pm
and that is driven on the back of great store economics. we also have a business that is going to grow oncoms. on comps. in the u.s. we have three growth vehicles. we have a lot to mitigate pressures like minimum wage and our franchisees certainly take it seriously but we have a plan and we're implementing it. melissa: okay. nigel, thank you so much for coming on. if the guys ate all the doughnuts while we're talking i'm taking that cake. that's mine. don't tough it. that's mine. thank you so much. nigel. hope you come back. connell? you ate all the doughnuts, didn't you? connell: i do apparently what josh does during the break. melissa: they were for me. i'm the one that likes doughnuts. whatever, okay. connell: boston cream. hillary clinton's big pay day from goldman sachs in our transition from doughnuts. her defense -- melissa: to dough. connell: all right. should have thought that.
4:30 pm
speaking fees issue, heard her defense of wall street ties. melissa: four became three. candidates take on rubio. who leaves the granite state unpaved. that's next. >> he acts like king of england and press aides sitting next to him and preselects which reporters request him a question. this guy has been protected and coddled. i've smoked a lot
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connell: to the politics of the
4:34 pm
day an candidates failing to ahead of this new hampshire primary they have their sights set who they perceive, some of them as their biggest threat these days, marco rubio. >> this new hampshire primary is down to choice between me and marco rubio an everybody knows it. this race is now going to be contrast. >> marco rubio came in third place in a caucus state and we're all supposed to bow out? >> people having a tough time in campaign especially near the end you see desperation set in and say things. i'm not too worried. connell: here to weigh in on this establishment brawl i goes you would call it, sabrina schaefer, matt slap and julie roginsky. i don't know where chris christie says it is between him and marco rubio. i get the idea. four of them are in separate primary. how many tickets out of new hampshire in your mind? >> i do think that chris christie has a real shot coming out a little bit father
4:35 pm
ahead than he has been. every single candidate up there has their strengths and weaknesses. i'm thinking of this in those terms. reality this is election about authenticity, connecting with people. connell: right. >> christie's competitive advantage he is not afraid to get dirty. he is not afraid to take punches i think he is right -- connell: how many survive new hampshire? not all four, right? >> no, no, probably not. if trump doubles rubio we'll see what is happening. connell: what do you think, julie. >> maybe too hopped up on dunkin' donuts during the commercial break. maybe i'm not making sense right now, but chris christie is really making no sense. he is in sixth in new hampshire. he has two governors ahead of him, both john kasich and jeb bush. connell: he is done in your view? >> he is done. if he comes in sixth after new hampshire he is done. claiming to go to south carolina. connell: bush has plenty of money. julie? bush, rubio, what about kasich?
4:36 pm
>> no, i think if kasich doesn't do really well he is. bush has enough money to go through florida. if he loses florida he is out. rubio will certainly keep going and trump has no reason not to keep going. i think is make-or-break for kasich, especially christie. connell: matt, do you agree? how many tickets are you handing out? >> more tickets than normal because of way campaign finance laws work. for kasich and christie this is their last stand. christie got endorsement of "manchester union leader." kasich spent majority of his budget in new hampshire. if they underperform there is no compelling argument going forward. the opposite, if we're finished with a bunch of second place and down, it's a bunch i think they can keep rolling. connell: it is interesting, you have these four. but on other side you have trump and fighting it out with cruz of course. while other candidates are tweaking their ground games out
4:37 pm
of new hampshire, maybe these four are, for trump, it's the same old thing. even after what happened in iowa, his staffers say he refuses to change strategy. not spending more on ground game. not changing anything, going into new hampshire according to "politico" article that came out. what do you think of that, matt i know this is primary, not a caucus, but still. >> i think they are making changes. i think donald trump has made literally thousands of changes as a candidate from his announcement. connell: we don't have time to go through all of them if it is a thousand. give us one or two big ones you've seen from trump? >> i think he realizes he has to spend real time in the state. i think they realize they have to make real investments on data and people in the state. i think, when they say we're keeping on our plan, doesn't mean they're not tinkering with their plan. i can guarranty you they're tingeinger with their plan. connell: go ahead. >> maybe. but here's the thing i'm not
4:38 pm
sure trump really gets. the fact there are simply more democrats than there are republicans. you could have the best ground game in town but winning republican, winning press den will take more than getting republican out to the polls. you have to get more people. connell: he says he can turn out so-called reagan democrats. he can take a lot of union members to turn them out in the general election and rust belt states, what have you. that would take effort to matt's point and ground game and data. all that kind of thing. >> there is data to support what he is saying. there are democrats, his supporters are iron click people think they're republicans but registered democrats. there are people hurt by globalization. but to matt's point you need data to get voters out and he is not doing that. he is not investing in that phoning in to "fox & friends" every morning will not win you the presidency, stick around. we'll have more.
4:39 pm
melissa: hillary clinton's wall street ties coming back to haunt her. critics say the former secretary of state had tough time answering questions about her big pay day from goldman sachs. >> look, i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. i answered a lot of questions. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that is what they offered. [laughter]. every secretary of state that know has done that. >> you didn't think you were going to run for president again? >> i didn't. melissa: interesting stuff here. let me, on one side sabrina, let me ask you, why is she defending making a lot of money? so what? somebody paid her. she took it. why are they forcing her to sit and defend herself? >> nothing. what is striking she has been at the game so long and still performed so poorly with the question. she should have owned it. she paid me a lot of money because i have a lot of experience. i was first lady. i was secretary of state.
4:40 pm
i was a u.s. senator. that was valued at high dollar amount. she should have owned it instead of run away with it. but fact she is playing populist thing on one side and making money on the other she has to figure that out. melissa: the way i would have phrased, instead of way anderson cooper did, what did they think they were getting for money? is your 30 minute speech really worth $675,000 worth that or did they think they were getting something else like influence? >> of course they thought they were getting something else. of course they thought she would one day perhaps be sitting in the oval office. of course they thought this would build their relationship with her. and when they did similar things with bill clinton and clinton foundation that would happen. american people get this. they see it for what it is. these two people have cashed in, her daughter too, every conceivable way they can this public service. face it, it is really taking its toll on her. melissa: julie, one of the
4:41 pm
things about they thought they were getting access the goldman sachs they are no dummies. they have made a lot of money because they know how to invest wisely. and they wouldn't pay $675,000 unless they knew for a fact they were going to get something in the future because they don't take pliers over there. that is my concern. >> whether they thought they were getting something or she said they're getting something that is the actual point, right? they seemed they were getting something, whether she committed or not. i'm sure she is not dumb enough to have a explicit quid pro quo. back up to matt's point. there is no excuse for this. if she had any inkling whatsoever she would run for president, optics are ridiculous but from income inequality standpoint, that is number one issue for primary democratic voters. goldman sachs stands for everything that democratic primary voters are concerned about. for her to apthere is dumb political move. she should have known that. this is inexcusable. melissa: sabrina, is it dumb
4:42 pm
political move or about optics or about true hypocrisy? that she says one thing and lives by different set of rules flies in private jet and lives as well as she can which is fine and everyone in the america has the right to do but not at same time saying i'm for regular person, i'm for working folk, dropping your last letter there and really sort of leaning into that whole idea while you're taking all of that money. >> this is why bernie sanders is sort of soaring ahead, right. he is saying i live it much more honestly than hillary clinton does. she is not the first lawmaker to have this problem. john kerry faced similar problems. mitt romney faced similar problems. should own this issue a little bit better. reality is everybody can relate to wanting to have more money. melissa: right. have a right to it. >> figure out how to respond to these questions a lot better. >> let me say to your point, melissa, you had franklin roosevelt was clearly one. wealthiest presidents,
4:43 pm
john kennedy came from wealthy family. both of these people did a lot on income inequality. they were accused being traitors to her class. that is what she needs to be. that she is traitor to her class and talk about income inequality. you can be rich and push for policies that help middle class. >> the problem that folks on wall street give her money because they say loudly they do not believe she will follow through on anything she says because i don't think she has shown she will. we'll see. thanks to all three of you. connell? connell: another story we're watching for you today, the irs working to get their website back up and running after having some big problems due to what it is calling a hardware failure. the website is refusing to accept electronically filed tax returns for most of the day yesterday. now the irs stating it will be fully fixed and running at some point today. no word on if this glitch will delay refunds at all. melissa: maybe they didn't pay the electric bill and don't have the internet connection anymore?
4:44 pm
who knows what happened. connell: maybe martin skelly had something to do with it. he smirks but doesn't speak we found out the hard way. members of the congress read him riot act for hiking live saving medication but he smiling about it. >> you can use that attention to come clean to, right your wrongs, and to become one of the most effective patient advocates in the country. i know you're smiling but i'm very serious, sir. connell: congressman, is not happy camper. your love for doritos could make you $50,000 richer. melissa: really? connell: cool ranch, nacho cheese? melissa: cool ranch. connell: more coming up.
4:45 pm
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4:48 pm
look on a mother's face when she realizes she can't afford to pie her child's medication i have. connell: georgia congressman, earl carter speaking at hearing of soaring drug prices. martin shkreli you may know by now, key witness, former pharma ceo who generated national attention by raising price of a life-saving pill to $750. he took the fifth today. he was there smirking and laughing i guess throughout the hearing and congressman carter is kind enough to join us now. the question people are asking i guess after all of this, you know the guy has been tweeting -- there's more by the way online which i tell you about in a second. >> yes. connell: what was the point of today? what was accomplished getting attention to the issue or some more cynical people say grandstanding in congress? what was the point? >> i think the point was to bring to light the fact that there are holes in the system.
4:49 pm
the system needs to be reviewed. particularly we in congress need to do a better job. first of all making sure that the fda is doing their. their work doing their part. increasing competition among suppliers. thirdly we have transparency. to make sure we transparency in the health care system. connell: twitter, our guy responded as you know, tweet of the day, hard to respect the imbeciles that represent people in our government. i won't ask you, congressman if you think you're a imbecile. >> i appreciate that. connell: so we're going to let that question go. >> don't ask my wife either. connell: right. he comes out after, this came in, by the way. he put something else online.s . but he is basically saying. what do you want to us do, drop the price of our drugs? we wouldn't be able to do research this is quote online i'm reading.
4:50 pm
we would have to stop doing our research too, which does he want, speak to member of congress. big fortune 500 companies to pay less money or does he want life saving drugs. elijah cummings, they didn't have a back and forth because skelly wasn't speaking, if we have to do more research we have to charge higher price for drugs. what do you say. >> that would be fine but turing was putting less than 5% of profits into research. connell: okay. >> most drug companies put at least 20% in. this guy, shkreli and turing were exploiting market. they were price-gouging. connell: as congress, what specific changes, laws, regulations, what can we expect? >> well first of all we work on the backlog from the fda. there are 3800 applications right now. that needs to be worked on. we can increase competition. increasing competition in the free market always helps.
4:51 pm
second and thirdly we need transparency. we need transparency of pbms, pharmacy benefit managers to make sure they're doing things correctly as well. connell: just another day on capitol hill, congressman carter. you are i would point out after interview you not an imbecile. >> thank you very much. >> six degrees of kevin bacon. facebook claiming you're a lot closer than that with every user on the platform. new tribute to jimmy buffet. no, it has nothing to do with margaritas sadly. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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melissa: winners on wall street or main street here who is making money today. jimmy buffet, the music legend is being recognized on broadway. the jimmy buffet musical will
4:55 pm
make its world premier next year at la jolla playhouse in california. in may next year, good excuse to go to la jolla. sinning place. this could make you $50,000 richer. doritos rewarding cash to three lucky fans during the super bowl create most compelling tweet, video or photo of doritos. i will start working on that. i love to tweet and love doritos. that is perfect on me. connell: 12th birthday of facebook. they're celebrating by solving a theory that has been around for a century. the degree of separation, you know between any two people in the world and deirdre bolton, i don't think it is six, right? >> it is not six. you're right, that i guess came from a play that was first performed in the 1930s. to your point, connell. seems as the world goes on line, basically our connections to each other are becoming narrower and narrower. instead of six degrees of separation, we're down to 3 1/2.
4:56 pm
at least according to facebook. you mentioned it, connell, 12 years old. but facebook has more than 1 1/2 billion members online. so that is about a quarter of the world's population. we'll take their word on that. back to you. connell: see you at top of the hour, deirdre. 3 1/2 is uncomfortably close for a lot of people that i wouldn't -- melissa: i don't need to be 3 1/2 degrees. connell: need them in the studio. melissa: there you go. going to the gym, you will need it after stuffing your face on super bowl sunday. i know i will. we'll tell you the number of calories you may be consuming from the first kickoff to the final whistle. it is enormous. it's huge. connell: huge.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at >> put on your stretchy pants and get ready to pound some calories. connell: what? >> super bowl week is the unhealthiest week of the entire year. beating out thanksgiving. how is that possible. connell: especially eating all
5:00 pm
doughnuts. add up all calories for items purchased during the super, 6,000 calories. >> i believe that. free toe pie. key lime pie. seven layer dip. fritos. doritos. connell: see you sunday. >> there you go. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: the days of cheap goose could be numbered. president obama just announcing an oil tax in his 2017 budget this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the president proposing a new $10 fee on every barrel of oil. the idea to boost the nation's investments in clean transportation projects. so oil dropping today, if you take a look at prices down around 31.70 per barrel, close to two mers. my political power panel is here. conservative commentator joe schilter. jessica tarloff.


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