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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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melissa: considering suing ted cruz stealing votes from ben carson. >> cruz fired back. called trump a circus sideshow. the republican field is shrinking. one candidate out. another according to our sources may be gone officially tonight. melissa: more serious news, the zika virus has been transmitted in texas from one person to another. [closings bell rings] governor of florida declared a state of emergency. dr. kevin campbell joins us with "what you need to know." connell: dow turned around to be up 182 points. melissa: nasdaq trading lower by .3 of a percent, 12 points. very strange day on wall street, connell. connell: it has been. one of those days you get to
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know reason why something is happening. you might find it, stocks tied to oil as charts are suggesting. fueling stock market rally today, 8% jump in the crude oil price. two-day losing streak snapped. jeff flock, there he is, with his buddy phil flynn at cme where things are finally calming down. maybe the two of you can make sense of a crazy day, hi, guys. >> this makes no damn sense to me. we got inventory report that is twice what the street said it was going to be and we're up 8%? >> right. i think you're seeing enough is enough. that's what we're seeing signs of. we've been talking about rumors of potential summit with opec producers and non-opec producers. we got story on that today. >> pin you down on that. this is iranian oil news agency. >> correct. >> saying six countries have agreed. >> right. >> there is how many countries in opec, 13? >> exactly. >> not everybody is on board.
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>> we know who is on board, russia, iran, venezuela, those are the three. the big question who are the other three. >> saudi arabia? >> if it is saudi arabia then this is major, major story. beyond that, whether or not we get saudi arabia to the table this, is sign producers are saying enough. they're saying we can't take these low prices. it is not just the producing countries. it is energy companies. i mean i think one of the biggest stories today was exxonmobil story yesterday, cutting capital spending by 25%? this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> we have bottom in that stock too. would you buy exxonmobil stock today? i know you're not a stock trader. >> i think long term yes. i think we're close to major bottom. there has been blood on the streets but i think we're seeing light at end of the tunnel. >> calling a bottom here in chicago. connell: that is crazy and also the political world. melissa: there you go. less than a week to go in new hampshire. republican candidates making a pitch to voters in the granite state. suddenly less competition out
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there on the block. fox business's blake burman is in new hampshire with the latest. blake? reporter: lots of movement here on the republican side today in new hampshire. we'll begin with senator rand paul he started off this morning announcing he would be suspending his presidential campaign. he is back in washington, d.c. now he has a senate campaign to run as well. polls shows he was running at about 3% on average here in the granite state. rick santorum is another topic to talk about because according to fox's carl cameron, sources tell carl that santorum will be suspending his presidential campaign tonight and plans on endorsing. santorum will be on the fox news channel at 7:00 tonight speaking with greta van susteren and a top aide to santorum says he will indeed make two major announcements tonight. where we are right now, we're at roby's country store, one of the famous places here in new hampshire, open since 1887.
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politicians have been coming through here for decades. that was the same for senator ted cruz renewed i guess you could say, back and forth with donald trump after trump essentially said cruz fraudulently won the iowa caucuses. cruz fired back a little while ago tweeting out trump is having, hashtag trumper tantrum. new poll here in new hampshire shows trump is still well on top, according to umass lowell and whgh. bush, case i can and christie trying to break out as that establishment lane candidate as well. back to you as well. melissa: trumper tantrum. will practice it a few more times. so i think we haven't seen our last one. we might figure out how to say that right. blake, thank you. connell: i'm glad we did that. trump is thinking about suing ted cruz as he puts it, stealing vote. listen. >> one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen. they said he was quitting the
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race and to vote for him. total voter fraud when you think of it. he picked up a lot of those votes. that is why the polls were so wrong. connell: all right that is from a radio interview by the way. cruz fired back at trump and chalked off fireworks to mr. trump's poor sportsmanship. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing a tim per tantrum or if you like another trumper tantrum, reaction to everything is throw a fit. engage in unsults. i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. he finds that very difficult for him. but at the end. day the iowa people spoke. connell: rick tyler joins us. rick is the communications director for senator cruz. good to see you. new hashtags are out there. >> good to be with you. connell: it has been one of those days, to ask you a serious question what happened in iowa before new hampshire. something happened that shouldn't have, is that fair to
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ben carson just given the fact that senator cruz had to or chose to apologize yesterday? >> well let me go through what happened. the let me go through the facts. cnn's chris moody reported out according to sources within the campaign that ben carson was not going to new hampshire and not going to south carolina immediately after iowa. that he was returning to florida for some rest and relaxation. then he would go on to d.c. to participate in the national prayer breakfast. that's news. that's an interesting campaign development. connell: but he quickly tweeted as you know, tweeted out after that he wasn't dropping out of the race which did not get to your people on the ground. >> that's correct. no. connell: okay. >> there wasn't, actually because we never, we never indicated or intimated that dr. carson wasp doing out of the race. it was just interesting to us that he wasn't going to compete or looked like he wasn't going to be in new hampshire. this is serious game. after the iowa caucuses if you don't go into new hampshire or south carolina that is news.
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like skipping a playoff game expecting to go to the super bowl, you don't do it. connell: understood. there was talk a lot of people in the cruz campaign were saying that he was going to drop out. spence rogers, email, cruz campaign worker saying hey, come on convince people to come over voting for carson to vote for us. carson is saying someone should be held responsible for that. i assume he is talking about him or somebody else in the campaign, you know. >> the reason you have, the reason you have caucus captains go to a caucus is to persuade everybody to vote for you. so if carson's upset we did that, then everybody should be upset with us that's what we did. we did send a campaign email out to the campaign, dozen as day on interesting news stories about development in the campaign. keep everybody on the same page. this chris moody report was sent around. actually, after the caucus got started. in fact i was watching returns when i learned about it. so i don't think it had any change in the results. connell: fair enough.
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>> nobody, nobody in the campaign suggested that carson should drop out. i can't say there wasn't one person who have interpreted as he was dropping out said that but nobody on the cruz campaign said that. connell: he sent an apology for that part of, the second part. >> carson accepted it. connell: let my ask you about new hampshire. >> sure. connell: everybody plays expectations games especially in new hampshire. we showed a poll with trump up 38-14 over cruz. what are your expectations? what have you set them as? >> we've always been the underdog in this race. no one thought we would win iowa. what we did in iowa was pretty remarkable. we beat ethanol lobby. we beat donald trump that was another thing. we did very well. here in new hampshire we have lower expectations for new hampshire because it's a little different -- connell: got to finish at least second? in other words, if rubio passes you guys that's not, that's not living up to expectations, fair? >> i think it is other way around.
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i think rubio set the expectation that he needs to win new hampshire. but all the establishment candidates, this is where establishment candidates come to win. chris christie has to win this state. john kasich has to win the state. marco rubio definitely has to win. if marco rubio doesn't win the state where would he win? that is the the expectation. no one expected ted cruz to win new hampshire. connell: all right. >> we want to do well. we're competing hard. we have a great ground game here but i believe the expectation now is marco rubio needs to win the state. connell: appreciate it. with the cruz campaign. >> thanks a lot. connell: stay tuned on fox business, dr. ben carson will be guest next hour in "risk & reward," 5:00 p.m. iron. don't miss that. melissa: donald trump roaring back in new hampshire. the billionaire blasting critics that his second place finish in iowa is a loss. >> he comes in third, i come in second. trump, no good, rubio, unbelievable night, unbelievable victory.
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unbelievable. melissa: "the donald" maintains more than 20 point lead in the granite state, according to "real clear politics" average. here is howard kurtz, host of "mediabuzz" on fox news. trump does have a point there, howie, doesn't he? the story is how strong marco rubio is. trump did beat him. if you look, we have the cover of "the daily news," dead clown walking. i mean he is still ahead by 20 points or so in new hampshire. is the media being fair? >> much of the media are not being fair. daily news portrayed trump as a clown when he got into the race. that trump underperformed and marco rubio overperformed. one is portrayed as disappointment and one is portrayed as amazing. first time candidate never done this, strong second place finish by trump in eye was is pretty impressive. he has a right to be kicked off. he totally moved story another
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direction with his twitter rant today. melissa: let's move on to that. he was gracious, got a lot of attention for that. some of us were suspicious that would really last. it didn't. he has gone on a twitter tirade here. does play well to the people that supported him because it is in character or is it a bad call? >> doesn't play well. i don't understand what he is doing here today. i heard some people say would be trump meltdown if he lost iowa. doesn't look like there would be and i'm not saying he is now. throwing out phrases cruz stole iowa caucuses perhaps should be a new vote. there will not be a new vote. kind of a ridiculous assertion. i guess he wants to denigrate or disdoesn't what was -- discount what was definitely a victory by ted cruz in iowa. this is not the way to do it. he should be looking for, has huge lead in new hampshire. all the focus should be on that.
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why relitigating results after caucus where he lost? the. melissa: that is his character, angry, hostile to the media. what do you think the headline if he wins new hampshire looks like he would, although we have days to go there, what is the headline next day. >> the headline is trump back on track. iowa was never a great state with him with 60% or so of republican voters evan gel christians. trump will be back on track especially if he he wins by healthy margin looks like he could be very strong in south carolina. the question here whether cruz and rubio to some extent gets a big bump out of iowa. past iowa winners fizzled out, rick santorum, mike huckabee, kind after one-state wonder, not predicting that here, if trump wins new hampshire, people forget about iowa and can he do it again, is he back? i think this is distraction for him and get off this twitter rant and focus on granite state.
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melissa: howard, you're so smart. thank you for coming on, appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. connell: not done outdone democrats have their own story line. bernie sanders did he actually win in iowa? that has been going around. sanders himself thinks that is a possibility. >> tell you the truth the iowa caucus is so complicated it is not 100% we didn't win it. connell: sanders says his campaign is looking into a contesting those results. melissa: all right. could sanders contest iowa if he wanted to? here to weigh in, is a political science professor at the university of texas in austin with 20 years of experience working working with campaigns. what do you think about this? does he have standing to contest isn't. >> i think what people need to recognize is that these caucuses and primaries, particularly caucuses are party affairs. they are, they do have the official sanction of the state but the parties make up rules. parties oversee the processes.
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parties in large part report results. i'm a little ambivalent about this. if he wanted to pursue it and people in the state party in iowa who are sympathetic to that, yeah he could press that claim but it's not clear it would work. i think there is a pretty good chance hillary's people leaned pretty heavily on iowa state party officials. i don't know if there is lot to be gained there and run the risk of a sore loser claim. melissa: sore loser, that role is already filled out there. that is crowded space. you don't want to get in there. a lot of people have been really bugged by the idea, first of all there were so many coin tosses. how does that even happen that you have the exact same number of delegates on either side? there are six coin tosses. hillary clinton somehow wins them all. feels incredibly fishy. it doesn't pass the smell test. and in terms of, maybe the caucus, maybe democratic party controls it but the damages are real, the outcome is real. >> yeah. melissa: you know, it just, how do you react to all of that?
4:15 pm
how do you respond? >> it's a fair point. we were sitting, i'm a member of fox news decision team. we were sitting in the decision room on monday evening and you know hillary clinton's campaign was essentially declaring victory. melissa: right. >> as you and probably your viewers know they were kind of haggling over these 1406 state delegate equivalents. we were looking at data she had three delegate equivalent lead. as you mentioned six of the delegates were determined by coin flips. there were a few still outstanding. so i get the sanders peoples distaste for this. if it had prone 50/50 on coin flips, add three to sanders, take three away from hillary, now sander is ahead by three on state delegate equivalents. the notion that the media collectively, us in particular but the media collectively declares her a winner in iowa, i get why there is some distaste for that not just with sanders
4:16 pm
campaign but public generally. melissa: absolutely. thanks for joining us and clearing that up. >> my pleasure. melissa: tornadoes rich through the deep south destroys dozens of homes. we're live in the weather center with the latest on that one. look at that. connell: we have alarming new details on zika virus. cdc indicated first case transmitted within the united states. dr. kevin campbell with the information on that. melissa: marco rubio has a big target on his back. more on how republican candidates are trying to take him down. >> marco rubio came in third place in a caucus state and we're all supposed to bow out? that is just absolutely absurd. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen.
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on the earnings front, after-the-bell earnings from yum! brands, parent of taco bell, kfc, pizza hut as lori rothman well knows. how do numbers look? >> i don't know how to read into that, connell. numbers don't look too bad. yum sticking by full-year guidance. wall street is not impressed down one or 2% give or take. they were initially higher because of beat on top line. i'm sorry the bottom line was a beat. 68 cents per share, versus, what was the expectation, pretty loud. they're screaming behind me. so68 cents per share. so revenue was a little bit soft. break down in terms of same-store sales was a little bit unimpressive. taco bell same-store sales up 4%. pizza hut same-store-sales up 1%. they have a strong presence in china. likely had something to do with that low single-digit percentage move in the same-store sales for yum! brands.
4:21 pm
but again the positive for the company is they are sticking by the financial forecast they stated back in december. send it back to you. connell: lori, thanks. light on revenue. more news, melissa? melissa: breaking news. sumner redstone stepping down. charlie gasparino has the story on that one. >> he's done. listen, we've been reporting this out for a while that you know this lawsuit from his personal assistant, that basically, whether you take sides, no matter what side you take on this lawsuit his personal assistant showed sumner redstone has got some issues. those issues are, that he might not be all there. he is very old and here's the question i have with him stepping down, les moonves of cbs will replace him for the president of the holding company for viacom and cbs. why did he do it? we know he has got some issues. he is very old. if you ever see how he signed a
4:22 pm
contract, i think the contract for viacom you would know there is issue here. did he resign because he is getting hit with a lawsuit or is sec investigating this? here's the thing, if you have a chairman of a company, he is not a non-executive chairman, he is a executive chairman who signs a multimillion-dollar bonus checks of your top executives and he is mentally incapacitated, that is an issue that brings in the sec and could bring in a lot of lawsuits. i think that's what viacom is reacting here. they are looking to basically, get this thing out of the way and to limit the liability because there's here's the thing. there are many times when they have figurehead chairmans. they're called non-executive chairmans. when you call signing paycheck, phillipe do you mean mon make du movement ond makes a lot of
4:23 pm
money, stock is underperforming. les moonves makes a lot of money. who notes what happens with cbs with cord cutting and guy signs the check is chairman of the board. that's a real problem. we'll have calls out to the securities & exchange commission. we've addressed this thing, particularly on liz claman's show on the notion that they have a legal liability from class action but there has been, there had to be something here that triggered this, especially right now. melissa: charlie gasparino, great reporting on this story. we look forward to more. thank you very much. connell. connell: a lot more still to come on a busy afternoon. monica crowley standing by to talk politics. we have weather, blizzards blasting central midwest and where the storms are going. federal and state officials are in the hot seat over the water crisis in flint, michigan. what lawmakers on capitol hill had to say about their handling of the situation. that's still ahead. >> why are they, why would they be paying for water that they can not even use that is poisoning them?
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melissa: from hunter to the hunted. marco rubio with a mark on his back after strong finish in iowa. gop candidates are feeling pressure and ramming up attacks on the florida senator. >> i hear marco rubio is here. heck, he does one event a day. don't see him. don't answer any questions. you know what i called him yesterday, the boy in the bubble. >> first of all gave victory speech in iowa. came in third. will have to do what chris christie and john kasich and i do, what other candidates do, go to the voters directly make his case. if he doesn't, he will be in trouble. momentum has a strange way of dying here. melissa: all right. here to weigh in, monica crowley "washington times" online opinion editor and fox news contributor. he has a target on his back. you look at jeb bush, i think has been hardest on him. he has that super-pac they're calling the death star now. comes out with so much money and shoots anyone down. >> yeah.
4:28 pm
melissa: are they going to succeed taking him down a peg with everybody focused on marco? >> i don't know, there is only one shot for so-called establishment candidates to make a dent in marco rubio and that's new hampshire. after new hampshire the whole dynamic changes when you go into south carolina but look, marco rubio had a very strong third place showing out of iowa. his challenge then is to consolidate the establishment and donor class behind him. right now it's split. a lot of people still with jeb although jeb bush is fading. some with chris christie, some with john kasich who performed stronger in these polls coming out new hampshire. i saw chris christie there. i think he should be training his political fire on somebody like john kasich who is ahead of him, rather than a rubio. marco rubio wants to straddle two lanes, right? the establishment lane and conservative lane and to this point he has done that very successfully but i think all of these establishment guys realize they have one final shot at this, no matter how much money they have in the bank. they have one shot at this, it
4:29 pm
is next tuesday in new hampshire. they are spraying rhetorical fire all over the place including ted cruz and marco rubio. melissa: look at ads, so many aimed at rubio now. do you think he is able to consolidate? we've seen people drop out of the race today. it is starting to happen. we're reaching that point. can he come out as the one guy from that group? >> that is the big question -- melissa: prediction. you're so smart at this, what do you think? >> i think he has a chance to coalesce establishment support behind him i think he would formidable candidate if he were to do that. he has tea party cred and establishment cred. establishment governors, bush, kasich, christie, some ways they're neutralizing even other. they're running between six and 9% in new hampshire which isn't nearly enough. trump is still dominant, ted cruz is running strong. they're basically neutralizing each other. they don't know where to put their fire.
4:30 pm
melissa: doesn't look like they have real national appeal. they should have in another race. not their cycle. a shame. >> not their era so to speak. melissa: era. monica, thank you very much. connell. connell: melissa, let's move to the severe weather threatening millions of people across the country, pummeling the south and blizzards in the midwest. we have fox news meteorologist rick reichmuth in the weather center. hey, rick. >> severe weather across the south, last 24 hours of it, pulling off towards the ice. we're still dealing with a threat for severe weather along with this yesterday was very, very bad. tornadoes across parts of mississippi and alabama. fortunately no fatalities. not in any real population zones but very large tornadoes indeed. here is where the storm is. it is warm. snow, far northern parts maine. we warmed up across coastal areas. we've got rain. basically the case up and down the seaboard.
4:31 pm
when you see yellows and reds those are some heavy storms. we had thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings a few minutes ago. one east of columbia, south carolina area. one acrossway cross georgia. you can't rule out tornadoes tonight. we'll say rainfall totals especially coastal areas carolinas, es special, three to four inches of rain. snow across mid-atlantic and eastern seaboard, one. biggest we've had anywhere across the east and a lot of snow. that melted very rapidly. temperatures are warming. rain on top of this. big-time flooding concerns. temps up towards the boston area today, connell, 60 degrees. hard to imagine much february. connell: crazy for february. tough stuff for a lot of people. melissa. melissa: donald trump isn't going to let it go blasting ted cruz as the candidate who stole iowa. >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man has just leftceg
4:32 pm
the caucus. connell: plus if you feel secure in your relationship, might want to take a closer look. who are these people and where are their heads? that's what i want to know. the secret millions of americans are keeping from their spouse. melissa: oh, no. connell: oh, yes. next.
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4:36 pm
or intimated that dr. carson was dropping out of the race. it was just interesting to us that he wasn't going to compete or looked like he wasn't competing in new hampshire. wasn't going to be in new hampshire. this is serious game. after iowa caucuses if you don't go into new hampshire or south carolina that's news. that is sort of like skipping the playoff game expecting to go to the super bowl. you just don't do it. melissa: trump's latest twitter tirade has its own hashtag, #cruzfraud. nice. taking to twitter to take jab at trump, cruz is firing back on the campaign trail in new hampshire. listen. >> i wake up every day an laugh at the latest thing that donald has tweeted because he is losing it. we need a commander-in-chief, not a twitterer in chief. melissa: that was good line. joining me now, tony sayegh, jamestown associates president, fox news contributor. paul scott. tony, let me start with you,
4:37 pm
does trump have any ground here with his complaints? >> absolutely not. for somebody active supporting political candidates for better part of four decades amazing that donald trump think this is so how unusual. let's presume what he said is correct, there is some sort of staffers on ground, campaigners for ted cruz, people caucusing for him may have said things not necessarily true. welcome to the world of politics, donald. he has this view is convenient to what he wants to happen all the time. for example, when he says the rnc has to treat him fairly. look, politics is not own always a fair business. if you presume what he said is correct, reaction is ridiculous. that is unfortunate he gained a lot of points. people who are not trump supporters, gave a gracious acceptance speech. heading to new hampshire with advantage. totally unnecessary move. melissa: unnecessary but, kevin, this is how he gets earned media.
4:38 pm
he promotes a story and people tune in, people put him on. this is how it is going since the beginning. it worked well for him. in this one instance will it not because he looks like a petty sore loser. >> i disagree with what he just said. trump is calculated here. is his response over the top? sure. he is pointing out something very important. voters should take notice, ted cruz's campaign did ben carson wrong. it looks like the cruz campaign is taking tactics out of the clinton playbook. this kind of stuff makes people hate politics. for a guy who run against the establishment and run against the process he is looking very much like the typical politician playing dirty tricks. i don't think it will work with voters long term. melissa: tony, he has a point. he also, at same time you have bernie sanders and coin toss thing, like hillary stole it. now kind of lumps them together as ted cruz really typical politician who steals stuff too? >> bernie sanders has legitimate case.
4:39 pm
numbers by itself, even if you believe hillary's numbers, won, lost by .2%. six delegates allocated on coynes to. all miraculously won by hillary clinton. those are ground for recount or some sort of fraud. i love george w. bush. george w. bush engaged in smears against john mccain in the michigan primary, saying they were anti-catholic. let's not be high and mighty. politics is not most elegant of businesses. ben carson was dropping in the polls well before the iowa caucuses. most of cruz's rise came as a result of faults out of the ben carson campaign. i think this is much to do about nothing. melissa: we'll leave it there. connell. connell: fingerpointing on flint water crisis continues today up on capitol hill. officials faced questions from the house oversight committee, response waiting for months to take action on the lead contaminated water in flint. lawmakers want to know what is
4:40 pm
going on. mike emanuel knew what happened at the hearing and he covers it for us now. what can you tell us, mike? reporter: connell, lawmakers heard from a flint, michigan, mother, very commodity pelling and angry with local officials for not protecting her family and community. >> the fact my son had lead poisoning. this city and mdq continued to tell everyone the water was safe as epa sat by and watched in silence. reporter: drinking lead contaminated problem can cause problems with thinking and disabilities in children. water in flint could have been treated properly. of broader concern if you have breakdown between city, state and federal officials might there be other communities with hazard does drinking water? both republicans and democrats sounded upset and outraged. >> this is the united states of america. this isn't supposed to happen here. we're not some third world country where you get 100,000
4:41 pm
people who get poisoned, poisoned for long periods of time. >> why would they be paying for water that they can not even use that is poisoning them? that's not america! as mr. chairman said, this is not a third world country! reporter: subpoenas have been issued for several officials related to the flint water crisis. chairman jason chaffetz says he expects a whole lot of documentation from the epa by the end of the week. connell. connell: mike emanuel on capitol hill. congressman gary palmer joins us a member of the house committee on government oversight and reform. what did we learn today, congressman, that can help prevent something like this from happening in the future or at least find out who should be blamed for what happened there in the past? >> well a lot of things we found out today is, how other federal government and epa in particular failed the people of flint michigan, and i really think
4:42 pm
failed the whole country. we have to get beyond assigning blame and start looking at solutions. sitting in the hearing room, i don't know i've been in a hearing that i felt such emotion from those parents. i think you and i would feel the same way if we were parents ever children who, for months and maybe even a year or longer were drinking contaminated water. connell: i don't think there is any doubt about that, congressman. everybody understands why people are angry about what happened there. that said, politically why wasn't governor snyder there? he has become the center of what happened in flint, michigan. we didn't hear from him today, did we? >> i think governor snyder will speak on this from some point. what he is trying to do send the most knowledgeable person in his administration to talk about this again we need to get back to trying to find a solution, figure out what happened here, why the epa was so negligent and issuing a report that they had for months.
4:43 pm
i think there's some culpability on the part of the state of michigan as well. connell: right. there has to be some local issues too, right, not just federal, is that fair? >> no, that's right. it's a massive failure from the local level up. connell: what do we do? do we change process, congressman? is that what you're talking about talking about solutions? other than people just being negligent, is there a process not in place that should be? >> well, first of all i think that we've got to protect whistle-blowers. there was a guy who had the report out, knew it was going nowhere and handed off to this housewife that testified today. that is how this broke. the other thing though is that we've got to have more collaboration between federal agencies. the cdc should be involved in this. the cdc collects data from the states that test for lead in water. i'm not sure there was any information exchange between the cdc and the epa even though cdc
4:44 pm
lists epa as one of their partners? connell: information sharing and whistle-blower. congressman, thank you. >> thanks for having me. melissa: zika virus transmitted in the u.s. connell: we'll talk with dr. kevin campbell weighing in on the spreading. >> the test confirmed in our laboratory of cdc someone who wanot traver delopg ek c, prume ix parely fm seal transmission. connell: dr. kevin campbell waying in on spreading of that disease coming up next. melissa: plus bad news for buffalo wild wings. health scare putting the restaurant under investigation. that is coming up.
4:45 pm
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melissa: zika virus outbreak causing panic in the u.s. florida governor rick scott declaring emergency in four florida counties after u.s. health officials confirmed unidentified patient in texas contracted illness through
4:48 pm
sexual contact. dr. kevin campbell, associate professor of medicine at university of north carolina joins me now. is this latest news surprising to you? >> i think the fact that this thing is now sexually transmitted not all that surprising. we know the virus remains in blood from two to 10 days. unclear how long it remains in semen and other sexual fluids. i think is just the next step. melissa: how dangerous is this and what are the symptoms? >> symptoms are very vague a lot of times. there is a rash. there is some body aches and muscle aches, fever, fatigue. a lot of people have zika and don't know it. it is rare to need hospitalization to treat iticly. the problem is the birth defects with the microcephaly with babies born to mothers. >> that is the perception public is getting it is not that big of a deal unless you are pregnant
4:49 pm
or may become pregnant. is that accurate? >> that is pretty accurate. it is rare to see death from zika virus. we've known about the virus since 1947. it has was discovered in uganda. there is no push to eliminate it because it is not a deadly virus this is awful birth defect. some of these babies don't survive. some if they do are severely mentally and physically handicapped. melissa: why is it coming now? because we're not doing as much spraying for bugs and that sort of thing? >> i think we see this you'd break in brazil because this mosquito has become very adept living next to human populations. i think with those mosquitoes appearing in southern florida and other locations in the u.s. i think that makes it more likely to spread. melissa: dr. campbell, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. connell: let's go to buffalo wild wings now. this is breaking news and it's really one-two punch as it turns out. the stock is down in after-hours trade tonight. a big miss in fourth quarter
4:50 pm
earnings. you probably heard about buffalo wild wings earlier today with health officials announcing investigation into cause of gastrointestinal illness. 10 people at one of their restaurants in k now the earnings so. melissa: goodness. spending behind your partners do you do that? connell: no, i don't. why are you so quick? melissa: shouldn't say it on tv if you do, so that's smart. your significant other may be one of the 13 million americans hiding a big secret. connell: really? at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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melissa: i think you know everything about your significant other. think again, connell. connell: why you're such a cynical person. melissa: i am cynical.
4:54 pm
connell: credit is reporting 13 million americans are hiding bank or credit card accounts from their spouse or significant other. this is not funny. gerri willis joins us now with the story. is this, it is like, go ahead and tell us about it. is this more guys or -- >> more guys. more guys. melissa: really? >> absolutely the fellows. go through a couple of the numbers here. 41% of us say we spent 100 bucks without telling our spouse, okay? 19% spent $500 or more without telling our spouse. that is the level of degree and manipulation, secretiveness, et cetera, et cetera. it happened more often with younger people, 18 to 29. 7% of those folks have accounts hidden from their partner. later in life as you go, the fewer those people have hidden accounts. once you hit retirement, forget about it, you know every financial secret your spouse has. finally the spending limits that people of different age
4:55 pm
categories think you should are okay? 18 to 29, look, 12% you can spend 25 bucks and i don't care, all right? when you get out to 65, every penny count because you're on a limited budget, right? so at that age people are saying look, we have to exchange all critical financial information. one in 20 ever us, one in 20, has a secret bank account, so easy to do these days, you can do it online. get statement in on line account, not in the mailbox. nobody's the wiser. guys? melissa: you have a lot of details about this. connell: gerri willis seems to know about this. >> hey, you're trying to put the blame on me? connell: tell us now, gerri, is this true? melissa: so you say -- more men than women. i know a lot of women who do this. >> me too. melissa: because they're hiding huge purchases and buying expensive shoes and purses their husbands would not be happy about. connell: men are "clueless."
4:56 pm
not happening in my house right now. >> i know woman who set aside money as walking away money. if the marriage doesn't work out you know, they can go and lots of it. connell i think you better ask some questions. i don't know. maybe. connell: my experience is that you always are very informed on your stories. that is certainly held true here, gerri. melissa: thanks, gerri. >> thank you. connell: from that to this. taco bell, listen up, josh, taco bell testing how loyal or just nuts their fans are. they're debuting a new menu item but there's a catch. we'll tell you about it. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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connell: taco bell, oh, taco bell. they're unveiling what is called the biggest food creation yet but i think it is in spanish. it's a new menu item debut with 30-second super bowl ad sunday which is super bowl ad on
5:00 pm
sunday. melissa: there is catch. you have to pay 2.99 on taco bell's website to preorder it. you don't know what it is until you pick it up on saturday afternoon. will you do it? let's do it. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i was reasonably happy today until i, you know, discovered dirty tricks that were going on. >> last night when cnn posted a news report that ben was not continuing on to new hampshire, not continuing on to south carolina but instead was going to florida. so i apologize to ben for that. that was a mistake on our part. >> here's the issue. a culture exists within the cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of a situation like this in a very dishonest way. they were awfully anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> one of the st


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