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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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he demonstrates the arrogance of a big government politician and i don't want him to be my president. that's our show. thanks for watching.that you wa us every night at 6:00, keep it right here, the man himself, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. breaking news tonight, the state department at this hour set it release the next batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. some 1,000 e-mails to be released. fact it's taken this long for the state department to release these e-mails is both a disgrace and outrage, but add to all of that a bombshell development tonight. the state department is also withholding 22 e-mails because those e-mails are deemed top secret and deemed too potentially damaging to our national security to release under any circumstance, and
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that's not all. 18 other e-mails between mrs. clinton and president obama also being withheld, but the state department will not tell us why. >> i'm not going to speak to the content of these documents. i understand there is great curiosity much i'm going to put that right out at the top. i am not going to speak to the content of this e-mail traffic. we're aware there is intense interest and announcing this decision now because the process regarding the e-mails has been completed. lou: we'll have a full report on the state department's obviously grudging release of these clinton e-mails coming up here tonight. also, three days till iowa and the republican presidential candidates are on the attack. donald trump, who avoided last night's debate was in nashua, new hampshire this morning where he slammed senator ted cruz for being born in canada.
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>> ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, right? but he's an anchor baby, no, he's an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. this is a problem, i think that's one of the reasons he's crashing, he's figured what the hell happened? lou: and among the lingering questions on the campaign trail, will trump's decision to avoid last night's debate cause iowa voters to avoid him. last night's trumpless debate delivered powerhouse ratings. the debate the second highest rated telecast in fox news channel history. the debate delivered 12.5 million viewers. beat not only everything on cable, it beat everything in broadcast television as well. last night's republican presidential debate on the fox news channel was in short a monumental success, our congratulations to megyn, bret, chris and all of our fox news colleagues. and to the rnc's reince priebus
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and fox news chairman roger ailes. i'll take it all up and more with the weekly standard steve hayes, trump spokesperson katrina pierson joins us as well and conservative commentator, cathy lin taylor. all of that coming up. top story tonight, the state department, a few minutes after 7:00 p.m. eastern on a friday evening, releasing at the order of a federal judge another batch of clinton e-mails but more than 20 withheld because they're top secret, and represent such highly sensitive information that releasing those e-mails could result in a significant damage to our national security. tonight's dramatic developments further undercut claims by the clinton campaign that none of the intelligence on the e-mails was classified when it hit clinton's personal computer. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the report. >> reporter: before hillary clinton arrived for event at
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grand view university, it was a struggle for aides to get the crowd excited. >> we're going to do a little cheer. woo! >> reporter: an official at the university later told fox, clinton aides told them to expect about 1,000 people. but only a few hundred showed up. almost as many reporters as voters to hear her final pitch. >> if you stand up for me monday night, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: the once inevitable nominee is now anything but, as democratic socialist senator bernie sanders continues to get larger crowds. >> i believe that it is our campaign that is generating the excitement and the interest for a large voter turnout. >> reporter: and he's getting more confident about standing up to clinton, calling her out for ducking more debates last year when she was winning and didn't want to slip up and flip-flopping in iowa. >> the clinton campaign does not run the world. and it's not my job to do what the clinton campaign simply wants me to do.
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>> reporter: sanders is facing scrutiny from establishment institutions like "washington post" which drew fire from the senator for editorial charging he's selling fiction. >> so the "washington post" wants to say that our ideas are bull. i accept that. but right now, that is precisely what working families and the middle class want. >> reporter: the post fired back in second editorial, quote -- a major late breaking development three days before the iowa caucuses, the obama administration is now saying that hillary clinton had on her personal server some of the nation's most closely guarded secrets. the state department confirming that 22 e-mails had top secret material in them, and are now held back from public release. interesting the clinton campaign is pushing back and insisting there was innocuous
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material in the e-mails and they're calling it overclassification run amok by the intel community. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. ed henry reporting. and running amok, 18 other e-mails between the president and this former secretary of state, also being withheld without divulging the content. moving to the republican side of the race for the presidency, we are now just three days from the caucuses. nearly all of the candidates are in iowa tonight with the exception of front-runner donald trump who this morning was campaigning in new hampshire. trump was a no-show for last night's blowout debate on the fox news channel, something the competition were using to their advantage today. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: with four days to iowa's leadoff caucuses, attacking rivals takes a back seat to energizing voters. >> that the point it's all about turnout. >> asking you to caucus for me
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monday night. >> reporter: not only did trump skip the only iowa debate, he skipped town for a rally in new hampshire where he slammed ted cruz. >> he's an anchor baby in canada. >> he got beaten up pretty badly last night. >> reporter: others have changed views and can't be trusted to keep their word. >> if we're tired of getting burned with politicians who claim to be against amnesty, who campaign against amnesty and go to washington and join the democrats to support amnesty, we need to look to if they have a proven record. >> reporter: team rubio pointed to a tweet suggesting he supported what he calls amnesty -- at the first opportunity in the debate, cruz noted trump's past debate contributions. >> let me say i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. [laughter]
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>> now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> reporter: rubio got strong reviews even though he got opposing views for banning a path to citizenship. >> we're not going to hand out citizenship cards either. there will be a process. >> he led the charge to finally fix the immigration problem that existed for 30 years. and then he cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst conservatives i guess. >> marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors because he thought it was politically advantageous. >> this is why you need to send someone from outside washington into washington. i need a washington english converter. >> reporter: the des moines headline was cruz had a rough night with a chance to shine in trump's absence, cruz got shunned. >> rand please attack ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: the entire
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republican field got new ammunition against hillary clinton today with word from the obama administration that some of the e-mails she stored on private server were classified as top secret and already cruz and marco rubio are going after her, lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron from des moines. an unexpected move by the fbi today. fbi releasing video of oregon state police officers fatally shooting one of the men who are occupying and demonstrating at the malheur national wildlife refuge. fox news correspondent claudia cowan has more from burns, oregon. >> reporter: lou, the fbi is under pressure here, locals have had it with the roadblocks, many don't like how long the occupation of the wildlife refuge has been allowed to continue, and after tuesday's deadly confrontation, rumors were flying that police committed cold-blooded murder. so the fbi took the unusual step of releasing that video even posting it to youtube, so
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people could see what happened. video shows 55-year-old lavoy finicum one of the fervent spokespeople trying to get away from police or provoking them. the investigation continues. when he appears to reach for a weapon, a state trooper fired back. >> on at least two occasions finicum reaches to left inside portion of his jacket. he did have a loaded 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun in that pocket. >> reporter: he vowed he would die before going into jail. several others were taken without incident. four holdouts said they would surrender peacefully only if they are not arrested. they show a husband and wife dancing around cars. they clearly have enough bandwidth and power to charge electronics and according to a criminal complaint unsealed earlier this week, the group had explosives, night vision goggles and weapons. if they didn't get the fight
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they wanted out there. they would bring the fight to town. the group's leader ammon bundy repeatedly told followers to leave and go home. earlier today he and several others had detention hearing in portland in federal court. 11 people have been arrested on conspiracy charges, and lou, a judge said that no one will be released so long as this occupation in burns continues. back to you. lou: claudia cowan, thank you very much. turning now to what has been a very tough month for the united states navy and rising provocations by iran. the iranian navy today showing off military might, test firing several surface-to-surface missiles. they are named noor which means light. the test comes days after exercises east off the strait of hormuz and releasing video what it itself is surveillance
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video from a drone over the "u.s.s. harry truman" an, the u.s. aircraft carrier and took precise photographs of it and accompanying ships. the navy confirms that unarmed iranian drone did fly directly over the aircraft carrier earlier this month but did not respond, and it was also just 2 1/2 weeks ago when iran captured ten of our sailors who strayed into territorial waters apparently, iran accused them of violating the international waters. like i say, it has been a tough day for the u.s. navy, which has had not one instance responding. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. last night's highly successful republican presidential debate featuring sharp exchanges like this. >> marco made the choice to get on direction of the major donors. >> the truth is, ted, throughout the campaign you are willing to say or do anything to get votes. lou: who did above the
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substantive issues? we'll talk with the weekly standard's steven hayes and cathy lynn taylor joins us as well, next. a surfer takes on a wave, a huge wave. testing his balance, his luck, his fortune. we'll show you how he did when we'll show you how he did when "lou dobbs
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. lou: the reviews coming in following the final republican debate before the first in the nation caucuses monday. the "des moines register" headline declaring rough night for cruz. the "washington post" headline -- so now we are going to dig deeper into the performances of all seven. joining us for more on the debate, the iowa caucuses, three days away, if i haven't said that enough this evening. senior writer for the weekly standard and fox news contributor stephen hayes, gop strategist and former analyst, cathy lynn taylor. great to have you both with us. you're in des moines, the sense
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of reaction to trump's withdrawal, full, from the debate? >> i think it's mixed. the hard-core trump supporters don't care one way or another whether he showed up or not. and you saw a lot of the people lining up in the cold weather to attend his alternate event last night. on the other hand, did i talk to a few likely iowa caucusgoers including a couple who said to me, i was a trump supporter and i'm not anymore because this bothers me, we take this personally. i like donald trump. i like the things he's said. it's time for a ceo in the process but he's got to be here and take it seriously. >> i want to bring up a tweet that donald trump sent out, had tweeted, and yes, i am going to crow here tonight on behalf of our colleagues at the fox news channel. he said in that tweet, the debate tonight will be a total
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disaster, low ratings with advertisers and advertising rates dropping like a rock. i hate to see this. i think i saw some crocodile tear stains on the twitter page, there but the fact is a second highest audience ever for the fox news channel which is used to quite high audiences, 12.5 million folks blowing away everything on television. cathy, what's your reaction. it's an out-and-out repudiation, if you will, of his claim he would create disaster through his absence? >> look, for his supporters there's no doubt that his predictable unpredictability, i'm owned by nobody is fine. there is nothing better than hearing veteran stories. there's really not. that is compelling. no doubt the winner of the night, i would say was fox news. lou: the republican party,
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seven candidates who apparently one of them thought he was going to, you know, no one would be looking in. >> and a substantive debate, lot of policy conversation, and i don't think anybody missed except jeb bush and his teddy bear affection for donald trump. lou: good lord, that was quite a spectacle. jeb bush must be going through separation anxiety with trump not being there, who do you think prevailed? who amongst them had the best performances? >> yeah, i'll leave the psychoanalysis to you. i'm not qualified to do, it but it was -- it was a funny moment. lou, you do that on me all the time, and you get it right on you. >> keep asking me, you keep asking me. [laughter] >> look, i thought jeb bush had a good night last night. i will say i'm judging jeb bush
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based on previous debates and that's not a high bar. i don't think he's been a particularly effective debater and one of the reasons he's had trouble picking up much support. he had a pretty good night last night. i think rubio was fine, he didn't have the outstanding performance so many other saw from marco rubio last night. i'm judging marco rubio based on past performances and i think he's been pretty good in the past and is pretty good at this. the other person i thought had a very good night was rand paul, and i think he had a good night in part because he returned really to libertarian roots. i think throughout the campaign, you've seen rand paul, sometimes inch toward popular opinion, and away from libertarian roots. last night he got the question about his dad, a full embrace. this is who i am. take it or leave it. it was pretty effective. >> i disagree a little bit in that it goes to show you what a different campaign it would have been had donald trump not
10:22 am
been in the race, particularly for jeb bush. he did shine quite a bit more than he had without donald trump there. and you know it's interesting, i agree with steven, i thought marco rubio missed some opportunity to dismantle ted cruz but he showed a favorability that acted as a foil to cruz, that was really effective. lou: quickly, give us the name, who's going to win the monday caucuses, steve? are you ready to make that judgment? >> still think trump. lou: all right. cathy lynn? >> if cruz doesn't win it's going to be the story of the election, but i'm going to go with a highflier and say maybe rubio. lou: all right, we've got it. there you have it. cathy lynn taylor, steve hays, thanks for being with us tonight. be sure to vote in our poll, the question is --
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follow me on twitter -- links to everything hawaii right now, they are having record waves because of el nino. that's of course both a blessing and a bit of a problem if you are a surfer and trying to ride these swells. look at that thing. pro surfer tom trying to take on the 40 foot high wave. the monster proved to be far too much. just a month into 2016, this incident is being called the wipeout of the year, and that, i think, was probably an unchallengeable declaration. wow. what waves. up next, a few thoughts on the many reasons mrs. clinton can't be president, and this week we've shown you daredevils and why they love to buy soaring skyscrapers. one more daring thrill-seeker. there he is. here we go. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the worsening clinton e-mail scandal. the state department just moments ago released approximately 1,000 pages of clinton's e-mails. a late friday document dump from the state department which has stubbornly resisted a federal judge's order and delayed the final document release, meaning there are thousands of e-mails which remain undistributed. hours before tonight's release, the state department made clear for the first time that mrs. clinton's e-mail server contained top secret information. >> the state department will be denying in full seven e-mail chains found in 22 documents representing 37 pages. the documents are being upgraded at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of top-secret information. lou: and how did the clinton
10:29 am
pain respond? was there an alarm? concern? no, the campaign insisted that the highly classified top secret e-mails were a matter of what they termed, quote, overclassification run amok, end quote. even before the release, more than 1300 classified e-mails have been found on her e-mail server. over at the white house, the obama administration has been aggressively complicit in the shielding of the democratic presidential candidate. josh earnest today was asked if he could say with confidence that clinton will not be indicted as a result of the e-mail scandal. here is his careful response. >> it will be a decision that is made by the department of justice and prosecutors over there. what i know that some officials over there have said is that she is not a target of the investigation. so that does not seem to be the direction it's trending. lou: and a law enforcement
10:30 am
source close to the investigation pushing back against ernest's judgment saying no decision has been made on the matter. in my opinion, the larger question now is why hasn't the fbi questioned hillary clinton, and at what point will the justice department be responsible for withholding evidence, supporting the interest of mrs. clinton and the clinton campaign. in my opinion, that point is quickly nearing. our quotation of the evening, this one from -- we're coming right back. stay with us. last night's republican presidential debate due the second highest audience in fox news history. but donald trump was otherwise engaged.
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>> we are run by stupid people, folks, and it's going to end, it's going to end. it's going to end. lou: what are trump's chances in iowa now? we take it up with trump's national spokesperson, katrina pierson here next. seeing the pyramids in egypt is always thrilling but this teenager set himself up ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪
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. lou: donald trump tweeted out a prediction about when would happen with last night's fox news gop presidential debate without his presence. he tweeted this -- earlier in the week, trump made a few comments. for example -- >> so let them have their debate, and see how they do with the ratings. >> look, i don't care, the opponents are wonderful people. i know a lot of them. let's see how many people watch. okay? let's see how many people watch. lou: they did great. the debate delivered the second highest ratings in fox news history. 12.5 million folks viewing. beat everything on cable and broadcast, the most watched programming for the evening. joining us now, trump campaign national spokeswoman katrina pierson. katrina, good to see you.
10:36 am
let's start with -- a lot going on here in the backgroundburgs let's start with the social media, trump dominated in the social media, just about doubling the next closest candidate conversation on social media, ted cruz, what do you make of that? >> well, great to be here and great to see you again, and i think that it is quite interesting, right? mr. trump wasn't at the debate, yet he won the majority of the online polls and dominated in social media. the event we held last night for veterans was fascinating, emotional. many veterans grateful and thankful and mr. trump made the right decision and it worked out really well. lou: i thought you were going to say that trump has collapsed and is completely rethought his strategy and approach and his decision. i thought you were going to say
10:37 am
that he eschews hubris and will never more challenge fox news. but the reality is, what he forecasts is not what occurred. in fact, was a successful evening by any standard, immensely successful evening. do you think it might give him at least pause? >> not exactly. lou: i just need a pause, i don't need a recap, just pause. >> no, no, definitely no pause, and we're looking at the debates themselves, it was one of the lowest rated republican gop debates since the beginning. i will say, this and i think you will appreciate. this as a republican candidate, we know that it's going to be very difficult in a general election particularly with the media. when fox news released that statement, mr. trump made a decision not just for him or campaign but 40% of the republican primary voters that support him. because like you said last night, you have to stick up for your rights. not only is he willing to take
10:38 am
on d.c., but willing to take on the media. lou: we don't want to vey debate of our own whether or not fox news should bow to a presidential candidate who demands that a moderator be set aside. that would be absolutely unacceptable to any network, to any journalistic organization. >> it was about the statement, not the moderator. lou: or command a financial payment of any kind any, kind of quid pro quo. i think you would agree with that. let's turn to iowa. does he win iowa still? >> yes, i think so. the mood out here is wonderful. mr. trump has had so many events and there's a lot of support. pulling a lot of iowans out here that i'm chatting with and everyone feels trump has the momentum. they're tired of politicians, tired of business as usual. they want someone that can fix the economy and bring back jobs. mr. trump is that candidate. lou: katrina, always good to talk with you, thanks for being with us. katrina pierson. >> good to see you. thank you.
10:39 am
lou: a pyramid scheme you have to see. an 18-year-old german teenager decided to break the law in egypt, climbing the great pyramid of giza in cairo. took 8 minutes to climb to the top before police took him into custody. i will tell you that had to be one immensely conditioned 18-year-old because that's incredible. police decided not to press charges on the condition that he deleted the video. he did so, but at the same time, he uploaded the video to icloud. now we do not support any form of -- well, breaking a deal or breaking the law, but we thought since it was available, what could be the harm? if you're afraid of heights, you might want to avert your eyes now. a daredevil walking on the edge of a sky scrapener dubai which
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seems to attract daredevils by the dozens. this one scaling the building inch by inch before stopping to get a better view. this drives me crazy, i don't know about you, the idea of hanging your foot over the side, leaving as i counted one foot on the ledge is not a good idea either. at one point, he appears to, well, stumble just a little bit. i didn't think that was particularly good either, but did regain his balance, if indeed he ever lost it. he finished the stunt without injury and now we can all breathe. up next, major general bob scales talks about iran's latest provocations and what in the world is the u.s. navy and our pentagon doing in the face of such provocations? the cia releasing the real life x files on aliens and ufos, skeptics and believers alike. really?
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. >> the "new york times" reported the pentagon concluded that more boots on the ground are required to defeat the islamic state, which would mean hundreds more trainers, advisers, special operations
10:45 am
forces in iraq and syria over the coming months. defense secretary ash carter today suggested as much, talking with npr. >> syria and iraq, we're looking to do more because we need to accelerate the defeat of isil. the president has instructed us to do that and has indicated that he's willing to consider proposals to do more and we've given him proposals to do more and he has granted every proposal we've asked him. lou: joining us retired major general robert scales, former commandant of the u.s. navy war college, fox news military analyst. more boots on the ground to fight. >> yep. lou: to fight the islamic state or isil as the administration at least parts of it quaintly call them. >> yeah. lou: i mean, really? is there to be no discussion of russia having annexed crimea?
10:46 am
its forces on the eastern borders of europe and the ukraine of course specifically threatening the balkan states. moves into the middle east, and are you kidding me, hear our defense muster the words boots on the ground now, after two years? this is maddening, bob, maddening. >> yeah, almost weekly on your show for the last two years, and i know other fox shows, how often have i said, at the end of the day, ground truth drives strategy, not posturing or feeding information to the press. no, at the end of the days, the enemy hasn't voted. the enemy is gaining ground, isis may have been checked in ramadi but spreading influence in libya, certainly in syria. lou: we're getting ready to go after libya, another one of hillary clinton and barack
10:47 am
obama success stories. i mean this, without either an understanding, it seems of geopolitical realities nor a sense of absurdity, this administration and former officials seem to have no sense whatsoever either of shame. >> let's just be very clear. libya is the future crown jewel of isis. they have a huge reserve of oil. they have an enormous petroleum infrastructure. they're only, what, 100 or so miles from the boost italy. they've got a backlog of almost a million refugees they can infuse into europe. they have a terrorist organization spreading all across north africa, and no one is there to resist him, and when the egyptians came to us a year ago and asked us to help them move into libya, they turned us down. lou: the same egyptians, led by
10:48 am
president sisi, this president tried to insist that he accept the muslim brotherhood in his new government. the same one? >> yeah, the same one. this is the guy who has lost thousands of egyptian soldiers fighting isis in the sinai, fighting isis in libya. they're begging us for equipment, offensive equipment to carry out this war, and we refused because al-sisi is not politically correct as far as this administration is concerned, lou? lou: not politically correct and geopolitically this administration doesn't possess one single clue. the iranian provocations, are they to continue without response? i cannot believe what i have witnessed on the part of the u.s. navy over the course of the past month? >> where's john paul jones when you need him? don't give up the ship. the riverine command boats captured by the iranians -- lou: our ten sailors.
10:49 am
>> ten sailors, they are incredible pieces of equipment. six machine guns. 50 caliber gatling gun mounted aboard, sadly they gave up, we allowed the iranians to capture and humiliate them. lou: is this country going to continue? our navy, and remember they changed their advertising, they used to say they were a force for global good. now they admit they're there to protect you and me and fellow citizens. well, i'm going to ask you. >> my only hope is that the white house was behind the stand-down order and wasn't done by our navy. we won't know for another ten months, lou. lou: if then. major general, i hate to end on such a cynical note. i don't mean to be. let's make that skeptical. general, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: on wall street, stocks end the month higher. the dow surging almost 400 points today. the s&p gained 47.
10:50 am
the nasdaq up 107. volume on the big board 5.3 billion shares. january a volatile. look at this. can you believe this is one month? a handful of days which wasn't a triple-digit move one way or the other, and for every index loss at least 5% on the month. the nasdaq down nearly 8%. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. the truth finally out, there the cia giving ufos skeptics and believers a lot to talk about and a few things to think about. the agency declassifying documents on flying saucers from the 1940s through the 1960s, the cia took to twitter to encourage enthusiasts to take a peek at their x-files. no need to panic just yet. document released proves scientific explanation for alien sightings, include a few not so easily explained, go to
10:51 am
the cia website, it guides you to the truth, which is out there. up next, is the hillary clinton e-mail scandal the end of her campaign? campaign?
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lou: joining us now, jimbo hannon and mark simone.
10:55 am
great to have you here. jim, we'll start with you. the debate, the second largest audience in fox news history. a huge turnout. do you think this will have any impact -- the trumpless debate, is this an opportunity and who do you think seized it if anyone? >> the post-debate focus groups indicated mr * did pretty well though he did get after and at times. even though trump skipped that debate. this would be the edge trump needs for the victory. >> reagan skipped the last debate before iowa. rubio is bad because of trump, now, you take trump out and you understand these guys can be bad without trump.
10:56 am
cruz didn't do enough. jeb had the best debate of his life, and still nothing. lou: it will be interesting in iowa, not being in the debate, he wasn't attacked. maybe that turns out to be a positive. reagan did it. lost iowa. >> you have got to look tough. you have got to look like you can defend yourself. he stood up to the biggest thing in the world. people say if you can defend yourself, you can defend me. lou: it will be interesting to see. today's developments, i don't know how this will play out in iowa either or in a courtroom maybe. but the documentdump, withholding 22 emails that are so sensitive that they could have material damage in our national security. another 18 being withheld because of communications between the secretary of state
10:57 am
and her boss, president obama. what do you make of it: >> you don't have 1150 f.b.i. agents on a case for a year and then walk away and say nothing there. she is in big trouble. i think she'll be indicted. at that point the power that -- the powers that in the democratic party will say you have got to step aside for joe biden before bernie throafs us into the deep waters. i wouldn't be surprised if hillary made a plea deal. i'm out of the race if the charges are dropped. >> 1,300 emails? if you didn't prosecute her, you could never prosecute anybody again. what is that phrase she used? what is the definition of is is? did they overclassify this? why didn't general petreaus try that one?
10:58 am
>> what difference does it make now? lou: it's the second time the campaign trotted out that response. i don't know if it makes any more sense now. >> what did josh earnest mean she is not the target. there is nobody else involved. >> which -- when we look at the reality, the investigation in earnest 10 months ago. and the officials directly involved in these top of secret and sensitive information emails, and they haven't talked to her. the f.b.i. is going toanlds up with serious questions to be asked it at this rate. >> the f.b.i. would have serious questions asked it and they will have to ask those serious
10:59 am
questions. if they are not allowed to proceed unimpeded, you will have a bloodbath. you are talking about professionals, not political appointees. there will be a major revolt in the f.b.i. if this is swept under the rug. i think we are past that point. and hillary may not be the nominee. >> if you have 150 agents investigating you, that's a big investigation. lou: we understand 50 of them are temporary. our online poll, 80% of you say you are suspicious of big tech influencing the election outcome with the technology that under lies electronic voting. be with us monday. among our guests on iowa caucus monday, please be with us.
11:00 am
have a great weekend and good night from new york. [ dynamic music plays ]


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