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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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back here in charleston, 8:00 p.m. tonight for president's state of the union address. response of nikki haley and republicans. handicapping how this shakes out for the big republican presidential debate in just a couple days. trish regan helping do honors with that. take you to her now. hey, trish. trish: hey there, neil, thanks very much. welcome to a special edition of "the intelligence report" live from charleston, south carolina, the site of the second fox business gop presidential debate. i am trish regan and we're just seven hours away from president obama's seventh and final state of the union address. the president is expected to heil light his crowning achievements throughout his tenure and pave the way for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. voters are not quite as optimistic, especially when it comes to the safety and economic security of our nation. in fact a new fox poll shows that 79% the voters say another terror attack is somewhat or very likely to happen on u.s. soil.
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65% say obama's handling of isis has largely been a failure. overall 42% of the voters approve of the job president obama is doing in the white house while 53% disapprove of the job president obama is doing in the white house. what can we expect final months of his presidency and in his speech tonight? all-star panel with breaking analysis and conservative commentator gina louden, democratic strategist, matthew littman and economist douglas holtz-eakin. matthew, i will start with you, with are you anticipating for the president tonight? what are we going to hear? matthew littman, can you hear me? i'm going to gina loudon. >> i think we'll hear a little bit about unemployment and i think that he is going to brag about low unemployment numbers, ignoring fact that because many people actually left job market.
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i think we'll hear a lot about unity when in fact he has done more to divide this country along racial politics. owe will talk about terror and blame it on inanimate object called a gun and. trish: douglas hoax eakin, when you look at look we tan talk about isis in a moment but when you look at his economic record, the statistics alone look pretty good. show everybody a unemployment chart. look at unemployment rate under president obama. this is what he is going to tout. it has gone from 7.8%, straight down the line to 5%. hey, it looks pretty good on the surface. douglas what is this rate he will tell us about that he is not telling us? >> it misses three things. number one misses fact not
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everything is unemployment. if you haven't had a raise for six years, seen your family income decline during what is supposed to be a recovery, unemployment going down is cold comfort to say the least. the other fact people are just not working. people give up. labor force participation is down. we have a work problem in america. real thing that we're missing how much of that is responsible, how much is the president responsible for? how much does his policies lower unemployment rate. we know it will come down inevitably. you have to look at the chart and decide how much -- trish: like it or not you're president. you wind up getting blamed for it. you take accolades when it is good time. i would point out, gina, i wonder if you agree with this, president has quite a lot of responsibility for the economy. president is setting tone. think about ronald reagan and tone he set and his push to decrease taxes and kind of policy he was able to put in
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place that put us on very solid economic ground. we have antithesis of that happening now at the white house. >> that is exactly right. he increased regulation on business and especially small business dramatically. he increased taxation. he increased just the tax burden. he doubled the debt. let's just not pretend that all of these horrible things that have happened to us economically, that we and our children and our grandchildren frankly will be footing the bill for, haven't happened under this administration. he has done a deplorable job on this economy. he knows it and that is why he will lie about these unemployment numbers that should be telling the real story, the full story about people out of work and just left the job market and others mentioned. trish: yeah. i mean 5% ain't what it used to be. think about the wages, right? wages have barely budged, just up 2 1/2% in the last year. basically we're adding jobs why the unemployment figure looks so low but these jobs are jobs that aren't paying well. they're retail jobs.
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they're restaurant jobs. and -- >> government jobs. trish: and government jobs. keep in mind, labor participation, we haven't seen levels like this since 1970s, doug! >> right. this is absolutely true. we have 5% unemployment. that means 95% of the people have a job. they haven't had a raise in years. their standard of live something going down, not up. that is his lasting legacy. that is why poll after poll people still think we're in recession and president has been failure in handling the economy. trish: i want to turn to terrorism, because that is other big issue front and center on voters minds right now. here is the president just a year ago, in his state of the union, talking about the war on terror. hear him here. >> in iraq, and syria, american leadership, including our military power, is stopping isil's advance. instead of getting dragged into another ground war in the
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middle east, we're leading a broad coalition including arab nations to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group. trish: of course got word of another isis attack, what turkey is calling an isis attack in that country today. so how is that coalition and that war against isis going at this point, gina? >> yeah. not very well. i don't think there is a parent alive right now that is sleeping really soundly know that this president has handled isis and all the islamic terror happening all over the world right now. even -- we have moved from a place where we were looking at islamic terrorist attack every once in a while. trish, this is like a weekly thing. you know one out of seven days you will do breaking news broadcast talking about another islamic terror attack in this world. not only that, we imported so many terrorists into this
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country, both through illegal immigration, of course through the refugee situation and, what, the place we were when all of this started was so much better than even where we are now. we'll be paying for what he has done years from now to come. trish: we don't know we imported terrorism in the country. we hope we haven't but the risk is certainly increased. reports show that there are 300 isis supporters here in the country right now. that the government has tracked down and gone after. so obviously increased concerns. i do want to bring matthew littman into the conversation. matthew i think your technical difficulties have been resolved. so the this is good opportunity for to us hear the other side in all of this. we've been talking about how the president is expected to tout his record on the economy and he will try and convince americans he is very, you know, very much front and center on this war on isis. that he will talk about his executive order on guns as well. what are you anticipating from
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him tonight? >> well, i'm sure, i'm assuming that i missed everybody praising the president's record, is that what i missed so far? >> absolutely not. >> that's what i'm missing? so you don't need me. i expect him to be looking forward, not back at all of things we still have to look forward to. my personal opinion economic record has been pretty good, not great but unemployment basically is cut in half over last few years from where it was. deficit has been cut in half. he will talk about that he will talk a little bit about the gun issue which is major issue. i heard, maybe gina, say before, people are scared of terrorist attacks every week. people are scared of gun violence every week. when people go to movie theater they look around to see where exit is way they haven't before. he will talk about those kinds of things. on foreign policy stuff he has stuff to talk about isis losing territory. but isis issue is not going away anytime soon.
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from where we were last year, it has not gotten much better. trish: we'll take a break from this topic. we'll talk again little later with gina and matt. doug, good to see you. >> good to see you, trish, thanks. trish: keep it here for president obama's final state. union. neil cavuto kicks off our special coverage tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on fox business. turkey's prime minister says isis is behind a deadly attack in istanbul. a 28-year-old suicide bomber killed 10 people and injured 15 others in popular tourist district istanbul. police believe a syrian national recently crossed from syria into turkey. joining me right now our very own ashley webster and retired u.s. army major general bob scale, fox news military analyst. i want latest from ashley. beginning with you. bring us up-to-date what is happening now in turkey and what
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they're saying. reporter: trish, the prime minister is in no doubt that the attack was carried out in the very heart of the istanbul's historic district. it is very popular one for tourists. when he detonated bomb, he was close to german tourist group, 15 people were killed. many of those were germans. this national slipped across the border into turkey, although some are saying he was born in saudi arabia. regardless he is being associated with isis. what does this do for turkey? it is interesting. ongoing reports that turkey is buying oil from isis, something it definitely denies but does this push it stronger in the other direction? it has been taking the lead recently in talks and raids against isis locations with the coalition. also the other question, trish,
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what does this do for angela merkel's syrian refugee program? could this be another nail in the coffin for her and her policy that has proven to be so criticized in germany itself? with this attack today i can only imagine that pressure on her is going to be worse. trish: ashley, stay with me like to bring you back into the conversation as we talk about germany. general scales is with us as well. i go to you, general. what is it that turkey needs from us? they're saying they're on the front lines of terror. basically everyone hates them. they're really in a tough spot. is there anything we can or should be doing or they can and should be doing for us? >> trish, i think we ought to be doing more. turkey is certainly responsible for painting themselves into a corner but good grief, the only way the heart of isis can ever be struck directly is through turkey. the only border that's
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defensible against the physician can spread of isis is turkey. the only country that can really stop the flow of refugees into europe is turkey. yet the relationships between mr. erdogan and president obama are as rocky as they have ever been as well as our relationships with saudi arabia. this concerns me puts pay to the myth somehow this civil war can be contained and it won't be exported globally. poor germans had three incidents in three weeks. one in paris, one in cologne and now in istanbul. puts angela merkel in a tough spot but also puts us in a tough spot because isis is not contained, it is spreading globally and incidents we're seeing have gone from happening every two or three months. now it looks like they're happening every other day, trish. trish: general, bringing ashley back into the conversation right now, you know, one of the challenges for europe of course, and frankly even for us is, how
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europe or how do we incorporate all these people into societies right now? this particular incident seems as if it was syrian national. syrians have reported horrific problems on new year's eve. you think about attacks, hundreds of them, sexual attacks in cities like cologne and other cities throughout germ nip. angela merkel who accepted nearly a million of these refugees to come into her country from syria, may increasingly be facing a problem. i don't know how quite the germans are going to deal with this. as general scales points out, another thing to add to the pile here happening in turkey today? >> well, yes, trish. the germans now, their constitution is very liberal. in the wake of world war ii, they wanted to be multicultural population. it is just not working out. as we've seen with massive
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influx of refugees, cultures, whatever you want to blame it on it is just not working. in fact other countries, certainly scandinavian countries, denmark in particular really reversed course and really clamped down on requirements and those people they would even entertain allowing to come into the country. many in germany are saying that is the example we should be follow and u.s. should watch it very carefully indeed. as you know we committed to bringing refugees in. we already have. major problems almost on daily basis what can happen when you don't properly vet these refugees. trish: general scales, did angela merkel and germany make a mistake in bringing all these people? >> yeah, it is very interesting, trish, about a month 1/2 ago i had a conversation with the head of the german army about this very issue and he woos perplexed. he told me 40% of the german army is now devoted to refugee issues, 40%. and the germans are shaking
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their heads over this. formally liberal in some case, middle of the road germans politically are beginning to have second thoughts. about 1.1 million refugees. what they're discovering, trish, a refugees take their culture with them. and if the culture is misogynist, if the culture is anti-semitic, if the culture is intrinsically violent, there is nothing germans can do to stop unflux of these bad habits into their own country. trish: we're accepting 10,000 refugees here as well. >> right. trish: that will very much be ongoing issue as we look ahead to 2016. thank you so much, general scales and ashley. coming up, everyone, hillary clinton waging class warfare, blasting income inequality. could it be because socialist rival bernie sanders is gaining on her in the polls?
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vice president joe biden weighed in earlier today. >> that is drum beat, that's what i meant. she is coming up with very good ideas but bernie is pushing the involve on this, for everyone. ♪ trish: we'll be right back with more on hillary clinton, running scared? when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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2:20 pm
sources including a doctor who was on the ground in northern iraq last fall tell fox news there is growing evidence that isis is experimenting with chemical agents with the goal of understanding how it impacts the battlefield and then exporting the expertise outside of the region. these photos taken by the kurds last fall and shared with fox news show burns and blistering consistent with the use of chemical agents which are described as odorless, colorless and absorbed through the clothing and causing burns hours later. former senior fbi intelligence officer preparing a international conference on weapons of mass destruction investigated isis in libya and iraq and concluded this is what's goings-on. >> they were particularly interested in using these chemicals in confined space environments, soft targets, like shopping malls, movie theaters and so on. reporter: importantly a u.s.
2:21 pm
government source told fox news there was really no reason to doubt the authenticity of these photos showing the chemical injuries, trish. trish: you know, it's pretty scary stuff indeed. thank you so much, catherine herridge everyone. reporter: you're welcome. trish: bernie sanders says hillary clinton's campaign is in serious trouble. the democratic frontrunner in a neck-and-neck race with her rival. is the clinton campaign running scared? that's next. see you right here. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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trish: iowa caucuses less than three weeks away. according to the latest "wall street journal/nbc" poll, the state is feeling the bern, as in bernie sanders. hillary clinton is polling 3% higher than sanders sparking anxiety within the frontrunner's
2:25 pm
camp she is being beaten in new hampshire. as she scrambles to win over undecided voters. donald trump told jimmy fallon he hasn't even started to attacking hillary clinton. >> newest poll came out today where i'm beating her easily and substantially and winning against hillary one-on-one. look i haven't even started on her yet, although last week i started. we haven't even started. trish: he hasn't even started. back with us, republican strategist, gina loudon and democratic strategist, matt littman. gina, what would donald trump possibly say at this point that hasn't already come out? >> i think there are a lot of things. start with the fact hillary has bad image problem she made bernie sanders look young, hip and cool. if you start there i think there is plethora of places for trump
2:26 pm
to have, honestly a field day with this this is what donald trump does best. we haven't seen anything yet. because he is never unleashed on his republican rivals like i think he will unleash on hillary when given opportunity. trish: it's a little tricky. when he says something like i haven't even got started yet. everybody is laughing, seemingly in good fun. we've seen her play the woman card before. matthew, that may be a card that comes out again. if donald trump attacks her, if anyone attacks her, if bernie attacks her we hear her say he is being male chauvinist. he is going after me. does donald trump and anyone up against her for that matter have to walk a fine line? >> go to something that gene said. there have been 30 polls taken last couple months have hillary against trump and only four of those 30 is trump beating hillary. in 17 polls, only five of those
2:27 pm
17 is trump beating bernie sanders. so how does trump answer the fact that he is losing to bernie sanders and hillary in nearly every poll? that is a good question. i would love to see -- trish: it is an interesting, we'll see how all that plays out. because there are polls said other things as well. matthew, answer the question about how exactly the republicans navigate and bernie sanders navigate attacking hillary clinton while at same time her throwing up i'm a woman card and putting them in a bad light in that sense? >> so i don't see the i'm a woman card in the way you see the i'm a woman card. i see hillary talking about uniqueness of electing a female president. otherwise when donald trump was attacking hillary for going to the bathroom or meagan kelly for blood issue was that sexism. you tell me? i think it probably was. trish: we're talking about the woman card and bernie sanders as well. she has accused of this.
2:28 pm
you recall her saying when i raise my voice, somehow when i get animated that is me being hysterical woman. gina, she plays this very well. >> but i think though, trish, as people start to look at the real issues plaguing this nation like islamic terror that threatens people's families she will have to come up with something a little better than, hey, i'm a chick. you can only rely on that so long. she has investigations. possible indictments. dragging her down like a drunk uncle. i don't see hillary clinton being able to make a very good showing. let's remember one thing in response to what matthew said, donald trump hasn't start ad marketing campaign for himself yet. hillary has spent millions on branding and imaging and making her look like this softer, gent letter, grandmotherly cool hip, i don't know what, chick, woman, she is wanting to campaign on that. donald trump hasn't started with
2:29 pm
a campaign to make him a little softer, more likeable perhaps. when he does i think you will start to see some of those numbers shift. any consultant can tell you those things can be bought. sadly those things often can be bought to at least some degree, probably enough to give him a nice clear victory over hillary or -- trish: back to whether or not she is one running. back to whether or not she gets nomination itself, bernie is putting up a contest in iowa and new hampshire. who does she need to really come out for her? is it women right now, matthew, in order for her to seal the deal in these key primary spots? >> trish, she does need more women to come out for her. we're noticing that younger women are just as much in favor of bernie as hillary. older women support hillary in huge numbers. that is absolutely the case. overall, hillary, keep in mind, she is still 15 to 20 points ahead of bernie nationally. i will say, i heard people spin
2:30 pm
it associated with hillary, definitely not hillary's preference to be in very tight race in iowa and losing in new hampshire. she should be able to pull out iowa. then in states like south carolina, she sup something like 40 points. i think ultimately she will be okay. trish: we shall see. thank you so much. gina, matthew, good to have you guys here. >> thank you. >> thank you. trish: the big fox business gop debate is just two days away now right here, everyone in charleston, south carolina. i will kick things off along with sandra smith at 6:00 p.m. eastern as republican candidates make their case for why they are the best ones suited to run this country. coming up a big case before the supreme court with major implications for unions the days of unions ability to raise money may soon be over. the lead plaintiffs in the case will join me after this. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on,
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. ♪ trish: a major case heating up the supreme court. the plaintiffs in the case involved several features. the california teacher association is violating their actual rights. they say there is no way they
2:35 pm
should have to pay these kinds of fees just to be a public school teacher. joining us right now is the plaintiff in the case. along with her attorney. representing her and all of this. you are making the point that, look, i am a schoolteacher in california. i should not have to pay to play. >> that is absolutely right. just as so little cool then anything else that the union does. see about how much -- >> a full-time teacher pays $1000 a year. you pay about 650. the scary thing is, we are
2:36 pm
bargaining. when i was a child. do not even get a vote within the process. >> look. we are giving you something for this. if you do not actually participate and pay your share, it is not fair. we are out there doing all of these negotiations. people like you and others will benefit from union associations. what do you say in response to that? >> the unions going around telling the american people that they provide all these wonderful benefits for people like myself. i disagree. the suppose it benefits are not worth the moral costs. i will give you some examples of why. when i get a raise and it is at
2:37 pm
the expense of my students, maybe i need a teacher's aide in the classroom for my students. it is a moral, in my view. using credible pension benefits at the expense of my community. that is a moral. trish: look. i hear you. i hear what you are saying. this is a problem with education, overall. too many people that really have no accountability. let me turn to terry for a moment. this could have some pretty major implications if the supreme court agrees with rebecca and says she does not have to pay into the union. >> that is exactly right.
2:38 pm
it would affect the public employee unions. compulsory dues a condition of employment. >> what made you decide to undergo all of this, rebecca? >> this is the first time in 28 years that i have had a voice. because unions are so powers bowl and they are not accountable, when you are given the money of middle-class americans, no matter what, because we are forced to pay no matter what, there is no reason for you to be accountable. i joined a union representative. i could not make my voice heard there. i was just looking for a way to make my voice heard. i was writing and editorial.
2:39 pm
>> all the way to the supreme court. thank you so much. you want to stay with fox business for the final state of the union address. our coverages to kicking off at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you do not want to miss it. hillary clinton. holding them accountable, she says. hold them accountable? accountable? for being successful? my intel on just exactly why she is doing that. stay with us. ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features
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that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. ♪ >> a check on the markets for you. major exchanges moving higher now. the dow was up 192 points early in the session. it started to come back. the s&p up by two. the nasdaq up by 13. technology stocks are doing better than most today. at one point, were the biggest on the dow. apple also trading just under $100 a share. managing to get across that number just a short while ago. crude oil prices tumbling to a
2:42 pm
12 year low. dropping below the $30-barrel mark. since december 23. coming back just a little bit, as has the market. oil company touches on 4000 jobs. coming up, more intelligence report with trish regan. live from charleston. ♪
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2:44 pm
trish: talking about this surcharge that hillary clinton wants to place on the wealthy. desperately trying to win ernie supporters. we must hold high earners accountable. that was her word choice. accountable. she will put a surcharge on success. >> we talk about people who are really doing well. $1 million or more. the surcharge on $5 million or more. that is a relatively small number of families. they have increased so much. holding them accountable with the surcharge would bring a lot of revenue into the treasury. i think we should be focused on the people that are really at the top. trish: a lot of the rhetoric.
2:45 pm
here he is back in october. we need to be more like europe. >> we should look at countries like denmark. sweet -- sweden and norway. trish: denmark and other scandinavian countries. a good example of the democratic socialism. things like free healthcare. lots and lots of goodies. how the heck to pay for all of this stuff? the only way they can. by levying high taxes on the middle class. a national sales tax. passing the rich alone cannot pay for everything in denmark. it will not be able to pay for everything.
2:46 pm
either we confiscate every dollar of the top 1% made then that still would not be enough to cover our national expenditures. tax it. the means to redistribute income. it just does not work. we have not even talked about it. ronald reagan. the top tax rate was 90%. he worked past a year. every additional dollar he earns will be taxed at that top rate. he stops working. people are smart. people are logical. if you want to diss incentive size growth, go ahead and tax away. it will not help the middle class who ultimately will. a failing economy. the president is planning to go hard on gun control tonight. he is even leaving an empty chair and member of victims of
2:47 pm
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trish: the president is expected to double down on gun control during his last state of the union address tonight. a victim of gun violence. what is political theater? universal background checks making anyone safer. a policy analyst on criminal justice. he joins me now. adam, good to see you. >> good to see you.
2:51 pm
let's start with the politics. he is in the final stretch here. it comes to the terror threat. here we are talking about gun control tonight. >> the state of the union address is inherently theatrical. yes. i do think that it is a distraction. so few of the measures that the president recommends have any real potential to address the problem of gun crime in america. trish: what is wrong with universal background checks? i can buy into that. i don't like the idea of someone just being able to go and buy a gun at a gun show. there are some percentage of a few gun sales that happen at gun shows. what is wrong with this thing? everyone will have a background check.
2:52 pm
89% recently came out and said yes. we are in favor of that. >> president obama's effect this action does not incorporate universal background checks. it is a much less substantial set of proposals and map. as far as universal background checks go, that is a the kind of thing that has to come to congress. he could not simply do it himself. congress, they are to the people, disagreed with him. the efficacy of universal background checks. trish: why do you think congress is not on board? i started 89%. 75% of nra numbers, according to recent surveys also are in favor of the background checks. why is it that congress is not they are asking for more? >> there are legitimate concerns
2:53 pm
about universal background checks. states that have imposed universal background checks. having a hard time implementing them. over inclusiveness. people do not want to have to run a background check on their family members before they can give the family shotgun to the grandson. there are concerns about the ability to implement this. about the believe that this will not actually having an impact on violent crime. trish: i hear you. i agree with you. i don't think it will have an impact on violent crime. you want to drive a car. you have to go and get a drivers license. to get a car, you would think that maybe a gun would come with the same kind of scrutiny where you pass a test. you can operate that gun just as you have to prove you can
2:54 pm
operate a vehicle. some procedures in place. >> every gun sale in america. every transfer is currently regulated by federal law which makes it a felony to transfer a firearm to someone you know or have reason to know. and anarchy where people are giving machine guns. trish: what you think about taking it one step forward? you may understand this instrument. you have to prove that you have the proper respect for it. >> i think most gun owners would tell you that guns are relatively simple tools.
2:55 pm
they are not complicated. they are not hard to understand. if you have seen the test, nobody will fail this test. it just represents a needless hoop to jump through that does not actually do anything to deter crime. you have to wonder what the point is that these mandates. >> we will be hearing a lot more about don's tonight from the president. adam, thank you so much. the complete coverage of the state of the union. neil cavuto will be with you. our special coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and hour from a little bit of trading. the dow inching slightly higher. oil. ending the day. below $30. ending the day at 31. intraday trading.
2:56 pm
the first time we have seen that level in 12 years. we will have more on these markets. stay with me. i am back into. ♪
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trish: okay. we are live here from south carolina. make sure to tune in to fox business' special coverage of the state of the union beginning at 8 p.m. eastern. and, of course, as i said, we are live all week here in charleston, south carolina. we're gearing up for the next big fox business gop debate. make sure you join sandra smith and me starting at 6 p.m. eastern this thursday right here on fox business followed by neil cavuto and maria bartiromo at 9 p.m. eastern. we are once again going to be asking the substantive, important questions that we know you want answers to.
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it's a pretty critical time in this election, so make sure you tune in. again, happening only on fox business, thursday, beginning at 6 p.m. live from south carolina. liz claman, over to you. liz: trish, thank you so much. will the wall street firm that said this morning to sell everything now regret it as we see the dow is up 59 points, or will they take credit for being spot on the money? rbc -- rbs telling investors to cash out, but the dow seems to be recovering after oil dropped below $30 per barrel. this is happening right now. you can see that it is trading at $30.65. while still down, a slight recovery. but there's a problem with the closing price at this hour for the regular session. we're getting a trader in place on the floor of the cme. this after oil crashed, touching $29.93. as of right now the cme has not posted a settlement price for crudoi


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