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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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america's charmed city taken over by protests and violence. it is regular people and businesses that are hurting the most right now. plus apple nation, the company reporting blowout earnings so big its wealth has overtaken the nation of new zealand. playing dirty while no one is looking. iran ships firing shots at commercial container ships. because even when they say it's not it is always about money. deirdre: city of baltimore in state of emergency bracing for another round of violence. national guard troops descending on the charmed city after night of rioting. which erupted following the funeral of a freddie gray an african-american man who died in police custody. according to the mayor's office 144 cars were set on fire along with 15 buildings.
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a 10 p.m. curfew is set for the city as emergency officials attempt to restore calm. president obama commenting on the situation earlier today and taking issue with the media's coverage. >> if you had seen multiple days of peaceful protests, that were focused on entirely legitimate concern, frankly didn't get that much attention. one burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again. melissa: here to discuss it, charlie gasparino, jack hough senior editor of "barron's," david asman host of "after the bell." always the media's fault have you noticed that? >> i take the president's point but if we want to talk about lopsided coverage we've got all this coverage now about police brutality, fine, that is a conversation we should have, but for every minute we spend talking about that we ought to spend an hour talking about why
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crime rates in america are so shockingly high for a developed country. while we have these pockets of criminality, why these conditions exist. talk about how the job is for police officers to do day after day. melissa: talk about what the may said. can we play that for everyone in case they haven't seen it? >> it's a very delicate balancing act because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other, things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. >> what? melissa: gave those who wish to destroy space to do that. comment got a lot of attention. she tried to walk it back saying her city were being destroyed by thugs in senseless way people fought for. that was much later. >> maybe that was a freudian slip. let's be clear here, president obama is factually wrong. this is not one burning building. there is reason why they're calling the national guard. it is not it is because the
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city, parts of the city, not whole city, obviously are in utter chaos. it is destroying neighborhoods and businesses. i will say this, the history, the aftermath of such violent protests like this, has not been good. look at newark, new jersey now. never recovered from what happened in the late '60s. >> that's true. although washington d.c. has. >> tremendous amount of federal money. >> i'm talking long before the money came in. there are other places that have survived like los angeles. melissa: we're talking about the reporters and media's role in all this. meanwhile let's show video. reporters getting hurt everywhere he goes trying to cover. talking about looping same building again and again. reporters risking their life. the cnn producer got knocked out by a rioter. did you see that? >> comes with the territory to do that. frankly i have a lot more sympathy for the businesses that were destroyed. the president says what building. charlie is right there were 15 buildings turned down.
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how many civilians beat up. one guy dragged out of a business who was trying to protect his business by some of these rioters. he was kicked in the face. i got more sympathy. >> i want to take issue what you said. to compare newark and washington absurd. let me make my point. >> no, no, no, no. >> no, no. >> you're creating a straw man. >> you're creating a straw man. >> washington, d.c. came back from riots. name one. los angeles. california. heard of it. on the west coast. you know that is one come back. >> what business is there? >> what do you mean a lot of business. >> what businesses are in newark? >> the fact is newark did not come back. >> ferguson will never come back. >> here is the question. charlie, charlie, one question. melissa: okay. stop it, both of you right now. >> won't let me make a point. >> like you never make a point. melissa: stop everybody after hitting new lifetime high at open, initial scum jump many was
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fueled by apple's best quarters ever. iphone sales, were 42% higher than one year ago. jack hough -- >> this ask why you have jack on. this is why you put him between us. melissa: 40%, they are managing to sell mower and raise prices at the same time. that is amazing. >> apple is knocking it out of the pock. i think opportunity is bigger in bigger screen iphone and pent-up demand. one thing when apple increased their capital return program, they have done that for a couple of years. they have been spending money on shareholders but not big enough to shrink their cash pile. this number they're putting in front of you, $200 billion over two years is finally big enough they can spend time. melissa: dare i let you speak again, charlie gasparino? >> i don't think this is unique. many companies are like apple that can do these things. many, many, companies, not unique to apple. >> reul question today why isn't apple taking off like a rocket? it is not.
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even though, 61.3 million iphones. that was way above what was expected. >> that is business as usual for apple. i looked over past five years at quarterly reports for apple. six different occasions where they beat earnings estimates shares declined. more a function of short-term traders. melissa: sold 61.2 million iphones and one more. i have finally, finally joined apple nation after all -- life-changing. i love it. i know the watch is next right. i just now i given up on blackberry after all this time. there you go. out of work or just not looking? new bls report finds one in five american households has no one in the house that is working at all. i thought that was pretty staggering. those are staggering numbers. >> there is both less and more to this at the same time. less because, a lot of those people are people who are collecting social security. we've got baby boomers retiring. so that increases the number. i was talking to our economics editor at "barron's," he was
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saying one of the real developing stories he is watching, when you have -- you don't always know how many people are working because this very high rate of people on disability insurance right now. those people, a lot of them work you know for cash. >> a lot of them by the way don't deserve to be on disability. melissa: right. >> cash jobs where they're not going to be reporting these jobs to the agencies that -- melissa: you're saying we're not as bad off as we think, we have more thieves out there? >> we have more boomers retiring. that is what the obama's administration spin on it. melissa: 20%. >> if you look at demographics of this underemployment for demographics it stretches across all income brackets including even millenials. >> part of the obama economy. >> that is why the fed looking at more than just the headline unemployment figures. they're very concerned about this that is why rates will remain low. melissa: move on to the next topic. no. new details emerging on scope of cozy relationship between clintons and their donors.
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a new report from, finds that at least 181 clinton foundation donors lobbied the sate department at same time hillary clinton was running it. there is household name for nearly every letter alphabet. microsoft, walmart, coke goldman sachs, dow chemical pfizer duke energy, exxonmobil. these companies gave to the foundation and simultaneously were lobbying. >> by the way everyone of those companies is sort of a poster-child for corporate welfare. everyone of them has some part of its business model based on corporate welfare of course. exactly, think of all the various ways the government is involved with business today. this is reflection of crony capitalism as well as clinton. >> i say where this scandal is starting to peter out here is what i say, unless you give me the smoking gun. this is business as usual in the federal government. big companies look to currie favor many ways. maybe she --
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melissa: put money directly into the pocket of four tut president. this is not business as usual. >> yes it is. have you heard of halliburton. melissa: halliburton do. >> what did halliburton do? to vice president dick cheney. melissa: he was directly employed. that is little different than taking money from a -- >> he was not getting money while he was vice president. she was getting money while secretary of state. that is the difference charlie. melissa: one at a time. you're just like my sons. you will not talk on top of each other. >> he wasn't getting money. clinton foundation. >> called the hillary clinton foundation. called the hilly bill, chelsea clinton foundation. >> the hillary, bill -- melissa: i'm getting a headache. a big move from the nfl, the league ending its tax-exempt status. saying it wants all distraction of critics to go away. live from baltimore. chaos scaring off business.
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>> this is not not a war. we want peace. you have to coming taking everything we got. we're going to take what y'all got. we're not playing out here. this is not a war. melissa: oy. no shortage of fiery words as night of violence leaves parts of baltimore in ruins. for more on the tense situation, i want to bring in our own blake berman, live on the ground there. describe the scene to us right now. what is going on? >> hi there, melissa, good afternoon. we're live in front of city hall in baltimore as you were talking to me, i was watching a helicopter, a military type helicopter fly by, something we haven't seen all day. there has been a huge presence, not only here at city hall of national guardsmen but also throughout the entire baltimore
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area. the governor of maryland larry hogan, talked about this earlier today in the news conference during the noon hour which he said there are thousands of police and national guardsmen. he anticipates about another thousand to be brought up at some point this area later today. the governor, talked about what he expects to happen later tonight and in his words, i'm quoting, he said, we are not going to have a repeat what happened last night. it is not going to happen tonight. of course, one of the big differences between what is expected at least tonight and what happened last night, is there is that cure few that is in effect -- curfew in effect starting tonight and remainder of the week as it stands now. the cure if you lasts from 10:00 to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. melissa. melissa: you look at pictures. you think about the impact on people's health and safety in the area. after that this show is about money. look at the economic devastation
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that is being wrought here. how are riots affecting businesses in the area? >> we have been walking all around this area, this downtown area and talking to people managers and owners who run stores here. and i will give you just a few examples. one person who we spoke with this morning, 9:15 when they normally have 100 customers in there basically breakfast take-out shop. at that point it was 35 to 50. another restaurant at lunchtime, melissa, they were at about 50% capacity throughout the day. somebody else who we spoke with, told us one of the concerns was curfew going forward. they will have to close hours early. when you do that day after day that will affect the bottom line. the maryland governor said how will this affect businesses going forward here. >> what can you do to convince businesses to come back into baltimore given what happened yesterday? >> that will not be easy. >> not going to be easy he said.
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speaking about businesses of course, there are the sports teams here in the city of baltimore as well. the orioles have postponed tonight's game, melissa, just like they did last night. melissa? melissa: wow. billions of dollars in tourism dollars as well. we'll talk about that later in the show. blake, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. a few stories on our radar right now, fox news confirming saudi arabia has arrested 93 people involved in multiple isis plots, including a plan to strike the u.s. embassy in riyadh. the suspects also included 65 militants who intended to target residential compounds and security forces. elizabeth warren bank ties. the senator cutting a secret deal to fight big banks according to a new profile in the new yorker. warren reportedly meeting with an organization of independent banks back in 2009. to convince the group not to oppose her financial regulation, saying the effect would be minimal compared to the larger
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banks. and the nfl will say it will end it tax-exempt status, the moved is aimed eliminating quote distraction for the 10 billion-dollar a year league. the change will again at end of 2015 fiscal year. interesting move there. hope of finding more survivors dwindles by the hour as nepal picks up the pieces from its deadliest natural disaster in 8years. plus tyson caves to public pressure. reversing a decades old practice in the meat industry. do you ever have too much money? i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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melissa: life look at baltimore police conference. officers are trying to avoid a repeat of last night's chaos. officers who are wounded reluctant to come off the front lines, vowing to keep the city safe from harm. he made a point to say that many of those residents arrested last night were in fact juveniles. we're keeping an eye on that. meantime here are some stories we're watching around the world today, starting in nepal where search and rescue teams are still struggling to pull people from the rubble. that is after a 4.8-magnitude earthquake ripped through the kathmandu valley, where vibrations were felt all the way up to china. more than 4600 people have been reported as dead. 9,000 injured. wow. government officials think that the death to could rise to 10,000. over to greece, where the government says a deal could be done with creditors by the end of next week. how many times have we heard that? greek bonds strengthening on that news though.
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greek prime minister also saying that he wants the people to decide on any economic reforms and that a referendum soon could be scheduled. landing in turkmenistan, spacex launched the country ace first of ever satellite into space. the launch is hailed as a success and will help them improve television and radio broadcasts. thank goodness! it was the sixth spacex lawn of the year. they're busy. tyson foods supplier of mcdonald's chicken, is announcing the company is completely ridding their poultry of antibiotics by 2016. dr. david samadi is here to tell us why it's a good idea to remove the antibiotics. what is the reason we were doing this in the first place? there had to be a good reason? >> looking back, originally two decades before because of overcrowding of chickens and all the animals, it was to prevent infection that would go viral
2:23 pm
among all animal foods. over time we kept using them in order to make the products and chickens heavier and all about business and make them bigger and so that is how, it really came out. melissa: so what's the danger? >> well over the years, what has happened, not only these bugs and bacterias, to antibiotics among animals. they pass them on to humans. one of the things that we talk about is, the recent evolution of superbugs and resistant bugs in our hospitals among patients that is huge source of this. 80% of the antibiotics in this country is used to keep this food healthy in the animals. they're passing on to humans. so i think we're in trouble. tyson is basically talking about pulling these by 2017. hopefully that will go -- melissa: what you're saying makes perfect sense. i know a lot of people are pushing for this. what is the danger? where we see listeria outbreak and we stop using antibiotics we have outbreaks and chickens all
2:24 pm
across the country in poultry having to kill because they're all sick? >> well-said. in 2010 in front of congress what they talked about cipro. they have been using antibiotics in these animals. now we have huge resistance to these antibiotics. we see patients coming in. we see bugs resistant resistance, resistance. in our office we see this, people come in of the if you look at cultures years ago they were all sensitive. now most of the cultures are resistant. as a result of this overuse of antibiotics in animals. sooner we stop this the better it is. then they have other alternative, how do you keep animals healthy? pro-biotics or oil treatment. our purpose is to keep the animals healthy. promise is by 2017. not 100%. we hope they do the right thing. melissa: we'll keep eye on it. thanks for clear thatting up. you we appreciate it. >> good news. melissa: economic fallout in baltimore. businesses feel negative impact
2:25 pm
as visitors cancel their trip in response to the violence. apple is slowly winning over the big box crowd. why apple could be getting a new best friend. smart money coming up. s keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming-and are ready for it. make it matter.
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♪ >> gave up on the stairs. are you watching this? steve, are you watching this? melissa: wow. that was fox news covering one of the scenes in baltimore last night. looters took their time carefully accenting battered score fronts with their new possessions. i was watching you last night. so moyer leave lynn's mom is sitting there watching tv and
2:29 pm
feeling very nervous here. what is going on? what can you tell us? >> we have already had -- we will have some video here. there was a bottle thrown at police. pepper spray. arresting at least one individual. the crowd here grew from 10:00 o'clock this morning. a couple dozen people to a number hundreds of people here on the street. you have everybody out there chanting. the protesters. you have the agitators trying to come up to the police line in the middle. what is interesting here now is the amount of pollutants on the
2:30 pm
street. state troopers behind them. and then there is the national guard troops. national guard helicopters in addition to baltimore police helicopters. the police were here. they watched and did nothing. things will be very different today. they certainly feel that the police have a lot more slacker in their step. this crowd continues to grow. there may be something bigger plan for 3:00 p.m. eastern today and baltimore. melissa: if i had not seen it with my own eyes, the good and
2:31 pm
the protesting and the police not convening i am not sure that i would believe it. the president is implying that the media is making it worse. >> it would be hard to understand how you are making it worse. if they are in some way trying to insinuate that the media makes it worse by covering it, if we were not there with the police and arrest all these people? i do not think so. it would be hard to understand how that is true. melissa: thank you for your reporting. please stay safe. major conferences. school groups canceling their trips. they realize that it is not safe. the fallout could be huge.
2:32 pm
cutting into the $5000 that troops spent in boston every year. thank you for joining us. we are seeing a door over institute next is conference that is supposed to be next week. how do you get those people to come back when they are already canceling? >> they solve the report last night which was excellent. you see cars driving through burning debris in the street and police standing there. melissa: the dollars that are every day in the city. i seriously doubt that people have insurance.
2:33 pm
>> no. i am sure that many of them do not. it will take a very long time for them to cover. look i was born in 1984, but i know about what happened in 1968. the cities that went up, they almost never recovered. there have been economic studies. hopefully it is not the level. those neighborhoods will take years to restore. melissa: let me ask you about the response from police. you saw them standing back and not intervening. they say they are just waiting for word. what is that about? >> it is about lack of leadership. not giving the authority to go
2:34 pm
in and make a arrest. police and stop crimes from being committed. melissa: giving them room to destroy what they wish. we heard this before in ferguson. do you believe in that theory? >> new york city does not believe in that theory. tom does not believe in that period. you are paid to restore order. sometimes, the store could be looted in the in the time that you need. those cops must have been biting at the bit. >> one writer getting a reality check from a woman believed to be his mother. if we can show this. i am sure we have this video and
2:35 pm
we will play it in a second here. did you see this? everyone is talking about this. i do not know how we would possibly know it is for sure a mother relationship. >> she is obviously very upset at her son. i watch five or six hours of this coverage last night. i watch many officials and ministers address what is going on. almost everyone of them denounced these writers. frankly, how sharpton i think it is a step forward. melissa: people in ferguson -- come out and protest. i don't know. >> protests and what we just witnessed in baltimore.
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>> thinks. iran says -- plus, the heartbreaking riots in baltimore. the niece of doctor martin luther king jr. speaks out with a powerful message to protesters. smart money on the way. ♪ when a moment spontaneously turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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total ♪ melissa: i am i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. the supreme court wrapping up a historic hearing on carriage of quality. deciding whether same-sex couples have the constitutional role right to marry. it was briefly interrupted by an anti-gay protester. offering clues on when to raise rates. some investors think that a june liftoff could still be possible. consumer confidence unexpectedly falling by six points in april. it is now at its lowest reading since last year. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. nicorette mini starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. anytime. anywhere. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i choose nicorette mini. ♪ melissa: twitter said to report earnings after the bell. let's bring in nicole petallides. jack is back as well. no cool, what are you expecting from twitter? nicole: first of all what a great stock move. they will be watching for user growth. sales revenue.
2:41 pm
ad revenue. they are patting a move either way. 8.5%. worth noting that the biggest move for twitter has been the biggest move to the downside. they lost over 24%. and then in july. it can be, obviously a big mover for the stock. melissa: 39%. the s&p has risen only 5%. i feel like anything they say today could be a disappointment. >> it is. you are paying such a high price at this point. you are paying for distant distant growth. it is a very competitive space vying for these online ad
2:42 pm
dollars. taking larger portions of that pipe. a standard amount of ad dollars. i am not convinced it is worth it. >> apple. best buy had originally resisted the service. no cool, the apple is everywhere. >> it is. best buy is moving forward. you can now pay online with your apple pay as of yesterday. >> created by walmart 7-eleven and a few others. apple pay mobile pay may be the way of the future. we may say goodbye to the credit card.
2:43 pm
it is a very young industry, but it is growing. melissa: jack it does seem like this is where we are headed. we walk around everywhere with our hands in our -- our phones in our hands. does it mean that others cannot live side-by-side? >> apple is using its clout to strike key deals. i think that apple is in a leading position. when you are competing against amazon you cannot face -- melissa: okay. we will leave it there. thanks to both of you. protesters moving across the country. more on all of this coming up next. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ melissa: the city of baltimore in a state of emergency. of merging the third and current. joining me now on the phone is doctor king. doctor martin luther king. thank you very much for joining me. you said that your uncle would be heartbroken. >> my uncle would not have been unfamiliar with what is happening. however, he would be heartbroken because he is not seeing the kind of response from the young people. they should have been trained in young violent things to use
2:48 pm
their words. that is the challenge. >> i heard someone say last night that it is times like these that you really do appreciate what doctor martin luther king did. harnessing this into a peaceful protest or a march that would truly make a difference. rather than focusing on destruction that has happened. do you agree with that? >> basically -- he was not condoning bad or giving permission. he was saying you need to hear the voices. you need to respond. when we do 100 characters or less is the twitter world that we do live in now we will miss concepts.
2:49 pm
six steps to nonviolence. six principles of nonviolence. they are all survival based. melissa: why do you think that we are not seeing that now? are we missing a leader? is it about that or is it something else? >> i was trained in all of these principles. i still use them today. those of us that are still here, we are trying. thank goodness, it you are letting me it's playing them to you today. it is not limited to our
2:50 pm
families. there are many of us in this generation. jesse jackson's daughter is very well versed in this. our voices need to be heard. we will help. melissa: thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. roughly 100 activists in oakland. supporters gathering on the streets of ferguson, missouri. for for nypd detective is back with us. >> i would hope that they have learned from their past flareups on how to deal with it. i am hoping that they take doctor king's advice. exactly what they did in new york city. the police officers were there to reserve therefore the men met rates to demonstrate and
2:51 pm
protest. is it about the groups that are out there and putting it up? is it about the police response? what do you think is different? >> i think that it is a mixture of all three. people trying to take advantage that do so in every situation like this. trying to break into a store. then you have to have the police have the ability to make a quick response to whatever flares up in their city. melissa: the response now a day later, as you see what is going on. >> it appears to be better than last night. we will see as some sun goes
2:52 pm
down. they may be able to take advantage. there will be a few people tonight that will push that envelope as far as they can go. melissa: we are approaching the last hour of trading. let's check in with liz claman. liz: from baltimore to the middle east, we are on this every minute. the national guard working to keep baltimore from burning. the university of maryland remains on lockdown. closed. we remain in baltimore with reporters on the ground. the latest on when the students may be able to return. talking about what should be done. apple, the day after. what does top analysts think about what may be the soft spot
2:53 pm
lurking under apple's skin. plus why is t-mobile cheering we are number three or maybe he is not even ready to say that just yet. stay tuned. the pretty impressive return. a lot going on in this hour. melissa: thank you very much. iran playing dirty while no one is looking. reports that its vessel has been firing at a retainer ship in the vessel. ♪
2:54 pm
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2:56 pm
♪ melissa: pentagon officials confirm iran has fired shots on a commercial container ship. reports the islamic revolutionary guard boarded the flagged cargo vessel. a us naval destroyer heading to the region to monitor the situation. chris harmer. on any other day if we weren't focus odd
2:57 pm
baltimore this would be a huge story. what's your impression of what's going on here? >> my impression is you can never know for sure why the iranians are doing what they're doing. we're seeing reportings from the farz news. they received a court order from the iranian courts to seize this vessel for nonpayment of port fees. that's a ridiculous story. they're sending a message to the united states that they still believe that we, the united states, need the nuclear deal with iran more than they do. there's this hard lined faction that wants no deal with the united states that thinks iran is completely independent or should be completely independent from western pressure on their nuclear program. i think the hidden message is being sent here. we won't know what actually happened. >> and this is the straight of harmoz.
2:58 pm
20% of the world's oil production goes there. some people are wondering if there's something on this ship that they wanted. is that a possibility, in your mind? >> it is a possibility. it is a danish owned shipping line. they move a lot of stuff for the american military. if you remember, alabama, which was taken over by the somali pirates, that had american crew and american equipment on board. i think the real reason though is the islamic revolutionary guards corp wants to send a message, no matter what the iranians say in diplomatic process they're the actual power center in iran. melissa: we'll keep an eye on that story. i want to turn back on the situation in baltimore. derek, the ceo company metropolitan protective services. based in maryland. former assistant police chief for another town in maryland. we are looking at pictures of what's going
2:59 pm
on in the city right now. what is your impression? what is it going to take to make this city peaceful? or do you think they've essentially regained control? >> hey, how are you doing today? i think one of the things they definitely have to do a better job on what they're doing. they have to reach out to the kids. i think it will take families to reach out, almost like the clip you showed a little earlier where that one mother went and grabbed what we believed to be her son and dragged him off the street. it can't be on public officials and officers. it has to be a village approach. melissa: what do you think of the approach they took last night? of course there's so much criticism now of letting the violence really flare up last night. what do you think is behind that? you're someone who is there. >> well, i think that they probably took a look at ferguson and wanted not to repeat ferguson. but to me, the minute that the rioters stopped throwing rocks and get
3:00 pm
violent. they should have went in with overwhelming force to suppress the uprising. that's the only way to move forward as a society. melissa: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. that's all we have for now. i hope you're making money. liz claman is next. liz: looters and rioters ransacked baltimore businesses reduced to rubble. the national guard troops are on the scene. more than 200 arrests. dozens injured. is there more on the way as the sun starts to go down? how much will it cost the city and how can law enforcement stop a night of this. the university of maryland president closed its door due to the violence spoke with us live. shots fired on the high seas. western cargo vessel puts out a may day alert after it was the iranian warships


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