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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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beneficiaries. thank you very much. judy miller the book, the story a reporter's journey a journey that continues we're delighted to say. pick it up it's a great read. time to say see you tomorrow. thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. david: discrimination is alive and well against conservatives. we have the reporter who says republicans are being forced to hide their political views in fear of losing their jobs. find out where it's happening in a story you're not going to get anywhere else. first our top story tonight, another financial crisis is coming. it's not me saying that that's jamie dimon, arguably the most respected banker in the world. good evening, everybody, i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. glad you could join us. the jpmorgan chase ceo saying the crisis is going to rattle markets and tough regulations are going to make it worse. we're hearing half of americans are staying out of the stock
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market to. economist ben stein on whether they are smart to sit it out. ben great to see you, thanks for coming in. what do you think of jamie dimon's worries? >> it's an awfully long time prior to the great recession that we had a genuine financial crisis. i can't remember a genuine financial crisis in the post war period. there were many genuine financial crises in the hundred years before. that he's the great expert. he's the head of a very, very, very large bank. the one everyone respects. i don't see where the crisis is coming from. if you see what he said to the stockholders, there's likely to be one and likely to be a giant earthquake that levels los angeles, too. so there's -- i don't think there's any cause for worry about it whatsoever. david: you're making me feel a lot better. here is the gist of what he was saying, he said basically there are so many rules and
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regulation right now, we can't sort out all that is dodd-frank the financial regs, and whenever you have more regulation it slows up whatever process the regulations are applied to. so if we do, when we do eventually get into a crisis, it's going to slow up our ability to react to it. >> well i have two answers to. that dodd-frank is incredibly confusing, like everything that comes out of obama's world incredibly confusing. that's a real problem. no doubt the banks are more solid. no doubt they are shored up against a crisis. that's one thing. second thing is we've learned a gigantic lesson than the last crisis, that is that the federal government can stop the crisis any time. at any time the treasury secretary and mr. bernanke could have stopped that crisis from happening saying we are not going to let large banks fail. we're not going to let lehman fail, goldman sachs fail, any big banks fail.
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boom. that's the end of the crisis. they should have learned that by now. if they haven't learned that we're in trouble and i'm very, very worried about people who say that there should be a restraint on government help to banks. government help to banks kept us from having another great depression, so let's back off of that idea. david: before we back off completely even banks that are poorly run? some say the best thing that could have happened to citibank is it got -- it wasn't bailed out by the feds and was allowed to sort of break up as it should have been because it had grown too large, you disagree? >> i disagree with the idea that there should be any of the slightest glimmer of possibility that a large bank could fail. or even a medium sized bank. that is where you get financial crises. the failure of the bank in 1931 was the proximate cause of the great depression. we cannot let there be any
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thought, possibility in man or woman's mind that there can be a failure of a giant bank. we cannot let that happen. that's where depression come from. let's not let that be on the table. as for sorting out the regulations of dodd-frank some clever bureaucrat wink, wink can figure that out. david: let's talk about stocks americans have been burned several times in the past ten years. first in the dot com crash and of course, in the late 2000s. so do you think that americans are spooked for good on the stock market? is it a terrible mistake they're staying out of the stock market? >> well, first of all most americans don't have money to invest. david: that's a good point. >> majority of americans are living paycheck to paycheck with a small minority of appreciable amounts to put in the stock market. those who do should put it in the stock market. warren buffett has the ultimate genius thing to say you should be partners with people who own
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great businesses. if you were to buy the dow 30 or the s&p 500 or mr. buffett's wonderful company, berkshire hathaway, you are essentially make yourself a business partner with some of the smartest most capable people in the world. why anyone would not do that? i don't know. why buy rental property if you can buy part of berkshire hathaway. rental property is a lot of fun why not be part of berkshire hathaway instead? david: rental property can be a hell of a headache. >> incredible! unbelievable! i've had rental properties absolute nightmare! but there are many people who are stronger mentally and physically than i am and make huge amounts of money from it. i'm not one of them. just buy into the s&p 500 or the dow 30 or berkshire hathaway and you're a partner in great businesses. david: i would argue that there are other people smarter than you mentally. i disagree with you entirely. >> lots, lots. david: ben stein reporting from
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hollywood, thank you, ben. >> appreciate it. david: some lower income workers say if widening wage gap is reason enough to stay out of stocks and liberals are blaming the rich for inequality, former bogota, new jersey mayor says it is the federal reserve driving that disparity. how so, steve? >> we've heard hillary clinton talking about income inequality barack obama ad nauseum talked about the widening income gap as has elizabeth warren and everyone else. and they like to blame this on the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. they are right, but it's not free market capitalism, the failed policies of federal reserve system that has kept interest rates at these ridiculously low levels for seven years in a row. claiming that this is going to help the poor. but in reality, what it has done is inspired corporations to invest low cost capital into merger, acquisitions, corporate
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buybacks or equipment rather than labor. david: the corporate buybacks bother me most. they borrow for nothing. they use the real cash in order to buy their own stock which boosts the stock price and leaves them with a debt. >> not to create jobs. you see the so-called -- david: or research and development. >> seven years of a so-called majority has gone to benefit the rich. we want to see economic growth but across the board. jobs are not created. david: political question for you, though it's very difficult to talk to the average voter about what the federal reserve does. i spent years i haven't figured out everything how the federal reserve works. does it have any political resonance at all? >> i believe it does. monetary policy should be at forefront of the political -- david: how? i like to argue with you, even on television on a business channel it's difficult to talk about monetary policy. >> there was a time when monetary policy was the number one issue in presidential campaigns. 1896, 1900 1904, 1952, dwight
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eisenhower ran on the ability to convert money to gold. david: true. >> they understand economic growth. david: let me interrupt you, anybody out there capable of doing that? capable of talk about monetary policy in a way that has political resonance. >> they should be talking about true economic growth which everyone benefits from the recovery. the poor get richer, the middle class gets richer and the rich get richer. they drive this home. that's how they drive a presidential race. neil: american principles in action, you are the monetary policy director. not difficult to see why. steve thank you very much good to see you. >> thank you. david: the "new york times" back president obama's plan to force financial advisers to act solely in the interest of clients saying and i'm quoting, this is the "new york times" --
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to our money guys, john layfield and dave manning. john layfield tell me you are not in agreement with the editorial board of the "new york times"! >> and in agreement with more government regulations. david: what? >> you always regulate the people that are the small percentage that are doing bad things. there are great financial advisers out here but the system is a catch-22. the way these guys make money is by churn of stocks, that's how a lot abuse the system and also pushing their own funds, their own mutual funds so they have annuity and get fees hidden in there. these guys need to make money. the problem is you have a small percentage that are used car salesman that should decriminalize these actions. david: the problem with what john is saying in the "new york times." never thought i would put john and the "new york times" in the same sentence. >> me either! >> we have a government that always overregulates always
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overregulates and the way they are going manage this, and by the way, they've been given more authority to do this by the dodd-frank law which is a mess in and of itself we talked to ben stein about this. chances are they're going to overregulate in a way that's going hurt the financial community no? >> yeah, if you look at this, what it puts us on the road to is essentially the nationalization of the entire management of the retirement funds and private retirement funds that everyone has. what it does effectively is push everybody into index funds and say if you want to earn higher returns on retirement funds you can't it's not an option anymore. everybody has to be in index funds and revert to the market. what that means is you don't need private intervention saying we're going to have social security here and we're going to have the index funds that are managing the market. but there's no choice. if you want to do better or have young employees as i do, and they're interested in return and less worried about the security of it tough!
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you can't do it. nothing you can do about it. david: index funds are fine when the indexes are going up 11, 12, 20, 30% as they have in the past three years because we've had the crazy policy from the federal reserve. that's not going to continue every year. we're not going to continue to get indexes that are up double digits, right? >> no it's certainly not going to continue every year. in 08-10 you would be unhappy with the index fund. the problem you have is index fund has small fees. the financial advisers don't just advise you where to put your money they advise you how to handle household budget and debt. they deserve to get paid for this. they don't charge a fee, so they get a fee somewhere, and that's the problem right there. david: but the problem with the government getting involved and telling these guys how to operate is you have a, quote uniform standard. that's what the sec is going to put forth. one size fits all, sounds a lot
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like obamacare and all the other programs. one size does not fit all, dave? >> one size does not fit all. if somebody said, look i think the way to beat market is i believe the market is hugely overvalued and going to go way, way down, i don't want to be anywhere near the market and index funds, i want to be out entirely. i've got fundamentally a short strategy and so that's how i want to manage your fund. you can't. it says tough. you are linked to the market and you get the downdrafts you get killed. but the obama administration loves so much to extend its long and rather ignorant arm into the financial regulatory arena and will screw it up. david: all right, guys, i knew i was going to disagree with john. i didn't want to insult him. i love him and want to be invited to his location in bermuda. i hope i succeeded. >> you are always welcome here david. david: thank you very much john. dave, good to see you as well.
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. david: is silicon valley discriminating against conservatives? republican tech workers reportedly tight-lipped on voicing political views because they're afraid of losing their jobs. national journal's rebecca nelson broke the story wide open. fascinating piece. are conservatives afraid to speak their minds in silicon valley? >> they definitely are the ones that i talk to. they're worried about the stigma that is associated with being a republican. silicon valley has long been this bastion of liberalism. no republican presidential nominee has won any county in the bay area since 1988. president obama won 84% of the vote in san francisco in 2012. it's long been you know, there's liberal supremacy and they're worried to speak their minds. david: what do they think is going to happen if they do? >> severe repercussions on extreme ends. the zillow ceo it was found out
8:18 pm
he donated to the proposition 8 forum. he had to resign after just two weeks. on another end of the spectrum they're worried that their colleagues won't like them which could result in being passed over for a promotion. one person heard if someone is a republican resume is off the list. david: wow! i noted one particular quote where somebody said getting your point across just isn't worth it. it's not worth it for the salary, it's not worth it for getting promoted and possibly could get them fired. >> exactly. they're just concerned that they could get fired. they don't want to speak their mind even if they have these strong held convictions. david: let's remember that silicon valley relies on the capitalist system to exist in the first place, and then to grow. i mean capitalism is at the root of silicon valley.
8:19 pm
it's the thing that makes it exist, the air which they breathe the oxygen is capitalism and coming to bear in the issue of regulating the internet. some were in favor of the fcc take more action on the internet, now perhaps a conservative view of stopping reg regulation is more accompanying the way they live, no? >> some people describe themselves as more libertarian, they really agree with the mainstream republican party on these fiscal issues but they're worried about being associated with this gop mainstream on social issues, and so they -- >> might they go for somebody like rand paul who is clearly more libertarian? >> right, exactly. you see peter thiel who is the billionaire co-founder of paypal, he has expressed interest in rand paul. he gave to ted cruz's 2012 senate campaign. ron paul he's a big supporter
8:20 pm
of. you see that a little more openly too. david: thank you very much everybody should read that rebecca nelson from national journal. interesting piece. >> thank you for having me. david: swiss america trading chairman says the anti-conservative sentiment is coming straight from the white house. craig, how so? >> david, you don't have to look very far to see how much mr. obama has embraced republicans who are conservative. i mean clearly it has been a very, very hostile environment for conservatives and republicans over the last six years and quite frankly i think that silicon valley is following suit, and what fascinates me about it david, and you said it just a moment ago free market capitalism which is the bedrock of conservatism, keeping the government out of your business is giving these guys the ability to grow and create huge amounts of wealth huge amounts of productivity and i think guys like larry roberts or jcr
8:21 pm
or vanderveer bush, who is basically the father of silicon valley, were anything from liberal. they were conceived as a universalist minister for pete's sakes. i find it fascinating once the liberal progressives get their bills they become totally intolerant about conservatives totally intolerant about republicans. david: to tell you the truth, craig, it's happened on the east coast it happens a lot on wall street where, millionaire and billionaire bankers become quite liberal after they've made their money. let me just say most 20 somethings are not making a million dollars in silicon valley. a lot of them are living at home because they can't afford a place of their own. won't the message for millennials eventually the reality of policies that don't work catch up with politicians
8:22 pm
and it's not because young millennials like republicans, it's just because they realize the policies of the other guys don't work. >> you're absolutely right. i totally agree with you. if you look -- look the google guys gave 700 -- rebecca's reporting was incredible. the google guy gave 720 grand to barack obama. they gave 25,000 to mitt romney. is anybody watching cavuto tonight that believes that mitt romney would have done more with more creation of wealth and jobs in silicon valley than barack obama has done with net neutrality and dodd-frank and passing health care that's been a mess? you and i both know david, it's only a matter of time before liberal policies that have come out of this white house are going to fail and fail desperately. and i can't wait until 2016. david: well, frankly it would be hard for anybody to do worse than the last administration. craig smith thank you for
8:23 pm
coming, swiss america trading chair, good to see you. >> thank you, david. david: what the tech? nasa says we could be making new out-of-this-world friends sooner than you think. the media mogul, i love that picture what many are calling a media bundle. can stuff like this help rand paul? >> before we go through a litany of things you say i've changed on why don't you ask me a question have i changed my opinion. that would be a better way to approach an interview. no, no you editorialized.
8:24 pm
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. >> and you once offered to drastically -- >> wait, wait before we go -- before we go there [ inaudible ] >> now you want to increase it. i wonder if you mellowed out. >> why don't you let me explain instead of talking over me okay? david: senator rand paul getting hit for hitting back.
8:27 pm
"washington post" and other media outlets all but calling the presidential hopeful thin skinned. steve forbes says blasting back against a bias the media will actually help him. how so, steve? >> depends how do you it. ronald reagan hit back in a way which looks like you are in control. you got to look like you're not losing your temper not reacting to a bad question. you're trying to make a point. if he takes that tact. it can work. if it looks like you can't control yourself you're not going to be president. david: it also -- speaking of ronald reagan, he always had that likability. even when he got mad you liked him. sort of a jimmy stewart likability that was in his dna and you know not that i'm endorsing what the media has been doing in terms of coming down on him, i wonder if rand paul has the same likability that reagan has, i haven't seen it yet? >> we'll see, this is the early stage when you announce, i can tell you, you get hit hard, especially if they take you seriously. keet thing for him is always
8:28 pm
look like you are in control. if you don't look like you are losing it but throwing a punch people say okay, this guy knows how to do it. david: let's remind our viewers that steve forbes himself ran for president. have you had a lot of encounters, i'm sure on the campaign trail with very skeptical, if not hostile press. how did you deal with it? >> you have to realize part of the press is there to catch you, to get their moments. trip up a candidate. you realize everything you say will be held against you. get over it. the key thing to keep in mind is what points do i want to get across? why am i doing this? if i have a certain program, take a chance to advocate what you are trying to achieve. if that keep that in mind you're not going to look like you're losing it. there is a president, if you look like a front-runner the hazing period where everything you do is wrong, and the public wants to see how do you react when they pile on. david: and the media loves to
8:29 pm
do the gotcha things and do that by baiting you. they know what you're interested. in you love the flat taxa. they say mr. forbes clearly the flat tax, they will try to rile you up. >> you're rich why do you want to make yourself richer, as if you're going to run for president. david: do you respond with a joke or do you hit back or how do you do it? >> depends on the circumstance. you want to exempt me from this? fine. this is good for the american people, here's why. you pivot back to the points up to the make. keep in mind what do you want the audience to get at the end of this interview, whether it's impromptu, a hit or normal one. >> you were always likable by the way. it's not just me saying it because i'm his friend. he really, really is. we mentioned the flat tax, there is a question whether rand paul is for the flat tax or not. he said i see a simplified tax that unburdens our citizens on tuesday, he took that line out.
8:30 pm
do you know why? >> he advocated the flat tax, i know he's in the midst of preparing a tax plan that he hopes to unveil in a few weeks and it is going include radical tax simplification. david: he's not backing off of the flat tax. >> i don't think so at all. and a lot of candidates are expressing general appreciation of the flatta -- flat tax. david: steve force joining us himself. you can catch steve every saturday at 11:00 a.m. on forbes on fox. it wouldn't be the same without you. we'd have to change the name. good to see you, thank you very much. bernie sanders a senator saying higher education should be a right. but up next, john ratzenberger why that would send us all off a cliff? and then steve moore taking on barbra streisand? why he says babs is being batty?
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. david: free spending for a free ride? vermont senator bernie sanders saying college is a right. >> we're going to introduce legislation within the next month to say that tuition at any public college or university in the united states of america will be zero! [ cheers and applause ] . david: the star of toy story 4 and all the other toy stories is calling on washington to stop toying around. john ratzenberger says politicians need to stop acting like college is the only option. where is bernie going wrong here? >> you know i lived up in vermont for a time. david: i did, too. >> i don't know what he's smoking. david: john you don't have to smoke in vermont you just breathe and there's so much pot smoking going on you get high
8:35 pm
anyway. >> and just walked out in the street. well, you know, they've never run a business either, and when you're running a college or university, someone who's got to pay for the lights the water, the -- cut the grass it doesn't come free, it's not free. but on the other hand the other colleges like the american college of building arts in charleston south carolina, where you go for a degree, and you also learn skills that will sustain you through the rest of your life. but so as you know, i'm a big advocate of having skills. would you go onto become a psychologist or sociologist doesn't make a difference. you are a more well-rounded person if you know a skill that no one can take from you. david: it's not just bernie sanders, the president came out time and again saying you have to have a college education, the government has to if not
8:36 pm
guarantee it allow it. scott walker he never graduated from college. we may have the next president of the united states be somebody who didn't graduate from college. you don't necessarily need a college degree to get ahead. >> no and it's no secret to most people that c students who run the world anyway. thomas edison third grade his education. david: i didn't know that. >> and people who have moved mankind forward. leonardo da vinci was an illegitimate child here was pretty much ignored throughout life. steve jobs i don't believe graduated from college. these are people that shook the earth, that changed the lives of every man, woman and child. some of the smartest people i know are people that have never been to college. it's what we lack as common sense. david: yeah, common sense. a college degree does not
8:37 pm
guarantee common sense. isn't it fair to say that a college degree is not going to hurt and you good to have in your back pocket even if you don't use what your degree is for? >> it makes you smarter or literate person, geographies or nationalities or customs, traveling, you are sophisticated in a lot of ways. but again, my definition of a complete person is also somebody who knows how to fix the rolling screen door or change the tire on the car. david: somebody like cliff claven from "cheers." >> no, he couldn't do that. david: he didn't have a degree or common sense. >> that's why he sat at the bar all day long.
8:38 pm
but a lot of these people go to work on unicorns and they're not really fixed in the real world anyway. so nothing i can say. david: i've seen a lot of the unicorn worshippers everywhere particularly in new york. john ratzenberger, thank you very much for coming on appreciate it. >> take care, thanks. what the tech! did you hear that the aliens are coming? why nasa says it's not too long from now until we're all living with these guys. >> don't work too hard. >> okay! >> sure you don't want some coffee?
8:39 pm
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. david: time for everybody's favorite part of the show. what the tech! popular science tech editor michael nunez to look at latest coolest trends in technology. advertising in the skies. forget about the blimps. companies are looking to use drones as flying billboards.
8:42 pm
michael, really? >> of course. this is just another way to get information in front of people right? when you go to a football game or the beach you know, you typically see a blimp or you might see a sky writer or an airplane hanging a banner off of it. this is just another aerial vehicle that flies closer to the ground that's cheaper, easier to operate, for advertisers and marketers it makes absolute perfect sense. david: even if because it's cheaper, it might break and fall on the ground and cause lawsuits? >> it's like any other vehicle. you should have someone experienced and hopefully licensed and able to operate it, so as long as you are operating it responsiblely, it would be fine. david: move onto number two. next up we're not alone. nasa's top scientists say get ready to see alien life in the next 20-30 years michael, you think it's going to happen? >> not only do i think it's going to happen, the chief scientist at nasa thinks it's going to happen.
8:43 pm
within the next ten years we would find other forms of life and 20-30 years definitive evidence. david: what does that mean? a buried ufo somewhere in arizona or what? >> no no. this isn't the hollywood style. this isn't "e.t." or "men in black" earlier. these are microbes. david: there you go! i'm shaking a hand outside a news corp building. hopefully i will look like that in 30 years. >> might not be as extreme and visually exciting these aren't visible to the naked eye. we're talking about mike robes. in the same way we thought water was available on earth 30-50 years ago things have become possible and made discoveries in the past few decades that enabled us to find potentially other life forms. david: as someone said if there's not an alien elsewhere in the universe it's an awful lot of wasted space.
8:44 pm
you think of all the space, all the planets why, is it all there if not for more life? >> yeah, and this is the tip of the iceberg. we built telescopes that look far sdmuf in enough -- enough and in enough detail to discover these things. david: even the vatican suggested we may see aliens coming soon. so both sides and religious leaders agree on this. don't say neil didn't warn you, take a listen. >> the volt is a dope. >> that is the dumbest car i've seen, going lead to a lot of divorces. i watch car commercial, it is stupid. >> car of the year? >> going to lead to marital discord. you were going to fluing in you were going to plug it in. it stinks! they're not buy itting thing. david: i get a feeling he doesn't like it. gm is halting production of the
8:45 pm
chevy volt after lackluster sales, electric cars are they going to catch on? >> who doesn't want a more fuel-efficient vehicle and reliable and vibrates less. david: folks aren't buying it. okay, tesla is selling because you get the millionaires who get a huge discount via the federal government taxpayers but other than that they don't seem to be selling. >> no no, but the volt the volt is, they're slowing down the supply just as any other company would before they release any new thing. david: they are slowing down supply because they only sold half as a year ago. >> they haven't abandoned the mission. david: because the government. people call them government motors, there's still a lot of pressure from gm to push these things out. >> the demand is there. we've seen it with tesla. david: where? people aren't buying them. >> they are doubling down and people are going to be buying the bolt, a sedan, larger
8:46 pm
vehicle with electric motor and people want. this safe to say people want this. david: you keep saying that, i don't think they do they want the big cars with the strong combustion engine you fill it up with gas. that's the main thing, you go 300 miles and you can't fill it up you have to wait eight hours to recharge. >> you have seen the sustained demand because gas prices have fallen. that can't last forever, you and i both know that is a limited fuel source and something you have to face either today or within the next few years. david: michael during the heist gas prices these things weren't selling. i love you to death and we agree on aliens. if you agree on aliens, what's the beef. michael good to see you. >> thank you very much. david: thank you very much. forget mayweather pacquiao why steve moore is telling babs she needs to stop babbling, that's after this.
8:47 pm
people ship all kinds of things. but what if that thing is a few hundred thousand doses of flu vaccine. that need to be kept at 41 degrees. while being shipped to a country where it's 90 degrees. in the shade. sound hard? yeah. does that mean people in laos shouldn't get their vaccine? we didn't think so. from figuring it out to getting it done, we're here to help.
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. david: barbra streisand singing president obama's praises. saying this in a recent op-ed, and i'm quoting now, the number of long-term unemployed is down 1.1 million why are republicans so silent about the good news? steve moore says streisand should put down the presidential popups. you are a brave man. you are taking on an icon. what's wrong with what barbra said? >> we know that barbra streisand is a renowned economist, right? she did write this piece last week, and i don't know who penned it for her, it was called have you heard the good news? and singing the praises that you said all the wonderful things that barack obama has done about the economy? and what struck me is it came out two days before we got the
8:51 pm
lousy jobs report that showed a real slide. bad timing. look, there is the economy picking up maybe a little bit. but the idea that barbra streisand sitting out there in hollywood, in california and living the life of the rich and famous is talking about how well things are going for middle-class americans. i don't think anybody buys. this where is the beef here? why am i seeing a decline in income over the last six years if things are going so well? david: right she points out and a lot of people who back up the president point out he came in during a recession. from the bottom of the recession to now, it looks a lot better. ignoring the time frame. but remember ronald reagan came in during a recession as well. somebody argue it was a tougher recession lasted two full years. here we see how reagan's recovery compares. it's no comparison at all. >> by the way i correct you on one thing, i think the 1970, the whole decade was
8:52 pm
a recession. that reagan inherited. the stock market was terrible 14%. you are too young to remember that. david: thank you, i do remember. >> 20% mortgages. the point is what i did in the study look the pace of job creation under the terrible economy that ronald reagan inherited versus what is admittedly terrible economy that barack obama inherited, and what i pointed sout we would have 6.5 million. 6.5 million more jobs, david, if we had the kind of jobs recovery under obama than we had under reagan. david: didn't reagan produce -- i shouldn't say reagan produced during reagan's time 20 million jobs produced. >> something like that. 18-20 million. and re-created another 20 million. under bush and obama we have seen very little job growth, and by the way, we haven't seen almost any wage growth and i think for a lot of people. that's the bigger problem. where is the pay raise?
8:53 pm
you know, reagan used to talk about real take-home pay. remember that when he was campaigning. real take-home pay is not rising and it's not rising now, that's why when barbra streisand says how wonderful things are, maybe for rich people like her, not for working class folks. david: again the fundamental difference between barack obama reagan believes the government takes, obama believes the government gives. but the government can't give anything and can only redistribute what other people have given it. that's a very fundamental different view. >> you know and baton rouge, louisiana, you can see my purple tie for the lsu and gave a lecture at the college, and made exactly that point. that this natural experiment reagan came in and said government is the problem, not the solution. we cut taxes and got inflation down, obama did just the opposite. more spending more debt, more government regulation and you see the result. 6.5 million jobs under one
8:54 pm
model versus the other. that's a hard thing for liberals to explain. they hate the reagan-obama comparison. david: steve moore, great to see you, my friend. >> all right. david: president obama calling out less than loving christians. dr. king is here with a less than loving response. what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. >> we talked about that yesterday, fox hosts are getting flack for taking exception to president obama's exrig christianity comments but alveda king said comments like these need to be called out. we does not have any hetiontationhesitationcondemning christians
8:58 pm
but he has a lot of hesitation condemning muslims. >> absolutely. all violence and distruction there is never much censure about that, this is a one-sides attack that is unfair. david: if he was conis a stan, if he used the same hard language against muslim exists he -- extremists against he does christians they lived about a thousand years ago there is no parallel to present day. >> absolutely, i do, as a christian i believe our words should be loving, my uncle dr. martin luther king jr. in the face of domestic terrorism said we must love our enemies yet they are wrong this type of treatment and opression is
8:59 pm
wrong, we're responsible for telling the truth calling out the terrorists, we must do that, it does not mean that we don't love people. but you cannot allow our standards, principles, safety and security to be trampled upon. david: well the president is worried about prejudice discrimination against muslims but there is worst kind of discrimination against christians that leads to heads getting cut off. >> that is the ultimate and final discrimination, i am concerned that the president is not addressing the truth for those who say that maybe is sis doing -- isis is doing this because we they don't have jobs, if we can give them jobs, they would stop being terrorists, that is ludacris, and ridiculous, that makes no sense. david: one of the most recent terrorists was son of a government minister, so i don't
9:00 pm
think that above poverty has anything to do with this. >> thank you. thank you for watching, "strange inheritance" starts right now. >> an 8-year-old gets a "strange-old inheritance."ery >> my dad died, everyone wasmy heart >> what does a boy do with a winery.>> t >>he they would freak >> talk about getting your feetalk ab wet in a new business. >> that is really >> how does the family keep it from dye -- dying on the vine. k >> i didn't know anything about wine but i liked to drink it. >> what is he going to do when t he grows up


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