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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  January 25, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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i think it's 25% higher this year. >> john, bull or bear? >> i'm a bear. >> and tracy. >> brenda, pope francis says put down your gadgets and actually talk to people. introduce yourself to your family. it's too much. >> the best business talker in the world is coming up next. neil cavuto. hey, mr. president. what is the deal? deal, no deal not even going to try to deal? why am i thinking i'm getting the raw end of the deal? welcome, everybody and call it a tale of two presidents humbled by midterms but each dealing with it on very different terms. >> we heard mesh shouting and now, all of us, republicans and democrats alike must say we hear you. we will work together to earn the jobs you have given us. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda, i know because i
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won both of them. >> so much for history repeating. along with janie colby her new show is set to premier on monday. much more on that. in the meantime we'll be back next week. did charlie do anything? i digress. charles payne. what do you think? the mixed messages two different presidents, two different reactions. >> that was a moment right there, off scripted off telepromter moment where the president said i won both of them. >> completely forgetting the last election. >> bill clinton said i want a legacy of achievement that will be validated by the scoreboard. economic, a scoreboard of what washington can get down. what president obama is doing is saying hey, as long as i win, as long as i can convince the american public i'm the better choice say it was a past
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president in a mean congress maybe that's the new paradigm in washington where it doesn't even matter if you get anything done because obviously, that's the path he's going on. >> it's not a -- path. so, he's saying i'm not going to go that route. >> i felt like it was inside voice. he might have been thinking, but maybe he shouldn't have said it. what happened to a little bit of humble pie? remember, it was a billion dollar race and that money could have gone a lot of places. i was a little surprised that he would say it out loud. >> adam now, did that tone on this president, strike you as a little too in your face given the midterms, given the fact that he was speaking in a body now that wouldas dominated by republicans in both houses? >> i would say not right there. right there, you know, the republicans were a little bit rude. a little bit funny, so he was a little bit rude, a little bit funny. >> were you watching the same
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state of the union? >> yes. >> you weren't having a drinking game, were you? >> no it's too early in california. but i'm actually coming around to agreeing with you, neil. i think overall, the speech was not conciliatory enough. he mentioned compromise, but didn't often sulgss on it. within a couple of day, jack lui was offered the treasury secretary, was offering to work with republicans on corporate tax, which is an important issue, so it's not like there's no compromise here. but i wish the president had been a little more conciliatory in his address. >> what he was saying was you know, i was not on the ballot. when in fact as you pointed out in the midterms, his issue his policies, his performance was very much on the ballot. >> he was on the ballots in the big way in the midterms. he is not clinton. clinton for all his faults was a conciliator.
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he was a man who wanted to get things done. not particularly idea logical. he wanted to do the best job he could for the eight years he was there. mr. obama occasionally lets that slide, inside him is a powerful left wing agenda. he wants to get it out there. he wants his bribe, bribe, bribe the voters, possible democratic voters as much he can before he leaves office. he is not a guy really responsible for the whole country. he's responsible for pleasing his -- >> i total lyly disagree with you. >> we're gentlemen on the show -- >> i didn't say you are are ridiculous. >> say thag the president is bribe, bribe, bribe, maybe a little bit extreme. >> all i want to say is i want to point out for what it's worth that the left wing of the democratic party is constantly upset with barack obama for not
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being as left wing. >> not after that. i don't think he's as much as an ideal. it isn't necessarily one of them. >> charles payne i see 320 some odd billion in tax hikes over the next 20 years. i see free college being offered yet again. a lot of freebies being offered. that might not be left wing to some, but it strikes me as way off wing. >> and how do you get it? >> there's nothing that the president talked about broke the economy. in fact, bribe, bribe, bribe, he's talking 320 billion worth of freebies. >> you're a hater. >> think about what the president said. was there one thing that made a audience say i've got to sweat a little bit? you don't have to put an extra ounce of sweat in anything the president said to earn more money. his thing is that the economy is growing. that's the irony. >> the economy is growing,
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that's an irony? that's how bad it is. we have one good quarter of gdp out of 24. are you accuseding me? >> i have to second ben's comment. certainly all these other candidates ran on his performance because as i travel around the country this year, i sehowamils a stggli rmin ranch inging, small business owners and that's all they have to base their votes on. >> but you know, part of the benefit to you, but then part of the benefit to you is touting saying these are the kinds of things that the big western democracies do sick leaf to their workers and all that. but only a few photographs earlier, he had mentioned how u.s. job growth eclipsed all of them combined precisely because we don't saddle all our corporations with these extra demands demands. >> america is is not a full blown welfare state. all he was doing was saying to people, dump out their working, to
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put charles' words in there. wee we're going to take care of all of o it. >> you just have to feel miserable what you've inflicted on us, right? admit it. >> yes. the short answer is yes. >> that's the first step. >> the first step is recognizing. >> i medicine made this point in passing, but i think it's an important point we should ponder, which is bill clinton was speaking at a time of economic recession and barack obama is speak ging at a time of recovery. i am not excusing him. i disagree with his tone. i wish it had been different, but the facts are, we're doing pretty well. >> you make a good point. one, he's been doing well. some are. but bill clinton had a re-election to run for and was planning and didn't want to screw that up. barack obama, as he made clear is is done.
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>> too clear. those stakes are higher when you have to face the american voter again, but let's not get too sure of ourselves, we might be in a recovery, but we're not recovered. >> we have to put it in a proper perspective. this is the worst post recession recovery in history. we had one good blip on the gdp radar. >> we have much lower unemployment rate. we could talk about the quality. would you say that if a republican were in the house? >> yes. >> you're a liar. >> i was a man at the republicans get out of office. here's the thing i want to say. bill clinton, he chose a path, we talked about where we are now. let's talk about what happened after bill clinton moved to the center. because we had an economic expansion, we had six years. that was americana right there. >> he gave him credit. we heard it. >> i just want to say to
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everybody, meanwhile, getting ready to roll. what have you got coming up, david? >> the president says we need to close gitmo to save lives and money, but are new terror threats proving just the opposite would happen. also, saving for your kid's college education is hard enough. now, d.c. wants to tax it. >> up here next protesters clashing all because of the term a new state is using to prescribe illegals. illegals. >> that words that they use of illegal. unappropriate. >> what's wrong with illegal? bodies
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have been recovered. 93 are still missing. just because they're here illegally, does not give you the right to call them illegals. a california newspaper is finding out the hard way. now, even though the news press has been using the term for a better part of a decade now to describe immigrants in the u.s. without permission once they dared mission illegals in a headline, protesters doing a beeline for them. protesting, boycotting ben stein, you say infour rate ingur rating. >> political correctness you
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can't call thing by its name. they're illegal aliens. it's like saying a bank robber is not a bank robber. that doesn't mean they're not fine people. they may p better than adam. but if they're illegal, they're illegals. let's not have sensorship by political directness. >> i'm thinking charles it was the associated press that panned the whole term, undocumented aliens is one. what's going on here? why is that now some protesters said it would be equivalent of the n word. what? >> with the redskins or something like that. you break into my house, you're an undocumented visitor. if you're in the midst of doing something that's illegal. but the pc crowd keeps winning
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and winning. the more you can win these kinds of battles, the more you win, hey, not enforce the laws. it's not race. it's about the individual. by the way. you weren't invited, you came and broke the law, you're here illegally. >> you can put anytime stories if r a decade. people only read headlines. >> they made a headline out of it. it's a head scratcher for me because as an attorney -- if they're not illegal, what are they when they become legal? did i lose you? >> is is it going too far? adam? did the paper do anything wrong? >> it's that words have consequences. when someone breaks into your home -- >> so does being here when you shouldn't be here. >> when someone breaking into your home, charles, they're a
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burglar. many illegal aliens in this country are in the process of having their status reevaluate ed by the president of the united states. >> until it's done, they're illegal. live with it. >> but i'm not saying anything controversial, so we choose how to describe them we get to make choices about what words we use. >> while they're doing that, could we just say -- >> why do we call them saints? >> could we just say calorically challenge ed challenged? where is all this going? >> it's going to get worse, i think and again, because of the victimization is of people in this country is a powerful weapon and it's used as an excuse. >> but when news agencies are doing this and making the term -- >> we've had sports casters who used the words redskins for two, three decades, then this racism, they refuse to say it. >> i like ben's example. the bank robbers and a bank robber, he's a potential client
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without a passbook. really? >> that's not bad. >> meanwhile, taxing the dead is still very much alive and well, so why is jamie saying enough is enough? because a host of fbn's strange inher tants just got wind of what the president wants to squeeze out and it is killing her. >> it's the mother of all baseball card collections. >> i'm thinking to myself oh, my god, i have a million dollars. >> but will trying to sell prove too much for one family? then a total stranger to an illinois farm -- >> why are we named? somebody's scamming us. >> we expose the circumstan
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[message beep] the average text takes your eyes off the road for nearly five seconds. [screaming]
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her new show on fox, strange inter inter tense, premiering monday night. this is taking a burden for folks who want to pass on. explain what's going on? >> right now, when you inherit something, you pay a capital gains tax when you sell it. baseded on the base of what it was worth when the person who gave it to you passed.
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what the president wants to do and it could have been much worse because early predictions of the state of the union speech have more taxes, more dollars to be raiseded. now, you take it at the basis or o cost of when they bought it which indicates a strange inheritance could be in the 1800s, 1900s. i don't know how you'd come up with a cost basis of a sieve war gun. in many cases, they're crazy, unique, weird inheritances. but the problem is people who are farming, ranching living paycheck to paycheck, one of our heirs had cancer, he wildfire an out of work actor and it saved his life. that's on the premier episode. that's lot of money. they're forced to sell. >> so, because of tax, they have to redo whatever they're planning. >> the bottom line is that it's
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part and parcel to the president's goal of social justice and essentially, what we're saying is that because things are so unfair back in the day when someone was able to buy this house or that civil war gone, 60 years ago your parents had an easier time of getting a loan than i did. that's what i think president obama is framing this as social justice. how do we make it right going forward? if we can get the people so far in front because of past atrocities of this evil nation and we can bring them back and get everyone back to the same starting line. >> you're really reading that into all this? >> what do you make of that? >> mr. obama and his fellow leftists, have not learned that you do not make the poor rich by making the rich poorer. thatasicfa. giv psychological satisfaction the to raise the inheritance tax.
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it gives him sense of satisfaction to the envious. there is no economic mechanism saying the only economist on the panel by which raising taxes on the rich makes the poor richer. >> you know, you could go back and forth whether there are other motives. here's what i think. they come up wh very creati >> i'm not sure why we're doing this now. the way you explained it, it sounds reasonable to me. >> why is that fair if the person paid to buy the asset.
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>> you could make an argument. >> it's a family hair loom. what do you think the white house is saying, that it's only a fraction of people affected? you guys buy that? >> remember the anc tax, right? >> 55 people and now, this year, 4.5 million. >> and you think it could grow. >> all right. my thanks to jamie. remember her new show on fox business. strange inheritance. it premiers monday at 9:00 p.m. and i give you permission to dvr fox news. i will be her lead up act ahead of that. >> i'm going to drop by your show. >> please do. up next, stocks so good you won't want to share them with anyone. getting selfish with
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retirement winners from our stock winners. >> i have a got to ride the rails and go with union pacific. >> adam. >> mlpn it's an etf like investment that's tied to oil and gas pipelines which continue to do well despite the drop in the oil price. >> okay. ben, what do you got? >> i'm going to do my indexing as usual vti extremely broad index of stocks done very, very well. hard to beat it by picking. >> for you this is always a
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long-term strategy right? ignore the gyrations short term. >> i don't have as long as adam does, but for my children and grandchildren. >> who must be can a change every day of their lives. "forbes on fox." it makes no sense to spend $3 million per prisoner to keep open a prison that the world con dems and terrorists use to recruit. it's time to close get bow. >> the president doubling down on his promise to shut down gitmo, he says it will save lives and money, but aren't released fwit mow detainees who go back to the battlefield costing all of us a lot more in the long run? we will come to "forbes on fox" let's go with mr. steve forbes, saab brianna shaver and rick younger and more. >> steve let's talk about the costs now and clearly a lot of those detainees from


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