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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  January 20, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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trade isis and other things, perhaps but, probably not. neil: rich edson thank you very much futures market nonplus. john stossel. [applause] john: we just watched state of the union you don't have to. what did we learn what do you think? [booing] i thought it was in many ways his best speech ever, we her hear more from audience later but first our liberty loving panel dan mitchell. katherine ward, and austin peterson.
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were you more impressinged? >> i was bored. president wants to take credit for good things but not credit for bad things he had food stamp rolls increase 45 percent since taking office. he just wants to talk about the flowers nice thing. john: katherine this is my least favorite obama like papa obama telling you how you should behave. we're a tight knit family, he does not like us teenagers, this is a sort of you know. state of the union as you know speech you get before you get grounded. i was not a fan. john: dan? >> what struck me, you have to give own credit for being consistent. every single state of the union
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bigger government, uncle sugar daddy giving us tree stuff free stuff that should be on tombstone of obama presidency, free stuff as we become greece. john: cut away from panel go to brand-new republican members of congress lee of new york. did both parties applaud? >> really it depended on what president was talking about. there were times that president said we need to hire more vets that got everyone of us up and applauding but other times where president wants to talk
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about how there is you know free community college coming and half of us are asking, how are you paying if it? -- paying for it? there is concern for our children and next generation that will inherit mountains of debt. you see on many of the initiatives, half the crowd were damcratsdemocrats, and rest of us say great idea but how are you paying for it. and minimum wage, full time, taking care of family, $15,000 is not enough to get by, i am from new york, you can work full time and you get $a $50 thousand and you struggle to get by? john: your staff told us you worried most about america's debt.
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fact that it is unsustainable but most is entitlement are you prepared to make cuts to big program. >> look at medicaid for example have you individuals making tens of millions of dollars off of medicaid you see an announcement where a attorney general go after the dentist who is chargeing for 11 cavities when we did one. and trying to you know get $10,000 or $fen,000 $15,000 back, and have you others in schemes they can milk millions off of medicaid. so you have these constituent sees attached to it. working together, creating for profits. >> true, but bigion is medicare. nod medicaid, medicare that covers elderly would you cut
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anything in. >> i remember when my grandfather needed a doughnut because he was getting up there in age. signing off on paperwork for $450 for something you can buy at cvs for $25 we have look at providers, every time you have a business where person signing your check is one who does not pay the bill, like medicare, you have room for abuse from people providing the services, providing items, i think we need to look at purchasing of medicare. and i think that we also region a alley need to lock at payment schemes we have, i am from long island cost of living is higher and reimbursement form formula, if you top save money you need to look at provider end of things, and instead of going after low hanging fruit where someone might be skiming $50,000 and when you see government going after a patient who is
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taking advantage of the system, that is important for deterrents, but have to individual running companies. schemeing a lot of money off medicare that is not when that program is for. john: all right, thank you congressman zeldin, welcome to congress. let's go to our panel. you have hopes for this new republican group? >> you should never have hopes for a new republican group it will always break your heart this is moment you realize republicans may be or saying thins that sound better. >> a well the better. >> sounded like she said okay let's -- but you know, down to it republicans get in power they are pretty much just as bad as democrats with crony capitalism, and special deals and actually, writing a budget, passing a budget republicans have been
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just as bad. i wish, i could feel hopeful but i don't. john: i wish you could. dan, the economist the president talked a lot about economic recovery, which sounded like high did it. >> if this is an economic recovery he needs to answer median household income has fallen every year of his presidency labor force participation rate at lowest rate in almost 4 decades those are big problem yes we're doing better than europe but that like saying you are the tallest midgeet in the circus. but sequester, government shut down fights, debt limit battles they paid off. john: we have a chart on this. >> a real achievement and i joke that sometimes washington have you evil party and stupid party. john: other chart.
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employed back up, you mentioned that unemployment rate. president takes credit, i reduceed it 10% now it only 5 1/2%, it was 10% because he took office during the recession and percentage of people who are employeeed is way down. people don't look for jobs. >> two things, labor force pay partingparticipation rate is critical. i want to say something about unemployment rate. when obama had his so-called stimulus the rate of near 10% once it stopped and we entered a 5 year spending freeze that is when it fell. you have a smaller government, as a share of gdp shrink is a
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real achieve. i make fun of republicans, but they did that. ryan budget for 4 years in a row, included real medicare, and medicaid reform, obama would veto it, we have a long way to go. but maybe i am gradeing on a curve but i think there is say little bit of hope. >> stimulus plan, president promised 4% gdp growth hereafter year he likes to take credit for that, stimulus ended in 2011 all of the economy growth occurred after that stimulus ubut what do we have since the economic recovery? we had sequestration. john: that was supposed to be horrible. >> that is what obama loves to go after republicans for they are cynical they didn't cooperate or work together. john: shut down the government. >> you say republicans froze spending it -- you are not
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blame orizing you -- blame glamourizing it, they froze it accidently. >> you it spending shoot up so much in 2009. >> government spending we know that is bs. john: deficit it another thing that president brags bi have reduceed deficit by 2/3 because in his first year there was $800 billion in stimulus spending. >> it could go web bolo 20 -- it could go below 20%. we're still 448 billion deficit but key thing to realize
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deficit fell because of policies that obama opposed. not as far as we need to go. but that lit of progress has occurred in spite of obama. not because of him. >> i don't think people realize that paragraph of good economic news is so crafted by presidential speech writers. the ultimate in cherry picking. john: they say look how much oil we're producing at home, but president opposed much of that. >> right. >> he said in his first state of union, we need to lock at energy independence and off of oil from saudi arabia, he could have done it but he did not. john: public land, partly any increase all increase on private land mostly from fracking. >> right. >> a tribute to private sector,
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that is a thyme of what is wrong with obama these always thinks government it the answer, but you look across ocean all european welfare states in various degrees of economy economic and fiscal decay obama treats us like greeks, and french and italianian but we don't get theedthegood wines. >> rebecca is not asking for a hand out, but she is asking we look for more ways to help family get ahead. >> is that a contradiction. >> i think rebecca is handing for a hand out not a check at that moment from the president but, you know that not to say she is not as bad as kind of big corporation that democrat love to demonize when they ask for special treatment and extra deal and help because they are doing something important. just like rebecca.
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john: katherine austin and dan thank you we'll come back to you later in show to join us argument. follow me on twitter. like my facebook page. >> next, what does one of my favorite lift widgers think about -- left wingers think about what president said. and a look back at president's previous state of the union promises, how many has he kept? how can power consumption in china
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john: now that we libertarian weighed in on president's speech, we hear from someone on the left, ellis did you like what you heard? >> a feisty obama a liberateed obama, i obama said that i am president for next two years i liked it. john: i agree with your
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characterization he speaks well. ni against offered americans more free stuff. >> i am sending this congress a bold new plan to lower the cost ofof community college to zero. john: you liked it? >> that is a bargain i want. we give people in our society because we think it is right thing to do, education to a senior year in college. you don't pay a nickel, we learned now. you know maybe we should add a couple of years. john: how do we pay for it. >> make sure folks pay their fair share who have not been, close some loopholes make sure that people at very top who have been getting away with paying so little kick in more. john: community college right now most kids don't graduate in 2 years or 4 years. >> then they don't get the deal,
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you have to perform well, and graduate get good grades. john: you don't have to perform well if you in college you can go to college for free, if it not working now why buzz does he. more why do you want more of program that rarely work. >> i want to set them up in a way they do work. john: doesn't governmental ways they that and fail. >> no, it is an imperfect thing. i don't think we should throw up our hands and say year not good enough as americans to achieve this. john: we libertarians say if you leave us alen we'll achieve, but we heard phrase, middle class economics. >> i like that phrase. >> they must have poll tested it it. what does this mean? >> middle class people are behind they are struggling. >> that is economics there are
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not poor economics and rich economics and middle classic economic. >> this distribution of wealth does not happen by accident, we have a tax code, reward certain things and punish other people, let's get it back to whack so it is fair to regular people. john: already rich pay more than poor do. and reason is when people are free some get rich. >> a reason. that those folks at very top they get all goodys. john: stock market went up. >> you know, you just want to say fine,99% of people don't stkefrdeserve anything. john: i don't think they job the system it does not benefit only them, i think that wealth does spread if people are free. >> yes, but government does not have no role in this.
quote quote
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john: it has plenty now. >> you know, let's be sure to -- that we, regular people, have a voice at the tape element if corporations, and 1%% get those goodies, send my kids to community college. let me make sure i have a child tax credit, if i am sick. john: all right move on. to something we may agree on. >> good. >> cuba we're ending a policy that was long past the ex pering aingexpiration date. when what you are doing does not work for 50 years it's time it try something new. john: all right so. i agree. it has not worked but marco rubio said this policy shift is
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based on a lie. access to money and goods will translate to political freedom. >> you know, it has worked everywhere else in world than in cuba. thing in florida has to do with a certain narrow political issue there, that does not apply in florida. try something different. john: should we work with congress on things like immigration? executive orders did they bother you. >> it is not my first choice, you are president right you have certain legal authority law said, there is some stuff you can do on your own congress said no, no, nothing never you like it we hate it, at some point, wouldn't you say i wish you would work with me, but if you won't i'm not doing nothing. john: i am by myself going to legalize all of these immigrants and invite more people to come into the country by executive order. >> i think it is prosecutorial
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authority. john: i agree with you, thank you, coming up our live studio audience weighs in we'll talk about how president obama has fixed america.
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>> [applause] john: we of are back with our studio audience an hour panel. from "reason" magazine kathryn mangu-ward and austin petersen crater of
quote quote
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his websites all reporting on the free college plan that says it flunks the republican test. >> from the man who promised free health care comes free college? [laughter] students spend more of books than they do what class's it is a giveaway to the college said the use it to turn around and raise rates. john: i agree. but the president doesn't listen to himself sometimes he said he once more workplace rules and complaint. >> we're the only indians country on earth that does not guarantee paid sick leave. john: that is probably true but legislator he said this. >> america has put more people back to work there and europe, japan, and all the indians the economy's combined. said he doesn't get the connections? >> i assume his
11:29 pm
speechwriters are giggling in the basement that they pulled one over of the president because he was contradicting himself. we're doing better because middle have as much government intervention measure up that is why the job creation numbers are better. [applause] here is a news flash when government passes rules to make it more difficult guess what happens? because it is the healthy families act you are against healthy families. >> the other german has been clearly tested. >> is actually the exact opposite. but there is far too much flexibility we have to clamp down. new rules for eveready. >> then make the joke libertarians if you don't like government then move to somalia. then why don't you move to
11:30 pm
north korea if you like government? [laughter] [applause] let's venture into something that deprograms year to approach which is that neutrality the president briefly talked about we're getting no great message from republicans either i know there is a bill but the lake that abroad period provide neutral in it prohibits them blocking websites. and also prohibit them from charging companies for faster delivery. >> we have problems communist nerd's pushing that neutrality. these are people who don't understand supply and demand were they just want to push it away like president obama. but most people of netflix 60% of traffic is then of
11:31 pm
course, you pay more than pass it onto the consumer. >> but that is a way to inspire people to create faster deliveries to make it isn't easy case what we should be defending is the status quo. it should be a place that is free and unregulated. we already have amazing stuff and it is amazing to say that is not working we need to fix that. >> fred upton is kate's upton's bother. [laughter] but why would retake a successful technology turning into a public utility like a sewer system? that is bad news for america >> never let to a crisis go to waste because politicians always say let's pass
11:32 pm
neutrality. >> but the big companies will prevent them from growing. >> it is so much more likely government will prevent them from speaking. yes perhaps a big company to exercise power of a far far far more likely the idiots in the rule will decide to do with themselves. john: thank-you kathryn mangu-ward earlier repassed them to look at the promises the president made. what did he keep? any of them? [applause]
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john: in all of the president's state of the union speech is jesus i will do this or that and how often does the? in 2010 i heard the president say this. >> we will go to the budget line by line page by page to eliminate programs we cannot afford and don't work. john: what happened? our panel is back to dissect line by line. >> every single year obama has proposed more spending and congress implemented progress we talked about earlier there has been progress on the government spending but only because the policies the president was supposed to with the sequestration. c.s. we made progress. john: and line by line has ever happened.
11:38 pm
he also said he would get rid of stupid rules. >> i have ordered every federal agent to eliminate rules that don't make sense. [laughter] >> the he added 106 new federal regulations but the president but it always'' -- goes up also to say get rid of regulations the allow costabile by wed from $96 a month reprieve but the 396 so how does that help health care costs go down? to make this is not democratic because is bush hired the thousand regulators he promised to close guantanamo bay. >> but this is the year every year he gets to be president for a whole year is he still pleasant manage?
11:39 pm
john: he said 250 now there is 122 ; also end the war's end drawdown troops said this is the thing where you can only say i did a little bit better with the most powerful man in the free world is probably close appraises. >> it is not like their japanese internment camps but we have seen those who have been released have been captured on the battlefield again so we're not even in administering justice properly because the president is endangering national security. john: administering justice properly would be them to american prisons to give them due process. >> the then rigo to reform the prisons said he promised to do. john: then we would not spend $3 billion on guantanamo prisoners. he promised he would
11:40 pm
increase regulations of takes and taxes of the rich. >> he did. this is very frustrating he pushed through the tax hikes as part of obamacare then to say ameritech is not competitive enough. we have the third or fourth highest capital gains tax tax, he is proposing to increase the death taxes these are not recipes dash a you're hurting workers begins to laugh less capital formation. [applause] >> where they do a pull on the small business is the number one problem is not that they need sales the number one problem is all the regulations and all the
11:41 pm
red tape so if obama really cared he played it privies regulations. >> i heard the air against that we need more employers to see beyond their earnings to invest in though workforce with long-term interest. >> this just seems secondary to say it is the job of government to help working-class americans. it is a job of american to help all americans mostly by leaving them alone but at the very least she will apply equally across all classes are all people though notion that he could see who needs help to a minister in a precise way to fix the economy is appalling [applause] john: also talking about keystone let's set our
11:42 pm
sights higher than the single allele pipeline the pass infrastructure to create more than 30 times as many jobs. >> talking about cutting back on pollution that what he does not understand that the trades that are used redound to transport oil create more pollution we have dozens why can't we build one more crack. >> it is time for the to rectify my comment. up and they are now proposing to do a gas tax to fund more highway spending and mass transit spending. we should not have a department of transportation at all. they just won the election to promise anti-government now to pay a higher gas tax? >> what about the carbon
11:43 pm
tax? to make if we could trust politicians to eliminate bad tax i may take tablets in i don't trust them. john: my status of the union address i will sit with the president should have said. but first your questions. [cheers and applause] i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car
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[applause] john: now your comments or questions we have dan mitchell, ed kathryn mangu-ward from a recent magazine and ellis hennican. first from my facebook page page, would be the downside of a flat tax to do away with the expense of the irs? >> people who could afford the most to have to give the most to those who can don't have to give so much that is fair. >> that is with a more competitive country a flat tax is a much less destructive way for the government to raise revenue but there is no way to have
11:48 pm
a good tax system as we figure out how to restrain the growth of the government's spending. john: that still means the rich paid more to make if you make 10 times more you pay 10 times more. there is the zero bracket amount for the poorest citizens. >> is it likely with his proposed funding of college they would contribute to the probing higher education bubble. >> more than likely it is when a to present certain inevitable. >> you will raise prices to make a few subsidize something you get more of it and it is more expensive. civic guess it costs more ready but we needed trading and we need to compete. education is a good thing. >> what risks d.c. to prolonged in comedy quality?
11:49 pm
>> i think there is a major problem with corruption and cronyism in washington. when people get the sense you get rich by trading on connections rather then you are a successful where entreprenuers or a good baseball player that undermines people's faith in the system her garner think the average american harbors resentment to steve jobs or bill gates but the wall street bailout artist or the import/export bank suckers. >> there also don't like it that no matter how hard they work better and have a fair chance to get ahead of the debt is increasing today in the numbers bear it all that money is parked at the top you were all working hard and you're not getting as far as you deserve. >> beginning people false hope to read -- remedy with increasing the minimum wage if you say all you have to do is pass a rule that will
11:50 pm
go way that it gives a false sense of the problem. >> but the evidence that people just get paid better. >> stemming but they are not the same for pro. >> i have not met to many. >> but my question is who will pay for the big expensive government? to make you. [laughter] john: a quick and short answer stricken bipartisan solution like infrastructure or immigration never be found gore to reach just have to be the majority party is to make their all kinds of solutions that are
11:51 pm
out there but bipartisan is with everybody signs on the does not mean it is good policy to make that can be true. but don't you agree that we have these roads and mass transit? most people can agree with that of mckewon obama are trying to cover-up. >> cemetery the clinton years we got bipartisanship for welfare reform and reducing the burden of government spending to less than 18 percent of gdp. >> can we got it for t.a.r.p. so let's get the underlying policy. not just a little shrine that the party both agree on something. [laughter] [applause] >> we're in the process to normalize diplomatic
11:52 pm
relations with cuba and ust is to hold cuba accountable and how does the president's plan on doing this? john: we are out of time. we cannot solve it. i hope they work it out. [laughter] next with the president should have said. my stage of the union address. [cheers and applause] just a ram 1500 ecodiesel that gets 156 more miles per tank than the ford f-150 ecoboost. get more facts at
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11:56 pm
the union speech for the sixth time i see a pattern now. he said my administration has done great things america is better because of me and my government. give me a break. in my dreams he says something like this. i heard the voters in november when you to control of the senate away from my party. i get it. i overreached and i impose obamacare on a nation that is deeply divided about it. i ruled through executive orders instead of legislation and. i threw money at my cronies that investing green energy and their promise to bear cub would be held 1 million electric cars. i will give the payments for grain energy if republicans stop coddling defense contractors. [cheers and applause]
11:57 pm
i pretended higher taxes on rich people would solve the financial problems and more taxes won't. there are not enough to make much of a difference in some of those rich people create good things. we are already spending almost $4 trillion my government doesn't need more money we need to spend less. i should have known i have been in government for years and i know how badly it works the last thing i should try to do is make it bigger and in fact it is time i worked with hugh to shrink government. [cheers and applause] then we could start digging our way out of debt. even if we just slows the growth at 2 percent per year
11:58 pm
we would be out of trouble. but i never even tried to accomplish that. i was struck on the idiot to promise all the free stuff. free college free phones and birth control. [laughter] i was told all things come from government but it is nonsense. from now when we should put an end to bailouts of all kinds. [cheers and applause] if business is crustacean except the consequences like ordinary people who spend recklessly and main streets should never again be forced to rescue wall street. [applause] i expanded government's involvement with health care. that was a mistake we should reduce government's involvement and that includes medicare. i know it is very popular but it is unsustainable if
11:59 pm
current retirees and their people should pay with their own health care. into helps them do that let's make america richer by abolishing most regulation. [cheers and applause] most of government's rules are not needed. i will approve the keystone pipeline to vote -- to improve fracking. the more i think about the more congress and i could transform american aha just by getting out of america's way the state of the new ritually be strong if the state is strictly limited. >> maybe some day a president will say something like that. i will not hold my breath.
12:00 am
and before we leave their programming note. starting next week new episodes of stossel will be on every friday at 9:00 p.m.. same time same channel. we will see you there. good night. >> do reaction to the president gives the state of the union address that sounded like the campaign stump speech that a message to divide the country is simply to suggest that we have all but won the war on terror. president obama and appeared in front of the republican controlled congress that came close to tontine as a success calling for a dramatic expansion of government programs secreted affordable high quality child care more than ever.


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