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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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twitter at independents@fbn e-mail us if you are crazy and drunk this holiday season for kmele foster and matt welch i'm kennedy, wishing you the most glorious season, you are the reason we are here. good night. dobbs. >> good evening everyone tonight a public official is telling radical islamist terrorists exactly how he feels about them and the mayor of rotterdam happens to be muslim. , he is issuing this profane directive to the radical islamist terrorists who carried out the attacks killing 17 people in france last week. and the same words to all that support them.
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[speaking in native tongue] [bleep] lou: a defiant "charlie hebdo" magazine. good thing the probable comment on this week's cover. as you can see he is betrayed as crying and holding a sign that read that i am charlie, with the words i am forgiven. words that the surviving members that "charlie hebdo" says are open to interpretation. and president obama absent from the terrorist rally. he remains absent when it comes to identifying the threat that his radical islamist terrorist. and more appalling is the damage control campaign by left-wing media outlets. this is a democratic political
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organ pinning the blame on the president's absence on paris and the mishandling over the weekend on his counselors and confidantes and staff hurried the hardly ever accountable president himself finding himself on the wrong side of history once again, a place from which he seems to rarely strayed these days. president obama spokesman giving a detailed report on what exactly the president was doing sunday instead of attending the unity rally with global leaders in paris. forty-four of them. president obama was able to find time today to meet with the leadership of both houses of congress, white house correspondent ed henry has the report. >> in the first face-to-face since republicans took over congress, president obama pledged to work with the gop. >> i'm looking forward to not just this discussion but real collaboration. reporter: a few minutes later josh earnest left the door open.
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when he was willing to admit that the president cannot shut down the u.s. military prison by executive action. >> i'm not willing to jump that far ahead. >> maybe we will prevail upon enough members who work with them and achieve a goal shared by democrats and republicans. reporter: except the new republican chairman of the intelligence committee wants more. most remaining detainees come from yemen. they have direct ties to al qaeda in yemen. >> we realize that anyone that might be at wonton will or anywhere in the world is a legitimate source rest go to and to run the names of the brothers and to see if there is talk of this. reporter: this includes another
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official to the terrorist rally against terror and the criticism coming from presidents usual allies. >> couldn't obama have sent a friend? reporter: jimmy carter tried to support mr. robot reporter: jimmy carter tried to support president obama. white house officials are counting on mondays admission of a mistake to get reporters board and move on. refusing to discuss what the president was doing instead and said on sunday. >> did you get a chance to have a conversation with the president? >> there were conversations here at the white house about that. >> is the president upset with this decision that involves all these other world leaders? has he expressed any anger about that? >> not that i'm aware.
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reporter: joe lieberman today blasted the administration's refusal to blame the terrorist attacks on radical islam. >> are forms of extremism that threaten us, but the one that we are at war with
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tour the president has made it abundantly clear that he's willing to risk national security to protect those who have come here illegally. the debate has become about choices and the presidents choices, the choice that the president himself has made in regard to this issue. >> some lakers sound relieved. so the clock doesn't run out on them. they can allow this fight to play out. lou: mike emanuel. we will have more on the arguments over the amnesty fiat later in the broadcast. president obama offering legal protection of a share information about cyberthreats with government agencies. the obama proposal comes a day after the twitter and youtube pages were hacked by the hottest sympathizers, the website
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online the president said that more needs to be done to tackle the threat. >> i have a state of the union and one of the things we will be talking about is tiber security that to ways, with a twitter account that was islamist he hottest sympathizers yesterday and it just goes to show how much work we need to do to make sure that families bank accounts are safe and everything is safe. lou: it makes one wonder why isn't this administration doing so. the pentagon ordered all 50 of the social media websites associated with the office of and to strengthen the password. some lawmakers are questioning why such agencies even need social media.
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>> the big question should be wider they why do they have their own twitter and youtube pages? focusing on that is not the social editorializing. it is not their job maybe they don't have these accounts because they are in control of those. lou: obama officials largely trying to downplay the cyberattacks. the pentagon compared it to a prank and secretary chuck hagel said it was not a big deal. the air force general in charge of cybersecurity emphasized to congress that no classified information was breached. >> there is no evidence of penetration into government and specifically the military computer system. lou: the fbi investigating
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whether the cyberattack originated in maryland as some claim, but some day it came from the middle east or groups like the islamic state. we are coming right back. president obama and his white house blew it when world leaders gather to protest terrorism. now there is a major pr damage control effort to spin it as a staff problem and not a these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose... ddenly...
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lou: among other developments in washington, the vibe bipartisan keystone pipeline legislation clearing a hurdle, for what it's shy of being able to override a veto threat from president obama and my neck has says we have the cosponsor of legislation and joining us is senator david vitter. it's great to have you with us, senator. >> thank you for the invite. >> oxcart with the keystone issue. are you confident that it's going to move forward? >> i am confident that it will.
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being vetoproof is a higher hurdle. and i'm certain that we will get about 63 votes on the senate floor as of now to be vetoproof it would be 67, we are still working on ideas including possible amendments to get us up to that higher number. >> turning quick if i may to the developments in paris. forty-four world leaders there not any senior member of the administration in foreign-policy, what do you make of the white house excuse that no one told the president surely the president of the would be aware. he gets most of his news from newspapers and television. >> no one told the president about a huge terrorist attack and the planned response including most world leaders going to paris. something is really wrong and ultimately it is the presidents
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responsibility. this is fundamentally about presidential vision and leadership or lack thereof. to take another example when president reagan said mr. gorbachev needs to tear down these walls, he personally wrote that over the objection of every staff member insight was ronald reagan who demanded that they be in this speech, these were his words and it was literally over the objection of every staffer inside. >> what do you make of politico and other left-wing things? including putting out this nonsense about staffing. they are doing damage control for the president of the united states instead of reporting it. >> i think that they clearly are. they are completely out of step with the american people, whatever they are, democrats and
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republicans, they clearly agree that this was a real blunder. >> turning to immigration now. all sorts of indications that the house will move forward with legislation. it is clear that they have a move to blunt the executive order. what are your thoughts on immigration near the border security committee. tell us your thinking? two i think that we all need to act strongly to block this unconstitutional executive and so i certainly am going to support the house effort and i think that they will be successful and i think that they will send it over to the senate and then we need to try to get the votes for that or something close to it in the senate. and i have been meeting for weeks going back to when the president formally issued the executive amnesty with other conservatives talking about and
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strategizing about this. this is a huge issue in a huge constitutional issue. lou: last week he met with loretta lynch. what are your thoughts. did you like it? to do not remap. >> she was perfectly likable as a person, but i'm voting no over this issue because she is completely supportive and an apologist for the president and his executive order and if she were allowed in the country, that would be a significant position in unconstitutional agenda. i'm voting no over this and all of this discussion on the issue i thought that she was particularly unresponsive and the discussion was really particularly disappointing. lou: senator senator, it's good to have you with us and thank
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you. it is time for a look at our online poll results. we asked whether you agree that this country's economic resurgence is real. 93% said no. but on the pool tonight when the question is governor romney says that he may want to be president after all. his governor romney among your top choices to become president in the vote of 2016? cast your vote at tonight. and as the house house tries to defund the president's illegal immigration fee ought, one of the largest cities in the country begins rewarding illegal immigrants with new benefits in standing. lis wiehl and rebekah arose on the constitutionality of it all. or the lack thereof. that h
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to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. lou: bill de blasio introducing identification for some half
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million illegal immigrants live in the bee this week. >> we are adamant that people cannot and should not live in the shadows. we don't want any of the new yorkers to feel like second-class citizens are left out. we don't want them to feel disrespected this is the notion that we all matter and that everyone has an identity, by definition every identity should be recognized. >> they will be able to open bank accounts, have a free one-year membership entering the city's top cultural institutions. joining us now to talk about whether this is legal or not lis wiehl, criminal defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. thank you both for being here. so what is going on? and by the way, could he have been more compress? >> this is incredible, here is why come you go into your local library, any place like that
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with this. so you need to have residents were ironman sending it to show where you are coming you can show who you are by giving this. and i went on the government website today and it does not have to be machine-readable. i could come in there with a pencil drawing and say that i will be able to get with the utility belt. but you don't even need a utility bill, you can say here is a note from a religious organization or from a nonprofit and that will be enough. >> i live in is particularly part of manhattan, that is good enough. and i think she's really hitting it big point, the point is that how do we know who is who, people are just going to come up with things and then they can transfer one state to another. lou: the chair of the national immigration forum talking about the mayor providing for the
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community's needs and interests in so doing. he is an advocate for amnesty for open borders and one of the countries that i think, is the most knowledgeable people on the immigration issue. this is superseding federal law. it is against the law to create this and we have many in the country. this is not an administration that is going to secure the border or prosecute or deport. what gamely playing out here and is there any resolution? >> i don't know that there is, there are 10 other cities and countries around the county including washington dc that's exactly the same kind of law. >> at some point there has to be, you have the chamber of commerce working hand in glove with left-wing organizations to
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disregard. this includes labor and high-value and highly educated sophisticated folks if they want to bring into the country or keep in the country. but the reality is that nearly everyone is low educated and low skill. >> but we are also looking at situation that could be possibly used to the advantage of that we are not allowing them status as a citizen. but if you access banking institutions, why can we not tax those that work here who claim that we would take taxes. >> are you trying to drive them back into to shadows? remap i pay taxes and i'm proud to do it. >> i am obviously being facetious, but you know what i mean. >> i agree with consumers my worry is that if you are here
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you are al qaeda, you want to lease a house. lou: do you really want to know who is your remap. >> sure, i kind of want to know. >> i do as well. >> i often travel state to state. >> turning today to david petraeus eric holder wants them in jail, charging him with or planning to charge him with felonies what do you think? >> it's not going to be an effective prosecution. >> it's a heck of a punishment. >> that is a good word. >> i think the issue is david petraeus, where is the information coming from? we don't know and it's being leaked out. they claimed that he gave leaks -- what was the intent? was her intent to commit any sort of crime? >> it doesn't matter.
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if the attorney general was after him, is it or is it not. >> was there an intent to commit some sort of conspiracy? and the president himself said that this is not going to harm national security. >> two years later, we are in the same vote it seems to me for prosecution. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. >> you are perfect in everything you do. [applause] >> bless her heart and thank you b1. lou: the inaugural bendable team of the oregon ducks and helpers for a great season that was entertaining in so many ways and such a delight. both teams should be proud.
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espn, a big winner as well. overnight ratings showing the telecast was the highest-rated television broadcast of all time, scoring an 18.5 rating. that is more than 20% increase from the championship last year. the bowl championship. and ohio state winning the game you wouldn't know it by the scene in columbus. please forced to use tear gas and pepper spray to contain the unruly crowd, upwards of almost 90 fires on the campus, no problems reported in oregon. it was a quiet night because we were there in dallas and we will watch it all. polling for the oregon ducks and all i can say is go ducks. we are coming right back. lou: how speaker john boehner said it's not about immigration but the constitution.
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lou: john boehner making it clear the debate over funding for the department of homeland security has nothing to do with the issue of immigration despite that the white house running to veto the homeland security funding bill if it includes provisions that would have locked the executive fiat
10:36 pm
granting amnesty. joining us now is congressman matt salmon. it's good to have you with us. >> it's good to have you. nancy pelosi -- how do you respond to her speech on global terrorism? >> they crammed it down everyone's throats and i was one of the guys to go against the rules and try to do everything that i could to stop it. and we secured a promise from leadership when the new congress convened. and congress -- the president actually said himself he didn't have the authority to do this. lou: that is one of the great unknowns is why this president
10:37 pm
made a 180-degree turn on the issue of power and limits as well. >> he doesn't care about the separation of powers. >> you may want to destroy that separation of power. >> what is really sad is that i haven't seen one democrat santa fe institution then we have the chance to stand out. they are going to regret this. it's a heckuva precedent to set, but the congress failed to act on something, that he gets to enact a new law by fiat. they should be thankful that we are out there clarifying that the president doesn't have this right and we are stripping the funding away. >> i'm confused about something, but maybe you can help me out.
10:38 pm
in the meeting today with congressional leadership and republican leadership he cited cybersecurity and trade, tax policies and yet speaker boehner has made it clear that he doesn't trust and what do the republicans who are members of the house, they don't trust him. >> why would you guys go along under this and give him fast-track authority on trade and by the way you abrogate your own responsibilities under the constitution because the constitution defines trait is your responsibility and not the president. >> i am a free trader and i have always supported free-trade agreement throughout the world with the united states. lou: i am as well. but if you are delegated constitutional authority, why would you resist in another? >> that's a great point, i'm not
10:39 pm
going to belabor that. the american people don't trust the president and that is why we want in the house and senate because there was a rapper on him on him and his policies and so i think my feeling is that we have to be bold for the next couple of years. we need to control the agenda and we need to put things on his desk that he doesn't want to see. here is a president that doesn't make decisions. he has had hairy reed shielding him for the last six years now is the time to put this on and let him put up or shut up when it comes to these things. we gave it to him three times and he came along kicking and screaming. the fact is that we are going to have to beat this president at his own game. lou: it will be interesting to
10:40 pm
see what he takes credit for in moving ahead. i appreciated because it's always good to talk to you. lou: happy new year. coming up next, the department of defense minimizing yesterday's cyberattack by islamic state sympathizers raising the question as to whether the military has a twitter and youtube account. that is advanced up until every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america. guts. glory. ram. ♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle!
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lou: talking just for a moment about business and volatility, on wall street today the volume fell a little. the dow jones down 27 points. but that was only after 425 points during each session. the s&p lost five come and the nasdaq down three. sounds like a ho-hum day which shifted and gyrated throughout the session, 4.1 billion shares crude oil walling below $46 per barrel, gasoline prices dropping $2.12 per gallon nation wide. american consumers save the $14 billion as a result of the falling gas prices as they
10:45 pm
stokely last year. this year the projections are that american consumers may save as much as $75 billion this much. tesla hit hard after china wages fell significantly for stocks. about 7%. go-pro camera stumbling double digits. i wonder what apple will do with their sports camera, apple up 4%. beginning the earnings season with a positive report started getting lots of indicators on how banking and technology institutions fare later this week. and be sure to listen to my financial report three times a day on the salem radio network. the head of europe's police
10:46 pm
organization with europe facing the most serious security threat since september 11. up to 5000 european's. joining me now are chairman of the institute for the study of war, it's great to see you jack. >> thank you. it's great to see you a. >> the president and the white house saying that they messed up. i didn't realize the president and realize that he should have sent one of his national security leaders to paris. and other leaders apparently didn't require such instruction. your reaction to the lame excuse and then secondly the fact that this excuse had to be made. >> that is a good word for it. this is a pattern of behavior
10:47 pm
that the administration has had towards terrorists around the world, trying to say that they have isolated acts not connected to anything, minimizing those acts. the fact is that regardless of what country does takes place in to include europe and the united states or canada, all of them have connective tissue and the common bond that they have is that they all believe in radical islam ideology, they walk away from that totally, that is part of the pattern as to why they instinctively did not do this. lou: 12 years ago they had all sorts of islamic experts middle east experts, to discuss with the enemies should be called because it was a volatile and uncertain area.
10:48 pm
each one of those experts, highly respected experts after about two weeks of discussion, we landed on radical islamist more than 12 years later and this is a debate in the administration as it was in the bush administration. they have the same aversion to radicals honest as this not quite to this level of fervor. >> once you name it this drives the political movement we have a strategy about it. and it has to be comprehensive
10:49 pm
we have to counter this ideology and we walked away from having this comprehensive plan. >> the white house has called for this. >> saying that this is really nice view, but forget it. >> well, you know probably not, but i would like him to come and put on the table that we are not going to discuss violent extremism around the world when 99% of it is driven by radical islamists and that is what we need to be discussing.
10:50 pm
and that includes leaders in europe, as you mentioned 5000 potential more fighters that are out there and that is going to be on the mind of european and little eastern leaders to be sure. lou: a muslim telling radical islamist, terrorist, those that support terrorism and those that reject the european culture and many drive-in telling them to take a hike. and nothing am unaccustomed to, but i don't want to use it on the air. what is your reaction to someone having that strength and the person being a muslim not in america. >> absolutely there are clearly
10:51 pm
examples of muslims that have stood up and this is one of the aspects of the movement. if you raise up a new challenge the movement, your life is going to be threatened or you're going to be terrorized to be sure. that is why i am convinced that the united states has to truly believe in this. who is going to lead this comprehensive strategy? we're the only ones that can get the europeans to move in this direction. lou: general jack keane, thank you for being with us. coming up next dealing with so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand.
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>> regarding a cyberattack as an act of war establishing this for the use of military force come in the white house and pentagon working hard to downplay this and. lou: today responded to the attacks on twitter and youtube in a ludicrous fashion. this is little more than a prank of vandalism, but that is all it is. in no way does it come from eyes operation from any way shape or form. all of these word games are now standard for the obama administration, which is reliably all too quick to dismiss enemies and threats and attacks. we recall that he dismiss this as cybervandalism it just
10:57 pm
happens to be in possession of crimea in much of eastern europe area and including the islamic state and the administration dismissing this shooting as workplace violence. and this includes damage control rather than formulating smart effective policies. certainly spending staff issues and certainly not the presidents the state. their response is a government protection plan and yes, you heard me right that the obama and ration that indemnifies corporations if they were to sure information about cyberattacks with the federal
10:58 pm
government. and of course they ingested it and swallowed it whole. what seems to be doing is admitting that they wouldn't even know about corporate cyberattacks unless they told him to. rather than national defense. it was as if he went to congress, not to ask them to declare war on japan but to ask for the money required to rebuild our base in pearl harbor, to compensate the dead and wounded. and the national liberal media response is they are plugging their approval without any suggestion of applying the critical judgment to the issues. god for bid we see someone apply critical judgment to this
10:59 pm
administrations policies and actions or inactions. the quotation of the evening. saying that this is as true in everyday life as it is in battle. we are given one life and the decision is ours whether to wait for circumstances to make up our minds or to act and in acting to live. and now the wrap up, the president urging both leaders to create a leaner and more affection droppers he. >> are going to be opportunities for us to work together on trade and simplifying the tax system and making sure that everyone is paying their fair share. and so it's more responsive. lou: did you see the excitement? did you sense the excitement in that room? it's a speech that we have all
11:00 pm
heard before. and we know much more about this presidentand this president likely wants to talking about running the senate out of >> here's a wage hike i like. blase company is deciding it. not the federal government forcing it. edna is boosting its minimum wage to 16 bucks an hour to attract talent. it's true. competition is keen in this business so he wants to attract the best for his business. let's just say he can afford it. total cost for the wage hike as well as more generous health care provisions for those workers will cost edna about $14 million. that's this year. maybe 25 million next year. but seeing as edna's operating revenue is at least $62 billion


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