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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  July 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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free home for he, his wife kelly and four children to live in. help build more of these. we'll build gorgeous homes thanks to you. >> good cause. "the willis report" is next, gerri is discussing a recall that should be happening but isn't happening? gerri: that's right, liz and dave. thanks for that, consumer reports calling on toyota to recall camry hybrid. taking calories to a whole new level at we look at some of the most calorie laden meals across the country. the economy seems to be bouncing back but are your finances following suit? and why some of the medications you buy your pets could make them feel worse not better. "the willis report," where consumers are our business, starts right now. we begin tonight with a demand for the toyota recall. consumer reports urging toyota to recall more than 100,000
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older model camry hybrids because the faulty power brakes. here with more is consumer reports car editor jeff bartlett. why is cr asking or demanding the recall? . >> consumer reports analysis of technical services bulletins and recalls, one stood out from the hybrid from 2007 to 2011. seems that owners have been complaining about brake issues. nhtsa, meaning the government, working with toyota on identifying and coming up with a correction for this. but toyota is not recalling the cars. they're doing a kind of a half step. they're offering to make corrections if someone has a problem or brings a car in but not issuing a full recall. gerri: it's a work-around, and nhtsa, national highway safety traffic administration. here are the complaints, 269 complaints, 14 crashes, 5 injuries out there. tell us technically what's
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going on with the cars? what's the problem? >> there are two problems. one is a clogged brake fluid reservoir filter. the fix is to redesigned a brake fluid reservoir. the circuit a ebs brake actuator and to update software, we have two items that are brake related and because brakes are clearly a safety issue, we recommend that toyota go one step further and issue a full recall. gerri: the deal with this, as i understand it, jeff, is the problem makes it harder to stop the car? it's hard to stop the car. so at the end of the day, why wouldn't toyota recall these cars? what's the issue? what are they saying no? >> toyota feels that the measures they're putting in place are adequate, they're addressing problems as they emerge, and not every car is experiencing these problems. but we think because of the severity of the problem that the brakes could be very difficult to use and clearly that's a safety issue, that they should go one step
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further. if it's a formal recall, it changes how it's communicated, it makes it far easier for consumers to search online or by other means to find out if it effects their car, and the coverage lasts a much longer time. if someone doesn't find out about this before the current campaigns end, say in a couple years from now, they would be able to get the car corrected. gerri: here's what toyota is saying -- and yet, if was a recall, folks would get letters in the mailbox, right? you would get contacted directly. that's the beauty of that. you don't have to wait for a dealer to look at your car when it's serviced to make the change. >> that's right, a more proactive campaign. toyota says they are reaching out to owners but the level of communication isn't quite the same. they're asking owners who have a warning light related to the
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breaks to get the vehicle fixed immediately, but some cases that may be too late. we'd rather show the problem fixed before it occurs for the individuals. gerri: i totally agree with that. the toyota camry hybrid. if you got one of those, take it into the dealer right away and make sure it's safe. thanks for that, jeff, appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: two updates from the auto world. texas lawyer and frequent guest on the program bob hilliard is suing general motors on behalf of 650 people injured or killed in crashes allegedly caused by the faulty ignition switches. all the crashes occurred after gm left bankruptcy. hilliard wants to file nearly 250 more case from before the bankruptcy. and on hyundai, they are getting in on the recall craze. the korean automaker is recalling 883,000 of popular sonata sedans from 2011 to
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2014. the automatic transmission shift cable can separate from the lever and might show the wrong gear. you think you're in park when you are actually in reverse. switching gears from car to restaurant, where extreme eaters are packing in two days of calories into a single meal. we're bringing in the diet busters with nutritionist carrie gan. good to see you. >> good to see you. gerri: bottomless fries, monster drinks is it a surprise that the restaurants are serving big, big calories? >> absolutely not. unfortunately, years and years ago we didn't know the calories in the dishes because it wasn't listed. gerri: now it is. >> now it is. people can see it, and should be saying, oh, my god, i'm not going to eat. that unfortunately, not enough people are doing that. gerri: people should make their own decisions, good have the information.
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when you take a looked at calories, you're going to be shocked. red robin, number one worst meal in america working darn hard, i got to say. let's talk about what it is, and the calorie count here. you're looking at a fancy pants hamburger there. >> that is what you are looking at. 3,540 calories! i mean, that is insane! >> so what's on this thing is it's a monster burger, it has tomato, which is nice, cheese, bacon on it, but lots of other things too, and you get a salted caramel milk shake and youor fire. saturated fat is high, 89 grams? >> it's just when you think about it. it's more than double of what a person should be eating for the entire day. it's a lot! >> here's the payoff. >> yes. gerri: you did work for us and i want to share this. what it would take to burn off this monster meal? >> oh, i did not do that work
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for you? gerri: i was giving you credit. 12 hours of brisk walking. 12 hours. we're talking longer than a workday to work this thing off. probably not going to happen. >> no. it really is crazy when you think about it, and unfortunately, people are ordering these meals. and, yes i agree with you, it is your choice. gerri: cheesecake factory, in the study we're citing, this appeared, this restaurant appeared three times, and they have a pasta dish with chicken and roasted garlic that logged in 2400 calories. >> chicken, pasta, yes, over 2400 calories. >> the french toast gets me. not so bad, right? eggs, bread, 2700 calories. >> imagine starting your day with that? just think that's many days that is to start the day with. gerri: cheesecake factory, 7
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hours of swimming laps. chicken pasta dish would take five hours of jogging and the cheesecake four hours of aerobics. talking about working your butt off? >> i don't think the person eating those dishes is eating the exercise. gerri: i have to get on famous daves big flab, not the big flab, the big slab. this is spare ribs, muffins, fries, beans, what's going on here and how many calories? >> everything is just way too much. i mean all of these dishes are between 2,000 and 3,000 calories. and unfortunately it's very disconcerting. but as we keep saying, people are ordering them. gerri: to burn it off, 7 1/2 hours of pushing a lawnmower. unlikely unless you live in a major state. >> very unlikely. gerri: you have to tell us the words to avoid on restaurant menus. >> some that are obviously, fried, crispy, sauteed, creamy,
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anything that says piled, run! if you see anything that says double-triple, run! and especially monster? come on. you can't kid yourself. gerri: my favorite words. the batter, i love that stuff. sigh. you brought us back to reality, thanks for that, appreciate it. >> sure. gerri: now we want to know what you think. here's our question tonight, do calorie counts on men use, does it sway your decision? influence you when ordering. log onto, i'll share the results at the end of tonight's show. and your voice is important to us, during the show we want to you facebook me or tweet me at gerri willis fbn or e-mail at i'll read your tweets and e-mails. next, we answer the question how you do that with advice on selling your home in the digital age. what net savvy homebuyers are looking for that you might not know. x÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷
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. gerri: a potential homebuyer can learn everything in just about anything about your house, and a few clicks on the internet. how can sellers attract the net savvy buyers. here with that, brendan di simone. what is next jen, what does that mean? >> it's not about your age or when you are born, access to information on the web, on apps doing lots of search, accessing tons of information. gerri: you know, it's interesting, people who sell their homes might not think about what's on the web aboutho aware of. do you do a simple google search on the address? >> you do google search the address, look at police blotters, see old listings, the seller may put address online for another thing that you can find out more information about them. gerri: un, there was an interesting anecdote in the
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story, a seller had had a bike stolen out of his garage and people thought it wasn't a safe neighborhood, so things could be misconstrued and misunderstood. >> exactly. one example of a guy who had his bike stolen, he left his garage door open. his fault. a buyer sees that and thinks it's not a safe neighborhood. a client had bars in the windows and took them off and planted nice planters when it went on the market. a buyer saw the street with the bars. gerri: you need to look at the google street view. it doesn't matter what house you have, it can look like hell on google street sflu look at google earth, there is so much information, you have to stay a step ahead of the buyers. >> look at the local planning department's website. what will i find there? >> building permits were signed off. whether they have a certificate of occupancy. if you buy the home without
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these things, you're on the hook down the road. gerri: look at history of sales. >> if you had your house on the market at a crazy price, buyers will think there is something wrong with the house. gerri: you know, worry about the kind of information people might find in places that i might not think about looking. are there other places people might go? >> address, people can look up anything about the property. construction information, rodents, trees in the street. gerri: rodents? rats? there are a few of those in new york city. >> there is so much out there. gerri: here's the thing, when you put your house up for sale and you got to have the great listing that is eye-popping online, do you hire a professional photographer, a stager, what's your advice? >> you have to hire an agent that's going to pay for a top shelf photographer. the open house is no longer the
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first impression, you have to have great photos. don't put it on the market, the days on the market starts ticking. gerri: certainly true, that matters because once it's an old listing, people figure everybody has seen it. >> it's a stale listing, something is wrong with it. if the photos aren't great, that's the buyers' first impression. especially when there is nor inventory. gerri: devastating report on the cost of obamacare. it gets higher. and does it seem your airline reward points aren't covering what they used to? are you paying more for less? that's coming up.
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in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny. we've created tax free zones throughout the state. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at
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. gerri: president obama probably wishes he could hit control alt delete because the cost of the flawed obamacare website is staggering. senior washington correspondent peter barnes is standing by with the latest. peter? >> hey, gerri, the general accountability office will report tonight that a bunch of management failures led to an expensive and botched rollout of according to a report in the national journal. the administration spent about $840 million on the website, the gao will report, including 150 million in cost overruns to fix the site. the gao report will be the subject of house energy and commerce committee hearing on thursday morning. it details a long series of contracting management and
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oversight problems with despite them, the administration ended up stabilizing the website and enrolling more than 8 million people, exceeding public goal but not after obviously a lot of pain. among other things, the gao will report that the agency responsible for building the site, the centers for medicare and medicaid services, quote, issued task orders when key technical requirements were still unknown. the gao report will say because the contractor was so weak, they authorized more than $30 million in expenditures to cgi. the gao found on 40 separate occasions that the cgi work was incorrectly approved by cms. gao will report, quote, new and changing requirements drove cost increases during the first year of development while the
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complexity of the system and rework resulted from changing cms decisions that added to costs in the second year, gerri? gerri: those people do not know how to spend money, do they? $840 million for a website that doesn't work. peter, thank you for that. >> okay, thanks. gerri: well, change the topic here, travel credit cards, they offer rewards everywhere, in fact two-thirds of americans are members of one airline or credit card points program but are they worth it? joining me now brian kelly. brian, let's drill down into this. it seems as a consumer who uses these credit cards that they offer less and less and less, am i right? >> i would actually disagree with that. the airlines are offering less and less and less but the credit card companies are offering more. just this week citi, announced their thank you program will have airline transfer programs bringing them in line with chase and amex. so the airlines are requiring
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more and more miles for flights but get a credit card that allows you to transfer to a number of different partners. gerri: we do that a lot and have you lots of flexibility, when you can fly, what airlines you can fly. makes a lot of sense. which are the best cards? i find that things i was promised like access to lounges, it's not what it used to be. >> when you look at a card, you have to look at points and how much you're earning and how easy it is to redeem. they lost u.s. airways and amex lounges. delta now charges $29 per guest. $29 to get prepackaged cheese. gerri: i know somebody they wanted to charge them, he said no way and turned around and walked out. >> most airports are putting decent restaurants, why would you spend $29 to go to a decent restaurant. there are good cards, make sure you have a card that has no
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foreign transaction fees, i know you're going to europe. so many people are. make sure you don't have foreign transaction fees. gerri: you mentioned the problem is with the airlines not the credit cards. united and delta, aren't those two airlines cutting back on what your rewards give you? >> exactly. the way that you get ahead of that. the airlines are requiring more and more miles for the same exact flight. earn more miles, and credit card sign-up bonuses are at all-time highs. >> i don't want that many cars. >> i have 25 cards. gerri: my goodness. >> you have to be smart, have a couple cards for different uses and have a lot of different options when it comes to redeem. gerri: is there another way to play the card game. i'm not going to get a ton of cards, i don't want to manage that. >> there are tons of ways to earn points. there are online shopping
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portals that give you tons of extra airline miles, click through your shopping porta. i have them all listed on the website on the beginner's guide. gerri: i need the beginner's guide. points >> safe travels. gerri: thank you, time for a look at stories you're clicking on the federal reserve slowing down the pace of bond-buying program saying the economy needs less help. they're cutting purchases another 5 billion dollars, the fed made no mention when it will raise rates. the release of the gdp numbers stocks entered the day mixed. shares of twitter soared after a positive earnings report, the gdp earning number 4%. new e-mails showing the woman at the heart of the irs scandal called republicans crazy. lois lerner described gop members using pro feign language while heading the tax
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exemption business of the irs. a joint employer for workers in franchisee owned restaurants, could this expose the fast food giant to liability for workers' conditions in stores. those are some of the hot stories on coming up next, consumers have to pay more for everything these days, including contact lenses. we'll explain. and a terrible tragedy made worse when parents are forced to pay off their daughter's student loan debt after she died. join me with their story after the break.
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gerri: you may have gotten e-mail in your inbox recently, my husband sure did. in the coming days, we will no longer be able to offer
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discounts or rebates and price matching on many of our most popular brands of contact lenses. a new policy known as unilateral pricing is being implemented by many contact lens makers. here to explain his rich edson. what does this mean. >> many popular brands now require retailers to sell their lenders above a certain price. if not, the manufacturers will refuse to sell to that retailer and that prevents sealers in some area from doing so. the manufacturers called their pricing strategy unilateral pricing and they say it is costing consumers. >> those who have been choosing
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to buy from retailers other than their eye doctor will see fixed prices and they will lose their ability to shop around. >> by making the products where consumers can access this, it simpler and more convenient. we believe we can better compete with other manufacturers and more importantly we will lead to lower prices for large majority. >> this is a safety issue as it was still steer them from being an advocate. retailers say that doctors steer custome consumer choice and competition.
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>> atomic data, but i have to ask if there's any way to this policy will be changed? >> is hearing is more of a public demonstration and a way for opponents to highlight the issues. the senators cited a supreme court case printing retailers the ability to do that and setpoint prices on certain products minus new laws, it appears that this will be part of buying and selling. gerri: now it's time for a story that every parent should hear. a california couple's 27-year-old daughter, a nursing student, died suddenly from liver failure is more years ago, leaving behind three kids and a massive student loan debt and the parents are now being forced to pay it. hear what their story is. thank you for coming on the show. this is such a sad story. but it's being compounded by this idea that you guys are being saddled with this is that. so let's start with you, when did you find out that the debt
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would revert to you? were you aware that that might happen or not. >> we found out almost immediately within the first month. we got by the lenders and we knew that if she didn't pay her debt, we would be responsible fico senator demint and know that if she died that i would probably try. gerri: we are looking at a picture of her and what a beautiful young girl. my goodness. such a horrible liver disease. what is it like being reminded of her death every month when your making this? >> it is excruciating, the pain of losing my only daughter is never ending and it never goes away. and, you know, she is, she wanted so much to be a nurse she
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did graduate and she loved taking care of people and she was paying him alone and she was going to continue to do that. she was doing what she really love to do and so it's just a crushing burden. gerri: it sounds like you're and i can imagine what this is like every month. what was your total loan amount and how much are you paying each month on that? >> originally she borrowed close to $100,000 and in the meantime it has grown to $200,000 and the lenders are asking for payment that exceeds $2000 per month. gerri: dave, you are a minister. so it's not like you're able to rake the dough in and pay this off quickly. so what does this mean to your financial security?
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>> is somewhat financially devastating and we've always had great credit and a has been ruined. there are things we would like to do that we cannot do with any spare cash that we do have, we tried to the children, the three children that we are raising. gerri: what does this mean for the two of you for retirement? >> i have no idea. we have no retirement. >> we pretty much spent her retirement money trying to pay the bills and pay for our grandchildren. gerri: you actually took and the kids because one of the reasons that the collegeville is so high is that your daughter was going to school and she was raising children and it took her a wild to do that. so what is it like ringing in our family? is a got center is a tough? >> it is both.
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and i think that, in one way, well, children are wonderful no matter how you get them. as always. but on one and i haven't been able to grieve and i don't know what the proper way is to grieve because we immediately received and took the children into our home and the grandchildren and my husband and i were so determined and they had already suffered enough. and so we have tried for the last 4.5 years to be so normal so no big crime, no big sinus happens, we've tried to hold it together and make it as normal as possible what i'm.
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gerri: it's very tough to do. so tell me what you would like to see happen. because one of the things about student loan debt is that it doesn't did forgiveness and have you gotten any assistance from lenders? i understand that these are not federal loans. has anyone offered you a break? >> yes, they have. one of the lenders lowered our interest rate and reduce the balance slightly. and another loan was forgiven altogether and we found that out on the way down here. and i think that there are three things that probably need to be done. first, i think that student loans made up on the same regulation and rules as the federal student loans to. if that was the case, our loans would've been discharge upon our daughter's death. i think that second law, the debt should be, just like every other day, and the other debt
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that is incurred, even if it is incurred unwisely or for selfish purposes, it can be discharged in bankruptcy. but the low net where people embrace to become productive members of society and taxpayers, that if the data doesn't get discharged in bankruptcy. and i think the third thing that would be a good idea is to require or mandate the student loan lenders to purchase a life insurance policy for every primary borrower. a 20-year-old with a hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy would probably pay $12 per month. gerri: it would certainly be an expensive thing because you don't expect a death at that age that is correct. and that is the thing in our situation. gerri: go right ahead. >> our situation is not the
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norm, most people struggle with student loan debt not because the primary borrower is deceased but because they couldn't find a job or a job that would pay them enough to carry the debt load of their student loans. so there needs to be some relief of some kind. gerri: you are very good at articulating the story and we appreciate your coming on. we thank you for telling us about it. thank you. >> thank you for having us. gerri: now we want to hear from you. here's what some of your posting about our poll question on facebook tonight. christopher writes about rather not know the calorie count because i'm there to enjoy my meal and not feel guilty for pleasuring my taste buds. this is a story of how many calories are in some of these monster meals. robbins is i don't eat out often but when i do it's a treat so calorie count is not going to alter my menu selection. but linda said yes, what i used to buy i now do not and i make healthier choices and hopefully they will be placed on the menu.
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when we come back, the truth behind some of your pet medications and up next a brutal winter turns into a better spring as the economy rebounds. but are you feeling the boost at home? and your consumer gauge with the numbers that you need to know. we will be right back.
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gerri: the american economy is rebounding at least on paper. the latest gdp report showing a surge in economic growth. 4% on an annual basis and that is a six percentage point swing. but our everyday americans feeling the boost in their wallet? >> or governmental statistics sometimes boarder upon propaganda. people are careful with their money, sometimes too careful. so in my business we are
5:44 pm
suffering. >> in many aspects of that a standstill and it's not really going up or down. >> so many people are out of the market. and people have all of these bonds are not doing anything. >> i think it's rebounding for some people and other people are still trying to find jobs. >> what will it take for americans timely field of recovery? greg mcbride is here with answers. welcome back. it's good to view. >> thank you. >> why the disconnect between what people talk about on main street in what is going on on wall street. >> i think the biggest thing is the missing ingredient is income growth. when your paycheck is not growing up, you don't have a lot of money to ramp up your savings and you don't have a a lot of money to the pentagon a bigger obligation every month to buy a new home or a bigger home. that is why we are seeing this. so even though on paper or, as
5:45 pm
you said, the economy is doing better, people have a net worth that is recovering and they're not saying more money in the paycheck. and that is the one missing ingredient. gerri: i think that you make a good point. first of all, you get this number which is a huge and big change. the first-quarter gdp gets revised from a negative 2.9% which is difficult to tell from this screen. the big changes for people out there and it will be interesting to see what the federal reserve does with this information. do you think that they will make a change in policy based upon a? >> not at all. even though the numbers today are little bit more than expected, it amounts to pay back from the lousy first-quarter and you know that there's a huge swing there.
5:46 pm
the economy contracted and look, how strong can this economy be if a few months of bad weather lead to a contraction of greater than 2%. and i think that that will carry into the third quarter and at the end of the day we are dealt a slow growth economy. so until people start the that higher household income and ramp up their spending and saving and take on bigger commitment, i think we will stay a slow growth economy. gerri: people said oh, the weather is terrible, now the weather did better and people in people say that is what is behind this number. were there other things out there that are pushing this to the 4% level? >> i think a lot of it was payback from the first quarter and an example is if somebody who needed a new car, in the
5:47 pm
middle of february they didn't feel like traipsing around car lots in windchill weather, what happens is that it's soon as it warms up in april or may, they still need a new car and that purchase takes place. the second quarter, and the same thing from an inventory standpoint and a lot of rebound that we size because of rebuilding of inventory with all of the blizzards that we have and the transportation that couldn't deliver goods and people were not coming into the stores, and so the second quarter, those inventories coming in and that takes place. so this is, every quarter for the rest of the year, when you add it all up, the annual growth would be about 2.4%. gerri: if you're looking at more advice on fixing your finances, the money coach will help you on
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air. visit my website at and send me an e-mail. whatever issues you're having with your money, we want to talk about it on air. make sure that you check it out. still to come, my "two cents more" in the morning for pet owners out there. how not to become a victim of scams when it comes to medication for fido.
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the one you love your pet, you're willing to spend anything to help them and a big portion of that money goes to medication. leaving one were onerous to go online for pet medications. while that might help your wallet, there are a lot of scams. we have a veterinary specialist. welcome to the show.
5:52 pm
we have a couple of special guests here. >> i have calvin, he's my own dog and this is the daughter of a friend and she is so wonderful. gerri: he knows the tv. >> just come he does. gerri: a 60% increase, it jumped and complains, what is going on? >> i think there has been a number of illegitimate pet pharmacies that are popping up. in order to make sure that you have the right kind of have pharmacy, they need to be accredited by vippa. and that means that they are accredited by the national board of pharmacists as well. so you just want to make sure that they ask for a prescription
5:53 pm
because you can still have a survey online in a foreign pharmacy will show it. gerri: my guess is that some of the problems, it's not just drugs that aren't the right drugs for your pet that they can have auto shipments to turn it off. >> people actually think that they don't need to see the vet.
5:54 pm
gerri: so is it better to go right to it? because sometimes they fill prescriptions as well. >> the best thing to do is get up from your veterinarian, words train to teach you how to use it properly and what to watch for. as smart as pharmacists are, they don't necessarily know all the side effect of all the drugs. >> so i think really the best thing is getting the medication from your veterinarian, seeing them on the regular basis. gerri: thank you so much. we will be right back with my "two cents more" and our answer
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the super awkward looking dozing desk. it allows you to type in bed lying down. ninety dollars best has six position and can rotate 360 degrees. taking lazy to a whole new level. every once in a while you just don't feel like getting on. in today's news has been heralded by many as a turning point for americans. after all, a swing from negative gdp to 5% positive growth is a very big turn. and i'm not sure that that good news is resonating on main street where incomes are stagnant and job growth is unimpressive. i believe that we have a ways to go. it's a smoke and mirrors economy and we have so much ground to make up your following the big bust that was the great depression only a few years ago. the federal reserve says that they are going to keep on keeping on and reduce support for the economy.
6:00 pm
and it remains to be seen how that will work out. on the news on wall street needs to make its way to main street and that's it for tonight's "willis report." thank you for joining us. charles: tonight on "making money", the first quarter disaster and the start of something huge. good cards and bad parts. and the return of the ceo, or as we used to call it, the chief excitement of us are. plus, a lesson to be learned on how to protect your portfolio. the verdict is in. do you think hillary makes a lot of bank at her speeches? wait until you see what these white-collar individuals are making for


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