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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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lauren, disney, hitting all-time high today. [closing bell ringing] entertainment or parks? >> all-time high for disney. number one on the dow and s&p 500 today. cheryl: bells ringing on wall street. let's look how stocks finishing out. the dow is finishing to the upside. we were up 25 points as we move into the close. nasdaq as well. russell 2000 finishing slightly into the red. david, a nice even day for the markets. david: even day. i think they're waiting for the new year to try to figure out where they put their heavy money. look at front page headlines now. new i have had that the housing market is picking up. national association of realtors saying contracts to buy previously-owned homes did rise slightly in november. cheryl: home prices back in record territory in some american cities. seven years after the housing crash but a "wall street journal" analysis find recovery pretty uneven right now. david: cooper tire stock is
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sharply higher today after the company terminate ad agreement to sell itself to india's apollo tires for $2.5 billion. cooper says because poll low failed to secure financing for the transaction. cheryl: mon dell lay is selling snack business to private equity firm. shares of deal were not disclosed. david: mir 6 myriad genetics got hammered after the government said they will cut fees in half february the 1st. they provide tests for gene. cheryl: suicide bomber killed 14 people on a trolley bus in volgograd, that happened this morning one day after a attack on the city's train station. that killed at least 17 "people." "after the bell" starts right now.
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david: let's break dune today's action with the market panel, ryan dietrich, schaefer investment senior research technical analyst. he says the market momentum, believe it or not is just getting started. our own sandra smith and lincoln ellis, green square managing director in the pits of. sandy, start with you. want to talk about oil. it is down double digits from the triple digits heights. what is bringing the price down. >> bearally came off the triple digit number. this market has been very bullish, david. this is the first drop in oil prices we've seen in four days. sort of reality setting in. run-up past $100 a barrel because we got the very bullish inventory report last week showed a bigger than expected drop in supplies. the david, reality setting in, crude inventories are at the highest ever for this time of year that sort of set in. this market sold off as we closed up, oil prices up 9% so
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far this year. this is the forth fourth straight annual increase in oil prices. don't expect the gas prices to stay too much lower as we they had into the beginning of the year. cheryl: lincoln, i want your mood as we finish on a strong note for the dow especially the s&p. do you get a bullish to infor the traders or is it cautious out there? >> cheryl, you have had best years for dow and s&p since '96 and '97 respectively. those interest wering years of beginning of tech cloggily driven, internet oriented stock market boom we had. there is kind after two faced caution down here. tough think about it from an investing standpoint, if we're beginning of a bull market you do have some very significant gains to be had. but if you're not, you're probably at the end of a five-year recovery cycle that sees both margins and stock
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price gains much more hard-fought in 2014. so, investors will have to be reorienting their expectations. david: ryan, you're one of those who says this is just the beginning of another rise up. you think s&p will go up another 14% in 2014. why? >> that's right, david. you know lots of different things we can talk about but at schaeffer's we like to see upward momentum with a bit of skepticism. let's be honest. how many polls coming out recently there is optimism coming in? that is a concern. one of the things we like, short interest components and s&p 500 components. simply put that the is highest it has been since june 2012. david: let me emphasize what you said, ryan. short interest. a lot of people out there are shorting. you say they will have cover their bets because they have nowhere to run when forced to put up their money. >> exactly. we think so. as many shorts we saw this time last year and all the fiscal cliff issues. we had a good strong bid into
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the market in may. we think that could happen again. good first quarter potential and well-deserved break and well-deserved volatility into the second quarter. all in all we still think the bull market is in tack and we've been bullish a long time to buy the dips. we think next year should be another good one for the bulls. cheryl: sandra i want to ask the same question i was asking of lincoln, really with regards to sentiment over all because to ryan's point you could have a moment of weak gdp, could have a bad jobs number come in, the fed could surprise us with something. do you get sense there is little bit of eggshell trading going on today? >> well, i mean, look at fold prices. you're certainly not seeing any flight to safety or anybody socking their money away in gold because they're fear if you recall what will happen in the new year. gold prices dropped to $100 and ounce, down 17 bucks. -- $1200. there are a lot of people, cheryl, that missed the rally.
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they don't want to miss it if it continues into 2014. as we talked about in the trade last week, guys, history shows when you have this much of an up career in the stock market, looking at s&p 500, we tip cho go on to have another positive year for stocks. there is still a lot of money out there yet to be put to work. everybody is wondering if that is in the stock market when we come back in the new year. david: cheryl: dave can't challenge you on that, sandra. he will lay off that. david: i wantwant to you respond to ryan. do you think there is another chance of 14% gain? i don't know, 20 some percent gain but back-to-back with 14% gain. that also and short interest. are those short interest guys goinn to get caught cold? >> certainly market structure is big component piece of this upward rise, particularly over the course past six weeks. not a large amount of buying but a total lack of selling. in actual stock names you have a rise of short selling, the
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structural components just haven't been there i do want to make one point. that is this juncture that cheryl and sandra and to some degree our friends at schaeffer's have made, that is, when you have stocks go up 30% in one year and yet the energy component pieces are only up with 9% or crude oil-for-food program is only up 9% you begin to see bifurcation what is going on in the real economy versus what is going on in the capital markets or more structured parts of the economy. those two things really do at some point have to reconcile themselves. whether, we don't know what the catalyst is going to be, whether higher interest rates, 10-year note at 3.25 or 3.50 in the middle of 2014. something will push those two things back together and investors will be there. cheryl: that is a good point. ryan, to his point he was talking about interest rates. one of your picks is a homebuilder, beazer. i'm curious if you're worried about jump in interest rates especially with name likewiseer? >> that is a concern, sure. but that probably is everyone's
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concern. look at recent right action in homebuilders since the fed announced tapering. last year's fiscal cliff, everyone was worried and came out and wasn't a big deal. cheryl: why boozeer? >> sure, specifically with beazer, call cap name. when you look at beazer specifically, they're a huge short interest on this one. option activity. a lot of bearish puts on it. it has good price action but there is a lot of negativity in that name. negativity can unwind and push it as much as a stock without negativity. david: for someone so positive, you're copastetic about everything. why are you for taser international? why do you think is going so wrong with civil society e sight that everybody is buying taser guns. >> hopefully nothing from that point of view. taser had a really good run. now it is consolidating side
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ways. this has seen huge puts. very big short interest. that negativity means if they have any good news at all, whether any sales or fundamental front, that can run, the had this year could very well continue. this is small cap name. we like small caps for a while. we lean toward that area. taser specific one that looks good for 2014. david: don't mess with cheryl. she has a bunch of tasers. she will, you come anywhere close to her, believe me. i have the bruises to prove it. cheryl: hey, live in manhattan. got to watch out. guys, thank you very much. ryan, sandra, lincoln ellis. lincoln we'll check bacc in with you in a few moments that the s&p futures close. david: you and, can are you kidding sandy and i are the best friends. we love each other. cheryl: google glass and self-driving cars, 2013 was a breakthrough year for technology. we'll break down the best high-tech gadgets and look which ones will dominate 2014. david: american auto companies are expected to end the year
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with the best sales in six years, just four years after the massive government bailout, but do those numbers tell the whole story? we're on the hook for $10 billion. we're going to debate that straight ahead. that bring us to the facebook question, what do you think about the bailout, was it success or a failure? remember detroit is in bankruptcy. your answers coming up later this hour and don't miss the debate. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if a small company
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david: "the new york times" hitting a 52-week high on possible takeover talk. let's head back to lauren simonetti on floor of new york stock exchange. do tell, lauren. >> hey, david, absolutely not only hitting annual highs. look here, 16.09, essentially closing at the high of 16.10. the stock was up 4 1/2% today. this is the news this is being reported in the china times, that a chinese billionaire and philanthropist named bao. chairman of renewable resources company there. he has lots of money. once gave out 43 cars, behave out much of his fortune after
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the earthquake in 2008. he reportedly considering making a bid for "the new york times." david. david: wow, "the new york times" being owned by a chinese national. very interesting stuff. who knows. thank you. cheryl: s&p futures are closing. let's head back to lincoln he will is in the pits of the cme. lincoln? >> cheryl, good to be with you. guys definitely square up against a slightly truncated session tomorrow and not really that much interest coming in here. people seem to be squaring up for around 1850 level in terms of puts and calls signaling a slightly higher start to the new year. we did a little bit after study last week to look how the first two days of trade go. they go up for the s&p, up 50 basis points but better for the emerging market economy, eem, the emerging market equity index, 2%. 10% annualized gains in the first two days of the year over course of last 10.
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cheryl: lincoln, one group of invest that is hasn't performed in 2013. sense that emerging markets will come back next year? >> they could come back if we get a turn in gdp growth and get growth in wages in developed economies, and export driven economies definitely benefit from that. cheryl: lincoln ellis in the spits of pits of cme. >> thank you, cheryl. david: david: 2013 was a panner year when it came to innovation. google's revolutionary google glass, this wearable tech device. shows you emails, search the internet, get directions. samsung released smart watch with text for emails and hand-free calling. world was introduced to 3-d printers which let you create anything from guns to prosthetics, closing even turbine engines. so what changes and big trends can we expect to see as we head
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into 2014? joining us enderle group president, rob enderle. great to see you, rob. the big consumer electronics show is coming up next week. what do you think will be some of the standout items we'll see? >> certainly robots. for the first time ever we have got a section dedicated specifically to robots. we saw google last year actually invested in creating a robotic service. we've got everything from baxter that can replace people on assembly lines to advances in robots that care and feed folks disabled. a lot going on in that particular area. david: we're looking at incredible video we saw a couple weeks ago of this robot that's marching and walking like an animal. it is weirdest thing i have ever seen from the robot world. is that just something that is curiosity, has no value right now? >> well, it showcasing what they can do. right you're seeing on that side of it companies coming forward and showcasing amount of
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technology they can push at a problem. but the, so the fact is we made huge strides in robotics, the biggest stride to bring the price down so you can actually mass produce these things and put them on an assembly on if you need to. we have social aspects to deal with as these things start replacing jobs we have to be a little worried. david: social aspects comes into the play in the next item or field. oculus rift, that is phrase i had to look up. i guess it is getting totally absorbed into a 3-d item looking through and can't see world outside besides that correct? >> correct. oculus rift is a head-mounted 3-d display allows to you experience virtual world very close to the real world. surrounding technologies. for instance, three dimensional, all dimensional treadmill to walk in the virtual world and make you feel like you're moving when you aren't in any direction
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is coming on top of oculus rift. you have the sense we're not quite at hollow deck for folks who watch "star trek" next generation. we are getting close to the that you might note not know the difference. david: we're getting to weird stuff. apple, any signs of tv at the show. >> certainly not apple. apple doesn't do anything at cvs. ultrahigh-definition televisions, 4k television ares coming in huge numbers. 3-d didn't make it. industry will make another run with massive improvement in resolution, so the television look more like windows than they do with the hd technology today. the question is where do we get content? the content guys were badly burned with 3-d. this 6. they idn't make the money back. if someone doesn't show us the
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money i'm not sure we're getting on board. david: apple had run up in 2014 not near the overall market but still going in a positive direction which is a nice change. will apple continue to go up and will they come out with a real breakthrough product like an apple tv? >> apple tv seems to be on the sidelines. that project looks like it lost momentum. intel's project to move into television went sideways. they're selling theirs to verizon. getting access to content is the problem. that problem hasn't been, what happened the cable companies basically locked up the content. that is keeping people like apple, like intel out of the market and creating an issue. on the other hand the i-watch is still coming to market. given how much crap we've had surrounding wearable technology last year this year, the hope is that apple will actually get this right and do what they did with the ipod and mp3 players to the new wearable segment. david: that is booed idea. they are sort of clunky. apple could spruce them up a
4:20 pm
bit. they're known for that. google we mentioned they're into robots. is google going to shine this year as well? >> it is hard to take the shine off google but the issue for google they're getting much too much attention from variety of government looking at them like they're an antitrust problem. they're doing a nice bit of lobbying to keep the pressure off. clearly the obama administration has other things to concern themselves with. europe is looking pretty hard and number of privacy breaches granted overshadowed the what the nsa is doing keeping them alive but their biggest problem is keeping governments off their back because they're looking like they have way too much power at the moment. david: they do have a lot of power. last question on social media, we saw the rise and fall, at least partial fall of twitter. we've seen facebook come up nicely off its ipo price. what about social media in 2014. has that lost kind of its new glow? >> well certainly it lost a bit of its new glow.
4:21 pm
the latest on facebook, kids are avoiding it like the plague which it will die out unless that is fixed. it will age out of the market. social media is last or this year's technology. it needs to be next year's technology and remain, vibrant a lot of folks are not trusting with social media. how much are they monitored and being manipulated and being annoyed by advertising and that is causing people to think twice about the time spending on services. they're not getting benefit and increasingly getting annoyed an irritated by it. that has to change. david: rob enderle, thank you for coming in. appreciate it. >> pleasure for me. cheryl: high-stakes food fight over future of apple and whether it should return much more of its cash mountain to investors. in one corner tim cook and other corner billionaire activist carl icahn. we'll find out who has the upper hand. david: the world's largest television for a home. you won't believe how much it will cost to buy one.
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we'll bring you the details of ultimate wide screen tv. >> i thought i owned one? >> no, your apartment is too small. ♪ welcome back. how is everything?
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david: time for quick speed read some of the day's other headlines, five stores, one minute. appaloosa manager david tepper is in running to be dubbed the highest fade hedge fund manager. "new york post" that tepper could receive a payment of upwards $3 billion for 2013. wouldn't that be nice. big industry for the auto
4:26 pm
industry. largest number of annual exports ever. we'll debate that in a second. swatch group announced there may be a 3 to 4-week production delay due to fire that destroyed one of its factories. the delay could impact other watchmakers that rely on swatch parts. if you have extra $150,000 lying around how about buying the world's largest ultrahdtv. samsung's 110-inch tv is roughly the size after king-size bed. cheryl: i'm thinking. david: bank capital will acquire bob's discount furniture from apex partners. deal could be worth more than 3 poo until dollars. that is today's "speed read." [buzzer] you would like that tv. cheryl: oh, yeah. i have three televisions in my apartment. david: no. we could combine our apartments. cheryl: that's true. apple is telling shareholders to just say no to billionaire carl icahn who is demanding
4:27 pm
increase stock buyback and dividends. david: apple may have a point. the tech giant topped list of companies returning cash to shareholders in 2013. what can we expect next? liz macdonald is here with more. quite a battle, liz. >> yes it is, good to be with you, david and cheryl. here is what is going on at this hour. apple, the board is putting to it shareholders at next annual meeting the carl icahn idea to raise the stock buyback and dividend repatriation, increase in dividends to 150 billion. apple is sending back 1 one had dollars in buybacks and dividends. here is what the apple board is saying. reject carl icahn's idea of increased buybacks and dividends to 150 billion. apple is very pointed in language saying we need to deliver innovative products to create new market. we need to have flexibility with our investment. we need resources on hand. meaning nearly 14billion dollars cash pile. here is what apple can do with
4:28 pm
the cash hoard. improve siri, growth in china focusing on now, invest in factories. expand production capacity, build its own google. ideas go on. improve cloud computing. that show apple could deliver shareholder value back to investors, not just via stock buybacks and increased dividends but through different ideas wall street analysts are talk abouting, guys. stock buybacks are temporary goose higher for a stock. seen them last a year. carl icahn i'm not talking short term. i'm talking long term much apple says, hey, wait a second we have the long term ideas that we have in house to deliver shareholder value back to our shareholders. this is fight coming up this year. send it back to you guys. david: figure out something. if they don't give it back, buy sony pictures. cheryl: r&d. so what are you going to develop with the con money?
4:29 pm
david: or content. or content. thanks, liz. it was a huge year for auto industry with record exports and sales at six-year high but wasn't all pretty. we can not ignore, you, the u.s. taxpayer took a 20% loss on gm and detroit is still bankrupt. so, was the auto bailout a success or failure? we've got a fiery debate on this coming next. cheryl: one of these apps was named apple's free app of the year. it has 10 million downloads a global footprint and big expansion plans. we'll tell you what it is and talk to the ceo. ♪
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♪ liz: time for a look at today's market drivers. the dow pushed higher for its 501st record close of the year and is on track for its best annual performance in 17 years. discretionary and staples. pending home sales that five straight months of declines. climbing two tenths of a percent. ensure gas prices rose on speculation that a cold start to the new year will increase demand. natural glass closing up over 1%. david: well, although sales are
4:33 pm
hat to set a 6-year high, a 50% improvement since they bottomed out in 2009, but this tax. still took a big $10 billion loss on the gm part of the bailout. in detroit it was just about to go bankrupt. was the bailout a success or failure? joining us now is cato institute director of financial studies and magazine editor in chief. a very different view of this. i want to go to you first. success or failure and why? >> of failure. and let's start with getting rid of the straw man. these companies were always going to your into a bankruptcy proceeding, which they did.
4:34 pm
the question was whether taxpayers had to put money in or whether creditors would. there would always have to be restructuring. at think the longer term cost is we had set these precedents that if you just to lay your bankruptcy, said your company and probably game of chicken with the government which is what essentially these companies are doing, then you can make out like a bandit. so i think we have imbedded legacy of lawlessness. congress voted down the spell-
4:35 pm
the credit was frozen and, you know, in terms of other, sort of, who was going to come up with $30 billion in financing to see general motors through in order. david: but let me just not be there because you're debate, you are putting forth a hypothetical you cannot argue about what could have happened. they could have ended up losing about 40 billion. we do not know that. it might be true, as mark says, there would have done for bankruptcy and come out the other end without losing that 40 billion. >> i know lawyers are from, but up from michigan, and who were looking and economic apocalypse. david: you still are. you are going bankrupt. >> trash can. >> let's separate detroit from the rest of michigan because detroit has always been troubled in michigan we are seeing housing pricing rising, unemployment has gone from
4:36 pm
15 percent down to 9%. my own house value has gone up 50 percent since 2009. all my neighbors at work for gm and gm suppliers are working him if there were not working with would have seen them not paying income taxes, not paying social security taxes, not making there house payments. i tell you what. you can talk about all different types of degrees, but we are at the edge of the process. david: the way it was sold to the country is simple. if you don't want to try to go bankrupt, this is the way both president bush and president obama put it. meanwhile, the state of michigan has set a new governor. that may have helped the state get in better shape. it may not have been the bailout >> and they touched on a couple of numbers.
4:37 pm
these come from research. i will put aside the fact that there were initially funded or not. the assumptions investments are the unit with the company's premium options not to liquidate which would have not required taxpayer money. when you normally put a good financing in a deal you are first in line. why wasn't the federal or government first in line? david: all on a second. why were taxpayers but last and the union officials were put at the top of the list? >> and not calling to argue that there were politicians involved, but the key was everything had to happen fast. they had to get the company reorganized. there was no one coming forward with private financing to do this deal. we had to move through reorganization because the fact is you simply -- it is hard to
4:38 pm
sell cars from a bankrupt -- david: let me speak in your defense for a second. some of the cars coming out of gm, ford -- well, for did not take a balop, terrific. the cadillac cts and a tsr terrific cars. you have the chevy silverado, one of the best cars in the world right now.rove a dodge dul summer long. i am wondering if the quality of cars would be as high without the bailout. >> the quality of the cars would be his income in the touch on an important point. this is the issue that you and i must agree on. these companies had value. i don't think liquidation was the right direction, but i do think -- how can these companies have not operated simply because we had to bailout the pension fund? let's not forget allied bank. you will probably lose 14 or
4:39 pm
15 billion. and so the issues facing michigan in detroit, but it through were just going to say, jacket and get over with. david: we have to leave it. i want to end with true. a very simple question. one thing that state, the fact that we bailed out chrysler and then essentially gave half of it to feel out, did that bother you of of? >> no, actually, because chrysler was owned by diamond before then and it traditionally had a number of partners. and it really turned out to be a good partner. it is now being global platforms . david: they're doing terribly because of what is doing and in europe. gentlemen, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on. what do you think? do you think that the bailout was a success or failure?
4:40 pm
log on to / "after the bell." cheryl: with millions of cool applications on the market, what does it take to be named top half of the year? the ceo of the company that won this prestigious title. and speaking of tough competition, the nfl playoff season might be heating up, but some teams have been taxing their head coaches. will break down all of the latest shakeups. ♪ [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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♪ cheryl: imagine winning the title of titles app of the year. it teaches users dual languages. david: journey as now, duolingo
4:44 pm
ceo, hottest app of the year. we can't even pronounce your first name. >> its lease. david: does he do as least as well as rosetta stone and teaching people in the language? >> that is the basic idea. a way to learn languages. it is totally free and effective. in fact, according to a research study by somebody at the city university of new york it is more effective than rosetta stone. they found that if you use duolingo for 34 hours you learn the "one of one semester of college. david: 34 hours nonstop? >> thirty-four hours nonstop is
4:45 pm
the equivalent of one semester of college. but as mr. of college usually requires hundreds of dollars of actual work. cheryl: but you only have two languages, spanish, french. are you going to expand? >> right now we have six languages, spanish, german, italian, portuguese, and english. we are hoping to have about 50 languages in total. david: how you make money if you are giving this way? >> it is actually a pretty clever mechanism. at the end -- whenever we teach you a concept, we teach you about food. at the end of the lesson we learned about food words we say, hey, if you want to practice what you just lined with something from the real world, here is an article from the real world related to food that you could help translate. it may be a menu or something from a food book. now it turns out that article
4:46 pm
has there been transmitted before, so we actually need to translate something that has never been tested before and we get paid for that. cheryl: one of the things about the company, 80 percent of the users are on mobile devices. sufferer, but in facebook, they can't monetize mobile. twitter can't model lines. how do you? >> all we are monetizing is the website. the trouble at this free. we don't mind. our goal is to teach languages for free. the case is the most people who are learning a foreign language actually of low socioeconomic status. so they are actually learning english outside of the u.s. to get a better job. our main goal as been to really make a freeway to teach language david: how do you get funding?
4:47 pm
how are you financing of this? >> we actually got venture funding. we have a few venture capital firms that have invested. so the primary investors and twitter. so far we have gotten $80 million of funding to help us develop the gap. cheryl: congratulations. so many amps. david: i think we're both going to try. we will let you know. >> it's totally fun. david: we will try to let you know how we did. it is called duolingo. meanwhile, the second deadly attack striking russia and less than 24 hours raising new concerns to six weeks before the winter olympics.
4:48 pm
we will bring you the very latest coming next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel, biotene can provide soothing relief, and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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david: a second suicide bomb hitting the southern russians to the debt used to be stalingrad
4:52 pm
weeks before the start of the 2014 winter olympics. cheryl: for more on this developing story that said to any kellogg in london. >> reporter: it is believed that the two blasts were connected which is not at all surprising, but it is where for terrorist attacks in russia to the house -- to happen in the heart of ethnically russian cities. so these back-to-back suicide bombings sent shockwaves through russia and beyond as the world gears up for the 2014 winter olympics in february. today's suicide bombing on a crowded trolley bus left 14 people dead. yesterday's attack was captured on cc tv in a main train station killing 17, including a security guard who stopped a suicide bomber. no one has claimed responsibility, but the leader of this book -- group has called on its followers to do as much as they can to try to disrupt the winter games.
4:53 pm
calling for an islamic state in southern russia in the region which includes chechnya. the group wants to bring president putin down. the u.s. said it would like greater security cooperation between it and russia. security and intelligence cooperation has, in fact, been increased in the wake of the boston marathon bombings which were carried out by two yen men with ties to the region pip. david: thank you very much. cheryl: for it sharing the road with cars. what if you can't ride your bike above other vehicles. it's called skies cycles. david: as we ask you, if you not the u.s. on abela was a success or failure, you have heard the debate. what do you think you maximize your answers coming of next. ♪
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david: let's go "off the desk." london cycle its could literally be pedaling in the clouds much the project is scald sky cycle. 135-mile network paths built above existing rail lines there. the three-story high cycle highway would have 10 routes throughout london. this doesn't come cheap. one, four-mile stretch would cost 300 million bucks. ain't cheap. cheryl: also off the desk,
4:58 pm
former dominic's employee create ad sci-fi themed video criticizing safeway the company that owns the grocery chain for closing2 stores with the loss of 6,000 jobs. video went viral reaching almost 100,000 views. prompted the worker's suspension on the company's final day of operations. may cause minimum to lose three weeks of severance pay. david: looks professional. we asked if you thought the auto bailout was success or failure. taxpayers or stockholders were burned. government should not be involved in business period. cheryl: guy on facebook told us, gm should take the hit, not taxpayers. government should not have be about involved to start with. that is what capitalism is supposed to be about. david: the big news for today a lot of us the nfl regular season comes to end this weekend and number of head coaches are walking off the field, packing up their gear. sometimes not their own choice. cleveland browns for example, firing their coach, last night.
4:59 pm
the teach ended the season with a seven--game losing streak to end with a 4 of this 12 record. tampa bay buccaneers handing a pink slip to both their coach and gm the team finished this season 4-12. minnesota vikings letting go of its coach. the team was doing background work on candidates for weeks. lion as firing coach jim schwartz, flopping to 7-9 season. this is the big one. mike shanahan was fired bit redskins, finishing 3-13. it is looking for the 8th head coach in 16 seasons. and woody johnson will resign head coach recollection ryan this is major victory because ryan faced constant specialization about his job status. woody johnson, the jets owner said they could not be prouder of team. they played one hell of a game
5:00 pm
yesterday against miami. just a maysing game. cheryl: more dangerous to be head coach on football than news anchor on television. david: that is unwith way of putting it. let us hope and pray. on "money" with melissa francis. >> new wave of wage revolution sweeping the country. in two days minimum wage workers in 13 states will get bigger paychecks but how many businesses could be lost because of the strain? two representatives from florida here to fight it out because even when they say it's not it is always about money adam: happy new year's yves saint laurent. i'm adam shapiro in for melissa francis. when the


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