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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 23, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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over to my hand, connell mcshane. connell: you guys are just getting started. especially liz, she can go all day, right, liz? talk a little bit about shopping. people like a good deal, so much so they are willing to wait for them. it is helping likes of walmart and target, there is bigger message about the economy. "wall street journal's" simon constable will be here. it is not a good one, give you a hint. kim drapeer has the money to back it up and starring the argument public. we'll look at if anything to this at all, six different states. deadline for signing up for obamacare is creating a last minute scandal by the wwite house to drive people to the site and what edward snowden has done to american business overseas. the snowden effect. companies are complaining they're being hurt. why one shareholder advocate coming on with s, says the big-name firms need to stop the whining and start acting.
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all this hour, that and more on "markets now." connell: thanks for joining us on "markets now." good to have you with us to bring you through this hour. we get things started with the market coverage with the dow to the upside. we'll talk about the obamacare deadline, one of today's big stories in a moment. we begin on the floor of the new york stock exchange. records being set all over the place. nicole petallides there so cover it for us. >> no doubt, connell, records all over the place, a great way to sum up the market. up arrows across the board. so many winners to speak of. last week on wall street the dow gained 465 points. that was a gain of 3%. our biggest week since early january of this year. we're marking some new highs here today. the dow right now is 16,295. we're up 24% on the dow. nasdaq also running hot. of course as we set the new
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records for the dow, nasdaq and s&p today, we're watching apple closely on this china mobile deal. this now gives them access to 750 million subscribers. they're planning obviously to move forward with this in early january and obviously the analysts are loving it. apple is up almost $17, a gain of 3%, 565 on the news. back to you. connell: they are loving it. official deadline for people to sign up for health care coverage under obamacare to be covered by the 1st of january. but changes in the law that the president helped to enact last few weeks, blurred the lines a bit in some people's view in terms of what the deadline today actually means. so to clear it all up our friend in rich edson in d.c. rich? >> if your health insurer canceled the plan because of the law you can buy a cheaper catastrophic plan or no plan at all next year and still avoid a fine. that is one of the several
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changes the administration announced to patch the insurance system together after the botched rollout of obamacare. even more of the law takes effect next year with the expansion of medicaid, government subsidies for insurance, health care exchanges, regulations requiring insurers to offer everyone insurance and new fees and taxes on health care companies. one analyst says, americans with private insurance can expect their costs to increase. >> medicare and medicaid don't pay the full cost of what is consumed. so, yeah, ttose premiums, to those that are commercially insured by private plans will go up in double-digit numbers every year. that combines the cost of complying with the law, this hidden tax pour those that don't have insurance, plus health spending that is likely to increase, about 6% a year the next two to three years. >> now the administration says the law offers subsidies to insure health care is affordable. americans looking for insurance under obamacare by
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january 1st, must sign up by 11:59 tonight. that is east coast time. back to you. connell: rich edson. d.c. bureau. more on this topic later in the hour by the way. our next topic is the big topic of the week. that would be retail. dollar tree, target, those are names topping the list when it comes to consumer loyalty for this year, 2013. new figures in from america's research group. "wall street journal" columnist simon constable is here to say the findings have a larger message and apparently it is not a good one. we thought simon would could come in, people are loyal to the big names in retail, but they're loyal because of what. >> dollar tree, target, all places where you get a bargain, where you can go if you have limited budget and want to stretch the dollar. we know the economy is very fragile despite last week's good news. always nice to have good news. the economy is really fragile
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and robust recoveries don't go together with massive discounting. we're seeing massive discounting across the board. connell: it is interesting how the season played out. nicole was talk about record highs for the stock market. here we go again. the economic debate, wonky debate, is the economy recovering hey, we need to slow it down, start raising interest rates for federal reserve and back out. we get to the retail story. wait a minute. i ace rough season. nobody wants to spend money at high-end places. >> cast your mind back to 2005. was there discounting christmas 2005? i don't think there was. not in this city. people were out there and spending, definitely spending @ore than they have. connell: precrisis. >> precrisis. it was great. people buying houses they couldn't afford. clothing they couldn't afford. connell: good times. >> maybe some of that is happening. we're seeing stretchness. there is another thing i'm seeing. that is secured lending against
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property, pieces of property, like jewelry. connell: right. >> expensive watches, pieces of art. rich people are basically going to their own special pawn brokers, taking in a picasso, how much can i get for this? taking 50% and borrowing to bridge the gap. that doesn't say a very good story either, doesn't it? connell: no. economy bottom line is not as good as some headlines make it out to be? >> i think we're bumping along. i would love for this to get better really quick. i would love actually to be wrong but i just don't think i am. connell: kind of one ever these backward arguments for keeping interest rates low. that is what you want? keep the stock market higher. >> that is not helping. that is causing distortion elsewhere in the economy. i do think that raising taxes, putting new mandates on people like having to spend, you know, 1,000 bucks a month on health insurance when they can barely
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get by as it is won't help too much. connell: that will be the big story next year. >> will keep us in business. connell: oh, that's good news. i was about to get on you for coming in here with awful news. john paul dejoria is on late they are hour. never makes negative comments. most optimistic person i ever met. on other side of things, simon constable. good to see you. >> cheers. connell: happy new year. >> merry christmas. connell: in midst of all that. latest developments, putting financial backing into the political punch. billionaire venture capitalist tim draper talking about this last week, taking his radical idea for breaking up california to the public today. he says now is the time too break up the golden state into six new states, drawn up from within the current boundaries of california. he has a news conference this afternoon on the plan. he talked to us at fox business first about his idea. >> it is very difficult to
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govern this state. we have the farmers in the central valley. we have the entrepreneurs in the silicon valley. we have hollywood group and military suppliers down in southern california. they're all, they have all have separate interests and separate needs. it is different for one group in sacramento to serve all the needs. connell: sean bowler joins us by telephone. political science professor in the university of california system. is draper on to something here, sean, or is he completely out of his mind? >> he is in the same mind as lots of other people. there have been a couple of hundred of these proposals over the years. we have a bit of a history of tech guys wanting to fix some kind of a problem or other and kind of having the money and belief they can do it. connell: that point about having the money, is there anything, even if you don't expect six new
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states to emerge out of this, is there anything that maybe would come of this, because guy like draper keeps going and keeps the conversation going? is there any changes to enact or is it just a waste? >> probably just a waste. it will be great if you're in the political campaign industry. it will be a pay day. you can take his money, run his ads. that will be good news. creates jobs there beyond that seems unlikely. connell: i agree with that point t brings up the larger discussion, wwat do we want? what is our goal when forming a state? we live in new york. it's a big state. california, it's a huge state. would making a state smaller, in this case creating six new states, obviously hypothetical situation, what problem would that solve? or would it make things worse? say smallers states, in other words more preferable to larger states? >> that depends who you ask and whether you live in one. connell: yeah. >> this is one of those kind of solutions looking for a problem. we have 50 states.
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we have little ones that range from over half a million to california is just in the 40 million. you kind of look at this big diversity and look at range of states and different populations, it is kind of hard to say we should all be the same size as kentucky or delaware. connell: right. >> not obviously from the get-go what is perfect size of a state. connell: diversity and makes it better and creates opportunity for many people. we've done a number of stories relating to that in some way, shape or form. you don't want to pay the tax in that state, move to y. you have choices in the large country to choose different states creates opportunity for a lot of people? >> yeah it does. there are lots of different states. i hate to leave somebody leave englaad states if he is bothered by taxes or go to washington
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state if he is bothered by the drug laws. people are free to choose that right. connell: shaun bowler, university of california system will stay as one. we thank you for calling in today. we'll talk more about the draper proposal a little later. that news conference is coming up. the thing we'll talk about today is the deadline day for the president's health care law. they're driving more health care providers to pursue a different kind of technology in both hospitals and doctors offices. that means more money in the area of health care. an interesting side-effect in all of this. then the snowden leaks, the n sat leaker, it has create ad ad -- created a crisis for not only for american companies but companies outside of this country. developments coming up. the weather and wild swings in the weather across the country. there are money plays on this beside energy. how about ski resorts?
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connell: we're back on "markets now." we have what i think is funny story, the way north korea, the method north korea is using to make threats these days in just a second. first we go to nicole to talk a little little bit about food at new york stock exchange. darden breakup talk and good for the stock. >> that is good tease for that story. i'll be waiting for that one. let's talk about darden. darden is the parent of olive garden, red lobster and longhorn steakhouse. what is happening you may remember they talked about spinning off one of those chains red lobster. activist investor boosted their stake. starboard value taken 5% stake in darden. that $374 million worth. what they are saying, no, no. that is not the right plan here for tarred debt. what darden should do create a reit, real estate investment trust. put properties there and then another to spin off the casual
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dining names such as olive garden, longhorn steakhouse and red lobster and do it that way. last week they said they were spinning off red lobster, trying to cut costs, slow down on the expansion plans and the like. starboard is echoing what we heard from barrington who said in october, said much of the same. they called on darden to put the real estate holdings into a reit and cut costs. they seem to be on a similar page at least with that idea. back to you. connell: nicole, thanks. we'll give you the north korea story in a second. what is tomorrow's business today, new kind of doctor/patient care called telehealth. they monitor patients through videoconferencing set to grow the business to 2 billion-dollar market next five years as a result of growing costs under the new health care law, doctor shortages and everything else. research, ihs put out this
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prediction. digital doctors visits allow a physician to help the patient by saving them the expense of physically going to the doctor. we look as we talk about this, some companies that might benefit of the idea of telehealth. you see the run-down there. ge, intel, honeywell, medtronic. that is tomorrow's business today. on to something pretty much the opposite of tomorrow's business like yesterday's business last week or whatever. north korea threatening a merciless attack on south korea, making the threat via fax. apparently the country still uses fax machines and they sort of threaten each other. they sent a fax to the south korean defense ministry in response to an anti-north demonstration that take place in seoul. effigies of three generations of the north korean dictatorship were burned. south korea gets the fax and respond with faxon their own promiseing resolute action to
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the north and maybe dennis rodman is running around out there and not exactly high-tech. american companies talking about losing their business overseas and that story is coming up next f you want to put a bull of american business on the air, no better than to talk to john paul dejoria, good friend of our show, paul mitchell hair products, patron tequila. with his outlook for next year. you assume it is optimistic. you never know. look at currencies how everybody is faring against the u.s. dollar. stocks are up. we'll be right back.
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connell: ibm, cisco already said it. other companies are concerned about it. we're talking about edward snowden and leaks from that story about our government spy program and how it hurts business overseas. germany says, for example it is working on its own internet to lock us out after word u.s.
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intelligence was monitoring the cell phone used by german chancellor angela merkel. joseph cronin says the american companies need to stop worry about nsa crisis and assure their customers their privacy is safe. he is ad very cansy director from trilium based in oregon. you're involved in a shire healedder proposal directed toward -- shareholder proposal directed toward verizon. what do you want verizon to do? >> we filed the shareholder proposals at verizon and at&t as well, new york state comptroller's office was filing that proposal, asking companies to start issuing transparency reports like internet companies are doing. we're filing these proposals for two reasons. one was that public policy side. the other is the investment side. on the investment side, this is really an important time for the companies to start rebuilding some trust with their users and their customers. what we really have found thus
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far is that the companies need to provide a greater level of transparency about their interactions with the government. that is an important piece of information for the public policy debate as well because right now the president, the companies, i think everybody has agreed there needs to be a robust public policy debate about the relationship, about these government surveillance perhaps. connell: right. >> and their relationship with our democracy. these reports will help inform that debate. connell: there must be, from the companyys point of view there must be some level of not necessarily outright reluctance. but when you're working with government on a secret program like this, are there any legal elements where their hands are just tied? they want to be more transparent than they were actually being and maybe it is in their interest to be more transparent and they're being asked basically to keep theer mouth shout about this? >> at&t and verizon will be issuing transparency ports. this is a brick through moments
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for the companies. now it is really, the norm in the telecommunications industry to issue transparency reports. we're looking forward to see the reports coming out. we'll look to see whether other companies issue the reports as well. connell: right. >> t-mobile, centurylink, even comcast. connell: now the government would argue, and i'm sure the nsa would argue that the requests thatter this making were in the interests, say, for example, fighting terrorism. it wasn't for targeting regular ol' americans going about their daily business. however from your point f view representing shareholders was there damage done to shareholder interest and specifically what you point to what was the damage done to this whole line of incidents? >> sure. i think we've seen business risks developing for at&t and verizon for this issue. for verizon they invested heavily into developing a cloud based solution for companies and governments around the world
11:26 am
globally. i they invest ad billion dollars, maybe more of that. the risk is a lack of trust whether the companies will do everything they can to protect user and customer privacy. at&t has ambitions for development or for growth in europe. i think we've seen increased hurdles being put up in front of them to have that kind of growth again because of aing lack of trust. it is time for the companies rebuild trust that they're protecting user privacy. connell: another story that will carry over into next year. joseph kron with shareholder proposals. thanks for coming on with your side of it today. >> thanks for having me. connell: we have financial tremors coming out of china. we talked about this friday and carries over this morning. government trying to calm fears about a cash crunch. could be a big global story coming up as "markets now" continues. john paul dejoria is coming on with the bull case for 2014
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and only as he can and. dow is up 74. 16,295. we'll take a look here or the camera will at winners individually we have on the s&p 500. ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all theech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking to 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up.
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♪ connell: at half-hour here on "markets now," and here is a look at what we still have coming up for you in this hour, a greater advocate out there for the prospects of american business. at think thaa there probably
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isn't. the bullish argument for the u.s. in 2014. always optimistic about something. more on the scramble, the time to get people signed up forr3 obamacare before the end of the day.@ china making some more moves to try and control of a crash crunch and -- cash crunch in that country which could have global ramifications for the markets. the u.s. market especially looking good. all ten s&p 500 sectors trading to the upside. however, nicole joins us from the new yes , she's going to let a couple of stocks that are missing out. try to run your date. dagen: we have -- >> reporter: we have to be balanced. looking at micron and michael coor's. now, basically there is no doubt from bank of america, merrill lynch. what concerns us is too bullish. the valuations of runoff. concerned but competitors, downgrade micron to underperform. another pick that they prefer in this round. they say it is cheaper and more competitive, but micron, of
11:32 am
course to my memory chips for pcs, servers, tablas, the light. a downgrade, the stock is down 38%. and then there is michael. well, retail trend is what hitting him today. m4 and a half percent. the analysts over and read bush saying that we believe, and this is their ," lower-than-expected mall traffic at six -- resulted in higher than expected markdown inventory. welcome had been watching fox business you would know that is what would hit those retailers. markdowns. they just don't make the margins. connell: thank you. as you talk about the economy cannot we will, i believe, have an optimistic take on things. certainly there are concerns. obamacare being one of them. big topic. but here to tell us what he thinks about business next year is our friend, chief executive officer and co-founder of paul mitchell who said earlier that you would be, if history served,
11:33 am
optimistic because you almost always are. for some reason you're not that all is lost. tell us what your outlook is. are you optimistic? >> first of all, merry christmas . i love you out there. very optimistic. but for good reason. if you looked at these last few years, especially last year. people are seeing more money than ever before in their realizing not tow over mortgage their future with a lot of debt. they're realizing that. also, new things are coming out that are giving people personal confidence. for example, a lot of our staff has been on the news this last year. all other freedoms are coming back. people a stepping a been saying, maybe some things this person is doing or our government is doing is not really working. let's change it. by speaking of benzene were seeing things starting to change, it gives people more confidence that things will be of day and our freedoms are not
11:34 am
being lost. when i look at this, our reports that more and more people are coming back in a regular basis. well, when the company goes bad, more and more people don't come on a regular basis, not only that means that people while lacking confidence. menu is small business in america and what they have not been difficult times, they have survived. new ones are starting to pop up because america still works, and people have that confidence. i also see more people living a helping hand to others, whether it is getting a little business, doing something. there is more philanthropy, more people caring. and when you have that positive attitude and people think positive and look positive, that %-for everyone. and the changes it will be one of our best years. i predict 2014 will be one of the best years. we saw a few people unemployed, but by gosh, they will get back to work. connell: a lot of people unemployed, but at least it has
11:35 am
come down, going as directions. all those are positives. that is true. let me go back to your first comment when you talk about the back the people of saving and that is a good thing. restarted the show with a story about were the biggest consumer loyalty is. the surveys are showing it is to some of the discount retailers, walmart, target. in the argument our first guest had is that a, that is not a great sign because people are not willing to spend. and then you make a counter argument that people are willing to save. why is saving good and wire you not concerned that those samee3 people are not concerned with spending a lot of money. >> great question. when the going is tough the tough get going. when things are a bit tough people want to save a few extra dollars. so many years until the crisis.
11:36 am
have they built up the savings account a lure mortar treat themselves. high-end. but drone. but drone starting to go up. so up, but not quite as high as it should be. xl cafe doing better. why is that? people want to spend a couple of extra dollars to treat themselves. we see that happening. this is generated by people maybe it's been less, but saving a little more and have a little bit more, i can go to the next level command everyone benefits this way. connell: the final issue. obamacare peter time to save that the deadline. you want to be covered by the first of the year. the comments about speaking up if you like something. i say may be at least in part is a reference to the obamacare rollout.
11:37 am
like it, changes to do something different course they have started to do, is that a dragon businesses the general sentiment obamacare in 2014, now? >> it's a drag on business and less people realize and hope that it will change. you have to fix it. but the aside. fix it for everybody. husbands, friends. it's not working. please fix it. really going to fix more people have more. not going into further debt.
11:38 am
dagen: given more time and everything else. quick fixes are you one of these people who said just start over, scrapped the whole thing and start again. >> get pretty close to starting over again because when people start -- when you start putting3 band-aids on something you're putting band-aids on a. >> do it by the open doors with cameras on you. that when no one can see what the heck you're doing. open doors. open the doors of their rig at sea both parties talk about it and you're going to fix it. but let the public was when you're doing and how you're trying to fix it. let's get deeper. america deserves more. connell: always good to see you. love you guys. going to be a good year. of course. thank you for coming on. palma's a butcher said if
11:39 am
elected be answered by the end of the year, the white house policy for more young people to get on board talking about how they will do that. and something he was talking about, bandits, quick fixes, is that the way to go? smell and nice sweeping across the midwest in time for christmas causing a lot of trouble. it is one here in new york, especially yesterday. so a lot of other issues to talk about and then china. this central finance bank over in china pumping money into the economy. the concern there, trying to a fan of the cash crunch and how important it is as "markets now" continues. ♪ [ female announcer ] tidpods three-in-one detergent.
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connell: the changes, the media services. yelling in back-and-forth with a in. some very christmas. have been new year. i will private -- try to provoke is some way, shape, or form. but the story of the year, i
11:44 am
don't know, obviously it has been a problem. everyone, people on your side. you have been a defender of the law. present-day where you think that we are because today is the deadline, and it seems like rich edson was reporting on an earlier this hour the people are not so sure. they saw the hardship exemptions announced by the president and sycamore, is today the deadline, do we need to sign up? >> well, i have been eating a lot of humble pie. let me get that out of the way. first, there was a botched rollout which has caused a number of problems included in those problems are confusion on the part of the consumer as to3 what is happening with the coverage they used to have and one of the real deadlines. there are a number of problems here, and i am not going to be as optimistic. i maintain my long-term optimism. i do believe that the concepts
11:45 am
are strong. people being ability of health insurance even though they have previous conditions, other people we most need in the system to my believe they will eventually get covered. there is one question about young peeple because, as you said, given all this confusion, people that are older that have health conditions, they will wind their way through this and make sure they get coverage. connell: we have been through, hey, they are needed. the large -- laws are largely based on this. all the stuff is out there, understood. you were acknowledging your comments that a fix is needed. a business leader, pretty noted that that, but not crazy political by any means. he said -- he is almost to the boreas in favor of the start over approach as opposed to the band-aid approach.
11:46 am
those of the peopll are confused. band-aid approaches in quick fixes, are they going to work? >> yes. there really is no sensibility in trying to go backwards. no one knows what that would mean today. we are talking about amending it, not ending it. i think we can continue to go forward. the important point is that we need to get to balance risk pool i think as time goes on and as young people think about what they want to risk bankruptcy because they have a car accident or ski into a tree, it makes no sense. >> your not going to get everything you want because these and people will sign up. you need them. >> i believe we will eventually get what we need. longer than what we think. rocky road here because of that. but eventuaaly i think that this law will work. today one of the things we have seen is that people who have coverage, the tremendously valuable and really care about
11:47 am
house security. in the future as more people sign up, particularly people who have been set up, they will have that same attitude, and the pad to from the politicians today to call for overturning the whole law will have to face a lot of people who will sit, wait a minute, are you talking about taking away the security? at think the answer will be no. we will be. i think it is going to take longer than i thought. connell: right up front in admitting that was the case. you have been on and we will keep having fox business in talking about this issue unfortunately as it continues to revolve. thank you for today. we have to move on. thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> thanks. connell: less than 48 hours until christmas. a couple of days left in the record number luck to a record number of travelers. the weather is an issue here. our meteorologist is in the fox business weather center joining
11:48 am
us with the latest. [speaking in native tongue] very ugly. the storm system producing all kinds of weather. we saw reported tornadoes across portions of the soft. farther north. ice reported in several power outages. the storm is still on the move. a flood concern across portions of the southeast. half. this is the area i am concerned with. portions of maine, new hampshire coming down into massachusetts. ice storm warnings in effect because up to a half-inch of vice can accumulate specifically across southern parts of maine. be careful on the roadways and keep in mind that ice can accumulate on tree branches and bring them down and cause more power outages. freezing rain also a concern.
11:49 am
we do have advisories. otherwise behind the storm getting colder, big issue for power, single digits in parts of minnesota, bundle up. it will be dangerous as you head outdoors without the proper gear connell: thank you for that. on the other side of this, this key industry already getting its christmas present, although white stuff that are real was just talking about, ski resorts need cold weather and snow to attract visitors. so far they're having a pretty good season. just in the northeast snowfall tolls are up. we have jeff flock out hitting the slopes.ns us with more. >> it is -- some of these resorts have opened earlier than they ever had in history. you almost don't need to make snow, the snow makers out there,
11:50 am
you almost don't need that this year. you know what of tell you to my laski about 25 years ago. i skied once. >> you are doing great. >> see what happens. she likes to point out, a huge sport, although members of ski resorts have declined. why? >> what is happening is, the ones that we have are getting bigger, so the bigger -- and you know, some larger companies are buying up. >> study. take a look at the numbers. michigan has more ski resorts with close ties. take a look at investment opportunities. a huge one. they have been 30% year today, 200% of the course of the paat five years. they just bought a resort in michigan. >> that's right. >> in this area is one of the
11:51 am
feeders. >> this that we are and in jones, michigan. this is an area where people come, learn to ski. of course. >> i think we are about out of time. i have to let you go. we will be year-old they taking a look at it examining investment opportunities in this deal world. he knows of a stop. i've won't say we were out rate rooting for you the fall, but we were watching curiously. that is pretty good. one time in 25 years. we will eat into this china story coming up in just a minute. lori, you can tell. banks said to be holding cash. a story that we continue to cover. more details coming up. this is h back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up r rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round,
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in addition to the ellis who are always there, we are talking more along the lines of cellphone trackers. joining us with that story. adam. >> reporter: we hear so much about online shopping. people may not realize, 90 percent of all christmas gifts, purchase the old-fashioned way to go into the store, but a lot of stores are teaming a bit different technology companies, one of those companies that develop sensors that use lead to a technology that knows when you are in a particular store and where you are. quietly. you have to download the gap, but it detects where you are. it sends you messages on your phone including specific offers and discounts tailored just for you. >> it is giving the consumer a full screen experience. pictures, text and information, giving information, deals.
11:57 am
and things that will make you a smarter, better shopper. connell: we recently visited a couple of stores in san francisco and boston. the ceo says that they are in this because smart phones, including the buildings, to get the shopper such an important way of doing it, there store is growing anyway. one offer of 20 percent off. they expect to expand this to all stores nationwide. that we are on the forefront of where we need to be within the world of retail meeting technology. connell: again -- >> reporter: again, this is a good way of attracting shoppers. also doing this as well as chemical and a few other stores. connell: therein on it. "markets now" continues in just a moment after a quick break.
11:58 am
cheryl casone is next. ♪ ♪
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>> we don't think snowden deserves amnesty. we believe he should come back an be sent back and have his day in court. cheryl: hello, everyone, i'm cheryl casone to take you through the next hour of "markets now. keep the lights on, everybody. you heard national security advisor susan rice say nsa leakerredward snowden does not deserve amnesty. but with snead den sitting on more than a million documents should the government rethink its stance. today is the day to sign up for health care coverage. if you don't sign up by the end of day today you will not be eligible for coverage by january 1st. is this another sign health care needs an overhaul? cracker barrel does an aboutface on friday after
12:02 pm
controversial comments from duck dine any star phil robertson. now they are apologizing. all this in the next hour of "markets now. as i move over to my see seat we're up by 81 points. you have santa claus coming to town. strong market day with new records for the dow and s&p and nasdaq hitting a new record. a lot of new highs today. you don't want to miss any of the trading as we move to the end of 2014 and really a blockbuster year. as we do at top of the hour we go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. all our portfolios are looking a lot better. >> everything looks great here on wall street. record, record, record for the dow and s&p. all-time record highs today again. nasdaq a record there as well,
12:03 pm
helped along by apple. nasdaq is setting records we've been seeing since the year 2000. all three of major indices we follow so closely making notable moves today. the dow is up about half a percent right now at 16,304. also the nasdaq up almost one full percentage point. that being said, you talk about what we're seeing overall, all 10 sectors that we follow, so closely have had up arrows. you have many names hitting new highs, including google and mastercard. other names that would include, visa, jpmorgan, american express, goldman sachs. you have plenty of names on wall street just showing some gains such as blackberry, twitter and pandora. we got in good economic news. apple is boost. consumer spend something higher. sentiment looks good and imf comments on the u.s. where they have growth predictions. cheryl: only concern i see is goldman sachs about emerging markets but nice to see the overall reports coming in.
12:04 pm
nicole, thank you very much. it is time now for monday headlines.% first up on our agenda, today is the deadline to sign up for health coverage if you want to be good to go for january 1stings but a hardship exemption was added last week. we've seen other delays and rollbacks. does obamacare survive in 2014? let's take it to our panel. which have rich edson standing by in washington, d.c. here in studio is charles payne. charles, take it to you first. the president came out with end of year health conference. he got pretty beaten up by the press. somebody like john boehner is sitting back over his eggnog think i will redo this entire thing come 2014. >> of course. listen the pendulum has swung completely back into the court of the gop. it has been president obama who has, he has been his own worst enemy. let's face it, the website was cobbled together. was put together based on ideology and ego. they could have taken their time. could have put it out later.
12:05 pm
there were certainly yellow flags, if not red flags that the website itself would be a disaster. again, doing some of the math, you don't have to be some sort of genius to figure this out, if we have a plan based onioning people really buying into it, particularly going to pay $95 fine, you're not being honest about it. yeah. cheryl: rich, again on the heels of that press conference on friday now the question is for 2014, this is a question to you, will there be a huge movement by the gop to say that's it, here is new plan for health care, obamacare out the window gone? >> well they will have to come up with something to replace it. again a number of republicans, all of them in the house, a good chunk in the senate running for re-election in 2014 and are they going to want to make changes to obamacare, votes that alter obamacare in a way that almost helps it out? politically that is somewhat difficult for the gop. i think you may see republicans continue their calls to get rid of some of the mandates and some of the taxes.
12:06 pm
as far as structural changes to get the law to work better with any type of fixes i don't know if president obama is going to have a partnership with republicans there. they're happy too watch the health care law have its problems, point out its problems and leave the administratton and insurance companies to their own to figure this one until after the elections. cheryl: let's bring in liz macdonald joining us on see as well. talking about changes to the health care or changes to the website and everything else. now we're looking at an idea maybe john boehner and republicans will say, you know what? let's do a whole new plan, whole new health care system for 2014? you think something like that actually happens? that we'll be sitting here in a month debating what else to do with health care because obamacare doesn't work? >> what i've been watching is the disclosures coming out of the government about this and congressional committees and the hearing transcripts and what people are saying, boots on the ground in washington, d.c. the big, the big problem, charles and i talked about this is really security. it is lack of enrollment because there are security fears of the
12:07 pm
500 million lines of software code exposed now to hackers. the fact that, it's a serious issue. they were basically, there's a fear if you can't get your information secure on federal website people won't enroll and run away. cheryl: charles, brings up a great point, all thooe kids, the only thing this thing even works if you get kids to enroll and they're not. who can blame them? >> some being told stay home with mom and dad until you're 26 years old. also, i don't know about the republicans. they tried this. the republicans can go out to the public and say we tried to repeal it. we talked about replacing it. we tried our best. really i think the question is, how far will democrats go to try to alter the plan. cheryl: not in election year. i wouldn't go that far. >> senator joe manchin talked about a transitional year, buying time..3 oing up for electionnderstand, next year, i would like to buy some time.
12:08 pm
i would love to buy some sometime. >> do you have replacement bill, replacement idea for obamacare, right? that is the idea. cheryl: i'm sure we'll hear about something because republicans are being mighty silent. who can blame them so far. that is smart. susan rice saying on sixty minutes saying snowden should not get amnesty but should have his day in court. snowden is it sitting on a million or so documents. should the government rethink its stand against edward snowden? i don't know if you saw "60 minutes," she was confrontational with lesley stahl, rich, when she was asked the question. >> depends on what edward snowden has and what he benefit to the u.s. government is. remember this is as much a public negotiation as administration position, fine, we'll not give you amnesty on this. what is it that you left? what intelligence can you give us? remember where he ended up, who he has given information to and whether the documents he still has are in fact documents he has
12:09 pm
yet to share with the russians and chinese, things like that. really how much can the u.s. improve its situation by granting amnesty. if it can't, why bother? cheryl: liz, the question of he had word snowed enhas been what else does he have -- is it we don't know. who does he give the information to? the chinese? that is not what we need. >> is there secondary move to get snowden back here. cheryl: should we give him amnesty and get the documents out of foreign hand especially away from government that is want to take us down. >> that was the secondary report i'm getting to. i'm just a journalist. i'm only reading what people are advising to do. the advice, yes, get him back into the united states. to stop the leaking going on to our two possible enemies overseas. cheryl: you can't help but wonder, charles, if the government has gone too far. this is the second part. interview. all the spying on technology companies and americans. americans are fed up. now americans are wondering is
12:10 pm
the government going too far? at what point do we say enough is enough. >> that is the argument over section 215 of the patriot act. how do we pull that back. so far president obama is adamant about the idea that the nsa will always have the power to collect this data. maybe there is hint they will let the information service providers collect it but they will always have access to the information whether we like it or not. that is pretty tough stuff. that is not what people who voted for the president expected. this is kind of thing that you might have gotten from sort of different administration. cheryl: right. >> he has a lot of explaining to do. cheryl: susan rice had a lot of explaining to do. she had some pretty tough quustions i have to say. here is question for all of you at home. would you do this? they said we screwed up big-time. that is the message coming from cracker barrel after facing strong backlash after their decision to pull some "duck dynasty" merchandise off the shelves amidst the show's scandal. here is what the company said on the facebook page.
12:11 pm
our intent was to avoid offending and that is just what we have done. the duck stuff is back on the shelves. was this even the right move? do you think the company should have stuck to their guns, i mean that pun intended, stuck to their guns? >> that is knee-jerk reaction. i'm shock ad company based out of the tennessee would have this sort of reaction. politically correct response right out of the gate, instead of waiting, giving benefit of listening to their customers. for at least their position sell food to, they probably made a big mistake. even if they disagree with everything phil robertson had to say. cheryl: was it their place? was it the company's place, we've seen this with tiger woods. >> their prerogative. nike stood by kobe bryant through ugly allegations. now all is forgiven. cheryl: michael strahan has most of the sponsors back. from a corporate standpoint. what they did, they fed to their
12:12 pm
own customers. their customers out there saying if you're going ton continue to penalize this guy and not buy his products will eat my business cuts somewhere else. >> this is classic market reaction. the company made a decision that this individual would hurt the company's brand and saw the reaction and dialed back. >> coming back so quickly, we made a mistake. cheryl: rich, i will say they did come back and we're sorry. we apologize and we'll listen to you. you wonder if the damage is done and if other companies will follow a&e's suit for what he said many think is offensive? >> what i want to know esly when you look at aee, how much of their repeats were watchd? do they have ratings spiked. i heard of the show and hadn't heard so much about the show sinne the whole thing started. with the beginning of this i would like to see the results of
12:13 pm
at least for the bottom line of cracker barrel and a&e since the whole thing started. the controversy may be making a&e money, who knows. >> experts say there is rating spike, no doubt about it. they have nine shows in the can. they have a lot of time to deal with this. i have a feeling phil will be back on the show. cheryl: but he is not backing down, lizzie. >> he is not backing down. cheryl: that is how i feel. i'm summarizing the quote. >> he also said he would not harm people. he was pretty cronkite with respect to, this is how i feel but i'm not advocating being hurtful to people other than this is my religious beliefs. cheryl: turns out a lot of people go to cracker barrel agree with him maybe it turns out. look at the facebook page. i'm just saying. judge by yourself. >> you know what? this whole story says to me we're at leading edge of social media and how we deal with people's comments in social media or general media. cheryl: it struck a chord, that's for sure. rich evidence son, lizzie
12:14 pm
mcdonald, charles payne, thank you very much. long-awaited deal brings iphones to the world's largest mobile phone provider in china. retailers extending hours to fill the bottom lines? that is likely to hurt profits, and alarming rising rate of return in profits. liz, i would not return anything. i totally would, absolutely. just this week. ♪ ♪
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cheryl: the dow is pushing new session highs. right now we're up by 93 points and as you can see it's a great day for stocks. you have a few names you will watch, cisco. it is leading the dow right now. this is impact on the dow of a little more than two points. overall a strong day for the
12:18 pm
markets and i do want to show you one sector i'm watching right now, retail. america's research retail group looking at top winners and losers of 2013. walmart was one of the names that topped the list. target was one of the top three as well on the list and lowe's not making the list, getting a negative rating, loser in retail and toys "r" us. who will tell you toys "r" us will have a rough here. that's what they say. nicole petallides is standing by. i hate to say toys "r" us is having a bad year as parents are rushing stores today to get last minute items. >> since i bought what i feel like is eight million gift cards. hit home depot and tj maxx, stores i never go to this week. been a little busy. retate earlies -- retailers are trying to do best they can. home depot and men's wearhouse -- i joseph a. bank.
12:19 pm
when joseph a. bank offered 2.3 billion for men's wearhouse. men's wearhouse said no, no, that undervalues us. men's warehouse offering 1.5 million for joseph a. bank. that is not enough either. they want to seem to work collaboratively together to work it out. meantime, right now you have them saying you're undervaluing our company. we'll see if they can try to get numbers right. they seem to want to work together but can't seem to get numbers right. cheryl: maybe before the end of the year for tax purposes as well. we shall see. nicole, thank you. >> thanks. cheryl: well it's a deal. apple has pardon nerd with -- partnered with china mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier with over 760 million subscribers to the sell the 5s and 5c cell phones. they will begin selling in january, actually on the 11th. it is a multiyear deal. pricing has not been
12:20 pm
announced -- 17th. it is up more than 3%. 566.03, more than 17 bucks a share. a lot happening with apple. we'll talk a lot more about china. china central bank pumping cash into the economy at an astonishing rate. it may be too little too late as the world is bracing for a chinese banking and liquidity collapse. we're going to talk about that. also a white christmas is nice in the movies right, but not for traveling. coming up we have the latest forecast for the record number of travelers set to head out this holiday season and what the conditions will be for them. get ready as we go to break. here is how the world's currencies are favoring against the u.s. dollar. ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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cheryl: china's cash crunch sent interest rates soaring on monday even as the country's central bank revealed it injected nearly $50 billion in the financial system that happened just last week. some analysts are now warning that a chinese debt crisis could be on the horizon. christian dossersy, economic policy institute director of external and government affairs is with me right now. christian, we saw the fears escalate back in june. now the concern is that the chinese government is not borrowing that overnight lending banks interest rate will skyrocket over in china. how close are we to a catastrophe? >> i don't think we're close to a catastrophe as all but this is a real problem for china as they try to figure out how to regulate the shadow banking
12:25 pm
industry. they will go over this every six months where they have liquidity tisch squeezes. it will be require they be very, very deft how they inject to the capital in the system without making credit so easy to come by, with the shadow banking system which exploded their debt in recent years explodes their debt. cheryl: there is a bank called china civic bank. there are a report that they may have loan defaults to the tune $900 million. not yuan. i'm talking dollars. >> yeah. cheryl: do you think because of the residential boom in the middle class some are now calling a bust two years later, do you think that is what is crippling the economy there? >> yeah. it is pretty clear, for a period of years, while we were going through our issues with our recession and slow recovery, china seemed to be i'm mine to all of that. it wasn't because they had real, solid, structural growth. they had easy credit, that was going out into the community
12:26 pm
which exploded their debt and made, you know, their period from 2008 to 2011, relativelyw . cheryl: let's talk about a couple things here. firss off, we're all sitting here in the united states. we are certainly concerned about what the chinese economy and banking system could do to us. besides those americans sitting and holding stocks of chinese banks. trades on nasdaq for for example. what do you think is a bigger problem for the united states in all of this? >> ultimately the china is the second largest economy in the world and to the extent they have issues with liquidity and it doesn't allow exports to sort of lead the way to their growth that could affect global consumption which can make it very, very difficult for the united states to meet its rowth rates. you know, we still have a very struggling, fragile economy. we kind of need the world's system to sort of help pull us out of it. and to the extent that china is
12:27 pm
not able to do that, that can mean longer, slower growth in the united states which is not good for, you know, not good for u.s. businesses and it is certainly not good for ordinary americans. cheryl: so that same instability you're talking about, you're talking about looking at 7-day rate, 8.9%. >> huge. cheryl: took a big jump. >> one food sign the three-month and year-long interbank lending rates are pretty stable and pretty sustainable that what that suggests to me if the central bank plays its cards right they can deal with the immediate crisis. doesn't mean we're looking at months and months of this dragging on. that is relying on the chinese central bank to play the right cards. cheryl: play the right cards and be forthright what their plans are and what the problems could be which they won't do. >> they usually don't do that, right? cheryl: never.
12:28 pm
christian dorsey, thank you, happy holidays. >> thank you, chairman. happy holidays. cheryl: chad morganlander says this is a sector he thinks is king. he will tell us what sector that is. who has the title of king in chad's mind? can't find out. bad weather causing trouble headaches for millions trying to head out of town right now. are you one of them? you want to stick around for this. as we go to break, take a look at some big winners and s&p. and facebook joining the s&p today. big day for facebook. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ the she brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one d, he noticed that everybody could have a agic seashell. indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform with think or swim from tdmeritrade. cheryl: 2014 around the corner and one sector is going out at cain. he will tell you who sits alone at the top. snow is pretty and so you have to travel and it. the areas of the country that could be in for the biggest holiday travel. and ups says it expects returns said it down 15% this season from last. what this meant for retailers and their bottom line. stocks now every 15 minutes. let's head back to the floor of the new york stock exchange. pick your favorites on ttis
12:32 pm
holiday. >> reporter: in addition to a lot of these credit card companies, we have other names on the move. we have been focusing on this. the ssp 500 now, five and &, 516. and . apple on this deal with china mobile. 3 percent. tiffany right now to the downside. and tesla motors which has had a tough three months, down over 20 percent in the three month time framee this month, december, actually up 12 percent, setting back some of those losses. cheryl: thank you very much. appreciated. and time now for the fox business stock radar. joining me now. use a tech is still king. >> i like tech for 2014. i know it has been lagging in 2013, but i am looking for value
12:33 pm
and opportunity. and in particular one that i do like is ibm. you can get a good return over the course of the next 12 months cheryl: with this is kind of a problem child ever the last year. >> it absolutely has been buried you have had revenues that have been declining. but we think that as capital spending really accelerates when it comes to technology and the economy improves not only here in the united states but also within europe that you will get a push, and you will see that within the revenue line. so our price target is 220. cheryl: we're at 182 right now. >> a pretty good return. on the mega cap tech stocks, other stocking stuffers he should be looking at. [laughter] >> cisco systems -- cisco systems. $6 of cash on the balance sheet. they should earn between the dollar 90 and $2 for 2014. this thing, we are looking at a price target, $25 per share.
12:34 pm
also -- and. cheryl: can you explain to me what happened. guidance. sphere at -- they said to scale back your entire position. >> emerging markets. they would have a tough transition. but as the european markets improve we think that cisco systems could save lives. you are looking at and expectations game. large mega cap stocks, expectations are low. real hurdles to jump over. cheryl: let's take investments, stocking stuffers. can you imagine? taken money. i bought -- in cs like, wait a minute. i want to show these together. oracle and microsoft only because i think it really
12:35 pm
diverges. then it in this kind of split, but you are saying that both of these are good opportunities. >> i am looking for companies that achieve, and microsoft is ridiculously cheap. stock trading in the mid 30's, $10 of cash, earnings that are about $3 per share for 2014. and revenues that can expect under that type of valuation metric to be declining. they're losing five to 6% annually. it is a large capitol enterprise company. again, trading on the general theme. cheryl: like the tech stuff.@ we are getting close. but they're is a full plate. >> budweiser is actually hitting on all cylinders when it comes to each one of their brands.
12:36 pm
what we believe is that revenues will increase by roughly 5%. our price target for 2014 is for the $121 per share. cheryl: of want to point out, the 5-year chart. when we go through the great recession use on names like budweiser actually stand the test of time. they went cheaper and. >> absolutely. think about this. it is a consumer staple company that we think you have good value wind. a lot of the consumer staple companies have had a tremendous run. we believe that this one still has legs and more to move on. cheryl: walmart as well. i did not pull up. >> if you don't like consumer staples, consumer discretionary 9%. cheryl: great deals. thank you. all right. have a good christmas. less than 48 hours until christmas. a record umber of our travelers
12:37 pm
are ready to hit the roads and skies. accu-weather meteorologist has the latest weather forecast. tell me that we have some good news because some people have to get on airplanes today. meteologist: a cold front pushing in that has been a big weather story. we do have a couple of snow showers in the midwest. the northwest, another disturbance. starting out in the east and that is where the headaches have been already throughout the morning and afternoon with a lot of heavy rain along the at-95 corridor, delays at philadelphia international and newark international. more delays likely to continue. a big concern in new england has been the eyee, freezing rain, sleet continuing just bought the boston. some power outages. this cold front continues to
12:38 pm
exit. rain tapering off. travel delays diminish. that is good news for the big cities, philadelphia and to new york, but behind it is turning much colder, and we will feel that throughout europe tuesday, especially tonight into tuesday. some will be happy as a couple of snow showers push their way through. this is going to be mainly west of the appellations, but we could see that around philadelphia and new york. nothing terribly heavy. preety to look at. still enough to give us some slick stuff on the roads, so you want to be careful. at last disturbance, moderate snowfall in the northern plains, so be careful long night-teenine cheryl: thank you very much. breaking news right now in fox business on the enrollment deadline for obamacare. we have rich edson standing by. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: today is supposed to be the deadline. you must sign up for obamacare to get coverage by january 1st
12:39 pm
however for the "washington post" and dow jones are reporting that that deadline has been pushed back one day until 1159 tomorrow christmas eve. we have asked the department of health and human services for comment to confirm or deny it. they sent us to the centers for medicare and medicaid services and they have not come back to assess. the washington post and dow jones reporting that that deadline has been pushed back to tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. if you want insurance by january 1st. one quick note, the website allows 50,000 simultaneous users a little earlier today. we were putting a system. maybe they're seeing volume. that may be the reason the government has not commented. cheryl: thank you for the breaking news on coming up, why easy return policies are making it hard for retailers to grow there bottom line.
12:40 pm
we will be right back. ♪ clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, take scottrade's fe, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. use daily market commentary to . and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they kw i don't ad like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (aouncer) ranked h highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. per and associates.
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>> at $3.26 per gallon. oklahoma has the lowest price at $2.804. new york's long island has the highest at $3.602. as tte latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. ♪
12:43 pm
♪ cheryl: free shipping and easy return policies giving a boost online shopping, but one area
12:44 pm
also on the rise, returns. in fact, as much as one-third of all internet sales in return according to a retail consultancy. expecting a 15% uptick in returns compared to last year. let's bring in the market insight senior vice president. what do you make of all of this? >> we know that online shopping has become much popular with the consumer, and we are expecting a double-digit increase over last year. i think that that is really the issue. people test and learn, shall we say. cheryl: people to earn their living rooms and to stores? >> i think it is quite interesting. people are comfortable with the on-line channel. if you think about it, jewelry, something that people used to have to see, now people do it online. it's actually purchased online. cheryl: you were monitoring this. the types of transactions. jewelry is a big boost.
12:45 pm
real-estate prices and the stock market doing so well. we have actually over the thanksgiving weekend saw double-digit significant increases in luxury. cheryl: looking at e-commerce, theejewelry products rising as an online purchase more so. but the one thing that the companies will have right now, what will that do for the bottom line for revenue? consumers buying ten pairs of the same pants in different colors and sizes because the retailer each of that cost on the back end. >> this is the issue, but certain sectors are ble to hold on. one of the things that we know about a parallel line is they charge more online and they do and brick and mortar which is what we have been shown over time, so they're able to make up some of that margin because we are seeing significant promotions and apparel which is really what is causing this.
12:46 pm
cheryl: also, the other big popular item, electronics which has been amazing. that has been taking off as well . >> 50% of electronics. >> somewhat of a commodity product in the sense that one phone -- the same phone, is just where you purchase it. it is being done online. moving to thanksgiving day, all of the promotions. the new councils a gaming is a big driver. cheryl: kaywun to ask you beeore you go. the names, the stark is barely up since bback friday, target's stock is down, seers. if you look at the with stocks are performing, if investors tried to figure out who will be the big winner, who would you say? >> you are looking at hide-and
12:47 pm
retailers. we have seen all year through sector in sight, moderate department stores lagging, the lower end having a struggle whereas the upper end is doing quite well in specialty things. cheryl: blockbuster holiday. anyway, thank you for being here. good to see you. cannot wait to get the real numbers after the first of the year. well, the floor of the new york stock exchange. standing by. we are just off session highs for the dow. i think everyone is looking for the rest of the year and thinking, can we hold on to these great pains that we have had? the president is gone, the senate is gone. in the issues you're worried about? >> everything is good at this point in time. we are just about to hit the santa claus rally between christmas and new year's. new money comes into the market. i have to say that online -- other points in the year the
12:48 pm
deck has been cleared. it would not surprise me at all to see the s&p 500 approached by the end of next week. cheryl: we like to see that. thank you very much. we are also watching what is happening to commodities. natural gas is spiking as the country braces for colder temperatures. that said to the pits of the cme and phil flynn. good or bad news? >> great news for traders selling in for a long winter's nap. this thing has rocketed. a two and a half year high and natural gas. there is no wondering why. it is cold. supplies are 7% below the average, and people are stunned because we are not seeing production levels peaked. part of that is because we are using natural gas for other things other than heating fuel and things called freeze offs which has been happening because it has been cold.
12:49 pm
a lot of the natural gas pipeline is frozen, the production is not there, supplies are falling. some parts of the country are feeling warmer over the weekend. enjoy it while you can. temperatures will drop. it is going to continue to be cold. some reas well below zero. natural gas traders love that. cheryl: sitting in manhattan outside yesterday having lunch. i mean, what is that? is weird. i want to ask you about the temperatures. i know you like to follow cattle. i'm curious what will be happening with cattle with these temperatures. >> you know what happens, they cannot move the cattle. they can be killed. it is a dangerous situation. we have seen that it has started to show some life. cheryl: thank you. we are getting more breaking news into fox business on the enrollment deadline for obamacare. rich edson coming back with new
12:50 pm
details. first we talk about the extended deadline. are we getting further confirmation? >> it is extended for 24 hours, but only for some americans. you have to have started your application or be in line. because the system being overwhelmed, if you can sign up today, they will let you do it tomorrow, but you have to make a move today online. this is a statement from cms. the deadline yesterday. we recognize that many have chosen to make their final decision on today's deadline to and we are committed to making sure that they can do so, anticipating high demand. we have taken steps to make sure that those who selects the plan through tomorrow will get coverage by january 1st. you have to be on the website today and have been put in the queue on line in order to be able to wait until tomorrow to officially sign up. so this is the deadline yesterday and giving a grace time for those are stuck waiting
12:51 pm
in line on line -- you did? think you get it. cheryl: i get it. how frustrating for americans that now that this is coming, trying to do the right thing, and the dawn website still will not help them out. this is the story of the year. thank you. final words? %-for the federal if you want to sign up, long gone and we will come back in a little bit. cheryl: thank you very much for that breaking news. we appreciate it. pay attention to my kids. reindeer might really have red noses. we will explain. it. ♪ (vo)ou are a business pro. you can separate runwayridi. seer of the sublime. from fason that ies off the shelves.
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♪ cheryl: all right. santa may have to forgo the chimney and use the front door. real estate website discovering less than one in every 1,000 homes listed on the side have a chimney. noting that the structures were most popular back in homes built before 1900. the current shortage most likely due to air pollution. one place santa will not have an issue, buffalo, new york. philadelphia also. springfield, massachusetts, lots of chimneys. santa, you are okay. we will see you in a couple of hours -- a couple of days, what am i saying? rudolph the red nosed reindeer has a very shiny nose, or at least that is savaging go-go's. it turns out that may be on to something. one research team because they live in cold climates than does this have adapted to increase blood flow which prevents them
12:56 pm
from getting frostbitten. next time your kids ask you if kids really have our red nosed reindeer, you can say yes, absolutely. adam shapiro has a red nose. adam: only when i drank scotch. a little bit of a been she must be going on. cheryl: i hope he is not been drinking before he is supposed to be leading santa to all of those homes which don't have chimneys any more. adam: you can do what they do in cities that have large hispanic populations or in spain, put your shoes outside the window and the three kings of santa. i think that is the tradition. cheryl: so what is coming up on the 1:00 p.m. show? adam: talking about this market and whether you think that it has run its course. a bull or bear? we will talk about that. the s&p 500 is up nearly 30%. hank smith says we're only halfway through. how much further?
12:57 pm
stocks can go. today is the deadline for timetable as the white house scrambles to get people signed up in time. and it is the fastest selling item on home shopping network. what is it? i will tell you. and why you need to get one. you really do. ♪ [ female announcer ] tide pods three-in-one detergent.
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♪ ♪ ♪ adam: hello, i am adam shapiro. stocks soaring as consumer income and spending rises. the dow jones and s&p 500 and nasdaq are at record levels. so much wrestle holiday week on wall street. confusion over obamacare. despiie reports of the contrary. the center for medicaid and medicare services tell rich edson that today is the deadline to sign up for obamacare. and apple reached an agreement with china mobile. which could translate to billions of dollars in new revenue. santa has a few extra helpers this holiday season. more along the line of cell phones hackers. in shedding light on your shopping


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