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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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guys anymore. two icons made to me you into a craftsman. i am jeff flock on today, we learned what president obama knew and when he knew it. president obamaknew about the mk kenzie and company report that raised serious questions about whether healthcare dot govr would work and he knew it in march. i'm lou dobbs. good eveni, everybody. the president knew at least six months before the launch of the obama care website and the site that was to be such a controversy that it was afflicted wi serious problems and hadn't been adequately, properly tested but that didn't
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stop the president from claiming less than a week agohat he knew nothing about those problems. >> i was not informed directly that the website would not be working. as the way it was supposed to. had i been informed i wodn't have gone out and saying this was great. >> j carney said that the president was briefed on the report findings back in march this year. carney's admission con track dikts the president's. only latest example of the administration propensity to mislead and deceive the public. in fact the president met with insurance industry executives and s secretary kathleen sebelius on april 12th of this year, just days after both became aware of the mckenzie
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findings. that's one insz dent. president obama told americans they can keep their doctors and their insurance if they liked them. at least 37 times, during. the president's campaign. we now know the statements are untrue. if obama care could have passed without those president untruths and whether would have been re-elected. the president invoked executive privilege that would document eric holder's role in operation fast and furious. president obama said that he didn't know of irs' targeting of republicans. nsa spying of world leaders and the department of justice snooping on reporters. the obama administration lied to the american people when they claimed repeatedly that a juvenile video sparked an uprising that led to t death of four americans in benghazi and th presidentbama applied untruths to the general
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assembly, 14 days a of he claimed he knew that benghazi was a terrorist atta. >> there is no speech that justifies mindle violence. there are no words that excuse thkilling of innocence. there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. >> today the presidenttried to shift focus from the disastrous obama carolout and his own record on truthand a damning new poll that shows his unfavorable at an all-time record high. fox news ed henry has our report. >> reporter: president obama admitted again today that his health carolout has been rough, he tried to shift some of the blame to republicans. >> one of the prons we have had, one side of capitol hill is invested inailure and that
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makes, i think, the kind of process of fixing glitches as they come up and fine-tuning the law more challenging. but i'm optimistic we can get it fix zbld the problems have shaken americans' faith in government, though he promised it would turn around. we'll have to fix the website so that everybody feels confident about that. we'll have to obviouslremarket and rebrand. and that will be challenging in this political environment. >> a new gallup shows the attitude toward the government role in alth care has turned against the president with 55% of independents now saying the government should not be involved while today's washingtonpost, mr. obama's approval ratings. have dropped to the low eest numbers appral. 63% disapprove of his rollout of the health care law. >> the president broke a major promise to the american people and now it's hard for them to
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trust any assurances uer this law. >> he suggested at a news conference just last week, that he had no inkling that the website would be amess. >> i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this wille like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the website opened if i thought it wasn't going to work. >> reporter: jay carney acknowledged that the president was briefed as early as march. >> the review if you carefully look at it, made observations based on interviews it made recommendations that hhs and cms adopted to improve the site. >> ha these changes been made? >> absolutely, the president, -- zwlhe did follow up. >> as we said repeatedly got
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regur briefings and was told there were problems that were being addrsed. >> reporter: the president's credibility is also on the line from a letter he read from a single mom. that he used to claim the new law is working. >> now, finally, we get to have coverage because of the aca for $160 per month. i was crying the other day when i signed up, so much stress l t lifted. >> reporter: except the mom said that the tax credit was reduced so the coverage is too expensive and the woman said that she's m emrrassed and disappointed. >> reporter: obviously those facts probly should have been established before he hailed it as a success story. lou? >> ed,hank you. on capitol hill today, stunning new information about
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the obama care website, at a hearing, of the house energy and commerce committee and today's revelations not good news for the obama administration. health is still not completely built, 30 to 40% remains to be built, including a critical, crucial system for making payments to insurance companies. and it is now not expected to be built, until the beginning of the year. so says cms deputy chief henry chow, the administration claims that it didn't know or simply refused to reveal significant details of the disastrous rollout that are now being discovered by congressional inquiry. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with
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our report. >> reporter: the white house and health and human services officials had a six-month warning that was in trouble and still couldn't fix it >> it was on track for disaster. >> reporter: last spring,ed a min stras ofcials were warned by outside consulting firm there were serious concerns about the depment of the health ca website. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius and white house chief technology todd park were brief on the consulting firm's red flags. >> two weeks before she testified before this committee, kathleen sebelius was present at an april 4th meeting for experts identified significant threats and risks launching e site on
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october 1st. >> upton said sebelius's upbeat testimony didn't match what was happening behind the scenes. >> we're focused on getting it up and running and we're on track. we're monitoring it every step along the way. >> in miami today, sebelius said she thought it would work. >> we were hope that the testing that we did and we did some end to end testing would be sufficient. it clearly wasn't. on balance, made a decision to move ahead. >> reporter: lawmakers say it's time for heads to roll. >> either way f the president really didn't know about this this reportays the white house absolutely knew what was going on and they didn't tell the esident, he ought to be firing these people today. >> reporter: at the white house, jay carney said that the president never knew the magnitude. >> there would be glitches and problems. but cerinly, we never
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expected. he was certainly not told. >> one of the top technology officials said that he was out of the loop. >> you participated in the interviews? >> i was not given the final report. expressing doubt about the website, quote, i just need tt feelore confident they are not going to crash tte plane at take-off regardless of price. he was asked about those concerns today. >> you made comments that you didn't want this to be a plane crash? >> you're referring to the e-mail exchange that i had -- >> yes, certainly that e-mail said, everything is going to fine, congratulatio, team. yo must have some awareness that problems existed. >> reporter: health won't be fully functional by the next deadline or any time soon. lou if. >> our first guest tonight, challengedhe
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the if the president was not informed he needs to hold people accountable and he says heads sh should roll. joining us is the congressman graduated fromouisiana state university with a degree in computer science working for a company that did write code. it's good to have you with us, congressman. theseevelations are daing. what is the most surprising to you? >> well, lou, i think the revelation that in fact white house officials and secretary sebelius were informed and were if meetings in april of this year, where they were notified that this whole website debacle was going to happen u it was going to crash, there were all of these problems with it. they were testifying around that
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same time in our committee that everything was fine. we saw now that the white house knew and secretary selius knew that this was gog on. all at the same time, the president said it was going to be buy a tv on amazon. >> henry today said to you and the committee that he was aware of the mckinsey report that he participated in it and yet, he said he had never seen the report and somehow he seemed to suggest that he should not be held accountable. >> it was in the washington post today, this morning, and he said, he still hasn't seen it. en he testified. you just wonder what these people are really doing. they spent taxpayers' money on a
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site that didn't work. there are reports that we have uncovered going back to 2010 where th president clearly knew that people wouldn't be able to keep their health care that they like. it's really sad when the american people can no longer trust their president. >> all right, well, the bureauc asha racy, th should frighten american taxpayers as well. >> in fact the mckinsey report which i reviewed it basically describes caos in the obama administration. where you have multiple people giving confltingorders to the contract contractors. nobody testing the thing. as you mentioned, i program
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computers. i wrote test plans.rams that i actually worked because we tested them. you got the president out there, today, actually trying to blame republicans for this, he said all of those republicans, because they didn't like the bill, they don't like my law that's one of the reasons th this is all failing. look, the president owns this thing, you know, reminds me of that tom petty song "free falling." he's all falling on him. the american people have focused in and realized the president's the one who misled them and for years knew that this thing was going to fail and people were going to lose their health care. that's why he has no credibility now, to quote his, i guess, role model, reverend wright, the president's chickens are coming home to roost. >> congressman, thank you very much . up next, he exposed
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enrollees how to receive subs y subsidi subsidies. don't miss it. 2050.
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released new video of obama care navigators counseling applicants to lie on thr applications again. following criticism that earlier videos from dallas and irving, texas, were just isolated incidents, they visite additional navigators and what they found was more of the same. >> stuff like that, you know, to get a lower premium, i wouldn't include it. if i was cutting grass on the weekends and they were just
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giving me money, that's my money. >> yeah, exactly. >> that's my money. >> if you were to go with the silver plan the lowest one that i see on here for you and your son is $469. a month. >> my republican friends and they hate this, and they'd say they would go into my bank account and find out about it. i hang wall paper on the side and people usually pay me in cash. >> no. joining us now is the founder, james o'keefe, congratulations on an extraordinary expose, this latest video, it was a peculiar defense at best that many charged this as focusing on an isolated incidents. it didn't take you long to prove that it wasn't isolated at all. what do you think is going on here.
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>> well, i think it's two things, i think a lot of these navigators aren't qualified to be in the insurance brokerage business to begin with, they're in over their heads, they have no formal training in anything medical, and as you can see, lot of them are either incompetent or don't know wha the rules is and it's deception. they received somewhere around $700,000of your taxpayer dollars and they're advising our reporter, wearing a hidden camera to not report her income to the irs so we get more obama re subsidies. if you're four times over the federal poverty line, you get less money from the federal government. if you're familiar with my work, i always release video one at a time. >> isolated not in this instance.
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i understand you have another video coming out next week, tell us about that. >> we focused on the relationship between battle ground texas, a political action committee, and enroll america and how they kind of work together to achieve a political agenda isn't what health care was supposed to be about, we're going to dive a little bit deeper into how people's private medical information and medical data is shared with political action committees or just shared to achieve political purposes. fundamentally, i think that's whathis is all about. i think that's going to be explosive when we release that. >> do you establish a direct connection or can you tell usor do you want to tell us at this point, between the democratic party and its various ancillary organizations and what you have discovered amongst the
8:22 pm
navigators? yes. >> so far we released two different video pieces, the first video did establish that the battle ground texas, an organization trying to turn the state into a blue state, was on tape with enroll america, they cross pollinate their data. it's illegal for that enro america to give anything to a political action committee there's a letter sent to the attorney generaa of texas, there was a letter sen it's in the media today, they're actually thinking away this nonprof's tax exempt status. we're going to expose on video some of these people willing to give out private medical data, which is even further sharing information, now they're going to potentially give it out explicitly for political reasons and that's totally illegal and immoral. >> james, it's already a big
8:23 pm
story. and congratulations on your work. this is -- you know, i hear people trying to describe you as an activist, as if labels matter, what do you refer to yourself as, how would you describe yourole in all of this? >> well, i think, i'm a journalist, you know, the media no lger does this type of work for, i think, it's some of it is liability, lot of people have simply become pundits, what we do, is, we knock on doors and it's risky work, it's expensive. this investigation took us three, ur months to do. i'm a journalist. 60 minutes used to do this. they no longer do it. now they consider me
8:24 pm
adversary and i don't understand why, i'm just trying to expose fraud, abuse and was. >> you're really following a very long ne in american journalism, you are as close as i can imagine anyo right now being in the country t being a muckraker. to me, that's a prettyhigh -- a pretty high standard th you'r setting for yourself and i think you ought to be pretty proud of that label. and we salute you here. keep up the great work. >> i appreciate that. if you want to kn more, read my book "breakthrough" it will talk about what the media and get me to where i am now.ough to >> will do. up next john ker and susan rice in conflict over egypt and the obama white house policy.
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our nation's military will likely face cuts in their bay and benefits according to the wall seet journal. the reports top xhancommanders already agreed to the cuts. the military is still working on plans to train troops elsewhere, a senior military officials say that libya's government is struling to keep order and the u.s. military is training five to 8,000 of libya's security forces. and the white house once again taking up the fight to close guantanamo bay. the obama administration backing a defense policy bill coming up for debate to allow detainees out of the prison before eventually shutting it down. the administration's continuing to press onran and the negotiations in geneva. president obama himself scheduled to meet senate leaders tomorrow, urging them to hold off on any new sanctions during
8:29 pm
nuclear negotiations with iran. colonel, great to have you with us. your thoughts about the president's meing with senate leaders, senate leaders most whom want to raise the intensity of those sanctions not diminish them? >> let me give ur viewers a bottom line, never put academics in chae of anything, ever off of campus. obama is an academic, he's surrounded himself with academics. for them it's all theory, look, your business viewers know, that when you have the competition on the map, you don't help h up and share the profits, now we finally are getting iran in the corner where we want them. sanctions have been working. it's one of the few times that sanctions have really worked and the idea that just to desperately get a deal for good headlines and get away om obama care for 20 minutes that
8:30 pm
the president would aee to loosen restrictions on iran, help iran out while iran gives us nothing, look, lou, netanyahu of israel is right and even the president of france, a socialist, flew to israel and stood by netanyahu. . and said that this is international equivalent of obama care. >> how much aid and military support they provide to israel rather than the united states, netanyahu is absolutely just and lep tick about this deal shaping up to be one of the president's trying to get the senate to agree to. let's turn to saudi arabia, out comes word in the midst of all of this that saudi arabia and
8:31 pm
israel are working together to prepare for strik against iran, what do you make of it? >> well, saudi arabia and the israelis have back channels going for decades. right now, the saudis are absolutely denying everythi. the saudis are despite all of the money and all of the weapons they bought from us, despite all of the training are incapable of seself-defense and they realize that israel's never going to attack saudi arabia, what iran wants nukes held over the sau saudis' head. of course the saudis are cooperating with israelis. >> let me turn very quickly, i want to turn to this reported conflict between sun rice, the president's national security adviser and the secretary of state hn kerry, who while in
8:32 pm
egypt, refused to ntion the name of morsi defying susan rice and the president's policy on egypt, what do you make of it. >> scared the devils out of me on thi on this issue, kerry is right.r brotherhood and wants morsi back. kerry wants peace between the israelis and the palestinians with the kerry name on it. that means he needs egypt and egypt not only to back up the deal, he needs to clamp down on hamas and gaza. it's a very con vow lated situation. kerry in this case is right. by the way, we won't see peace the middle east in our lifetimes. >> colonel ralph peters, thank you. the obama care disaster, all just a mistake?
8:33 pm
the georgia state insurance commissioner says obamaare is running insurance companies out of the business to make way for
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our first guest tonight said that he' not surprised that president obama is pushing state insurance commissioners and insuranceompanies to offer the very same plans they canceled to comply with obama care. he says it's a political stunt. and he predicts as many 400,000 georgians could have their policies canceled or modified. joining us now ralph dgens. is it your judgment that the fix so-called simply will not work in your state, at least? >> lou, thank you for having me tonight. i think that this is a political stunt that the president, you know, he's had a longist of i
8:37 pm
didn't know about that. nobody tolme, i read it in the newspaper or don't blame me and this is the don't blame me. he has ordered insurance companies to prepare for the rollout of obama care on january 1, 2014, and now, he gives us 31 days or gives insurance companies 31 days s tto undo t and uncover their existing cuomers. up to 400,000 georgians are covere with these individual policies. our offi is doing everything we can possible to make this happen. in georgia, the law -- the rule was that they didn't really send out cancellation letters, they sent out letters that said that january 1st, the policy you now hold cannot be renewed and so if you want to renew it in
8:38 pm
december, then renew it in cember, and a lot of people have done that, but others had hoped to go on the exchange and get a subsidy and get their insurance reduced. for the month of october, they haven't released november figures. fothe month of ocber, 536 georgiians were able to get through all of the -- ju through all of the hoops, and get a policy selected to start january 1st. >> 536 people in georgia signed up for obama care through the exchange in th month of october in. >> right. that reese right. that's pathetic. and now, and now,ay carney says today that he hopes that they're going to consider success if 08% of the people can get through the burucracy of the website to select a plan. just think, what if you stopped
8:39 pm
at 80% of the red lights or green lights we would have chaos here. 80% is a totally unacceptable nuer. >> the impact on state budgets. i know you're struggling with that in georgia as well. you had signups for medicare even though the state of georgia didn't go ahead and create its own exchange. you didn't expand medicare in your state. what would be the budgetary impact in the state of georgia? >> well, i think, i have heard that other states across the board, that the people, where theyave increased their medicare roles to 136% of the federal poverty level, people who go into the exchange are shuttled off into medicaid, now, we did not increase our medicaid
8:40 pm
rolls to the federal poverty level, yet we expect to see more and more people be told they're eligible for medicaid and in georgia we have to pay 43% of that, the government pays 56.4%. of all of those new medic aid enrollees. >> ralph hudgens, georgia state insurance commissioner, thank you for being us with us. >> thank you. up next the presidens favorite answer in the face of scandal remains "i did not." roi ludwig will join me to tell us how this man can mislead and deceive the american people in an ongoing manner, what is he we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us.
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joining us now to assess the obama psyche, dr. robi ludwig. >> great to be here. >> how can anyone including this president standefore the american people time after time, we documented 37 times just in one misrepresentation that you can keep your insurance plan and continue to deceive and mislead the american people. >> my sense is obama feels he knows better than the american pele. and it's a grandiosity o rt. and i tink he's telling people what they want to hear. and i don't think he really has a respect for the american people knowing that we really want to know the truth. and we also want somebody who's competent, who can we trust and rely on, th is just one big mess. and this is what happens when you believe in your own
8:45 pm
self-importance, in either you're not choosing your right advisers or you're not ltening to the right ople. >> his advirs, those closest to him, have been enablers of a horrible character defect that is a lack of integrity, andhave given him empowered him, really, to lie, that should be an after front to his pride and affront to his integrity. >> i don't think he goes to bed at night and says i'm a liar, i think he stretched, maybe i stretched the uth, i told the american people maybe something prematurely, i had their best interest in heart. i think it gets justified and rationalized. >> when you talk about grandiosity, wn youalk about self-deception, u're talking -- i don't know if these psychological words, but you're talking about a delusional
8:46 pm
personality, are you not . >> it's not uncommon for people and maybe even more so for somebody who's very powerful to perceive themselves differently than other people experience themselves. >> if we are -- you're just describing a man who's rationalizing all of his behavior, at the same time, as we observe him and as you analyze him, are we not specifically you and others rationalizing his behavior for him. at some point isn't that extraordinary dangerous for us all? >> yes, i think he had the support of the press, he's had a lot of people backing him and so it certainly has contributed to his tendency to say anything, buwhat he's do? >> he's been so completely enabled. across the board in his personal life n his life within the
8:47 pm
bubble. as the president of the united states and by the nional media. even social critics. >> so, it got to a point where it's so bad, what we're seeing is just an exaggeration of what this president has done all along. it wasn't nothing w. to a point where he had to apologize to say i made a mistake. >> extraordinary. thank you. up next, a brand-new book maaret thatcher on leadership. lessons to le today's conservative movement. back to prosperity. back to prosperity. we'll be talking
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in my ne guest is a conservative my next guest said people should take lessons from margaret thatcher. joinling us now authors of this new book, margaret thatcher on leadership. lessons for american consecutives today we highly recommend it to you and welcome to you both. >> thank you, lou. >> thank you, lou. >> i have to say, i just hope -- i just hope conservatives are reading it or will read it and soon. she won elections you said because she stuck to her guns, this comes at a time when the republicans are being told ddn't be too conservative. you better go bet that not alpha.
8:52 pm
>> the core lesson from margaret thatchers is that they can win elections based on conservative leadship. margaret thatcher never waivered from her conservative belief. she didn't believe in consensus and giving ground to the left. she believed that conservaves -- >> she gave them hell is what he di >> she's a fearsome figgy that took on the left and defeated the left and she saved a great nation, britain, from imminent deine. >> she would take on all comers and destroy them with her arguments, her logic, her flair, her command of language, she was magnificent. i don't know what would happen if president obama were to walk into a room and have to engage that way or president bush, to
8:53 pm
be fair about it, what do you think? >> that system is unique and you have to rise to the top the at the dispatch box as youay and be able to command your brief, be able to articulate your positions and i don't think that the american peop -- >> have you seen anybody better than her? >> no, not at this dispatch box. >> the only figure who's comparable to margaret thatcher is ronald reagan. >> her great friend. >> absolutely. margaret thatcher was a great communicator and she told highly complicated policy issues and translated them into simple terms so voters could understand. >> as you point out, as you look at lessons for leadership for conservatives here, there's all this talk, the sub text on nearly every issue in washington, d.c.n my opinion, we're a nation that both parties
8:54 pm
are saying, we're in decline, china is rising, things are tough, the new normal, we're not going to grow the economy and 20 million people can just write themselves off, because we don't have faith in the government and we don't have time to really worry aboutr fellow citizens having opportunity. we'll just write a check and make this welfare society something broad, deep and lasting. she brought great optimism, you talked about reagan,she could match him in spirit. could she not? >> absolutely. i do think that, you know, margaret thatcher and ronald reagan were both politicians who projected tremendous hope and optimism, real genuine optimism, i think, and margar thatcher demonstrated that you can turn a great nation around, and britain in the 1970s it was a complete basket case, she made britain once again a truly great nation.
8:55 pm
she believed in america global leadership. she had great faith in america. >> she brought -- she brought the liberals in the uk reaming, dragged them to the light, despite themselves and turned england around. the idea that -- you say emphatically in the book that the united states is not in a decline that we have a opportunity to turn things around. how so? >> she fused to accept that britain s in decline. the '07s as mentioned was a very bad time. in britain. and she was able to articulate a way forward. in 1979 there wasn't an alternatiie to her in her election and what she was proping. >> and what is the alternative here for the republican party for consecutives? i don't care if they're independent -- who's the personality that's going to step
8:56 pm
forward here, challenge the obama accolades, thedemocratic candidates, presumably now hillary clinton the front-runner. who's going to compete from the right for the conservave part of the republican party? >> we need to see our leaders here in the united states who m embody the values of ronald reagan and margaret thatcher. count themselves as conservatives. not people who are going to be coromising with the left. the united states is a superpower on the premiss. we need real strong conviction leadership based upon conservative principles which revolve around the idea of limited government, restoring freedom and economic freedom on to this great nation. >> i think all of that and that
8:57 pm
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if you wake up we will see you tomorrow. ♪ john: it is the season of giving. so where should you give? should you give this man money? what about this man? >> thank y. john: actually, that's me. don't give money to beggars like me. governments must spend more. >> medicare, medicaid, social security. john: this governmt really helps the poor. >> everybody in cleveland. >> by any measurement thiis not working. john: am glad more people figure that out. >> commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty. john: even some in the mainstream media.


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