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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero clery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. neil:ime to get a handle on this spiralling out of control healthcare law once and for all. the young won't touch it because it is clear they don't like it. remember they are the very oxygen needed for it the source of funds insurance companies say they need to swing it let's say the young avoid it. how does the white house make up for revenues they are not getting for it? it could raise taxes, but that is n happening soon, so they could just bailout insurance companies like we did the banks, they like the banks, not
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unthinkable in particular if we're in a full-fledged financial meltdown with that law. what all this is getting at, i am getting at is this, those who push this will do anything to avoid the feed on this, that means they will do anything and everything to save the law. not only because it is the law, buzz because if you think about it, it is their law, tir cause, their crowning achievement, do not assume the hiccups meantime is up, and this unaffordable health care act is going down. what is playing o now is dangerous different transaction over who knew -- distraction over who knew what and when, we should be focussing on the secret backers. to many to count. i want to stress this is the law. a clumsy law, a flawed law, a
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financially for now unworkable law. but i stress, it is the law, that is the deal. this is barack obama's new deal. and no way in hell he is going to give it the old heave-ho. why should he, not without a hell of a lot of fight, and a hell of a lot of money, likely your money, and our money, it is the law after all. a myriad of big government initiatives that did require a lot of fixes back then, and a lot of money back then, fdr was damn sure they would not be left dying even if that meant price tag to salvage them kept climbing, that was then this, is now, that is the real history with big government it never gives up,dr was just better at it, don't believe me, believe fdr, he could not be here but
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his grandson could and is. this roosevelt era said this are government brouhaha too shall pass, this is james roosevelt, one of my favorite guests. he is a big ceo. he was among a select few powwwwing wh president obama at the white house, maybe on this very subject. >> neil good to be with you. neil: i tell, you are not going to defund this or kill it or make a law illegal. so, it back to either how you make it better or a scrap it, come out with something else, it is hard to just stop it. but the expense for this is now getting notable, and the problems are getting more than notable. so it is raising concerns about whether big government is worth it. yosay what?
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>> well, i have to look to the experience we had here with romneycare in massachusets, where there were a number of change and corrects made legislatively, and regulatorily in early months, and where only 123 people were enrolled in first month, yet today, everyone in the commonwealth of massachusets is enrolled. >> did you -- when mitt romney was talking about this with me. it was saying some of the early shockers, like health care, premium hikes and rest that did not happen to degree it is now, is that true? >> that is true. it didn't happen all at once we had gone through that, over a period o a dozen or more years before we went to full universal coverage, for example one of big things that raises premiums is covering preexisting conditions,
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we have been doing that but, premiums were so high, when you did not have the full riff pool of healthy and young people, in the pool the prudentialium premo high, universal coverage brought premiums down 22%. ne: when you met with the president. you been leadership, comingp with big thing and from your granddad, implementing those. everyone compares this president with your grandfather about implementing a big new dial-type program. difference i tell people is, i would imagine you knew him better than i that your grandfather was in to following it every step of the way. and certainly did not launch some of these like social security without policing it every step of the way, best defense we hear from this
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president right now is that you know he was unaware, he dropped ll here, had a lot on his littllitt bit but his -- plate,t his signature achievement he did not follow-up on it, but your grandfather did, is that a fair criticism. >> there are many things that my grandfather was doing to get us through the the great depressi depression. he certainly did follow through on them. he would modify them, or strength ep them. i believe that president obama will be following new on this law. neil: i think it is too late, i do, i just think that you can't put this jeannie back in the sir syringe, i think this is a mess, an administrative mess, its like putting lipstick on that pro verbial pig.
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>> i don't think we are near that point 92 why? >> i think your experience here in massachusets you can make adjustment and make them work well. but, it will require people coming together in a we we've not seen so far in washington. neil: they are not coming together, the difference with your fine straight and nationally a lot of folk are angry, they are dumped from their policies to exchanges, they are different from what they had, a year from now when the companies have to decide whether to keep or dump tens of millions more will experience losing whatever they hav now. they might switch to something better, but what they get used to,eople are creatures of comfort they will lose, my thinking is that it is going to get worse you say no? >> we have been through these debates here, a big debate after
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the law went into effect whether prescription drugs should be covered or not. decision aer lot of heating debate is they should be, now, you could not take it away from people. neil: true, once again could back to our grandfather, and roosevelt in the blood, what do you think he would say about barack obama? >> i think he would say that barack obama was faced with the biggest financial crisis that this country has been faced with since the one he, my grandfather was paced with. and he used a whole variety of approaches to get us flew, that fortunately, if is say slow path but we're back on the right track. neil: do you think -- healthcare more specifically, your grandfather would have said, make it a priority in middle of coming out of a meltdown? i seem to think, your grandfather, you know i'm not a
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fan of a lot of big government initiatives. but he had his priorities right, i just thought among things this president addressed i would not make this a pop priority, i would focus more on getting people job, maybe the health care issue would be less of an issue. >> people said the same thing about social security in 1435, don't worry about people's retirement worry aut their jobs right now. neil: he said it was part of a three-legged stool, pensions and savings and social security. he never intended it to be the seoul means of income and retirement. >> no, anymore than the affordable care act. we have coverage through employee groups, and we have coverage for separate medicare coverage for older people,. >> it is getting pricier.
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i'm not trying to pin new the corner but i see your grandfather did not surprise us, he telraphed what was coming, the republicans did not like it conservatives did not like it a lot of americans were scared of it but he clearly articulated what was coming down the pike as did john kennedy, and ronald reagan. great presidents do that. i'm not here is disparage barack obama i am here to say he did not todo that. >> we've had elections revolving around the affordable care act, i think people knew what the project is. now the actual employmenttation of it -- implementation is something that i think is a work in progress. >> all right, i saved you james from my dead on impression of your grandfather, maybe next time. all right. >> i would actually probably be
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amused by that. >> i think amused is the word. james, always a pressure my friend, i have a great dial of respect and admiration for you, james roosevelt jr., a very find healthcare mind. >> democrats want pro sports leagues to promote their pricey -- agenda. we have a wrestling champ who wants to smack them down. wants to smack them down. i'm going to let him do this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting,
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neil: the conventional argument is everyone buying global warming, and they buy the notion that big fat ballooning businesses a are causing it but we're not conventtional, we have the b side, we give you the other side. sometimes forcefully. with a former professional wrestler to help beat down that point that conventtional point is something that democrats want to make a point with by recruiting some major league athletes. to push a cause, to push global warming. seeing as it worked out so well
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on healthcare. here is where if getting novel, they recruit them from allajor sports league to make the case, this is real, we have to spend a lot of money to address it that has a certain champ itching to snack down the chumps, super champ jan layfield, essconced in the wrestling capital of the world bermuda. you have been on this idea of buying on to global warming could is bad, we have to pen billions to fix it but now, guilty tax payers out to pay for it and address it. by using athletes to pitch it, what do you make of it? well, i always made my living of being a bad guy in professional wrestling, for first time i will
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be cheered if i go against waxman, you have 2/3 americans saying they are sports fan, they are trying to tap into that market, henry waxman is trying to do, he is the king of the dog and pony show, when financial crisis was happening he invited baseball player in capitol hill to investigate steroid in baseball, and our big every financial crisis since the great depression, this is another dog and pony show, he is not getting the commissioners now, he is getting vps, they are sending somebody to appease him. neil: if you think about it he would be a good wrestling villain, he could stick with his name, just call him wax man. if you are going to make a pitch, and have athletes leak yourself make it for you, your
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underlying pitch should be sound that is w begins to fall on deaf ears. so, i'm not saying global warming is the same, i am saying that people are thinking twice about big government push efforts? >> yes, absolutely, these leagues just like when they said in a are consulting with major sports leagues about pushing obamacare, and nfl responds they are not gets into politics. they are not going to get into it. and if you look at lincoln field down in philadelphia, largest solasol ray in nfl, and supplies enough electricity for all their normal operations, seattle mariners, and cleveland indians cut their waste in hf by
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recycling, they are already doing things, but they do not want to get into the global warming discussion, they a talking about is punishing coal companies, limitin co2 gas, and stopping fracking. neil: and china and india all but get's pass. >> absolutely, you say, you will see a few guys like prone bennetts who -- jerome bennetts who came out, and a few players, who did a commercial ar the epa. but you will see dale earnhardt jr. doing something for the coal industry. neil: oh, fight fire with fire. >> absolutely, they are not going to take on something as unpopular right now as global warming and our congress, and mr. waxman, king of the dog and pony show. >> all right. they are just not going toy tackle it.
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>> republicans are threatening a shut down that will hurt our economy. >> businesses will be harmed. >> higher interest rates for car payments and student loans. >> families will be hurt it. >> shut down as hurt our econo economy. >> just vote and end the shut down, today. neil: if you don't every dog and cat will die. they warned that government shut down would totally shut the economy down. but consumers, did note share that view.
11:23 pm
spending rising last month, continuing a trend that has been all these months since the shut downing going into the shut down, typical government scare tactics. but chuck disagrees, why don't you think this panned out? >> this is such an absurd argument by the president, he made the same arguments over sequest able ansequestration any grew. neil: to be fair it was not gang busters growth. >> but it grew more than over a year, he gained any progress over 3% 5 times in the last 18 quarters of being recorded in his presidency, the problem is not the shut down or sequest sequestration it is his policies, tax increases, and the obamacare.
11:24 pm
neil: chuck, do you think it boomerrages on those who espouse that, saying enough. things are tough enough without you making things worse? >> i think it was aatough time, and when you have the shut down, you go to brink of even losing your credit rating we would agree it affects commerce and the economy. >> but, it done evidence itself, if numbers bore out what you said i would jump onboard with you. >> but what numbers so that richest among us is those that growth is coming from people without money, as we get closer christmas and retailers coming in they are buying the babies' chrisas gifts when they put them on the cdit card or not. neil: don't you think -- whenever happens shut down weeks months ago? >> i think it will is great 8 0%
11:25 pm
of amecans can keep the insurance it is mandated under the employer they have and 1.8% of people who buy their own insurance having to get better insurance. neil: they are paying quite a bit more, millions of them. jesse, this gets back to issue of whether big government fear tactics have a strategy. that when you have something bad happen, you can say things would have been better if republicans did not hold us back is that the strategy? >> you know it is ridiculous that republicans were predicting what ended up happening, they were trying to restrict funding of obamacare, and look at what happened, it has been a disaster and draining american wallets obamacare had 21 tax increases in itself associated with it. the shut down, sequestration,
11:26 pm
all this is to slowdown government spending, and president is not listening, he has a slow economic growth compared to ronald reagan at the same time had grown 20%, we barely have over 3%. neil: to chuck. i think there is a strategy in this, i could be wrong. if you talk about how much sequestration cuts and hurt the economy, you set up a good argument for never addressing spending, ifure goal is to hike taxes, when someone like nancy pelosi comes along said that there is no more roomo cut, they seem to say that every time we do that we push the economy to the brink even though we don't. were they tryingo sell this to make a point year not cutting spending?
11:27 pm
>> i think that economy possible. also think that if everything was as bad and pple were so upset about the healthcare, and about the tax increases, and so upset about the policies, i don't see how barack obama got elected last two times, i -- >> by the way, the polls mean nothing now. but if they did a redo they would lose. >> absolutely. >> thank god thing are come back to haunt him, timing is everything you are right. past two elections it was his way. now people are questioning what he said then. stow, i don't know if lightning would strike twice. >> thank god for republican congress or he would have lowest approval ratings of everyone in the city. neil: i admire that. with a south were accent is seals it for me. i'm kidding me you are very good. in the meantime, better late than every when when comes to latest benghazi photos released.
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neil: we call this halftime full throttle, we go full throttle on issues that othersight be ignoring, government releases images of the attack on benghazi last year, as investigation continues, did the photos move anyone's impssion of what was done, what could have been done? maybes whatever not done? to bloc blackwater founder, eric prince. this is all water under damning bridge. but we have not taken any lesson from it. what are some of the lessons you think we should take? >> vigilance matters, we did
11:32 pm
100,000 missions in iraq and afghanistan, kept all diplomats safe and alive, uninjured. clearly was no adequate plan in place for state department security, they deputied on a basic local militia. the two contractors former seals that were later killed by mortar rounds had they not disobeyed their production secondio ordere been many more killed that night. >> they would have killed them all. neil: we're not very good as sensing the enormity of mobs until it is too late, i am thinking about over throw in iran. then, thinking our people were safe. they we not, and held hostage
11:33 pm
for over 400 days, we go through cycles where we don't learn anything, i don't sense we have learned anything from benghazi. what do you think are some take aways ? >> individual valor still matters, the two seals saved a lot of people's lives, america has made a habit, we spend billions of dollars for search and rescue aircraft, we're not in habit of leaving our people behind there were military assets to go but moral courage laing among national command leadership to send them. neil: you know, i think when you come here, we leave guys stranded, mogadishu comes to mind, and benghazi, it neverrens well, the cnter argument for that, forhose who support
11:34 pm
limited follow-up, is it would be a lot worse if we did get involved. what do you say? >> i think america should value our people, and make sure we don't leave your guys behind. in the book i wrote, civilian warriors, there is a case like that in najaf in early days of iraq, about. we had to resupply with our own helicopter. >> nowe live in an environment they are dow downsizing the defe budget. dangerous trend? >> no. there is room to cut defense intelligence, there so much spent it has become so bloated and over wrote that a leaner smaller military would be more effective. there is a lot of room to cut overhead. more admirals than ships, we don't need all that headquarter
11:35 pm
staff. >> true. >> the same command structure as did you in world war ii with 14 million people, not 10% of that number. >> d you think we could have another benghazi and will? >> sure? why? >> it is impossiblct everywhere all of the time, individual valor still matters, having the right people there could make a huge difference, and provide that planning. >> amazing stuff, eric prince, civilian warriors is the book. >> all right, he really never said if you like your hospital. you could keep your hospital, right? good thing. because this just in. >> you canannouncer: if you're g
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you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomachcid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. neil: um, about keeping your hospitals, yeah, we got to talk about that. because no one promised that you could. it is a good thing, it looks
11:39 pm
like you can't. in this healthcare law, people taking radiation, and therapy are finding out the hear hard w. michael tanner on the under belly of this bee yo are not getting much news on what is going on. >> essentially insurance company to keep costs down, to participate in the networks are cutting back on who they cover, how much they pay hospitals and doctors, and result is that networks are shrinking, many of e best hospitals and best providers are no longer partipating in network that the insurance companies provide. that means that if you are one of those people forced to change your insurance plan, your new plan may not cover you in some of the best institutions in the country. neil: all right, a lot of people, god forbid if they have cancer, or a neurological
11:40 pm
disease, they need the treatments and images and that, they go to the hospitals for, that now these hospitals are not a part of that, you are in a world of hurt? >> you can pay out of network. if are your network does not cover say sloan-kettering, you can pay out of pocket. new york state not a sung el single insurance plan on exchanges pays for any cost out of network, you pay the entire cost yourself out of pocket. neil: is there an option on resubmit that bl to someone else or is it on you and only you? >> on you and only you, in other states top providers like cedars-sinai in los angeles,ary vanderbilt in tennessee has been left out, depending on plan you are forced into, you may have to pay out of pocket.
11:41 pm
>> you know, you are on to something that a lot of folks are missing, the magnitude of this that it is far beyond keeping your doctor, keeping your plan. this is being able to go where you need to go when you are hurting, badly hurting. maybe even dying. that has a multiplier affect that could be devastating ? >> absolutely, this is about real people who will serve real consequences, this is the natural outcome of the law. you cannot increase -- by requiring people who are already sick and eliminates cap to benefits, you increase their cost, and try to force down premium they charge, what is going to get squeezed is the per vice services they provide. neil: we should be grateful no one said if you want your hospital you can keep it. that is one area they have been
11:42 pm
honest. for now. michael thank you very much. >> any time. neil: all right, what i the deal with government workers and porn? none of the fcc guys who were watching this stuff on their computer, i can kind of undetand, a lot of that numbers they g boring but when nuclear regulators are doing it? >> a spe $1,000? oh, well, i'll tell them that my kid did it, and get a refund. oh this is the quicksilve cash back card frocapital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day.
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so let me ask you... at's in your wallet?
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neil: government workers gone wild? or porno gone nuclear, youe pick. downloading x-rated contend at
11:46 pm
work, even by passing detrek software. they are joining a long line of lewd government porn abuses, what is with this perverted trend. psychologist dr. wendy wall said it is just a bad, dec, but political processor said it is bad government. all right dr. wall what is this? >> well, it says that porn pornography reaches everywhere, it is like salt, sugar and fat, a craving for it. men are visually wired, far wer women. neil: don't you make this about men, young lady. >> research is clear. >> all right. , all right, you are right, find issue fine, okay, caylee, you know with the sec i understand a
11:47 pm
lot of moving numbers, a lot of spreadsheets easy to move to other sheets. but the nuclear guys and what they do, that worries me. >> you would think that nuclear regulatory commission would have more things to do with their time. this really, i know it happens in private sector as well, but i think that this government porn and waste has a pro clifft a --y merin public sector. in private sector there is more direct accountabity, the boss is shelling out the money. they have an interest in ensuring their employees act in a sufficient manner in that government there is not that sense of accountability, as a taxpayer i'm not there to watch to see how me money is being spend. neil: are you saying that boss is monitoring where i am going on internet at work.
11:48 pm
>> i'm sure he has. neil: let me make a note, boss is watching, dr. then what? now what? i don't think this is last time we'll hear this. >> network. no, i think private and public sector fire walls should be taken more seriously potential for it, it hurt employment settings, if a guy is watching porn at office how will we have a relationship with his coworker after he takes his eyes off the screen, and what about the time he is in the bathroom replicating the last scene. neil: hey, hey, this is say family show. i'm notaying what the contact is but maybe just an actor in his own world. neil: okay, caylee any thought on that and the doctor's final appearance. >> we have a president so keen on regulation and oversight, you would think that would trick ep dowtrickledown.
11:49 pm
>> thank you, ladies, it isuts this a -- all right, so much for consumer reports a buy are's bible. unless it is a burning bible. watch dog just gave that tesla dog a great review. i don't know about you, but i'm on fire. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. a confident retirement.
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neil: time for our biz blitz. we take the business stories and tell you what companyies to look at, you decide. tesla getting top rating in consumer report satisfaction thursday. even though it is under fire for some of its cars -- well, catching on fire. despite the troubles, teslas are
11:53 pm
still darlings? >> a big government push for the alternative energy sector. this car is -- this company is well positioned for that they have a very innovative ceo, and i think that they also don't have the legacy issues that a lot of the big automive company like gm have in terms of pension fund liabilitiy. the timing for this company is ght. the question is, t report, helps a lot, but interesting how in this consumer report there was no mention of the three pretty fiery situations. neil: i think a lot of that predates the issue, i don't know about you, i read "consumer reports," a fine publication but i first understand it, you need a lot of red dots, the more the better but red is a problem for
11:54 pm
me, it implies troublems, having said that, does getting a blessing from consumer reports preopre-- or post fire help you? >> of course it is. i think they hav to manage that is timely whose time has come that move electric cars whether tesla or anyone else they have an advantage but that is disappear they, large established players that can take away the market like toyota. neil: this stock is volatile but up there. way beyond what would be rational levels, that is the market. would you buy tesla or avoid it. >> i would avoid it, there a difference between a great product and a great investment,
11:55 pm
right now tesla has a massive premium with a interesting growth story, in a boring sector. challenge you have with that too were money is concentrated in high revenue growth examples, companies that have top line growth because most of this industry is quite boring, it is market share. and so they create a segment, the problem is, that it can be quickly -- it will be hard to remain competitive once the large very well capitalized company enter. so it is a very interesting product, i think -- i am surrounded by them here in newport beach. neil: they look beautiful in driveways, day look stunning but that is me. while we're on subject of cars, government now to get out of gm by end of the year, in the end, will be on the hook that is taxpayer for abouts there are continu$$10 billion.>> you know.
11:56 pm
i think that bailout has been a disaster, and taxpayer being on the hook, for 10 billion-dollars is i don't know how that is a win. >> it could have been ns of billions more. >> true. looking at stock price from new gm ipo we're trading 2 or 3 dollars at best above that stock price. i think if you look at surveys, some of them, you will see that 60% of people in recent survey, have very big hesitation in going out and buying a gener motors product as a result of government bailing them out. neil: what do you think after that, joe? >> that is the government we're probably most activist government in a very long time. and whether you think it was a positive or negative, as an investor having a huge overhang selling shareholder, and
11:57 pm
removing that uncertainty is a positive. and so, the company is probably in better shape than it would have been. but they -- you remove a huge overhang of selling that is typically positive for a stock, almost opposite of fed support issue, if they stop supporting our system does that remove a back support for the stock market. this is the opposite, you remove a huge seller of stock that will be a positive. neil: and government will come back, and say, well you know, with all our rescues net, net we made money, we're ahead. taxpayers have gotten money. you came out ahead and we saved world. >> i say let's get back to basic fairness, why bailing out some companies, and not bailing out others. neil: you are right it did set a precedent that worries a lot of folks. >> it is disen chancing 92 it
11:58 pm
started -- diseenchanting. neil: it tarred with george bush. >> i'm not saying it is the anyone. neil: the night cap, we get to what these guys are thinking about tomorrow. what they wake up, when they go to bed at night when they are looking for, kyle? >> retail sales, this holiday season, neil, is going to be a very big determinate on what people are looking for. neil: how do you think they will go? >> i think they will be dismal, job market, a continued overhang has people hanging on to their dollars. a lot more. neil: joe? >> my big concern is the government. i think right now bad news is almost good news. and so woo have a -- we have a weird situation, where good new is bad, bad news is good because
11:59 pm
the government is too involved in supporting the stock market, the longer we go without a modestecline the higher the risk of a large decline. i would like to see some level of 5%, 3% just some pullback because, i worry that people are getting over confidence in the market. that is a very lon run without a decline just concerned that the markets are being bullied by a fed is telling us not to worry. we will support it. we won't get out until it's really good. and tt is not as stabland consistent way to run the capital mket. neil: very inconsistent with its past. these guys clearly the indian government. >> i agree 100 percent. when people start to up id exits, and i think that they are here, you can see f. to the tune of the dow going from a 16,002
12:00 am
of 15,000 in side seven trading days. neil: really? >> yeah, i do. neil: i guess that will do it. now you have your littletcap. take your cyanide and gunite. if you wake up we will see you tomorrow. ♪ john: i is the season of giving. so where should you give? should you give this man money? what about this man? >> thank you. john: actually, that's me. don't give money to beggars like me. governments must spend more. >> medicare, medicaid, social security. john: this government really helps the poor. >> everybody in cleveland. >> by any measurement this is not working. john: i am glad more people figure that out. >> commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty. john: even some in the mainstream media.


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