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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 18, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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in the market, this viewer says. that is my "two cents more" and that is it for tonight's "willis report." lou: the white house acknowledging tat they will miss another obamacare deadline, suggesting that this administration is either not good at setting deadlines are not good at meeting him. i am lou dobbs. good evening, everyone come in the white house suggested that health will not be 100% fixed by the end of this month is the white house had promised. jay carney confirmed a "washington post" report that the administration is now hoping that 80% of users will be able to use the website to enroll in obamacare by the end of the
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month. and this includes a way for consumers to bypass the half billion dollar website and the website will be greatly improved with almost no errors and that includes the fumbled rollout not sitting well with some of the president's most ardent supporters come including nancy pelosi who famously said that we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it. she white house correspondent ed henry has our report.
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>> whoever is in charge of this is in charge of the long-term health care. and jay carney would not deny a possible shakeup. the administration is lowering the bar by defing success to enroll in health care plan, which seems to bug even top democrats. >> it is not acceptable, but they are saying that and this includes the fixes to the website that they had anticipated, they have anticipated at least 80% by december 1 as we go forward in a has to be improved upon them.
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reporter: nancy pelosi went on to say that overall she still believes the law will work, only reaching 80% means up to 20% will still be unable to use health, bill jay carney suggest they can enroll by phone or mail. >> there'll be a significant amount of people who'll be fine anyway even though they went on the website trying to get health care and they don't and then they don't pay the penalty. >> this includes people who will have available to them other means. [inaudible] ♪ ♪ >> of course, the obamacare website problem. [laughter]
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[inaudible] >> yes, we still can. [laughter] reporter: in houston today, joe biden was talking about the economy. lou: millions of you and millions of americans losing their health care insurance is creating immense problems all around. ben nelson is now ceo of the national association of insurance commissioners for some of them are refusing to enforce the president's picks because they worry that it will cause the president insurance rates to show so next year and this
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includes risk insolvency as well. lou: health care insurance exchanges in obamacare will have more problems than just a bad website. dow jones crossing the 16,000 level during trading that fell during the final hours. the s&p is down six, nasdaq lost 37 points. and ordered to pay $1.2 billion to customers, this company has talked about the 2011 collapsed from the firm led by jon corzine
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must also pay an additional 100 million-dollar penalty as part of a civil settlement. and tornadoes swept through the midwest over the weekend. six dead in illinois, two others in michigan, illinois governor pat quinn declared disaster areas in many counties. millions of people are without power in michigan. the national weather service confirmed two of the tornadoes that tore through central illinois ef-4 tornadoes. including one tornado that cut a path from one side of town to another area and mike wallace has the latest in washington,
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illinois. reporter: winds etween 170 and 190 miles per hour, a massive tornado descended on washington, illinois. it was a matter of minutes between the will of the sirens and the war of the funnel cloud. >> it sounded like a freight train. >> homes ripped to the ground, cars tossed around from allies devastated.
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eighty tornadoes across the midwest. two of them estimated at ef-4 from the second most powerful category on record. he traveled east at the speed of traffic, leaving eight cloud of destruction behind it. bitter cold, cold temperatures in the arduous task now of digging through debris, finding what it's all about bull. many displaced residents are relying on friends and family to put a roof over their heads. they face but they face a long reconstruction and a long winter. and this is the deadliest tornado outbreak in november in illinois history and because tornadoes are so late in season,
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it marks a point in history since record-keeping began. lou: thank you. the philippine government reporting that the monster typhoon that ravaged the country displaced and estimated 4 million people. please help. text the word tycoon 280888 to make a donation please text for a donation and a brand-new book
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lou: princeton university officials deciding they will offer their students a vaccine to target the rare strain of meningitis to avoid further
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infection. our first guest tonight says that he is not surprised that president obama is pushing state insurance commissioners and insurance companies to offer the very same plans that they canceled to comply with obamacare. joining us now, georgia state insurance commissioner ralph hudgins. it is good to have you with us. let me start with 400,000 folks and is it your judgment that it
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simply will not work in your state? >> lou dobbs, thank you so much for having me tonight. i think that this is a political stunt that the president, you know, he has had a long list of, i don't know about that, i read it in the newspaper, or don't blame me, and this is a don't blame me situation. he has ordered insurance companies to prepare for the rollout of obamacare on january january 1, and now he gives us 31 days with insurance companies 31 days to undo that and go back and this includes the georgians that are covered with the individual policy.
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they sent out letters that said that january 1, the policy you now hold cannot be renewed. so if you want to renew it in december, renewed in december for the month of october, 536 georgians were able to get through all of the hoops and get a policy selected to start january 1. lou: 536 people signed up through the exchange in the month of october. >> that is right.
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an 80% of the people, if they can get through the bureaucracy of the website and select the plan. so what if you only stop that 80% of the red lights or stop signs? we would have pure chaos here. 80% is a totally unacceptable number. >> also is the impact of state budgets and i know that you're struggling with that in georgia as well. you also did not expand medicaid in your state. leaving a budgetary impact, what will be this impact in the state of georgia? >> that other states across the board 75% of the people that go
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into this exchange are shuttled off into medicaid and now we did not -- we did not increase our medicaid will to 133% of the federal poverty level. e expect to see more and more people be told that they are eligible for medicaid and in georgia, e have to pay 40% of that, the government paying 56% and we pay 43.6%. of all the new enrollees, this does not have a tremendous impact on our budget. >> there's not much that can be done about it, is there? >> no, there is not. >> this is for 26 days and they did not create their own
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exchanges and adding to the medicaid budget is going to be a terrific burden. >> yes, it is. i was in the legislature for 14 years before i was elected insurance commissioner. and i know how tight the budget is here in georgia and adding that additional expense, we will have to cut education and the prison system as well as law-enforcement and is not extra money to play with. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> you're certainly welcome. lou: lou: holding onto the top spot for a second weekend in a row. will this sequel raked in another $30.5 million bringing the total to $147 million? the real surprise of the week is the second place finisher,
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another sequel just end. $30.6 million, far better than had been expected and last biggest came in third, cbs's show, up nearly $9 million. up next, john kerry and his allies and conflict over egypt and the obama white house policy. report coming up next on the muslim brotherhood
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lou: our nations military will likely face cuts in their pay and benefits according to "the wall street journal", reporting top commanders have already agreed to the cuts, which will be announced next february. the pain may be reduced, but the military working on plans to train troops elsewhere. libya is struggling to keep order and they are training 58,000 of the libya security forces. the white house once again taking up the figh to close
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wonton them obey. the obama administration backing a defense policy bill that would allow them to have detainees out of the prisoson before shuttingt down. the administration continues to press on iran in the negotiations in geneva. president obama himself scheduled to meet senate leaders tomorrow, urging them to hold off on any new sanctions during nuclear negotiations withiraq. joining us now is colonel ralph peters, it's so great to have you with us. what are your thoughts about the president's meeting with senate leaders and most of whom want to raise the intensity of those sanctions are not diminish them? >> giving you a view is a bottom line. never put academics in charge of anything ever off the campus. [applause] >> obama isn't academic. but it's all theory and dean's
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theories. your business viewers know that if we have a competition on the map, we did wrog in the corner where we want them, sanctions have been working, one of the times when they have really worked on the idea to desperately get a deal for good headlines and get away from obamacare for 20 minutes, the president would agree to loosen restrictions on iran, helping them out while they give us nothing, benjamin that not you is right and even president françoise hollande of france as well. saying that iran is the international equivalent of obamacare. lou: netanyahu calling him a true friend, what they are
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providing to israel rather than to the united states. he is apoplectic about this deal that'll excited shaping up to be one of the president is going to insist upon trying to get the senate to agree upon. so let's turn to saudi arabia and they are working together to prepare for strikes against iran and so what you make of this? >> saudi arabia has a challenge that's been going on for decades. the more intensive intense the cooperation it is, and right now they are are absolutely denying everything. and despite all the money and weapons that they have bought from us and the training, they are incapable of self defense. they realize that israel never attack saudi arabia.
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they want hegemony over the persian gulf and so of course they are cooperating with israel. this includes the president's policies on egypt. what do you make of it? john kerry wants to have peace and that means that he needs egypt to back up his deal with
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the palestinians and clamped down on hamas in gaza. such a convoluted situation. when they come down on the side of mohammed morsi, john kerry in this case is right, and by the way, we are still not going to see peace in the middle east in our lifetimes. lou: general ralph peters. take a moment to check us out on twitter. though our facebook page. tonight, don't forget, either. and the income gap worsening we and the income gap worsening we have bob dahl on that and the this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card.
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and they stand behind their protection with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. in fact, last year, lifelock protected over 2 million people during thholidays and now they can do it for you. try lifelock's protection 60 days risk free. ♪ ♪ order now and get a special holiday gift -- a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. lou: new data showing the income gap is worsening under the obama administration and according to the labor department, there are 319,000 fewer households now
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making between 35,000 and $49,000 per year snce the start of the recession and it is considered middle class. it is not all bad, though, especially you if you live in the nations capital. this includes the nation's top 1% over the decade and that is one in the wealth magnets of los angeles, new york, and boston. there is something going on here with government, apparently. and women have officially recovered all the jobs they lost during the recession, men have not. there are a record 67.5 million women now working, up from the peak of 67.4 million in 2008. the dow jones hitting 16,000 for the first time in today's trading, closing at 39 record of the year. markets retreated after carl ichan said that he was very cautious on everything needs a big drop on.
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this includes management's efforts to boost results. my next guest disagrees and says the markets will continue to move higher. joining us now is the chief equity strategist and portfolio manager bob dahl, good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me and good evening. >> this is a rare time, 39 record high closures, 16,000 in the day-to-day, please give us your outlook on the market. >> people making the logical case. the past that, we have an environment where we have federal reserve monetary policy, which is supportive and we have an economy that is graduates way forward with some visibility and we have sentiment that is not an extreme and valuation relative to other things it's not
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expensive and that is why stocks continue to go higher and i think that's the path from here. lou: as he came out today, saying that he was distrustful of equity levels and he thinks that a big drop is in this, we surprised about this statement? >> i was because i look at the reason he said so and i'm not so sure that i agree. revenue growth could be better, margins have improved because corporations have done a great job of converting costs and so i put it all together and i scratch my head as to the reasons. a short-term drop, but i don't think it will be sufficient magnitude. so many people on the sidelines waiting for money to work. that is why corrections have been short and shallow. lou: as we watch at the confirmation hearing, she basically had all of the lights
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that were green, you could hear her putting the foot to the pedal. is that a correct interpretation? >> i think that it is. she is mainly continuing with her predecessor, ben bernanke has done, and basically set until we get more growth and real growth and inflation and jobs, the pedal is to the metal and that is great news for the markets and the interim and i think eventually the economy where weould be running out of patience, but hang on, the economy does a little bit better, probably better than 201 lou: going after carl ichan, where he is about has about a half precent ownership in the company. calling for $150 billion and buy back stock, which is significant by anyone's definition. this idea of companies spending money to buy their stock back, it's good for investors, but it
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may be good for the companies, but does not suggest that people have run out of ideas with which to use that money? >> it is true. however, companies like apple have an under leveraged balance sheet and therefore they are saying, okay, the money i have laying around from the cache i have laying around, not getting a very big return. my stock is not expensive. and i agree with what was insinuated that i wish they would find reasons to hire a few more workers. i don't think we will set any records, so i think that increases will be the lay of the land as well. lou: appearing at least briefly today, looking forward to tomorrow or the next day. do you think it's too late for
10:37 pm
them to jump into this rally? we are up 27% with $4.5 trillion in market cap. >> i don't think it's too late but i wouldn't rush into my morning. and they get tired and they take rest and time time to time and we may get one, putting us in a little today, a little bit for a month from now and taking that money that is earmarked and putting it in slowly but surely. lou: bob doll, always good to talk with you. jim rogers and what he has to say about what the dow jones means. join us tomorrow, we're coming right back. >> bobo wants to see a woman president in his lifetime and that is really good news for
10:38 pm
elizabeth warren, don't you think? we will take it up with the "a-team" coming back
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lou: former president bill clinton sharing his wishes concerning women in politics. and clinton said he hopes there is a woman president in his lifetime. a u.s. president. he sed away from answering whether his wife, secretary hillary clinton, if you didn't know, would run. but when asked if he envisioned himself becoming the first husband, he said to answer that he couldn't say. joining us now is the "a-team." and they can all say republican strategist ron christie, fox news contributor judith miller, columnist michael goodwin, also a pulitzer prize winner and a bunch more. let's start with the president. do you think that elizabeth
10:42 pm
warren took that as a good two of the president? >> i thought it was very interesting that mr. clinton said he didn't know whether or not his wife was going to run. clearly i don't think that he is thinking of elizabeth warren, i think he's thinking of hillary. >> absolutely, i'm glad you cleared that up. because i was kind of confused. as we look at what is going on in this white house, john kerry, susan rice, and this apparent contest in which john kerry is standing up in principle and what he believes in being forthright about it. >> yes, i thought ralph peters, and is well and this is one of the rare times that he is right. it was a mistake when we first did this and thrilling hosni mubarak out, and i think you back the brotherhood will turn
10:43 pm
out to be a strategic mistake, just as frankly i think you wind up with a lot of other policies willing to give iran the benefit of the doubt about nuclear weapons and i think it's all consistent in all consistently wrong. lou: the president holding a little rally for the organization and his peronal campaign. there's about a million people in the thing. campaigning to sort of get this going. energized about obamacare once again. organizing or organizers, right? >> the only thing i think is currently effective at his campaigning. and i think that he thinks that maybe this is the best way i can get the american people behind me, to have another speech in another form and rally. but i think that we have turned the page and i think the
10:44 pm
american people have said that this has been disastrous for a while and i lost i've lost my coverage and my insurance has gone up and i don't want to hear anotr speech from the president. lou: going back to susan rice and secretary john kerry. this looks to be a real problem for the president. another fissure in a state that once was in a very successful president released in the early days who is now laboring under all sorts of weights and challenges and this is one that i don't quite -- i don't quite know how it's going to end. >> i don't know how it's going to end. but i do know that john kerry has been vanished because he is a man on the ground and when he's in egypt, even if susan rice wants him to talk about mohmed morsi and the importance of the ousting president and coming back,,he's
10:45 pm
the one who will decide whether or not he wants to do that and clearly he doesn't want to do that and he didn't do it and as a result he was much more effective in egypt than he would have been had we listened to his wife. once again, we all agreed that john kerry's instincts on this are correct. lou: where is this president succeeding right now? i don't ask that facetiously come i'm actually being serious. but where is he succeeding right now? >> in terms of policies, i would say nowhere. i think that he hit it right. and he likes the campaign mode and going tonight with the organizing for america, which is a real campaign apparatus, it's very much like you see, he always has a crowd behind him as though this is the greek chorus telling us how to feel about what he is saying and he can't -- he put him up there with a
10:46 pm
teleprompter and it's a problem. because there is no crowd behind him no sense that he speaking for anyone other than himself. lou: this weekend, tom donohue, the u.s. chamber of commerce president said he's not worried about this going on in the house of representatives. the approach that has been taken by bob goodlatte of immigration refm that is reforming immigration. he is taking a sensible approach. and he's basically saying that, you know, to the heck with these republicans, they will do what i want. which is amnesty and msdn comprehensive immigration reform. and that is as straightforward as a statement that i've ever heard over the republican party and in particular speaker john boehner spinnakers where i think he is wrong he says we can do
10:47 pm
this in regular order. >> this is where you i bring a little enthusiasm to "lou dobbs tonight." and if the chamber tries to push this, if the labor union folks try to push the democrats to get the comprehensive bill, it's not going to happen. >> you don't sound that enthusiastic but it certainly sounds optimistic. >> i'm smiling. and i'm putting my best foot forward. [laughter] >> i thank you for being here. and as always, thank you. michael, it's good to see you. up next, the new book, margaret thatcher, power and personality. at the woman they call the iron
10:48 pm
lady. and we will be talking about her personality that was so big and so large and so effective. jonathan aiken joins us next from london.
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>> a new book takes a look at margaret thatcher's life. my next guest, the iron lady served as a member of parliament under her. joining us now is jonathan aiken, his new book is entitled margaret thatcher, power and personality, and she had lots of
10:52 pm
personality throughout her entire charge. congratulations on the book, we are reommending it to our viewers and it is not a small challenge. it is thorough and fascinating. please tell us about how you and lady thatcher got along when she was prime minister? >> i have known her a long time, 37 years to be precise. and i first met her when i was the youngest conservative candidate and she was still unknown, who kind of came through with a lot of it encouragement and we were in parliament for 23 years together. when she was running to become the leader of the opposition
10:53 pm
here and i was a youn member of parliament and i dated her daughter for three years and possibly not a great career move. because the romance ended and i was out of her favor and so leaving that little bit aside, i came to like and admire her tremendously and i knew her well from the beginning. >> she was also quite insecure, and that was one of the secrets of restraint, and she won the public over to master the details of the changes she wanted to implement. >> you talk about some of the
10:54 pm
weaknesses of character and yet this woman was indomitable as prime minister and a world figure. she and ronald reagan, you have to go back to world war ii to find this kind of alliance between them american president in the united kingdom. one that would come close to it. it's really an extraordinary relationship and she was immensely succssful despite it all, wasn't she? >> yes, i think you are right to use the attitude indomitable. because she had terrific strength of character and she was also a woman of principle and saw the same quality and president reagan and they were soulmatespolitically and they got an enormous amount done even though she wasn't afraid to speak her mind to reagan once or
10:55 pm
twice. but the big issue of the time was really ending the cold war and i think that was a great achievement of president reagan and she contributed to it by a surprising manner and she was the first despite gorbachev and two know that he was a man that could do business with the west and she persuaded him instead of denouncing the evil empire of the soviet union, having to be aware of striking eight deal and a rapport with the soviet leader and gorbachev himself gave a
10:56 pm
wonderful interview in which he describes a fierce word in an exchange with margaret thatcher and of course she was a tremendous critic of communism and they built up a report of trust after he managed to convince reagan that they could do a deal. lou: her personality was bigger than life and can you compare, we have just a few seconds. the style of conservative leadership, is being carried on and is it even possible? >> no, she was unique, there has never been a woman leadeof a major western democracy until she came along and she knew how to play the style of a great lady. and so it was quite a minor publication and she lived up to
10:57 pm
that iron string. >>e thank you so much. the book is power and personality, find it at personality, find it at bookstores customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. bny mellon combines investment management & investment giving us unique insights which help us attract the industry's brightest minds who create powerful strategies for a country's investments which are used to build new schools
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to build more bright minds. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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neil: next week is thanksgiving. the timing could not be worse. because what unions are saying is the big retailer isn't doing enough for workers. tens of thousands of those workers might just disagree. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. unions have left organizations. once again, targeting wal-mart for just developing the worst employer of all time


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