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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  November 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> tonight on "the willis report". how the obamacare fix turns into a fiasco health insurance companies say it cannot work it should have taxpayers hopping mad but the white house is set to give them a back door bailout obamacare style. to user's guide to shopping looking at the best stories ever. watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." melissa: welcome to the of
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willis report your show and your money and voice. fresh warnings tonight's the health insurance policies will send premiums soaring and now the insurance company is scrambling for how that would work. residents scrambling to do damage control with executives to ensure that public our brainstorming how to go forward with obamacare joining me now from wells fargo insurance with the independent insurance agents and brokers of america agreed to have both of you today. can this we done? is a possible for insurers to reinstates willy-nilly? >> it is the aggressive time might.
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back from individual consumers walking in with a new health care plan for us to go back and think we can implement in a better manner than what has been laid out so far is a task that could be difficult you do. melissa: your organization bob represents thousands that are involved in the industry that adds confusion to the chaos. why so much confusion? >> the tower of babel the president's decision is like putting a band-aid to the gunshot wound and made promises to the american people that they could keep their policies they wanted it and said for one more ar you can keep your policy but then you can't if you wanted after that so consumers are confused and
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brokers here every day from small-business owners from independent contractors and the marketplace what is going on? it is mass confusion plus you have the regulators in many states they cannot do what they were asked to do. >> arkansas and others say there just is not enough time. how long do you take? if they cannot accommodate the time frame and how long do you take to get a plan that market? >> the lot longer than the of 40 days then if you think about it with your original question can this happen? for large constituent groups of president of united states the insurance ceos
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those that have the insurance state commissioners to get together. we heard the state insurance commissioner from washington will not comply with what the president laid out yesterday. situations in california and florida the insurance commissioner says they want to comply but even the carriers say we don't know how we can and in this time period. melissa: i know you are not a fly on the wall today with the president but did you have a sense what when don? lahood. >> it is a lack of time insurance companies are preparing for a couple of years for january 1st, 2014 with the new mandated coverage is and obamacare provisions to be
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included and has been preparing to get out of the individual market with lower-cost and the more bare bones policies so now as they have their rates approved and then for the president to come i yesterday to say by the way now you can sell the policies from a regulatory and business perspective it will be nearly impossible if not impossible for some insurance companies to turn around on a dime. it has taken them three years to build a web site that doesn't work now the one to the companies to come back in a matter of weeks? >> they can ensure plans that would be canceled americans to cancel plans ss protection andconsumers about other options in the marketplace. what they did was to class
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is of consumers what is the impact with insurers? they understand risk controls those are changing with the assumption are put back into question. to look gehealth care reform but it brings increases of premiums. but what the president is requesting does he have the scope for the authority to
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tell the insurance industry you have to pony up and back them up? those that say what the president said is not constitutional say we will not find the president's guidelines. if you are a national insurance company creates a lot of problems with 15 states and say no and 35 say yes into our national company it becomes a dicey mass. from my perspective with the agent and broker perspective we represent consumers as tested to raise insurance agents we hope some welcome back into the marketplace because if you are a healthy male and the independent contractor you need maternity benefits our mental health parker you want their bonds hospitalization and prescription drugs. melissa: that is what the
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president tries to drive out of the marketplace one-size-fits-all and i would give you the last word is that the way to run the business? >> a tough situation but right now you have consumers with the situation and they don't know what is going on. we talked as experts that would get this on a daily basis. even they don't know what is going on to put yourself with the consumer the 5 million it is meant to attract powell do they take away? gerri: well planned. think you to both of you. hearing inside the insurance industry is very important in the history of obamacare. >> one program has attracted
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lots of enrollees for:by a the four / one margin. says the expansion push further into another in time a program? >> former medicaid director under president h. debut bush. why are so many people ending up in medicaid? >> two reasons. you don't have a choice it doesn't cost money there is not a lot of plans to choose from with those that do not have to go into the health care .gov route a kudu's other ways for medicaid. so not having to go to new
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the complex nonfunctioning web site. if in one month or six weeks from now this is what we find it will be a big problem. gerri: what we now that those making less than 138% of the poverty level can apply. with the expansion of medicaid with the abuse program is that the right thing to do? >> if they allowed people the choice to be on the medicaid arkansas has been given permission given by hhs to allow this.
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it will again as the people choices it is the better choice for at least some people say and to be medicaid it was an option in early on with the affordable care act to get knocked out of the deliberations at some point. >> even so in those statess3 with the obamacare enrollees we have a long way to go. what do you think will become of obamacare vs. medicaid? >> it would beyond the of medicaid expansion than the private sector health insurance the cbo has estimated eight or 9 million could be on medicaid but
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they say 7 million with private insurance through the exchange right now that seems hard to imagine and so the first year you are likely to see more on medicaid but what happens after that? don't be increased and erratic way it will be hard to be sustainable so it's a certain risk of health status they need both. gerri: and that is not addressed with the whole conversation and. >> teeeighteen these rules willy-nilly is difficult. thank you for coming on. great to see you. we have more to come and
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>> is the bailout for insurers coming setting a new letter to commissioner is giving them guidance to implement obama as new facts of bank statements to have taxpayer funds. using the phase risk corridor and the whole change of the policy. >> updating the circumstances with the risk pool a provision says if your estimate of cost comes in and under what you think when you give money to hhs on the of the hand if it is too low and the costs our higher than 80 just gives money to you with the idea
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that ideally this balances out some insurers' our luckier bailing out those that are not so lucky but there is no provision to limit the hhs payments. if the exchanges are failing in the risk pool is bad it cost a lot of money it will come from hhs. gerri: vale rio $1 trillion so now we have a situation and where not just helping people get insurance coverage to put money to the american people also subsidies. >> that is the dirty secret all along it is a huge payoff to the insurance companies and probably would not have passed in the first place if the insurance company did not get in bet with the president to be on board. now it is a very delicate stems yesterday the president basically throw the insurance companies
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under the bus it is not on me it is on the insurance companies at the same time they need them to believe in the exchange's canada's why they have a suggested blind. gerri: i will read that right now. thin although this transitional policy was unanticipated by health insurance issuers the risk corridor program should help ameliorate the unanticipated changes in premium revenue. >> to modify the risk corridor programs to provide additional assistance. of. >> that is the of way they treat it all along to do whatever they want. >> it seems the program
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changes the program obamacare that has to go through congress how does he keep changing things? >> yesterday that juxtaposition although not a formal legal position but the executive exercising the discretion not to enforce the of law. part of the policy requires insurers to send out letters to people this is executive overreach and undemocratic at the core and it has been written so vaguely one of those provisions it is a pot of money and what they say to give as much as possible to keep the you on board. gerri: some are not in the lot are democrats you probably noticed today all
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lot of democrats climbed on board? >> a high number. it that says that the president did, with a fix it with a ben 100 that had happened and he would have seen a shattering of the political coalition on capitol hill and he cannot let that happen. said that complicates so it's the ultimate success not that the prospects our great at risk for the short-term political imperative to suppress the democratic vote but there are still almost 40. gerri: unbelievable. what do you think? should health insurers be bailed out? i will share the results at the end of the show. and our users guide to shopping into the iconic toy
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gerri: keep on printing money that is why it did eln insinuated yesterday at her
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confirmation hearing to keep the money flowing if she were to become the next chief what does that mean for your portfolio? the editor, good to see you. people are struggling to figure out what this means for their portfolio. what do you recommend? >> if she will keep printing money keeping interest rates lower than bernanke ever thought. that will make your dollar go down pitcher what you need on a teeter totters to keep the cost up bause the blade to combat that is the things that you want to without such as energy. energy stocks, is something that deals in oil and natural gas than the stuff that people need as the dollar goes down the cost goes up but that is good news for commodity producing
5:26 am
companies they will make more money. gerri: i look at what is going on in the stock market does qian the eln the did the fed will we see the incredible boom in the stock market? >> they can keep the market stimulated for a period of time but stocks cannot stay overvalued trevor. gerri: are you predicting a downturn. >> one is inevitable. but stocks our expensive but you may want to increase cash pool in to make money
5:27 am
available. what do you say? in to the tune of four 5% so they do business all of the world not ju the u.s. economy and to make money in foreign currency as a part of their earnings if apple would be a good dancer. gerri: a lot of people say that company has seen its best days the exciting innovations from the past will not happen again. what do you see? >> it is fundamentally sound commentated and been down
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that the world's largest stock buyback program with carl icon to get them to do more but they are still selling tons of by phones -- i phone and the i pad with other currencies though as they convert them to the bucket is better. gerri: back to currency we appreciate your time. what it rights to blind airline passengers in the seeing eye dog have? shopping continues as i go to one of the most iconic toy stores in america. fao schwarz looking at the best toy ever. best toy ever. the hula hoop. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer.
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gerri: en do you like to relive childhood memories? that is heavier doing with the user's guide to shopping by visiting the legendary toy store with a special trip 80 ned the iconic tories just as popular today. >>, on an end. have a great time. gerri: day want to hear my version? ♪ welcome to fifth avenue new york city here to talk about the best toys ever looked at this massive piano from the movie big. here chris, from the national toy hall of fame. let's go. talk about monopoly. what about this icon? to begin srted out as a game how thoughtful of was to have the money gouging landlords. gerri: i learned how to be a
5:33 am
capitalist spirit people thought that was so much more fun and then to be kind to other people they love to bankrupt friends and family and it was turned into the classic that into words to the present. gerri: my brother had hot wheels. >> never such a fast car they were slow. that is the founder of mattel realize you wanted a fast car like a hot rod in southern california he sought a hot rod in the parking lot and claimed those are hot wheels in the name of stock and a sensation ever since. more than 3 billion have been made. gerri: look at this the ultimate hispanic the fanciest one ever it goes along with the original name created in france in the 1950's, the magic screen it
5:34 am
looks magical. gerri: doesn't the same thing as the old ouiga board -- etch-a-sketch. >> what happens with your dryer the same thing that runs the etch-a-sketch. no batteries or chips. gerri: how old? >> 1960 christmas season as they could not keep them in stock. gerri: the slinky. >> it would be a device for naval instruments and report to it made a great toy i've fad that has persisted down from the present to metal and plastic walking down the stairs. gerri: my favorite. who live groups our popular for they always made out of plastic? >> they started as bamboo in australia for exercise only through molded plastic they
5:35 am
were turned into a fad. >> the less you move a the better it is. gerri: though last? yes. >> excellent. gerri: he was made out of the 30? >> he was what'd and not until they were molded out of plastic that they could stick together to make amazing creations. >> you cannot think of legos without harry potter or "star wars" for what lego is today. gerri: this is not like any easy bake ovens. >> it is so streamlined from the original i bawled.
5:36 am
you would cook your cake with the labels now it has the built-in and electric element cooking better than ever before more delicious things. gerri: mr. potato head? i love this but not always made out of plastic? >> phil flynn 52 to bring in actual potato those would find those all over he turned into a plastic potato >> surrounded by tollways but it is the teddy bear that people talk about. >> hard to believe it would start as a hunting trip by president theodore roosevelt 1902. having a lousy time hunting he could not bag anything so
5:37 am
the folks he was traveling with staked out the bear and he said that was not fair and refused to shoot it was a political cartoon with the dutch with an adorable cut it was reproduced. gerri: also other kinds as well. >> these are beautiful large animals but nothing like a teddy bear invade our love to death. gerri: this seems like every girl has a barbie doll. >> there were only barbie dolls or friend dolls she was the first to envision how you would be when you were a grown-up. gerri: i never looked like that spinach she was based on a german doll one of the founders of mattel traveling in germany.
5:38 am
it was not meant for little girls but for men as a gag gift it tells you about her dimensions. gerri: deal original barbie. >> how attractive is she? berry she cave with dave black negligee and damascus. which she thinks party is pure as the driven snow compared to her predecessor. gerri: this has been very interesting. we hope you enjoyed the tour of fao schwarz. go to gerri for all the information they're including the list of blood -- best choice ever. happy shopping. gerri: while many toys are popular today your kids may
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be asking for the new reference the hottest toy is in 2013. right now. number five though leapfrog leap pedal drop. -- leap bad. it is good for kids between four and six years old. number for get your toddler started early before shipping them off to bet. with of electronics it is 30 box. number to despicable the you can hear for about six years $70 out kids all ages get a kick out of this. number one hottest toy is
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the first royal talking affinity. turn your little girl into a princess. another one of the most popular onset right here with me that a flying ferry doll for kids between five and seven and a fly is here is our producer. >> click at that. if you miss to the user guide to shopping set the idea for a special edition on thanksgiving day. 6:00 p.m. eastern and like common core is a common enemy for parents has said
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airline passenger is kicked off because the guide dog is a legal? next.@@
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gerri: the new today aboard a u.s. airways flight to passengers are enraged after a flight attendant forced a plant line to me and often played with his seeing eye a dog off the plane they were so enraged they cancel the flight does he have a case? we have a partner -- bill, we will start with you we don't know the facts but what we do know is this man is on the plane legally blind with the seeing eye dog problems erupt after one
5:45 am
hour 45 minutes on the tarmac. >> is no question. this gentleman and obviously had his dog rightfully on the play there is a federal law that permits that it is called the air carrier access act preceded the ada so there was some thought to dealing with this issue but when he got on the up plane it looks like the dog would not stay under his seat. that is not a tiny dog. >> happens all the time dogs are allowed they cannot block the ideal but in this situation obviously the airline personnel thought it was creating a problem. gerri: he was asked to leave then it got ugly. >> listen to what he had to say on his own behalf. >> marginalized and my sense of confidence to what i can
5:46 am
accomplish as a blind person was diminished a time at all my dog was awfully short running around. gerri: what do you make of that? >> if you go to the web site you will find this is a very common problem. they complain all the time and using common sense has-- situated in the bulkhead heim woul not have blocked the ideal that is what most airlines do but for some reason common-sense was thrown out the window. gerri: i apologize for not getting your name correct. bill, you favor the airline? i find shocking. they practically have the insurrection people are watching it and when you hear people talk on camera about what happened and what they say is they did not hear anything, the airline said this man was out of
5:47 am
control but it does not seem that way to people on the plane. >> i think the word is i can understand their position with safety issues but unfortunately it is a war in a coach with people getting on with their luggage not sure if it gets overhead but all the people who deal with the issues so maybe there was a spillover from the people from the airline with the situation there was the opportunity for the revolts. who is to say who is right or wrong but the law does protect this individual but it does not allow them to have their own personal lawsuit. >> in this particular case there will be the investigation if there was discrimination and they should have had an officer there by law there is
5:48 am
supposed to be a person to override the flight attendant the only of a person that can override that individual is the pilot and it looks like the crew got it wrong. if they cannot handle a blind man how they handle a real emergency? this is not a good day for u.s. air raids. gerri: not for u.s. air waves. you agree. >> there is more to this story and to cancel a flight is pretty serious so something is going on there we are missing but unfortunately he did end up on the cutting room floor that is very unfortunate. >> there was a mutiny on the high seas only happens because of lack of leadership all the passengers behind the dog and the disabled blind person to give me a break something else should have happened common-sense they
5:49 am
should put him in the of boca railways do that is very fine people with the service jobs why didn't they doing in this case? who knows. gerri: why it's a case. still to come my $0.21 of the most controversial issues facing our kids the common course state standards sparking a standards sparking a protest.the ocean gets warmer. the peruvian anchovy harvest suffers. it raises the price of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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gerri: tempers fly at a
5:53 am
common core high school in new york about the curriculum a major all students are taught at the same benchmark. >> the way the process was rolled out and to shut down their throats. [applause] in favor not ready for this that is what creates the problem of. >> it is not true. [cheers and applause] of fights over the country is the way the education system should be run? we have a texas state director for american is for prosperity. welcome to the show. people talk about this everywhere. what are your objections to this curriculum? >> we believe common core curriculum is the one size fits no one education curriculum mandated by washington. we believe parents and local
5:54 am
school board and teachers and states should could have control over our children's education. gerri: somebody as big as bill gates is behind this? >> it does not make me feel better. bill gates does not know the parent's child in a better than a bureaucrat from washington d.c.. parents know their kid better they need to direct their children's education. gerri: we have a lot of tweaks from viewers who are on your side. military moms say it is terrible ivan the school system. it is not working. also it is too linear and does not encourage creativity or imagination or thinking. what does this do from the way we run them in the past? >> there has always been ephedra ball attempts to
5:55 am
impact state performance it is well intentioned over the last 25 years we saw clinton and president george of the bush note child left behind but common course simply is a curriculum mandates how teachers should be teaching material. if it comes from the federal government matter what it is we all have a concern that that, in court may be the obamacare of education that it will not fix anything but simply causing more problems parents are frustrated because they want and deserve to have control over their children's education. gerri: on monday there is a protest. will washington listened? >> i think the states will be but several states like texas rejected, or even
5:56 am
though dollars were dingell in front of them. people are paying attention. parents use this as a way to talk about common corporate we have done a lot of reading and go to the web site americans for prosperity and read more about it. gerri: a topic we have to visit again and give more time to. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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6:00 am
that's my "2 cents more". that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a good night and a great weekend. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we have had some problems with the website >> yes, we have had some problems to the situation has been dire. >> i understand why folks are frustrated. >> i'm not happy about that. >> we always knew that this would be harsh. >> enough is enough. neil: work with me and think quick. what do president obama and rob ford have in common? what if i told you that only one


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