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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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and pilots and adiums. but, of course, 's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there is no doubt that people are frustrated. i understand why folks are frustrated. i would be as well. the problems with the website had prevented to many americans from completing the enrollment process. >> we have fumbled on this health care. neil: democrats bolt and democrats blinked. the startling revelation today. he may save you can keep your health care plan, but he has no control over any of this.
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welcome, everyone. i am neil cavuto. the president delaying expiration notices for millions of americans receiving letters from their insurance companies. but you're a year from now, then the president says that things will be better than the website will be running smoothly. all of these hassles will be over. tonight, the startling revolt on the left that has democrats increasingly saying that that won't be sad. so why does that? a lot of them are very worried that this mess is going to mess up the democrat's reelection plans and maybe take the entire party down and who knows what happened a couple of years later. are we getting ahead of ourselves? probably, but that the president allay any concerns today? his critics say he did not. moving on to ron -- juan
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williams. >> it's easy to save you can keep your coverage. but that is up to the companies and a lot of times up to the state. >> i think it's great that they have acknowledged this is a very serious problem. but the health plan, they have been working to implement this and there is no magic button to be able to keep those policies. the 50 state insurance commission really have to review those policies that make certain that the pricing that goes out, that the content of the policies is consistent with what the state wants to do as well. neil: maybe the president figured that i don't think he appreciated the magnitude of this. but having said that, i wonder if this was really meant for those peoples that insurance companies were considering are
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considering dropping one whose land they were considering closing. because it is next to impossible for those whose plans are shut out to get them back. >> there is a huge mechanical problem. it takes anywhere from three to six months. so there is a question of what will the health plans do and i think they want to be supportive. they want to be certain that people have access to coverage and this is not easy. i think has moved from the white house to the state house and the whole question of what will the states do. neil: i have to wonder, let's say the president gets his way when he gets the reversal of all the good intentions to get people that were kind of burnt, hey, relax, you can keep what you have, but it's going to be weird because then you wouldn't have these other policies that won't be subscribing to the president's new rules and standards presumably. the separate plans that well, they will still have this health
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care system that was the antithesis in the first place. >> i think we are confronting how hard it is to make wholesale change. neil: i understand the political pressure to do so, but it looked like this end he really hurt his chances of getting it implemented at all. >> i think that massachusetts is always pointed to as the model and advancement. what most people don't understand is that massachusetts modifies insurance market over a 20 year period and going to the individual mandate was the last stuff in a long process that includes the health insurance market substantially. what we did was cram all that into is very short. mcintyre. neil: okay, the argument of massachusetts showing that things were not rammed down
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people's throats. now republicans are going to seize up this and say, okay, we want to refute us. >> welcome i think it would be great if we could see some bipartisan collaboration. and i hope that we can find a way through it. at the end o the day we have millions of cancellation notices and the people are worried and we need to get access to care. neil: thank you so much. meanwhile, we have a stunning admission. >> chronically the federal programs are over budget and behind schedule and, you know, we might have done more to make sure that we are breaking the mold and how we are going to set this up. but that doesn't help us now. we want it does not help us. something that a lot of people, even those who love government would've argued back then, but it's not great.
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it i.t., coordinating stuff, it probab would've been nice to know at the time that the president had had a serious concern is all about what all this is coming into being. time to get real. so now the very government that the president questions, getting this off the ground smoothly is now in charge of correcting this and his very words today did not offer much encouragement. >> i think the most astounding piece that came out of the press conference is said said he has to rega the confidence of the american people, and once you lose it, it's awful hard to get back in what they're talking about is trying to take a system that is broken and say, we broke it, we couldn't rule it out, but trust us, we are also going to be the people that provide your health care and i don't think those people are going to buy a.
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neil: one thing that i'm confused about is how this is. for a wildly, we could have like a dual health care system and those that do not have everything that the president wants as part of the new health care law and those that are part of the new health care law that has all of those requirements. look like a free-for-all, i think. >> at the white house fumbles is coming out, they say that we have to go to a single-payer and that is why it allows liberals in this country to think that we ought to go to this anyway. so they will fumble this thing out and there is a dual system. it is a very finely balanced system on the market where
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people were going to pay unwilling to deliver and it was all based on actuaries say that we can give you this much over this period of time. this will cost us less safe. and now we have government telling people that this is what you're going to get in telling companies that this is what you are going to get there as well. neil: now the government has said we are going to redo this and i might be out of their hands to force these companies that have already dropped the millions of policyholders to force them to get back in to take it back and there's no guarantee that that will happen is out of the president's hands. it's like he created a monster another monster is saying no. >> this thing is confused, nobody that has the insurance plan today knows that it will be the same insurance plan tomorrow from one thing is if you tinker around with the government,
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building highways for building an aircraft carrier or something, you can adjust this, but the health care is something that affects everyone's life every single day and every single family and every person in this country. they are affected by the health care. the government said that you can't do this anymore, you have 15 people and they are sying they we are going to decide what you can get them what you can't get and what kind of doctor you can have a look of doctors you can or cannot have a newer intruding upon people's lives and i think there is a huge wave that is going to affect things in the future politically. neil: thank you, dennis. and speaking of, meghan mccain on the health care nightmare that could be a dream come true for the gop if they don't fix it. it. and that is a huge this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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you are looking at these developments are saying that republicans could once again be doing so, seizing on these health care snafus in thinking that that this will be the dolt that keep them accelerating on capitol hill. and of course, i think her daughter is wonderful. mrs. mccain very welcome, megyn kelly to thank you for having me. neil: how is everyone? >> my dad still gets feisty about everything. sometimes i want to talk to him about father daughter stefansson of health care. [laughter] neil: every time you have your father on, he always gets very riled up. his big thing is that we share a common cause. >> yes, especially i get into that within that time, the intense reactions, we are so divided as a party, with emotions and feelings, they get so wrapped up.
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>> that lump your data in there, i guess. the renegades, conservatives, tea party, libertarians. is that bad? >> i'm 29 years old and i focus on getting more young voters in minority voters and women voters and that is want to reach out to a different demographic than we traditionally have and that is what has made near rino and that is something that has evolved with the times. >> i like chris christie and we got in a fight recently. neil: i heard about that. >> i just don't see how he gets through a primary. especially to the republican primary. people call me a rino because i'm a moderate, but i do believe in and there's a lot more
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conservative with something that may be what people realize and i want a strong leader that can branch out everywhere and i just don't know how he places out. neil: you are very astute. something to have this in-your-face, this aggressive style in new jersey. and but it's quite another to pull that off elsewhere. but the worry -- we talk about the health care stuff and there is the sense that you can just see republicans salivating and loving it. >> yes one hours among republican from to get too cocky, but they are. >> we shouldn't get too cocky, but health care lately, it's safe to call it a disaster at this point. and it's embarrassing of the country to see how this has been ruled out and a never been a fan of obamacare ever. neil: do to get his mea culpa? >> mean, what else are we going to do. it always makes me crazy because
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i don't know anything about sports, so sports medicine. [laughter] >> i think republicans should not get too cocky. we have a big election coming up. i'm looking at 2016. neil: we could bypass 2014. [laughter] >> i think it's obvious that hillary clinton will run. neil: do think it's a drag on democrats? i raised this with your father and ted cruz and others as well. ms. have people rethinking government and their intentions are good, but it shows how horribly awry can it can go, even when the president acknowledges the existence that we know that the government is that at this stuff. i just wish he would've said that. and that might help republicans. >> it will help them especially in this is the exact ideological difference. and if you think the health care rollout is successful, you're a
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democrat, definitely. but maybe you should take a second look at the republican party. because for me sometimes i waver on what i really stand and show me this rollout right now in a completely as part of this. neil: for young people baby or elsewhere? >> and i think that what america means to you with the role of government, for me the small government and a very basic level and i think people get caught up and they are not analyzing what the president is doing for them and i think the health care rollout isn't giving me a lot of ammo. neil: when i listen and watch you, i'm a big fan.
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>> when i walk in the building, i'm scared i'll run into someone in the green and it doesn't like me. neil: do get the sense when a guy gets criticized would tea partiers still by and this and that. >> of course, it makes me absolutely upset. if you disagree with my father or not, there is a respect level that should be there, i believe. and my father loves this country and he really internalizes things and he brings it home. when i come home, try to get him to focus on the task at hand, but he wants to talk about things like health care and things like that. recently i said, let's not talk about this. [laughter] neil: you're that kind of intimated that i might run for president. he may not?
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>> no. >> there's not a chance in hades that he would run for president again with me and my mother and brother having something to say about it. neil: what about you? >> i would never get elected to anything. i'm a single woman in new york city. neil: but it's in your blood. >> i want to help get other women elected to the office. kelly ayotte, the senator from new hampshire, have many conversations with her and she's an amazing role model. neil: are you in chris christie over? [laughter] >> this is a my first rodeo. i just think his reactions, curious to see how it will play out. people are brutal in town halls. y it's overng at old ladies in
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now. neil: that's a very good point. that's a very good point. meghan mccain, thank you so much. >> neil cavuto, thank you very much. okay, when we come back, more busters about to be busted by unions. apparently people love it. have at it. but now the unions are getting involved and it's getting ugly at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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neil: unions not giving up. workers are planning protests against wal-mart and target have workers working on thanksgiving. they are not too happy about
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this. >> i mean, here is the problem, wages aren't keeping up with inflation and workers are feeling stress and pressure. the reality is we shouldn't beat up the wal-marts and targets of the world. they have 2 million employees and there's going to be a few issues and people are not going to be happy about a few things. unfortunately they are not unionized, and i think that if they really make a stand during this holiday season they might actually get their way. the 11 of the issue is people working on thanksgiving. part of the flipside of working is the work on holidays and thanksgiving is a big one that depends on what he like your family, i would say, but i digress. but you can't hear have your turkey and needed to. [laughter] >> you also have to look at us
11:25 pm
as the consumer and there's a reason why the doors are open. 39 million people shopped last thanksgiving and they will left the table and the pumpkin by to buy the elmo toy. i agree that yes, the question whether this is directed work the market and consumer is just as much at fault. >> i understand her concern, the voice of a problem with wal-mart and everything else and they are evil incarnate, whatever else, but my issue is that this is the issue to stake your claim. and they are going to try to hang their head in the unions are going to be as clever as they possibly can and use whatever leverage they have to get these big stores to play ball with them and we have all seen the history, and they use dirty tactics and this is one of the tactics that i don't think will work and i don't think it will have any impact on target or wal-mart or any of the
11:26 pm
stores. the one i do think that yu're right that this is what consumers want, it is what it is and they are obviously correct. and it might not be selling very well. >> yes, there is a market demand for this. and you'll probably have a few protesters are out there, but it won't have a dramatic effect and they are going to get time and a half wages that are out there and to your earlier point this is a job in washington dc will not want to come in and double the minimum wage and they decided to pull out and i was 1800 jobs. it wasn't until the mayor vetoed it but they said that we are going to go back and make that investment in washington dc and the jobs are coming in and i think that the anger is
11:27 pm
misdirected. go to the policymakers and have a policy that makes it easier to do business, less regulation. >> to select the right and the left meeting with the health care plan. >> if we looked at the history, fdr moved back to thanksgiving holiday to allow more shopping and commerce. it's not just an american holiday but about comments. so this is what the public wants, this is what they are going to get. neil: is a good point. we thank you both. and record numbers of americans are abandoning america. we will have that next welcome back. how is everything?
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united states that they are leaving united states in search of lower taxes. not in numbers that are used. and where they are going is generally a lower tax rate environment and that could hurt us. but it is a pattern that we see that every time the rates have increased, the revenue -- many politicians don't get it. >> i live in florida and you cannot imagine the amount of inbound phone calls i have been getting from all the people because of yet another tax on people. >> that would require approval. but that doesn't mean that it's not going to happen. >> it has people very concerned. >> a lot of them want to go to florida because it has no state
11:32 pm
or city income tax. there are 100,000 frenchmen and big numbers in ussels and monaco, it's really determine this exit there. but i noticed that a number of young people from wealthy families going to canada to give birth to their offspring so that the child also has a canadian passport. neil: a little creepy. >> i would never do it. >> but it does say something about the higher taxes on what is happening. taxes are going up, and i argue just the opposite that starting now, a lot of governments has been saying that we are we're not getting a lot of bang for the buck.
11:33 pm
>> it's not just individual tax the corporate tax. there's a large reason they don't bring it back with taxation. and i had a talk this morning with one of the largest companies in america, and that gentleman said why would i -- how would i be able to reach my rate of return to have to pay more or less 40% tax as opposed to a country where i pay 20% tax but your starting point has a correlation. >> are not. >> the one thing i was here is we keep trying. one of the arguments you hear that you hear is that the people are whining about this, they're going to leave manhattan. this and not, but they never do.
11:34 pm
they can visit new york and come back and all of this. but they don't have to live here, there's nothing tying them down. >> especially with higher incomes, anyone who says that that's not true is simply wrong. neil: where you see at all going the president seems to be acknowledging the limits to this and maybe that is a big way of saying that we are bringing this back. what do you say? >> i doubt that this administration intends to bring it back. i figured they had no choice but he was about to have huge defections from the democrats. >> but that's still going to happen, but it has not changed. >> i think also he was trying to free what speaker boehner had announced that he was going to do, reduce a bill to change the rule on friday he wanted was a pleasure, thank you for coming on the show.
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but how many billionaires are there? >> a lot of them. neil: justly so. okay. experts say that fake cigarettes come of the electronic kind, i lifesavers. this is beyond asinine. this is beyond asinine. we will have that next. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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11:39 pm
fickleness of washington. you are trying with the product to get people off of the bad stuff. and you're being treated by the government as if you are equally bad. >> there are two different issues. you have t federal government. the fda is poised to issue the regulations of the electronic current category. and i've been supportive, we have been supportive of reasonable regulations and that is the critical word there. we are cautiously optimistic they are not going to treated treat us the way that they treat tobacco cigarettes. neil: why would you have to be regulated at all? this idea is that it's just not the case and that's the part i don't understand. >> i think from the federal government's perspective, the view is that there is an addictive component that is
11:40 pm
nicotine. they don't contain tobacco and they don't have that in nicotine is an fda approved drug. neil: the nicotine effect, all of that, you could extend into a it to a lot of other products there as well. and that's when it gets to be like this. right? >> obviously it can't be that nicotine is addictive, caffeine is addictive, nicotine is addictive. sugar and caffeine do as well and i think that the issue is that unfortunately electronic cigarette has the word cigarette in it and it's hard to unring the bell. neil: that's a problem, there's a bad name. so where do we stand now? so cooler heads prevail in the scheme of things. this is actually helping people get off about stuff that is killing him?
11:41 pm
for this is a good thing? >> i am cautiously optimistic that the decision-makers actually understand that there is a potential for this kind of cigarettes. so i'm going to hold my breath a little bit until we actually see the regulations for the we can determine if we think they are reasonable. >> and i want to continue to advertise my cause if we have an alternative. neil: it's like they are putting on equal footing and that's what gets kind of goofy. that is when it gets bad and that is what inspires little confidence enough we have made it very clear that nothing will
11:42 pm
make big tobacco happier than if the government tries to treat this like a rgular cigarette. it's marketing. neil: okay, you could run without knowing idea. [applause] >> we'll see what happens. so greg, thank you so much. we wanted to goofy world. it's one thing to have crazy ads, but i not tested medical website is talking up obamacare. could it be that it was paid to do so? and what they are saying about and what they are saying about obamacare. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time devery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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neil: can you pay someone to write some good stuff about you? apparently there is a connection, if you will, between positive press with the health care law on web on the and it may be money that they were given to promote that. and of course weatherbee has critical ideas and washington has noticed the latter and i have a test that joins me now. so there is a article that was worth $120,000. so it's unlikely that you'll
11:47 pm
bite the hand that feeds you. >> was there a quid pro quo. >> are seven amazing things he didn't know about the affordable healthcare act, that's one example. aad this is when the contract required them and they had no idea when they were reading this website that there was this relationship with the obama administration. >> we asked about the revelation. when i read other publications, i don't know if it applies here.
11:48 pm
and there is a lot of the details and i know the real story. and then i start wondering who else was not paid off. and we will write some positive start. >> and politics, you know, it is part of the campaign. and we thought it was important not to do that come and i think that we are looking at a lot of ese other contacts that individuals may have been a part
11:49 pm
of that. >> it wasn't just advertisements, it had seped into the articles themselves. >> specifically they were paid to write articles and some people have seen advertisements. >> there are people that and i just want to say that that is the big problem come you talk to people and they should have disclosed it and there should've been a statement at the bottom of the article. something that says that we are being paid by the obama administration and i think that is the black eye for the weatherbee people. neil: we are watching closely. neil: meeting the 23-year-old
11:50 pm
who just gave mark zuckerberg a who just gave mark zuckerberg a run for his money.
11:51 pm
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neil: thank you, but no thanks. $3 million is reportedly the selling price for this company. lori rothman is here to sort it out. >> twitter doesn't turn a profit
11:54 pm
>> i am too old for snap chat, but zuckerberg might think otherwise. neil: i think this whole thing is getting a little ahead of itself. but maybe not. maybe this guy is smart to wait it out. and i always subscribe to the strike the iron while it's hot. maybe it's just not hot. >> this seems not. >> and it's evan who is the ceo of the company and maybe he can take over the world. who knows.
11:55 pm
but the one thing that worries me is this is a disappearing model that they have of text messages, videos, things like this. facebook now owns instagram, who's to say that they won't end up this way a few years from now we want maybe one maybe it is a sign of the times. and you know, they are closing over that. here we are, 41 years later. we are in overdrive here if you look at the aspect of this,. >> over 35 record closures. just this year. i think it is because of this ongoing monetary policy. determinist is printing money hand over fist and people are getting used to this elevated stock price.
11:56 pm
and i think that it speaks to a wide range of people. neil: yes come in the last year. we are kind of back to where we were. you could play with these numbers anyway you and this whot phenomenon. always we have a ways to go. >> i think that lori is correct. we have all of these acquisitions are not part of the entire stock market right now. this is part of the real economy in america that is out there.
11:57 pm
>> the chairman testifying today getting back to this notion, that it's risky. >> she does not see the stock rally as an asset. and i think it is very concerning to people. i expect this rally to continue through the end of the year and i do expect us to drift lower because we are back to washington and back to another budget battle. and we are seeing more economists raise the risk of deflation. on one hand that's great, it continues the wealth effect that we are seeing, but we have these productivity numbers and the productivity is growing at a fast pace and people are doing
11:58 pm
it any more money and there's no way trip there and this is really what is stalling the labor situation. and we need a little bit more to go. neil: okay, it's time for the nightcap. >> her keeping those rates low, that is the biggest thing going out there and that tells us that there will be tapering at some point. and it will be quite a ways off in the future. neil: you have to find it weird that wall street is hoping and praying for weaker numbers because the weaker that they are the more that it keeps the nicotine going. >> absolutely, it's a crazy market and bad news is good news, and it's not that all goes back to the feds and who will succeed mr. ben bernanke and
11:59 pm
worksite policies don't stay the same. >> is interesting because interest rates are rising and i think of the bond market is taking matters into its own hands and kind its own hands and kind of ignoring all of this extreme stuff going on. neil: if there's no inflation though. >> the market is taking matters into their own hands. and that is a big question for exit strategy. and so we saw back in the month of may, ben bernanke took a hint to stop earning money in and the market went haywire and finally it shot up and it was chaos.
12:00 am
and the one thing that everyone was always demanding, isn't that we will have that tomorrow. we are all over it >> this strain of libertarianism is very dangerous. >> we are dangers to the status quo. >> libertarians are coming and we are skeptical of both parties. >> we have made these anarchy actions. >> come to a libertarian. ice. >> you live in a world of fear.


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