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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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47% that online of 53% set in stores. coming up tomorrow, our users guide to shopping continues. that is up to "the willis report." have a great night. lou: backing up a promise that people can keep their insurance if they like it. but president obama has a new problem. obamacare navigators, teaching prospective enrollees how to lie on their obamacare applications. >> unsolicited advice that the president should honor his promise that people should be allowed to keep their plans under obamacare if they like
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them. president clinton said the president should keep that promise even if that means taking changes to the law. in the same videographer, james o'keefe exposing obamacare navigators are starting to cheat with obamacare. government paid workers telling employees how to lie on forms and evade legal requirements in an effort to receive more subsidies. please take a look. >> we are making this work on a on a cash basis.
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lou: the white house now admits the number of successful enrollments will be lower than expected. we have wendell goler with our report. >> i personally believe that the president should honor his commitment to the federal government. reporter: the call comes days after people found themselves with canceled policies. but secretary jay carney says the president has asked for options. >> we do not see that as fixing the problem. >> jay carney suggest that it could involve subsidies for one
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solution for those who can't afford the new plans they are being offered. former president vice cheney said that the president should keep his promise, but he doesn't believe that it can. >> i think that with obamacare, he ought to stick to his word. >> the personal information might not be secure. jay carney says that he was aware of a democrats fall for an investigation onto the website, but he criticized the administration's technology chief calling into the hill to interrupt interrupt his work. >> we had hoped jay carney
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complained that for obama officials have been on capitol hill and he suggested congressional oversight has become an oversight. lou: the obama administration today offering to fix health they still hope the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of the month and cms announced that it will reach out to 275,000 people who tried to access the website in the past
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and president obama invites them to try again. and the 11 million victims of the typhoon. only 1700 peoplere dead, the death toll is expected to rise up to 10,000 people. the united nations also estimating 600,000 people are homeless tonight. food and water are already scarce and it has been four days since the super typhoon tore a path of death and devastation across the nation and damage has been estimated near $14,000. our correspondent is in the philippines with our report. >> we need help. >> if you can please help us, that would be great.
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reporter: she is one of the lucky few that got out of the typhoon in time. this woman nearly drowned before punching a hole through the ceiling, hanging onto children in her arms before the water went down. five days later, many of the dead surface. >> it's very bad. it's very bad. you have debris everywhere and you have decaying bodies everywhere. not a lot of food and water are available. reporter: supplies of medicine are on their way, but it's a waste of time for hungry and homeless hoping to get out. >> we've been here for so many days. we have nothing to eat, no
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clothes, others who got on the plane are able to get away. reporter: a red cross truck was hijacked carrying 25,000 meals. many are waiting until police can secure the roads. the. reporter: 40% of cell phone service is restored. but others were unprepared logistically, like the philippines, to handle aid and supplies. reporter: to make a donation, text the word a donation to the relief to unicef.
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#86-4233 to donate $10. your help will be more than appreciated and certainly is desperately needed. and the dow jones going back. down 32 points, the s&p down four points, nasdaq posting fractional gains. and falling gasoline prices at the lowest level since february 2011, averaging $3 and 18 cents per gallon and the prices make it even cheaper. the united states coming the world's top oil producer, two years sooner than had been forecasted. and the iea will plateau by the end of the decade. u.s. airways and american airlines are moving forward with their 16 billion-dollar merger and follows a doj settlement with the two airlines agreeing
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to reduce daily departures by 15% and this includes some gates of five other airports. we are coming right back. >> the secretary
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lou: stunning new statistics saying that college students are were under president obama. one result is the outstanding federal student loan debt.
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it has soared to $675 billion and this includes a fivefold increase since president obama took office. more than five times greater than one president bush was in office. this psident has also presided over an 8% increase in disability recipients and a 62% increase in the national debt. our next guest is the author of an amendment that would put an end to health insurance subsidies for president obama. lawmakers and their staffs. he claims that mr. obama has ignored the law and has featured prominently in many citizens united media campaign. >> it was a backroom political deal and barack obama ignored the law and issued a special role. he exempted congress from the pain of obamacare and gave them a huge tax payer subsidy.
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>> a member of several committees am including the armed services committee and public works, also joining us tonight is the president of citizens united, leaving that campaign. >> when i secure a vote, i'm fighting for a vote right now. either the public has to side with him or her side with america. but the first step is fighting with the vote.
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lou: will you be able to move this vote where you will actually have the vote and an amendment? >> i think we will eventually get there. it may take a couple of tries. this week i'm trying to get a related note on a bill about drug compounding. both of those are key opportunities for related votes and i hope to have a related vote at least to make sure that there are complete and public access to information about how different members treat their staff. that would be a key first step. lou: everyone goes through the exchange. lou: as i was saying,.
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>> when he lost, he had to agree not to bring it back up. he stood tall and said no way. we hope that peoplewill go to live by your laws, sign the petition to support his effort intimate congress have to live by the laws they pass on everyone else. lou: you are carrying out this, a nationwide campaign. to support this amendment.
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would you can call it the american amendment. and if you prefer, senator -- >> that's fine be one this is such an attempt, as we seldom see, the love of a playing field against the very people. >> what washington passes on america, it lives with itself. no special treatment and no special bailout or exemption or subsidy. that should be the rule across the board and it's important for two reasons. basic fairness and a very practical reason. the sooner washington starts to live by the fundamental rule, the sooner that washington will get things right on obamacare and other things.
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lou: i think you are right. as you begin this campaign to live by your laws, i imagine you will get pushback from members of both parties because there is a high level of comfort they there as you well know in washington with the privileges of exemption. and someone there was a staff member on the hill and gave me an earful about how dare a republican -- that i might support this amendment. and i say that i believe rasmussen has a 9% approval rating. and we tried to go lower because you're not with the american people on that.
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>> no other americans can qualify for this, sometimes it's way above what other americans can get. >> i have to ask you both, how much angst do you believe is in the white house after president bill clinton, who has been the president's great ally, and if you will, most issues, his alter ego, thing to keep your promise. even if you have to change a lot. >> well, i think it is all about politics, and this is a pretty good indicator that a very smart politician thinks the political winds are blowing against obamacare and he's trying to put his wife and the best position. so that is a pretty good indicator from a very smart politician that things are not going the president's way at all. >> you get the last word tonight. lou: okay go head.
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>> people were told that they are going to lose their coverage, many are getting cancellation notices and we are seeing this thing crumble down around the white house. they owned this and they can't correct it fast enough and i think as the senators said, bill clinton is trying to distance his life from obamacare. lou: senator david vitter, senator max baucus, thank you so much. i really appreciate it. up next, a strong warning for secretary of state john kerry urging the middle eastern nation to give up its nuclear nation altogether. from ralph peters, it's been quite a
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we'll even send you this free calculator. call: now. why wait? >> the white house raising the rhetorical heat on the country of iran, reaching a deal to end the nuclear arms ambitions with a march to war. the comments come ahead of john kerry's briefing to a senate committee. in which he will say new
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sanctions will be a mistake. ralph, good to have you with us. the white house warning that it would be a march to war, embracing the idea of a very soft deal with iran? >> let's look at the basis, we all agree that an enforceable deal that is serious, it would be better than military action. but the deal that john kerry was so anxious to talk about was i want to be disappointed because the friend said, this isn't a very good deal for us.
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this included iran giving up nothing. and sanctions are biting deep. and they need to open all of their facilities. lou: this includes secretary kerry is appearance to the banking committee, the administration has already lessened the impact of the sanctions.
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so when it comes to memcpy, is this helpful. >> and his dubious. we have to see what they say. i don't want to reserve judgment on that. conservatives wrap themselves up in this issue, the so initial of whether or not they could get them there on time. but they did not even try to rescue it the diplomats on the
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ground. the obama administration did not. even if you think there's no chance he can get to them, you still go. >> that is the real question on that issue. colonel, it's always good to have you ere. lou: up next, the obama administration has found a way to blame george bush for its mistakes. coming up in the "chalk talk." why go to tactic just doesn't work. stay with us next. and the hidden camera on the obamacare navigators. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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♪ lou: the former president bill clinton offering president obama great deal of advice that he did not want today. here he is. >> i personally believes to sub believe the president should honor his commitment to the federal government. lou: what is the white house to do? remind the iraqi people that other than clinton this administration is also throwing president bush and the bus? of course that is exactly what they did. >> it is important to note that president clinton also said, and i quote, the big lesson is that than without it. he said, the enrollment did not come off well because the national website was not ready. this happened once before, when president bush put in the medicare drug program for seniors which was not as
10:32 pm
complicated but adds that this same problem with the rollout. disaster. lou: president obama does not need any more problems, and there is an old saying, when you find yourself in a whole, as the president certainly has, it is time to quit digging. here he is taking away. it is, by the way, for years, nine months, and 23 days since george w. bush was in the oval office. how long do you have to be in office to stand on our own as a man and as a president and quit blaming someone else? in this instance by your predecessor. let's take a look at the medicare part b expansions. it passed by a close margin back in 2003, but it also generate support from the other side of the aisle. eleven senate democrats and 16 democratic representatives and the house voted for the bill. how many republicans voted for
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obamacare? let's see. is a those of. zero. both programs suffer computer outages during the rollout, no question, but medicare part b ended unsuccessfully enrolling not to and a half million people, not 7 million people, but 16 million people after its first open enrollment from november 2005 to may of 2006. now, obamacare is yet to be determined, of course, right now the administration can brag about signing of one-tenth of their target for the month of october, somewhere between 40 and 50,000 people. six weeks and this president, this white house will not even tell the american people how many people have enrolled in obamacare. that is insulting, arrogant, and wrong. as for approval numbers come back in 2006 from a majority of
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americans, 54 percent of them thought medicare's expansion was not working. bush turned around and he did quickly. nine out of ten seniors say they're satisfied with medicare prescription drug coverage. according to clear politics 52% currently oppose obamacare. 52ercent. that is exactly the same percentage as this time three years ago. joining us now, the "a-team", campaign strategists, former reagan political director. i cannot tell you how great is to see you, my friend. strategic democratic strategist hank shake off, a strategic strategist, not just his strategists here tonight. that tells you how pleased i am to see you. national review columnist, great to have you here. you broke the story on the day -- in my opinion the broker, at least a national review, an amazing feat by a conservative activist, james o'keefe.
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tell us, quickly, what you think will be the impact of the story? >> selling obamacare, 50,000 navigators, people that will guide you through the website when it works and of the bill of the former general. these are paid for by our tax dollars, paid up to $40 per hour. so it is real money. trained to take care. lou: the say that again. the $46 per hour. that is just a nice number to put up. these navigators are supposed to keep all of the data secret, the privacy data, they're supposed to follow all. turns out that when he went to taxes and went into several of the shops was told how to live on his tax returns, told how to -- of course, the impact of this i mean, let us bring up the doors hit kiffin w. bush thing
10:36 pm
to. did george bush administration do you think and his administration been doing such a thing that would have been an outcry in the national media to help people sign up for medicare part de relying on batman employees, obama hired 50,000 people from groups like planned parenthood, national urban league, groups said the well, for not by former acorn chapter leaders. these people are his political activist. turns out also, as you discovered, all kinds of connections to the democratic issues which are freckly illegal and a lot. lou: democratic strategist, what do you make of this? what is your reaction to what has been done by this white house? >> not so good. no, this is like casablanc what we did suppress the usual suspects, gambling going on. yes, these things happen. the president may have done these things. according to the store yabbies needed. other people have done other
10:37 pm
things. is this the end of the year as we know it? and don't think so. lou: appreciate your effort at setting up a straw man, i don't know anything about the end of the earth. what i have said is this is an administration led by a president who has lied to the american people about obamacare for four years, and presidents who as a cost on the economy, disapproval ratings has plummeted, 39 percent among the most recent poll, the lowest rating ever. this is no longer the president in lame-duck status to begin with, but now in a crisis of credibility. this may not be the end of the world. is a close to the end of this administration if he does not regain some semblance of concern for the regard of the american people? >> the question that i thi is a good one and the answer is simple. let's wait until geneva next week is a features of their and the american public does not like with a year, he is really in deep trouble.
10:38 pm
>> i actually agree that the president cannot bheld responsible. i do hold him responsible. none of these navigators went through federal background checks. census workers, but not these navigators. that is unconscionable. lou: she touched on an idea that i deeply disagree with. every president should be held accountable. this is his signature achievement, if there is to be one. >> the reality is this will continue to unravel. a lot of americans will suffer immeasurably by losing health insurance that they may have had or the doctors and their ability to get hospitals that they need, nothing but more stories is removed on the road. no one respects him anymore. this was his foremost legislative achievement. you would think that there was been nothing but time and energy to make sure that this thing was implemented as best that he could. this was going to be his legacy, and i think it will be negative if the spot and time.
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lou: when we return the first question i am going to ask each one of these folks is what can the president do to rediscover hope and change, some with an elevation to his rhetoric and his presidency? and if you want to join the debate chickasaw on twitter. you can follow us. go to our facebook page. you can find it. up next obamacare hitting a vulnerable democrats aren't. one member of the president's party calling for an investigation into the failed health care. and that, senator, is in deep, deep political trouble. you will show you just out the plan we continue. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in
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resurrect, if you will, his administration. he apparently has taken a step in that direction. we just received word from the white house that taught park, the white house chief technology officer from the white house held a lawyer from the house oversight committee investigation will appear wednesday before now house oversight committee. your reaction to the development? >> finally. maybe we will actually get a guy and as was going on rather than some bureaucrat. lou: they only said that he would appear. there is a way that the president to solve this problem. in 1989 president georges of the bush inherited yr will, catastrophic health care plan that covers paths. seniors rebelled against it. it was now working pretty sad down with the democrats who also realized it was not working and they agreed to repeal it and start over. the historical precedents for
10:44 pm
bipartisan cooperation and dismantling the health care law that was not working. lou: would it work in with this president be open to such an idea even though he has been told by one of the best of the bipartisan deal makers, president bill clinton, that it is exactly what he should do. >> no. i cannot see how you would. it is not his nat have been wrong and to try to go forward. does not do that. he does not seek consensus. as i seek anyone's opinion but his own. think that is part of the problem. >> or the biggest rumsey will face is the two big federal programs, medicaid and medicare will get one gun and damaged badly by this issue. medicaid is now where people are going into the system. there are not sufficient doctors to take care of the patients, not sufficient as bowles. you will overburden the system. medicare will pay for obamacare. it will take a trillion dollars out of medicare. until those people going in at every day. so the two big programs the
10:45 pm
basic to the federal of men as pay for will suffer immeasurably . lou: four ordered 44,000 people signed up for medicaid in the exchange's, which is with there were looking for for obamacare. forty of 50,000 have signed up in the ten states. it is a disaster, and model that is a disaster. medicaid is a cruel joke on as people think is providing real of care. studies have shown that people on medicaid have no better off than people without insurance. 50 percent of doctors will not see new medicaid patients. lou: this is tricky room to talk about better outcomes. >> is the same. lou: and we know that th have better outcomes in terms of mental of treatment. so we have to give credit to the program in that regard. let me ask you this. the president's job approval is 39%. the first thing he could do to turn things around.
10:46 pm
and why is it that the republicans are simplwatching this train wreck with out any instinct whatsoever to interrupted for political purposes? is sent and they can do for the good of the country beyond what they have done, which is defunded, repeal it, or start over again. >> starting all over again is the best thing. it was certainly helps immensely based upon the president's problem. probably make pick up the senate >> you have to have the democrats want to sit down with them. the end of the day there is no willingness whatsoever. this bill would not pass this congress today. my sense is other than a repeal you will not have much republican support. lou: we know one thing. fifteen, maybe 16 senators, democratic senators who would sit down with them because they went to the white house to read him the riot act. i cannot even imagine a scene. with that is the claim. because he has exposed them to
10:47 pm
defeat. we have seen, you know, so it's possible they could be convicted felons. could be. so arbitrary and in different on the part seemingly of the secretary, this is an administration that does not seem to care about the effect of its public policy choices. >> get on the air, talk to the american people fairly, openly and honestly, and start over again. they will understand. they do. lou: thank you very much. always great to see you. great to see you. great to see you. thank you for being with us. up next, the new book, the man he became details how polio actually energized franklin delano roosevelt. did not break-in, although many thought it would. in fact, he is given credit in the newest book. polio is given credit for making
10:48 pm
him the man that he became, the leader that he became. next
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lou: well, when i read the batteries that thought that previous prayer refers said gone too quickly over the polio episode. you know, we all kind of grew up with the idea that he overcame polio and went on to the president. the wonder that anyone tell the story of how that happened, gun into the details until the story the way it really could be told. was hoping that i might find the story. as of that is what i worked on. it was difficult because h was not forthcoming with johnson the motions. when you put the pieces together , there was a story that had not been told before. lou: a terrific start and we
10:53 pm
recommend a book highly. if it almost synonymous terrell life. you brought up a number of things that i had not even known or considered. contracted polio. tell us about that. >> it is pretty clear. did he look at the timing of events, infected with the virus and a boy scout picnic, a campeau of all things in the summer of 1921. he went kamal was chairman of the new york area boy scouts which was at bear mountain state park on the hudson river. he came back to new york, went up to his summer home, and about ten days later he began to exhibit symptoms. it puts him in contact with the polio virus ten to 14 days before, so it is clear that that is when it happened.
10:54 pm
it might have come from boy scout or the polluted water. there was a public health reports that showed that those orders had been infected. the park had been overrun. there was not proper sanitation facilities. there were couple of things working against fdr. u: and you talk about the impact on his family, his wife, his children, his mother, of course, and how polio affected and altered the relationship. >> yes. it is interesting to look at the relationship between fdr and eleanor roosevelt. only three years before that she discovered this now infamous famous of fair but when he became ill she came to his aide,
10:55 pm
helton threw the early stages of recovery. after about a year it was clear that he will have a long recovery, have to be away from home often, although it brought them together at first it sent them on the parallel paths of the fall for the rest of his life. she embarked on an independent political career the marriage was on a different track. lou: a compelling personal story . a man who overcame polio, dealt
10:56 pm
with it throughout his life, the pain, discomfort, a awkwardness in many public moments. and yet he had -- he was just a man of great character, a man of great personal strength in energy. they seem to be utterly incomprehensible. >> i think that fdr himself did not quite understand the dth of his own strength and character until he was faced with this great trial. up until that point everything had gone his way. he was brilliant, a charismatic, populist. all of the tools of a natural politician. but everything had come easy. born to an aristocratic family, gone to harvard, lawyer, so forth. live call upon and to do something very difficult. lou: that is why you should rea the book, the man he became.
10:57 pm
good to have you with us. available online bookstores everywhere, and that is it for us tonight. please join us tomorrow. it will be talking toormer director of national intelligence bny mellon combines investment management & investment servicing, giving us unique insights which help us attract the industry's brightest minds who create powerful strategies for a country's investments ich are used to build new schools to build more bright minds. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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neil: well how about putting a cap on how rich the rich can get, switzerland putting it to a vote, how long do you think before democrats try the same here? i am neil cavuto, it is enough to make moguls long for day of super secret swiss banks account. that is not today's switzerland. the switzerland famous for attracting capital, is now going to put it on a ballot, swiss


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