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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  November 10, 2013 9:30am-10:01am EST

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>> we'll see that. is it for "forbes on fox." have a great weekend. ank you for watching. keep it here. the business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." get well, annie. get well soon. the apology after the pledge. did president obama just join this club? >> no one in the white house staff, no one in this administration, presently employed was involved in this very bizarre incident. >> i did not have seal relations with that woman. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare pn. period. >> all broken promises, and backtracking. but will this one be the most costly to erica an then talk about rewarding failure. the government awarding millions in two contracts to the same company behind the glitch-ridden obamacare website. is this d. incompetency at
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its worst? plussnooped on and now swindled. not only is the government spying on you, the c.i.a. sid to be shoveling your tax money to at&t. can you hear me now? "cashin' in." keeping track of your money. starts right now. hi, everyone. i'm eric bolng. welcome to "cashin' in." the crew, wayne rogers, fields, juan williamhelle welcome, everybody. talk about the words coming back to bi you. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. >> then the president back pedaled this week sayg this -- >> what we said is you could keep it. if it sn't changed since the law passed. >> and now he is apologizing, trying to clean up h own mess. >> i am sorry that they are finding themsves in the
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situation sed on assurances they got from me. >> he has been lying for four years, lies are racking up, costs are racking up. michelle, you are not buying this, are you? >> not at all. he knew this would happen since 2010 a he did nothing about it. w the american people are paying the price for it. you look at e state of delaware, it cost taxpayers $4 million to set up obamacare in delaware. you know how many people signed up so far? four people. that means we are paying $1 million per enrollee. no ones signing fun for thing. the reason why they cannot afford it. the commonwealth fund released a udy this week. they look and they found that almost half the people who went to the obamacareebsite said the reason they didn't sign up they couldn't find a plan that was affordable. no one can pay for this. >> wayne, when you tell someone something for four yearous can keep your plan and your doctor, you have been saying it for four years a then this week he comes out
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and says, i dt say it that way. is he lying? thiss a big lie, isn't it? >> eric, i'm not sure that he fully understoodt. you know it's 2800-page law. i don't know that the president is that smart. all due respect. he is a bright guy. but yodon't read 2800 pages and come out withhat he said. the congress didn't read it. nobodyead it. nobody knows what is in the law. he doesn't know what is in the law. how can he make the promises? i'm not sure that he was deliberately lying. i could have been -- >> no, that's not true. >> lete finish. i'm not sure it wasn't just total ignorance. w once he said it and if he was quoted, yes, that is a lie. >> i think there is no way you cat callt it lie when he said i didn't really say it. hold on. i want to get to juan. juan, is it more disturbing that the president knew and lied about it for four years or as wayne points out he probably didn't even know? >> you know, i just sit here and marvel at you guys because i think there is nothing that this president can do that
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will satisfy the critics and people that want to trash obamacare. so fine. i thought he was exceedingly kind to say you know what? if he misled somebody, he was wrong and he will try to make it right. he has his people looking at it. the id that oh, you know what? there is nothing wrong with insurance in this company? oh, yeah, we don't have catastrophe that drive people to bankruptcy. >> hold on, hold on. hold on, wayne -- >> john, go aad. >> deception is not okay. think about the language. we're in it together, the brother's keeper. the president would have said anything, done anything to get this law passed. what this law was, as we talk about for years is government control over healthcare. the threat he made to insurance cmpanies the brazen lies, the omises he made to millions of people about free healthcare that is now more costly? fundamentally all of obamacare is lie. based oba marxist ideology
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that dictatorship is better for anybody. it's not. except for the ruling class which is exempt from during >> respond. had president obama been honest about what the law was, juanthey probably would haven't passed. probably would never get through congress. >> remember, not one republican -- because they were intent on blocking it. they believe it's social -- socialism. this wouldn't have killed it at all. the contrary, when people look at programs like social security, medicare, medicaid. they can't get enough of it. >> let me throw something up here. the first fll screen. this is fact checker fact checking the promises. obama said you can keep the healthcare plan if you choose to. four pinocchios. the next screen. fact checker is one step
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further. lately the liberals around town is saying you know what? it's the insurance company up at the the reason they're losing insurance. 100 million that may le insurance. the fact checker gives them three pinocchios on that. john? >> that is just it. juan loves to comeere evy week and talk about how the evil, greedynsurance and the for-profit doctors wrecked supposed free healthcare in the country. that wasn't the case at all. government paid for more than half of healthcare spending and it's going up and up and up with more government control. the real cost isn't in dollars. it's in the loss of liberty. give me liberty or givee death. not give me free hlthcare or give me death. that's what th founders understood that the president and the manlected officials not. >> i have to get to the full screen. show me the full screen of the map. this is a scary map. michelle, retake this. this is e map of the uted states showing 4 million people so far, so far have been canceled off the healthcare plans.
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the estimates are rising. president obama may ve known that3 million people may have been canceled at this point in time and it could go up to 100 million. >> he did know that. a report came out last week said his political aides went up to him and said this is not being very honest and they went ahead and cracked talking points to make sure he saidit without exaining fully what was about to happen. he did know that and he was dishonest. the real problem here is the group that is going to be hurt the most wit obamacare is the middle class. they are making too much money they can't qualify for the federal subsidiaries yet they don't make enough to pay for rising premiums without suffering because of it. >> wayne, jum in? >> this speaks to what i earlier said. nobody knows anything about this. people talk as if oh this is a plot by the democrats to get it done andhey hate the president. the other side they saythe on it. nobody has read the act. the people we elected we
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invest with the authority to -- >> but -- >> shut up a second. d they don't alw the people to read and understand it. >> we're going to leave that. not edit it out. i want to ask juan something. >> to speaker pelosi's point you will read it to understand what is in it. it didn't matter. the point government control over healthcare. the president is sold sorry, he is not sorry enough to reverse the decision of the government healthcare. that is okay. it's just the website. the point w to get government control. that he accomplished. >> i have to do this. have to -- >> hold on, juan. this is quickly. president obama time and time again said he passed a law and the average family health insurance premiums will go down by $2,500. pull up the full screen. this is what has happened since president obama signed the act in law. $2,500 increase. not decrease to the average
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family insurance premium. quickly, juan, you want to respond? >> sure. well, first of all, it's about a month in. i don't know october 1, right? the whole thing hasn't kicked in until january 1 of 2014. you want to make judgments right now. [ overtalk ] >> hold on. let me get a point in here. jonathan, remembe this is the republican plan. this is a plan that was passed in response to hillary care, heritage, the republicans said -- >> how many republicans voted for it, juan? zero. >> this is a very hot topic. we have a lot more. coming up, the company behind healthcare democratically-elected government still -- giving them millns of taxpayers after the botched roll-out. get ready for 7 million reasons to be angry. ♪ i'm sorry ♪ so sorry
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we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we caall produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. warding failure on your dime. they screwed up an taxpayers are still paying up, the government throwing $7 million in new ctracts to the company behind the botched obamacare bsite. amazingly, the new deals were inked after all the problems with were discovered. jonathan, uncle sam rewarding
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incatch tense again. >> yeah, but eric, in a free market you have to earn business. through years of competence. successful dealings and success. this is a fundamental difference between economic power like wal-mart and political power, obamacare, which only works because of a government gun. obamacare is a gun brought to healthcare. so all those decisions that millions of us wille making on our own with doctors, hospitals, what website is best is now made top down from government. it starts with now money going to the favorite website provider. this will lead to death panels later on. it will. >> talk about thi cgi federal got $900 llion from the federal government from our government. that's a canadian firm. $300 million for the website. the most aggravating is the $7 million they got since october 1 and since they botched the rollout of >> they should have never been hired in the first place. when an average american
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decides to invest or spend their money in a good or service they do research. they often go to websites like yelp and read reviews. the gornment decides to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of the taxpar dollars, they do absolutely no research. because if they did, they would have never doneusiness with the company. c.g.i. was hired by canadian government to create a medical registry and the canadian government ended up walking away from the $46 million contract and firing.g.i., because they never created the medical registry. they were 14 months behind deadline. and they were not doing anything. it never happened. any rational person would have seen the history and said to, we're not working with c.g.i. but the government says yes, show us the contrt. si on the dotted line. >> this week, president obama apologized for the botched rollout and we waited to see if kathleen sebelius would resign yesterday and yesterday she came to the podium and said it was botched but getting better. isn't it time for her to go?
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>> i don't understd what the scination is to get her out. she charge of the policy. not the technology. >> juan, you watch football? you wtch baseball? you wah just about anywhere else, if the person i charge of the team and the team is failing, if they are in charge, don't you fire the coach at some point? >> at some point butt this point it hangs her out for no good reason and it wouldn't fix the probl. you said look at the average co according to kizer is going up. the fact curven terms of the healthcare spending nationally has gone down since 2010. i am thinking to myself that is something to say sebelius you are doing a good job he. >> stop it. >> even as a critic -- >> stop it. stop it. stop it. you know the cost curve is not going down. sts continue to rise. >> that is a fact.
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that is a fact. i know facts botr you guys. >> it's not that. i'll guarantee you that one is wrong. wayne, corruption and fraud in government, bigger government, more corruption more fraud? >> you made a good point. when you were talking about there must be some reason. even a child when he sticks his hand in the fire learns from the first time. the government doesn'tearn because they commithe same mistake over and over. it's interesting to note michelle obama classmate at princeton is a high-ranking executive in the canadian firm. am i saying she did anything wrong? no. not necessarily. but it's peculiar thatthose things happen that somebody gets the contract. if you are in a federal district and it affects your district, you get the contract. john, you go. >> with allue respect who cares about thcost curve what about your ownindividual life? the point to make your own life better. when government mes decision
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he who writes the checks make the rules. i guess you can't be outraged when government waste is $7 million on website that doesn't work because we're all cogs in the wheel for greater good. >> in liberal speak it's only $7 milon. >> coming up, the c.i.a. taking a page from the n.s.a. not only are they tapping in your phonene records, they are using your tax money to do it. it's as simple as this. at bny meln, our business is investments. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has.
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first, it was the n.s.,
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and now the c.i.a. the intelligence agency reportedly paying at&t $10 million taxpayer bucks ery year for your phone record they say to help fight terror. but you still have a problem. why is that? >> n.s.a., c.i.a. and just like the t.s.a., this is security theater. this is the government fighting a real war against americans on -- honest law abiding american and official war against the enemies, a decade plus after 9/11 we can't name. are we at war against americs we need to swoop in their private information? no. we are at war with political islam, jihadism, and militant islam. but the government c't get it out of its mouth. instead we are fighting unreal war against our citizens. >> juan, what about it? are you in favor of this kind of thi? >>'m not but i am in favor of being safe. i like that they are going to look at records. i don't have a problem with that. it's one they violate the
9:53 am
constitution or go overboard. jonathan would agree we need to take steps to protect ourselves against those militant islamists who are trying to kill us. we can start with not making deals with iran. that's a good first step. >> the point is this. this is a question not of safety but a question of violating the constitution. e constitution was written by men who understood that the bestroteion for the people you have to protect from your own government. cour own government snooping and doing this thing. every time out curs, filegtae 1993-'94. hillary clintogot all the f.b.i. files. "oh, i didn't do it. it was a mistake. that wasn't supposed to happen." every time we do it, they abuse and abuse it and abuse it. >> michelle, n.s.a. startrted sd e same way. one thing and they were really violating the fourth amendment rights. >> this is invasion of privy.
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this is the epitny of crony capital. i. you have the big government in bed with the big busine what bothers me is thatt&t wasn't given a subpoena or court order. they hand this over. th say freedom isn't free and freedom is expensive now. we know according to at&t freedom costs $10 million. >> we have to leave it here. pocket constitution. everyo should have one. thank you to michelle and juan for joining us this week. coming up, the president is accused of lying to america about healthcare. he did keep his wrd on something else. but you might not like what this one was. mine was earned orbing the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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time for what do i need to know for next week? wayne, you're up first. >> i likeaer daniels midland. in the commodity business. you know they trade all over the world. i think that the commodity craze will be on us in the next five years. >> john? >> not going to happen. what is going to be upon sus higher interest rates. they have been moving higher all year, eric. higher on friday. i think security like float like ftsl, floatin rate fd. anything the benefits fromthe higher rate. that's where to be. >> great call, especially when what is going on with the ecb in new york. fantastic week. thank you. that's it for cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. before we go we opened the show explaining thhighs president obama and his
9:59 am
minions perpetrated o america. they lieded about keeping your insurance, lied about premiums, lied about the websitand they will surely lie about how many people are enrolling. the whole big thing one big lie. folks, it really speaks volumes about a man's character when he coses to lie rather than take responsibility. there is one thing that president obama did not lie about, thgh. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> that's right. on october 30, 2008, then senator obama about to become president obama promised to fundamentally transform our great country from capitalist power house to a liberal wasteland. rife with redistribution and soal progressivism. he is tryi to do that but i'm yingo fight for conser capitalism along the way. see you on "the five." have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪
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