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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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most recent obamacare news. that is up for tonight "willis report." thank you for joining us and don't forget to dvr the show if you cannot catch us we wl see you back tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone, thank you for being with us. today is day seven of the partial governnt shutdown. the white house with each passing day is being accused of abusing power as the president forces the closure of open air monuments and private businesses. the national park service acting on white house orders is obviously trying to inflict as much discomfort in as much pain as possible on citizens, blaming it on the partial government shutdown. there are exceptions to the president's campaign, and they
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seem in each instance to be either supporters of the president or align with a special interest that he favors. tonight, we will take up the imperious and obama presidency and the power he has been concentrating on. also, wall street update to begin this week. the president play politics when the market that the government shutdown in debt ceiling and tonight we will examiner what prices investors may pay for this campaign of pain as it extends to wall street. the obama justice department goes after the man who blew whistle on the government gunrunning operation known as "fast and furious." attorney general eric holder and the alcohol, tobacco, firearms agency are trying to block the whistleblower's book on what happened in the "fast and furious" operation d why the obama administration is standing in his way.
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and as you see in this video, a nightmare on the track and in the stands, a horrific crash in the final lap of the houston grand prix spilling into the stands, injuring the driver and at least a dozen vans. the extent of the injuries, however, may turn out to be a small miracle. we will have that story tonight. and president obama intent on inflicting as much pain as possible on the american public and apparently trying to prove a political point on this partial government shutdown. reports today that access to mount rushmore has been restricted and the government website that supports the amber alert system for missing children was suspended. the first lady's anti-obesity website remained open. it doesn't end there.
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residents of nevada in nevada communities forced out of their homes because they sit on federal land. and numerous reports of private businesses being forced to shut down due to their proximity to federal property. but there are signs that the administration is paying attention to its own upside down pool rating. and paying some considerable attention to a market that is now weekend to a one-month low on wall street. the president is now open to a short-term deal on the debt ceiling. president obama chose to politicize the employees of the federal emergency management agency today, once again using them as props in a field trip
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aimed at raising the pressure on house republicans to give in to his demands to end the shutdown. and here is ed henry with our reporter. reporter: president obama blamed republicans for shutting the government down by tropical storm is brewing this weekend. >> of republicans and speaker boehner saying that there are t enough votes, they should let the bill go to the floor and see what happens. reporter: the president could support a bill that they already tested it 86% of the fema workforce back to work. the speaker also warned on sunday that the nation is on the path to the fall because the president will not sit or any add-ons to legislation lifting the nation's debt ceiling. >> the votes are not in the house to pass a cleaned up clean
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debt limit and the president is risking default by not having a conversation format white house spokesman jake carney fired back at the president is not going to find fema and other agencies in this fashion had to charge that dinner is prepared to wreck the economy simply because of internal party tensions with conservatives. >> he will not raise the debt ceiling if republicans do not do what they want. that is highly reckless and irresponsible cormack that allegation came hours after top white house economic adviser spoke at a political breakfast and lunch what speaker boehner labeled irresponsible attack. >> the president strongly believes that if he were to sanction negotiations, it would actually increase the chances that we as a country undermine our full faith and credit. >> really? >> the president said that the
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president would rather the fault on our debt to sit down and negotiate. the american people expect when their leaders have differences, and we are in a time of crisis, that we will sit down and have a least a conversation. reporter: that conversation installed as harry reid push forward today with a one-year extension of the debt ceiling and an immediate reopening of the government with no concessions from democrats. >> ask the speaker, are you afraid that the government will be open and realize that you took the country hostage for no apparent reason? reporter: except there was a tiny breakthrough today when aides left the door open to the president signing extensions to the debt ceiling and opening the government just a few weeks to create the space for broader budget talks. >> will the president sign this? >> i'm not going into any detail. we think that the congress ought
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to raise the debt ceiling without drama or delay. if they do that, that's great and. reporter: democrats are touting a new news poll seven in 10 americans disapprove of the way that america have handled this whole saw that. when you look closer at the details, 51% disapprove of the president's role and 61% disapprove of how congressional democrats are handling it. there is a lot of blame to go around. lou: let me ask you this, is there rising concern in the white house that this impact and is becoming in some quarters all about the president's refusal to negotiate as if he had no responsibility and as if he were not being reckless and seeking what he wants as he charged the republicans. >> i will give you the official response, which is they insist that they are not losing any ground. i think the unofficial response is if you look with your own eyes to not listen to what
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officials are telling us, the fact that the white house today signaled after weeks of saying that we are not going to negotiate overall, that they had a tiny sliver of giving in by saying that maybe the president will sign a short-term lease in terms of reopening government and getting the debt ceiling lifted. maybe they want to get this passed them and realize that maybe they are taking enough of a head that they want to move on. lou: ed henry, chief white house correspondent. welcome to the government shutdown slogs on into a second week and so does the opening to the obamacare health care exchanges. the government working on those websites over the weekend and on into tonight, it turns out. they have yet to reveal how many people have actually signed up for the new health care coverage. chief national correspondent jim angle has the report. >> the federal health care exchange website will now be taken again tonight as it was over the weekend as officials
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are still trying to fix problems for those trying to logon. >> we are not satisfied, we can do better. to make further improvements can we are doing several things at once, including adding server capacity making software changes to make the system mre efficient to handle higher volume. >> i don't think anyone anticipated quite as huge number of people. was inevitable, but thosed that glitches will be discussed. >> despite the number of people that have logged onto the federal website, 8.6 million, they have steadfastly refused to say how many people have actually signed up for coverage, including the treasury secretary on fox news sunday. >> they have six months to si him. this is a big decision. >> how many signed up? >> i do not have the exact number. reporter: secretary jack lew insisted how many people get
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online. >> do not know how many people have signed up, which would seem to indicate another major software glitch, where is the numbers are embarrassingly smal >> the metric for this week was good people get online, get the information to make an impression in an informed decision. they have been getting that information cormack a white house spokesman has repeatedly dodged any specific numbers. scratch throughout what i can confirm is that people are signing up through federal exchanges. the this is an aggregation process and we'r not going to release data on an hourly or weekly basis. all we can know now is that people are getting through the system and we don't have that data and we are not, you know, we are focused on improving the consumer experience. >> supporters say eventually the current problems won't matter. >> people ultimately get
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enrolled, no one is going to remember the initial glitches. >> jack lew at the white house says that he won't be willing to release numbers until next month when it has a better idea. industry sources, however, tell a different story when asked how the federa government could not know how many people have signed up. one knowledgeable source said flatly that they know and another said emphatically that they don't believe for a second that they don't know. they just think that the source continued that the numbers are now well and will look back. lou: thank you, jim angle. the obama administration tonight also trying to keep the whistllower's tell-all book about "operation fast and furious" from hitting bookshelves a few months from now. >> other honorable members of this community. >> two years ago the federal government tried to prevent john dotson from blowing the whistle on "operation fast and furious" which sold to the mexican drug
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cartels, under the pretense of tracking a gun. after th death of brian terry, dotson went to congress. >> you regret what you did? >> second thoughts? >> i thought that was what we were supposed to do. reporter: still employed as an atf agent committee has now written a tell-all book as required. he submitted a draft to the atf, which recently denied him permission to publish, saying that it could block the book for any reason and that it would have a negative impact on morale. and a detrimental effect on a relationship with the dea and fbi. >> would exactly match his opinion about what happened, first amendment, he should be able to go forward. >> tour the free speech coalition represents dotson and says that the policy is
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unconstitutional because it allows the agency to censure speech because it does not like what is being said. they face an extremely high burden in demonstrating that its interest outweighs agent dobson's right to speak and the right to hear his views on "operation fast and furious." >> federal regulations prohibit this, emplees or agents from receiving income from writing or speaking without prior permission. he didn't get it. so you can expect a legal battle since dotson said the unarmed truth comes out in january with the atf's blessing. lou: william, thank you so much. morale also started on a nations decision of the nation's only publicly traded strip club. rick's cabaret, banning new york giants games from their screens for the remainder of this season after eli manning and company's fifth straight loss to again this season. the cubs spokesman said that
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customers have become too unruly during those games were his staff of exotic dancers. >> day seven day seven of the government shutdown. president obama remaining insistent. speaker john boehner remains defiant. budget committee member tom cole was with us so, this board gives me rates for
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lou: republicans are pressuring harry reid to allow a vote on a resolution that would elect military chaplains freely administered during the government shutdown. under current law, some military priest could be arrested for doing so. the house voted almost unanimously to change that and mitch mcconnell today said that
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it was the senate's turn to vote. >> and we can't agree on a bill to fund the entire government, let's at least pass the most urgent pieces, over the weekend a house passed a bill that says the government shutdown does nt affect free exercise of religion, 184 democrats agree. lou: senator reid says that -- hasn't said, rather committee will or will not take up that legislation. my next guest says the refusal to negotiate on the part of the president and the democrats is the height of hypocrisy. joining us now is congressman tom cole. carson, it is great to have you with us. >> it is great to be with you. lou: the president refuses to negotiate, the idea that he refuses to negotiate on the debt ceiling on a continuing resolution, for that matter, anything for that matter, as the president was to say about such
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issues, it is unprecedented, isn't it? >> it really is. i cannot imagineonald reagan or bill clinton or lbj or any other president not being willing to sit down and talk. instead, the president's position is give me everything i want. he gave us a lecture about debt. but he wants us to do for him what he would do for george bush. the willing, if he's going to sit down and negotiate, to keep whittling this deficit down. lou: as we are looking at videos of the president there, the president had refused to sign the legislation and to take it up as he is basically admonishing house republicans in front of the same employees that he had refused to bring back from furlough and this is
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getting beyod circuitous and stretching the bounds of all reason, isn't it? >> the hypocrisy is simply breathtaking. the president is basically saying that some in the house we have come across has been giving us everything we want or we won't talk you. friendly committee think it's important to open the government, we have opened big chunks of it and we agreed and pass these bills and sometimes the best way to get to a compromise is step-by-step. but again, holding this position, we are going to dictate what the outcome is before there is a negotiation. no one in their right mind is going to give you that. speaker has made it abundantly clear that he will not spend that kind of blackmail. >> the one i think a lot of people are surprised. that speaker boehner hasstood up as strong and forcefully as he has. and if anything he is more
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forceful that it seems i've known his position and that of this in standing up to the president. the longer that this goes, congressman, it seems that there is even greater impetus for a necessity for the house to stand up for its constitutional prerogatives. >> i think that there is. and again, we are not saying that it has to be all our way. we recognize that the democrats control the senate and we control the house and we are willing to negotiate and speaker boehner demonstrated that in the summer of 2011. when he negotiated some things he didn't want, but we got $2 trillion worth of spending cuts and he is prepared to do that again. it is the president who has moved from being willing to negotiate in 2011 being unwilling to negotiate today. lou: commerce, we are out of time. how do you think this has
10:22 pm
resolved? >> i think that they will negotiate and hopefully we will not default. i think that would be a disaster. but the president, if you won't talk to anyone, that is the road we are on. lou: the road that we are onnd it is, as he pointed out, the president has his hands on the will and it will be his decision. congressman, it is good to have you with us and thank you for being with us. >> thank you. lou: turning to wall street, stocks moving sharply lower on the first day of trading. the dow jones falling 136-point committee s&p is down 14 come in the nasdaq is down 37 points. turning to the weekend box office, gravity blasting off into the record books, the warner bros. space thriller debuted with almost $56 million, the best october opening of any movie in history. cloudy with a chance of meatballs to came in at $21.5 million and fox's runner
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lou: breaking news, california once again expanding privileges for illegal immigrants, governor jerry brown has signed a new law allowing illegal immigrants to be licensed in california, to practice law. the measure this week just days after governor brown had approved a measure allowing illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses. liberals over saturday night live began making fun of mr. obama. take a listen. >> the obamacare website had technical issues all week because of too much web traffic. you cannot campaign on the fact that millions don't have health
10:27 pm
care and then not be surprised that millions don't have health care. how could you not be ready? that's like when a hundred flowers getting caught off guard by flowers for valentine's day. [laughter] lou: how bad is it all? reports for error messages despite assurances that we can do better and we can work around the clock to do so. experts say the website is troubled by coding problems and i do not pretend to know what that means exactly so a site that appeared to be built on a sloppy software foundation. that doesn't sound ood either
10:28 pm
many visited health last week and many say that it is only the 400 and0th most popular website with traffic in the country. the taxpayers or rather, the president spent $230 million of taxpayer money to build a federal exchange website and most of the money going to canadian technology company cgi
10:29 pm
all the administration is refusing. but industry experts are saying that it is in the low thousands. but even the most severe critics did not expect that train wreck to occur before the train even got out of the station we are coming right back. a daring raid by our special forces in north africa, colonel oliver north (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one vi of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to.
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lou: more volumes in egypt today, a day after at least 50 people were killed and hundreds
10:33 pm
injured in street clashes across egypt. a bomb exploded in the sinai peninsula, a security convoy near the suez canal. yesterday's death toll is the highest since the new military backed government launched a crackdown on the muslim brotherhood back in august. secretary of state john kerry offering bishara al-assad's regime -- bashar al-assad regime to inspect chemical weapons. the secretary of state praise it is a good beginning and a credit to the bashar al-assad regime for immediate action. and a navy warship in the mediterranean interviewing the al qaeda leaders over the weekend in libya. an individual is accused in the 1998 american embassy bombing in east africa because he was indicted by a grand jury in new
10:34 pm
york and the fbi office is taking the lead. he is expected tobe brought to new york sometime this week and joining us now is colonel oliver north, military analyst. great to have you. >> it's always great to be with you. lou: a successful operation in libya. what are your thoughts on that day? >> this guy has been wandering around the streets of tripoli free and clear, and no one trying to apprehend him and i am told that one of the reasons why this operation was conducted when it was by the u.s. army's delta force was because several private individuals were preparing to do the operation themselves. because there was a 5 million-dollar reward with members of the armed forces that can collect, for the justice program and this guy was literally walking on the streets free and clear. lou: and it is said that we knew
10:35 pm
where he was for the past three years? >> we know the other side we are involved with, demagogy attack as well. we have some photographs of this, but just looking at these photographs, this is what he looks like now, the photographs that were brought with us provided by a former intelligence officer. this is an overhead shot from a u.s. aircraft or u.s. surveillance vehicle of some kind. and this is a ground shot that was taken of him. what we are looking at is photographs taken of him. this is a photograph up in the upper left, a photograph as we look back in 1998, the lower right is what the fbi assumes that he would look like having aged by 15 years, and the center is what he looks like in this surveillance shot taken a few
10:36 pm
weeks ago. lou: when we talk about our special forces, all of our intent intelligence agencies are done working with this material. as everyone can see, it is not that easy to make those kind of identifications, particularly as you are talking about a person aging and then projecting onto this path. >> this kind of operation is not easy either because one of the things that has to appen is that he has to be grabbed in a particular place, apprehended, being the word. take not sure and we did this back in the reagan administration taken by the fbi, the cia, and in this case taken to a navy shipusing interrogation tactics and that he was brought back and tried in washington. i believe that he will be tried right here in new york. lou: kernel, i is always good to have you with us. colonel oliver north. coming up next,,
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find links to our facebook page. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news. and fox todaa featuring a complete breakdown of twitters historic ideal plan. a fascinating story nonetheless, and up next, a horrific crash at houston grand prix and we will be talking about the injury is and what caused that crash. coming up bny mellon combines investment management & investment servicing, giving us unique insights which help us attract the industry's brightest minds who create powerful strategies for a country's investments which are used to build new schools to build more bright minds. invested in the world.
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lou: this indycar driver is recovering in a houston hospital tonight suffering two vertebrae fractures, a broken ankle, concussion, during what was by any definition of a scary crap in yesterday's houston grand prix, his carent airborne. flew into a friends and
10:41 pm
scattering debris into the crowd and officials blaming driver of a monster truck for crashing into spectators. eight people were killed, injuring nearly 80 others. the driver allegedly had alcohol on his breath when he performed an unauthorized turn, hit his head, lost continents before driving into the crowd. and turning back to the lawsuit against the state of texas of a voter id is now on hold because of justice department furloughs during the shutdown. >> and his campaign to become governor of the great state of texas, gubernatorial candidate greg abbott and mr. attorney general, it is good to have you with us. let's start with the justice department.
10:42 pm
because the success rate against the justice department is six to four, four losses, for victories for them. what a mess of your? >> that is a good question and actually we had 10 confirmed victories this and there was another voter integrity lawsuit that came out last week. this continues for us. what we are seeing is they are trying to impose by legal fiat on texas, what they're trying to impose on the rest of the country and that is more regulation and government and the kind of policies that threaten the job creation that we've had in the state of texas. >> i apologize for understating your success rate, but i did give you an opportunity to brag about this a little bit. the justice department filing a
10:43 pm
civil lawsuit against the state of north carolina with a similar law of your own, no you're not going intoto great detail about that lawsuit, but they stand in much of the same position against the department of justice? >> both of them are the same and both of the attacks by the obama administration are the same atmpts by the obama administration to interfere with voter integrity laws. the united states supreme court a few years ago said that voter id laws are perfectly constitutional. after the supreme court said that. and now that the obama administration has been in control, they are trying to prevent us from protecting the ballot box from those tight practices. lou: the integrity of that electoral system is very important to you and worry
10:44 pm
focusing on right now? >> i am focusing keenly on ensuring that texas remains the number one state in the country protecting jobs and growing jobs, especially with regard to the small business sector in the state of texas. doesn't matter how you slice it and dice it, but for the past decade it has been the state that created more jobs than any other state. we want to make sure that job creation miracle continues and we have to do that by keeping taxes low, keeping government small, keeping regulations out of the way of small businesses in protecting the right to work laws that have helped prevent taxes from going down the pathway of prizes like this. >> okay, as always, mr. attorney general, great talking with you. we appreciate your time. >> up next, more evidence that the white house is picking and choosing just where it wants the public to feel the government
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lou: critics accusing the obama administration trying to score pooitical points during the shutdown by taking down the amber alert website, the amber alert program issues urgent child abductions, the president's home page is now back up and running after it was featured on the homepage of the drugs imported and i'm sure that wasn't the case at all last week with considerable backlash, first lady michele obama talking about the let's move campaign,
10:49 pm
remaining functional throughout the shutdown. joining us now is the author of the new book and with the news director of the tea party news network. good to have you with us. let's start. your reaction that anyone would take down the amber alert website? >> i think that we need a new definition. what is essential versus nonessential. when you are doing this ogether , you are able to but for everyone staff, president obama's individuals, what is really important to this country. it's not like it cost a lot of money and you will have people running our and getting children. this is information for parents.
10:50 pm
>> dominating the headlines, the shutdown of the debt ceiling approaches, it is on everyone's mind now and the president continues to say that he won't negotiate that it's reckless of the republicans who actually have thedesires which they would like to discuss. and the masounds beyond imperious. and he certainly hasn't read american history on this issue. >> it's not smart to be part of this, no one will benefit. and i was there last time in 1995. it is not smart. no one wins. the reality is that john boehner doesn't look so good either.
10:51 pm
lou: what is behind the president saying that he doesn't negotiate this. the constitution says that he does negotiate. why isn't there more of an uproar about tht? >> where people really outraged by the fact that he won't sit down. what it does is you can't make a deal if you don't have someone negotiating is. >> i don't think people are paying enough attention to this. you know, on a personal level, maybe you're not following this is munge or that the president has the biggest toy in the sandbox.
10:52 pm
>> these ones are not going to change their minds on this issue. >> the debate in the mide is to tell americans that i want you to bargain that way. that is his argument. >> the average folks do not care. >> well, how much are we talking about? frankly and it is going to permit the summary said to me how much do we really want people voting in this country? the level of knowledge about what is happening our politics in our government, local and state or federal is so
10:53 pm
deplorable, do we really -- i mean, how much do we want? everyone voting an 80% turnout. >> even the great perl pluralist thinkers in one great turnout, there's nothing new at this, people are so bored. there's nothing exciting than the president is effectively saying my way or the highway. lou: we are going to have one of the folks that has been shut down by this campaign of pain, by the obama administration.
10:54 pm
>> it is on his side. but it is a private organization. it is something that they have included is a private entrepreneur and. >> i want to get your reaction. these folks -- they own the houses i think their nine year leases. and people throwing them out of the houses. park rangers are coming out.
10:55 pm
these are great votes. these people are now -- they look like some sort of political police force. and that is scary to me that this administration is taking this country. >> this is a democratic president asking as if he were in charge of a police state. >> it's wrong behavior by any nation. >> when you look at governor scott walker, he stood up and said no, i'm going to keep my park opened, more money comes from my budget and i went. that is what we need. we need a republican governor standing up for our country not you, president obama, deal with me and. >> and that was the government. this is a private organization. >> that counts and i think for the people of the state.
10:56 pm
lou: there is in effect right now, all that the country has gone through. we talk about those and it is so frustrating. this is a country right now not behaving like americans. it was a time that local sheriffs expanded and stood up, the mayor, the governor, county officials, you're not going to act like thi and understand who they are talking about and have a relationship. every element of this state and local and county government. >> so much of the money that comes from forcing county government, you never bite the hand that feeds you. he wants what we are really saying is that the dependent nation the president obama seems to have wanted to create is succeeding in doing.
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oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero clery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> congress has to shut down the federal government. >> they seem to be unwilling to talk. >> john boehner. >> majority leader harry reid. >> senate democrats. neil: you know, and they wonder why i turn off their lights when they turn into children. welcome, everyone, that is what happens when those who lead us insult us. it was us. and i think that they lose the privilege of being heard by us. that is why i am


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