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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  October 4, 2013 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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because you know, what else is doing? he is coming back here on monday. is sad but it is admirable. more sad. >> republicans want to party like it is 1995. but it is a crisis. >> the hundred thousand government workers furloughed. >> government shut down. >> how will america survive? >> it will slash the operation. >> is bathetic. it is not responsible. >> nancy pelosi says it has been cut to the bone budget already. >> the coverage is bare? no. it is filled with stuff fed cup overflows and i will show you because so much of
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what government does is unnecessary. >> did you notice the government shut down? if they don't notice it then just -- "just shut it" that is our show tonight. john: "just shut it" that is a road idea that some people tell me but my hope is this current partial shutdown at -- shut down as the government ceases to operate that some pauses at teaching moment even politicians might realize we don't need all of this sid given that america is going broke we should cut it now. i am probably deluding myself given what i read in the media but not senator lee so you kick started said
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senator leebamacare movement that led to the shutdown in you don't think that partial shutdown is a bad thing? >> i say that it is unfortunate we had to get to shut down in the first place. we should never be in a position amir told we have to fund all of government to fund any of government. it should not be an end -- all or anything we usually take a segment of federal spending and rigo and independently before the last four and a half years we are operating on a continuing resolution that is an all or nothing funding proposition to keep the government running. it makes no sense to do things that way especially when we expand government even further to expand programs like obamacare that hurts the ability to maintain health insurance or get jobs. john: i don't want to talk about the procedure but this
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might be a teaching moment? 3.7 trillion? do we need to spend all that ? >> is a legitimate question if you look at the facts of nearly one quarter of every dollar that moves from the american and its economy taken up prior federal government it is a big problem when people work months every year just to pay federal taxes that the new state or local, that is a problem to. when government is a part of people's lives we have good reason to worry about that. in to reexamine the government we want. john: you guys are being trashed it is the strategy you cannot get rid of the affordable care active has been passed the president says it is a lot and the supreme court ruled it is
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settled and here tuesday but congress has the power of the purse and james madison said that is the most important power that we give to congress. if they pass a law thathey had not read and nancy pelosi said we have to pass it to read it is seems reasonable congress can leader say we've read it now we will not fund it. >> exactly. remember there are lots of programs and authorize that don't end up getting funded. it is not uncommon for congress to pass a law of the not too find it later. also remember when the president says this is the loss we have to follow it but the president is refusing to follow the law and has repeatedly rewritten the law without statutory or constitutional authority to do that. the supreme court had to rewrite the law of war were twice to make a
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constitutional. john: he may wind in the end because most media pulled the government and they hyped it. >> how does that impact you? of national parks and museums including those to. >> the last time is because our hurricane this time because of republican ideology. >>. >> so many in the media edge to oppose the effort to shrink or control the growth of government but fortunately there are a few exceptions in your helping us have this conversation but the american people overall understand one thing very clearly that obamacare puts them into a state of uncertainty so how many more americans have to lose their jobs or lose access to
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insurance as the 20,000 home depot employees before congress will step in to protect them? >>. >> one valid criticism from somebody who is totally wrong. >> they will cut the government but this is the government. most of it goes to defense, medicated and social security. these big tough guys have not put those items on the table. john: he has a point. all of the discretionary spending. >> it is important to emphasize with mandatory spending that is about to kick in. this is another increase of the one way ratchet that will kick in on january
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january 1st. that is what we try to prevent is expanding the entitlement state that many are saying it is unsustainable even before obamacare. the least we can do to protect the american people is to protect them from more expansion of government that we cannot afford. john: thank you senator lee. know i am told is shutting down government is terrible for the economy. simply not paying the government workers takes off the gdp he says there that customers of the business in this country and it sounds enormous if you listen to him but economist aten powell says the opposite is true. the shutdown could be good for america. >> first of get some perspective if mcdonald's laid off 40 percent of non food production workers and closed up the drive through it and stop putting the toy is is the happy meal we would not city shut down.
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the government has not shut down when people get their paychecks the irs is still stealing wages i got frisked today by the gsa the nsa is still probably listening to our phone calls in another part of the world somebody is in the military cross hair is not shut down. it is a step in that direction and it is a good step especially if the public realize that maybe they could make it permanent. john: the president said to do this for the agriculture department helping farmers make a modest profit. >> no, no, no. the government should not do this in the first place. john: now they cannot make a profit without the agricultural department? >> they should they should not be farmers. but if they permanently got out of this line of business they would rely on themselves or the voluntary
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americans not the government john: the last time it shut down both parties agree it was a terrible thing. >> never ever shut the federal government down again. [cheers and applause] john: they applauded. >> of course, because some of the start to realize that these busybodies in washington d.c. are not necessary for our daily lives. and then of course, that is bad for both republicans and democrats. john: the stock market did fine in this time there has not been a crash. but if it shrink city should be good for the economy and the stock market. john: this sequester cut 5% from discretionary spending which is one-third of the
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budget. politicians screamed it would be terrible. >> we are hurting the military community, and middle-class families, and that is what this so-called sequestered means. thinks. >> katy think one thing in your life that changed after the sequester? my guess is the vast majority is no but the other things it is not the extra debt that they were walking up. john: the extra dash i thought that was a wonderful thing that i thought it may significantly postpone the bankruptcy but here is a video from the petersen foundation. >> when economists make for a bit -- projections over the next two decades we clearly had to a crisis. surely the sequestered change the picture and again
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it seems only to have bought a little bit more time. john: and a barely makes any difference. >> we need to make much bigger fundamental cuts. also nancy pelosi said there is nothing left to cut there is plenty to eliminate the deficit is returning to a budget when ll clinton left office it is hardly an era of small government. john: none of them want to talk about entitlements. >> they are both politicians to benefit from the existing system. and neither one wants to make the fundamental cuts necessary to get their fiscal house in order. >> the poll shows those that oppose the shutdown? >> if i could carry a tune i would sing the song i just say just shut down a chance hopefully the numbers will
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go the other direction if they realize they do not impact their lives than we really should shut it down. john: it is hard to peep -- to get people to change the way of thinking looking at greece and only after riots and months of threats did they do things like reduce required, every business severance pay at one full year it used to be two years >> this is the austerity that europe screams about. but how valley actually stop collecting taxes or giving them liabilities that the see how popular the cats had. john: not will not happen. but thank you ben powell from the independent institute. coming up i hear this partial shutdown creates hardship but let's not forget the political class has been doing very well.
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>> a gourmet kitchen. >> what i wall of windows. >> housing prices went down. >> not in washington. >> a private business does >> a private business does what government will not do. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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john: what is an essential government worker? >> any job is essential. >> every job. >> 4 million workers than they are all the essential? >> yes. you are very important to them. john: i was stunned when several people told me every government job is essential even if it is not needed because it is essential for the worker so the partial shutdown is a tragedy because it takes jobs away from people like faith the government creates jobs out of thin air and they don't understand the government has no money when it pays people it takes money and jobs from other people the real job creators people like tax professional football player tyoka jackson.
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how you were creating jobs as a defensive end but it is now clear as you were a business owner employing 150 people. a big difference with he private sector? >> it appears to be. we have to produce every day to go to the bottom line. it appears to be that we have a bunch of people playing high-stakes poker with other people's money and that is scary to me. john: you run to i top restaurants but in football you lost a couple jobs. you did not feel you were entitled and you learn from that. >> that is what makes sports great the life lesson i was cut twice i had to have a real conversationself i have to.
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these are the lessons that i transferred to the business world every day ongoing skill development you are getting better or getting worse you see it every day. john: sometimes you have to fire it employees. >> i have never fired anyone they fire themselves the job description is and i hired you because you can do but if you decide your actions or lack thereof that you do not deserve to be here in the morning did you make the decision for me. >> is sometimes they go to a job where they are more suited in to look at the private sector all the companies that announced job cuts hewlett-packarda jpmorgan 70,000 and so on. this goes on all the time
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that if government cuts anybody, which he almost never do it is a crisis? >> you don't want to see people lose their livelihood but we have competitors. we have to win we have to sit -- we have to stay lean widows to the federal government competing so getting lean is not necessary if you get what eyes and saying. john: government has used it for a visit if they have it they wasted. >> and that is not special to any party. i a bet on the earth 41 years and it seems like government intends to be that way thats unfortunate i looked at it that way. john: we tried to sign up for obamacare to see with
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the experience was like. most of us could not even get through with the error message or the page did not load and the president responded to complaints with the business comparison. >> a couple weeks ago apple rolled out with a new operating system and within one day they found a glitch and fixed it. i don't remember anyone suggesting apple should stop selling the iphone or the ipad. john: but they still work. only in government can you offer something that is not available to people to say it is the same thing but in the private sector you have to do better. >> absolutely or you don't surviveit was not the greatest rollout i have ever seen that i expect them to get better. >> that is a huge difference we compete every day against
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other brands by duty to mention them but i compete every day and we have to stay relevant to our customers that government does not have to worry about john: where did you learn this? >> actually in football. it is highly competitive and it is a privilege to play in the nfl. bill: the privilege to be there you have to develop your skills every single day to get better because they are looking for someone better video. john: that's business. thank you teeeighteen the media and the love of government. >> embarrassing reality of
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john: did you notice the government shut down? >> i noticed it when i saw it on tv but not with any of my activities. john: that is what everyone said except for a few tourist because the statue of liberty was closed. why is it? people just look at it and was not closed for the last shut down it is more shutdown theater but it is in the crisis most of us will not miss the 1,000 furloughed employs that the nlrb know they cannot stop pulling for building a factory in south carolina i don't miss the 1,000 bureaucrats at the eeoc that souders for not employing more bad. i am thrilled temporarily fewer government workers are able to cripple the economy. maybe this will wake people up to the benefit of less government but it is tough
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because the media loves big government they tell us the shutdown threat in our fragile economy and there is nothing bad about trashing those extremist. >> some people say the media hates republicans and it is true they have a slobbering love affair with barack obama that is from bernie goldberg last book but they have a bigger love affair with government. >> yes. that was interesting lead by the way. but liberals in general like big government. they have more confidence than in you or i do. and that they have the same values and priorities. they do love big government but.
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john: the media in general it is easy to cover central planning. it is happening everywhere. >> this is what is easy to cover in a shutdown you do that cliche mandatory stories tall the panda camera is offline. we knew they would do that and they did not disappoint but here is much bigger behind the scene is a story but mostly about television is not covered why is president obama being so obstinate or uncompromising? i personally think because he is the one who wants the shutdown and is a routine for chaos. p understands according to
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all the polls the of republicans will get the lion's share of the plane and this is his only way to win the house in 2014 then he can fulfill his campaign promise to fundamentally transform the united states of america. john: i don't hear any reporting on it or how congress exempted itself from obamacare. >> that's my point. you'll hear about the smithsonian or the family that disappointed but this is a much more important story that goes to the reason we have to shut down. by the way that is only part number one he has already indicated he will be just as uncompromising about a much more serious national debt showdown that is coming.
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file was a hard nose reporter i would find serious people who are not partisan to save you think the president is doing this for political gain to throw the economy under the bus to when the house next year? that is a legitimate question. john: i don't think we will have chaos. who knows. but what is different this time is we have alternative media last time the drug report, reason, blaze, more talk'' radio facebook, a twitter, it's terrible things still happen why we spend so much might be different this time. >> even i have not seen the hard news coverage with a
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blatant bias it was despicable. john: that was disgusting. >> disgraceful. growing up in new york my father would bring home the new york tv news every day it was a solid blue-collar tabloid now it is an embarrassment. and "the washington post" headlined. >> it was over the top but the problem is not enough hard news to take sides but this needs to be said before this became a media issue the republicans picked a fight they could not win. they went into battle without a battle plan against the president of united states without an end game. john: we will not solve the year because i am not sure maybe the country will
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change. thank you bernie goldberg. "the washington post" is upset the washington area may lose $200 million per day. good. i want washington to have less money. they are drowning in dough. >> beautiful. >> all glass walls. >> all glass walls. >> this is a steel.
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john: the crisis continues. some of washington shut down the city covered is bear that is why they cannot negotiate. >> there is no more cuts to make. john: washington must be broke not that you would notice if you would look around.
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>> consider where they work the architecture is ggand and office buildings resemble thousand. >> it looks like for side before the french revolution their whole lives they spent their life there in did dawn know what happened outside the world that is like washington. john: is that a harsh comparison? knows says david boaz you worked in washington it is like for size. >> it is great getting richer all the time i bought a house there it you can write it up but prices did not decline when there was a recession and the rest of the country of the jobs are still there and people make a lot of money. john: for a out of five richest counties are in that washington d.c. region but the median income dropped over 6% and rose 23% in washington d.c. >> that is an incredible number if you can quibble
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about it, is -- in come discussions may be really didn't declined nationwide but that 30 percent gap greater than the rest of the country shows it is not just washington is richer but it gets richer every year. they like to talk about the gap the achievement gap but here is a gap getting bigger all the time. >> reid you are just smarter and more educated. >> we like to think that but there are some brilliant scientist working in washington but it is not that they are making huge salaries like bill gates it is just that all government salaries our pretty good the and if you look at comparable levels of education and then you find on average of federal salaries the total package
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is twice as much as the average private-sector worker. remember you essentially cannot give fire from the federal government. so people watching this and should say what kind of celebration by demand with no cut contract? john: as washington flows down people are upset because of the media people say things like washington runs america. >> that is right the congressman from georgia who wide is figure out the republicans and said if you love this country would not shut it down. there about shutting down the country arguably the federal government of course, as we all know that checks arrived today like the always do. i took the amtrak up your some others went through the tea s.a. pretty blanche everything is working just a
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few little things like if you wanted to go to the washington monument the one saying that they closed down the national parks that will stick people off they tried to close down the army and navy air force football. but most government is operating. john: the washington monument? it is still there. >> somebody passed to a market. >> but they put barricades around it the national park service closed a part that sits on federal land even though the federal government provides no maintenance for operation or maenads spee mayfair big on things better visible if they close the building for the irs they just lock the door but for the public places then they put up barriers so you cannot get
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close even ford's theater where president lincoln was shot a national historical monument but it is a working feeder that is a non-profit company already comes from the private sector but they had to close because the building is a national park even though the theater has nothing to do with it. john: and you point out not politicians but people everywhere that cars are designed in the computers in california the reason we have green television in bigger houses every year until the recession just a fact we get a sandwich every day at lunch are done by the people in the private sector working for profit in their own interest and i guess you
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talk about being impeded by government not being helped. the idea that shutting down the federal government to shut down the country is nuts most of the country probably does not know it is even shut down. john: you hear any of the policy say there is nothing to cut but i will go through her covered to see what is in their. >> there is a lot of stuff to cut. we do not need all of this ♪
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>> some republicans try to shut down the government to stop millions of people from getting health care. >> and they even have a discussion about this. >> those parties fighting about government spending they want to spend more but republicans want to cut to reduce debt. that is the story line that when it comes to specifics it is a different story. they say it is true
12:48 am
democrats want to spend but i think it is wrong if they want to cut spending but they don't say what they will cut since republican leadership of george of the bush through mitt romney they campaigned against specific spending cuts not for specific cuts boosting the department of education and mitt romney never ever said it would cut. >> even with off the record fund-raiser. >> they firmly believe that if you mentioned we will cut then you will lose the election. so they are terrified. kyle rote said republicans should all be back the cuts that barack obama has previously backed himself
12:49 am
that is why we can say it is barack obama his fault that is where the republican leadership has been. john: but none of them really care but the person who get cut flights to the death civic it is a problem but they have lost the feeling of a moral argument for making us more prosperous by getting the government off hour backs that was a project that democrats than republicans are part of in the 1970's but now they feel if they argue that they lose the election. john: the speaker did give a telling answer when he became speaker of the house he was then asked this. >> you consider the defense budget sacred. >> absolutely not. >> homeland security? >> no.
12:50 am
they've a program right now that we can do without. >> i don't have one of the top of my head. >> i would think he would but that was a couple years ago we have no elected a tea party class are in to save more hard-core? i think so. >> but we are arguing between the 3.5 trillion and 3.7 trillion that is the proposals it is very very small and the house republican does nothing about going after the department of education or commerce so there is a minority but then they win the elections and campaign put it is still a minority in day are not negotiating particularly well. john: if you get to the specifics, 77 house republicans voted against
12:51 am
killing the essential air service program the tiny airports these people on the networks often save their fiscal conservatives that they voted to continue. >> america led the world into regulation led by democrats like teddy kennedy now europe is ahead of us. john: there was an amendment that phe out sugar subsidies 16 senate republicans include the marco rubio voting against it. >> republicans wanted to make a moral argument against welfare or the state giving money to people the first thing they would target is agricultural subsidies to but they want instead they talk about food
12:52 am
stamps but don't like welfare when it goes to poor people but they seem to like it when it goes to rich people but that is terrible politics and terrible policy >> but when they dash the food stamps i would think they would avoid the ads like this one because when they do the opponents go after them with sleazy ads like this one, is leading it is meant to resemble. >> all of us are pushed off a fiscal cliff they will run over us like a steamroller but paul ryan did talk about reforming medicar vouchers but they did not make a long series of political arguments they passed it
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quick if you don't try to win the public argument he will not be informed of this comment. john: coming up i will go through nancy policies covered -- cupboard she says covered -- cupboard she says it is bare but i found when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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john: with the government shut down this week the partial shutdown maybe 40 percent but not enough. but with the politicians retailing one sound bite stood out candy crowley ask nancy pelosi why they will not negotiate. >> there is no more cuts to make. john: what? give me a break. it made me look for myself that cupboard is not bear. this is empty? no. is filled with stuff. lots of money and things we don't need remember the study of pig feces in china? we don't need stuff like this. another study $100,000 for a climate change video game
12:58 am
about the alien saving the planet. a laundry folding robot more than $1 billion at least it was built. pretty cool. another comedy tour in india you paid for that. i have been taking on the small things but we should get rid of the subsidies fannie and freddie and the fha they cover 90 percent of american mortgages that is crazy. stop foreign aid, the federal drug war, the department of agriculture get rid of the whole department of $33 billion. farming happens you don't need a department. fcc, you don't need them department of labor, a $143 billion they spend every year. said that they get away by supporting only organized
12:59 am
labor. the department of education education, $110 billion state and local have that responsibility. public broadcast they spend almost $4 trillion a and she said the cupboard is darr i have not even including social security, defense, medicare and medicaid which is most of the budget but doesn't even fit in here but there is tons of money in here. it is not empty she could cut a lot of stuff. john: maybe if the shutdown goes on long enough people will realize we don't need government to be involved with so many things. maybe those furloughed employees will find more useful things to do with their lives to say why did i waste my time in that dreary government job for so long in taxes will be lower in be
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will be free in the economy will boom in the will live happily every after. i can dream can't tie? that is the show. that is the show. figure for watching. hello, i'm dave gentry. welcome to small stocks and big money! [music] [music] [music] [music] before we go to our interviews today, an update from redchip nation. take a look at the stocks on the screen. look at the year to date gains and loses. now, if i was an owner of a crystal ball all the stocks you see here would be in green but note of how many are in the green. i've recommended and have had most of the ceos


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