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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 22, 2013 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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of tsa agents were fired for illegal gambling in pittsburgh. totally waste of our money. just privatize the hour already. "cavuto on business," next. the clock is ticking on health care law that keeps, well, kicking us. hello, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. if you thought companies cutting their covere because of this law and even more jobs because of this law, if you thought any of that was bad news, hold on. because in california, that is exactly what patients will be forced to do. insurance companies are limiting the number of doctors and hospitaling in their plan, and that is expected to mean more wait time. but do not say i did not warn you. you might want to invest in office furniture makers. hear me out on this. specifically those who make chairs and couches f waiting rooms, because as i see it,
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they'll be the only guys making money, a lot of money, in all of those waiting rooms. wouldn't you know it, the stk prices have quadrupled. no, i have no idea. i made that up. let the waiting begin. the pain begins? >> herman miller stock is through the roof >> see that? i saw it coming. >> you saw it coming. we all should have seen it coming, right, because everywhere in the world where there's socialized medicine, we see these lines. i mean, the kind of stuff in america that we can kind of just drive up to, go in, get it done, leave in time for the monday night football, you've got to wait six months in europe. so we saw this coming. and i just think the bottom line with this whole thing with the exchanges is, get them in there. herd them in there. ultimately, the administration is going for a single pair and so far de facto, and that's what they are getting. >> they don't know how to herd them in, though. a lot of people don't know the rules, the standards by which you start doing herding.
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's like herding kittens, almost. good luck. >> every day we find out what a bigger disaster obama care is. last week, the "wall street journal" reported that tere's a software glitch calculating what peop are supposed to pay for insurance in these exchanges. and of course, the exchanges are supposed to go live on october 1. so you can't even tell at this point whether people are going to get the accurate information or not. >> they are not. there's no way. >> at the same time, you have home depot getting ready to dump part-time employees into these very exchanges. there will be a lot more people in them than anybody ever imagined, and a lot more headaches and nightmares related to just getting people insurance. >> you know what it is, i was mentioning your fine name because you were watching and looking forward to this, it's like a wedding, where you don't have the priest locked down. the band locked down, the catering hal you have nothing locked down. you just know that the wedding is on october 1. and i guess fingers crosd it all works out ok.
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but it would be like in my daughter's case the groom isn't even locked down. what the heck? >> i was going to say, the cup half full scenario to your metaphor is that the bride and groom love each other and they are going to get married, and all of these other things don't matter quite as much. >> so true. you know, that's what makes you the big-hearted liberal you are. d i love that about you. >> if i can extendthis, the bride and groom do not love each other because you people who hate obama care -- >> who are you caing "you people"? >> so on the substance, let me address this. charles, you do a disservice to people by saying on television that this is socialized medicine because you know it's not. >> what is it? >> the government has set up insurance exchanges to help the uninsured get insurance. and all i can say is, look, as journalists, we should be picking this thing apart.
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we should be analyzing it but i once againeed to be the reagan optomist and say that in the not so distant future we're going to have something better. of course it's better. >> in a news flash here, this isn't socialized medicine. th's a headline. you know, i think the scariest thing about th is -- >> it's not, charlie. explain why you don't agree with me that it's not. >> you just said that the gornment created the exchanges. >> correct. but it's not govement providing health care. there's a big difference. >> it's not that big of a difference. and i really do believe this. this tng is not going to work, and the scariest thing about is it we're not going to be able to unscramble the egg. my brother is a doctor. works in an i.c.u., inner city hospital. >> what happened to m? >> yeah, i know. don't go there. thank you for trying to throw me off. >> i did not mean that. i did not mean that. [ laughter ] >> my n the doctor.
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the other is a muck raking journalist. >> just my thoughts. >> it's impossible to scramble this egg. we're stuck with it. and i hate to say it adam is right in this. we can hope, because this thing is here to stay. >> another thing, adam. you might have stumbled on something else as well. you're right, this is not health care. it's health care insurance. anybody out there, particularly poor people, who think they are going to get great medical care when this is all said and done, are in for a rude awakening. >> i'm glad you're so optimistic that the entire health care syst for everybody is going to somehow be better because of this, because again you're going to have limited choices. people who got insurance from their company might have to go to an exchange, which by the way, 36 of these exchanges are either partially or fully run, or will be, by the federal government. last time i went into the post office i wanted to stab myself in the fo because th would make me feel better. i'm sorry that i am not optimistic. >> the government is running some of the exchanges?
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is that not socialized medicine? >> well, it's health insurance. >> socialized health insurance. >> it's socializing medical insurance, is what you're saying. >> which we've had for quite a long time. >> in all seriousness, i'm not here to redebate the health cre law, what it is or isn't. but i am looking at what will probably be a very bumpy start, because i think as you pointed out,adam, a lot of the things that should be up and running aren't up and running. and i wondering if that mieans a lot of people that are ready to go have no idea what they have to do. their bosses have no idea what to do. and a lot of people then would technically be breaking a law of which they are very ignorant and that ane creates a lot of problems. >> on that point, administration is willing to delay the enforcement because of the complication. and it doesn't help that you have the house of representatives trying to defund this thing that is -- that we're
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trying very hard to get off the ground. that creates a lot of uncertainty for people as well. is it going to be around? but charlie already answered that. it will be around so we should make it wo instead trying to destroy it before it starts. >> but charles is saying just as you pointed out that the very beginning of this is going to be bumpy. we already know it's getting to be very expensive. but the countercampaign in support of it is to say, well, now we know that a lot of folks are going to end up paying $100 a month for their insurance. they are going to save a lot of money. but a lot re folks are going to be paying for it through sharply higher premiums. the question will be, whose base is really zoomed here? >> let's put this way. businesses have gotten a free pass. insurance compans can still raise your rates next year. and it's the little guy that is nogetting anything. so it's going to be more expensive than w we thought. someone has to bearhe brunt of that. and i have to tell you something, don't are fooled by the idea about the premiums. i want us to understand what your deductibles are going to be. i think a lot of people will get
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into plans that look cheap. i want the silver plan. and find out your first deductible is $5,000. and you're back to square one. >> which we have all experienced in the new york are to find out that your doctor no longer takes insurance period. if you can't pay for services up front and in full, you're not going to be ableo see the doctor anymore. >> now i know what pelosi was talking about. >> youe learning the hard way. >> be nervous if you walk to your waiting room and it's cnn playing. never turn around. a w twist in the irs scandal. turns out that it was monitoring some groups even after they were given a tax exemption. the forbes gang saying it's more proof that the ancy really isn't about the money anyme. th's coming up at the top of the hour.
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we should be facinghe reality of climate change. look what happened in colorado. they are spending all of our time, the american taxpayer times, trying to repeal a law that's been in effect for four years. >> certainly as i look at sequestration, which is about saving money in the federal government being spent, that we somehow skimped, you know, on what would be availableor projects like this and then we put people at risk. >> amazing. well, it didn't take long to take these tragedies and use these tragedies. how many times have you and i
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covered this sort of thing, yet again? >> first, before i start, which four-letter words am i allowed to use on cab tv before i start talking? >> a wide gamut. it's pretty -- >> they have a delay on me. >> seven-day delay on charli >> i can give you some media words. how about repugnant, repulsive, abhorrent. that's what this behavior is. and it's classic scare tactics to use a horrible tragedy, flooding, shooting, to justify some liberal cause. and that is exactly what you're seeing. and you know what? it will not fool americans. they can smell it, and they can see it, and those lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves. >> i'm never surprised by this kind of stuff. i was just surprised at how quickly we got to it. >> and it gets glossed over. this is a story. the media doesn't cover it. you're an elected official, there's a story. i remember hearing that people
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who are inavor of tax cuts is racist el. >> element. and the media lets them get away withit. we should be hearing media reports of how dumb harry reid is, and we're not. >> harry reid is a moron. >> it's sick. it really is sick. really, natural disasters have been part of mankind before mankind. that's kind of how the dinosaurs got wiped out. >> and, boy, youhould have seen how the press ripped the dinosaurs. >> they did. an amazing mass murder. and all of the sudden, some woman in missouri who's only gone her whole life and never used a gun somehow pulled the trigger. and even the president earlier in the week sayiing that the te party wanted to hurt americans. it's one thing to say, i upthin their policies will hurt americans. but to say they want to hurt
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people. the left is trying to paint the right as il, haters, racists. and it's gotten to the point -- >> and they are aided and, b abetted by two-thirds of the media. >> 13 shot in chicago. >> crickets. >> whether you're on the right or left, shouldn't this sort of discussion be left out? maybe in a week like this. don't peg anytng to what you think of chiemt change to what you think of the sequestration. security was not compromised by sequestration. stop that kind of talk, and maybe give it a one-week wait. >> sure. i completely agree that we have a climate in our country where a member of the house of representatives calls the president of e united states a liar on the floor of the united states congress. it's repugnant. >> i asked you about this week and thes statements. this week. >> constantly calling each other names and attaing policies.
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>> when that happens, en he calls him a liar, "the new york times" reports it about it and they criticized the congressman. and that's the difference, adam. the press is complicit this stuff. >> i reject tat completely. i think you're making that up entirely. >> you're rejecting that 2/3 of the media is aut as left of center as president obama and agrees with him on every topic? and doesn't cover the dumb things he says about the econo constantly? >> and i think that 90% of the media are made up of responsible professionals who are doing a good job. >> right. and they're perfectly objective, you're saying their bias never comes into play, never enters the equation? "the new york times" is totally unbiassed with the stories they put on page 1. are you really -- >> can i take a leap and say you'reot a fan of the president? >> you know, listen, i have said nice things about president obama on this show. i was once offered a job by "the new york times." i'm glad i didn't take it. but i am telling you, that if
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you say the media -- >> now there's another one anytime soon. >> and i'm not accepting one anytime soon. >> all the blame game and all e excuses, you know, here we are, a little more than a week away from health care kicking in, another budget revolution going nowhere fast, the debt limit a few days, weeks tops. could look like we're shutting down. none of this looks like progress to me. >> no. it's going to be a fight every day. >> i agree. >> every week. over all of these issues. but to look -- i mean, when a tragedy, a shooting, for example, is so fresh d so raw, and people are grieving, and to have someone come out and say, well, and immediately pivot to the sequester and sequestration, i am speechless. unfortunately, these people en't speechless. >> did they ever think about
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checking it? maybe it might not be -- >> why start now? >>
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- entitlement. the pride you get and develop from this. people are giving up. >> this is alrea a federal requirement. if you don't have any dependents that u work 20 hours a week or have job training -- >> it hasn't been enforced. >> the states have been allowed to waive it. >> neil: you don't want to start it. >> right. it is a requirement for individuals with no dependents and it's a federal requirement. the states hav been allowed to wave it. that is the central problem. in years it's been easier to get on food stamp beuse they ease the asset requirement. >> neil: one in six or one in seven americans that get it? >> one in seven.
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the asset requirement and income requirements to get on food stamp by the state and encouraged by the obama administration to do that. >> neil: why when bill clinton was pushing welfare to work at the behest of the republican congress, he led the charge, why di no one make a big deal of that? this is essentially the same thing. >> more bias from the media. this shows you how far we came from 1990s when innovative programs to get people off of welfare dependency was par for course. rudy giuliani pushed it in new york city. other mayors looked for ways to get people off welfare and welfare dependency. now we talk about it again like it's something new. scary thought. >> every time the president opens his mouth, he is talking about great society program passed 15 years ago. >> neil: you know, how did this get so big, though? adam, whatever your views on the subject. left or right. strong views. how do you get to the point where 48 million americans -- isn't that the figure or something like that -- getting food stamps or food coverage? that is a lot of americans.
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how did it get that over the top? >> i think you are asking the right queson. >> neil: that is what i do here. >> why is it? [ laughter ] why is it that so many americans don't have enough food to eat that so many of them need food stamps? >> neil: you don't think there is any abuse in that system? i don't think -- there are genuinely poor people. you can't tell me there are 48 million that fit that bill. >> i don't kw what the number is. there is always abuse in my program, whether it's a government program or corporate program a military program. >> neil: daigen has her doubts. >> but so many more people are in need -- >> ishould be shrinking. as unemployment rates, the unemployment rate falls, which peaked back in -- >> neil: it's going the other way. >> exactly. >> people are dropping out of the work place. >> neil: part-time workforce at that. >> i want to thank you. arlie and daigen are the best.
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daigen is, anyway. did any of you see >> it's is magical. that is the essence of it all. it's so magical. i really does just transport you in to something different and something wonderful and amazing. >> neil: you think she is talking about the 75th anniversary screening of the "wizard of oz?" no, she is talk about me. we get answers from the important lawmakers on a budget battle now heading to the brink to get thetarlets to say neil, saves. 4:00 p.m. eastern time. fox news. throughout the day o fox business. again at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. if it's your money and your life, it's my life. a lot. but up next, big ben keeps printing benjamins trying to keep juicing the economy and the market. but our gang has stocks that but our gang has stocks that don't need no stinking
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announcer: this song was created with heartbea of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers brg hope to millions of children at >> neil: stimulating stocks that don't need any stimulus. charles? >> g.t. advance technology, diamond in the rough. it will used in cell phone, ipad, etal. it will do well. >> neil: adam, what do you have for us? >> vig,anguard, dividend paying technology stocks. dividends pay no matter what. technology is a little bit less economically sensitive. >> you got technology and dividends together. good play. we'll see what happens. as alway a pleasure.
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cost of flee dom continues on the -- cosof freom continues on the place for business. fox. stick around. next week, a brand new cavu for you and the middle of a budget brouhaha. your money, 're all over it. ♪ ♪ >> david: folks, check a minute and guess who said the following -- "the fact we're here today to debate raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. it is a sign that the u.s. governmnment cannot pay its own bills. i therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase america's debt limit." well, you think it was conservative senator ted cruz? or marco rubio? no. try barack obama. then senor barack obama in 2006. yet, to what he says now. >> i have heard people say well, in the past, there have been negotiations around raising the debt ceiling. it's always a tough vote, because the average person thinks raising the debt ce


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