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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 27, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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thank you for your tweet sandy males. by the way we will pick one question for tomorrow i am charles payne. thank you for joining me. good night. >> i am sorry rothman. the united states ready to intervene in syria as defense officials confirmed today it is not a matter of if but when u.s. forces will set to strike syria for crossing the red line on chemical weapons we have thomas mcinerney here with the risk and reward to put american forces this area civil war. also of major market sell-off fueled by another military commitment or are investors simply looking
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when running to safety? the dow jones was down nearly 200 points today. and major hassan which is his goal of the death penalty while george zimmerman looks to the state of florida for monetary justice. we bring up both cases. we begin tonight with syria and potential u.s. military forces in chuck kaye goal is called ready to go and jay carney makes it crystal clear earlier today the president has concluded that the so-called red light on chemical weapon use has been crossed by the aside regime not the rebel fighters. >> and leaves no doubt chemical weapons were used on a massive scale on august
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august 21st outside of damascus. there is also very little doubt, and should be no doubt, for anyone who approaches this logically, that the syrian regime was softer for using chemical weapons outside of damascus. we have established with a high degree of confidence the syrian regime has already used weapons in this conflict. lori: after 100,000 deaths after abominate the famous statement aside moscow his press secretary was insistent it would not be based on the ascent removal of the aside regime but that is not playing the opposition from china and russia there to most defenders of. and the representative from
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dado said acting in the islamic world like a monkey with a hand grenade while the russian foreign ministry accused united states to have a groundless excuse for military intervention. china calls it a dangerous and irresponsible it is reminiscent of the iraq war that the united states staged with weapons of massive weapons of mass destruction that was false but the president is not talking about the objective in syria. this is the biggest supporter as ivory and threatens to make israel the first victim of any attack on syria an ed henry has our report. >> as syrian officials uphold it at all cost officials joined that this action is imminent. >> we will hold accountable
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those who violate international norms. >> two years ago president obama first call for the syrian president to go to although today white house officials declared the objective of any possible military action is not to drive the dictator from power. >> what we are considering -- considering is not about regime change responding to clear violation of the international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> leading republicans to demand what the mission is. >> i hope it is not putting in some cruise missiles. he interoffice railing against the unilateralism against bush and cheney as the boston globe gave written questions one focused if the president could call my rig without authorization from congress.
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senator obama said the president does not have power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. >> candidate obama said in actual or imminent threat. do believe that exist right now to the united states? >> i believe absolutely allowing the use of chemical weapons on a significant scale to take place, without a response would present a sycophant challenge or threat to the united states and national security. >> democrats are not so scheerer democrat murphy says absence of an imminent threat the u.s. should not take military action without congressional authorization. although barbara lee the only one to vote against the war in afghanistan said congress needs to have a full debate before the
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united states commits to any military force in syria or elsewhere. the fox news poll before the campbell attack down the u.s. should not be more involved in syria. 23 percent wanted a bigger role. >> what replaces aside may not be better or at least not better for the united states u.s. military action at some level of advanced u.s. security. >> now the republican rich from virginia demanding that the president calls an emergency session of congress to debate all of the possibilities but the president has no plans to do that but officials have been consulting with key lawmakers saying that the president is on the phone talking to key european allies to build a coalition. lori: and henry. the u.s. monetary stance at the ready as questions remain about the objective and tactics available
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questioning the commander-in-chief battle plans and jennifer griffin has this report. >> a senior u.s. defense official says any strike on syria will likely last hours , not. secretary chuck hagel spoke to his counterparts by phone today. >> get the facts facts, intelligence, then a decision will be made whether action should be taken or if action should be taken or what action or no action. >> but if you are ready to go? >> like that. >> according to u.s. military officials there are no plans to go after the chemical weapons. in fact, it is not even possible to use airstrikes to carry out surgical strikes on chemical weapons facilities without releasing them into the air potentially causing more
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mass casualties. side is estimated to have 1,000 tons of those materials it would require special operations than boos on the grounds which is not on the table. the u.s. is planning a limited strike for navy destroyers are in position in one nuclear-powered submarine, a british submarine is available if parliament approves action in a vote on thursday. >> what we're looking at is in shock get on with the single cruise missile strike >> but they don't know always deliver the desired effect says one former obama officials we don't get the result that we hope for the leader of the country although he is a bad guy does not give up. it leads to wider war.
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>> nato called the emergency meeting in brussels but no decision will be made before the end. lori: for more on the military strike by employees to be joined by a retired general and fox military news analyst. what is your take on syria and why can't the president articulate its? >> number one title think we have an end game which is what he cannot articulate it. number two, who were reporting? i don't think we know what rubbles we are supporting or the right ones. right now they're talking about the general that is from the muslim brotherhood or the free syrian army has a more secular groups then what are those objectives? are we trying to take out chemical weapons were the surface to air weapons sites or hit the main ground
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forces that are fighting the rebels? we don't know and we don't have the exit strategy. that is why it is confusing and i don't have any enthusiasm for this because we're not asking and getting the answers to the right questions. lori: began with the two sides of syria. is there though lesser of two evils? the opposition, the rebels? >> yes. lori: is there the lesser of two evils? >> yes. i believe there is a much larger group, led the radical islamist group of al qaeda is 20,000. the free syrian army, more secular, muslims is about 100,000 and are under -- under colonel riad it is the
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other group takes over we have a much better country than if the smaller group takes over an end i do think there is a good option from the current president but has not been announced or preferably i know he was there all weekend and was there with colonel riad so he knows those people and he just got back this morning from syria and turkey so i feel comfortable that source is a good source. lori: the president today assured americans that this engagement would not change of regime but solely be about the chemical weapons deployed. we heard jennifer grins -- griffins report that could cause more casualties if you
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blow up the chemical weapons and we know the u.s. navy has the warships to fire off the tomahawk missiles. what is the possibility or the likelihood to just remove the chemical weapons? because that is what the president cleaned -- claims is the game changer islamic that is a great question. i don't think that would happen because that would mean boots on the ground we don't have munitions and to destroy just the chemical weapons. you have the danger of a spreading to create a greater problem that you try to mitigate. no question we to take their regime down. we have proven that with iraq and afghanistan but once you take it down, you go to nation-building and then we have proven those countries do not want to be jeffersonian democracy.
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they will take the money as long as it is coming but they go back to the totalitarian types of society that exist under muslim and sharia law. i am not a fan one that gives sharia law and a radical islamist nation. lori: what is the likelihood of that happening? why did president al-assad use chemical weapons in the first place may be too lew were in the west door the of coalition? to engage in another prolonged devastating economic situation? >> another great question and this is speculation. i think he is starting to win and he felt by using the chemical weapons looking at the u.s. as reckless and the administration and as very weak, they don't walk the
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walk. he feels if he humiliates us then he has the momentum on his side and he felt he was at the tipping point otherwise he could kill that many people in one week without bringing in the united states as well as the u.n. and nato forces. there had to be a rationale because it does not make a lot of sense, does it? it. lori: absolutely not. many thanks to you for your expertise. thank you general mcenery. we will have more on the a ministrations play and throw out tonight's broadcast. does the u.s. military involvement spooked wall street? our investment strategist tells us of the potential conflict in what it could mean for the markets gold and oil. next.
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lori: a tough day on wall street is specially for the bulls stocks finishing near session lows as the dow lost 170 points. the s&p down 26 nasdaq 79. the volume 3.2 billion shares for people showing up to work today. in crude oil surged more than $3 at $109. the yield is up on the ted year at 2.two -- 2.7% now when it's guess we have something new to worry about ?
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>> they are surprised that syria is causing a problem with the markets because it has been around for many months, two years, exactly. is not a big oil producers of the question is, is syria really the problem are there other underlying issues? said the market is just trying to figure out what makes it itch. lori: that when those fundamentals are not impressive with consumer confidence today is lackluster not the impressive job at all. would they provide an excuse to take profits off the table? >> chicago did a song does anybody really know what time is? does the market really know what causes it to go up or
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down? survey when it goes down with energy prices going up you can say possibly nervousness over syria or concern of interruption and therefore the effect on transportation stocks of several but the real question is long term the health of the economy and is inappropriate to wait until december? lori: see you think december taper? would you think the market will do at that time? before it erupted today depending on the president there was a sense the market was consolidating to take a breather. don't forget the weakest ottman said the performance lies normally but the santa claus rally comes back with
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everyone being satisfied. how do you see these factors ? if we get through the week stage but then come in to face the december tapir will that cause volatility? >> if we see economic data better than expected to show the improvement of the elevation of the overall market then it makes it further away from dangerous downdrafts of the feeling that we are already shifting from the liquidity one that investors will feel confident we can stand on our own 2 feet and keep working although the fed is moving back on the stimulus. the big concern is many people believed if the fed starts to taper in september, that is too early the patient is not healthy enough and that is the concern.
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lori: but the fed has not done anything but talk we have seen them trying to position appropriately. what do you tell your clients? should they buy stocks or wish to the alice -- allocation look-alike? >> we believe we go through a decline in the market that will work its way down on the s&p 500 that is really only about 30 or 40 points below where we are we think that is a nice buying opportunity and earnings will libyans for all this year may be next year's estimates are high but police still believe the valuation and p-e ratio looks appealing while not compelling. lori: looking your crystal ball and what do you see for the trading day? pressure will come from syria the real focus is on
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the gdp data because of the improvement from the reading that will make people breathe a sigh of relief. thank you. spanish police arresting a former trader with the london trading scandal that cost the bank more than $6 billion last year. and it comes after the u.s. charge in and did junior colleague with wire fraud to falsified books and records and released after a hearing in which she agreed to remain in spain and appear in court while the u.s. formally request extradition a new report convicted rise rush drawdown reporting he is getting special treatment while he serves 11 year sentence the billionaire
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reportedly has a private cell with a private toilet and adjustable bet and a private tv and a shared balcony in a part of a prison normally reserved for the older the saying he has the manservant who cooks for him. the manservant gets him whenever he needsts to be his chauffeur when he is released from prison. up next on her last day in the obama cabinet janet napolitano offered a chilling prediction for america that she calls inevitable. we will cover her less than an uplifting words. next. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive,
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dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next.
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the. lori: and outgoing homeland security secretary napolitano leaves as long as surveying secretary after holding the position 4.5 years this season to a tax of america's sial and our chief corresppndent has our report. >> consider taking questions to napolitano address the
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national press club here in washington. >> looking back i can say there is one take away one object lesson of a core operating principle i have learned and embraced as secretary it is this, in a world of the fall the threats come to the key to our success is the ability to be flexible and agile. >> the longest serving homeland security secretary also the first woman to hold the position is the porter said her immediate response to hurricane sandy when she was on the ground within hours was one of her better moments but critics say she followed the administration's marching orders by referring to the terrorist attacks as mankind disasters in to terrorist strikes including the boston marathon bombing were more than 250 people were killed or injured with a very
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closing -- close call with the attempted bombing on times square with the detonator failing to ignite a former chairman of the committee recently said she was underused. >> under the bush administration i thought had heard much more at the center of the announcements and investigations well under this administration it seems they rely entirely on the white house. >> while a successor has been named napolitano says whoever it is will lead a bottle of that bill for that job. lori: no doubt. many thanks, catherine. facebook announces today government officials of the four countries demanded information on the 38,000 of its users in the first half of the year more than half of those came from united states for security reasons and in criminal cases.
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according to facebook the u.s. was more than 80 percent of the request. and finding households with children and unemployed parents soared 33% between 2005 and 2011 for of 3. 5 million had an unemployed parent up from 2. 4 billion in 2005. home ownership also declined by 15 percent during the same period. tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of dr. kean is a march for jobs and justice and his iconic "i have a dream" speech but the labor department is so worried about heavy traffic it is urging employees to take today off even if it is on paid. president obama will be marking the anniversary by delivering a speech at the lincoln memorial coming as a new poll finds only one of four african-americans say the situation for black people in this country is
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better than five years ago. >> major hassan arrested without saying a word is the self confessed g heidi headed to the death penalty? we're on the case with "dobbs' law." next.
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lori: no wildfire near yosemite the seventh largest in california's history. saying it is only 20 percent contained but they are expecting cooler temperatures and high your committee that may allow them to gain the upper hand. so far concerning 161,000 acres including those inside the park also 23 structures and threatens to grows of sequoia. and his producing so much
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smoke a nasa satellite said capture images from outer space. george zimmerman legal team is planning to ask the state to reimburse him for some of the cost incurred during the trial the request comes weeks after he was acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. saying he cannot be held liable for any charges as long as the state officials consent they did say they would ask the tweet 200,000 and 300,000 but it is not likely they will receive it and renew that and major hassan rested his case today after convicted of killing 13 people and wounding 31 more in the ft. hood massacre is facing said death penalty for life in prison. to now have our defense
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attorneys here. so people were expecting him to tell us that he would take a stand and cross-examine that he did nothing. >> because he wants to die so the best way in his mind to ensure that he dies is to do absolutely nothing. in some weird way if he were to start saying i did it may be at that point the jury says there is no way we give you what you want so there is no other option. lori: but the prosecutors want the death penalty but defendants don't get to decide what there penalty will be he says if i die i am still a martyr otherwise
7:37 pm
i am just a paraplegic in jail i am not a martyr. lori: so either it -- even by the so injection. >> exactly. it is up to the jury and the interesting thing about this case that separates a court-martial if he gets the death penalty obama gets a phoneecall. >> but then we pay for him. >> but then there is an appeal and they have not had a good record to execute. lori: skipping ahead to our insider-trading billionaire posting the experts say he has a nice sound, adjustable bet, a balcony, i think a
7:38 pm
lot of people are annoyed by this. >> to deal with what is really going on he is in a medical center because he is said diabetic innate need a kidney. >> come on. he has the manservant. >> he does not have the manservant there are unwritten rules that in federal prison camps for example to get extra money. he takes his macaroni and cheese imports in the microwave and any goes down to give him toothpaste. lori: back up to george zimmerman asking florida to reimburse legal expenses so i guess the legal fees are
7:39 pm
different matters what is the likelihood he will get the money back? >> it is slam -- slim. >> you don't ask you don't get it but thought they say the investigative fees it is nonsense money but it makes them look more sympathetic he looks like a hero because i've not asking for legal fees. >> but he can't get them. >> florida is one of three states that allows for the cost but a lot of the cost with investigation. >> with the change of venue with the media coverage being so outrageous but this was a national case is there anywhere she can go? >> no.
7:40 pm
it wasn't a mistrial because of that press because of the jury. she will stay right there. lori: then they will determine if she will live or die. >> if the judge says yes yes, what do you do with the verdict? you have to throw out the window. >> can you a magic now? >> that will not happen. lori: it is a great conversation. with the persecution of christians and expressed tells us why has nothing to do with one race or nationality. next.
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lori: subject of persecution the middle east with the churches burned and looted a even though it has been largely ignored this is a pretty book called crucified begin. in the author joins us now. how rampant is the persecution of christians across the middle east? >> immensely rampant not just the middle east but the islamic world forum rocco in the arab world malaysia, of course, of sahara africa, nigeria, sudan even in europe but have the muslim and then with the attack sullivan churches as
7:45 pm
many as 80 chris june churches said the other organizations have been attacked or torched or bird in chris jews are in hiding it is happening all over the islamic world. lori: i know this is not the most elegant way but throughout history wasn't it always the christians doing the persecuting? now the tables have turned pro at don't know a better way to ask that question. >> i appreciate what you are saying but you are reflecting the orthodox narrative of history which unfortunately has nothing to do with the reality what we call the arab world today with egypt and syria and we are part of the christian world and in fact, they've made a path of the christian world taken over by islamic conquest of force going on for centuries then went into
7:46 pm
the ottoman empire into turkey taken by a blood shed and then into the balkans and stopped in vienna but the people were persecuted but we have seen today has long continuity with islamic history. the reason you're not aware of us want dash where does it does not talk any more. lori: why doesn't the western academia is indifferent to the plight of the christians? >> as i was pointing out earlier there was the bias against christians in academia where they are the historic persecutors then those who are persecuting them lefty and right and you realize when you realize it doesn't fit the mainstream
7:47 pm
paradigm in here from one end to the other not other circumstances. lori: then they enable the persecution and? >> they get the sense of the arabs praying that proves to be a disaster the administration has been supportive of the muslim brotherhood and once they come to power we have seen a nosedive in countries like libya a and egypt and syria. since the al qaeda rebellion takeover several churches have been attacked in tons have a big kick debt of the country in egypt under one year under morsi christians
7:48 pm
were thrown into prison by breaking the blasphemy law where it is 30 years of mubarak ned of that happened but now with syria and with those of the non muslims in fact, there is good evidence that the chemicals are linked to the al qaeda reggie hottest in syria -- and syria. lori: you definitely are will read again the book is called crucified again. >> up next jumping into the serious civil war with chemical weapons use we take up the ramifications of acting unilaterally in this area. the "a team" is next.
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lori: from american spectator senior editor john fund and marion marsh coming to begin with the poll how to involve the u.s. should be in serious should we get out completely? only humanitarian aid? send weapons to the al qaeda rebels? eleven%. john? what should engagement looks like? >> it should not be admitted to obama campaign in 2008 and said only intervene overseas when vital interest of america were at stake in the president had consulted
7:53 pm
congress. appeared the does want to and prime minister cameron is calling back everybody from their summer vacation to get their support. over the next 72 hours he can take time to declassify the information that syria is the only one with chemical weapons and build support and consult congress there is nothing wrong with what obama the would do. >> we have to stop the president and then that many are closing in at this point steve bechtel question is there will be a strike there is a difference between the strike and a board with the
7:54 pm
despicable category of weapons is and civilians are slaughtered we will have the british with us. that is plenty the reality is when something like that happens you have to respond we are tired of the wars in the military intervention because of the two wars that president bush dragged us into unnecessarily but with chemical weapons are used we have to take a stand it when we don't that speaks volumes >> chemical weapons have been used before in syria and nothing has been done and the president's credibility is on the wind but remember the war of unintended consequences is your response to our attack
7:55 pm
and it has the law those other terrorist groups with a strike to become a war. lori: what you refer to is is simply with ivory and. >> and it has the cape abolished the on dash keep the ball -- capability to launch to the chemical attacks you should like to support not do it immediately and get the support of congress there is nothing wrong to consult with congress and kennedy obama said you should do that was completely different than president obama in this case. >> there is a special congress right now with the lowest popularity rating in republicans to overwhelmingly oppose taking any action they cannot be handcuffed by the same.
7:56 pm
>> in 2003 when president bush went to congress the democrats controlled through most of that debate. that was also. items you would is so special. >> clearly looking for political cover now they've we corrected it in this case you have republicans who have no credibility the president should act in consultation to do the right thing in descended women and children? and should be done. lori: it is a catastrophe and syria that will not be solved any time soon the things you for your take. that wraps it up tonight the lieutenant-colonel his us why does strike in what it will accomplish and on
7:57 pm
1:00 p.m. eastern we have markets now thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow night. good night from new york.
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neil: maybe they were just marketing it wrong, obamacare did not seem to real the masses so maybe boehner care will. i am neil cavuto, helling ahatho fury like tea partiers out for blood. a house speaker who keeps it on life and you are o support he sd cut it and kill it, tea party activists rallying outside of john boehner's ohio office, with this morning either defund it or slapping yore name on it. the boehner c


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