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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 29, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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on how easy it can be done. the next time it can be for real and it can be for you. get a jumpstart on the bad guys. thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. have a good night. lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. attorney general eric holder is trying to hold onto his job despite calls from both political parties for the president to get rid of it. authorizing spying o and members of the national media, his role in the fast and furious gunrunning scandal leading to calls for his resignation and now top republicans on the house judiciary committee have begun an investigation into whether eric holder outright lied to the committee to ask to go when he made this statement. speaker with regard to the potential prosecution of the press, that is not something
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that i have ever been involved in and heard of or would think would be a wise policy. in fact, my view is quite the opposite. lou: just over a week later the department of justice revealed an affidavit given the department of justice access to washington correspondent e-mails was approved at the highest levels including discussions with the attorney general himself. to gain access to those records the fbi and justice attorneys had to sign an affidavit accusing him of espionage by labeling him a co-conspirator. house judiciary committee chairman today sent a pointed that are demanding answers to a number of questions regarding the attorney general's role in the scandal and his department spying on as many as 100 reporters and editors at the associated press.
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let her read it is imperative the committee, the congress and the american people be provided a full and accurate account of your involvement. the white house press secretary today who has been caught in a number of misstatements and contradictions of his own if not outright lies claimed the testimony was truthful and president obama still has the utmost confidence in his attorney general. not all liberals agree with president. prominent left-wing scholar and george washington university professor wrote a scathing op-ed today. calling for his firing. this follows calls in the left "huffington post" calling for him to go as well. the department of justice reach out to washington, d.c., bureau chiefs, organizations to set up a meeting with the attorney general to talk about changes to the guidelines for news
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organizations subpoenas. a source close to the attorney general telling fox news they regret the inquiries, and officially department of justice statement read they realize things might have gotten a little out of balance and he wants to make changes to make sure the rules fully accounted balance between the first amendment and law enforcement. not exactly a bouquet of roses extended by the attorney general. the white house continues to try to tempt down the calls for the resignation as the irs scandal worsens by the day. for investigations are now underway as new reports tonight show conservative groups remain targets of the irs. for more on the irs targeted tax return to fox news correspondent with our report. >> despite assurances from the
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president targets have stopped, he says he is still denied tax-exempt status after a third irs letter he received this month. >> the fact this would go on after the fact is stunning. this is crazy these folks are still kind of intertwined in all of this, you have to have these folks move forward one way or another instead of just sitting on it. >> there is growing consensus that target came from on-site. >> we were concerned with an orchestrated campaign starting at the very top of the white house to attack and disparage the family and enterprises. >> he represents dozens of families receiving letters. >> the whole timeline and the whole narrative of the white house put forward here
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does not hold to the truth. >> former chief counsel the finance committee pins the blame on irs abuses to the lax management. >> the commissioner has to have responsibility, right up there with what is going on, what is happening at finding out if he doesn't know what is going on. i think that was very troubling this mentality needs to change. as former irs commissioner said he visited the white house only one time in five years, his successor made 118 white house visits. his reasons. >> easter egg roll with my kids. questions about the master ability of tax policy, they were thinking of on our budget. >> the white house visit may have dealt in part with how to handle another embarrassment for the administration.
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the $50,000 "star trek" spoof played inexpensive irs leadership conference in 2010. that's bot spoof are part of an impending attorney general report. lou: thank you. for more on the white house scandal and whether we can expect accountability from this administration, radio talkshow host monica crowley. monica, let me start with you. this reaching out to the press by the attorney general, if there ever a clear act of e? >> so far he has offered his "remorse" now is offering to put out his side of the story. it is a little late for that. the attorney general is up to his eyeballs in a whole range of scandals. there has been no truth telling
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going on. it is something left open. lou: as we reported, the attorney general straightout said he was not involved in anything that would be a potential prosecution. thisscould be a more outright misrepresentation of the reality by any imagination. >> unfortunately for the attorney general this is one of those situations only defense ends up being one of incompetence or neglect where you can say i did not read it or i did not know. i wasn't aware. those they kind of statements you have to make in this case to avoid a perjury charge and they are going to be very good at holding them accountable because they are pushing on the perjury, but how many journalists over what period of time, how many phone lines, how many e-mail
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accounts, that is what they want to get to. lou: the reality is we don't know how many journalists or records were seas. follow and trace the traffic, weather does the physical location in washington, d.c., or anywhere in the country. does he survived this? >> we have the james rosen and fox news case. but prior to that we had the associated press and going after 20 phone lines that cover about 100 reporters, so the question is how many journalists, that question has not been answered, what we hoping to gain by this? they wwnted to prosecute national security leakers, but there is an underlining ideological reason they were going after this, and tempt to
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silence not only those reporters, but potential whistleblowers on stories like benghazi and the ap and fox news. lou: does the attorney general survive? >> no. but when? it does not be a position summary stays a long time. his tenure is long. not like hillary clinton, excusing himself after reelection. so here he is, i bet obama wishes holde holder would have d already so he could have taken much of this with him, instead he stated. who in the heck with the senate confirm under these circumstances so mr. holder has a great his feet, go slow, wait for this to die down and find a more opportune time to slide out. >> not just republicans holding their feet to the fire, but now
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you see left-wing journalists, left-wing people like jonathan who we reported on earlier, "the huffington post" calling for the resignation but only one person whose opinion counts when it comes to eric holder, the president of the united states. -@president obama has shown no mercy for people who become inconvenient to him. lou: i cannot think o the person who has become a liability as eric holder. there are all sorts of articles of him being the president alter ego. his close relationship with the president. i do know this, the president himself has a credibility crisis, the president himself has a crisis or confidence on the part of certainly congress, and we have a president who is effectively willing to run off to chicago and raise money as a
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way to distract himself. this is not a happy time. >> democrats will need all that time tonight and every penny more because 2014 is going to be a rough run. eric holder will not make it easier. as to him being the alter ego, it is important not for how it makes barack obama feel but for what the president space hings. the president is less concerned of what they say, more concerned with the activist base says. the folks who got him reelected like eric holder. there will be an uproar the -@president doesn't want to have to handle. lou: it would be an uproar in congress with the context of the approval rating. which in the most recent gallup poll are 50%. monica, your thoughts. >> it usually takes a long time for people to pay actual attention to scandals and enough
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to assign blame. usually the american people are reticent to blaming blame on a president. it took a long time for watergate to gain traction or the clinton scandal to gain traction. the president is in a unique position, very insulated, so it may be a while before the start flicking up onto him, but it will, trust me. lou: you get the last word. >> there is a lot of truth in that. the president has a strategy to go slow, dragged his feet, ride this out, so that works the fellow democrats who have run for reelection. i don't know. lou: thank you. much more on the scandal swirling around the obama white house. we will be picking that up with the "a-team" tonight. our returning troops ignored by the government. turning his back on veterans who flock to defend us. jennifer griffin with a shocking
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lou: wall street city finishing lower, well-off of session lows, howwver. the nasdaq lost 12. the nasdaq down 21. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares. chinese meat producers announced they would buy the company for 4.7 billion if approved by
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regular readdrs, to be the biggest ever takeover of the u.s. industry i chinese buyer. according to the fdic, profits rose 16% from a year ago, more than $40 billion. sallie mae announced they will split into two publicly traded companies separating consumer banking from its student loan business. the split expected to be completed in the next year. nasdaq find $10 million for poor systems and decision-making during facebook 2012 ipo during which facebook lost millions of dollars. the bond market falling slightly 2.12%. my next guest says the rally inequities has come too far, too fast. joining us, former chief
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economist for bear stearns. good to have you with us. too far, too soon, but what a nice ride it has been, is it over? >> i do think this market has to mark sometime because we are up 16% this year even after the decline today. interest rates are so low, beginning to see the investment of interest rate as we have seen in the month of may, 10-year treasury yield has come up about half a percentage point. interest rates will give us a bit of a headwind and the market will have to pause for a while and i think that will be healthy. lou: we're starting to see some correlation between bond yields and also the s&p yields. that has a few people scratching their heads. watching it stubbornly persist
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loom about prospects for this year. what is an investor to make of it all? >> should not be too gloomy, there have been a lot of scarce. we sequester and the fiscal cliff, but the economy seems to be doing pretty well through all of that. we're beginning to see economic growth this year around two and .5%. not great, but not like what we have seen so far in the recovery. interest rates are pushing low, held low. creating a headwind for investors. lou: the architect is the fed, do they have the lateral to start talking about squeezing the spigot, tapering, choking
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off because frankly looking to use out, doesn't look like a bright horizon if we don't have 85 billion being pumped into the economy. if we don't have this very conservative monetary policy. >> we have to remember the fed is content to ease rates from zero. june marks the end of the fourth year the economy recovery. it is very unusual to have such policies. getting easier day in and day out. they have to avoid potentially correcting bubbles i in the mart and creating inflation down the road however there is not much inflation to speak of right now. lou: you think of the policy of the obama administration, i
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can't find inflation anywhere. it just isn't there. i understand that love to worry about inflation sometimes, even deflation. the greater concern ought to be inflation. >> here's a good one for new york city, very recently the price of a new york taxicab medallion for individual driver went above $1 million. you have to have a million dollars to buy the decal to operate the cab. the function of prices being raised. we may have seen it in the major league soccer getting hundred million dollars for a franchise in new york. lou: i'm going to constrain my fears and alarms, let the oligarchs have their arch and it
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is great to have you here. we will see how the market and economy moves the rest of the year. we have seen some great authors over the course of this year. many more coming up. friday will be jjined by ralph peters who will talk his newest novel. next monday he talks about his new book, yes, there will be talking about eric holder and the obama scandal at the justice department. and then tuesday here to talk about the shadowy history of the secret bank that runs the world. you don't want to miss it. next, don't want to miss what is next. remember when he said he was going to reduce the number of strikes? well, we have reportedly struck again and down goes the major
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terrorist leader. a virus has health officials on high alert. talkintalk about what looks to e deadliest virus certainly i have heard of in my career. that is next.
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lou: a suspected american drone strike in pakistan tribal belt allegedly killed the number two man in the pakistani taliban this morning. the taliban commander involved in the 2009 suicide attack in afghanistan in which seven americans were killed. the white house is not confirming the attack or as result, they said the death women deprived the taliban of the chief military strategist. it comes six days at the president announced new limitss% on drone strikes. 160 congressmen have sent a letter to president obama. urging him to get more involved
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with a growing backlog at the department of veterans affairs. that's backlog has grown to affect 600,000 of our veterans. an increase of 2000% in just the past four years. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has our report. >> the number of veterans waiting for their disability benefits has doubled in the past four years. nearly 600,000 claims are backlog meeting they had not been resolved for 125 days according to statistics. >> you should not have to stand in line for more than a year if you have a disability claims pending with the veterans administration. speed of the average wait time, 273 days paid despite half a billion dollars new computer system designed to improve efficiency, 97% of claims are still filed on paper. a couple veteran affairs offices in virginia and north carolina
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are facing structural damage to their facilities overburdened by the weight of the paper claims. the budget increased 40% in the past four years. its budget is second only to that of the department of defense. the president secretary of veterans affair retired four-star general recently received the american hero award the night of the heroes gala, but some lawmakers are calling for him to resign his cabinet post. he has headed the va since 2009. speak of the va has be run like a business that provides services to their customers. >> we are aggressively executing a plan we have put together to fix this decades-old problem and eliminate the backlog. >> in some cases there are good reasons the backlogs. when he took over in 2009 he removed obstacles for veterans to receive disability benefits
7:29 pm
for posttraumatic stress which caused a surge in claims. the total number of 9/11, that's receiving disability payments soared from 27,000 to 196,000 from 2,622,012 he did >> you take care of your people, it is that simple. >> severely wounded veterans from the current wars make up the bulk of the claims awaiting action. 37% were filed by vietnam era veterans, 20% by post-9/11 war veterans. nonetheless congress and the public are demanding answers on why the va, second largest government department, appears to be broken. -@fox news. loo: we will continue to follow this absolute national disgrace at the department of veteran affairs in this broadcast and we will do so regularly and thoroughly from here on.
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the number of civilians has climbed to a new record as well. nearly 11 million people are now receiving disability benefits, that is a number that exceeds the population of all but seven states. the last time a number of americans collecting disability actually went down was 16 years ago in january of 1997. a state audit finds massachusetts has paid out millions of dollars in welfare payments to dead people or people using the social security number of dead people. payments totaling $18 million over the past two and half years, that is just for one state. president obama heading to his hometown of chicago trying to put all of his scandals behind him for at least a day or so. we will talk to the a team if he is about to lose his attorney general. being called a threat to the
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entire world. a deadly superbug that has no known origin, no known cure, and kills at an alarming rate. dr. marc siegel on the chilling details of the virus. le questio: how old is theoldest person you've known? we ge people a sticker and had em show us. we learned a lot of us ha known seone who's lived well into the 90s. and that's a great thing. but evethough we're l, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the questn is how do you make sure you have e money you need to enjoy all of thesyears. ♪
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lou: breaking news, tornadoes, hail, strong wind pressing the central and southern midwest tonight one day after tomatoes hit parts of northern kansas. forecasters warning west can do's and oklahoma at a moderate risk of severe weather including moore, oklahoma, where 24 people were killed in last week's ef five tornado. no injuries reported from the tornado outbreak but at least 18 buildings severely damaged. turning to a deadly new threat that has world health officials on high alert. the world health organization today confirmed five more cases
7:35 pm
of middle east respiratory syndrome had a coronavirus. the sars like virus is a threat to the entire world. 27 of the 49 confirmed cases resulted in death. joining us now giving us perspective on this deadly virus fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. i have never heard of a virus that has better than a 50% death rate. this is stunning stuff, what is happening here? >> it is certainly something we have to take seriously. any time a new virus emerges we don't know the scope it is going to be. the initial virus looks like high def rate among the cases. there is a problem, first of all he is not very shy when she says
7:36 pm
threat to the entire world. the head of the world health organization said it could kill up to 90 million, it was swine flu, says every time there is an emerging virus, she did it with sars. there is something very interesting. in 2003 effective 7000 people and killed 700 when it first emerged, sars was 50% death rate and everybody panic, it will kill the entire world. the city of toronto was cordoned off, asia spend $30 billion keeping people from traveling and sequestering people. you know what, that is the real story about sars, the fear, the panic. now i see on tv people say this could be another sars. but it was not as bad as people said. why my talking about sars? it is the same kind of virus. guess what else is, the common
7:37 pm
cold. lou: when i look at the symptoms of this virus, talking about the cold, or flulike, symptoms. how many illnesses have those as illness. wait a minute, wait a minute, the world health organization is telling us there are 49 cases. this is pretty good because we're a planet of over 7 billion people and they hav had come don with 49 folks, the know how many of them have died. this doesn't sound right to me. what is going on? >> what is going on is it is too early to say anything like what you say because we don't even know what something called the attack rate is. until we see it actually spreading, we cannot assume it will. most of these new viruses do not
7:38 pm
stay deadly as they spread, it's to dea teeter off. every year there is one of these and the real virus here is fear. we have scientists to study these things, but we need a message of information, we are looking into it, studying it, figuring out the dna, published in thh dna on the web but it is not clear this will end up being a worldwide scorch. lou: what in the world can one do if one did panic? we are dealing with science, science is identifying this virus. what i'm curious about is suggesting this is an abnormally
7:39 pm
high rates mutating to the point it is absolutely resistant to antivirals. kind of put that into context for us, if you would. >> everybody loves the word mutating because it is a fear word. most of the new tate or change in ways that make them less harmful, not more harmful. i do not think they will become more harmful. if they did, we would have a cure for the common cold. we don't have vaccines against them, most of the time they don't spread like wildfire and become the threat. i think it is worth watching this virus and worth studying it. i don't see a vaccine coming against it.
7:40 pm
lou: that is a wonderful point. terrific as always. >> margaret chan is a problem. more vaccines getting manufactured and more panic, but it ii not responsible. lou: this money goes to pharmaceutical companies, you are not sayyng this is big business at work, are you? >> there are people who think this is a conspiracy. i am aware of the networks that form every time she says something. lou: if she is such an alarmist to such a degree over such a long period of time, why is the united nations keeping her in that post? >> they don't always have a memory.
7:41 pm
lou: we appreciate your sharing of medical science. thank you for being here, it is fascinating that we will keep you up-to-date on this corona novel virus. come avenu if morrow, ambassadon bolton on the presidents sudden about-face on drone attacks. up next the controversy around him so thick even democrats are calling for eric holders resignation. next. [ male announcer ] ah... rerement. sit back, relax,
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lou: joining me now the a-team, doug shown, editor of red, eric erickson, and fox news political analyst juan williams, great to you have here, let me start, if i may
7:45 pm
with attorney general holder is going to talk with the distinguished bureau chiefs of print and broadcast organizations in washington to talk about how better serve subpoenas on them, and spy on them, and get their records. how is this a sweet bouquet and kiss to the media offended. >> it will be a wet kiss, attorney general has lost all it -ot most of his credibility. lou: would you advise the president to get rid of him. >> i think he has to seriously consider it his credibility, i don't think it rises to level of perjury but it issues the
7:46 pm
special prosecutor. lou: juan, did he lie? >> i don't think so, i think he was talking about public national security, he was not party to the thought that you would prosecute james rosen, it was he made a terrible error in listing james as a coconspirator. he did not lie about thaa to the house. lou: eric, do you concur with our olleague? >> i'm not so sure, given his statement, definitive that he did not sign off on the investigation, andly did, to his credit, attorney generals have a lot of paper shoved in their face and signed. but he signed it, it was his call and we know we is concerned giving immediate push back, fawning stories about how he upset his public image is not what he believes, well he did it. lou: did he ever.
7:47 pm
let me turn to internal revenue service four committees pursuing the internal revenue service. it turns out, doug that we've been lied to again. >> that to me, lou is clear. the story that we were first told, about a limited investigation coming out of cincinnati by some low level employees, is just false. we're learning of higher level involvement in washington. the treasury informed earlier than administration had indicated. lou: only by a year. >> what is a year among friends. lou: rising to level of deputy treasury secretary, juan, is there an excuse for this level of -- i don't know what you want to call it? a misrepresentation, we don't want to call it lies, don't use that expression in washington. but this administration in grip of inability to find truth in their testimony before congress.
7:48 pm
>> well, there is a lot of, how do you say it politely, cover your something, your derriere or something. lou: we're all abouts french you got it. >> i think they -- everybody is in that mode, you see people forced out, and lois lerner concerned about her fifth amendment rights, so at this point, everyone is you know, lawyered up. but i will say, i would point you to, lou, say, you know darrell issa, one of those people that was told way back in 2012, we didn't see the republican you know the great investigate or warning conservative group or making a issue of this at that time. lou: we're going to take that up when we continue with the a-team. we'll take a moment to invite you to join us on-line, go to to get links to our
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facebook page. and e-mail me, and tweet me. we're coming right back.
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lou: i want to turn to study, in pew research, showing that women have become the bread winners in this country, and a lot of other trouble stagtivityics, but our society is torn in so many directions that stuff at the margin when you watch republicans and democrats, this president, and his scandals and appropriation investigation by the republicans. whether we watch society dissolve around us, juan, what do you think? >> i think this should be in
7:53 pm
largeeletters on front page of every news papeer in america, we're seeing with 4 out of 10 families now the women is the primary bread winner, you see the disinsgration of marriage, men hard hit by the economic recession in ways that women were not, you are seeing systemically, something going terribly wrong in american society, it is hurting our children, it will have impact for generations to come. left, right, i don't see how you can argue this. lou: you mentioned children. those are the children who survive. 54 million abortion since roe v. wade, what has been impact of that? what does that say about ours so fee, our high school drop outs, eric, your thoughts on this study. and what it portends. >> i am used to liberals telling conservatives they are
7:54 pm
antiscience, you look at biology and natural world, roles of a male and female in society, the other animals male is dominant roll, female with a complimentary role, we lost our ability to have the relationships in nuclear families, it is tearing us apart, 3/4 of people survey recognize that having mom as primary bread windsor bad for kids and bad for marriage. >> the politicians are so scared, they are a bunch of -- you know. i have to tell you it is tearing apart minority communities worse than white communities. lou: doug? >> i think i would associate myself with what juan is saying, i wrote a b by biography of danl
7:55 pm
patrick moynihan, this is a catastrophic issue, no one on the left, right or center is dealing with the break down of family structure could we're losing a generation, this could undermine our social order. lou: it may be doing, that looking at the absolute disaster that is our public education system. and the fixes that have green -- fiction that have grown up around what we've done with our local schools, we have a department of education which is no replacement or adequate comment. to local school districts having control of those schools. s community, and we have got the left and the right, and juan is talking about it, in racial terms, even hitting minority communities harder. if it hits any community it is
7:56 pm
our community. this is not something that is in my opinion debatable. >> we are playing cannoned to or political rhetoricition who want to use language of race and division, we need to tell them to go to hell. >> the people that want school choice and benefit from school choice the most are poor african-americans and hispanics. lou: we're not talking about that now -- i don't want to hear partisan words. let's talk about teaching our kids how to read, to write, ex express themselves and built relationships, eric, you get the last word. >> you know it is more difficult for republicans these days they are so scared of idea of war on women, and raising this issue is sounds anti-women, then to basic point we have a ociety of
7:57 pm
elites who do not think this is a bad thing but they raise kids in schools to be workers not citizens. lou: well said, dou have a greae see you tomorrow.
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neil: here is how you know the %-there thinks that anybody hase done anything bad. i am neil cavuto, how is this for hutzpah? long after all that hit the fan, irs agencies were hitting up conservative groups with long questionnaires and worse, it is all detailed in a lawsuit filed today that claims a lot of other stuff too. that raises a we here -- question here, doos anyone have a sense of a clue over there? is the irs so out of control that even under the harsh area of public spotlight, they are still


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