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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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neil: forget the attorney general or acting irs commissioner or former irs big wig, now on leave. if you want to know what scandal stands to make you really sick, it is woman overseeing health care law presumably in charge f keeping us well, it is sebelius. i am serious. i am neil cavuto, sebelius is running scared, getting scrutneeded for hitting up private companies for singing the praises. it is not so much that law has
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become a scandal as much as very folks who once touted its services yous are most vocal critics, labor union, they are none too pleased they have not escaped the taxes, and average americans finding out if it sounds too good to be true, no amount of coverage for preexisting conditions it justify the alarming costs, under the pervue of department secretary who is supposed to be policing them this year scandal to watch, this is not about a conservative group target by irs or reporters hounded by the justice department, this is about all americans whose health is under a department's control. ow, out of control. to a doc with should shock, this health care law, 6 stick a sir jinx in it -- syringe in it, you
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argue this keeps springing leaks, more to point, it is raising a lot more questions than answers? >> it sandwich. neil: your problem is what with it? >> well, it is a brazen overreach, i believe this will be a fourth scandal in terms of what is going on. a represent between kathleen sebelius on the hhs end, and on end of irs, sarah hall ingram am commissioner of the irs overseeing tax ecommen exempt u. >> how does a are o orthodontist
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caught up in this. >> it is hard to ignore fact, in health care community, myself and my colleagues are upset about it we're aware of the fact that the larger government is once again trying to hijack or health care system, and it is an overreach. a insistious relationship between the department of health and human services and the irs, none of us feel comfortable with it. iit -- article 1 of constructio, reach out, to pro vate organizations such as largest tax preparer being han handd! hs some form of a relationship with the irs, she is not allowed to augment appropriation as it says in antideputsin.
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>> in order to seek augmented funds for enroll america, which is sponsors navigators as a nonprofit, loaded with x-obbma administration employees to reach out to america and on a nonpartisan basis enhance awareness of the obama carry law. neil: one thing, cadillac insurance plans. so, under this plan, you are a extra, how do you feel about that. >> as a provider, i will say this is something that affects me less as a patient and american citizen, most of my colleagues in health care are outraged that a sim ha a systemn
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hijacked, it is not logical to turn to bureau cats tscrats to h care, any more than you would brokerage a sick cat to an accountant. there are certainly things that we could do that make a lot more sense. ttis is not one of them. neil: all right. thank you very much. we thought we would bridge a different type of distinguish. of doctor. >> to texas republican joe barton probing kathleen sebelius to when she bo knew it, why do u fear that private industry push is bad on the part of secretary in charge of implementing this law?
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>> well, you remember that george orwell book, big brother was always watching you. in the obama administration we have big mother in health care, who is not only watching you, but calling up, and telling people they should make contributions allegedly in excess of a million dollars to implement a law that according to its proponents everyone should love, a law that mandates employers have to vide health mandates. have to provide health care, and every individual has to have health care, why in the world do we need to solicit funds. neil: administration is blaming you republicans for blocking that funding so thhy have to hit the companies company. -- up, they argue it is in their company's interestt you could
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make a case for johnson foundation it could benefit as foundations can benefit. under the new lyle care law -- health care law, you say that does not wash? >> i don't. we sent a letter myself, chairman emerit is. we sene letter to secretary sebelius asking her tell us who she talked to. neil: has she answered? >> she did not, the deadline of yesterday, as of you know,ty of tier time right now -- tv time right now, i'm not aware she answered. the people have a right to know, it is a minimal unseemly for sitting secretary of health and human services to dial for dollars, so to speak for a entity that is headed up by former senior campaign aide to the obama reelection campaign,
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former senior official, democratic national committee, you know if this law is as good as its proponents claim, they don't need to be doing this, it very questionable whether what the secretary has allegedly done is evening well. neil: thank you, for you folks at home, think of implication of companies that did not pay up? are they going to be targeted? you be the judge. to the go who is. has judged. judge napolitano, hanging by a thread. >> it is, and the doctor and congressman are correct. the entities to which the corporations regulated by department of health and human services are asked by the secretary of health and human services are 501c threes, and c4s, i am wondering if irs is
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giving them scrutiny they gave the tea party patriots, on the conservative side. the constitution prohibits government from getting someone else to do its work for it when the obama administration specifically asked for funds to do things that mrs. sebelius is trying to get nonprofits to do by getting regulated entities to contribute to nonprofits so they have money with which to do, congress said no. so, federal law actually prohibits her from boein doing e wants to do. neil: she broke the law. >> she did break the law. neil: what go asking not demanding. >> asking. neil: falls in the same category. >> sure, she is a rig later, as -- regulator, as of head of hhs, the several hundred thousand people that work for her regulate the insurance companies, the quid pro quo is your boss wants to us contribute money to this entity, her boss,
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the president, thinks will make his law a little bit easier, if we contribute, will you go easier on regulating us? if we don't contribute, should we fear your wrath? congress fore saw this. when it enacted the sta statutet said he ranking federal officials cannot raise money, not for catholic church or for the adl or this entity she is raising money for, the implication is, if you give as we want you to give, the government will thank you. neil: now let's say this she struck down this and can't hit up the money from the companies @% foundations, this is hanging by a thread. you already got uproar over irs thing, a loo of folks saying go slow. and you got growing concern among unions who thought they would get a pass for paying their cadillac plans on their,. >> it if you let me take off my
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judicial hat, and put on my political hat, yes, because there are democrats, in the reelection, in 2014, this is going to be so frustratining for so many people, who used to vote democratic all of the time that even the democrats want to make changes in the statute, this affects more people, and costs more money than anything that congress did by one single vote, to suggestion it is not perfect, or that is has gone too far justifies reality. when democrats combine with republicans and say you were right -- >> you can't tinker with the titanic, you have to start with scratch. >> an argument be on made. neil: the good lawyer wins out. >> president should worry when democrats say, time for a change. neil: that is right, they are all at judge's side now.
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neil: who knew, hulu. they are barking loudly because perspective buyers are barking more loudly, whether those bids ever get around to approaching company's self-vellinling a of north of 2 billion bucks is anyone's guess. sound a lot like that other
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high-tech boom the one that went bust? the one that cut tech heavy nazdaq in half? for now wall streeters not seems too concerned. now what is going on, with the hulu thing that nicely tells story that not only does every dog have its day but people reassess the dogs and figure what the hay. >> we're all hoping that market keeps going up, even if you know revenues are declining, earnings growth declining, we're hoping for a bubble. look at good the internet was until is popped. neil: is this a bubble? are you saying by definition, with hulu and the tech sector is indicative of before? >> when stocks are pushed up by fundamentals it is well, family a bubble. during the internet we thought using metrics to value things
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this is that, no. nazdaq still down way down from where it was when it popped in 2000. neil: someone told me, you keep these numbers for better than i am that if the nazdaq were to get back to even 5,000, the valuations would be more in line with the reality than that figure represented back in 2,000, what do you say? >> i don't think -- remember there is has been a change, that since rifts,. neil: -- that is interests. >> thank you. >> we had tons of printed money, 85 billion a month. neil: what if ttat money was not there? what if that nicotine were not provided. >> ask the bulls, they tell you, the feds got our back, that is why we're jumping in. but i think it's not smart to do that from too long, even interests, you know just because the fed prints money does not
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mean interest rates always stay low. how long does it last? neil: how long do you technology lasts -- do you think it lasts some, people say you could have a nice melt up, that could go on for a good couple years, just go with the flow, don't fight the feds, just run baby run. >> most people went up and they melted right back down. neil: they don't have the discerning pow target out at the right time. >> right. i would be careful about thinking this is going on for two mere years, market has been a good run it will be trick to move two years at this rate. neil: what is first sign luke for -- look for, it does not have to take the punch hole away but hinting they could take some of it away. would that be a sign to get out?
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>> you find people will get out, that is what they think is driving this market up, if you see that move, it will be time to take profits, at the same time, even fed is getting worried about this, i don't believe believe this is going to cousicousinflation. neil: always a pressure robert -- pleasure robert. >> thank you. neil: abbott and costello are back, why isn't this sandy victim laughing. >> i told president obama, you told us you are going to cut the red tape. and i told him, the middle class get in the royal finger, it is a joke, you need to take action and be real.
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neil: hope and bing, lewis and martin, abbott and costello, barack and chris christie, high joined hands to tackle aftermath of the storm of hurricane sandy. he has become a political rock star. selling notion as has president that sometimes parties have to come together to get stuff done, only question, my next guest circumstance whais,what have th7 months after hurricane sandy not much, red cross has not spent more than a third of the millions raised to assist with sandy victims like scott. good to see you, i thought i would see you adan obama event
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right now. >> not in this lifetime. neil: what do you think of these, fema proven its worth, all is good. >> you have to go out, i have an organization, beacon of hope in new york, that we started after this, my wife and i did a survey of community of staten island there are over a thousand houses damaged in my community that are are not being happened. >> charles: beyond repair or can be repaired. >> fema told everyone to get an sba loan, now everyone has a issue with the sba, what is going on now, is, you hear the city program will allow grants because we might have to raise our homes under fema's new guidelines, the president said fema works for him. okay fema works for him, where are the maps, 7 months later.
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neil: whattdo you mean? >> flood elevation maps that tell people, if you don't raise your house to a certain level, you will pay from $10,000 to $20,000 in flood insurance, what middle class person -- that is an extra mortgage. neil: if you want to rebuild? >> you have to rebuild new guidelines. now you -- your insurance company locked you up for 30,000 if they li let you qualify, fems supposed to help you out, but if you did not apply for a sba loan then have you all this ri red t. if you applied for that sba loan, because they told you, you had to, then you don't qualify
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for that, it has to be out of pocket. neil: what is their interest. >> push you out, this is waterfront property. neil: who makes money on that? >> the government, still works the government, they work hand in hand. neil: primo real estate. >> they are talking there is a you know buyout program, and rebuild program. neil: buyout leaves you under. you are not leaving? >> i am not leaving. >> your friends are not he eith. >> no. neil: where is this going? >> who knows, we are not going no matter what do you do, these are our american dreams, we're working people, we want our homes, we want you to do the right things by us, you made promises, you said stuff, on national tv you said you were cutting red tape, it has not
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happened. neil: he says it is, you say he is lying. >> he has to wake up, he is living a fairy dream, i don't know where he gets it. neil: you think that jersey gets the attention, and you see see istanstatenisland don't. >> no jersey is not getting it either, i'm talked to them. people have to stop giving to red cross, go to little community, beacon of hope new york, boots on the ground. neil: they help. >> they will be there from the beginning to the end. we're helping people restructas we talk, we're doing the mold
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reaheadratioaheadation, we're te doing it. >> scot mc mcgrath a lot of people have wanted him to run for was on the. it would be a disruptive house. >> president obama surveying sandy aftermath. bad time to get out or a perfect time to get away? we gavpeople ar d had them show us. we learned lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great tng. but even though we're livingonger, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these ars. ♪
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neil: surveying damage, and trying to control damage. because while president obama touring new jersey, 4 series scandal investigations are heating up in washington, the president does not need to deflect, the public does not care about these scandal, and patrick buchanan does not agree. >> i think what president is doing, and right thing, he is giving two important speeches, moore house college, one on drones, now up in new jersey. no doubt this is a serious matter politically for him, i think that irs scandal. and also the problem with attorney general of united states who appears not to have spoken the truth when he said he doesn't know anything about espionage act investigations,
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the president needs to stay away from the battle, none of this directly impacts him for example in the way watergate, and iran contra, impacted nixon and reagan. neil: but don, if you are seen in eyes of public as aloof in the face of these scandals, who is to trust you to say you are on top of these disasters and you are making good? wwe have a victim of the storm say that says the words do not match the deed. >> that presumes that public sees president aloof, we could say he is trying to deflect attention or doing the job he was elected to do, which is what he is doing addressing major national security considerations, he is trying too rally young people to be part of the economy and take responsibility for themselves. he is going out and talking about middle class, and how we
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have to help jump-start the economy for their sake, on every front, he is doing what he should be doing. neil: but, i agree, i don't buy that trying to escape political troubles. every president involved in and scandal look like, that i will raise the basic issue with you about whether this does fester, his approval ratings have not been impacted in a severe way yet, do you think they will? >> they can. but surest way to help that along is to actually deflect your attention away from the job you are elected to do, pat and i have worked in different white houses in different era that faced these circumstances only way to save a president see in a i'm like this is stay focused on the job, when american people come to believe that you somehow have been undermined and your ability to pay attention to their problem nasa is when you get troub. >> neil, the president has an
8:33 pm
advantage, he had nothing to do at all with the benghazi event. he did not know about security of it he was not in on making up the devising talking points. neil: there is a lot you don't know, pat, we don't know, and if his ignorance is a defense that is not going to buy him much. >> there is no way that i think that president of united states can say i was involved and engaged on these issues, he waa not, attorney general rally said, i never told him about what we did with the ap or with rosen. neil: understood, but is it a good or bad thing? argument of being a leader, bad things happening and proven you are not it might be find but what does is say? >> it says that president is some what disengaged in things he is not interested in, he was not involved, they went 3 years on that irs scandal before it reached the white house, but not
8:34 pm
on the same magnitude as richard nixon involved in water gate thing from the beginning, intimately, and ron at reagan, if you will, one responsible for the arms for hostages deal. >> kay. in the end, where does this go? don, it seems you say, it does not necessarily go far if there is no there, there, there meeting multiple embear -- there might be multiple embarrassing issues. >> we don't the answer yet. we don't know the facts behind. as more comes out, more could be damaging, if the president stays focused. this is not about his whole administration but him and his ability to people's view to stay focused. if he accomplished more things for the american people. neil: that might be debate able in this environment, pat?
8:35 pm
>> that true. no doubt that republicans will be on his case. but if he told the truth, and i believe he has, then these will be a major destruction, but he should move away from this, i think that eric holder has problems, i want to know why secretary of treasury mr. geithner did not know he had a rogue again under him that was going hog while against conservative groups for two years while he was sitting atop that agent. neil: good point, but don, you said, as long as this does not touch the president and administration survives. >> yes, and cabinet officers that pat has talked about, right now, at least public is judging them based on the real work they have been doing on behalf of the country. geithner was hard at work trying to make sure that economy was improving, which it has, and eric holder, as we know has been involved with protecting country on national security front, and
8:36 pm
investigations there, which most people believe is the right thing for the government to do right now. >> don, you can't believe that eric holder will survive this for a year, can you? >> well, i don't know, he wants to stay in the job anyway. but, you know, there will be more questions. neil: don just remember things can change, 4 decade ago, 69% of americans polled thought it was a political attack agenda. and later on, as we would see, things change. >> it was that too. neil: that was then this, is now. now. you were to blame for all that pat, i'm kidding. thank you, guys. neil: cruise business on fire, but somehow i don't think this is what they had in mind, now another ship as hit the fan.
8:37 pm
never to return.g the blank,
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neil: good news, apple going low end, and cruise disasters that will not en, cruise from hell in a moment, but first up, high-end shoppers kicking off summer with bling. tiffany sales rising, beating expectations. scott martin and toby smith. luxury could be hot, everything in middle not. >> you know, if you look over numbers last week our economy had a heart attack 2008, and 2009 and we're still recovery, but at the top, incomes have come back to where they were, back to 20% of what home values were in many cases in 2008, parts of that going to feeling comfortable is going totiv tiffy
8:40 pm
wright ni, an and buying somethg night. neil: very high-ends are doing fine. low end. dollar store and family dollar are doing fine, everything in between from macy's to walmart, not, what is that about? >> yeah, like a weird crowding out. you don't want to be in the middle but you want to be on the fringe, that dichotomy, that in the economy right now, but listen, if you are tiffany you do one of two thins to grow sales you build stores where toby lives or you like to see their main customer do well, that customer is the high high-end consumer with investment in real estate, they are going up.
8:41 pm
neil: issue two, apple shares off of the $700 high, the apple stock cheap, city 1 analyst predict a shift to low end iphones that could happen this quarter or next? toby, smart edesperate or both? >> not desperate, classic consumer markets 101, if you create a new niche of products, they did with the iphone, and ipad, you sell to the highest end customer at highest price possible, and take out that premium marketplace, they have. the problem they have, next in smartphones we have a billion smartphones we're going to 5 billion in fix next 5 or 6 y. they don't cannibalize their eye end sales, person in india or
8:42 pm
china will buy lower end phone, they have to do this? scott? they have to do it? >> they do, but they are getting caught on the high end, that is why they are going to low end, the cheaper that apple gets as far as their products that is less apple-like that takes juice out of the stock. so, that to me will hurt the stock price, this is not the same old apple. neil: it does take a bit of the allure away. they could over charge for products, and fans would never argue. talk about shipwrecked, first carnival under fire, now royal caribbean on fire. 2200 passengers flown back to baltimore today after a fire breaks out during a cruise. >> taking a dolphin ride, i am really worried about these cruises and cruise lines, over last 10 years, profitability is dropping at ablarging rates -- at alarming rates, the resorts
8:43 pm
and hospitality stocks are doing well. these are two areas to avoid, you know what is going to be next cruise lines paying people to take the cruises because they are afraid? neil: in this cruise line's case, it handled it well, as could be expected a lot of these people might come back tobin but what do you make of it? >> there is 4 millionaire flights a year, we have zero, we have you know less the aim of cruises and time again, once a quarter, they have been safe, but,ing all getting painted with the same brush it is going to hurt the brand of cruising, not like cruising when we grew up. neil: you take private yachts that is different, my idea of a circle around -- i want to thank you both very much.
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>> you want to know how housing will do? look at housing stocks, we have, this rally, if it holds this housing boom is on. next. n. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling ieasy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double mile this guy can act. wanna play dodge ck? oh, you guys and with dole miles you can auay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ w win! what's in your wallet? w win! all stations come over to mithis is r real this time. step sevenoint two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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neil: this just in, housing boom is ohome building giant, with numbers he said so far prove it good to have you back. something is -- by the and large most of housing data from existing home/8say the sales are up, and minutes -- cynics come back, you are off the map but hardly off to the races. >> we're in early innings.
8:48 pm
it is positive but has a lot of runway ahead. neil: how do you know? >> it is demographics drive our business. household more may b pore may bh immigration -- formation with immigration form housing demand. neil: i thought people realized that demand that was over supplying, has did not match. >> we did over supply in 2004, 5 and 6, but we under supplied so greatly in the downturn, we were down at housing starts at 500 to 600,000 starts a year, we have not seen that since world war ii here. we over reacted it ate up that extra supply then some. we're actually in a deficit %-neil: what changed. what brought the shoppers out? >> the come makes o combinationt rates, they have been low for a
8:49 pm
while but lower over last year, and psychology has done a lot. the fear -- people were waiting and waiting they said, with these rates i have to step out and get into the home buying mode, enough people have done that, that snowball got bigger and bigger. neil: but what if it about the obuilt on a new bubble. all you need is one hiccup or fed saying we're not going to buy as much? >> you know, neil we been around for over 50 years, we've been through a lot of cycles, after the '81-82 housing downturn, mortgage rates were 18%, recovery happened with 30-year fixed rate mortgages at 14%, and housing starts -- neil: people have gotten used to out of whack rates, those rates are the rates we first were at,
8:50 pm
today you tell young people, who lament getting a 4% mortgage, they think they are getting gouged, the historical norm is -- you are sitting in a perfect environment. >> housing is primarily about shelter. right now, the shelter they can get, might be a beautiful 3500 square foot house, if rates go up to 6% it is a 2500 square foot house, or 9%, a townhouse, but they will need shelter, and households formations are growing, our population is growing. neil: for first time, guys like you and toll and others have been able to jack up your prices, and add-on that used to be gimmes to entice buyers, you don't have to do it request more, how long do you think that will last. >> i think it will last longer there will be more price appreciation.
8:51 pm
neil: about what are we get back to once we get there. >> 10% year-over-year, we're still below where we were for a while. i think we're -- in our last conference calling rereleased specific examples and divisions of price increases we did, which were more precise. we're about to do our new conference call in two weeks, we'll give a few more examples it is widespread, not every market, some are harder than others. neil: lenders have to lend more aggressively? they have not done that? what is accounting for this new activity are people paying cash. >> the cash buyers are an important component there are enough credit qualified buyer nas are moving out of the sideline, as it moves more people say, i guess it is time. i have to jump in, i have soon prices go up 92 it is psychological. >> it is demographics and
8:52 pm
psychology and great mort gang gang rates -- mortgage rates. >> do you fear with story of flipping plopties we're kill the goose. >> there will be some that take advantage of appreciation but in the end, biggest driver right now is pure consumer demand. it is finally cashing and up growing in momentum. neil: good seeing you again. >> thank you are neil. >> when we come back, attention newark walmart shoppers, good luck in finding a walmart to shop at for you newark shoppers, after this. nt to take your busi? ieed help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t
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♪ neil: welcome a congratulations. you just book your voters to more use it -- more years of retail help. the new york mayor happy to put
8:55 pm
a kaj bosch and opening a walmart in their neck of the roads leading his residence to pay to the nose. what is is all about, giving customers or unions a break? let's ask. what do you think? >> i think his politics as usual, unfortunately in newark in the state of new jersey, if you take a look at what mr. bloggers track record is, it is clearly in favor of the unions. the simple fact is i bet you if you look carefully at the connections that he has to the right eight corporation they would weave their way into a very interesting fashion. i am not suggesting and know that for a fact. i am saying am pretty sure that is the case. neil: this would not be the first public official who has said notes so walmart, a nonunion shop in their neck of the woods. what are we to make of that and the signal that it sends to its constituents? >> as a constituent would be upset. i enjoy being able to stop of walmart.
8:56 pm
i wish i had one in my neighborhood. it is great for people who have to stick to a budget, unlike a lot of government agencies. but another thing is, there is an article in the newark -- new work pads that says walmart has company data showing that they spent 25 million at walmart last year, so it's not like they have moral issues with stopping there. neil: what do you make of this? >> shop rite, the sas gone in instead of walmart started out in newark in 1946. it is a new jersey company and its headquarters are in new jersey. it makes perfect sense. and this walmart, only $17 million last year. perhaps they should just been a bit more lobbying. neil: what is wrong with giving them a choice? >> fundamentally they do have a choice. neil: you think they're basically beijing? >> quite frankly it was 50
8:57 pm
community groups or complaining. neil: use a better able cause problems. >> cory booker is looking to constituents and going to new jersey companies. neil: but i would to bid around to say, what about those who want for dollar prescription drugs, what about those who want cheaper ties, consumer products and whenever villainous things you're taxing to walmart. it is not giving you that option >> and think the government position should be to take away choices that the consumers are supposed to have 56 to let the consumers decide. >> and that is exactly what is being done fast. put it this way, a developer is involved. they should get to make really the end decision on who they won in the developing. because of political pressure and the nature of how politics is so important local community, that decision power its second wait for. it booker did not back the other will go with whoever he did for. plain and simple. all the suddenness of dragging their feet on certain things that need to get done, speccal permits that might need to get
8:58 pm
files. neil: but where is the lobby for average joe enjoy answer one cheaper drugs, cheaper consumer products, a super food and like an alternative. then they just say, have added. if you think this is so heinous and horrendous, if i don't shop there it was a waste of time for walmart. >> that will be my message. no one is forcing anyone to shop %-they will see the pain prettyd good the peeple have problems of walmart and choose not to shop there. why not give them that option? completely agree and that is what would have vast. neil: you would not give him that option, would you? >> it is a need -- new jersey company. if they don't like cory booker and his policies, they can vote him out. a blueberry of the state. neil: in the end it all they are aware of is -- >> you could just say. neil: you know the path of this. community groups obviously
8:59 pm
always argue when a big box or comes into the neighborhood. they fear that the big box or will take away their business, but if you think about the individuals to shop at those stores, they don't care whether it's big or small box. they want a good deal and there being robbed of that. >> but also you what your workers to have good wages. three to 400 people now with more jobs in new jersey. neil: you don't know that. you don't know that. jobs provided by walmart. >> whether it is walmart or right age, they would have brought those jobs. the bigger issue is, let the contadora a background of walmart. started out of his basement. i mean, the reality is, that is the american dream. neil: with this even be an issue? >> said think it would. a big market. neil: if they were unionized this would not have happened. >> it is a new jersey company. neil: if walmart were -- i don't think this would happen.
9:00 pm
>> i mean, i agree. and believe that that has been in ac that liberal groups and unions said that for quite awhile. a local union chapter president who wrote an op-ed. >> come to new york and paid br double. there ihes always that.t". ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willi tonight on "the willis report" president obama's says he has done a heck of a job. >> it is open for business. gerri: he will tell you about the folks left high and dry. a dangerous oversight of your tax doars. government watchdogs not on the j. the markets are on fire, but ho can you make witht getting burns. watching out for you tonight on "the willis report". ♪ gerri:r top story tonight


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