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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  May 26, 2013 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> thank you, ladies. have a wonderful memorial day weekend. keep it here. the number one business spot continues. . >> this will fire up talk at the holiday barbecues. our union is standing in the way. who else is the government snooping on and are you on the enemy list. right after the deadly twister hit, one senator said this. >> the damage that the polluters and deniers are doing doesn't just hit alabama and oklahoma and texas. >> he is apologizing now, but why are democrats cashing in while people are digging out. firing up your weekend barbecue conversation right now.
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>> welcome to cashing in. our cashing in crew this week, wayne rogers and jonathan honig and kirstin powers join us. calls growing for the white house to can workers, but irs workers are unionized and unions protect their members. irs unionizing employees. is this a conflict of interest? >> it is an inherent conflict of interest. there is bias embedded when you have a situation like this where they are protected. it's difficult to remove them. they have positive incentive to go along with it and if you look at the numbers, the workers and political donations in 2008 and 2012 to president obama, $110,000 in contributions, 78% of them contributed to president obama and his reelection. they got a good thing going with him. they want to make sure it stays
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in place versus romney and mccain. only 22%. no wonder they got it in the bag. >> the pagds and the fire out number the democrats than they do to republicans. you love them, don't you? >> listen, eric. people have the right to unionize, but any employer including the federal government has to be on mushrooms to hire them. they destroyed every industry in which they have been involved. airlines and textile and coal and education. we talked about it and that's why private employers by and large won't work with unions these days. the only place they are going is in government where as the irs case shows, they can use force against their political opponents and we should cut ties with them all together. >> explain why the government employees, why should they unionize? >> because people have a right to unionize.
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i think any group of workers has a right to unionize. i do think unions have played an important in the country. that said, it is time to look at some of the issues about not being able to fire people whether it's firing teachers or government workers. i work in the clinton administration and we had somebody who was a civil servant in my area who just never came to work. >> allow me. what's going on. lois learner who pled the fifth in front of a congressional panel saying that she didn't want to incriminate herself. she wants to plead the fifth.nd in the aftermath of that, she is not even let go. she is on leave with pay. this drives us crazy. >> for drives everybody crazy. you can support the idea of unionizing and still have it
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drive you crazy. in favor of not firing you right away is they want to give you all the information. it's a fundamental message to the american people about the irs. they don't think they are accountable. none of us can plead the fifth if we are audited. >> that are would be great. move on to wayne. what about the public sector unions. you are okay with those? >> i think you have to ask yourself and everybody does. what good is a union of federal worke workers? are they being abuse and they need protection? no. they were formed for the purpose of protecting the worker and they were good and still good. jonathan is wrong when he said they are all bad. some are good and some have done good work. in this case where it's the taxpayers who are the people who are paying the salaries of those people, they should not be unionize and should not have the
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right. they are not doing anything. >> let me get back to kimberly. say you agree that a federal employee could be unionized. should they be able to donate so much to a particular president's reelection campaign? are. >> no because they are coming to their business with clean hands. they have that bias built in. they are rewarding the administration to put them in the job. they should be more privatized so if somebody is not doing their job and targeting american citizens, thap should be able to be removed. we are rewarding deceit and tyranny. i will give you a statement. plead the fifth and collect a paycheck. >> it wouldn't last for an hour let alone one day or one quarter. the bigger picture is not to cut
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unions and cut the government influence. 50 people under a flat tax. with the power to regulate the favorites, you get cronyism and the unions are thriving. that's the only place they are thriving in government. >> it ust bothers me with the taxpayer that pays the employees, they can give money to the unions and they turn around and makes contributions to keep the same bozos that gave them the jobs in the first place. it sounds like the crony system, circle. >> you can explain how that is different than firefighter unions or police unions who are more likely to donate to republicans? do you oppose those as well and should they not be able to make donations? >> my concern is on the federal level. >> what's the difference? it's the same concept. why do they pick some unions to hate and some to like? >> excuse me.
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hold on. someone in kansas is paying taxes and the irs collects them and that money is given to the irs employees and the union said i like president obama because he keeps me in office that i can plead the fifth and i can keep my job. that's the problem. >> it's different than giving money to a local mayor of new york city if you are part of the firefighters. >> there is a difference. let me explain the difference. the federal government has the right to tax. that's the difference. the case of a local state -- let me finish. no. they can tax your income. they can tax your income and hold you accountable for that. there state income taxings and yes, local taxes. they don't have the taxing authority that the federal government has. >> lastly -- >> any employer or municipality or a big corporation, they are all moving away from hiring unions.
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we have seen the destruction. why would the irs be different? >> we will leave it there. coming up, it keeps getting worse. the government secretly sifting through records of journalists and family members. why this could become a not so secret threat to privacy and your wallet. before they were digging out in oklahoma, one man is using the massive twister that he said he is sorry and will taxpayers be more sorry? >> democrat of rhode island,,why should they care if republicans run off the climate cliff like lemmings and disgrace ourselves?
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>> first the ap and now it's our own james rosen here at fox and maybe his family members as well. snooping through his private phone records in the hunt for government leakers. you say if media companies don't come and fight, we will suffer and how so? >> i think all reporters individually as you go back to the beginning of the obama administration, all of us here at fox can remember they decided in the first year to launch a war on fox news and claim that we were not a legitimate news organization and frankly lied and distorted a lot about fox news. most of the media stayed silent. there was no real push back and everybody is shocked that the
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obama administration has contempt for the media. >> last week or the week before, you referenced animal farm, a george orwell novel. how about 1984 and big brother and i think it's called mind control. this feels like that, doesn't it? >> it does. freedom of speech which we all hopefully cherish is the freedom without fear of government intimidation or action or interference. it really is the beginning of tyranny. in a free society, its idea is how we communicate. it is not forced, but the communication of ideas. this hurts the press and hurts the republic, any infringement with fear that government is monitoring what you are saying. it's terrible for the republic and the beginning of totalitarian rules. >> what are your thoughts on this? this scandal is growing and growing. >> i'm different than the
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following. this is not the beginning of tyranny. this is tyranny. already here. you have a violation of the constitution of the united states. the first amendment has been violated. this idea of spoking into everybody's private business in the case of the press who is the only way that we can get our information between the public and the federal government or anybody else, it's outrageous. this is the chief of the united states and the attorney general should go to jail for this. he shouldn't get out of office. he should go g to jail. >> they are using the espionage act. >> that's one of the more stringent rules in america against james rosen. >> to spy and not just american citizens, but journalists, they are exercising freedom of the press. never in the history of journalists have gone to jail for trying to talk to a source to get information.
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the fact that they use this as a shield and a sword to protect themselves and they wire tabbed the phone records and got everything, where do they get away with it and why do they still have that. >> you wrote something last week. talk about how whistle blowers need to be protected. they exposed the fraud and abuse of the taxpayers and the public needs to know about, right? >> yeah. what happened in the administration is they have and we heard this over and over. more than all past administrations combined have prosecuted whistle blowers. that's what they were trying to do with the ap and with spying on james rosen. that's the person who was leaking the information. they were not a whistle blower that n that case. there were other informations where they get prosecuted or lose their job. for just revealing information
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that is even known to the public. they were classified and it's embarrassing and i don't want people to know about it. >> he committed a criminal act. that's a flat out flagrant act. so could you. >> hold it. hold it. me why the chief legal office of the united states does not uphold the constitution. answer that. >> we will have to leave it there. that's a good question and we will answer that next week. >> coming up, democrat using the oklahoma twister to support the republicans who don't support the global warming agenda. taxpayers can get caught in this political storm. >> the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn't just hit oklahoma and alabama and texas.
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and right now, get this limited edition hoveround america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery. call or log onto right now! . >> apology not accepted. democrats wasting no time blaming the massive oklahoma twister on global warming. >> the hurricane swamps alabama and wildfires scorch texas, you come to us. the rest of the country for billions of dollars to recover. and the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn't just hit oklahoma and alabama and texas. >> senator sheldon in the white house making that statement literally seconds after the deadly twister hit. he said he is sorry, but you say
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taxpayers will be sorry if democrats get their way. >> this is straight out of the book of rahm. never let a crisis go to waste. al gore is quick to blame any natural catastrophe which is terrible on man made global warming. it's argument through emotion. don't you care about these people? if you do, you will pass these laws and regulations that are anti-man. thank god for gasoline and oil to clean up the mess from the devastation. the greens have been wrong on every prediction they have made since it was called the ecology movement. >> any defending this democrat? >> i don't even -- i did research on it and global warming people don't even believe that tornados are caused by global warming. they will say that draughts are caused and hurricane, but tornados are not something they would even say.
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i am not sure why he said it and certainly the timing was terrible. >> the timing we showed a side by sidetwister was hitting moore, oklahoma. >> this was so insensitive and he has no clue. he's not the only one. what we have seen is the democrats using opportunities like tragedy that has befallen people. families that have been kill and trying to piggy back it for a political agenda. joe biden spoke to the graduates this week and used that opportunity to say that offshore drilling threatens national security and our climate. they are guarding the waters where we are doing the drilling. they don't miss opportunities to advance their goals. >> i'm a little different. i know for example that the temperature has risen 1.4% since
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1880. dpla glacier national park is melting. the question is it's prodemmic or not. is it man made or natural? it doesn't really matter. there is no argument that can say where you can lift out an isolated incident like a tornado or a hurricane and say this has to do with global warming. that's nuts. they have to get it right and come back and talk about how you correct it. >> jonathan? >> i think it's despicable that many on the left trot out terrible images from natural destruction or vehicles of gun violence that appeals to emotions. one fact we know is the more carbon we haveeburn said, longer span and healthier and
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wealthier. the green house gas emissions are helping mankind in many ways. that's why we need more. >> last thought, kirstin? >> yeah, i don't see how green house gasses are helping the world. -- you asked me. >> gdp is rising. >> not because of green house gasses. >> not because of it, but it's not -- >> it's not causation. i think to say that it's despicable for liberals to look for opportunities to talk about things they think are important doesn't make sense to me. the timing is important, but look, i support gun control and it's not because i'm despicable. i think that -- >> no, but we have to go. we can't do this. we don't have time to do this. bringing out families from newtown in a gun debate was
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despicable. >> thank you very much. >> kirstin powers, great piece. thanks for joining us. coming up, the government accused of leaking information about the work ethic of a benghazi whistle blower. we will have more on that and first as we celebrate memorial day, we pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in that terror attack. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us at you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're histo. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thoand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above.
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we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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. >> time for what do i need to know for next week.
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>> this is unbelievable or not if you know the administration. the benghazi whistle blower, they are going after him. using your taxpayer dollars to say he is lazy. give me a breaks. >> crazy time. you are up. >> the housing industry is coming back strongly. look at wier haasser. >> thanks, eric. interest rates have been up for four weeks in a row and at march highs and i think they go higher. half my fund is short. dlps is a great way to play it. if not now, when? >> that's it for the cost of freedom this week. see you on the five weekdays at 5:00 eastern. kimberly will be there as well. before we go, obama administration is scared. they worry that people will head out to the back yard barbecues and the conversation will be on the obama scandals and benghazi
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and the i are, s and the doj surveilling fox. what is so dangerous about the truth? you know who deserves the truth? >> tom: here we are memorial day weekend the unofficial kickoff to summer but primarily a time to rememberhose that have fallen defending other freedoms. on this holiday we wanted to share some of ou favorite interview right here, right now >> tom: david stockman rose to prominence at the head of office management and budt in the reagan administration. he was worried then about the state of nation. but his worries had turned into indictment of our nation's leaders who for decades have been making mistakes to the point where our


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