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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that's my two cents more. that's all for tonight's willis report. thank you very much. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. the obama white house facing the prospect of a looming constitutional crisis, a political crisis that the president and his inner circle seems to worsen with each passing day. the president and hiss -- his staff defending the administration against there's controversies and scandals now forcing the president to pivot focus on the presidential legacy to the presidential future. the benghazi coverup, the irs enemies list, targeting conservatives, and now the justice department must account for the extraordinary seizure of the phone records of the
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associated press reporters and editors. attorney regime eric holder today trieded to justify those seizures calling them part of the effort to identify the source of a leak that holder said compromised national security. holder, however, refused to answer why the justice department didn't first seek the voluntary cooperation of the associated press. when asked, holder announce it was the deputy, james cole, who signed the subpoena to seize the records, and, today, we learned holder rescued himself from the case because the fbi's investigation had led them to question him, although he seems to go to some pain not to explain his recusal quite that way. >> what people had knowledge of this matter. i have frequent contact with the media, and i just want to make sure that this investigation was seen as one that was independent
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and avoid the possibility of appearance of a conflict. i made the determination to rescue myself. lou: stone walling at the white house at times taking on a comical theme. that's not stopping the white house press core from slapping jay carney around today so he used a carefully worded and seemingly scripted response as a shield to avoid answering questions on the associated press probe in particular. >> the president is strong defender of the first amendment, and a firm believer in the need for the press to be unfettered. the president feels strongly that we need the press to be able to be unfettered in pursuit of investigative journalism, believes strongly in the need for the press to be unsetterred in pursuit of invest gaitive jumpism and absolutely believes in the need for a -- the press to be able to pursue unfettered
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invest gaitive journalism. the president believes that the press has a rule needs to be to have -- an unfettered ability to pursue investigative journalism, need to allow for an unfettered press in its pursuit of investigative journalism. he supports protections for the media, believes we have to take measures to ensure that the media can pursue investigative journalism in an unfettered way. lou: "unfettered" the word of the day at the white house. the white house further misjudged a moment misstating the political reality suggesting these three scandals are politically inspired. democrats as well as republicans are criticizing the conduct of the obama administration. senate judiciary committee chairman, a democrat, saying, quote, i'm very troubled by the allegations and want to hear the government's explanation. the top democrat in congress,
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senate majority leader, senator harry reid breaking with the obama administration an offering this harsh assessment of what many see as a clear violation of the first amendment. >> i have trouble defending what the justice department did in going after, looking at the ap. you know, i really believe in the first amendment. it's one of the great things we have as a country, and i don't know who did it or why it was donings but it's unexcusable. there's no way to justify it. lou: president obama's public calendar cleared today after attending three fund raisers last night. breaking news this evening as fox obtained the treasury inspect general's report on the division of tax exempt government entities. the inspector general late today contradicted districter warner who said fraid that the irs had
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fixed the problems that exploded in the face of the white house. westerner said, quote, we have now corrected the issues and don't expect any of this will be repeated going forward. this apparently disturbed the inspector general after werner apologized last week for making mistakes, targeting conservative groups, failing to approve applications for tax exempt status, the report made it clear the irs has not fixed the problems or implemented all nine of the recommendations for corrective action. as of december 2012, there's been 296 total applications received, 108 of them, as you see there, were by the apply captain, and absolutely none, surprising, were denied. 160 applications were up from
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206 to 238 calendar days, some for more than three years crossing two election cycles in the criteria was set to stymy and delay conservative organizations. the efforts to have the facts to confuse those seeks answers is broad based. we also now know that the irs not only targeted tax free conservative groups, but actually leaked information on those groups to a left wing website. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has our report. >> a senate financial review reveals washington managers were involved as early as april tben and asked organizations about the donors. proceed tax exempt group apologied friday, but sound like
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it was restricted to low level staffers? cincinnati. they blasted the irs for not admitting it was bigger than that. >> at no point in time did anyone in the irs make it appropriate to set the record straight. there's no single agency in government that has the power that the irs has. they can destroy people. >> as for the irs in "usa today," they blamed a lack of sensitivity writing, quote, mistakes made, but they were in no way due to political or partisan motivation. mitch mccop kneel is not buying it, insisting on full transparency and coring's. >> i call on the president to make available completely and without restriction every who can answer the questions we haae as to what's going on at the irs. who knew about it, and how high it went. >> in september 2010, the financial committee chairman
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sent a letter to the irs commissioner requesting an investigation into the abuse of tax exempt groups for political advocacy. march 2012, democratic senators like chuck schumer wrote asking for the investigation of the groups to determine if they were improperly using tax exempt status. today, senate majority leader reed didn't make excuse, for the irs, but -- >> there's a shadowy political group mask raiding the social welfare of the agency to solicit anonymous donations from we don't know who. >> two weeks ago, president obama told graduates they shouldn't listen to those warnings of abusive power. pro publy cay, a nonprofit that does investigative journalism revealed before the election releasedded nine pending
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confidential applications of conservative groups. they note applications approved are not to be made public. the inspector general report said the irs had ineffective management for allowing inappropriate criteria to be developed and stay in place for more than 18 months. the inspector general had nine specific recommendations. the irs says they will implement seven. lou? lou: thank you very much. fox news, chief congressional correspondent, and this is the memorandum, that is, contradicting the irs saying point-blank the inspector general says they want it all fix, and there's no suggestion whatsoever that the problem has been resolved. well, turning to the benghazi scandal that continues to plague the obama administration, of course, the "washington post" fact checker awarding four pinocchios to the president for calling benghazi an act of
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terrorism a day after the attack. joining us, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, john bolten. it's like screaming "liar, liar," at least if you're the "washington post," your thoughts? >> it's a stunning conclusion by the fact checker, a good reporter. that press conference yesterday in a number of respects and benghazi was something i never saw before. you know, in connection with the talking points, either obama was briefed on this mountain of statements that he and others made after september the 11th, or if he was not, he is vonned by complete incompetence. if he was briefed and said we always knew it was terrorism, then that is a lie. there's no other way. lou: it is a -- it is an obvious contradiction what he said on the 12th of september, what then
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proceeded to transpire, the 15th and 16th of september leading up to rice's brazen story and narrative supported by the administration. them to the 19th, to the 2 # nd when the president, you know, gave a briefing, correcting, all of that, still pushed the silly video nonsense and held on to it righteously. at this point, how could he say there's no there there because the contradictions are numerous and immense. >> yeah, they are just -- one of two explanations here. either it was a cover-up from the get-go because it was less than two months from a presidential election, and this contra veeped their narrative that al-qaeda was on the side of the defeat, and the president himself said, or if they can't see reality, blinders in front of them when it comes to international terrorism. those are one of the only two choices you got to explain it.
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lou: do you believe we're going to see this issue with benghazi narrow focus here resolved? are we going to get to the truth of what happened? >> i think a lot depends on whether whistle-blowers in the government today come forward, whether they have some confidence not to be retaliated against, i think the congressional committees, however they decide to do if, select committees, whatever it is, have work ahead of them. could go on for some time. i don't expect smoke and guns, and they remain, stone well, plead the fifth, as what was said, whatever saves the plan. lou: the chairman of the house oversight committee has, well, he's dogging, a fair way to put it, select committee should be put to any investigation? >> permly, you got so manyctionr boehner has to make a decision, fish or cut bait decision, select committees now or
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allocate responsibility among the existing committee, move forward. lou: five committees in the house. john, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. lou: much more on ben disa cy, the rest of the scandals, cover-up allegations, and the effort to shield the white house throughout all of that here tonight. stay with us. lou: benghazi, the internal revenue service, the justice department, congress and the media now in search oo the truth, and we're certainly not getting it from the obama administration. tonight's "chalk talk," no end in sight, the markets continue to rise, new records, wall street veteran on how far the bulls will run. ♪ at od, whatever businessou're in, that's the business we're in
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lou: more records to report to you from wall street. the dow jones industrials today gaining 124 points, hitting the 19th record this year. the s&p adding 17 points, closing at its third consecutive record high, the 14th of the year. the nasdaq up 24 points, no record, but closing at the highest level since october of 2000. volume on the big board picking up to 3.4 billion shares. gains totals $2 # -- $200 billion, and in the bond market in the yield on the 10-year, moving up to 1.95%, what's going on there? commodities sliding for the fourth straight day, gold losing $10 an ounce, and crude oil at 96 sells above $94 a barrel. oil dropping after the international energy agency reported, are you ready, that
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north america is leading a global oil production boom reshaping global markets. who are the folks who don't like fossil fuels must be having a fit. let them have a fit. iaea predicts north american's oil supply grows by 4 million barrels a day over five years amounting to nearly half of total global production growth over that period. my next guest says the president's second term agenda may be becoming unstuck, unglueded. if that's the case, he says more political gridlock is ahead, and in theory, him telling you, joining us now is wall street veteran, president of the seaford securities, great to have you. what's it mean if everything comes unstuck there in washington? >> well, you know, the market conditionally thrived on an environment of gridlock, and if,
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in fact, it's true, just a theory, but just one iningredient in the big picture, but if, in fact, the obama administration is coming off the rails with all the issues they are having, i think the market might like that. lou: the market might like it, and we have a congressional report today saying that obamacare, health care insurance is going to rise 4 00%, as high as 400% in premiums. i think people would be delighted to see the agenda come unglued because of what they got through, is it working? >> of course, we don't want to root against the other side, but the fact is, a lot of the policies and a lot of their agenda is basically counterbusiness, cowcialt productive from that respect. lou: why not root against that? if they root against me and you
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and everybody else in the country being productive, why not root against them? >> there's a sense, but perhaps there's something this there that's good for the vast majority, but the pact is that if, in fact, they struggle with the agenda, the market, it's not the sole reason for the market to do better -- lou: market's going to go higher, but i can't root against them. in other words, just take the money, is that what you are saying? well -- lou: i accept. >> we have a lot of interesting policies coming out of the fed to help the economy, but, obviously it's the focus and the results of the stock market, clearly. >> did you buy the story that the "wall street journal" had the fed is attaching animation to it, but that it's moving to prepare an exit strategy for the
7:21 pm
corporate bond purchases? do you buy that? >> the question is when they do it. lou: that's the old question. >> that's still the. to a large extent, it's in the market. everybody's waiting for that, and the market, the current state we're in now just needs to be ignored. lou: everybody listening to you nowments to know, get in the market if they are not in, if they're in the market, do they stay, or do they take profit? what do you do? >> take money off the table here. i think the market got ahead of itself, and it's really tough if you're not in the game because we don't know if it's dessert, the main course, or appetizer. i suspect main course and dessert. lou: all right, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. lou: appreciate it. good to see you. tune in tomorrow night, joined by former defense secretary donald rumsfeld, and former u.s.
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navy seal joins us, candidate scott brown senate's seat there in massachusetts, a great night to be with us. up next, more of this great night, obama scandals dividing washington into distinct groups in the "chalk talk," separating the truth seekers from the dodgers. a new report says obamacare makes premiums skyrocket to astounding levels, but we can't root against it. i was told that. i'll just get you the facts here next. uestion: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ theuestion is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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we lou: three scandal's iraq so white house tonight of the handling of us benghazi and the cover-up. the irs targeting of conservative groups defend the enemies list and the justice department rate on the associated press all controversies and scandals
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vela deep divide between those searching for the truth and those running away from it or try to hide it and on this side of all the truce seekers. back in january if congressman from virginia started to make a lot of noise and introduced legislation calling for a select committee with subpoena power to investigate enghazi after months and months of the administration's refusal to tell us what happened and why. the legislation now has 146 republican co-sponsors almost two-thirds of the 232 house republicans and second, here on mood dobbs week about the dunce cap to public officials that don't always live up to our standard. "the washington post" has a
7:27 pm
different form of characterization. they hand out the pinocchio. that is keogh. today they gave president obama and more cuteness and he can stand. they gave him for pinocchio for lying about the fact he called benghazi after terrorism the day after it happened. those for pinocchio should have come before election day but better late than never and congressman from michigan the chairman of house ways and means committee is taking the lead on the irs target of conservative groups treating the enemies list. he will be holding a hearing on friday demanding all internal communications from the irs by tomorrow. now the truce from attorney gerald eric colder he recuse himself from the decision to subpoena the phone records
7:28 pm
of reporters and editors of the associated press but he did make a point* to say the justice department would never ever do anything scandalous. >> i am not familiar with all that went into the formulation of the subpoena and i was recused but i am confident the people who are involved in this investigation who might have worked with i file all of the justice department regulations and did things according to the doj rules. lou: he is confident. that is good enough for me. , about you? read on the facts or data or information or timeline he is confident there is no there. the attorney general says he knows nothing but he also knows nothing is off the
7:29 pm
table and ambassador pickering headed the state department investigation into benghazi and he left this secretary of state ccinton out of the investigation because he questioned only those attended meetings with her aunt we know who is responsible so he did not need to push. the ambassador we know you could have done better and you still have time and we hope you will. former secretary clinton the third on the list of truce dodgers because of the state department whistle-blower's one top aide tried to cut the counterterrorism period out of the chain of decision making on the night as the temporal lobe and. we had a "chalk talk" that leads out the unanswered questions regarding illegal immigration. obviously an important topic
7:30 pm
and this board still had unanswered question despite the fact we have the debates for about 10 years. i want to tell you the council on foreign relations issued a report on border security that we found strikingly similar to the tone that we took on this broadcast. the council foreign relations stating "it is surprising how little is known about border security and how little effort to administration and congress have made to get a handle on the situation. this is big for the council on foreign relations to a knowledge of this is a time for answers and the government that we all depend upon whether the house or senate or the executive branch hasn't been interested to provide answers they have been very successful to play political games. haven't they? >> reid of the press the obama justice department tramples all over it and
7:31 pm
"dobb's law" next. the fate of the gang of a reform plan hangs in the balance and white house that is ensnared in scandal and border security only half as effective as it should be. the head of the national ice union tells us why the senate seems to be ignoring his agents. contradiction controversy and scandal swirling around the white house and congressman walden joins us with his view on what is next. for seeing your business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow- last week,his month, and even next year. for seeing your business's cash flow like neverefore, introducing cash flow insight powered by pnc cfo a suite of online tools that lets you
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turn insight into action.
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said. lou: border security and law enforcement suffering another setback today the senate judiciary committee continuing the markup of the gang of eight legislation rejecting biometric identification for fingerprinting for who
7:35 pm
enters and leaves the country. >> this is a big hole in the system and it has gone on for years and years and i have to tell you this is one reason the american people have so little confidence in any promises we make. lou: joining us now is the president of the national immigration enforcement counsel the union representing 7,000 ice agents and employees. good to have you here. is it is heartening to watch you see them proceed rejecting and rejecting amendments to bring real security to the border? >> it is disgusting. this entire bill clearly indicates that gang of 8 did not do their homework and do not know what they we're doing with this legislation it is bad legislation and we have senators and congressmen to make changes to improve it they just kill everything so at this point*
7:36 pm
we are ready to say we need to scrap a whole thing because it will not be improved and we need to start over. lou: next to you is a pitcher of john mccain and charles schumer and behind them is richard trumka the president of the afl-cio with his cheesy grin and all i can think back is it goes back to mccain and kennedy the same as lindsay gramm and this is a cadre of folks who have no influence beyond the capacity to link up with their counterparts. you would never hear from them on any important issue unless bipartisan to be fools or tools. >> this whole bipartisan
7:37 pm
thing is baloney. two wrongs do not make a right in that is the real looking at. this legislation that should be so, forget it -- comprehensive does not have a plan for border security. regardless of what gang of 8 says. it does not have a plan for interior enforcement and what they did not have time to kraft plans for those issues they did make provisions for criminal gang members to have a path for citizenship they made provisions for people that have extensive criminal backgrounds, multiple convictions they made time for a provision for them and created a scenario where people can continue to commit crimes in the convicted after we have given them the provisional status. it is outrageous.
7:38 pm
lou: i hear the same thing in 2n now moving forward and it seems like it is a sham whose time has come and it looks like it will pass because the american people are incapable of outrage and seemingly asserting the national interest with their representatives and they seem to be devoid of a passion acting in the national interest there is political expedience abounding and it is a done deal? >> i will not give up yet and i hope that all your viewers will get on the phone and e-mail and fax and contact the gang of 8 and the senators in their areas to let them know this is not
7:39 pm
what we need we need to start this over for what is good for america and the whole thing to have closed-door secret meetings to create legislation with the afl-cio, chamber of commerce with illegal aliens as americans we will not take that anymore we're tired of corruption and it is time to do this the right way. >> ioc corruption ice simply don't see the energy or the capacity. it looks like the american people are resigned to letting go of national sovereignty and being gamed out by politicians who frankly are not exactly overly concerned with the intellectual integrity led along the ethics of what they do in the name of the
7:40 pm
office of the senate or the house. rethink you for being here and we hope you continue your good fight. thank you. lou: go to our social media sites. lou and we want to hear from you. you don't trust the government so why is everybody accepting of all of this? e-mail me at or twi to me and the obama administration is on defense fighting off the day after the president claims he was discovered by he said that at three fund-raisers last night and congressman walden will bring his viewpoint next.
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lou: and more bad news from obamacare the finding the
7:44 pm
president's health care law will raise health-insurance premiums by an average of double and some premiums could rise by as much fat as four times. months before the president took office t promise he would cut the premium by $2,500 per year. that obviously is lost of the dustbin of history. my next guest that prepare their reports joins me now to discuss the growing scandals the chairman of the national republican committee and great to have you with us. first to the obama administration obviously dave campo move forward with his committee hearings with a house oversight committee pursuing benghazi.
7:45 pm
perdu think all of this is leading? >> mike has been around a little while i have not seen anything like this the magnitude of these investigated -- investigated in to reporters at columbines is chilling and unprecedented. if they did it to 80 have they done it to others we don't know about and then the irs, for goodness sake sam looked at what they have alleged to have done and now admitted singling out groups because of the viewpoint may not jive with the criteria is wrong and it is outrageous and it occurred with this administration watch and may have been going on for awhile and who knows what is behind that? this is really troubling to me somebody with a journalism degree and believes in freedom of press and transparency of government is really really bad stuff.
7:46 pm
lou: there is a lot of bad stuff to sort through you just took a vote on the legislation internet freedom bill and tell us about that. >> that was my legislation to work to the subcommittee to make sure a clear statutory scheme is in place to tell the world we don't want government messing around with the management of the internet. there is a conference where 89 nations held a different view headed up by a iran and russia to get the government into the government to match your it address then monitor the e-mail's all of you speak out they know where you live. this is the behavior we do not condone or we do not want and we believe in the first amendment and the multistate colder process that passed unanimously to 97 congratulations. let's turn quickly to the
7:47 pm
commerce and energy committee's report on obamacare. >> the average premium will double? >> nancy pelosi said you have to pass it so we know what is in and now we find out not only double but in some categories for individual policyholders these are on their own making not getting anywhere house based on age adjustments are rate increase of 413%. this is outrageous use the others going of 73, 73, 90 percent all across america with higher rates and less access to the other thing that is insidious is people who were working over 30 hours a week or having hours scaled-back so they don't have to provide health insurance. >> always good to talk to. congressman walden. tomorrow former defense
7:48 pm
secretary was felled his unique insight into who may be responsible for the benghazi attacked and cover-up the alleged murderer back in court. o.j. simpson looking for a new trial. "dobb's law" is on the case. to sort it all out. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart pho. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your walle
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the. lou: joining us now criminal defense attorney and fox news contributor and legal analyst, good to have you here. let's start with going after the phone records of the associated press.
7:52 pm
>> i am all for it we have to respect the first amendment but when it comes to national security versus the public's right to know national security has to wind. leaking confidential information is a crime we cannot protect that crime by under the guise of the first amendment. >> we've done of the subpoena was issued by the judge or grand jury but the one thing the judge does before they let the eight governments violate privacy you have to have been nearly enough that you are not infringing so if you want to listen to lou dobbs? that is fine. not the whole newsroom or 20 phones where 100 people who have access it is too wide. lou: if you scream national security and talk about
7:53 pm
balance and to talk about the constitution of the first amendment that is compelling and historic klay if the justice department had reason to seek their records they've would inform the associated press there were five people involved in that story. they could have kept that narrow and they could have talked about voluntary cooperation but they didn't. this is an outrageous in french -- infringement on the first amendment how can you support that? >> i agree with the first half of your statement but i don't believe it is the outrageous infringement because how can we say when we have bombs going off and issues of national security again? lou: are you one of those
7:54 pm
people if i may, a counselor who absolutely believes because we are in the of war on tear 300 million americans should surrender individual rights and liberty? >> no. lou: should be jealous of those rights and demands his administration follow the constitution of the united states? >> i respect what you are saying and the first amendment but to air on one side or the other i will air on this side do what you have to do to present -- protect us against the crime. >> nt administration after september 11th if you read the patriot act with some hundred pages. lou: i was not thrilled with it and still am not. >> they can serve warrants and subpoenas so it is a balance of the what was hilarious is the press pass
7:55 pm
to have unfettered access. they have the talking points that were down. lou: he really tried to say is the politicized arm of the administration to have unfettered access in the name of national security which is peter baum because without the free press you have got nothing baby spinach he recuse himself because the fbi questioned him. >> i agree. it is two against one. >> i and a stand your pushing national security over individual rights and freedom. >> if you told me the bomb would go off to kill 300 people if we don't subpoena the records of the associated press?
7:56 pm
lou: you don't have to be hypothetical is straight for they have the opportunity for cooperation with a very narrow range of people to seek the records they chose to be broad and involuntary and stepped all over the first amendment to gather the news that should be deeply troubling to every american except to those of the few exceptions. >> it is hard to disagree but i agree. >> i dunno if they were gathering news. >> you don't have to be humble. [laughter] unless you want to give up your old id and for national security will you hang onto your opinion? >> it is a real issue. >> if not everybody is on.
7:57 pm
lou: thank you. we appreciate it. please join us tomorrow night. good night from new york.
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neil: so many scandals, so little time. between benghazi and the irs and snooping on the reporter's thing. and the secretary sitting up private companies which may be against the law thing. we can safely say one thing. the white house is in full panic mode. now the mainstream media is on a tear. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. here is all you need to know how big the scandals are getting. jay carney isn't getting any nice questions. today picked apart like a piñata on everton the administration knew about constantly revise talking points on benghazi


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