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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i amjoined by a new guest tomorrow. that's it for tonight's "willis report." thank you for joining us. you can't catch us la great night and we will see tomorrow. lou: good evening, eeryone, thanyou for bein with us. a record-breaking day on wall street. the dow jones industrial closing above 15,000 for the first time ev. the dow jones and s&p closing at record highs, and the small stock index, the dow hit 87-point on the day it closed at 15,056. the record for the dow jones is here. the s&p is up nearly nine points, closing at 1625.96. another record for the broader index. in therussell 2000 and up eight
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points, the small-cap index also hitting a record high of 967.82. the nasdaq is up four points. boasng a 5wk cle. you n sethe citent l daheren t fox sine twor >> 1000, l of fksd we wldn'do tt unl th end heear. abt a nth o, ty we sayi tha the s&p, well above 1600s. >> directv jumping, the company saw better-than-expected growth. it actually grew with subscribers here is. >> we are all asking the wrong question here. for weeks and months i keep talking about the next catalyst in what's going to take the market higher. when really it is becoming a very hollow question. we now need to look for a catalyst. >> the rising tide is floating a lot of sips. the facthat they keep coming for these large names, if you
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will, i think it is almost a positive spin on all three major indexes posting double-digit gains. the dow jones up just 15%, the s&p up 14%, the nasdaq gaining 12.5% this year. the wilshire 5000, measuring again at $5000, all of this great news in the market not enough to spare a number of big-time investors a lot of pain as their strategies did not include an assumption of the strong market this year. for example, john paulson and his 700 million-dollar gold fun, losing 27% in last month goldrush. a decline after last.
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i'll take that up one of the most knowledgeable individuals on wall steet. gloria perez. president obama and i'm meeting with south korea's new president to talk. china sent for important signals is changing how in regar to north korea. first, the chinese government used its influence over north korea to courage free to order the removal of missiles on with greasy. movement of those missiles comes after weeks of speculation that north korea would launch another missile test. today, the state on china. a major north korean bank tat is used of providing financial support to northorea nuclear programs. in his news conference, president obama chose to try to clarify his perceived red line on syria.
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as the president noted, perceptions can be difficult to manage and measure by way of example, the president talking about bashar al-assad, 722 days ago. almost two years ago two months. the administration still struggling with that frederick and its strategy on syria. seetary of state john kerry today, after meeting wh his russian counterpart in moscow, announced that the united states will convene an international peace conference to end the bloodshed in syria. remarkably, no mention of benghazi at today's news conference. surprising employees are scheduled to testify before the house oversight committee morning. testimony that doesn't match the obama administration's narrative on the september 11 terrorist attacks that ended with the murder of an ambassador and three other americans.
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james rosen has our report. >> after a senate confirmation hearing, deborah jones spoke about the last two. >> if confirmed, i am committed to working closely with this congress and carrying on the excellent work of chris stevens and their team. >> on wednesday, the house oversight committee will hear testimony from ambassador stevens and his deputy who will recount his pleas for military intervention. he said, is there anhing coming, is there anything out there to help her people from big military. the answer was the same as before. what was that answer, the answer was it's too far away. there are no takers, there is nothing, there is nothing that could respond. >> of you have people being shot at, the idea that you don't come as you are and bring what you have is reprehensible to americans. >> the idea that assets were ordered to stand down was strongly disputed by the career
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diplomats who led the state department post of benghazi review board. >> it was testified before our board that he didn't make that suggestion to our board. however, it was our conclusion that there were not assets in place able to reach benghazi in time to have made any significant difference in the attackn the u.s. mission. >> with the committee also said to hear allegations model against hillary clinton, as well as key aides to her and president obama, charges already denied, the panel's ranking democrat is decryi advanced weeks of the testimony. >> i demand a hearing that gives us all the information for the benefit of everybody. >> senior officials have been ttlking about how both of the witnesses omorrow -- career civil servants with impressive resumes and jobs, have axes to grind because of jobs that they did not receive.
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the lawyers for these men say the state department has tried to threaten and discourage them from testifying. lou: james rosen, our chief washington correspondent. our first guest wi be questioning three of the benghazi whistleblowers who are scheduled to testify tomorrow. joining us now is congressman james langford, a member of the house overght committee. he also sits on th budget committee. congressman, we thank you for being with us. i want to begin, if i may, we have just received an attempt by the pentagon, saying that that troops could n have been on the ground in time to stop the second attack was mitigated and we will be taking that up in some detail on this broadcast. but i would like to get your reaction to the pentagon response, which was authored by the assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs.
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>> that's right. we couldn't get there in time for the second attack, it seems that they knew how many attacks are going to be that night. and we can't get there in time. so why go at all? well, that's not why we do it. we have the facilities are under attack, we don't know what's happening next, we don't know how many people are there. ambassador is missing and not recovered. the assets that you are going to need are unknown. you send what you have to get there as fast as you can. that's not occurred. lou: congressman, we are learning the number two envoy in libya asserts that military asse have tried to respond to benghazi and were told to stand down. now what is your thought on that?
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>> while was an argument about who had command and control of who could make the call. so while we are debating on who can recall, we have to get there to try to be able to help people draw we have purity in place just a month before and the state of said you have to much security to. you don't need that much. it now. the rional security officer said we have to have these people, please keep these people in place. the state department said no, you have to many people there, we are pulling them out. so it can't matter who else we could have done, we should have had enough in place. but they were withdrawn. >> i assume that you have been pretty to the questioning of the witnesses throughout this. i'm going to try to see if we can get your view as to whether or not you believe that there is compelling evidence -- convincing evidence that our
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forces were told to stand down and those forces could have made a difference particularly in saving the lives of the operatives including tyrone woods and glen doherty. >> who knows. because we don't know. that's hindsight. i do believe there was a no contingency plan in place to protect individuals, there was no urgency to be able to step in and do that. i also firmly believe that there was confion abt who had control and who could say more people that were on the ground there. so all of that confusion in the rolling battle that was happening and benghazi did not help. >> the explanation by the administration. and what has ben a ilence on the issue of benghazi. stephen hayes "the weekly
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standard." talking points on benghazi for the purpose of the sunday talk show. including a senior spokesperson for the department. they are linked to purging references with talking points. in references to al qaeda. what is your reaction? >> there a couple of things that we know for certain. one is the original intelligence said here's what occurred we are just saying what the intelligence community said. we now have what they said. they said that this is outside the win, they said these were islamic extremists, this is a terrorist attack. they were very detailed. within 24 hours back clear statement was cut in half.
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al qaeda was pulled out of it, terrorists were pulled out of it. and it was replacing the demonstration and everything changed. no one in libya, no one on the ground in libya thought that this was based on the video. evyone there from the very beginning help us. this was created in washington and it definitely did not come out of libya. lou: congreman, we appreciate you being with us. much more on the benghazi hearings throughout tonight's podcast coming out. >> mayorbloomberg wants you to fear guns. in tight's talk talk, we will show you the politicians and who is very afraid of him. new record ighs for the dow, the s&p 500. it is a party on wall street. we have our chief economist to talk about the rally and
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lou: missing signs of trouble. three women missing for a decade. please shut up four times. they never entered the house. and then in 2004, an alleged abductor, a bus driver left child on a school bus. two of his brothers have been arrested in connection with the
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case. on wall street today, a record day. the dow jones closing 15,000 for the first time in history. the s&p reaching record high as well. roy harris is here to tell us all about it. but first, let's take a look at what happened on the day. the dow jones up 87 points. the s&p is up more than eight points. the nasdaq gaining almost four points. 3.3 billion. in the commodity market, gold is down. crude oil dropping -- the ten-year closing at a yield of 1.70%. economic growth issue, it should be better than most economists. joining us now is mari harris. i guess we bout these
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things. >> yes, let's talk about how this looks. >> okay, so this wasn't supposed to happen in the minds of many. because the market would be indicating that the economy was going to slow to zero. >> i think what is happening is that we are finding out what the fed has done with this quantitative easing has been more stimulative than a lot of people expected. they keep sticking the fed's money in their pocket. >> as you look at all of the
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discussion by particularly the obama administration about stimulus, my lord,. >> this is 85 billion a month. how much the fed is pouring into the system, expanding the balance sheet. the sequester was supposed to be $85 billion a year. lou: well, i want to show the folks in the control room. >> this was engendered by this artificial level.
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i want to talk you to you about what this means for the futue. what you expected the remainder of your. >> the stock market is an important indicator. it says something abo business confidence and expectations. as the stock market goes up, whenever we are starting to see signs of that now htis good abt tisithatit ot t' not just about stock markets going up. it's really state that is recovering.
10:21 pm
that is one reason that the stock market keeps going up. >> you look great and i had. >> it looks good on you as well. lou: a quick programming note. coming up in the days and weeks ahead, great authors joining us here on the broadcast today. oks that we believe will be bestsellers. joining us tonight, william burns and the doctor that treated and drugged president john f. kennedy. the book is doctor feel good. they join in the broadcast. coming up, a story on rick atkinson. talking about long-awaited conclusions with the world war ii trilogy.
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♪ ♪ lou: vice-president biden says the obama administration'fight against the second amendment is not over. this is taking a backseat to immigration reform. talking to a group of religious leads yesterday, the vice-president insisted that gun-control will be taken up again, most likely after a summer. the obama administtion may not have the political capital right now, nor the votes to pass control, but that is not stopping them from mounting a brand new push for gun control later. one guy is not waiting and this is that guy. mayor michael bloomberg has a lot of resources to push his own
10:26 pm
personal antigungenda. american oligarch michael bloomberg, mayors against illegal guns delayed release should be called mayor against illegal guns. there are a few are with him, but it is all about is money in that group. it is planning to run ads against democratic senators in red states like senator mark pryor of arkansas. market baggage of alaska, max baucus of montana, they voted against expanding background checks just last month. and in doing that he is upsetting the democratic party. mayor bloomberg is ignored by democratic leaders. back off. don't do it because his campaign could help the senate fall into republican hands next year. he told reid and the others to
10:27 pm
stop the. he is going to spend his money and he is going after them. that is where we are. the politics behind gun-control to this moment. and we would like to share some back to the on gun violence and the politicians who are listening, listen good because the justice department released a special report on firearm violence. you are not going to hear a lot about this report from president obama. you're not going tyou're a lot about it from biden or anybody else, nor blumberg for that matter. get ready for this. handgun homicides are down 39% from 1993 to 2011. think about it. that is an extraordinary -- that sharp decline extends to our schools, homicides and schools have dropped from the war in average of9 per year in the 1990's, 29 per year down to 20.
10:28 pm
the same time, gun sales have skyrocketed, by the way. background checks, well, 16 million background checks performed during the year before last. that comparison to just over they have grown dramatically, by the way. these are both millions. they have grown dramatically. fewer than 1 percent, by the way , 1%, 1%. state prison inmates who used a gun when they committed a crime they did not obtain that a firearm at a gun show. one person did. the gun shows that democrats like to demonize turn out to not be much of a factor at all.
10:29 pm
not much of a factor of all, and all of this is great news for our society, our nation, but it is not such great news for those who want to constrain our rights to bear arms, who wants to restrict our second amendment rights, and that makes us think, you probably will be hearing a lot about this report, this very important report from the mainstream liberal media. as for president obama, he should be, for crying out loud, taking a barrel for all of this committee probably won't because he has this sort of crazy counterfactual campaign going against the second amendment and people who own guns. by the way, gun control and immigration, he is pushing the gun-control so that he can move ahead with immigration laws. those are both issues that do not even rank in the top-10 of priorities for americans in the
10:30 pm
last gallup poll. pretty astounding, is in the? tonight we introduce you to one of the most feared man in america, an innovator. created first home a 3d credible handgun and the fires live ammunition. cody wilson is leading a revolution. president john f. kennedy, imf addict and more. the shocking story of the doctor who wrote the president and camelot on drugs. the authors of the new book, dr. feel good, join us tonight. a new pentagon report charges that china has attacked our cyber complex and military infrastructure. general tom mcenery wit what should be the president's we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even ough we're living longer,
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♪ lou: and breing news. both are being -- votes are being tallied as special election in south carolina.
10:34 pm
it will determine who will represent the state's first congressional district in the house of representatives. now, the polls close just about a little over half an hour ago, the race between republican mark sanford and democrat elizabeth cull their bush, both candidates have national nonrecognition. former governor sanford generated headlines with his extramarital affair with an argentinian woman. the sister of comedian steven cole bear. reports say that there have -- there has been an unexpectedly low turnout today. frankly, we don't know who that will benefit. we will bring you th latest as we began getting the results om that special election in south carolina. as three benghazi whistle-blowers per to testify before houseawmakers tomorrow, our next guest says it will further highlight what he sees as a dereliction of duty by the state department, the cia, the defense department, and president obama.
10:35 pm
joining us is general thomas mcinerney, retired u.s. air force general, fox news contributor. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: to say the least this is a long anticipated and for at least half the country, a much hope for hearing tomorrow. i would like to think the entire country when we lose men and women who serve this nation, all of us would want answers. that has not been the case. what are your hopes? >> well, i think what we are going to see -- and i also hope we are going to year some of the actual facts by people that were on the ground or involved back in state department and other national military command centers, although there won't be any direct military people. that is very important because it has become -- goi to become very obvious that we had dereliction of duty of our
10:36 pm
senior leaders, and we lost four people that, frankly, we did not have to lose. we did not have to lose anybody. the indications and warning were there the day before. they put out a video was really the execution of the order to attack the bin does the consulate the next day. that was an ndication morning that the into people should have picked up. we should have had forces in place. that was 18 hours before the actual attack. so they should have been moved at that time. now -- lou: i'm sorry. go ahead. >> even though there we not moved at that time, we still could have gone forces from aviano, our air base in northern italy that has f16 and other assets in theater. now, there was no cognizance. it did not fit the narrative that it was an important date. and so, like they were oblivious to the magnitude in the region.
10:37 pm
lou: what of the whistle-blowers to back the number two u.s. envoy in libya. during the attacks. he told investigators his request for fighter jets was denied. he says a team of special forces were prepared to fly from tripoli to benghazi during those attacks but were forbidden from doing so by u.s. special operations command. your thoughts? your reaction? what will be, presumably, as testimony tomorrow. >> well, there is only one person i can saytand down, and that is what those troops, special laws force is that we're going to get on the sea 130 and flyover. and that is the president of the united states. and so for us to deny forces to go to the aid of our people, we never leave people behind. and this is where the dereliction of duty comes in. and it permeateshe whole command-and-control system to
10:38 pm
say that, well, we cant get the airplane down there, we cannot get approval for air space. you tak action and you move out. i am actually ashamed of the way our military responded. not the men and women of the military, but our senior leaders and it is disgraceful. lou: and of the generals, retired generals, should be clear, with whom i have spoken, their voices are won on that issue. and they echo precisely what you're saying. it was six, by the way, who may have been the last person to talk with ambassador christopher stevens. and he declad a straightforwardly that he was under attack. and hicks says there is no question as far as he is concerned or in his judgment amongst anyone who was in the consulate during that attack that it was a terrist attack. that is the other part of the story that is going to emerge.
10:39 pm
if you will, that is the political context that this administration may have created for this attack. >> yap. and he is going to say that radical islamists and everybody knew that right away, yet the narrative thatame out of state department and the white house, the president the next day was that it had to do with the film. and that is a cover-up narrative . and i do not understand why they felt they had to do that. maybe because of the political season, but only that narrative could have come from the oval office and the white house. no one else, because the president himself said it the next day. hillary clinton put out a statement the night before, beforere glendale ready and high winds were killed. already they put out a statement kind of alluding to that. and so that is where this narrative came from. the highest levels, and it is a
10:40 pm
cover. lou: general, we thank you very much. thank you. up next, a brand new invention. to you're going to meet a man who is an incredible innovator. he created one -- on a 3d printed again the you were looking at. fires. real bullets. the creator is cody wilso and, as i said, he has started a revolution. we will see where a goes. he isere nexx.
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♪ lou: wired mine called my next guest one of the most -- well, 50 most dangerous people in the world. as we can be successfully fired a handgun, a handgun that he created on a home three the printer. senator chuck schumer describes the technology as stomach churning. joining us now is the co-founder
10:44 pm
of defense distributed, cody wilson. good to have you on the show. congratulations on a successful completion of your goal, which was the creation of this handgun how long did it take you to do this? >> to design, the one that you sign the video was only four weeks in the making. literally the bulk of the time and money spent listening to regulatory compliance unwitting allies to come through. lou: and i have read a mocks the magazines that have covered this , that your view i over compliance when it comes to building this gun. steve feel that your progress has been impeded in any way by regulators? >> no question. easily half my budget has gone into talng to lawyers and complying with laws. sure. a total burden, there are some a loss of governance, not just gun laws, but arms export controls in the tax laws, state, federal,
10:45 pm
stuff. lou: and the result is you have done somethinghat most people said is impossible, to create a plastic gun on a 3d printer that fired successfully. your first round was the 380. correct? >> that is correct. i think they just thought it was impossible because they were not trying. it really wasn't that difficult. lou: as you know, you are considered revolutionary because of what in the minds of many, they actually got to outlaw such a gun and such use of a 3d printer because in their view you have just made it possible for every human being on the planet to go to a printer and come back with -- be an armed citizen or revolutionary depending on your perspective, i suppose. >> right. they have suffered quite a few symbolic setbacks, haven't they. lou: like that. symbolic. >> that is all it is. chuck schumer was nothing but a symbolic response and se one
10:46 pm
lane. i read the text. does it stop me. lou: and why not. >> because the current undetectable firearms tax reasonsegister manufacture. which i am. lou: and a notice to say that with great pride. what principle here by -- what is -- >> i'm not ashamed. lou: nor should you be. >> your motivaion. >> i will tel you, motivation is that political symbolic motivation. want to put in this need and beautiful package as i can to them that their feelings of control, the sense that they have of of a corner and history is nothing but an illusion, nothing but get the nod, and this defense that they will social the minister, what's, society is the future forever and ever is collapsing in spectacular fashion. lou: you are certainly advancing that you that that could be happening much sooner than anyone would have anticipated. describe your politics. you are libertarian, an
10:47 pm
anarchist, a republican, democrat, what are you? >> no. lou: yourself a label. >> i am not a voter. i don't belong to a party. you can call me anarchist. i am sympathetic with the traditional school. lou: and in that you, which is to assert really individual freedom, that would be the ultimate extension of that. is not entirely -- well, dissident with american exaltation of self-reliance and independence. >> i think the american experience and experiment at the very beginning, intention and community that found itself on the shore of some strange ld was a kind of anarchy, especially the spiritual anarchists experiment. the american hostility is centralized power is a painter of american history. lou: ready you go next? we are out of time. where you go next with this amazing accomplishment?
10:48 pm
>> we will, of course to make it better and tket. into software. we know like intellectual property either. we would like to attack that next. lou: where can people down love this amazing innovation? >> it is really kind of unicolor amazing. the kindle the gun. int one today. lo we will put up that side on our website as well so that you can refer to it if you would like. and, by the way, we just learned that a number of retailers are going to be moving those 3d printers to the price point of about $1,500. so this is going to get extraordinarily interesting very, very soon. cody wilson, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. thank you. lou: up next, the two-story of a doctor who was a drug dealer. a president. the first lady. jfk. the authors of the new book,
10:49 pm
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stay in the groove with align.
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♪ lou: get ready. shocking new revelations about president john f. kennedy's famous first debate with richard nixon and a whole lot more about camelot. my next guest says jfk was energized because of methamphetamine. an infamous dr. who actually laid the foundation for methamphetamine and the drug culture in this country in large measure, or so they contend. joining us now are t authors, authors of the brand new book, dr. feel good. i want to read all subtitled because when a subtitle is as
10:53 pm
long there's a reason for it. it is a shocking story of the doctor who may have changed history by treating and drugging jfk, md., elvis, and other prominent figures. gentlemen, thank you and congratulations. but let me start with this. the book starts out, your research and polling altogether some time ago, to be about robert cummings, a well-known, popular actor did not state any part of what happened. tell us what happened, how it became about jfk very quickly. >> bob cummings was a great actor who is known as a health fanatic. and in our research, link letter and dwayne hickman, we found out that bob cummings was an methamphetamine addict destroy his life. lou: destroyed his life, and you conducted interviews from 2004, five on the last yea. you talked with george clooney,
10:54 pm
jerry lewis, yogi berra, all about dr. max jacobsen's patience. that president. the idea that theresident, anyone has a sense that there was something wrong. painkillers, that sort of thing, but to be injected, and as you point out, before the debate, i don't want to give away too much, but to be injected with methamphetamines may havely chae in the first debate with richard nixon. >> remember, nixon was f. kennedy in the polls going into that first debate. and people saw kennedy -- lou: i have to tell you, i have forgotten that until i read it in the book. >> was dead in the polls. he was considered a lot of gravitas. and not only did kennedy get a shot of this methamphetamine formula that gives him energy. he was barely walking. he was so tired, fatigued. he had no voice left.
10:55 pm
and nixon was also suffering from a malady. yet on disney. he had an infected needle. kennedy treatments and not putting make a bond. he walks and glycogen nest. the polls shifted that night. kennedy was aheain the polls after that debate instead through the course of the campaign. lou: let's go throug the back to marilyn monroe. mickey mantle. to have all of these popular cultural icons involved in this. this guy, a german immigrant, dr. jacobson, injecting all of these people. the weather reaches out across hollywood to washington. it is extraordinary. >> he relieved reaches out and changes our society. and he stayed at the rate of the entire time. i mean, he treated lynyrd bernstein, anthony quinn. his office was in new york who's
10:56 pm
who, starting a 10:00 at night until four in the morning. beacon, nancy truman capote and tennessee williams. a gifd thorium was met the enemy shot everybody stayed. and it was a who's who of new york, hollywood, or the world. lou: and you assert that this was the foundation the drug culture in this country. >> absolutely. methamphetamines werlegal in 1960, and it was only after the jacobsen expos a in the 1970's that we started the bureau of narcotics and dangerousrugs, that the drug war began, and it was in large measure because of max jacobson. lou: i hope you will come back because i want to talk about how this book is being blocked by some prominent media. apparently they don't like the idea that jfk would be in any way revl to the american people. we are going to he to leave it there. this book we recommend to you highly, and it is on our
10:57 pm
website. thank you fellows for being here. good luck with the book. it is on sale at bookstores near you and on the w, of course. you and on the w, of course. that is it are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of itsind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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♪ neil: get ready. you see what is happening with stocks, the record think, the dow 15,000 thing, the dow and s&p up north of 14% this year. stocks being the end all, everything think. don't look now, but the president is setting his sights on jobs to be the next big thing. all because of him. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. don't mess with a bull on a rampage. don't mess with a state on an economic rampage. the president not only impressed with both. he is taking credit for both because -- nice work if you can get it -- go to the state gets itone on jobs and take about four as well. nice of you if you're the


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