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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 2, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that is my "two cents more". that is importunate "willis report", we thank you for joining us, have a great night and we will see you right back here tomorrow. the two good evening, everybody. another record-breaking day on wall street today. the s&p 500 up 15 points, closing at a record high of 1097. the seventh record for the broader index this year, the s&p up 12% year-to-date, the dow jones industrial is rallying from the opening to finish with another triple digit gain. this is the highest since the time the past six trading
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sessions in finnish at its highest close since november of 2000. the nasdaq is up nearly 11% on the year. the wilshire 5000 measuring today's gains of $200 billion and for the year, the total market cap has risen $2.1 trillion. we will be taking all this up with ted weissberg. but we begin tonight with syria. the markets today overcame investor anxiety over the shipping policy positions, coming out of the obama administration. chuck hagel signaled a possible change in the white house is thinking on arming the syrian opposition forces. this after president obama we have a new sense of redlines
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earlier today, as responded to a reporter, he asked if the united states would reconsider sending arms to the rebel forces in syria. >> arming rebels as an option. you rethink all the options, it doesn't mean you do or you will, these are options that must be considered with partners in the international community. what is possible and what can help accomplish that.
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lou: this is part of the president focusing this visit on improving economic relations with one of our largest trading partners, as well as promoting immigration reform. >> part of an important diplomatic relations. like gun control and the bargain fizzling. >> there is comprehensive immigration reform that lives up to our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. >> the president needs a victory because he crossed the 100 day
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mark. >> amnesty is chaos and it's terrible for the country. >> when asked about allowing illegal immigrants to become u.s. citizens if they meet requirements like paying back taxes, 78% said they favor that come only 21% oppose. >> are still plenty of danger signs, including the boston terror attacks. this could impact the public on a central element of immigration reform. a new poll found that changing opinions on a path to citizenship, a path could increase terrorism in the u.s. command that would decrease the
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likelihood and 66% says he is serious about border security. including backing a path to citizenship. >> what we expect is to modernize illegal immigration. including entry exit system. >> i'm not. >> optimism among mexico city will be interjected back into the bay. senator rubio said he is not sure that it will get through either the house or the senate unless it has gotten really tough border security measures.
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that could be the key to any kind of a deal. lou: it has been for some years now. ed, thank you very much. ed henry, chief white house correspondent, thank you. and a ox news exclusive from the state department's office of inspector general has been investigating the special panel that investigated the benghazi terrorist attack on the state department. that is part of the accountability review board, as it's called, led by united nation investors thomas pickering and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, mike mullen, failed to interview key witnesses who asked themselves to provide accounts of benghazi. joining us is a former president of the of the world bank, deputy secretary of defense and the bush administration and a scholar at the american
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enterprise institute. >> this is a remarkable development that is being investigated by the inspector general. >> i spent eight years at the state department. to me, this is unprecedented to have an investigation. but we knew that there was something wrong with that so-called accountability review board. because they manage to conclude the responsibility, the assistant secretary of state level, they reached a conclusion mrs. clinton, the secretary of state, i found that astonishing. >> there is a chain of command at the state department.
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christopher stevens had been killed, his responsibility in terms of responding to the crisis evolved to his deputy, was out of the country, that responsibility went directly to the secretary of state come as, as i understand it. is that correct? >> well, i'm not quite sure, but here is where it is. this did not come out of the blue. we have had warnings for year that security situations in libya were deteriorating. it is as though it is simple for them to say this is accomplished. we apparently did nothing in the way of doing the planning ourselves. one of the questions they should have asked mrs. clinton is if did you ever ask about this,
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whether security was adequate. it obviously wasn't adequate. the. lou: a five committee republican report, quoting a secretary accountable. as we prepare now for the house oversight committee, congressman darrell issa. we have reached a point now where it appears to many this administration has utterly stonewalled the american people and defied their right to know and are you optimistic that something will be forthcoming here that will unlock the secrets and the scandal of benghazi. >> the congress actually has the ability to force these witnesses
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to testify and to get to the bottom of this in fact that this, we don't know what the facts are in this case. but again, we do know is there is a remarkable eagerness by the president and the people who declare it mission accomplished and we can now treat it as a law enforcement problem, these are people who are at war with us. there are many people that fit into that, including the 10 days after the benghazi attack including some obscure video but it was clear from the beginning that it was a well-organized terrorist event. lou: the date is significant. the intelligence was reportedly significant, suggesting that there should be preparation which the state department neglected to respond here. let me turn, if i may, to two
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issues. and creating a confusing array of her sponsors. >> well, when you hear in the real voice, you have to realize that that is going to strike fears on transferrin hearts of anyone who is fighting for us. our goal right now and over the last two years should have been to achieve as rapidly as possible a peaceful and by persuading the people who are fighting for us. it doesn't mean putting american troops in syria. i know the fear about repeating the experience. what we are actually repeating
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his earlier experience in which we will allow saddam hussein to slaughter revels in 1991. in many ways, that led directly to another war. the administration has allowed extremists to gain strength and now we have a threat of chemical weapons. it is very late in the day, but i hope that this is more than thinking about a decision that where we can do something. i hope that we will be serious. >> thank you for being with us. much more on this end. throughout tonight's broadcast. general jack keane is next. lou: president obama in mexico. what are the odds about sending his uneducated folks to the
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border. we take it up in the "chalk talk." and more redline warnings for syria as the pentagon serious the shift to arming the rebels. general jack keane joins us next. for seeing your business in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow-
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lou: north korea today, 15 years of hard labor for medicine. the 44-year-old kenneth day has been detained since last november. his friends described him as a devout christian who took to us on trips to north korea. he was arrested by taking pictures of orphans. north korea may try to use them as a bargaining chip to force concessions from the united states. turning back to syria, my next
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guest says that there are risks to arming syrian rebels but the greatest risk is doing nothing at all. joining us is general jack keane, retired army general, former army vice chief of staff, also a fox news military analyst. it is to have you with us. >> it is good to be here bemoan the choices seem to have the administration perplexed. they have walked back the president's rhetoric on team changes, and now as we just heard from the secretary of defense say that arming the rebels is an option. where do you think this administration is in its policy onria? >> well, it's pretty tough to understand it. certainly humanitarian aid and nonlethal aid was what they tried to do.
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they have also assisted the rebels to some degree in jordan. i think bashar al-assad is very clever here in our audience should understand. they used artillery for months, they introduced attack helicopters very slowly, and he went full bore with it. months later he introduced fighter aircraft just a little bit, tentative initially, including the u.s. community reaction. no response. now, he has introduced chemical weapons, make no mistake about it, this is the same pattern that he is doing.
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what kind of reaction is he going to get. if he doesn't get much, he will continue to use it. i don't think that he will go full scale with it, but he will continue to use it on a limited basis because he knows that it is a terror weapon and will have significant impact on people in separating him from rebel supporter, is what he is trying to achieve. that is in front of the administration. i agree with you, that they are flexed by it. lou: doing nothing would have tremendous consequences as well. the number of refugees pouring into jordan, the threat to jordan itself and how significant and how concerned are you? >> we have 4 million displaced people and 200,000 refugees, and that is increased by hundreds of thousands justin last four to five months.
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70,000 dead, all of those numbers are just i just provided, they will continue to rise. we have to take some action to turn the momentum away. we have a military stalemate on our hands. principally because of bashar al-assad's airpower. the redline or the use of chemical weapons, i believe we should have armed the rebels two years ago. listen to this, the iranians are all in. providing money, they have close to a thousand trainers and advisers there and they have special operations people on the ground to include this. they launched a two star operations guide who are one of the best of a hat. they are all in here, and we cannot forget about why this is so important for the iranians geopolitically. it would be huge strategic failure for iran, which is in the united states interest. at a minimum we should arm the
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rebels the radical islamists have been in power and influence. mainly because we haven't been involved. lou: i do want to ask you for your views on benghazi. the accountability review board is now part of the inspector general. >> okay, so we have to go back
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and unravel the confliction that we have of the special operations person who is providing some details about what he knows. i have spoken to the commander months ago about this. in terms of the response come he believes that he did in terms of moving forces here. so we wanted all understand what happened, who ordered what, what was the timetable for all of these events that are still conflicted. we have to get to the bottom of it. it is stunning that this investigation held by the ambassador did not interview some of the key witnesses that should have been interviewed. lou: general jack keane, thank you. turning our attention to wall street, stocks rallying on the good news of a drop in
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first-time jobless claims. larger than expected decline. is that your joining the fed and the bank of japan and pushing interest rates lower than making money a lot easier. the dow jones up 131 points, the s&p up 15, nasdaq up as well. 3.1 billion trades today. kansas city, keeping demand for those up 150 trucks. how about those trucks? i thought well -- never mind that is a different era. commodities continue to be volatile. gold and oil rebounding from yesterday and the sharp selloff. interest rates lower, the ten-year treasury yielding 1.63%. up next, president obama in mexico and the "chalk talk."
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>> we cannot lucite a larger relationship. the one that is the president at the beginning of his three-day visit. mexico stresses they want to focus on the economy this week, nothing but the economy, certainly it is understandable. the united states is mexico's largest trading partner, they are the third largest trading partner behind china and canada.
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it was the advent of nafta. mexico's economy was also growing faster than ours. our economy grew by 3.9% last year. 3.9%. and that compares to the 2.2% growth rate and it is important. and that is the background for what is talked about today. but here is what they surely did not discuss in which we think that they should. you have heard us talk about syria. 70,000 people have been killed in mexico in the drug wars over the past six years.
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70,000 people. 20,000 people are missing. drug trafficking from mexico is now estimated to be a 25 to 50 billion-dollar enterprise. twenty-five to $50 billion. is it any wonder that people wonder about corruption when so much money is at stake. so many lives are at risk. about 6 million mexicans are currently living in this country illegally. that is the estimate of 11.1 million illegal immigrants. think about that. 6 million people from mexico living here legally. from these folks to their families, totaling
7:30 pm
$22.5 billion. that is per year. cbs news talk to border patrol agents. they say that illegal immigrant arrests have not tripled over the past several months as congress debates whether or not to grant a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. according to a new pew research poll, many citizens in mexico would love to move to the united states if they could. and a population of 120 million people. including 20% who say that they would jump the fence. in other words, president obama and mexico's president are not talking about the most important issues that face mexico and those bordering the united states and the presidents of
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those two countries, mexico and the united states, well, they can't find a redline. they found it several times in syria. but i would argue president obama has a red line that stretches the entire length of the mexico border is far more urgent and it is a shame that this country continues to refuse to treat mexico is a full partner in economics and foreign policy. it is a shame. president obama continues to condescend that he should leave. closing arguments under way at the jodi areas murder trial. any border sheriff who has a new idea about public safety. fire and ice, parts of the country battling the elements. record snowfall in the heartland
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lou: breaking news, the month of may bringing severe weather across the country. firefighters in california battling two wildfires, including a 6000-acre fire that has forced evacuations and destroyed homes about 50 miles west of los angeles. there is no rain in the forecast. we are dealing with the opposite issues. and in the midwest, 15 and a half inches of snow has fallen.
7:36 pm
a sobering message. joining us with us now is president of seaport securities. ted, thank you for being here. these are manage numbers that we understand, expectations are created and filled. but still i feel better about it all.
7:37 pm
the excuses the eurozone or exchange rates to me. it is just a coldwater eurozone. this is potentially a problem. lou: when we look at the aggregate revenue that have been reported, we are getting hurt here. it is not dramatic. >> there is a lot of moving parts. we are all just interconnected. a lot of u.s. companies rely heavily upon offshore revenue and earnings in this whole dollar euro trade plays into this when the dollar gets stronger in the euro gets weak, it really hurts u.s. companies and they need the weak dollar is. lou: everyone keeps talking down the economy think about everything is in europe and the bank of japan is single-handedly raising all of asia, it seems. here's a possibility.
7:38 pm
is it possible that the stock market, it sees these things that allude to the rest of us. >> we learned early on not to fight the tape. and the tape doesn't lie. the selloffs, when they come, they are brief and they are relatively shallow and they have proven to be this. lou: brutal is another word. >> they are sharp and they are brutal.
7:39 pm
lou: the one covered in here from every brokerage, every professional, everyone on the street come about as the absence of the street. >> we talked about this in the past, the phones are simply not ringing. i always blamed on seaport, but the fact is i don't think of the phones are ringing anyplace. i don't know if it is a confidence issue, but the headline news remains negative. the scars are still so deep and open. lou: thank you for being with us. go to tweet me at
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is. lou: the president nominated and fellow chicagoan, long-term fundraiser to run the commerce department and the president recommended the next u.s. trade representative. both have to be confirmed by the senate. vice president biden is newsnight
7:44 pm
>> so many women don't report rape. they don't want to get raped again by the system. they want to be put through. lou: vice president biden speaking of the lawyers project, an organization. seventeen people arrested of assault good property damage after a may day demonstration turned violent. demonstrators demanding immigration reform and all sorts of interesting work. black flag and markets, hurling rocks and bottles at police. police say that a police officers suffered scrapes and bruises suffered.
7:45 pm
omaha, nebraska, the annual shareholder meeting for warren buffett. the woodstock of business. just moments ago a record talked recorder talked with warren buffett and he had this economy comment ahead of this weekend's devotees. here he is. >> we got the jobless claims number today. a five-year low, that is the number that you want to see. a lot of things are a whole lot worse that what happened could have happened if things went wrong.
7:46 pm
lou: you can catch the fox business network special coverage live in omaha with liz claman at the shareholder meeting that begins tomorrow. a weekend with warren buffett return fox business. up next, new details emerging about the role of three new suspects in the boston terrorist attacks. we are on the case. faith jenkins and angelina gomez join us next the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her... no. no! no. ...likes 50% more cash. but i don't give up easy... do you want 50% more cash? yes! yes?! ♪ [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase, plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? why? and we've hit the why phase...
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stay on after four months of testimony, closing arguments today on the murder trial of jodi arias. prosecutor juan martinez has concluded, describing this woman as is a manipulative liar who stopped her ex-boyfriend, travis
7:50 pm
alexander, planned the murder weeks in advance come a first degree murder conviction would lead to a death sentence. joining us now, attorney and former prosecutor faith jenkins, criminal defense attorney, thank you both for being here. this prosecutor, if i may just start there, he has been one of us, he has been acclaimed by at least immediate performance in this trial, what are your thoughts? >> he faces a lot of criticism, he has been called a bully, a triple, overly aggressive.
7:51 pm
there is no eyewitness that says this is what happened, and this is how he suffered and died. he told that story today, it was very riveting, and i think he did a great job. lou: jodi arias accused of stabbing alexander 27 times, shooting him in the head, slitting his throat, ear to ear. for months to put that forward and to come to a conviction for a lesser sentence. by the way, the judge just added manslaughter. in the case where someone has been shot in the head. >> under the law, let's charge is. believe that there has been enough evidence presented in the trial. they are going to argue in the closing statement at this has been done in the heat of
7:52 pm
passion, this is not intentional, this is not dedicated to the prosecutor doesn't know what he's talking about. there isn't any type of evidence except the prosecutors claim. however, as the prosecutor stated in his closing arguments, lou: we are also going to take a look at a couple other cases part of this will be video to be avoided. shocking video, we we're coming right back, stay with us we went out and asked people a simple question:
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lou: we told you the story of the 4-month-old baby at who is taken from the parents in sacramento. it can be upsetting, so i just want to caution you as you prepare to look at it. includes what rights are at issue here. here's the video. [inaudible]
7:57 pm
lou: a worker walked through the door of their home and did this. >> you can go right in and take the child away without a warrant. child protective services said they spoke to the first hospital and then taken out of the icu by the parents. lou: as i understand it, they are to have documents from doctors in the second hospital, saying that the child was safe, the child was in no immediate medical danger of any kind. certainly backwards a problem for child protective services that because they had to be aware of it because authorities were at that second hospital the previous day when there was a conversation. >> i don't get the information until later at times. by law, they have to go out and
7:58 pm
do some type of an investigation. the issue here is you can due to the investigation, but why did you have to do the debate. you have documentation at kaiser permanente. go to the hospital, you can investigate people there. doctors there. this is what happens in this situation. the parents went against the doctors advise. and they just left without the child being discharged. lou: it went against a doctor who had said that they had immediate surgery, a doctor and a hospital but said there is no problem with a nurse injected antibiotics and this five month old baby. she had no orders to do so. it scared the living heck out of those parents. >> apparently felt they were
7:59 pm
being respected. so they said look, we are going to take the baby and go to the hospital and get a second opinion. what we have seen happen in this situation is that until the hospital we would like to have our child transported to another hospital to get a second opinion. this child never should've been taken out of icu and the baby was removed. if they can show that they have a pretty good defense against lawsuit. lou: you're dying to say something. >> i know about the compliance. the hospital has to listen to the general counsel. they have their hands tied behind her back. the issue here is the hospital has to talk about liability.
8:00 pm
lou: thank you for being with us, good night from new york. >> when you have to get mexico to get on board immigration reform, that tells you all you need to know is that they are selling it here. welcome, i am neil cavuto. >> we are


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