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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2022 1:00pm-1:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. russia prepares to formerly annex for regions of ukraine. the stage is set for a ceremony in moscow to morrow when russia plans to officially incorporate the occupied areas after so called referendums. western allies bow never to recognize russia's illegal and ground. also coming up the 4th bleak is detected in the ruptured nord stream pipelines. gas continues to escape into the baltic. sea
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scientist say it could be the biggest methane leak on record. for the e and russia say it's sabotage and want pence and hurricane p and rips into the u. s. state of florida flooding, inundate cities of power goes out for millions of residents and authorities say the worst is not yet over. as the storm slows but brings more rain ah hello and terry martin, good to have you with us. the kremlin says russia will formally annex for ukrainian regions as its own territory. to morrow. moscow claims the occupied eastern regions voted to join the russian federation in so called referendums, which were dismissed by the west. as a sham, the united nation says any annexation would violate international law. the stage
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has been set up in moscow's red square with the annexation celebrated on friday. president vladimir putin is planning to give a speech owing a signing ceremony with supper. this leaders who are already in moscow, russia last annex the ukraine's crimea through a similar process in 2014. our correspondent mathias bellinger joins us now from the ukrainian capital, kia, but here's what impact is this annexation move likely to have well on the ground, not much. it is neither going to stop ukraine from trying to read, take the occupied territories, nor did miraculously enhancing the russian military's capabilities and the long term it might have, however, an impact because what to put in is doing there. he is basically blocking the exit from these territories, the diplomatic exit from these territories, any way to retreat from ukraine by claiming that these territories are russia. so
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any, any, any solution to the war will, will be even more difficult under the pressure on also, maybe the russian public is higher to continue this war. does annexation mathias mean that putins nuclear threats now extend to those annex territories? while these nuclear threats, they haven't been very specific or they have been contradicted. and that's for a reason. i think it's very clear that if the kremlin ever decides to use nuclear weapons, it will be based on 2 criteria, whether it can gain anything by it and whether it can get away with it. there is no list of criteria a, b, c, and d. and if all of them are met, then russia has to use a will definitely use these weapons. this is a decision that they will make according to their estimates of what they can expect
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to happen after that. the west does not recognize these annexations. obviously the e u is announcing further sanctions, but what can be done about it mathias? it doesn't look like anything can be done to stop this process or that is now underway. but of course, what is going to be, what, what can be done and what is going to happen is most probably that the war will go on, or that the crime will try to come to take back these occupy terry trees and that they will receive aid from the west as they have now, and that the west will keep their sanctions are. that's probably the that's the most probable scenario. and that's pretty much what are those who don't agree with it? ukraine and the western countries can do right now and he has thank you very much. now that was our correspond mathias spelling of their in t the swedish coast guard has found
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a 4th leak in the north stream gas pipelines. the ruptured after under sea explosions were detected. scientists say the baltic sea lines could be pumping out the biggest methane released on record. questions of blame remain as, as both of the e. u and russia demand answers. moscow has called the united nations security council meeting to address the issue. european leaders, i read it about the pipeline leaks in the politics that you faced. the damage was likely caused by deliberate act raising security concerns. but the european commission has not said who might have been behind the suspect at separate touch. today, ms. oller, who is everything, is being done to try to identify the origin of this is express joy in responsibility. as europe largest natural gas supplier, norway thief, it will beef up the security efforts, antarctic infrastructure ears to turn the events in the baltic sea have resulted in the government deciding to further strengthen al preparedness around on and
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offshore infrastructures to prevent another incident in force, widen or by the military will be more present and visible near our oil and gas installations. insulin enrollment really does have warrant of retaliation for any attack on europe in our t networks. it here to reveal there is no doubt that this is very serious. it is not a coincidence, this was planned. that is what i am or other things of discussed with the installed and burg nato secretary general. because this is serious. russia says it's launching an international that it had some investigation into the leaks denying allegations it was involved with. well, you know, it's quite predictable and also predictably stupid to make such claims. i repeat once again, predictably stupid and absurd or absolute. the gas escaping from the pipelines is also an environmental concern. it contains high levels of meeting and authority.
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fear it could be the equivalent of one 3rd of denmark, sorted animal, greenhouse gas emissions. he w, washington bureau chief in his paul has been speaking with former u. s. general david betray us. she asked him about ukraine's recent territorial gains. and what the consequences would be of russia used nuclear weapons. the ukrainians have decisively won the battle of force generation. in other words, from the very beginning, they mobilized completely. and now this country of less than a 3rd, the population of russia has a much larger army in the field in ukraine. it is vastly better equipped, of course, $15100000000.00 worth of military hardware and ammunition and assistance from the united states alone and plenty more from our nato allies and other western countries throughout the world. and now they are bringing these new forces and capabilities to bear in
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a very effective matter on the battlefield. there is nothing that russia can do to reverse the situation generally that some people say just because of that. and as you just mentioned, because putting might be so desperate that it could be likely that he uses nuclear weapons and then to do, do you think it is likely and what would it mean? it is certainly a possibility. that possibility has to be taken very seriously. i don't think it is that likely? but again, something so dangerous and horrific does have to be taken seriously. clearly, as jake solomon indicated, we are taking very seriously and more importantly, we're communicating with russia and with the leadership. they are presumably in a general way what the response would be to obviously deter them to sway them from taking this decision. if anything, it will unite ukraine even more against russia,
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it will unite nato even more against russia. it will result in additional very various toughest sanctions. financial economic personal. this could be the moment where rushes finally declared a state sponsor of terror. perhaps even worse crimes charges are levied against this. i think this takes the gloves off in terms of the western response. former u. s. general david patricia, they're speaking with d. w. so washington bureau chief in his poll now hurricane ian is moving across the state of florida after battling the gulf coast and causing catastrophic flooding. it made landfall as one of the strongest storms ever to hit the u. s. and while it has since weakened it is still unleashing strong winds and rental range authorities are scrambling to respond and warn hubble lawn cleanup ahead. hurricane hunters fly
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into the eye of storms to gather data from it to roy ologist. oh, but this hunter was shocked by the strength of this hurricane. he says e n will be one to remember. today's flight was certainly the roughest that i've been on and my 6 years of doing this and it was, it was a messy pass. and i think even if you know in the future we fly through a storm in it and the being worse than that, it'll still be one that i think back on. it's like, oh wow, was it worse than year? i'm not sure. ian has turned florida sandy, beaches and coastal towns into a disaster zone. streets have been turned into rivers and nearly 2000000 homes and businesses are without power. hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate. but some of chosen to write out the hurricane. you
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as president joe biden has urged people to heat the safety precautions life threatening. you should obey all warranties and directions for emergency. officials . don't take anything for granted. use their judgment. not yours. a vacuum when order hurry can ian was one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the united states. the states governor says that it could take years to recover from the devastation left behind. this is a, a major, major event. it's going to be going to be a tragic event in many ways, and we understand this is not just a 48 hour ordeal. this is going to be something that is going to be there for days and weeks and months. and unfortunately, in some circumstances, even years, ian has become significantly weaker after making landfill. and it is expected to
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weaken further as it hits in land. but even so, experts a warning off, devastating rain and even tornadoes as it tears across the state of moralist. last spring and linda speech here, she's a hydro meteorologist and lecturer at the university of oxford, focusing on early warning systems for disasters particularly floods. thanks for being with us. dr. straight hurricane impounded. cuba is now hitting florida. extremely hard. were these places properly prepared for the storm? well, i think florida in particular probably was, i mean, florida is used to experiencing lots of hurricanes and the warnings were issued. what in advance for this event we're talking about a week ago on the messaging around or even for the weekend have been talking about catastrophic letting danger to lie, devastating a history making event. even the people in florida probably were pads of this. and that already seen it to kiera, they knew what was coming. are you seeing any change in patterns when it comes to
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large storms? yes, definitely. i mean we're seeing more and more intense events. and the research doesn't seem to think we're seeing more and more hurricanes or more tropical cycling occurring when they do occur. they seem to be more intense. and the reason for this is, and the rising label temperatures. so her kinds of driven by and temperature if you've got warm oceans and the add energy to the storm system and it means that can intensify fast. it also means that there's more moisture available in the atmosphere. you can suck up more water and then when it rains, it kind of that's more, more mindful to happen. so these events are becoming more intense. and most of this are, they were not seeing an increase in frequency. we're seeing more hurricanes that meet that kind of category 34, or you can 5 threshold ok more intense, more, more severe earned or you're saying that's directly attributable to global warming, to what degree are vulnerable areas able to cope with events like this moving
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forward? well, i mean, i think that's something that we really need to work on now because we've got the science which says, you know, we know, we know we're going to see more of these events. so now we need to think about the resilience. how can we make communities more able to keep them places like florida we can see people have been taking the warning seriously. they've been evacuating when asked che, stocking up on food on water. but actually earlier on when the hurricane hit cuba, you can see that the bunch of uh into their much more inputted and they don't have a good food supply. the electricity is out pretty, take a lot longer to return to normal. that not have access to simple things like am drinking water. so these type of things, when you think about the most valuable community would definitely feel the impacts of climate change, harder and 1st. what can governments, herb, and planners even the public in general do to avoid the impact of extreme weather events. but in the future, while i mean avoiding impacts is going to be pretty difficult. there's no way that
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you could avoid the impact of an hurricane ear and you know that much intensity and power was going to cause does justice, whatever, wherever it hits, i think we need to be much more past. be really aware that in a changing climate we're going to see more of these type of extreme weather events . and take, take the warning seriously and think, you know, what can we do in advance rather than rushing around, trying to do immediately before the event happens. and, and take care of other people. what about people? not communities. oh more. well, why don't think actually to prevent the impacts of climate change. one of the biggest things we can do is bring people out of poverty and said the people have got the capacity themselves to be more resilient to these type of events. then a space from the university of oxford. thank you very much. thank you. it's catch up now and some of the other stores making headlines around the world. today us vice president camilla harris visited the demilitarized zone that divides the korean peninsula, where she said, washington will use its full range of military capabilities to defend south korea.
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harris arrived in sol a day after jonya and conducted more ballistic missile tests. provocations, she said, were meant to destabilize the region german carmakers. portia has made its debut at the frankfurt stock exchange. strong stuart has raised over 9000000000 euros so far, making one of the largest initial public offerings in european history courses. parent company volkswagen is expected to invest in electric mobility and software. in the future, of course, myanmar has sentenced else did leader on so on. so cheat with 3 more years in jail, for violating the secrets. there have been 5 confirmed deaths with another 19 fatality is likely caused by disease. there is no vaccine for the strain of the evolve a virus circulating in uganda. iran's prayers that abraham
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roy see, has condemned the chaos sparked by the death of a woman in police custody, saying that he's taking part in protests will be dealt with decisively. the morality pulling so rested. mazda, i'm a need for violating iran's strict dress code. she died in detention protests interrupted across the room, hosing the biggest challenge to the regime in years you w baron mars met with the iranian political activists and the nobel peace prize winner sharing our d. she shared her thoughts on how the protests could lead to change her stuff to do with the struggle of the people in iran is also she or anybody struggle. we are meeting the nobel peace prize winner in london, where she lives in exile the day. she senses there is a change in the air here at amazon, there is a possibility of overthrow and the regime. the protests have taken place and over
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100 different places. yeah. and the demonstrators are diverse as young i all and from different walks of life, her protests, she tells us how different this time people are unified in their revolt against human rights violations. many are also very poor. after decades, if sanctions must sally, unlike previous protests. yeah, people aren't passive mar when they're beaten by the security forces. they're respond by beating the security forces as well. i guess, quote unquote, well, unquote, i presented. the lawyer, an activist says, the international community must do more to help the iranians. no more tests. they just talk, but we don't want words we want action was on as long as there is a repression that they should recall the ambassadors from morality, kids and please add the perpetrators one vote and killing this people that please add them to your list of sanctions so, oh, tony's satin was says,
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she says the western even use the talks on restoring the nuclear deal to put pressure on the regime. but roger, it's necessary to talk about human rights violations and nuclear issues together. don't just talk about the nuclear issues, but include the human rights violations. it's a, those were ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, friends, keeper updated about events in her home country. they sent her videos after yet another night of protest. 1 man, as ethan on the one hand, i find it very upset and heart wrenching as has. on the other hand, i'm very proud to see how courageous my people on me during this protest was hum, is seldom what a thing. after many, he is an exile. sheer in the body is finally daring to hope that things will change
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in her beloved iran. the 2022 recipients of the right livelihood awards have been announced. they are given to activists and organizations trying to make the world a better place. among those honored is the ugandan organization africa institute for energy governance. the jury awarded the institute for its quote, courageous work for climate justice and community rights violated by extractive hist energy projects in uganda. the non profit is one of the leaders in the fight against the unjust exploitation of uganda oil reserves. the organization is trying to stop the construction of the east african crude oil pipeline. and joining me now is the chief executive of the institute dickens coming yoshika. he joined us from uganda's capital compiler. thanks for being with us and congratulations. your organization has won this award for defending people whose rights were quote,
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violated by the extracted nist energy proj prop projects. and in uganda you've been especially engaged in finding that huge oil pipeline. we mentioned, why are you opposing it? yeah, thank you very much. oh wow. has been to assure that oil activities it wouldn't right it, it writes the community, you know, the lead on the new guy there are in this, it remains where people leave the out a sort of get, did you know, go by there was the india, including me one of our biggest national electron mitchell for the national park. we're one of our london is it will get it. they are, but they got a but i'm the equal piece is living with me.
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good. yeah. the biggest issue with that e, o, e, e, as in africa and me, we are see these activities. i was in trouble going out of me a small communities and travel. so okay. the government though says that the oil industry brings money and jobs to the country club. what do you think your country should do instead of this oil pipeline? i think it is not with him or you're losing job with unity for your granddaughter. if you look at the number 2 been, wow, what's going on there? it was the era there been have been updated. the and i have been updated with what we've been asking government to do is look
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at it really on the mean or put you with the level of the old dominion. and we have, by the went in growing who we have, what they are we, how enough arena full, we have to what is the one that we have clean it like sort of in the here you gotta get it in a more in one. and you think of getting money had to get in or you know what you're up against a, a pretty big oil company there. ah, total energy. so what sort of risks are involved in taking on the oil industry and the government for that matter which is cooperating with oh yeah, you did. i did you order the was a day. you why? why you are,
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if you add the video that the communities that great to him bought before they was that it to the i right. been right. the i want to school. hm. when, but i need to ww should be yeah. many, many, many people cannot speak for them that it wouldn't have a abuse. and is that why you keep way up and that i was with dian site in white with the new. i mean, i wasn't even one of those people were heading but it so that's why we wanted you to walk. i mean, or they did. yes. dickens come yoshika, one of the lawrence lawrence of this years are right livelihood award. thank you very much. thank you for more information on this years, right. livelihood award and all the warriors just go to our website. that should be
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w dot com. now the american rapper coolio has died at the age of $59.00. his manager says the star was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a friend's house in los angeles. a julio conquers the charge to $995.00 with his iconic hit gangsters, paradise. the soundtrack to the film dangerous minds, starting michelle pfeiffer, the song, one coolio global fame. and also with grammy earlier this year, banks does paradise hit 1000000000 clicks on you? ah, just remind are the top story we're following for you this our on the w, the kremlin, says russia will formally annex for ukrainian regions as its own territory. to morrow,
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a stage has been set up in moscow for fridays event. the united nations says any annexation would violate international law, and the swedish coast guard says, a 4th leak has been detected in the north stream gas pipelines. scientists say the rupture causing a historic method aim release. russia has called a united secure un security council meeting over the damage to its baltic see pipeline. finally, a view from space shows the enormity of hurricane in florida. authorities more in the worst, is not over as one of the worst storms in us. history slows and moves inland, bringing extreme winds and flooding. i'm terry martin. this is dw news. thanks for watching
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with ah, [000:00:00;00] a with who
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off the coast to 3 russian oil is being sold illegally. an investigative team documents the criminal activity on the you can see as the readership owners hunt oil from russian tankers. they violate the oil embargo on a massive scale on europe. next on d, w, into the conflict. so with sebastian sham referendums in the occupied regions of you, crime and more russian troops are drafted into battle. my guess is we have his own unique protest. very spun, very off. foreign service veteran resigned in shame the war in ukraine. what are the chances of who to surviving the conflict?
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he started conflict zone in 60 minutes on d w. oh, hello guys. this is the 77 percent the a you know or the shuttle. we are not afraid to happen delicate tub because population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on
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d. w with hello and welcome to focus on europe. it is good to have you with us. we're more than half a year now into russia's war on ukraine and for president vladimir putin. things


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