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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah, 3 years that would change the world forever. my jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d. w. ah . ah, this is dw news live from berlin prize winning author salman rushdie stabbed in a lecture hall in new york. the writer has lived for decades and fear after iran, supreme leader called for his death as rusty lies in hospital. investigators look for a motive for the attack. also coming up the top secret documents recovered from donald
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trump's florida. home. a search warrant shows f b i. agents took 11 sets of classified records, reveals the former us president is being investigated for violation of the espionage act. and drought dries up, one of europe's most important waterways. germany's economy is in danger. as the rhine river, shipping root could soon become nearly impassable in some areas. ah, i'm ami a niece of welcome to the program author salman rushdie has suffered serious injuries after being stabbed on stage. as he was about to give a lecture in new york state. rusty had spent years in hiding and under police protection after a rainy and leaders called for his execution over the 1988 novel,
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the satanic verses. the 24 year old man has been taken into custody ah panic as a man rushes the stage and attacks salman rushdie as he's about to speak. the author fell to the ground. police said he was stabbed in the neck. his assailant was tackled and taken into custody people who are on the stage with him immediately rushed to the attacker and people jumped on to the stage from the audience to the point where there are probably 20 people on stage coin the attacker off and keeping him contained and there happened to be at least 4 physicians in the audience who were able to come up on stage and, and help the author was transported to hospital via helicopter. the attack happened as he was about to deliver an address about artists living an exile under threat of persecution in western new york. he is alive, he is
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a then transport year lifted to safety. but here's an individual who has some spent decades. ah, speaking truth to power, someone who's been out there, i'm afraid, despite the threats that have followed him, his entire adult life that seems brushed, he was forced to spend more than a decade in hiding after the release of his 1988 novel, the satanic verses provoked protests by muslims in several countries and the supreme leader of iran called for his execution. the 75 year old author has long been a vocal critic of religious extremism and a champion of free speech. the motive for the attack is not yet known. earlier marked summer, a reporter from the buffalo news gave me an update on solomon rushed his condition . we know what we were told about 2 hours ago by angel wiley, his literary agent, he said that son, rusty is on
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a ventilator that he is likely to was to, to lose sight. and when i and his, the liver was, was severely damaged and that he had a nerves severed in an arm region, very critical condition. that is not his medical team has not spoken yet to give us any, any, any sense of his condition. he was in surgery for a good number of hours. the last we knew at 5 o'clock, and he had been airlifted to a hospital ash, fairly short distance away, a little after probably around 11151130. so we can, we can assuming he's been in surgery, he was a surgery or may continue to be for a minimum of 56 hours. and those are some serious injuries in any case. and can you tell us more about what the witnesses saw in the theater where the attack occurred?
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sure, i spoke with several witnesses. i'm kidding. so in his sat in the front row at the emphasis cedar and they these, they saw man down to the stage very quickly. just a minute or 2 after the introductory remarks that we're going to introduce some ruskie and another speaker. we're then going to have a conversation about the need for st. silence for writers in this country in the united states. in a matter of moments the rusher, the failing, had rush and stage intact, so rushed. luckily there were there were, there were doctors in the audience and emergency medical technicians nearby as, as i think you had someone thing at the start here. number of people who are there in the audience got on stage to go after the assailant into come to her southern
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rush aid, also policemen and another law enforcement official that were there and very quickly apprehended this, right, i wanted to ask about that because rusty is someone that has been under police protection for the better part of 3 decades. so what do we know about the security level at this event? we don't have all the information. we know there is a state police officer. and another county law was locks to show who are right there nearby in we're on stage. we know there was a security check that that everyone had to go through and to show their their, their back. now apparently this person had a knife and somehow they got through that security. we don't have a lot of details. mark summer reporter for buffalo news. joining us, thanks so much. you're welcome. a newly unsealed
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search warrant has revealed that the f b i. agents who rated former president donald trump's florida home on monday took 11 sets of classified documents from the property, the f b i as evidence list shows, trump had been keeping boxes of classified documents that some analysts say should never have left the white house, including several marked as top secret, trump claims that he had declassified the materials. search warrant also indicated that trump was under an investigation for potentially violating the espionage act. i asked our correspondent, carolina to moya in washington for more details about what the f b. i says they seized in the rate where we now know as that $33.00 items where it sees as possible evidence of crime and also 11 sets of document. sara are classified documents, but not any kind of classified documents. amy and we know that we're talking about
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top secret documents, t as and t as i level. that is the name of this documents. and this means that these are really the nation's most highly sensitive documents. it's still a, it is, it is a case against the president, or is it, or is it a case against someone around him? that is a question that has not been answered. we just know about the number of documents and the type of documents, the f, b i has count there. and what more have we learned about the crimes or, or what the justice department is investigating trump for? well, the search warrant list is mainly about finding evidence for 3 potential crimes. we're talking about mishandling defense information. this could mean that he may have related the espionage act, or we're talking about the destruction of records and about the removal or
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methylation of documents. and it's important to point out aimen at that we're talking about the secret and top secret documents that belong to the u. s. government am the f. b. i took about 20 boxes of items from the mar, logo house of donald trump in florida. and including also a photo binders and information about the president of friends and a different other classified material. now, on the one hand, this looks like a major fiasco for the former president. but could this back back fire for democrats and give trump fuel for his likely run for president 2024. well, that is what we're seeing right now. a trump is continuing and even increasing his narrative of a hoax. he is presenting himself as a victim of this investigation. he says, the current administration is behind him and the democrats. and let's not forget that this is not the, the, the only one, the only investigation that trump is involved in. there also several other
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investigations including the ryan on january 6th and also different investigations in new york. and that involve a, his, a trump organization and, and the value of miss priced m assets and misleading tax. so far it is. and so he's using all of this to see air that the democrats and the current administration is against him writing on 2024 as the president. kennedy dw correspondent carolina, 2 more in washington. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news. this our the british defense ministry says, russia's black sea fleet has been, quote, significantly degraded after a string of explosions rocked of russian operated airfield and crimea, crimea. earlier this week, the ministry said russia last 8 combat jets in the blasts. moscow has so far tried to downplay the incident. gunman has killed 11 people and wounded 6 others.
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in montenegro central city of said tenure, state television reports that the attacker fired at people on the street at random after a family dispute. the gunman was shot dead by police after a tense stand off that wounded one officer. mexico was deployed its military to the border city of what is falling a bloody gang battle. what began as a deadly prison, riot involving riot. rival, cartels spread through the city streets where at least 9 people were gunned down by a legit gang members. germany's defense ministry says it will suspended military presence in molly, the announcement comes after the maryan government repeatedly denied germany forces over overflight rights making the rotation of troops impossible. berlin says it would be willing to participate in international peacekeeping missions there. but only if it was supported by the molly and government
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europe is in the grip of its most extreme drought and decades. record breaking heat waves linked to climate change have dried up rivers across the continent and send water reserves plummeting to historic lows. in germany, water levels in the rain drops so low that some cargo ships using the river are moving with only a quarter of their normal load. desolate, dry and desperate for rainfall. this is the current state of the river, right in western germany. normally, the water level of the rhine here in cologne is about 3 meters. at the moment. it's just 85 centimeters. at other points along the river, the waters already below 40 centimeters. this boat restaurant is supposed to float, but the low water level means it's currently on a lean. your from the to dish does of course we're hoping that it rains in switzerland and in southern parts of germany. then we'll get the water that we need
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to be a boat restaurants again and floats as usual. women. still guests are happy to come and see the unusual view of their bazaar st. onto the water level of the run, certainly wearing at the moment compared to its usual level. i saw the stair floor saw hot. it's muggy voices. all i'm very worried about the drought and the low water. i can see the shipping is suffering fish a suffering and the environment is suffering with it. dozens of fairies transport tourists and commuters across the rhine. but nicholas teal service could grind to a halt in a matter of days. he's already thinking about long term solutions. the rebels, the line will have to adapt, adapt the ships accordingly, and if necessary, will have to use new ships that have a lower draft, but there will be solutions. the ryan could be deepened, for example, that's already under debate because everybody for big freight ships. however, the economic consequences could be more extreme. the ryan is used to transport masses of industrial raw materials including coal. but many barges are being loaded
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at just one cause a capacity to keep them higher in the water. which means dividing up cargo among more bites. just full years after a historic drought in the region, the low water levels are also running home, the impacts of climate change locked in, that's hopefully often after the drought in 2018, we asked ourselves whether this was a great outlier, whether this would only occur once every 200 years. now we have the situation again 4 years later in a similar form. it seems that these conditions will occur more frequently in future to have been controlled for girls who are good and the other. many people. he a fear that water levels will sink even further in the coming week, which could lead to even more disruption of traffic here on the rhine. weather forecast point to some potential rain, but that won't east the situation overnight. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you this. our author,
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salman rushdie has suffered serious injuries after being stabbed on stage as he was about to give a lecture in new york state. a 24 year old suspect has now been taken into custody . that's all from me for now. after a short break, my colleague rob watts, has our business update for you. remember, you can always find more news on our website. that's d, w dot com and you can follow us on social media as well at the w news. i am all man isa for me and the rest of the team here. thanks for watching. ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the amount of cost is increasing every.


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