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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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a getting 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge in because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines with this is the dublin years, asia coming up to date, the crackdown on women who speak up against the thought about women. her face thought about meetings, threats, and jail time for demanding their rights, forcing the women's rights movement underground. we be defined activist stim, determined to win back the freedoms they've lost under the yard of thought about
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room and the stories behind the upcoming independence day celebrations in india and pakistan. how witnesses to the vibe and partition of the subcontinent? feed. 75 years after independence. ah, i'm british manager, welcome to the dublin news asia. glad you could join us. the thought about stake over half of goddess done nearly a year ago has re shaped society. most of all for women, new laws restrict their movements education and dictate what they can wear. many were men protested against them earlier on, but a harsh crack down has driven local organizers underground. on next report looks at the price paid by women who day to demonstrate in public a dangerous display of solidarity cattle fo, who'd leads
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a march, calling for freedom for justice, for women to be able to work that was before. now, cattle must work behind closed doors. i am here. she is covertly organizing a protest action to mark the anniversary of the taliban takeover van as adam, she says, this is the only way to get anything done. said action law was collect after our faces were recognized. they now know us, our photos were released and we gave interviews to the tv channels later on. but on the tv channels, ada interviews and programs, lot on that. and now we are being chased. and this is a serious problem. so what that, that kind of thing. she's paid a physical price for her activism here. she displays bruises and cuts from scuffles at protests. one time she says she fled her own home when the taliban were about to arrest her. and broke her leg, jumping over the wall to escape. she also says she suffered a miscarriage during
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a demonstration. ah, many he showed their faces at protests last year were later detained. summer suspected to still be in prison. others who were released fled to neighboring pakistan. the next woman requested not to have her name mentioned. they treated us very badly. they insulted us and told us to give away our organization. and they asked us, which party we worked for and accused us of working for the resistance front. and they took away our phones for those who stayed behind afghan as then has become an increasingly dangerous place. and that has taken its toll. we have spent a very difficult and painful time. we have suffered more pain psychologically and physically. i'm currently not doing well mentally,
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and my family members are also not doing well mentally. meanwhile, the protests continue. just not outdoors. these women have gathered to send a message to the world, calling for education, freedom, and access to work. the only safe place to do it is behind these walls and gentlemen offer more from colombo is samira. how me the amnesty international south asia campaigner or some europe. you're regularly in touch with women in afghanistan who have been forced to sit at home because of thought about dictates do they feel it's safe to go out and protest for their rights? thank you for having me. yes, based on the discussions and cause i did any make 2 women in guys in afghanistan, not only did jonah once because of my work,
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but also it seemed in family members that it is that they have it is quite a difficult situation right now for women and girls, enough understand, especially if a woman and i would like to mobilize and you would like to go out on his sheets to the example protest in one hand, the taller one half band her protests earlier a couple of months ago. and i don't have a deductible, of course, used violence and where the, the did not allow that with protests to continue protests and also what, what we have seen to patch and, and also what we have documented in the booth is that a majority of women protested were identified, disappeared, it was addressed it torture and even they were threatened to death to you. it's quite
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a dangerous environment right now where women are working however, they have not given up what i'm hearing, especially from the woman. well, i think what part of the protests are from the past, right, and that's what received the report to be player just before the conversation with you. but it's also pretty clear that the thought about her role convert promises on women's rights. the promises that they were making during the do hot on the thoughts. for instance, do you see a situation where the taliban will restore women's rights? i don't i don't think so. i would like to say that when the taliban to cooperate in august last year. you know, some of the fancy promises they made, especially to international media and in meetings with international community. there was a shadow of hope that i had, but unfortunately the one year of total on an honest,
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on the way the have dismantled. for example, ministry of women's offense, and we have it consistently having to use different policies and dicky, say on women's rights on how women should live in afghanistan in also the fact that they have failed to address usual goes education, which is a very straightforward thing. unfortunately, does not give me any hope and you know, they're made this promises to the international community and the international community seem to sort of accepted. do you think it is incumbent upon the international community to actually forced to fall upon to respect the promises of upon upon themselves, mood handed person, an international community blazer and that massive rule in weight. avalon, the sun is today, we accept it or you don't accept it, but they are part of the trouble with this crisis happened. and when it's done last year and except
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a blank promises and statements at the national community anthem, now have not heard the toilet when i count it. but then i think of that and giving, giving them a year to actually prove them, says that they do respect human rights in general, but particularly woman's rights. this is time for international. we need you to take action. this is dan put at the national can do used in leverage to want to talk on account of just one final christmas. either. if you're a woman or a gordon of grandson to be, what is the message that goes out to learn? what should they be doing? i dig down these and it did the fact that the deal showing the word in the assuring didn't tyler bond that as one woman has changed that one woman. it's not the same woman of you know, 96 is is something that they should continue because that's where the tyler one should know and that at one moment the not be that it will not be say somebody. i'm
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really relieved that thank you so much for joining us today. ah, on sunday focus on will celebrate 75 years of its independence followed by india on monday. but behind these celebrations lie countless stories of been and tragedy. arising from what is known in the subcontinent as the partition of india, the border determining this was finalized 75 years ago to day. these are the lines of british lawyer, sir civil ratcliffe drew across the map of british india to create india and pakistan bar design itself divided into east and west pakistan at that time. in creating hindu majority, india and islamic pakistan conditions was set for mos migration and religious pogroms. some 12000000 people found themselves on the wrong side of a line that divided nations along religious lines. in those,
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in newly created pakistan, fled to india and muslims in the opposite direction. up to a 1000000 people were massacred in the ensuing violence. it's a story of shad violence among pakistanis and indians. as we had into independence day celebrations of both countries, it's worth shouting from those that witness these new nations being born amidst the carnage as well as the promise of a better future. ah, i lose a g, g, d. so i all does harrington memories of partition. dr. d was it jenny? d should need was no. do stay there. he's very what engine? light on stranger loosening. good job. some bad. good jen?
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she didn't g t this. did you why you might have i thought they used to teach in a village in what is now the indian side he had come home on for the summer break. when all hell broke loose out of that a much better mileage. broke out schools were closed indefinitely. how many yet to get it to her school, but know that it got there a lot of those bloodshed everywhere from countless dead bodies and injured people arriving to my city, which was on the new border automatic, remember going there as a child to see what was happening if any one day, only allan cur, he came to easily and said that, no, you go because they are in danger. lost your life is when we came to billy, we saw oh, shandon slain, jaylen beard, deviled trauma, as he could,
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my father's business at gone angry. we didn't have any money left joe city. did you hurt as tell you about us excel, other than the bottles of august? i don't blame them bottom on that. i'll if anyone speaks of that time, i can immediately conjure it in my mind. i haven't got how much it's really difficult to talk about it for those of us who remember it and it was on. i'm emotional right now because i haven't spoken about that. diamond 75 years out tomorrow. i lost my uncle along so many people do these partition teeth. i should when he said the dead dish later done each other why it has started. i see a light, i bad pockets on programs and i love that language because i belong to god please. i love those good, dear me nicely. the world is fullest toys of law,
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but was also nothing to so you can fight as many was as you like, nothing but meaningful decisions are only made at the negotiating table that has it's only the top leadership which makes us fight drinking jenny, this is what i do, but sunday we should, we come to get it the chalet in most wish the for this frequency vector on monday. i sh her i'm, you can that if i look that tags and in the end is a me, you're not locked up to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the smudges with lions of the what's your story.
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ready ready i mean, when i was women, especially victims of violence, take part and send us your story chain. always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not a guests. you want to become a citizen, into migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, europe's rivers are drying and that threatening trade across the continent or visit the rhine in germany, where ships are lighting their loads and businesses looking at alternatives to one of europe's major waterways. also in our show, the temps are sweltering and spain, but it's getting harder to cool off. new energy rolls limit the use of air
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conditioning and 4 months after defaulting on its debt, sri lanka is still puzzling together a rescue plant loan walk in the show. i'm seeking beardsley in berlin. dry spells heat waves and now shrinking waterways. sherman industry is facing another blow, or the country's commercial arteries. the river rhine is approaching historically low water levels. a number of industrial heavyweights rely on the right to transport goods and raw materials to the north sea. you can see of them coming up here. b s f t isn't croup. the still producer, a significantly lower water levels mean that the companies have to reduce their shiploads a have your ship displaces more water after all. a current capacities for some barges are as low as 30 percent. one shipping company even reported that it needed 4 or 5 shiploads. now to get a full load downstream thing as it could get worse. the cal checkpoint near the city of mines is.


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