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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 10:30am-11:01am CEST

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mediterranean ah, it's waters connects people of many cultures seen of almost rock and jafar abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean youth. where has history left its traces reading people, hearing their dreams. a mediterranean journey in tenant starts august 14th on d. w. ah ah, welcome to global 3001 household, one garden, alberta. a concert is on a mission to help women and gonna grow their own fruit and veggies in china care
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services for the elderly are going high tech. what does that entail? and the controversial music from egypt streets that won't be silenced. the arab spring arrived in egypt in january 2011 with protests erupting across the country. tens of thousands of mainly young people gathered on to hurry a square in cairo to demonstrate against the autocratic regime of hosni mubarak, eventually forcing him from power to day. 11 years later, the country is still led by an authoritarian president abdel fat. i'll cc democracy and freedom of expression are under threat and artists face increasing censorship. oh, they are valuable. you musician,
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other layla's working in the studio with his piteous and luster far. they've been collaborating for 9 years. they both prefer working at night. alena means father of the night in arabic. his musical genre is not rug a nurse, a uniquely egyptian blend of funk, techno and rap. luckily, the music helps me forget all my worries. we sing about what we experience on the street in america, and of course we always try to convey a massive image overshadow. albin asia, my brother lamina long debt. look at because his lyrics touch on subjects like drugs and women in recent months has been banned from playing life concerts by egypt, powerful state sponsored musicians syndicate musicians must be registered with it to perform commercially with them. horrible stock. i feel paralyzed. st. a band is a disaster, possible model de la mo, could be sure linny, they should have talked to me and told me what i'm doing wrong. and what i can do
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to change it all up from them. from them, the saw different worlds collide in egypt. music scene on the one hand, there's the musicians syndicate which decides who can perform and who can't. on the other, there are the young artists who usually come from rough neighborhoods in cairo and alexandria. that's where muff raga not originated spreading from the street some 15 years ago to the mainstream. he to day muff rogue, not echoes throughout the city blaring out of every speaker. every took took mistake, might have banned live performances, but the sound of muff rog not is everywhere. a sound sorrow, ramadan grew up with all the 30 year old activist is on her way to the bullet all duck crew or district rather than
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dispenses legal advice to mark rog, not artists, so they can appeal against performance bands. in her opinion, the state sees these artists and their music as a threat. one the front, you know, his 20 year 1111. the countries image matters a lot to the syndicates in the state that with romulus, they were, the state denies these. what will neighborhoods exist because there is widespread poverty and that people who often lack education audience are openly describing in the harsh reality of their lives in the music on the south pole afoot totally get the lower the album on one which likely made here in alexandria upper layla's posing for se in a trendy cafe. he'd been hoping to smoke some seizure and relax with friends, as he doesn't get a minute to himself. ah,
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nutcracker nods popularity. has long reached the middle and upper classes too. we didn't arrange to meet any one here today, but you hear micro granite at every event, whether it's a birthdate, a baby shower or a wedding. people play mac work or not at every celebration. and the attention he attracts in the cafe is some consolation, but other layla, mrs. life performances a year ago, weddings and concepts were his main source of income. ah, the feature of his career will be decided at the end of this corridor. in the offices of the musicians syndicate, the caseworkers see themselves as guardians of moral standards. lay think my frog or not is all about bad boys and bad language is their songs are a threat to society. they use inappropriate language. an entire generation is listening to this and thinking it's acceptable. oh, of course it's
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a threat law hopper pop. the syndicate has close ties to egypt. military sorrow, ramadan says that artistic freedom is being fought it with the syndicate isn't independent. even though it should be from a legal point of view. its job should be protecting the interests of its members, but in fact, what it's doing is reflecting the government's position ah, lines of fans outside concert venues are becoming a more common site again, a few muff. raga not performers have been allowed back on stage. after tweaking they lyrics and towing the syndicate line, abdulla the father of the night won't changing his lyrics. ah, well, he has the syndicate will be flexible. by the way,
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he says and the sound of his generation won't be silenced. o a declining birthright, a rapidly aging population. china is dealing with the consequences of it's one child policy introduced in 1980 and only lifted in 2016. now there is no one to take care of the elderly. the state is pending its hopes on advanced tech. this control room coordinates the vital data of some 160000 elderly people, their heart rate, blood pressure movements, and much more. it's china's vision of elderly care services. are valencia food. all right, thanks a lot minutes at and we analyzed the elderly, walter and electricity consumption patent was an example. their families get that they to tune a lot of them. so they also know what's going on and see the mail. if somebody stops using water, all of
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a sudden there's only triggers in the long to comment. high chick engineers like g i way kung, are in high demand. china faces an aging crisis. the demographic reversal between old and young here is the fastest in the world. as this platform in the eastern chinese metropolis of jan jen is one of over 200 such pilot projects nationwide. a showcase which means a corresponding number of officials join us on our shoot. in this apartment block, they chosen 65 year old. we use you qualify for our interview. she takes us to her apartment. yeah. so i think that's called an infrared detector yet you hello. yeah, it went on honey gone years old. when you approach it, the red light goes on, hold on then. yeah, thank you don. roseville, and if someone shows no sign of movement yet to say over 24 hours,
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the doctor it transmits that information to that children and to the community. stop you that the of my daughter show you the golden. yeah. her yes. my health today her written, i'm checking your status now please wait. you know, you are joe who out as health status to day post 84 a minute and normal. blood pressure $76.00 to $116.00 and normal. you know how? it also reads out her hours of sleep and the pieces she's walked, know who your status check over all the best to you her. up until recently it would have been normal for her to move in with her son, offspring. we're traditionally seen as the insurance for old age, but times are changing in china are precarious situation for the elderly who need care. 1500 kilometers west in the city of long jew one institution overseas,
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130000 people. it's one of an increasing number of virtual care homes. the elderly remain living at home, but are monitored from this control room, eventually, well handled also this is our target group for older people without children who can no longer work off during our house visits, we 1st take a photo for facial recognition purposes as a law savvy woman be, should i member with ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha long. but it also, thanks to the internet and modern technology, it has become a lot easier to supervise things. here we can check the length of the visit using a recording. each visit should take 15 minutes, so you're quite welcome to listening to one of our recordings single line tut, sunny cape hi. hello. lulu efficiency is char priority here. that becomes evident in the next room, which is
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a kind of call center for the elderly. oh. ringback yeah, hi, uh hello money. how can i help you daily to leave super to care for today. okay. good. by the the holidays. yeah. everything just pops up. viola. everything is already been recorded including the restaurant where he likes to old escalation. so we just need to press a button. but what do those on the receiving end of this kind of care think we've as a junction, gung, he's been on the virtual barebones books for a year now. household help food deliveries all coordinated by the call center. once a week, nurse yanine comes round to give him a check up. done according to a strict routine. we tend hudson defenses. every day i get my meals passed to me
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through this window of yeah. hey, look how practical that is. so good. good. good to read you. if i went into a care home, i'd be completely cut off from society, which is fair here. i can read the paper and meet people who i grew up with. it. yeah. i just since he was young judging down has been plagued by severe rheumatism. he's been bed bound for years and welcomes any kind of distraction. oh oh, i'm from the kid who to the carry do i did she did my shopping washed me and cleaned. ah. ah good have a good day. john jingle cooked all his own meals until
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a year ago. he didn't even own a cell phone. he doesn't expect much by way of care. most of china's elderly can't count on much more either with ever fewer younger people to care for them. you so we need the rainbow as nice. a fresh produce keeps as healthy. the world health organization recommends we eat fight portions a day. ideally 2 portions of fruit and 3 of vegetables, about 400 grams in total. but that's an impossible goal for many. as result, they have letterman and mineral deficiencies which makes them vulnerable to diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. worldwide one in 5 deaths is associated with poor diet. ready it's an acute problem in many parts of the southern hemisphere.
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plenty of fruit and vegetables, a ground there, but the bulk of production is exported to day we consider the case of blueberries in peru. ah, for a long time, raina espinosa was unemployed. but these days, her family often has to manage without her. she leaves for work at 6 o'clock every morning. none of the little to plug in, get old after blueberry fields, are the best place to work that on them and not. and then the see glass in mind that they need workers every week is, and it's not so strenuous and sadly, and they pay well to where. oh, how to get know that when the policy on the rain espinosa ends the equivalent of $360.00 euro a month. she says that's a pretty good income in peru. ah. the blue varies are cultivated on the hillside slopes of the desert. they're not native to room,
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but europe has an insatiable appetite for blueberries, and peru has become its main supply. this plantation is 2 years old. the fruit has picked from some 3000000 blue very bushes by 1500 seasonal workers. they grown in plastic sacks containing humus, they wouldn't grow in the desert sand. in some plantations, the soil is treated with sulphur to reduce the ph value. blueberries grow best in acidic soil and supervisor rainer espinosa is responsible for quality control. you may not the if already done this, just a mac gen until 2 years ago. all this was only desert and sand like and today we harvest tons and tons of blueberries. here it's amazing as the antibiotics new varies, are considered as superfund packed with antioxidants and pittmans, they contain little sugar,
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have no seeds and supposedly protect against cancer. peruse production has grown dramatically. it's now the world's biggest blueberry exposure. the climate guarantees good harvests, but the fruit is sprayed to guard against funky and insects. the plantation manager insists pesticides are used sparingly, fear muscle. so before you've done everything we can organic, like young, and there are still in 6 am aziz's for, for then we have them use pesticides, integrated ones that were approved here in peru and in the countries switchboard to go to her and by hers, you know, another problem is water. for now, there's enough meltwater from the ice caps in the mountains to irrigate the plantations. but the blue very fields are said to expand 3 fold in the next few years. and what then, dans have been built on the edge of the desert with the water diverted through tunnels. it flows towards the fields on the pacific side of the andes and away from
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the amazon basin had a boiler over here at amier in order for our exports to remain internationally competitive. peru needs to create more farmland and grow more produce. we see. and for that, we need new irrigation infrastructure projects are most participants unless, unless eliano, the whole operation is geared towards maximum growth. unlike smaller european bill berries, which are rarely cultivated and have less commercial potential, peruvian blueberries, or forcefully brand new varieties promise, even bigger harvests. this one is called mateus, it grows abundantly as firm, tasty fruit and is about to take german supermarkets by to a who handle their quarterly early were reacting to demand in europe kicked on min b. yes, the consumers their want better quality, blueberries, and los had mouth x. he kinda big firm blueberries that can survive long transport routes and can be kept in the refrigerator for a while. you're feed myth,
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enough road to get where one thought am at the end. they need to be a shiny blue color is will no body that get the new blue mahoney though, unless he does he, i lab rena to meet europe, exacting standards. the fruit is often treated with fung aside before it's shipped . it's kept in cold storage for 3 weeks as the travels the 10000 kilometers to germany. the carbon footprint of the shipping root is considerable, even if it's less than it would be by plain new plantations are springing up in peru. one will be in the community where juan carlos lopez is mayor. he's worried about irrigation, but he hopes it will create some 3000 new jobs. in the said, wait, we can't believe that the berries will soon be growing here. it will be a dream come true for our impoverished community. the common common yeah. because the cc peruvian blueberries fly off the supermarket shelves in europe and of the
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people here, the chance of a more comfortable life. but more peruse, economy enjoys the boost, the environment bears the burden the catastrophic consequences of importing can be seen across africa. heavily subsidized badge from europe has largely replaced regional produce at the expense of local farmers. agriculture in ghana, for example, is a struggling sector activist alberta. acosta encourages women to plot their own back yard gardens. it's economical and their families get to eat freshly grown food . a crowd of women is gathering to get some gardening tips. o, grown fresh produce isn't hard, and the benefits are enormous. when it's out coming out here in northern gonna out back to our casa and her team are showing local women how best to create
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a backyard vegetable garden. the small organizations started out as a social media project, global and soon gathered momentum, attracting a growing number of female followers. we had seats at all phase. we had some small guiding through. so was other advocates in putting on social media. that's if you want to a backyard garden does con south us, and it's was unless i do it or you though it crazy those cobra algorithm requires within a week, $700.00 volunteers signed up for the one household. one garden program with many of them were women who had gotten out of the habit of gardening, or whose husbands didn't want them working in a garden and stuff. but during the pandemic, food prices rose dramatically, and many people decided to go back to growing their own vegetables. it has an impact on the entire community. and it's how we support women who alive as they
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somewhat application we over the years supported. ah, women from is women processes are women. market says how we do swells when to farming out fragments. we men and a single mother. and we realize that it's extended beyond the up our families with our communities tinkin, a livelihood and being an inspiration. and 7 us men says even within the our communities, once they complete training, the women are awarded seeds and a pair of rubber boots, shut it off and they'll be going home to plant tomatoes, onion and peppers, see if their vegetable patches flourish, they'll even have enough produce to cell phone. now funny i didn't, those would have learned here will benefit me a lot because some guy can make some money with what we've been trained to do is of it though, it's in a school, it will also help mothers feed their children up to every harvest. why this could
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be very good business for me, got business only in recent years, food prices have doubled even at global markets. the corona virus crisis has caused ongoing supply chain problems. alberta casa, is keen to make agriculture, a more stable sector. she believes that a lot more locally grown produce could be sold at local markets. ganna is a fertile country. that's rich in resources. this is when about about the i'm of the, i'm not even seen anyone from guy. my all is on for the why. so like you are looking at transportation costs. yeah. and all that's going to wait. i now 41 how data cause a heads the organization. she originally wanted to be a journalist. now she is in active, is travelling across the country with her team. in the last 5 years, they've trained up to some 26000 women. there is i will morning see how console
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fancy. when i started my career, i ended up having a path which made me more fulfilled and that's as shoveling a cold day. ah, there conchee. awe died login. i dined name with women, farmers is mortal. the farm is been seen. what i can do in my own small way to support agriculture in ghana is struggling sector. a growing number of farmers are giving up the driving principle behind agra. house foundation is that cultivating vegetables should be profitable. the project also promotes healthy eating. it has the support of local governments. and although it also really quite ordinary of people's awareness and seeking to midday enviro, mays cleaner by haven't loose air gutters. so it is of course have that in for me. he said a holistic in terms of getting the right nutrition,
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get in the environment clean and more in pipe for time loss would generate in people's interest in their practice, in agriculture at that level. alberta casa follows up on her training courses, visiting participants years later, to see how they're getting on the ideas that they plan gardens that are sustainable . they have to last longer than just one season. the experts give tips on how to get the most out of a small space. it is how we start our, extend my garden to be able to feed some of my neighbors around. not really my family, because if i have more people around me, can also benefit from it. so that's what i'm hoping for. sometimes alberta casa, inspires participants to start their own business. many of the women who joined the course have been unable to find work. i sat there 2020 with 3 rates. i killed abs while out 60
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within a year. the future is very bright. for abby funding, i'm feel myself is i feel yes to come with more kid guess more breeding stock, providing for restaurants, hotels, and individuals. the women learn new skills and hopefully start to earn an income too. oh, but not every one approves best that i, debra da kosa and her team make a point of talking to participants, husbands and the village leaders to convince them that it's in everyone's interest . everything that we do want to we are very positive about this, our group, and we know that there would, ah, there we implemented, i don't a day, we want to see them more empowered. we want to them to be proud of themselves as women seen,
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women learn to take pride in their achievements is what drives at kosa. today's, she's just shown over 100 women. how to be more self sufficient, hopefully besides their gardens, their self confidence will blossom and flourish too. that's all from our side, global 3000 this week. thanks for joining us. and don't forget to send us your comments. global free 1000 at d, w dot com. and you can visit us on facebook, d w global ideas. see you next time. take care. ah ah ah ah,
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30 with who a me a mystery in concealed in the ground most just painting. notorious and controversial in the art world. basically means re writing veneer scholarship and revealed and nevertheless,
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a mystery to this day. what lies behind the cut and 15 minutes. d. w is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. return in the normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult with successes in our weekly coven, 19 special. 910 minutes on d. w. o . many push it out in the world right now. a change if any half the story. this is life
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lasting waste from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with 5th. subscribe along with nico, these in germany to learn german. hello pinnacle. why not learn with him online, on your mo bile and free c w e learning course? eco's vague with
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ah, ah ah, this is dw is coming to you live from berlin. another attack on europe's biggest nuclear power plant, moscow and key the cues each other of shelling this apparition nuclear facility as the un warns of a potential disaster. also coming up a year after the taliban take over, we meet some of the millions of afghan.


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