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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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3 years that will change the world for ever magellan journey around the world. starting september 7th on d. w. with . ah, ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. another attack on europe's biggest nuclear power plant. moscow and kia accuse each other of shelling this apparition, nuclear facility as the un warns of a potential disaster. details of the unprecedented rate on donald trump's florida
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home could soon become public. the u. s. attorney general says he's asked to have the search warrant unsealed after the f. b i rated the former u. s. presidents mar, logo, a state, an extreme drought tightens its grip on europe. rivers run dry across the continent as scientists warned, the drought could potentially become the worst in 500 years. ah . hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. the head of the un nuclear watchdog has warned of a grave crisis unfolding at this operation. nuclear power plant in ukraine. he was addressing an emergency session of the un security council as moscow and key of trade accusations of new shelling near the nuclear facility. as plotting in the area continues, the u. s. is backing calls for a demilitarized safe zone around is apple ratio?
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plant. ukraine says that russia has turned the site into a military base for launching attacks. united nations has warned of a potential nuclear disaster if fighting in the area continues. i mean, when he said about what he said last week, that he needed action g o, but i will say he will be executing my stock. you needed these me very axels we are. we are such a large will be who need very serious cause she more i'm joined now by our correspondent, they're good to show in the kia, get to the reports of shelling at this operation. nuclear power plant are deeply concerning. what's the situation there now? hearing from the local authorities,
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that's the situation seems to be under control. they haven't detected any elevated and the radioactivity around the plan. but to be honest, this is smallest. everything we just now about about these attack, russia and ukraine are blaming each other. this is a pedal we have been seeing over the past days when other tags on this nuclear power plant happened. so everybody is quite worried. what we know, what we seem to know is there are no major parts were hit only in administrative bullying and kind of player station. but everybody is worried because only that nothing happens. now. it doesn't mean that it won't happen in the next possible attack, and that is why or why the government here it has been asking for to establish a sort of a safety zone, a demilitarized zone. there have been asking this, the international community for months now, and the international community had,
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hadn't, like it responded to it until yesterday, when you and, and you said that they would support such a demilitarized tone and this is in use, which was definitely welcome very much here and keep their all eyes on that nuclear plant, but there are many fronts in this war. begin to tell us about some of the other flash points right now in ukraine. the main points are still at the southern front and the eastern front. let's start with the southern front there, and the ukrainian forces continue. they attempt to retake the city of class and the latin region. they are doing this by attacking and russian supply lines like ammunition, depots, n, m, important infrastructure. and russia at the same time, has air deploy more forces to the south to, to reinforce their position. but they still have,
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obviously enough fire power to still continue their shelling in the east. we see heavy fighting there. russia is obviously concentrating. it's, it's hands on there as city of by mood. it strategically where important because it is on the way to the administrative at cities of flu, janski's administrative center off the don. yet reason. so the russians are advancing slowly, but they are advancing steadily. begin to thank you very much for bringing us up to date. 3rd, that was our correspond bigot, a sugar in kia catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world. former sri lankan president got a by our roger parcher has arrived in thailand on a flight from singapore. the ty, prime minister said his visit was permitted on humanitarian grounds. as roger pox who was seeking asylum in another country. he was forced to resign as president after protests caused by a deep economic crisis. soles,
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city government has promised to move poor families from subterranean homes after several people died when their apartments were plotted, known as been g ha, homes then popularized in the film parasite. they were originally built as bunkers in the 1970s. officials say they will no longer be allowed for residential purposes . former u. s. president donald trump has said he will not oppose the release of the warrant . that enabled epi agents to search his florida estate last. earlier this week, the u. s. attorney general has asked a judge to unseal the warrant, which would allow authorities to publish the list of items at b i. agents took from the property. the search of trumps mar logo of property has left many people including lawmakers asking for clarity an unprecedented week in american politics. took another unexpected turn. attorney general merrick
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garland moving to make public documents about the ongoing investigation into donald trump. the justice department is filed a motion in the southern district to florida to unseal a search warrant and property receipt relating to a court approved search that the f b i conducted earlier this week. that search was a premises located in florida, belonging to the former president. republicans have called the rate a partisan moved and a misuse of the justice department with the goal of derailing trumps political career. those who think that they're so entrenched in the wall that they're untouchable, unreasonable and unaccountable, they can do whatever they want do with impunity. they're gonna have to learn. there's going to be a new sheriff and tell and that they can't do that. the republican majority will take them to task will hold them accountable, and we expect the american people to be behind that trump has until friday to
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object to the motion to unseal the documents. if he doesn't, and they're made public, it's unclear how much they would reveal. but some legal experts say the investigation could help the former president. what the political fallout really could be is if this really is the end of it, this was really just about ah, archived materials and presidential our records acts. and all they wanted to do was re recover these items. i think, you know, mr. trump has already enjoyed a dawning, this role as a martyr, and that was this will further feed into that mid term elections in november. we'll decide control of congress. the fallout from our a lago could reshape the race as voters make their judgment? was the re justified? or a witch hunt? now to kenya, where there's still no clear winner in the presidential election there the better
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in opposition? leader rylon a dingo and deputy president william ruetta our neck and neck in the race for the office. if neither wins more than half the boat, there will be a run off for the 1st time. elbow rent in western kenya is one of ru toes strongholds. it was also the scene of ethnic unrest after the $22007.00 election. as our correspondent marian miller reports, memories of the violence linger on out and about on behalf of piece helen currency and collins barava walked through the neighborhood and elder it in western kenya, one day ahead of kenya's general election. they talk to neighbors and ask if they feel safe, whichever the outcome ready to like make my cell. so, the scenes that unfolded in 2007 are still fresh in everyone's memory. here, after the elections violent clashes broke out between different ethnic groups,
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dozens of people, including children, were burned, a life in a church, peace activists, carissa and brother lost friends and relatives. but some people, when they were injured, they still have injury still to be some they become physically disabled, some became mentally disabled. you can still see the fear that they have the other a neighborhood as a stronghold of william, brutal vice president of kenya. and one of the 2 leading presidential candidates authorities the, the area as a possible hotspot for violence and have brought in hundreds of security forces. but like in 2007 leaflets with hate, speech have been circulating. they read vote for rudolph or 2007 was just the tip of the iceberg. at the other end of the city ballad papers checked and thought it heavily police officers secure the side the i, b, c. the kenyan electro authority has to deliver this time after the last election 5 years ago, had to be repeated due to serious arrows. you have to be dedicated to make sure
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that you have the right one. for these anxiously, waiting for the critical critical tuesday morning election day at 6 am. presidential candidate william router is the 1st to cost is valid in a village near elder it he to praise for peace but peace doesn't hold well an election day. these pictures make the rounds we're going to have written image with a freshly elected member of county assembly for relo dingum party is involved in abide and dispute. he accuses his political arrival. no was whether he's not in a, in a song party that he's busy. we little much can lou lou again, you to a good through him? one of the attackers broke his 8th arm. he says,
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the thoughts of violent incidents are not rare and canyon politics. although they haven't happened much in the selection. back at the polling station, 5 p. m sharp, they're playing fish. i've been clothed. time to count under the eyes of numerous election of service. now, days later, people are still eagerly waiting for the final results. europe is in the grip of its most extreme drought in decades record breaking heat waves linked to climate change have dried up rivers across the continent and sent water reserves plummeting to historic lows, signed his search warrant that scorching summers and dryer winters will likely become the new normal due to human induced global warming. europe's rivers are disappearing. italy's po is yet another casualty of the severe drought gripping much of the continent. the river would normally be teeming with
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tourists. instead, it's drawing bed is littered with empty boats. those living near italy's longest river say the situation is unprecedented. you're salazar when i'm young and i do not remember anything like this. but even the elderly of my village and the villages around here have never seen something like this. never, ever. with the po relied upon for keeping rice feels like this one irrigated farm as a warning of devastating consequences for the region known as italy's bread basket . spain is facing similarly di, conditions with reservoirs falling to their lowest levels since 1995. but this one in extra madura, the water has receded so far a medieval bridge submerged decades ago is exposed again
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in catalonia. this night century church has also emerged from the depths with scorching weather, predict, continue, water supplies, a set to only dwindle. further, even the notoriously wet u. k is facing drought conditions with the source of the river thames drawing up for the 1st time since at least 1976 and made a record breaking heat and low rainfall in france, 2 rivers, a drawing up like here in the north west where the law the country's longest river has fallen so low in some places. it can be crossed on foot to the east, sinking water levels in the rhine, a threatening not just fish, but the german economy to the river is a key economic artery with barges transporting millions of tons of cargo, including coal, oil and gas each year. but officials
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a warning that it is set to become impossible for most boats within days as europe's drought drags on. you are watching d. w. news from berlin up next we've got business for you. rob watts will be here with a, an update he'll be looking at disney overtaking netflix to become the world's biggest streaming service. of course, you get all the latest news information anytime you want with our website at the w dot com. i'm terry martin. i thought these places in europe were smashing the records step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites.


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