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tv   The Heart of Brazil  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 6:15am-7:01am CEST

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we were following for you this hour. the us attorney general says he's asked the judge to unseal the search warrant used in the rate of former president donald trump's florida home. mary garland said he's also moved to publish the list of items f, b i. agents took from the property you're watching dw news up next, a special report on indigenous tribes in brazil. fighting to save the rain forest from illegal loggers. you always get the latest news on our website. that's d w dot com. i am ami and isa. thanks for joining us. ah, a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of launch the mediterranean sea scene of l muster, and jafar abdul karim drift along with exploring the modern lifestyles and the
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editor ringing. he's ready to lean journey in 10 episodes starts august 14th on d. w. ah ah oh oh oh here oh oh. 00000002
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joke. what's the best approach for? i got the 1st fire. yes. then the 2nd about them, the cattle can come when i got my hand about yes it by. they packed the soil down, you thought so you rotate the pastures quite a bit. no, said 2 more. fires had a good apostles, preschool. would you re fi as gets you a good posture? he moves for you, burned all the branches, and the heavy logs are gone, used to build cow sheds and fences. i lived in wonder all that you had cost just $15000.00 rice to build a fence. you don't have to buy, would you just pay the workers and buy the material? the i'm wondering if you get a nice piece of land on the cheap my boss and for
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a while job that he's recorded. telephone conversations illustrate the forces at work in the amazon and how the land grabbers side step the environmental agencies and legalize their ownership on these land grabbers assume that whatever current rules are that will change which gassed tagged the fines for illegal activities prior to 2008, have been formerly wave to them, so they assume fines through 2014 will be waived to live omit why they say they're just clearing the forest and the name of progress. that's their argument and it's no secret. nay. no, i think it in. wow, what are you supposed to do if you can't log legally? it's your property and you need to survive. i regret having acted outside the law, but i don't regret felling trees. there's nothing wrong with that, or if we clear forests, brazil wouldn't take it. don't 2 boys like roll and grubbers. no one here isn't. one doesn't think because we're farming public land. i had no authority
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around to tell me this is your land. i've been occupying a piece of land for 30 years. they think that my farm would have been trying to register it for 20 years with no success to that makes me a land graduated any public prosecutor, which the i am occupying public property. committed to environmental impact is a big problem. environmental laws are being violated and they're doing everything to keep it that way. the environmental agency, he bama wants to keep operating illegally so they can keep finding us freezing. our operation gives them something to do. single say a bunch of these don't have to documents here from the environmental agency for 6000000 and 1200000 aware of it. ok, we are not coming through it. i to about on wednesday. we are 20 days on appeal.
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your lawyer has to do it the case and it's true, but it's about slave labor and i'll take care of it in on the way to pick up a tractor we'd had stopped and impounded earlier. the path creighton you. we were coming and hid in the forest. the officer noticed and pursued him. the suspect was armed and shot and killed the policeman with a hunting rifle. muscle. ah.
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it's not bad in longing costs money if you need a lot of it to clear areas of around 10000 hector's like here in nova progresso you bought a tick serious logistics. hundreds of workers and tractors, and that comes at a price and these people have the money. but i bought a new thing with 20 cents for quality of life. i, since the public prosecutor can't charge people for clearing the forest, they get accused of forming gangs or fraud things. no one can actually prove, wow, gangs in was accessible logging people, most of what they charged us with something else from a guy that was a public prosecutor does whatever they please. and whether, cuz i buy the hood here, my office is one of them is the biggest seller of land and property you are. every
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one knows that why are there problems to that? because you try to handle it all yourself because you were the only ones doing this job in the end. everyone will benefit that. that will not. i mean, you know, it wants to get their hands dirty. go to a broker and see if he's got anything and then they won't. that's what i said. hey, some land with proper papers, cash in hand. can he give me that? he goes, i got it all they want it for my gums. i babble, it's all, we've received reports that several people with logging companies were active there . we investigated those gangs in their criminal activity lesson, thought that included money laundering forgery and tax evasion. and it's only 2 environmental destruction in michigan. the environmental aspect isn't the only element with a plot of land, and the amazon is much cheaper than in the south or southeast of the country. so people get greedy, local people, buy land and having
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a company gives them an appearance of legitimacy that you're talking to documents under any hello way. not usually only the new companies have contracts a, the older ones. they have reports from the agricultural authority that did a legal program and other kinds of documents. i like the environmental data register which has the cadel farming firm. and so it's worth a lot for lizzie, agricultural permit boy and the environmental permanent about. but it depends on the agencies and these are the ones. and afterwards you can apply for a property title, and then you just have to wait a bit for it to be issued to me and why not with
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the middle man. so i get a lodging project therefore to see if going locally is a grungy the 1st stage of a land graph can take place from a distance. he has some on the sense that sites on a big plot of land in the state of rain forest. this is all decides to occupy, but the rest has to be done locally not but it is a physical that relies and key l gala fall into someone has to hire workers and do the logging ally. and the area has to be guarded police. yeah, i am, so when it can unfold in stages, top of the land has to be demarcated, it's and then it has to be defended. as is all to be limited. i mean, sometimes the same plot of land will be claimed by various legal point of all this can lead to violence. does that, but as you know, daniel gay, at 1st glance, the land may seem empty. local, many, that is actually a local community nearby. yeah. that leads to conflict, auto body or another line graphical might also be trying to claim the land. that is
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key thing. it's no wonder that violence is rife in places where land they stole dow . but it, in the amazon violence lies the most concentrated where there's a lot of logging thumb and there's a close link between land grabbing deforestation and violence. and the amazon, your latest award, aussie i was amazon didn't work, is here when it's just the attack us. we strike back the same way. if i that they come with clubs, knives or dogs, we fight back with the same methods and throw them out. no matter what size oh, size like, oh, in fashion today. so i love that we've been fighting against land grabbing half a 18. yes. it's resolved. the people living here were born and raised here just like that. great, grandparents in yahoo was that's the problem with land grab as you see the audio for i've taken over this whole area, africa don't get elected. they came from queer bar through the yamashita,
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national park about the other side, whatever markings everywhere, logs lying everywhere. everything was occupied by land grabs, added on the la you, then the land crappy and lawyers don't care about anything or anyone in the in thing has been in game. ah don't. when will you do not see them? yes. but online with, as you want to, we join forces with them under roku people to defend the top of your sack and help draw the boundaries. i mean, i'm a good thought a we share a common culture with them under roku people you know, flooded the forest is our lifelong issue. we hunt fish and plant potatoes and yeah, no think there's no difference between our traditional way of life and i took them under roku, normal a batch in jim. i'm a little i was
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it was july's love is good morning fighters ahead of good morning seniors waters and team ill got this is a very important moment for me when you want them to put a know we have to stick together. the human and joint forces to defend the unique mandible land. every one of us should pitch in on the video god. because if we don't fight up, we might lose it as day book and raise your hand if you want to come along. it's quite a bit error, though, if i will ever them okay. by tomorrow, i'll come jose, a bargain m i who else? francisco wealth. so lima, lima lamar, if your income are a, how many families live in this settlement? i saw a handful of people. it's not enough, i reckon so they can go from the bottom when you got people should feel an obligation towards the community that this land wasn't handed over. it was conquered. and if we residents of the region do nothing will end up losing it. they
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will go out no homework on my bed. any psyche as it is donating energy visit was i suggested a few of you go door to door. she's and our shuttle only mad and rosena, doesn't she? and asked them for how i was. i keep asha math as in school need, you know less and we can take the boat over and ask them to help. and i last got it was gonna, he's gonna, if i didn't lease and they won't have any excuse each school with where senior luis, i think he's in the house over there. ms. m. as in bob dodge. hello,
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my friend is see if i'd like to explain to you what drawing the boundaries means asked and why it's so important that i know them. i think that it's important for us, for you to have your land secured in the future will you? and just like us, i think you also have to fight for your land. they think that they're your thief, you got a vin of m plus, you're not or got him beard. we're being pressured by gold diggers and land grabbers. invading our region deck yet right. is if you end up being displaced by land grabbers or the government or poor things will get tricky here. up about figure, diffuse and like if not similar here only here on weekends, we don't really know what's going on and escalate the rush. i should supporters of we need you merge them presses out of if you need us, then we'll help on. ah, my son would like we're here to help and support them. i because we need them and they need us. i mean, it doesn't matter whose land it is, because it's being threatened that yesterday we're going to lose our land and they
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will lose their smiles on them. we live side by side. they focus a think ah, boy did to my them of a good evening. everyone, what we want to talk about drawing the boundaries again with the other marker. so let's look at the map and see how to get the mountain stream mop on there. we'll start the marketing the boundary. i got that. all one thing you see all who got a bit more, i recognize that a mock awesome. thank. therefore we have to go through the mountains and then follow the stream for about 2 kilometers. that's our starting point. well, if i miss the microphone about him when we were drawing borders with a sorry, mobile region, we encountered miners and lockers. paula: we told them we didn't want any conflict and we were just drawing the borders of them, my father and most of them it wanted to give y'all gave we run into any one and
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talk to them. they won't respond. oh there why here? so i'm sure the people moving in on our land are aware of al operation. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. devon, over the microphone i all said yes. so i guess it's, yeah, i think we should follow the stream in this direction. then the path will go down on to the road just to get that will take us to the mountains. then we go down the road and follow the river. we'll get to the boundary. this white line here. that's where we'll start with, [000:00:00;00] hey,
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a a ok. got it. a great boys your with
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work your way to the red dog of it. we've covered 500 meters. lou with huh? no,
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no. i came by boat and went to the meeting. i did my 1st who didn't want to participate and i went back home and i didn't think, but then the visitors because it kind of changed our minds. i used photo nobody else wanted to take part. i. we thought to be cute if we didn't gain like you, they have to work next week, but after that lap will come by here, let's assume i'm nobody, nobody knows. one of the coach stone and the other chuckling shoulders. i hello, a man of the boy, mom before most. thank you. here's the river. we're here and we'll work our way over here. that's point number 12. i thought the thought i'm willing didn't i got a lawyer and more women are getting involved too. because the government isn't dealing with this, aggression know me as soon as they're in a fight. i mean, if he danced, the women realised they have daughters soil,
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and that's why they have to take part in the struggle. you feel the same, but they have to leave their children at home. and it's hard for women to take their children to protest as being as a if they get attacked with pepper spray, for instance, they have to run away with their children in their arms. all that makes it harder, of course, in my son baron. but they're not giving up. they're fighting for the future of their children there and grandchildren. nathan and every one who's yet to be born. i don't know. can i get up with him? stumbles like he ma'am? i'm an asshole. and this is our land. our home last year and it's been destroyed. i feel asia, we want a little cold. women are here with our leaders and our children's. and we want to tell the government that this is our home. i sent it back if our ancestors gave it to us, yet nicholas land is sacred to us. i shall come on that go last little that the government has destroyed every thing through you,
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but we're here to resist. and to show that we're both one little cool and women at the same time is so was maria found bailey in the of by in li, only my mother is indigenous. not my father. but i wanted to be a true member of an indigenous people because i'm proud of my ancestry new thinking for thank you and your full day. if you don't let them be yolk, and i'll have children one day too, and i want them to live here and only without the land grab like la garza gold digger you've ended up here. then he's like, we want them to leave again because they're also driving out the animal. we hunted my deities up by fest, cassidy. beth. i go home with about yeah, the law and i don't want it easy. sorry guys. i'm stuck in a traffic jam in, sorry, so,
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and saw 16 pickups headed toward sunday. and 2 bands that got unloaded. and, you know, i heard there are 60 environment agency pick ups on the way to put up with it was to stay here. 3, come with me and he's looking for changing frequencies on with this one. yes. that of their frequency. they're already talking a lot. a edwardo, you read me. all the 38 you read me. i doubt you read me about. know you read me. who's there? we about, 06 vehicles just drove in to your street for roger that database simona 55 k about oh,
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go ahead. bare with me. it'll be coming from on almost a farm cold. i don't know. it's my cousin far as a 4 or 5 kilometer cellphone. i spent quite a lot, a lot of your motorcycle here. we'll check that it's 4 kilometers. get in and show us the webinar cause i did. okay. i the com. so i just kinda kept lumps. so evelyn dekessa of emma's office. let me see about $25000.00 areas are clear cut each year. what year? most of these areas are on public land and linked to illegal activities. boy, they usually involve land speculation, the formation of land, monopolies, and appropriation of public land. the lodging operation is just the 1st step will
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huge areas are legally occupied. he had him as an area of 30000 hector's belonging to just one person can yield tremendous profits while inflicting major damage on the rain forest too in law to bid his. but what if i could just stay up with them for busy because about them as guy named cassini, i was fine several times for logging back. there wasn't enough to arrest him to the authorities charged him with tax evasion. he had to release them for lack of evidence. leaving forests isn't a crime because some people have been doing it since the dawn of humanity that is going to wound them contains with i say that wasn't farmers over there in the front at the cow shed. and there's another building farther down, pushes, so we don't have anything against you as an
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employee with these activities. are legal. looking on my shoes where you work. leave your motorcycle here and getting hey, turn left here. as mother was you are motorcycles. yes. if we burn
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the with the know i got up, why much did you get paid off a new $3000.00 right for filling trees per month. yes, i did. but an accountant, a camp is being dismantled by mansell. this land belongs to indigenous people. no one's allowed to be here and we'll let you pack up and i just and then we're burning the rest and how about that? and we'll take care of the tractor about that, mike and why that he pembroke? well, let's get the tractor. good. i thought okay, between a tractor is that very good. any that, that i buy, that was a big, big tv. they knew they could get caught at any moment and they were listening in on us. there was a radio in the tractor against whether it is that's why they were leaving as i am not here to leaks and we had to had offered
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a lot and then you got called yes. how much did you make? i don't know if i take me by the thing yet. we're still waiting to get paid by. they still have to pay me. i'm supposed to get 1600 ratio. they. i'm going ivanhoe lane eaten and cab keep them on and they told me it doesn't hurt more working illegally on indigenous land. got hit on legally purchase land. i think the workers take big risk. yes. of the earn more replaced by that. okay, no, it's illegal. i made a joke for the bosses compete high wages because no profits are here. my date is thank you so my are on untouched. i'm ditching this land obligation. even the lumber here is extremely high quality. my did that single angelina tree fit to the $10000.00 ry finance? there will always be people doing this kind of work. like i said, based in the local again, we know it's a legal country to write. so if this is our livelihood, vicki, again, that's all this,
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no of the work here with home. so that's all good. how are we supposed to survive? if these jobs disappeared? because the environment ministry shots, everything down like many people will starve and you won't be able to sell your house. so your land. everything will collapse all who we wouldn't fell trees if we didn't have to hire without a high school diploma. you can't work anywhere anymore. you're out there, where should people like me work? who didn't go to high school, brought back at the head. that's how it is here. i thought by alan with integrate barbara, they go on a date and then now with this family leaders, we note down their details and statement. we need that because we intend to prosecute their employer. my dad either who's operating a logging company. i do, i just, i'm, of course, there tractors aren't permitted here. for instance, this is indigenous land. you know, my gonna keep this tractors in such poor condition. it can't be moved over if you
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can't remove the tractors and they put a risk to the environment because they continue to be used to legally or we are allowed to destroy thought. that's what we'll do. these are lean spark group. we did it this plea. it's mcknight, i couldn't remember the ah, barbara with the environmental agency has frozen operations on my land. my entire property. if anyone wants to buy 500 hector's of rosalind, i sell it for 2000000 lation younger. now i put half of that into another piece of land next door or a bit farther away and clear that. then they freeze operations and i to what's the point? less than $500.00 hector's $1200.00 to have to, to land anyway. bob elementary, it's
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a real industry land grabbing in areas of state and rain forest means the brazilian people are gradually being expropriated. neil, it's um, and then there's the clear cutting me which land grab has used to solidify that illegal occupation. it's the worst thing that can happen with the public property is appropriated and the rain forest is cut down a and since it's all illegal that keeps away, honest investor, the sky that's good for land grab has been bad for brazil domain. but as you said, shush ultimately melanoma his movie channels and thousands of of his official fines and flames for damages aren't enough. we have to respond quickly and forcefully. it is, it's the only way we can protect the fundamental rights of the brazilian people
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nowadays. and the punishment needs to be swift and commensurate to the clients you've worked with us. does this a site has been in laws casanya though, because of double blanks. they don't go by assume that the environmental issue is very complex. i was just wondering about d. i'm going to play devil's advocate johnson, who can guarantee me the coming generation will approve of today's protection of the rain forest isabella. in other words, it's always do you miss dinosaurs on earth to day? you know, so my 5 to probably fall to mclean. sorry joe. so dinosaurs, no numbers. no, susan, imagine if we stood up to protect them back then, then they might still be around today who says the next generation would want to know or she has to do something for the rental. so again, just give yahoo to give you, you know, so we owe money with a sob on what is already on something with
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a sam. i think that the indigenous peoples belong to the past also, but on his aboriginal peoples belong to the past one or more. but in the end, they might be the ones to survive myself or rather, their modest and respectful way of life that regards humans as a small part of a larger ho. this lapse that way of life will be the only one to endure. but as yet before year, it's conceivable that the survivors of the downfall of western civilization with its claims to universality. this will be these people, as at home and federal, perhaps their culture is our future, not our past religion. they all roses and i, my wife always lives. we can learn so much from them and not the other way around, dissolves each rush was injecting from seducer. we believe we're civilizing them. dangerous yet they ought to be civilizing us. of the dimension association, but an irish shadow sinshay in my eyes. the indigenous peoples are of critical
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importance to brazil's identity no hashed desa fun. with that, there is one thing that sets asked resilience apart from those who are destroying our planet downloads or possibly in that thing allows us to imagine a different future for brazil ill foster care. and that is that there are people still living in our country. james, who live intelligently yeoman era. dingy, thank you. which is really tough. every one out there looking at us, look at how exhausted this is really strenuous, i think with nothing to eat. i'm eating sugar instead of chris saw the flour thing . mm hm. i forgot that they don't come
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ah, fair as you can see going back, you know, going, if we agreed the mrs. here at the border, but they're not here like you know him, i am. i were worried and want to head toward stuff know body. i got it done with that, isn't like you, bob, get by going to die. it is i keep it alive often like you blah, blah, phone to base from point 10 about 100 meters from here. it's another $385.00 made is to duty. so we're almost there by industry with his and got, and she, well my, when it seems month, i mean by 6 looking. if we want to stop the deforestation of the amazon, we have to protect all the unused forest areas. but right now,
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as it was still accessible to land crap as one within the next 5 to 10 years, you visited lots. they're mostly in the states of tata and amazon us on us in much of these areas. the rain forest could be presented is, for instance in the form of nature is f o extractive reserves as a whole reserves for sustainable development to little key got into the audio. there are several categories of protection that could allow local people to make use of the land and help accelerate the process was to provide. so we have to keep these and from being privatised is that all lab but in percentage, privatization promotes deforestation. there has kind of, if this large stretch of land that is covered in rain forest would be privatized, every owner would be permitted to clear 20 percent of their property. ah
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ah ah ah ah, i met with a move that there are sorry, found but we've been waiting for this for
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a long time. we had a victory today and we're just getting started. but we hope to keep going and finish drawing. the broad is like in write them in on the microphone enough with dale shout, your children were crying. what if we don't make it with our mikey? we just got here from our didn't let them. yeah. if you see my family tell them i'm doing well, what i skills over there that i thought those somewhere out of food, the cassava flowers, houston law, was yesterday of the camp. li. yes. we said he didn't have any florida. i knew mom had a, i didn't u, v o, we found a pretty trodden path there. got we didn't see any one, but we heard the sound of machines all day did i should yet though june. i bought and bought by that my dad. i think i have that
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ah, look in your pack, marijuana, kentucky. none of the motorcycles had a license plate and black the trucks didn't either. it's all the legal you. it's all gotten worse under the current government and go into this. you have been good, muddied, logging you palm heart harvesting, fishing. there's a lot more of that than there used to be a law once a week in noisy keegan, we see ourselves as guardians of the land and he keep up. so we're very concerned kids. these people are taking all of our resources and selling them in our stems. thus in that us both of the proffered yeah, go to his theory. i think he phase, we recently inspected the border of our lands to make our presence felt
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a bundle nod, and we found a lot of traces of intruders as on his permit. he was caught a keystone father and through his mouth, especially people clearing the forest to make grazing, land, out of etc. i got so are a hoarder runs straight through an area being cleared dodgers. my lawyers said they'd cut down a lot of trees there at the bottom and they even wanted to make a deal with um, dedicated, they'll buy. but i said, i'm not here to make a deal. my judge is in then it was. yeah. yeah. you know, i don't see a lot of people. what about us understood? until we've worked everything out. once we could at least take her logs with she that won't cut down any more trees. let us take a long see my mother. how does that sound? is that a deal? is she she rides? what would it be? are you think my fee? i know that's not how things work. we make the rules here.
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others may rule the roost and brazil. ya. but we decide here we miss out of bus. i'm like, not 1 in the morning they started taking out their tractors and them love them. be our people. were there monitoring everything i did you for anthony. it's not easy dealing with the lawyers. she has a check with her by defending an area where, exposing ourselves to danger it is thereby and sometimes even risking our liason only chief calling his goofy to issue me. i was scared of. we were standing with cameras in front of our warriors, isabella. so if they'd attacked us, we would have been, hadn't 1st agency. so i was very afraid that she should say this before we stood up to them. was that and i now, and we once yamato who made mileage implant. doyle, inter vincent ah, by blues gayety, that's why we're demanding the government draw up our borders. or we can protect
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our land vehicle up the how are we supposed to survive in the coming years? the how are the next generation are not supposed to survive? somebody ah ah, a warrior doesn't cry. you have to be strong with them. i'm more brazilian than many others are. because this land is what made me feel a wolf to buckle. ah, because he'll be a legion. no ambien, the local bondage and his people are despised, not just because they occupy. she'll daily jo,
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blue. they're also hated for the wildness inside them. their connection to nature who their color like molded bronze, a places. okay. flesh of warrior about precision with which there arrow meets their prey, last care, but i serious, limping gesture that envelops the river in this, their pension to per caressing feathers and crafting head dresses. she'll be in june death. they are hated for their silent walk. at their agile mood, my god, them wooten their noble heritage, each with their bodies. li, either that reach out for the sunlight, conceal indigenous people are hated for the sun there hated for the tree within they are hated for the river within the lead. they are hated for their connection to life. so they, and mean to they, indigenous people are,
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they only are hated by there. and during how late ah, or a news green cities relaxing away scene despite record temperatures. it's not
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a mirage. refreshing architectural ideas and innovative landscape planning are both cool and clever chilling cities out in 30 minutes on d. w. i is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like will return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult successes are seen in a weekly coven, 19 special 90 minutes on d w. ah, i'm you can that i work. that's hard, and in the end is a me, you are not
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a lot as to you and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this smokey's reliance beef? what's your story? i mean, wasn't i was women, especially and victims of violence in and take part and send us your story. yeah. chain always to understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, this is dw news, and these are our top stories. europe's biggest nuclear power station has again come under artillery attack. both russia and ukraine deny carrying out the latest


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