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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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oh, ready? no. welcome to take told me about hackers, paralyzing the tire societies. computers that are similar to you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go for, and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on youtube. first it was a blast at a russian air base in crimea, then explosions and an air filled in bell roofs. both this week, both mysterious and both not attacks by ukrainian forces that's according to the russians. publicly, kiva is not so certain. it's military remains outgunned by russia. but there is
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a growing sense that, that calculus, it doesn't mean what it used to. i'm broke off in berlin. this is the day ah, russian all starting to fail and beach, the little rascals, the occupant himself was, was the faster we can get married until of that, we have to make fun reaching decisions to support ukraine in its fight. voided shots at time will come when the russians vote from harkey, dallas crimea. they have failed so far, and i'm likely to ever succeed in occupying that grade. also coming up a year after the taliban takeover of afghanistan, the countries health care system is on the brink of collapse. one, german and jia is making life and death decisions about which children to air lift to europe for treatment. it's my heart to say he can come with us. so you and come
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with us next time without knowing, especially with the pain information. if the children will still be alive in 6 months or to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states, into all of you around the world, welcome. we begin the day with a series of explosions at russian military bases near the border with ukraine. they look like attacks, but moscow insists they are not saying the blasts in crimea and bell roost were either accidents or technical malfunctions. now keith has not publicly claimed any responsibility here, but the ukranian president in his cabinet, they have seized upon events to shape the narrative in ukraine's favor ukraine's allies are in step with that message. i want you to take a listen to what the u. k. defense minister said earlier today, russia all starting to fail in many areas. they have failed so far, and i am likely to ever succeed in occupying that ukraine. their invasion has
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faulted and constantly be modified to the extent they are really only focusing in parts of the side and in the east. a long, long way away from that 3 day. so called special operation 3 days and i over $150.00 days. and nearly 6 months in with huge, significant losses of both equipment and indeed russian personnel. yeah. now back to those exposure or that explosion and bill, a roof spell rouge has played down reports of overnight. last had a military air base near its border with ukraine. the bell rings, you defense ministry said an engine called fire and that there were no casualties. franak b, a cork, up, a senior adviser to belushi that exalt opposition leader svetlana t hadn't of sky. yes. he has a different account of events, and he is my 1st guest to night frantic. it's good to have you back on the day and
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tell me what have you heard about what happened in bello routes do? do you know who was responsible for what happened? and we don't know who is responsible yesterday, perhaps at 11 pm recipient. permission from multiple sources about the explosion of the blast about the flashes it was so if you broke up people, so we've been the region and it's definitely not the fire engine. this people the, the features of the deal that we tried to identify in the last 2 hours. but unfortunately it's very difficult to understand. was admitted that in jail or was it was an artist on sabotage diversion. we don't know for sure, but the official statement from ministry defense of lucas should get used. it was just the fire engine. yeah. and there is no mention at all in the official explanation of the possibility of the explosion being the result of
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a ukrainian attack, right? of course and, and i, we do, we can, we can't expect that official regime propaganda will say that it should bring an army. definitely not. but this can be all the talking back to me stable russian military or behavior like their host and others. and since february 2022, they created multiple dangerous situation in normal and breast region bordering with ukraine. in front of it remains almost impossible to verify reports on the ground in bella ruse, in the same in crimea. and how worried are you that the fog of war could create unrealistic expectations among the ukrainian people as well as the people in bella? ruth, if you are against this war,
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absolute majority of the letter sends them one billers would be dropped into this war. there is a huge fear lest the years were afraid of repression. so fairer. now people are afraid of war and location, which is regime they are trying to drag nelson miller's armies into this company. but the dissemination those and population, even though or some officers, they resist, they do all possible to prevent these provocation, this se explosions. yesterday was the also the publication will that to force that regime of blue army to answer the warning, the cream. and i hope it won't let me do. do you think of that? that is a possibility that ukraine could be trying to force bill rooms to get into the work . where do you think that that pressure is coming from you can definitely doesn't want to let us know, and that's what it rained. the doesn't want that a government rates
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a lot of times for the directive it's about, it's almost finished on either of williams and the democratic movement. and then they go all possible to prevent a from, from entering this war. but the question is, how much agreement army can be, how much our artisans can do in march and april, our park is on spoke russian trains a several partisans are facing right now. the panel because of the sabotage effects . and now we're trying to strengthen this on the ground movement, but regime is so cruel people that arrest us every day for every hour, they work all month for every work and support. an advisor, you go to new zealand. he has again issued a thinly veiled warning to russia and its ally bill or roots. and let me just read that for you. the epidemic of technical accidents and military airfields of crimea, and bill russo should be considered by russia's military as
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a warning. forget about ukraine, take off the uniform and leave neither in occupied crimea, nor in occupied bill. ruth, will you feel safe, carma, find you anywhere. there's a very strong words. their product is, of course, is ukranian government messaging. it sounds like ukraine believes that it is now winning this war is that how you see in crane is definitely a wing and the information space is definitely a winning, international reaction and national organizations. but in terms of the frontline, it's not so clear yet. but to be warranty cream to win, because when your brain we prevail from russia, it will create transfer gallons with 3 as well. right now, the face of delegates and where you are so interconnected, never in history, and we do all possible to support your brain. we support volunteers, military volunteers fighting free because we know you know that the support will
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help them to win and they are weak. that will help us to win over to you. and i have spoken before about the german government and how it was criticized for dragging its feet with our shipments and weapons to ukraine when this invasion began with not being tough enough on russia. i want you to take a little listen to what transfers short said today, because they're all sort of the biggest challenge is a terrible war that russia started against ukraine that has already left so many months will not have yet. it means we have to make far reaching decisions to support ukraine and it's fight for independence school districts that told us, as you know, we are doing that with a massive break with our previous policy by delivering weapons very, very many, very efficient, long range weapons. and we will continue to do that in future. we are supporting ukraine financially and we have reconciled ourselves with this war affecting the
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whole world, europe and our country and surveyed the root of the zip system. the land front of the german chancellors. strong words are another very positive signal for the ukrainians. do you think the ukranian forces are now in possession of the weapons that they need to begin pushing the russians back? it will never be enough. of course, the delivery of the german american, british and canadian weapons is very, very important. but so we are dealing with a cruel empire with militaristic regime of which has so much arms weapons with that remains after soviet union. everything that was done already is not enough. so i think the delivery must continue. green must receive everything they want, but also not on the green, most of the underground movement, underground resistance. and just like billers also must be supportive and we are
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grateful to german government research. this one tells came a office and they promised to do all possible to support a fight against the question because we ship the ukranian president zalinski. he says that this war will end only when the annexation of crimea is over. is that a realistic goal? considering the russian position, russia will get weaker and weaker. it still gets exhausted after some time. you know, this resumed the they, they are looking invincible until they're not on the we must be optimistic. yes, it will be a very difficult. i mean, there are many people you have to pay bigger prices and taxes, but this is the price we pay for many years. so election of such regime. i'm sure that this is jim lewis, a, she's looked at the russian,
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all the garson russian society is getting also not so happy. so we will just have to be ready to use that window of opportunity and to, during this energy in russia again. and you know, before we were no time to, you know, we hear so much about what is at stake with the outcome of this war, particularly for ukraine. but what about a bill of roofs? a democratic revolution reform in bill roots is then possible, as long if russia loses this more, will it be possible for bill roost to have democratic reforms? and is it possible, as long as vladimir putin is still in charge in russia? a russia doesn't recognize the independence of beliefs and ukraine. and this is why in blankets bank of an hour of ocean started,
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who didn't supported lucas and come back then and spent $21.00 correct down and civil side happened. we didn't know that the plan to attack your frame wasn't ready in the future. and everything that was happening and it was a frequent ration for it back on t v a was already completed in the separation from the quarter. as always, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. while the front lines in this were ukraine, had stepped up, attacks on russian supply lines, commanders are preparing a counter offensive to retake areas in the south, which are currently held by russia, the w, my cheeseburger, he went to the front lines to meet ukrainian finders. you were getting ready for trench warfare. no, no, there are weaves at the bottom of the trenches. that's how long the frontline has been here. you have thought for satan that says battlefield name. this has many
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months of living in and under this is where they sleep, eat and wait for something to happen. the cranes national poet tara shanker, which has over them. when they shell us, we all come down here to people have to stay outside to monitor the situation. the others hide in here it's mostly been and not hillary being shell shelling back, waiting for the next round. 2 sides target each other from a distance, trying to damage a position enough to then storm. not just a part of the front is in danger of a tank attack, but believe me, if they come, we will meet them adequately. what does the screenshot right now is the ukrainians were attacking. they launched a counter offensive weeks ago and have taken
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a few dozen settlements. and the advance is low. jordan, well basically enough, we liberate the settlement that we can when we do, we don't move into the village, but we make sure the russians are gone. we don't go in, in order not to risk our soldiers live. that is important. when the command thinks that we have enough weapons and how soldiers will happily move forward, so you throw the super duty period as we travel to another position scorched. we can't get information on how many modern western weapons they have at this section at the front. we are constantly told it is not enough to move on more boldly because the break from the shelling lunch in the trenches when the soldiers have been living here too for many months. at the moment the mood is even
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relax. here in the trenches, there is a break in the fighting, but there is the expectation that the russians might step up. they're selling again . soldiers, no decent strikes. artillery dumps has been high mileage. much of the rocket launches, disruptive russians. it's attention opponent, dr. lee to less shelling from their side for a certain period of time. but the russians also adjust their logistics. they learn the lessons from al highmark and far ranging artillery operating native. unfortunately, the war is not just a permanent turn in our favor. it's a process and it keeps changing itself here in the trenches at the place on front. it's about patients moving forward carefully and keeping focused on wheel. ah. the u. s. attorney general has broken his silence on the f. b. i read of donald trump's florida estate earlier this week, merit garland,
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and the f justifying the raid on trump's mar lago estate by saying that there was probable cause for the unprecedented search. you also addressed fierce criticism from some republicans that the raid was politically motivated. first, i personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly where possible in a standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search. and to narrowly scope, any search that is undertaken. 3rd, let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the f, b i and justice department agents and prosecutors. i will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked
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nearly a year on from the return to power, while the tale bought afghans stamps, healthcare system is in chaos. victims of violence in particular, are suffering from a lack of medical care. d, w. 's, molina groomed reports denied on a german aid organizations efforts to help sick and wounded children. the people here are all hoping to get medical help in germany. hundreds of parents have come to the african capital hobble with a seriously ill children. so did 11 general up to lend his father? both a do. hands were torn off in a bumper tech angela, but she's almost blind in his left eye. the 8 organization, freedom of intervention, i will bring him to germany for further treatment. hello. hello. hello am i visited other hospitals, but i didn't cover my 2nd. that's why i'm here because i need help with my hands to that. so glad that i wish one was claudia pamela, an employee of freedom stuff. internet savannah has been flying to afghanistan for
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years. she and her team have to make life and death decisions in which one of the many children approach germany for further treatment. i wish, as i should have seen the hats, it's quite hard to say you can come with us, so you can come with us next time without knowing, especially with the bone informations. if the children will still be alive in 6 months, have like to know lively that i, this time more children showed up than ever before. $2200.00 families and total. the situation in afghanistan is disastrous. the economy has collapsed. many people are starving. doctors have left the country and so have many 8 organizations. we can now come in sessions. meanwhile, the children are coming to us again without bandages. plus, they can get pain killers. we have seen severely injured children, he will be treated in an intensive care unit in germany, lanyard without painkillers, without bandages warner just lying at home abundance midway. i'm fact. so how was
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a leading a few months later in germany we meet abdul at the 8 organization's compound. he lives here with other seriously injure children from crisis and ra regents around the world without parents and emergency community for as long as operations and rehabilitation take to day abdul has to have his wounds checked out soon the doctors one to operate on his forearm. so the hate to use it like a pin, sir. one thing, and i'm not as ha, it's, i'm not scared of the operation. i'm happy though operating on me. i'm not scared. it'll fetch there. until then i'm through spends his spare time with his new friends. they help him with pain and from a home sickness. a good a smart yet know when he will be in home. he's already looking forward to showing his family. let me see, do then. ah,
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the ceasefire between israel and militants in garza is holding after 3 days of intense clashes. israel's military says it's rockets killed leaders of the palestinian islamic jihad militant group, but many civilians died in gods, including children. one blast killed 5 boys in the street where they were play driving through jamalia and overcrowded refugee settlement in the northern gaza strip. there's little to remind you at 1st of the rockets, the death and the madness of the past weekend. then suddenly, you come across a memorial set up by neighbors to honor a father and his 5 sons, who were killed harold. here they were in this alley way on saturday. as the sun went down, caught in the open. they had no chance to run when a rocket exploded in their midst, killing 5 and seriously injuring 2 more. both survivors were children.
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gun it had been the girl was inside and was supposed to go out and call her brothers inside for dinner. i shall know. the girl is named roha. she's 11 years old, a pupil in the 6th grade. every one is quiet in her hospital room when the camera crew enters. then her family members remove her blanket. they want the world to see this. doctors had to amputate both of perhaps legs and her right arm. after the rocket exploded, her parents raced outside, calling out and crying in, oh, but it had we found her brother 1st and he was covered in blood dumb, but he was alive. $17.00 am and we waited until the ambulance came, mozilla, and then we kept searching for a half after 2 hours. we found her in the hospital with no legs lay and only one arm they had. i had to get out of the rocket that killed 5 children in jubilee and
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maimed for huff is perhaps the most controversial weapon fired in the recent conflict. nobody wants to take responsibility for islamic jihad say, every missile that hit gaza was israeli. but israel says this video proves that the rocket that hit jubilee was fired from gaza. and malfunctioned finally slamming into the crowded neighbourhood to melissa hudson, 2 kilometers away. and a few hours earlier in his railey rocket destroyed odayes sham locks house. he knows it was israel because they called him on the phone number touch on my phone rang. oh hello, solomon, i compliment. you have 10 minutes to evacuate at your house. a man's voice on the other end said get him out of the thing to live. oh die shamela grabbed his family and his phone and got out in time to see his house blow up. why him was the strike targeting his neighbors? were they suspected terrorists?
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oh, i says he has no idea. oh, the rockets have stopped flying, but the question of who was to blame for the violence looms large and jubilee a last saturday? whoever was behind the attack wiped out the lives of innocence. ah. another summer heat wave here in europe is worsening. the drought in many parts across the continent. here in germany, the rhine river, the country's most important for freight transport is at dangerously low levels. and that's threatening to disrupt coal supplies to power plants, as well as affecting joe michel, german, chemical producers which are located along the river. most people when they hear drought think of parched farm land, but the extreme conditions are also taking a heavy toll on woodlands. in urine bare and southern germany, local authorities have come up with an unorthodox plan to help the cities trees, whether this dry spell. a cold shower is essential if these trees in europe the got to survive. the high temperatures
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a taking metal little bomb we have been giving each tree to 100 leaches of water nicely distributed so that the water can trickle down to the fine route opposite gun come. this weather the cities indoor swimming pools. the source of the water float an haystack and his colleagues pumped out several times a day. the former form lightens name means that we don't have to use drinking water from the mains for the trees. it was a great idea to use the water from the swimming pool that would have otherwise ended up in the water treatment plant. seagly. unlike a glow via the city of nuremberg, close 3 and or pulls to save energy. so all of a sudden there was water law, the pool shut down weeks ago, and no chlorine has been added since then. dismissal. denise, mamma pool is closed, so we don't need to art chlorine, it breaks down and disperse it when we don't add any more fuel. so there are no problems using it. the water is currently slaking the 1st of $10000.00 trees in
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nuremberg get out in, especially in the, in a city which is very built up. it's important to keep the trees as much water as possible in the areas of open. so which are relatively small in size line, since it's the type of creative solution that will be needed more and more with climate change. save the trees the days almost around the conversation continues online. you can find me on twitter at brent golf t v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everything with
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you. i a scam, children in one year after the taliban took power. abdul has lost his hands. there is no help for him in
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a scanner standing great. an alteration in focus on europe. 30 minutes on d. w is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like will return in the normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult to success in in our weekly coping 19 special in 90 minutes on d. w. august. the 2021. unless the taliban take power and humanitarian catastrophe begins, women of violently oppressed,
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abject poverty becomes everyday reality. how do people the less callous done live today? insights for background stories on all forms. by d w. a thought, say what grade level look closely in listen carefully and don't know how. yes, to the magic discover the world around you.
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subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. with this is the w news. live it from berlin tonight. another attack on europe's biggest nuclear power plant. moscow and keyboard denying bombarding these apple ricci and nuclear power facility. tonight, we'll ask a nuclear scientist. could this be another chernobyl disaster in the making? also coming up.


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