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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah, ah ah ah ah, this is g w, news live in from berlin tonight. another attack on europe's biggest nuclear power plant. moscow and key bar denying that they have bombarded these upper reaches nuclear power plant. tonight will ask a nuclear scientist, could this be a another turn noble disaster in the making. also coming up german chance or ola
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shoulds pledging more help to ease the pain of runaway inflation. and it comes amid worries of possible social unrest and a tense wait for the result of kenya's presidential vote. if neither of the 2 candidates emerges as a clear winner, there'll be a run off for the 1st time in the country's history. ah, i bring gov is good to have you with us on this thursday. you crave says that europe's biggest nuclear power plant has again come under artillery attack. both russia and you great. are denying, carrying out the latest bombardments that have taken place at the zappa regia, nuclear power facility. the united states is now backing calls for a demilitarized safety zone to be established around that facility. the united
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nations has warned of a potential nuclear disaster if fighting in the area continues. one join now by chuck casto, he is in atlanta in the united states. he's a nuclear safety expert. he has worked on the aftermath of the nuclear accident in japan at the fukushima power plant. it's good to have you with us tonight, mr. capstone. you know the wes is now joining calls for a demilitarized zone to be established around these apparatus, your facility. how critical is that, in your opinion, to ensuring that this plant does not become another tr noble disaster, but a bread? and i don't believe that the plant will become another turn over disaster, but it is serious and the stabilizing. the threat grows with each attack, whether it's intentional or unattached. i've actually probably weren't worried more about unintentional, the sas, that of that might strike either the offsite power supply or some of the nuclear
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fuel storage areas. should the rest of europe buy? i know they're worried in ukraine, but should the rest of europe be preparing for a worst case scenario? because as i understand at this facility, it's not built to withstand a constant showing that it's been seen recently. that's great brand, it's not designed to do receipt showing by artillery, but it is a very robust design, the this russian design or soviet design with many modern western designs that we typically plan for a disaster or an event somewhere between 60 and 80 kilometers from from the station in the event of a significant act, as we saw who casino disaster or what needs to happen inside the facility to prevent any kind of a dangerous incident from happening. list several areas that i worry about. i worry
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about operator fatigue. operators operating under very stressful situations, i'm not aware of maybe what their families conditions are, and their, their work working constantly, also long term maintenance of the facility. so obviously hostilities need to stop the i. e a needs to come in and do or you and, and i would even suggest that they shut down reactors, put it in a state state state right now. and when i asked you about the greater nuclear threat that has really been presented to the world by this war, i mean, you know, we saw vladimir putin put his nuclear arsenal on high alert at the beginning of this invasion. we're talking about now a nuclear power plant. that's part of a battle field. we've got some countries here in europe that are turning again to more nuclear power to make up for the loss of russian energy. i mean,
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it seems that any way, anywhere we look the notion of non proliferation, the notion of reducing our reliance on nuclear power that's going to have to be put on hold for a very long time. well, as in britain, as in any event that happens in industry, we learned from it and we made changes in the industry to again strengthen the robustness of the facilities, whether it's $911.00 in the united states or 3 minor accident united states, or fukushima. whatever parity of the reactor undergoes, we will study that and we will look for ways to make the facilities even more robust in the future. chuck castro, keeping us valuable insights about the realities of this nuclear situation tonight . but we appreciate your time and your insights. thank you. thanks, brent. on the front lines,
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ukraine has stepped up attacks on russian supply lines. commanders are preparing a counter offensive to retake areas in the south, which are held by russia, dw mathias bellinger. he went to the front line to meet ukrainian fighters who were getting ready for trench warfare with their a weeds at the bottom of the trenches. that's how long the frontline has been here . you have so forsaken. that's his battlefield name. this has many months of living in and under the earth. this is where they sleep, eat and wait for something to happen. ukraine's national poet taught us shift jenko, which is over them. yet when they shall us, we all come down here to people have to stay outside to monitor the situation. the others hide in here and we're it's mostly been an artillery well being shell shelling back, waiting for the next round. 2 sides target each other from
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a distance trying to damage a position enough to then storm an article of her. yes. okay. not a lot of the front is in danger of a tank attack, but believe me, if they commodore will meet them adequately. the williams, as they shouted luther right now is the ukrainians were attacking when they launched a counter offensive weeks ago and have taken a few dozen settlements and the advance is low jordan recipient. we liberate the settlements that we can when we do, we don't move into the village, but we make sure the russians are gone. we don't go in, in order not to risk our soldiers live. that is important. when the command thinks that we have enough weapons and how soldiers will happily move forward. so if you throw the super duty period as we traveled to another
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position scorched, we can't get information on how many modern western weapons they have. at this section at the front, we are constantly told it is not enough and move on more boldly. because the brake from the shelling lunch in the trench, she said the soldiers have been living here too for many months at the moment the mood is even relaxed. here in the trenches, there is a break in the fighting. but there is the expectation that the russians might step up their shelling again. coaches no, it isn't strikes. artillery dumps has the high miles much rocket launches disrupt the russians. things from the pony strikes lead to less shelling from their side for a certain period of time. but the russians also adjust their logistics. they learn the lessons from al highmark and far ranging artillery political. what can we put
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native? unfortunately, the war is not just a permanent turn in our favor. it's a process and it keeps changing itself. here in the trenches at the glass on front, it's about patients moving forward carefully and keeping focused around with german cancer old shoulds. he is promising more help for people here who are struggling with inflation in sky high energy bills. he's promising measure such as tax relief, chills isn't germany. we'll tackle the energy crisis together with the european union is also pushing for a new pipeline from portugal through spain and france to diversify european supplies. schultz was asked whether germany could face social unrest this winter over rising energy cost nicholas lane. yes, no, i do not believe that that will be undressed in this country in the way that has
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been outlined. and that is because germany's a welfare state and this welfare state must be effective in the situation by clearly saying that we will not leave anyone behind. i deliberately use the expression, you will not walk alone into the future. you will never walk along of us and that is also true that that's what our response to this is. and that's why i am quite confident. let's pulling out our political correspondent julia so daily. she's been following this force, the chancellor. he sounds very confident, but if you've been shopping lately, you've been to the grocery store like i have, you've seen the prices and it's, it's getting to be unbearable for a lot of people. how can the chancellor be so sure that that everything will remain peaceful, even as the prices continue to rise? well, on the one hand, certainly chancellor shawls wants to also put forward a reassuring stance and a reassuring face and doesn't really want to stoke any unrest himself by raising
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the issue too much. and on the other hand, it seems like he really is confident in the fact that the measures that his government has put forward at to try to relieve the burden on households will actually have an effect. and even if we look at, for example, the recent past, if you look at the corona virus scan them, for example, when people here in germany like all over the world, had to go through a lot of restrictions. also, economic issues. we did see protest with see an increase in as social dissatisfaction, but it all remained more or less under control. and that is maybe what it shows expects also going forward in this winter, in one of the people here in germany, the, the heat, their homes with russian natural gas. a lot of people are already receiving letters from their landlords, warning them that their energy bills could be $3.00 to $4.00 times more than they were last year. when you take that, add that to inflation at the grocery store. what is the german government doing
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then? to maybe put a puffer or zone between the realities of prices and people's pocket books. so until now the government has approved to release packages. and today shots announce that a 3rd one is in the making. and the measures that are tackled differ and look at different aspects. for example, one looked at transport cost. there was this project that went from june now to the end of august for 9 euro monthly ticket for public transport and regional trains. we also saw some tax waivers for the price of petrol with which was meant to also help commuters. on the other hand of government tried to help families. for example, increasing allowances for families with kil, dinner, families that are particularly disadvantage. and there is also a measure that was announced this week by the finance ministry to try to also put
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forward tax relief by increasing the tax re allowances on income. so a different set of measures. the question remains whether these will be enough to really bring some relief to the household here. and we really only know when the winter has arrived. w julia shall dell. it reported like julia. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . western allies have pledged more than one and a half 1000000000 euros in aid for ukraine. the package agree to buy nearly 30 countries in copenhagen includes weapons and training for ukrainian troops. denmark's defense minister says that this is a clear demonstration of european unity. dozens of people have been injured in a roller coaster collision at lego land. here in germany. it's the 2nd serious accident at a german amusement park. a woman died when she fell off a ride. just last week. dozens of people have been killed in anti government
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protests in sierra leone. police officers and civilians are among the dead. the rising cost of living is increasing tensions in the west african country. a nationwide curfew is now in effect, staying in africa in kenya. the veteran opposition leader relo dingum and deputy president william rudo are neck and neck in the race to become the next president. if neither wins more than half of the vote, there will be a runoff for the 1st time in the country's history. now, elder at in western kenyan is one of route host stronghold. it was also the scene of ethnic unrest after the 2007 election and as our corresponded maria mueller reports, memories of that violence are still vivid out and about and b, house of piece, helen, courtesy and collins barrage. i walked through the neighbourhood, an elder, it in western kenya, one day ahead of kenya's general election. they talk to neighbors and ask if they
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feel safe, whichever the outcome i'd be ready to let her make myself, sir. the scenes that unfold it in 2007 are still fresh in every one's memory. here, after the elections violent clashes broke out between different ethnic groups. dozens of people, including children, were burned alive in a church. peace activists, corinthian barracuda lost friends and relatives. it was bad, some people when they were injured, they still have injuries still to be some they become physically disabled, some became mentally disabled. you can still see the fear that they have. the other at neighbourhood is a stronghold of william, brutal vice president of kenya. and one of the 2 leading presidential candidates authorities see the area as a possible hotspot for violence and have brought in hundreds of security forces. but like in 2007 leaflets with hate, speech have been circulating. they read vote for router or 2007 was just the tip of the iceberg. at the other end of the city ballad papers,
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a checked and sorted heavily armed police officers secure the site. the i, b, c. the canyon electoral authority has to deliver this time after the last election 5 years ago, had to be repeated due to serious errors. you have to be medically to make sure that you have the right balance. and in the right, one is rissa. what is anxious? waiting will be critical grid. what is tuesday? morning election day at 6 am. presidential candidate, william brutal is the 1st to cast his ballad in a village near elder it he to praise for peace. riggle. oh, good. but peace doesn't hold. where on election day these pictures make the routes go to i went to meet with a freshly elected member of county assembly for relo. dingus party is involved in
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a violent dispute. he accuses his political arrival. no. wasa, whoever is not in the strong party that he's busy, we little much can lou jim, it was good. i go through it. one of the attackers broke his 8th arm. he says, the thoughts of violent incidents are not rare. and canyon politics. although they haven't happened much in the selection. back at the polling station, 5 p. m sharp clip willing say, shot has been closed. time to count under the eyes of numerous election of service . now days later, people are still eagerly waiting for the final results. it's important to know that no away chanel come has gone uncontested in kenya in the past 20 years. but the w corresponded felix marina. he says this time observers are optimistic that the situation will remain peaceful. i just spoke to the amnesty international director
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here in kenya. it over here to and, and he said that unlike the past, ah, this particular election is very unlikely for us to go into a chaos after the result is announced. but he also said that it is too early to tell because most of the time, immediately the results are unknown seats. when now eva, people remain peaceful. all their people decide to be chaotic. so before they, the final is result is actually unknowns. we are not able to tell, but for the moment the country is come. a can. everyone is, i just hoping that their best candidate, when i've just spoken to one of the agents to our main political party and he said their focus is on ensuring that whatever result that comes from the electoral boundaries commission is actually the right result. and it's actually reflecting the real of canyons. there was a corresponded felix marina, there reporting from nairobi when nearly a year on from the return of the taliban to power in afghanistan,
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the countries health care system isn't chaos. victims of violence in particular, are suffering from a lack of medical care, the w's. melanie gunman, reports to night on a german 8 organizations efforts to help the sick and wounded choke. the people here all hoping to get medical help in germany. hundreds of parents have come to the african cabin to travel with seriously children. so did 11 year old up to and his father, both of him would turn off in a bump attack and she's almost blind and he left the 8 organization. and i will bring him to germany for further treatment. i don't know. i visited other hospitals, but i didn't cover that. that's why i'm here because i need help with my hands so that so that though she was an employee of freedom stuff international has been flying to afghanistan for years. she and her team had to
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make life and death decisions, which one of the many children brought to german further treated as a senior. it's quite odd to say you can come with us so you can come with us next time without knowing, especially with the bone information that the children will still be alive in 6 months later to no, not at this time more children showed up than ever before. $2200.00 families and total. the situation in afghanistan is disastrous. the economy has collapsed. many people are starving. doctors have left the country and so have many 8 organizations to kinda come insufficient. meanwhile, the children are coming to us again without bandages. plus, they can get pain killers. we have seen severely injured children who would be treated in an intensive care unit in germany without pain killers, without bandages one is just lying at home. and in fact, how the leading
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a few months later, germany, we meet at the 8 organizations compound, to live here with of a seriously injured children from crisis and war regions around the world without parents, an emergency community for as long as operation and rehabilitation take to day abdul has to have his was checked out soon. the doctor's one to operate on his forearm so that he can use it like a pin sir. one thing and i'm not as ha it's, i'm not scared of the operation. i'm happy they're operating on me. i'm not scared at all that's that's it. until then of bruce spends his spare time with his new friends. they help him through the pain and form of a home sickness. abroad is not yet know when he will be home. he's already looking forward to showing his family with dan. my next guest is
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pushed on dirani. she's an afghan rights activist and co founder of the n g of learn afghanistan, which focuses on girls education. she joins me tonight from wellesley college in massachusetts, in the us, where she is a fellow at the center for women. it's good to have you with us. you know, we just saw images there of children on the, on the playground. happy children and happy boys and girls, we want to imagine that that's what they are. do we have though, a clear picture of how education for girls in afghanistan has changed since the taliban returned them? i for shedding later on this important topic before coming to this interview just a few seconds before i was checking manager. and the 1st thing that i saw was, of course, we all know that the schools are closed right now. i'm actually at closing down english language courses and come teacher say a schools are close to that because that is more like a coaching center. they're closing them now. so right now,
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if you want to clear that back to the clear picture for you, any place that you use socialization mobilization, educational opportunity for a young teenager, they're stopping it, they are banning it and they're closing it down. and it was hoped a year ago that if the totally bon faced international pressure, and if they faced the reality of losing foreign aid, then they would keep their prompts. the girls would be able to get an education, but they're breaking their promise on it's not adamant as of a promise, because when the law agreement was done, nobody talked about all these things. nobody talked about women that goes education . they don't feel obligated and not to follow that. the 2nd thing is like it or not, they're still giving aid international organization still fee them to give them the security, not $1.00 of that one food program, any one piece them are hires their dba. when we are via that they are not the ones
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who are suffering are way to move the eat, it is an arm of people who suffer. so in all honesty, they don't hear this. we get to travel and predicts this to go to europe, to talk about politics, is to live in cover. they still have the money, it's the people who suffer. well, what are organizations such as yours on learn, afghanistan? what are you able to do to help girls and young women? and how easy is it for you to all for help? that's me, that's not, and there's not a lot to do their own liter threats to eat or grow as the fact that we can give the secret lessons. we have been doing this for more than 400 girls right now and 4 different region and come back or both by me on, in the heart. all different regions. we apply teachers theme with teachers who don't have any other source of income. or we make sure that we work with hospitals and humanity in relief. and that's what other people people are doing do. but at the same time, the problem is, how do you and manage up on?
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how do you ensure that your teachers are not targeted? how to ensure your students, i'm not tech it, it every day, every passing b is a new challenge for a new examination. for us, i need testament for us because every day we have to worry about, did they get the group get back home safely? did the teachers say right, judy and it's always a challenge. i know that the taliban have been in power again for a year now, but before that you had the presence of usa nato troops in the country for 2 decades. and i'm sure that that had to have some influence on the way afghan men think. is there any noticeable voice from afghan men in support of their daughters, their sisters getting an education everywhere worse, their daughters go to school. everyone wants very good is the problem is not app on men and they're mentality changing because of different and i'm always wanted their
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doctors in school. if you look at our 1960, we had a public when minister the same goes for our education minister essentially back we had a women education problem back. the fact that people are scared to talk the last care it be hang ad pallet flag just to be protected, and he has to scanty in like their doctors go to school. yeah. unfortunately, fear is the biggest enemy education that is for sure. are starting to run a we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you for farmers in switzerland are struggling to ensure that their livestock have enough to drink this summer. swiss army helicopters are l l lifting water to thousands of farm animals in remote alpine pastures. take a look at this high temperatures and the lack of rainfall have left reservoirs, nearly empty, and farmers or warning of a possible feed shortage later this year. here's
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a reminder that top story we're following for you this, our ukraine says that europe's biggest nuclear power station has again come under artillery attack with russia and ukraine. denying shelley of these upper regia nuclear power plant. the us is back in calls for a demilitarized save, so to be established around the facility. looking back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day, i hope to see you then ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with who in green cities, relaxing away city. despite record temperatures, it's not
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a mirage. refreshing architectural ideas and innovative landscape planning are both cool and clever, chilling cities out next on d. w. ah. is 2021 half galler stuff. the taliban take power and the humanitarian catastrophe begins. women of violently oppressed, abject poverty becomes everyday reality. how do people in afghanistan live today, insights report, background stories on all platforms. we'll see by
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