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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2022 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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this is dede aline from the land. there's a lot more news on our website. d. w dot com. ah. ah, the fantasy adventures of my a princess from latin america. i romantic drama at a black queen's court. or how the earth was created, told from a nigeria perspective, with streaming platforms, we're able to view the world from many different perspectives. but is there more to it than entertainment, or does streaming really promote diversity? that's our topic today on shift ah, diversity, a quality and inclusivity have become real buzzwords. but why are they so important in movies and series? well, because certain groups have always been ignored in film production, one example is women. make up half the world's population in movies. however,
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men that usually get a lot more roles. let's take a look at last year's most successful films. 85 percent had more men than women acting in them. it's a man's world. and what about people with disabilities? all people with different cultural backgrounds, all the l, g, b, t, q plus community. the big streaming providers have a more diverse selection. on netflix for instance, there are more women in lead roles than men. no g, b, t q plus topics like in the series, sex education have proved successful and there's a higher representation of minorities to what streaming has done is really break down barriers. so i can import content. that's the same experience, or that i didn't even know about my experience, but i can get exposure to so much more even beyond my local market. and so that is really powerful. it's extremely important that viewers can identify with their heroes on screen. and let's be honest, so far,
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most series have been made for people like me, white people, for filmmakers around the world, streaming also winds up new possibilities. we can no longer be the need to buy the gatekeepers. but we are now empowered with technology to express ourselves in that very beauty. i'm wonder that is all unix africa. it's pretty nice to hear that this is now possible. we met up with a couple of filmmakers from nigeria and they talk to us about what motivates them. my person i want to wish as i just to be able to portray people that look like me, that sound like i can relate to me in my struggles. i can learn more about my ancestors, about mythology, etc. i think that's priceless. niecy oguio lou belongs to a new generation of nigeria and filmmakers, a famous afro jazz singer and songwriter. she also co founded creal animation studios based in lay gus. one of her 1st films, the satchel. tells the mythological story of 2 brothers. oh battler and oh,
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due to watch and the creation of earth and human kind. niecy health record the singing pirates herself. producer ferdinand id me fee also favors authentic content in a modern package. apart from games, the team in lake us also develops animation movies to show a more realistic perspective of africa. i think it's very important for our regards to tell our stories, because i want to know as bernard toolbar also working for us. right now we have the tools, we have the content, or we have the capacity. so this new to the original story tell us, want to approach our stories from a sense of fidelity that is on the 2nd read. nobody deserves to or pulled out africa low helping those to tell us carries the way we want them to focus on these stories went hold on screen. this also present real ways with new role models to identify what we all know that sometimes being what you see is once you
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believe you can. so we need to have more content out there that depicts africans as a people, i know how to shape mentality as will self right. buddha confidence and then buddha ability to believe that we are capable of doing as much as anybody else. the right role models can clearly boost your self confidence, who would have thought that streaming would be the platform to deliver that? i personally enjoy discovering and learning about other cultures. my and the 3 is a fun animation which features indigenous cultures from meso america. let's check it out. of the netflix. many serious maya and the 3 is an animated fantasy adventure inspired by meso, american for so pre colonial mythology. the series was created by jorge gutierrez, who is also the director and co author in the series he creatively and authentically integrates mythology from the indigenous groups of america. actress
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so it's al danya, who lent her voice to the heroine. maia is delighted by the project. i get to share what i most excited about, which is my heritage. i love my love where i'm from. i love who i am in a church, and there's so much about latin x culture that we don't know when these are civilizations that are thousands of years. so, you know, asked ag culture in my, in culture, indian culture, the arrow actually error. so the caribbean kish these are, these are civilizations that basically define beans. nice. it's pretty cool to see just how punch she is. stories are of course easier to relate to when they line up with personal experience. but simply putting together a more diverse cast is not all there is to it. whether it's the director or camera operator, it's important that the whole team is truly,
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thus one of the main things we're seeing really in our ada is presence is not enough. so just putting some visibility on the screen is a start. oh, what really keep connect? audience is that authenticity and so it takes talent on screen and then hide the screen or behind the scenes to make that happen. and it really is, you know, especially in a refreshing us is it is critical for films to be truly diverse. the team behind the scenes must be divers, 2 more diverse screen plays a, just the beginning take gender diversity. studies show that the more women direct films write screenplays and operate cameras more likely it is for women to play important roles on screen. the same is true for ethnic, religious, or sexual and gender minorities. netflix is trying to make its programs more diverse, more than half of the films and series available on netflix in 201819 featured
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women in lead roles compared to the highest grossing cinema movies over the same period. that's an increase of 10 percent for netflix to still has a long way to go. like with the representation of indigenous people or ethnic minorities from latin america or the middle east. one of the populations that we're focusing more on is middle east african people here in the u. s. and, you know, are they always present in, you know, as a chair, as a religious extremists, you know, the fact that streaming can open that content around the world. now if you are, well i the content that really connect me, it shows me versions of myself and who i can be and things like that. and so i think that is one of the most powerful opportunities for streaming and why is dental. and that's also why none of the streaming giant can do without a diverse film offering. even at the more conservative disney group to which disney
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plants also belongs to legendary mouse shawn in rainbow colors. whether in the workforce or in the staffing in the content or in the production, amazon prime and co are becoming more and more diverse. and the viewers appreciate that to a study showed that the l g b t q plus community believes that streaming platforms offer the most inclusive content that they can identify with. but let's not kid ourselves. big streaming platforms are not interested in making the world a better place. they are interested in money money that they can make by producing new content for new markets. of course, for netflix that's necessary. it has recently seen subscriptions, go down for the 1st time in its history. producer moses capital pay has no illusions about the motivations of streaming platforms. we both recognize that the semi platforms are businesses and they're not gonna go on to charitable or csr. a
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mission, they had to also make money. we was under sun amid the streamers midway, where we want to be authentic to our stories. what we want to do, stories that are commercially viable. to get new stories and content, the streaming platforms invest locally. that's true for all 3 big players in africa . netflix, the south african platform show and amazon prime video. they provide storytelling workshops or technical support. so max produces shows like the comedy series garner ger laugh, filled in lagos and aqua, and a specifically at the west african market. and in early 2022 amazon prime video setup partnerships with nigerian film production companies whose films will be included other streaming platforms soon. another boost for natalie wood, or more than several 1000 firms were produced in 2021 alone. the ability to tell
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our stories, who a global audience is a big thing. the. the fact that our content creators can also get what rated there's. there are concerns whether the give as much as or the account of what's on the wall. what the truth is. the level of composition is better than what was there before. the one that we have another avenue to put our content out. and i think that that has been really, really good for the streaming platforms. these deals need to be profitable. it's not just the content, it's also advertising revenues in the advertising industry, demand for media content has risen sharply says charlene polite currently from the international marketing company. neil sir, what our research has shown globally is, marketers are, it's highly, you know, we want to place our advertisements, our brand messages in content that is inclusive. so not only are we trying to move in our own marketing efforts,
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we're also trying to find content that is really connecting with diverse audiences . and auditors more broadly represent in a positive way. because as the contract want to carry our message, breaking down barriers both cultural and to do with gender inequalities is something we also believe in at deutsch avella, as well as human rights and freedom world wide game. freedom isn't free shows what? living in a repressive state is like a few weeks ago, we presented this game on our show and asked for your feedback. we're also giving away an iphone 11 to one of the participants as promised where proud and announced that the win is alexandra me, letter from zagreb, croatia. congrats. if you want to give the game a try, you can find more information on d, w dot com slash freedom game streaming can help in shining a lot on many under represented topics for me, discovering new perspectives and role models from other cultures is pretty cool. one of the biggest opportunities we have is to show in china, right?
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i know that afro german young person who wants to be a politician, he doesn't get to see too many examples of that. but can find a show maybe from the u. s. where somebody who looks like them has a pat and shows them away. yes. and he supported successful for may people and stories from different cultures. and the l. g b, t, q plus community. all of it just makes movies and series more exciting. how about you? who your role models let us know on youtube and d, w dot com, have a good one and see you next on. ah ah, the resurrection of jesus christ. in obama go bavaria. the world's largest passion play is back. every 10 years visitors come from all over the world to see the
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staging of the biblical story. and this time, it's more up to date than ever. obama go a village and it's passion. letters starts july, 3rd on d, w. sometimes books are more excite in real life ah, raring to read. oh, what if there's no escape? do w literature list laundry, german ma street. imagine how many portion of love us heard out in the world right now, climate change, if any story. this is life less the way from just one week how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm.


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