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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this d w is coming to you live from berlin. high profile european delegation arrives in ukraine. leaders of france, italy and germany are pictured on board night train to key a much anticipated trip comes after days of speculation and intense pressure on the west to boost support for ukraine. also coming up,
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as ukraine admits it is out mand an al, gone, did the don boss region. the former president is defiant. where like, sol just is keeping it up and yet, and we never paid for a polish anchor calls for more weapons to push back the russian assault. and the confession brings the search for 2 missing men in the amazon to a gruesome conclusion. brazilian, please say a suspect in the disappearance of a british journalist, an indigenous expert has admitted to killing them and has led authorities to human remains. ah, hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. we begin with this breaking news. the leaders of france, germany and italy have arrived in chia in a show of solidarity with you credit. the high profile visit by italian prime
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minister maria druggie, french president, and when, well, mac cone and german chancellor, all of sholtes comes after days of speculation about a joint visit to the ukrainian capital. and as ukraine asks for more heavy weapons from western countries, and let's get an update. now from our correspondent rebecca richards. she is in chia, rebecca, the leaders of the 3 biggest countries in europe, germany, france, and italy are in kia today. what's the significance of this visit to well, terry, you're right. they arrived this morning with monica press, fan fair. 2, and they're now actually here, i'm station now, but i'm either expected to leave shortly for a trip of some of the the destruction or disaster areas around the capital cave. before heading into a very important meeting, as you say,
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a significance of this trip is obviously a crime, desperately calling for more weapons from the west in order to push back russia before. so, you know, east and the rest of the country as well has stopped their advances with what it goes to. there's going to be attending prime minister. mr. dragging is actually leaving behind. and the other, the other latest will be following shortly. so yeah, it's very, it's a very big day, very important also comes ahead of us about the a you deciding whether or not to grant a staff in order to join the unit. he has torn sort of recession. rebecca, can the 3 you leaders expect from ukraine's protestant candidate? oh, well this fine. yeah. you know, he's obviously is growing frustrated here in a little bit has been given in what has been promised hasn't arrived yet. there is growing frustration, but i think that we met with a very friendly zelinski. i'm sure we will be putting the pressure wrong. this is a very visits and
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a very long over to visit in the 10s of the kids. and i'm sure that the latest will be welcomed with open on tip. now we can assume that these 3 european leaders are bringing plenty of good will with them to kiya. but what about those arms that to you? you said the t a really needs in finding the russian aggression are the free european countries expected to provide any concrete support in material terms to help ukraine deal with the russian women that really remains to be seen. terry, i don't know what they'll be bringing or if they'll be bringing anything with them or they have said in the past any visits that they wouldn't come just for a photo opportunity. that was a photo opportunity for their he's all basically hope and expectation from the gradient design that they will be bringing a promise all heavy weaponry. we know that nato, yesterday, in the u. s. a military aid to the ukraine,
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so that has been incredibly welcome. here, as you can imagine, what was going on actually concrete, come out of today's meeting, what really, really remains to be signed by rebecca. thank you very much for now. i'm sure will be coming back to you later for an update rebecca richards there in kia also nashville? well, for the, for the german perspective, i spoke with dw correspond theresa trapper. i asked her why old of shoals is visiting ukraine now and with what purpose? well, that's the big question now, terry, and we'll have shots as previously said that he wouldn't go to p of just to take a photo. and so then a somewhat raised expectations that if he does go there, he will have something to offer. and that, of course, could be more financial support, it could be more arms deliveries. after all, ukraine's president zalinski has criticized both germany and france and to a lesser extent, also italy of being too slow when it comes to arms deliveries. and of putting their
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own prosperity ahead of ukraine's freedom and security. but these 3 could also bring good news. and with regard to ukraine's bid to become a member of the european union, because as we heard, the meeting in the visit in kiev comes just ahead of a key meeting in brussels, where the european commission is expected to propose that ukraine becomes a member of the block. why did it take chancellor short so long to visit ukraine? this, this visit has been anticipated for months. a oh yes sir. all the shots are certainly invited a lot of times since the war broke out. but back in april, there was some rift between berlin and keith because keith rebuffed on very short notice a visit by the german president flanked by to shine maya. saying that he was too close to russia, that he made mistakes and dealing with moscow in the past. and after that or left charles himself, he refused to go there for a couple of weeks. but that dispute was solved and the telephone call. and as since
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then, several german politicians have visited, most notably foreign minister annalynn of our book, but also other ministers, the president of the dom bonus tag, and even the head of the biggest opposition party. and the fact that will have shot himself did not go for such a long time. also caused some criticism. he and germany what's being said about this diplomatic gesture here in germany. teresa well, and germans are certainly watching this visit very closely because many feel that ukraine should get all the supported needs. but at the same time, they're also worried about what the war ukraine means for their own lives. so i went out to the streets of berlin to ask people how they feel about this visit. know that's taken his finished good. i think it's good in math, he should do a lot more. he doesn't do enough am if you have to help them in half of the invoices needed latoya, it's not convincing to keep saying that ukraine has when do. but at the same time,
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the abs deliveries being announced, a falling short of expectations, at least for the time being that it won't do to get chronic them off to minute decidedly. that's a contradiction of all that has to be resolved, somehow was over with it. is there that that it goes there to exchange views is basically good in men. he should help the people by supplying these and weapons instead of gathering is. thank you. so i think if these 3 travel they are together, they'll have something to say, i hope so that they don't just go, they are active decency. so quite a lot of suspense. he and germany as well when it comes to what charles maxwell and the army are exactly up to and kia. teresa, thank you very much, shar corresponded teresa proper there. well, as europe steps up, it show of support for ukraine of the diplomatic level. the governor in the low hunting region has again underscore the urgent need for more military support. and he says, russian forces were advancing in their assault on the key city of sir,
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better denounced. and that your cranium troops are outmanned and outgunned, appears. fighting is taking a heavy toll on civilians not only in spirit genetic but in neighboring. there's a chance to in the distance, the sound of russian shelling for the people in missy chance. the twin city of seattle, john, yet the chance to escape is getting smaller and smaller. ukrainian police officers drive from house to house to find those who want to leave, but for many here it feels like they're giving up their town. a fuel shooter showed that there won't work and we weren't sure until it became unbearable. then i got sick. she has an endless list of illnesses and i'm also sick to put away the head brush. carol middlebrook, there was a hospital here where i would have stayed here until the very last moment. she due only a few kilometers away in seattle. the nets leaving has become nearly impossible.
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with all the main bridges destroyed, the city is now cut off. ukraine says more than $500.00 civilians, a hiding inside the assault chemical factory alongside ukrainian soldiers. moscow announced the humanitarian corridor for the civilians, but then claimed ukrainian shelling disrupted the plan with moscow having more man, power, and weapons. it's becoming increasingly difficult for the ukrainians to hold their few remaining positions in the city. a ration deadline for the forces in the chemical plant to surrender has passed, form a ukrainian president polish ankle told the w. ukraine will not given. situation is extremely difficult and the concentration of troops there is enormous, but our heroic soldiers is keeping serve. it had been yet squee keeping their asoft are not as old but basalt chemical plan and we never surrender
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awe away from the don bus. russian forces have been aiming for other high value targets. this footage shared by the russian military claims to show high precision low range missiles, targeting a depot in the western living region where ammunition for nature supplied weapons. a stuart is to it could be rushed as late as effort to disturb the international supply of weapons. ukrainian president learners landscape. welcome the latest pledge by washington to provide a $1000000000.00 and military aid to his country. it's the largest specific commitment to ship weapons since russia's invasion began. speaking in brussels, you are secretary of defense, lloyd austin, called on other countries to also step up support. austin says the war has reached a pivotal moment. right. so how other nato members view the war in
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ukraine? for more our correspondent jack parent john just now from russell's jack. understand that you've been speaking with the prime minister of estonia. what did she have to tell you? that's what i tell you. i was doing a short interview with kaya. tell us this. the estonian prime minister, there's a be few weeks of international meetings which are all going to be focused on ukraine. coming up. we have a new summit when they're going to be talking about ukraine's accession process. it's applications to join the european union. and also we have the nato summit in madrid. now, one of the things that i asked the prime minister was what she thinks of other e u. leaders and other western leaders cooling and continuing to speak to the russian president vladimir putin. she said that people shouldn't do that because of the messages coming out of the kremlin. take a listen. these are always for genocide. and if you look at the messages that we
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get from the pc, it is also that the soldiers are really picking up saying exactly the same thing. why are they doing the war crimes there? i mean, i quote, to raise every, not war for example, or to kill nazis. they seize the consequences and those people have to be held responsible. so i don't see any point in, in really calling and trying to communicate with the war criminal. they have to be prosecuted strong words. they're from the stony and prime minister. understand you also asked her jack about the prospect of the membership for ukraine and other countries. sick? listen, i think the more we put the countries in the same box, the less it is, the possibility that, you know, ukraine, for example, gets the candidate status. and of course, if the candidate status is there, then you, you do or you get the membership or if you do the reforms,
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so it goes hand in hand. and this is very important. the other thing that you mentioned was the, with the boy and countries, and there i totally support their having a big candidate status because they have done all the necessary steps. and i know that this is also very important for many other member states that the west and boys are treated equally in this regard. subject a stony as perspective on these issues line up with the view of other e members. things. yeah, good question. terry, to be honest, this is the big issue of the moment because we've been reporting exclusively on d w that the european commission is considering withdrawing and separating george's application to join the european union away from that of moldova and ukraine. all 3 countries applied at the same time after the invasion in early march,
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the evasion of a c at the end of february, but they applied in early march for each candidate status. and the question is, is it probably within a matter of 48 hours, we'll say we're going to hear the european commissions opinions on this. and then next week they will be presenting that opinion to you. leaders who are going to decide whether they will grant candidate status to these countries. not only is this important politically for the countries, but it's also extremely symbolic. and i think what we heard from kayak, alice, that what she was saying is that they shouldn't be put all in the same box, moldova, georgia, and ukraine. and i think the reason is, is the leaders want to show the symbolism to ukraine, where the war is going on. but they're not so keen on opening candidate status to other countries. specifically, georgia, which may be sort of trade and economically well aligned with the european union at the moment, but it's politically quite a long way away from what any candidate country might be considered to want to be from a brussels perspective. terry. jack, thank you so much,
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shar corresponded jack parrot. they're in brussels now, some other stories making headlines around the world today. un refugee agency says the number of displaced people worldwide has risen to a 100000000. as the highest number recorded since world war 2 rushes invasion of ukraine is one of several crises that have pushed the number fire. u. s. federal reserve has approved its largest single interest rate hike in almost 30 years. 3 quarters of a percentage point increase is the largest since 1994 consumer prices in the us reach to 40 year high and may with costs for food, gasoline, and housing, all rising faster than expected. central bank hopes the adjustment will help tame. soaring inflation. also in the u. s. a panel, the advisors to the food and drug administration has endorsed coven 19 shots for
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children aged 6 months to 5 years as the last demographic without access to the vaccines in the us. the jobs will be available next week, once approved by the agents. now to nigeria, where authorities are searching for 17 people who've been kidnapped, the abduction took place in the capital city, a boucher one woman known as so if john posted a message on twitter stating that she had been taken by men disguised as police officers, she along with 16 other women including 3 who are pregnant, while kidnappings for ransom are not uncommon in nigeria, the capital is normally safe. earlier i spoke to dw corresponded waste, our interests in the nigerian capital of which i asked him how people are reacting to abductions, taking place in broad daylight in the capitol. ah, what is her action of anger and frustration by many nigerians is pitch shelly on
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the social media where this abduction was reported by one of the victim would to we ted, i was sick for hell. tell in nigeria as to hell pon i during a tourist transfer. so people are angry that the police up till now down ever to rescue the victim. have been mecca broadcast on her twitter handle on my on her fist book. sharon, how on location. that's in why is it taking so long to rest, to dispute will? and this thing happen in a blue gel, which is very rare to see like people have been abducted in dest had capita. you mentioned that or at least one of those have been abducted, one of the women has used her mobile phone to reach out to has the fact that the abduct t's are using their mobile phones apparently helping the police to find them . ah,
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what is some way it has because the police, in one of their actions said they have contacted the families of the victims and they're making progress in trying to rescue them. this is the did, doesn't happen before, because it takes long to even with and here until the abductors called using any of the mobile fonts. but now that the location has been shed, the police said they are using the location shared by the victim to trust them. and be contacted even the families and there is progress. who is what to these kidnapping? say about security instability in nigeria, it explains the growing insecurity in nigeria especially which has to do with abductions on kid nike. although it does become more or less a daily, a fear in the south west indian lot to west was some part of nigeria. i, you know,
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a boucher is surrounded by states that i have been dis, problems, kaduna, neshamah, nyja, alco. d must have displaced that are abductions, going on what mickey doodle road into the capital city. although is on the 5th time was the festival at people. i've been taken by this of doctors. it test a lot of what the insecurity it since a lot of fear in the minds of nigerians ordered or tortoise give saying that we are doing our best, you shall go to our normal business is because just to his buck and instead was attack when people went to say no, it was an abduction to put it said no, it was armed robbery and even dos, live death come out to deny it cannot trying to kill this story. so it does have what the groin insecurity in nigeria capital up to giant in the county because this
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is where supposed to be secured. this is where the president sites wish. thank you very much. sure. that was our correspondent who has interest in boucher police in brazil say a man has confessed to fatal shooting and indigenous expert. and a british journalist who went missing earlier this month. the suspect led officers to a remote area where he said the bodies were buried. the search for tom phillips and bruno pereira has shed light on tensions between local indigenous communities and illegal. ho truce fishermen and mining companies and the m a tragic end to an 11 day search. brazilian police said the bodies of missing british john list. don't phillips and brazilian indigenous expert drew, not bad yet. out. history may have been found off. authorities see a suspect confessed to fatal shooting the 2 men. oh,
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we won't let me know. the more. the 1st suspect, arrested in this case confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint where he had buried the body's clues emerged throughout the week. a spot of blood on the suspects bought the belongings all the missing men. but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous agency for nie, which betty eta had looked for held a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity. oh, room you know? no, some of him today, bruno and don't were not adventurers. they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work. they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry riley valley through the brazilian stayed under the bulls. narrow government did
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not combat. still, the 2 men had received chats for their work in the jawad, each renowned for illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking, their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights. workers in the region of the dangers. the faith. yellowstone national park in the rest has been hit by a devastating flood. the de lose has washed away many kilometers of roads and numerous bridges. scores of homes and surrounding communities have been swamped. park rangers say that parts of yellowstone will remain closed for the rest of the year. the unprecedented water flood waters are also threatening to cut all fresh drinking water to montana's largest city. well, a perilous escape. rocks come raining down on this car. as the driver rushes to get out of yellowstone national park,
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some 10000 visitors to the u. s. his oldest national park were evacuated after to renshaw rainfall, and melted snow, sent months with a run off into rivers, causing them to best their banks. but it's not only tourists who are affected. the flooding has also hit me by towns damaging bridges, roads, and even sweeping away homes. had hit here early in the flood, and we thought we had it. and then a bridge went out and it diverted the cree. the water started rolling in the bag, broke out a basement window, start filling up my basement and then i quit. like the water one. the flooding also forced a water treatment plant to close, leaving montana's largest city billings with about
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a day supply of fresh water. as far as duration we're, we're in for, for the long haul. as far as helping folks, i will do everything that we have to do to provide those resources and just continue to work through, you know, what is, is a, a pretty tragic event. residents here and now pulling together to start the long, difficult work of rebuilding their communities. but the damage to yellow sterns diverse and fragile ecosystem will be much harder to repair tennis and world number one. chris, now in rural number one russian, daniel med bit of is playing this week in a warm up to wimbledon, a tournament in which russian players were banned after the invasion of ukraine. but now, but vanessa has learned that russian players will be allowed to play at the west open in august. he commented on the decision after his 1st round match and holler
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in central germany where he beat david goffin in straight sets that i said he was happy with a link for you by soap. it is great. i heard this news yesterday probably like everybody and you know, i always say that i have to follow the rules and where i can play, i'm going to play, i'm going to try to play my best. i'm happy that i will be able to defend my title . it would be really disappointing if i would not be able to defend my title and use open for we go just a quick look at our top story. this our, the leaders of germany, france and italy have arrived in here. are talks with ukrainian president blow to me as lensky, all of sholtes from anyone, the cold and mario truck, he were pictured on a train, heading for the highly anticipated meeting there likely discuss to discuss ukraine's aspirations. were you candidacy as well as kids calls for more weapons from europe? chancellor full of shelter has been under pressure over his failure to visit him
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until now and has faced criticism for being too slow to commit arms to ukraine's defense against russia. sholtes said this visit aims to show the european support for ukraine and the citizens of de watching dw news from berlin up next to conflicts on tim sebastian talks to brother swafford, sikorsky, polish of member the police john parliament from poland. thanks for watching. ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian as rushing forces advanced in the east of ukraine, here is warding alive massively out gum. my guess is we come hold on his record to be bad for bar man becomes minnesota. now a member of the european column,
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he thinks low pressing for a quick see spark a wrong with on d w. the secret war that began over 40 years ago has been waging relentlessly even until today. the war between iran on one side and on the other israel and the united states. we explored the roots of this conflict. in the 1st part of our documentary, the long israel usa in 45 minutes on d, w. ah. devastated with our we can with cars carry lifeline defects of climate change. i
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mean felt worldwide before a station in the rain forest continued carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will because change doesn't happen on its own make up your own mind. d. w. late for mines. as russian forces advance in the east of ukraine, here is warning allies. it's massively out gun. this week, a senior adviser to president the landscape that western support wasn't enough to combat russia's fired power. my guess this week from poland is rabbit sikowski, who served they're both foreign and defense minister and is now a member.


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