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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2022 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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this is a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is west. good is still the head with the w business beyond hm. with this man is a predictions, champ. he won a tipping contest by predicting that every game across a whole but does league is season would end what neil. he figured that was pretty
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clever. i'll just go for the most common results in football. but he is that really true. is one neil the most common school like others think not the most common result to 121 to one. definitely to one to one. do up to one. yeah, i think it should be to one indeed most punches. go for to one but hold up. make psychologist james curly, his hobby escalating football results through the ages. and here is the outcome. some 200000 scores from the top for english divisions going all the way back to 1888 hum goals going down away goals going across i started with the last 20 years, but then i got a bit completist about it. so i just started eating more and more and more. and
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then the older results are actually harder to find. so results from the 19th century from before world war one. they were the hardest to find. some of these games took place while jack the ripper was still roaming london in the 1800s but the red he has nothing to do with his victims. it shows how common results off the dock of the read, the more common the school line. and we can see a trend already, the doc, his shades of red, appear in the top left corner where the low scoring results. so it's kind of interesting but scoring more than 2 goals are just very uncommon. so i think, i think, i think teams i just more much more defensive than perhaps people expect. so the most common results will feature a low number of goals. football simply has fewest scoring actions than many other sports. it's a game of strategy,
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not one of racking out the goal of the guilt. by comparison other sports like action games, myself, he match his get 6 goals on average, while and be 18 school, a $113.00 points, but game often playing aires a small on the games foster and in basketball. there's also to shop in football, there were long spells where the ball is passed back in full and sure. sometimes that can get boring. well, that's a good question. so what makes full exciting, i think is, is it goals? i guess it is goals and i think the some people the, the lowest score, i mean americans with samples of foreign campuses. not much scoring. i think i think football seems to still be as popular as ever in terms of t v. revenue t v number of people going to game. so i don't think it can be that. it's still exciting. i think people are suggesting now that sometimes you know,
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seems like magic. the city in england are boring because they're just so clinical and there's no jeopardy. so i'm not sure whether it's purely just scoring goals is what's exciting, but i think having some level of jeopardy or where it's unsure whether which team will win or which team will lose, that's what makes against any sport exciting. but in the old days, there were plenty of high score and games back on much day one in 1888 darby 163 a white to bolton, and kept the wonder. his goal was a goal fest was no rarity back then. those results probably were more common when teams just didn't defend properly. and so i think it's, it's like school yard for or well just people just go crazy to try and school goals and they're not interested in defending. bought 63 away winds of accounted for less than 0 point one percent of results in the 130 years since. so why
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a results like that in football, as red as the blue maricia postage them sit and sco lines have, in fact only occurred once in english football like a 76 home when that came back in 1957, when chelton athletic beat huddersfield johnson actually came back from a massive deficit winning the game after having been 51 down. that also makes huddersfield the only team in english football history, disco 6 goals, and still go home, loses. but the point is these things almost never happened. as the number of goals drops, though, the result becomes more common, like the full, full drool. we can think of a couple there was the infamous boon does league again with dope and lead that all try this chalka phone ill at half time. chalka hit back 123,
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and finally the equalizer full full. similarly, i think the famous for, for recent austin, alert newcastle, where one team went for 0 up and then the other team just came street. oh, those will happen when one team goes really attacking. but then just completely forgot to defend, but they are so rare, but i think it is a breakdown in, in player mentalities and coaching that leads to that. and it's so rep that to happening. national games. more common are the absolute thrush hangs. why? well, sometimes a really good and other teams, you know, aren't you get these everywhere in england? man city, be what that i know in spain, rail madrid, beat. ryan tend to those the big of the gulf in quality within
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a league. the more often you get these results, and by the way, they become more common in recent years. the last 2 decades, the leaks are becoming more and more unequal in terms of power. he se in france and munich and germany, manchester, city, liverpool, and in work that became more and more powerful women's football has suffered badly from inequality, with big school lines the norm for many years. for example, in 2018 by and beat labor could spend one away. the chasm in class remains a serious issue in many league, but in women's football to most matches these days don't contain more than 3 goals . for the game and many taught leagues are improving consistently and seems a gradually becoming more evenly matched. but it's a balanced lee of teams,
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of resources and home field advantage is not acting. then you'll get fewer goals. so let's get down to business. what's the most common result? remember most people bet on a to one. when eat a home or a way for the fun of it. let's put those 2 together. by be there, right? there's good reason to think that on average there are $2.00 goals per game in europe's top lakes. so about 3 goals, that sounds like it to one home or a white wind, right? but don't forget 3 goals could also be a 3 nill. so no 21 is not the most common school. when we come together, we see that $21.00 outcomes are less common than one nil outcomes. which means our competition winner was right to only predict one mill victories, smart guy. and it's not just in league, football and african 2022 more than 40 percent of greek games finished with just
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one goal school. one. neil was the standard result. if we count them together, one nil home and a way winds are the most common result. make sense? ah, once you've got a goal ahead, i guess most he decides to tend to lead rather than trying to extend a lot of course hum and away wins and not the same 0. 1 is less common clearly than $10.00. obviously one ill and neil one are completely different based out on the pitch with the former, the whole stadium celebrates with the letter. the team has to tear itself on without the fans. that's a big difference. when we split the 2, we see that another result is actually the one seen most often. in football.
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the most common result is 11. this is true across the top lakes in italy, it's almost always $11.00 in spine 2. and in the bond is legal, it's only been a different school line once in recent years. so why are one all drills as common as anson, an unhealthy fish in water? all birds in the sky. it makes sense really at the start of every game. it's male nil, then no mistake or moments of quality, but one seem ahead. when a goal is scored, some team is in the lead, and the other team therefore has to come out attack off. the team in front, then sits back to protect its advantage. which means the team chasing a go can a tackle and has a greater chance of scoring. so the equalizer becomes more likely,
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especially if the goal is scored later in the game, saying the fact that the 1st team just doesn't look to try and score again. hold on . that means need aside wants to take risks as neither wants to end up losing. i think has to do probably with the mentality of the team and how that playing. but i think a deeper analysis what need to look at when goals is scored in the game. because i think if goals for the 1st go to school in the 1st, i think that the game is much more likely to end up with a 2 no or 21 result as opposed to a one. but i'm not sure whether people have actually done that kind of analysis. my guess here is that is to do with ships of the mentality of the team. that's good. that's good 2nd. and that's why we end up with $11.00 more than we end up with 200 . really, it's only human for both sides to settle for a $11.00 drawer, no one loses, no one suffers. the 3 point rule was supposed to encourage teams to push victory.
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clearly it's not enough, but there's something nice about draws. there's actually some psychological research that shows that the effectively the highs of winning a not as high as the lowest losing. so if, if you feel that much more then you feel the elation of learning, and i think that that must play a part. i think another thing is that a lot of managers, coaches are getting a draw is much more respectful than getting a loss. ok, it's not the most exciting outcome, but perhaps one old rule is can help the soul keep the peace. and that is no bad thing at all. mm hm. oh hello guys. this is the 77 percent the platform
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with, you know what? i know we're not going to happen then because population is growing. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to you. is 77 percent every weekend on dw, closely listen carefully. don't know how with today go. ah, feel the magic discover the world
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around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, ah. sending boxes of medical aid to ukraine. that's one goal of this relief effort. the others is to rescue as many refugees as possible dilemma. peters is driving with her convoy from the eastern germantown of frankfort, under order across poland to persia, michelle, on the ukrainian border. it's a private initiative without the backing of any large aid organizations. a nice, the most satisfying part is getting hug is from one to families when they're happy
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and grateful when they arrive safely. ah, then i don't die right off the dressing. mites 9 am in the eastern germantown of i'm fort under order the cooking problem via a lot of them are peter's convoy is almost ready to go. there are 4 bands full of medical products, all donated they're about to travel. 1600 kilometers in 2 days to the ukranian border and back again. vilma is from you.


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