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tv   Doc Film - Yemen - Mothers of the kidnapped  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2022 2:15am-3:01am CET

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berlin up next is doc film, looking at mothers of the kidnapped in yemen. it says you more for you on the website that the www dot com for all the latest news analysis and video. you can also nice to master on youtube. i'm really mohammed, thanks for watching with her. we're all set to go. the eob eob. yes. citizenship a meant. we're all here. as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to me with whatever it takes believe in following with w. fire made for mines. ah,
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in the afternoon people come up here to enjoy the great deal over santa and killing me. i had an order from the doctor yesterday. one of the women told me that her husband has turned blind in one. i laughed. why? because he was held in a dark prison cells for too long, let no jealous federal galena ease and zanna may not belong
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to the left is fight the war, the yemen knights haven't given up all hope of peace. they want to live. ah yes it is a country filled with pain. the raging war bleeds its people. for millions of yemen knights, the magic which one surrounded their homeland has given way to unspeakable suffering all over the country, there is hunger, oppression, and torture. political abductions of daily occurrences. it's not easy to say who the culprit is, since all parties to the conflict, contravene international law. they fight for power in ever changing alliances.
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since 2015 the elected government, together with the southern movement and backed by saudi arabia, is fighting a ruthless war against the notorious who's the rebels, who are supported by iran and control, and terrorized santa and the north of yemen. my research begins online in the rebels stronghold santa. it's in this war torn city that i come across a group of courageous women whose uncompromising otherness keeps haunting me. they call themselves the mothers of the kidnapped by that i simply can't take it any more with it. for the 1st time, i see one of their videos, how they line up in public holding signs,
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demanding the release of their missing husbands and sons. i wanted to know more about why these women take to the streets and who are these men being abducted by the score a so called political prisoners, feminine through henry, should in law had a my mom today is the 21st of january, and we are standing in front of the building of the arab coalition, and we are calling on the government to reopen the cases of the kidnap him, a bad umbrella. i admire the bravery of these women and want to find a way to tell a story. but how can i a german woman report on a country at war? how can i be present in yemen without running the risk of becoming another casualty or endangering the women with my camera? i try to get closer to the hearts beating under the nic hubs belonging to suffer
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muddy m a mud turkeys and all the other women in the process. i got an insight into their lives and their dangerous project borne out of misery, anger, and desperation. i can't go to yemen, so we decide to smuggle a hidden camera into the capital from now on the women will fool themselves and i will receive my 1st impressions of their suppressed lives in santa and my daughter had abbey in. nobody knows about this meeting because it could cause problems her muster more colloquy. maybe my husband would be treated even worse, or a family member kid. now g. okay, just a thought. that's why this meeting is secret though. she why? no, i have, but i had i'd, if we had the liquor, ah, it is
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a what i have been married for 5 years now mother after 2 years of marriage, but he was arrested who has said, what did you think when he was abducted ah, if ben couldn't how could i describe it? oh, i will never forget that day. can yet it was terrible but everything will be okay. ah man with one pardon? oh, when when was his son kidnapped? that at the end the data on the 3rd day of eat? i was one year and 2 months ago, i was that he was at his aunt's place to ask for his cousins hand in marriage. and in the loop is arrived in 32 military vehicles and attacked the house. at 1st we
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didn't know who they were coming for. they just shot wildly in every direction. at 2 in the morning, they returned to go up the house. nothing was left intact. now, but not even the foundation of the house and pack. it was a gruel crime the women also send me other kinds of images such as this idyllic view overlooking the unesco protected old city of santa. but the calm is deceptive. behind the facades only the law of the strongest and the male dominance of the al who the rebels prevailed. we used to be able to go out without fear in the evening to patty back then, a woman could go out alone. but since the war broke out, and the hoodies came, that is no longer permitted. in 5 years ago,
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the rebels captured yelman's capital and radically changed the inhabitants daily lives. matthew m, as a woman, you don't feel safe, especially without a man. ha. message make if you do it when he i'm gonna get em. it's best to be home before sunset on. that's the bentley asia. why you thought it but it was the leader. we are afraid of being attacked on the street or arrested. i said, i am at the place we are now going to. we were attack several times. no that will sort it out as they insult us. and sometimes they become violent. i learned from a lot of i now one advantage. so we really have to be careful with them and have a in idaho to rob. so math and we, the sisters and mothers of the kidnapped were closely together and hoped that our voices will be heard by the un and relief organization. but we aren't only doing
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this for our own families and but for all those and presented we had in the kidnappings are not isolated cases after the hot you, me, i with ah ah 3 be 3 are children
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the how was your son kidnapped? rebecca walker. i threw myself over him to protect him and screamed, that's my son. you criminal. so barbara barbara gary, not the soldier over so that he stumbled over better than my son snatched the machine gun from his hand and said, you criminals, you can take revenge on me and leave the women out of it to love. they are my honor . leave them alone, kill me, but don't kill my honor. then they threw hand grenades at us. you look on either one of them, then it was one of them. one of his fiance drew his attention to a grenade that fell next to him. forgot that he kicked the grenade back at the attackers with his foot. where it exploded. i remember they threw a 2nd grenade at us. it exploded. i should come as a result, his ard was injured in the eye and stomach. later she was operated on my mind, but she is blind in one eye from the shock wave from the explosion. i know because
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of the splinters from the grenades will entered, the rebels accused him of having killed people with his grenades. i haven't been one. lost that they were not his mother, my son was dragged out of the house most. i clung to his leg and yelled, you pigs! he is not an animal. he is a human being like you had what they dragged me by the hair and pulled me away from him. then they took him to the vehicle. i tried to get in, but they pushed me out. and then i travel to among myself with a camera. 2000 kilometers north of center. here in jordanian exile, the people are safe. i meet a much as solemn
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a hunch she something like the foreign minister of the mothers association. unless the limit hello, may allah protect you? no, i haven't called me a messenger if the connection is bad. okay, is the director sabrina with you now? yes. she is trying to reach me, but she is calling the other number. i don't know. her baby. okay. i see no fee. let's talk about the mothers association. how is every one of our is everything working again, raise a lot of them. i love that allies. for years, her humanitarian mission has been to mediate between the warring parties and find a solution for the kidnapped men together with the mothers and yemen. practically all i left all my children, my home and my husband had to flee from so now sort of as the head of the
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association and the danger that something could happen to me in yemen was omni present. shad yourself because the mother's association is the only one that takes a stand against the crimes of the healthy rebels of, of the pain, the strength and the struggle of these women which have so far only been able to experienced through their voices, their breath and their eyes is finally given a face and amman. oh, to day we are talking about the event for the day of the disappeared. well, my house, unless you, what is our exact plan and north 5th avenue all over the world, prisoners are released after serving their sentence. and this is not the case for our object ease in one, but because they are hostages. not regular prisoners in which can one act must be in the theme. abductive are being held by the who thes, as well as by the legitimate government and the militias. i skia login him and
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we could just demonstrate from home here, like in the mothers who usually participate in the demonstrations, can send us photos, which we will then turn into a collage. oh, let me make the how garden is my high this look good. then we film a joint statement from the various districts in yemen of bob. all right, so yeah, oh, so what do you think of this idea? i won't go won't, doesn't it? then i think it's an excellent and important idea about the may a law protect you. good bye. i can't make the heart gesture. i'm holding the phone with my other hand. with the worst humanitarian disaster of the present time is raging in yemen. and yet for so many people in the world of to 5 is the war is still the so called forgotten war given, forgotten there by the many civilian victims, especially the wives of those kidnapped who are standing on the front line,
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trying to protect their husbands. i asked myself, how does growing up in these chaos at times it changed the self perception of a yamini go crazy and i am as i would and what is the role of jamini women activists? yeah. when it comes to education in schools at the raising awareness and in motivating young girls in yemen at alberta, alti lome smith, not even in north america, these women who could be role models are seldom or trade by the media. and so girls in yemen really have successful heroines to look up to more than i suspect that topics like war and politics are simply more important for the media right now. and the la, many like what message do you have for girls watching in yemen? as an human, you have to move out. man, if you have a so empty guy that i, le, le, let my messages, let me you can do anything. bob, let's don't give up. i add that. don't let things get you down me and you can achieve whatever you want with
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a strong will. you can make it all the way to the tyler. i love america. valley. there is contemplation in the air. i feel confronted with issues that until now have seen so far away through a month's words, the many children in yemen are given a voice and they fate an inevitable urgency and suddenly the many thousands of kilometers too far away. yemen no longer feels so distant, but immediate and cliffs ah, living in exile removed from her full my duties as a teacher, i must haunt me. she is forced to watch from the fall as the schools and the educational system are being eroded by the war and the who, the machine cleans, couldn't. what can i say?
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i hadn't read the so every week i went to school mob and saw the hope in the children's eyes with some muscle. i mean now just walking by a school and it all comes back to me and it really hurts my mother can jump my best . i'm assuming no and to, to do my work as a teacher was taken from me against my will. yet i was good that i was the bible with coin
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as a young mother, images like these from yemen. make my blood and cold by catch my son in my arms. my thoughts are with the mothers and yemen. the thought of children being attacked on the way to school both paralyzes me and fills me with seething anger. gotten the hell out of elevation. he had been missing for about 3 months man that we had searched everywhere for him at the gym. again, i asked tribal chiefs and rebel leader as of last week they, i that, oh the but my no one knew where he was, where i had finally,
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i went barefoot jackie cry in to leader was there last year he asked me if my son was the one connected to an explosion in the village. i said yes and. and he told me that my son had been taken directly to santa. he claimed that he was in the hospital in ebb, and then he demanded money for this information i. i asked him to take pictures of my son with his cell phone i. then he changed his phone number after having swindled me out of 50000, re all the arbitrariness and lawlessness of the kidnappings frequently mean that for months many women have no idea where their mail relatives are being held. ah,
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that makes searching for traces all the more important ah, the other here you can see the building of the community college, which was the target of an air raid by the arab coalition. the who these previously used it without permission, as a prison for abduct ease and prisoners of war, were less about it had been bombed before that to you, even though it housed an educational institution back into my that movie. nonetheless, the who of these turned it into a prison for the abduct ease, putting the men at risk of further bombing us. these roads take us post places that might not appear to be torture houses at 1st glance. in our midst abandoned buildings exposed to the elements
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hello again for for fun. if telephone, if that one of mona they confiscated our cell phone hasn't happened. so my son couldn't reach me any more. we could have been another sort of, he thought i was angry with him and had disowned him well that no mother dis owens and forgets her own son. not but she knew some one else's number by heart and called him that acquaintance advised him not to call me unannounced. remember, there were other because i was looking for him and crying constantly when he called
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i was completely beside myself. i felt like i had been reborn. well, just hearing his voice, it's about to go. every one told me, my son was dead. i have it, but my heart said he is still alive. i know it well, i always said my son is alive. i can feel it to no, i've ah, ah, an engine of you for the dead, but he had and we are writing a report on the abduction cases and a special report on the victims from the community college and the height. that is to say that the victims of the arab coalition air strike, we are trying to include all the victims and what the number of unreported cases is very high. my benefits would have to martha, hold the my, the hobbies extorted them financially. they were only allowed to phone their families to ask for money when this money was then confiscated and ended up in the
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wrong hands. middle is delilah. how did a while, but it, but the soon i love a it, i have a live but it but their lives as these are violations that already took place before the air strike. they were attacks on civilians and that's a violation of human rights treaties. in e, mom, our report covers all the crimes and their perpetrators with the has incident, one began with glimpse. but why hadn't all the parties responsible for our sons returning as mangled corpses? if that aren't in houma now, when that was that ah ah, circling above vail, her face ground forces. the arab coalition dominates the air space over sana and covers the densely populated residential areas with a carpet of bonds. with in germany, i receive another memory caught as
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always, it's a mix of hope and fear. the pictures i see are so different to what i have seen. so from looking at this footage, you might think that there is something to celebrate. but the opposite is the case . it's about survival. and one of the read prison visiting days, ah, you as the ed when i visit my husband, i have mixed feelings. not only on the day itself, but already the 4 days leading up to it and been by yeah, that was world williams, the he ha, when i visit him during the week when i start preparing on friday the that to you that he's, that human human drama with
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those he asked about having them. my husband looks forward to the visits and wishes i would come more often. i will try to come on thursdays and fridays to he always said my how do you? but it's impossible. the prison doesn't allow visits on the holy friday. let us mentally busy a day on the drama ah. with connecticut and sometimes i take on to shifts that work 1 in the morning and another in the evening. i give private lessons to save money for everyday thing is for my children and for my husband, of course, you pay for the trips to and from the prison, but on. and we always save money to buy food for him to learn. because ellison was
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broken up so that it was a homicide. often every 2 weeks, we visit him during the visits, we hand him the food and the money right at the low. could she on a promotional buck? in total, i spend $100.00 a month on him, but the funny life her mother, if you're a minute, you often the guards won't allow in any food from the outside care carved. they let the prisoner starve to the list, to call the men screamin hunger when we visit them. it's so awful in particular for we handle the long balloon. if the parsley and the bag
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is not for the salad, it's medicine to treat kidney elements. love them. melody i any monkey more to help those who have breathing problems in the lingo. that's how we smuggle in the medicine because the men don't get any medical treatment on them. and there's just no other way or them. but he got the via this way, the parsley stays fresh, longer in the bath. one of them up, wilma home, been home and no one takes care of their sick and prison. some of the kidnapped were just neglected so until they died. then i'm frightened and then would have been sitting beside it now and i send money
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and food, sometimes medicine to the prison through the families of fellow prisoner after that when i got a wildly and i left. but sometimes the rebels refused to give him his medicine. i'm sure. well, i love it, lucy, record. michelle. in the prisoner, he hasn't received any treatment. and in the hospital they only remove the bullets from his stomach and then off and get them to are still stuck on his spine edge in danville helmet. got onto more and his pelvis. those weren't removed either. and i haven't had the last 3 in the leg by a nerve. all. so there are i war i the law. he was only patched up in the hospital . there they are, about the internal suture still hasn't been treated. my gosh, having the hands show up on the so now his abdominal wall is falling apart and had
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them. you can see it when he takes his belt off and then have he can't stand up without help. the girl that she oh yeah. he relies on others to help them. he cannot sleep on her stomach or his back and he's unable to move his left arm. but this is all god's will. my, it's god's well ah helen and we're trying to hurry. often it has nothing to do with the time of day. the prison guards treat us as they please have on one bank yet. sometimes they end visiting hours at noon on fall off without. come on,
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let's hurry up. do we have everything? and who for losing thought, sometimes my husband is unwell you and he tries to tell me indirectly what they are doing to him. and we happily shall hannon as often was. i didn't have a home. sometimes he gives me small henzy home and i shall come give him. i watch the prisoners and see how sick they are. yeah. you shall fall and with him they can hardly speak, put out a phobia. welcome that their faces are yellow hannon, my man. is that and these are we women talk among ourselves about our men. we tell each other everything we observe in the presence having those i have a bit have has oh high because those are her yet not been as order to look up a field. each woman gets a different message from the prison, and later we pass it on. why had you had to how i had to pull the how i had we inform each other my life, but now it, if it definitely had it,
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but ah, i would never have guessed how corruptible the people are. are these whose he supporters? how should he wonderful, had i known? i would never have allowed my son to marry one. i give reported being tortured in the gaping abdominal wound her that i could. the operated area was still open, but he couldn't even go to the toilet by himself, only with a bag of herbs. they tortured hammered, tied him to the bed over philip and gave him electric shocks to his wounded abdomen corner. why he fainted and didn't wake up until the next day. but a better later, i ah
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ah ah ah, when these images from human reach me on horrifying the sanctity of women, the last moral principle. and the only chance for women to publicly defend themselves against arbitrariness suddenly seems to have disappeared. i try to reach them with
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my contact to the women continually breaks off the priorities in santa a. shifting the women's safety is increasingly at risk. their mission is becoming much harder. what is to become of a country where the men are systematically abducted? and the women silenced with with him is that the cost of the women living under the regime are incredibly fearless. and they are the most determined women in all of yemen than had because they risk their lives to inform the public about the crimes committed against their relatives. ah,
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ah. could have dramatically, the rebels are using increasingly aggressive methods of thought. so i am very afraid to return to generally in hawaii and hamilton. she a and a half enough jack and then i finally get a message from the mothers from santa they explain why they had to go into hiding for loyal nebula. we held a protest rally when mo, if no 3 demonstrated for the rights of the abductor used to be respected and stated that out of the 2000 abducted only 36 had a court hearing hakama book before the ceo had a theme amendment. and look, so everything was going fine. and he were about to pack up and leave and then they
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started chasing us. we had a couple study luciana. gives me, sir. we had to run for our lives city. so yeah, they would have arrested us. otherwise we'll be here. we were running between the cars on the highway was the road was full of cars coming from both directions. he didn't i think we just wanted to get home in one piece laguna. an unsuspecting cab driver gave us a ride, a little after walking for ages we had finally found a cab limby might have to look at. i knew very deep them. oh, by then. messina salem, all started that dixie away later when i arrived home in them, i was shocked to find that they had arrested 2 women and taken them into custody. say the thing to do both were forced to sign a statement saying that they would never demonstrate again better than whiskey. what fun muddrick. and we only have one message, which is our goal at all peaceful demonstrations. to me, there is so much suffering in the prison sent a good stand by those who were kidnapped, support them,
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save them home with that way, human rights will be respected and the victims will be saved humor. we will be, how will i buy it? what i did not know at the time was that out of the $36.00 men, 30 was sentenced to death by who the court in santa their disobedience in the eyes of the rebels had cost them their lives. after a year in prison, canada, it came as a shock to us fed to avenues. nevertheless, the mothers tried to stay strong and fearless in front of the judge came out, they wailed and threatened him with god's punishment. if he sentenced those 30 men
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to death valley fall under ohi, we spread word about this case everywhere i will. um, for example, we sent the file to the united nations security council house and informed them of the injustice little elector. me. the mother's association accomplished something that men could never have done, and emily left, right. that's our success maker that that's what we did it a bit of what have you all done by a no daughter? ah, a much and the 40 other women in the association have been fighting an uphill battle for years. a man has represented them at an international level. and today she's appearing before the united nations delegation in geneva and class millennial. and there is a saying that you can achieve anything you want blood, cat, you must fight hard for it if she or not. and are low in the lab. i hope to go down
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in history as the woman who never gave up and nor america salon. and malachi, i am monotonous gm, allow her to let the clear, hey, girls, i need your memos on the human rights situation at home center and my fucking little agent and stuff because we need the documents for the un meeting tomorrow. i have up at the police i please use the whatsapp group, so i have everything i left the bag come blend, man. how about after year of negotiations between the yemeni government, the saudi coalition and the who, the rebels. a result is finally expected today. it concerns the release of more than a 1000 men. and of course, nobody knows more about the matter than the mothers association. since 2015,
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they provided the international press, the un commission on human rights and the red cross with figures relating to the situation of the detainees. okay, thanks a lot of that with the style. thankful stuff. so luck. yes, i just had a very good meeting. as you had probably in my briefing over a 1000 families are rejoicing today i'm tomorrow. as the i c r c at cross fly out with more than a 1000. detainees imprisoned to that to their families for the longest release operation in i cl, sees experience during the course of hostilities since the career a
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with ah, incorporation with delegations, human rights groups, the you and hcr under un. the mothers association has been working towards the release of the prisoners through the unwavering pressure of the mothers who stood outside the prisons from sunrise to sunset, confronting the hope is with their crimes. we have succeeded and to day we can celebrate to day. we also honor the work of the mothers
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every person has the right to life, liberty and security. huh. i mean, i, i, i . 2 way and he is
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a printer. dear sabrina, thank you so much for your help. when i met you 2 years ago, i never thought my husband would be in prison for so long annotate every time we spoke to. i hoped he would finally be released to you couldn't math could, can, could message a mechanical or kind of so she basically if need in the meantime my son has grown older the letter he has started asking questions about his father. he said, dad, i will not leave without you here, but when his father calls, he says, i want this, i want back to him. i want pajamas like superman, daddy, i want, i want, i want to to and he keeps demanding more things. and now he is also starting to ask more questions like, mom, why is my dad there, mom? why does my cousin have a dad and i don't ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with ah, 2 years of the corona virus pandemic have been devastating for some businesses or deliveries have been brought to a standstill. a many jobs are in jeopardy. has globalization run its course? or are there new opportunities our topic this week long cove, its effect on business made in germany in 30 minutes
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on d. w. enter the conflicts own with tim sebastian. much of a u. k. may be getting on with rex it, but nowhere or it affects more devices than in northern ireland. and no political group is angry about them in the democratic unionized party. it's hardly less the so called northern ireland protocol. my guess this week from county, i'm driven over the island, is sammy wilson could be peace chief with the parliament in westminster conflict. 90 minutes long d w. o. tillage and most people with psychology professor john pillay has proved it.
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how you ask with scientific studies, of course you're doing with the good girl called out of the secret of a friendship with dogs in the us starts february 25th on d w. ah, this is dw news, and these are our top stories. the u. s. and germany are calling on russia to de escalate tensions over its trip builds up on the border with ukraine and a phone call. president biden. and chancellor sholtes reaffirmed their commitments to ukraine's sovereignty. they took chief insulting berg says the alliance is considering strengthening its eastern flank and that the russian threat has become


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