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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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moreno race against time. the dna molecules, they'll have 28 new different our glasses. they are peers and rivals, with one dearly goal to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts for june, 16th on dw. ah ah, this is it renews live from bro and keep calm and carry on. ukraine's president
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warned against panic, made a stand off with russia. after a call with the u. s. president of a lot of mess lensky says, western warnings of war are hurting his country. is calling for more diplomacy? met fears of a russian invasion. also coming up defiance and who doc for week spouses have been breathing bullets and tear gas to demand a return to civilian rule after a military coup or get an update from the capital hartfield. ah. and lilac. thank you so much for joining us. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski is calling for com. after speaking with you as president joe biden. he said there has been no further escalation with russia at the moment. and it's asking allies to dial down talk of war. this, despite tens of thousands of russian troops,
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mass near the ukrainian border on our mister zalinski remarks come amid a new diplomatic push to ease tensions over ukraine. earlier french president emanuel michael held a phone call with vladimir putin to address the crisis. brittany told my call that nato and the west were ignoring russia. security concerns, but lift the door open to further talks. russian foreign minister sergey la ralph, signaled moscow is open to further diplomacy. he told russian radio his country did not want war. let's talk to our correspond mathias, a billing her she is in a key of ukraine for you. mathias, the ukranian president of alarm is lensky. address the media a short while ago. what. what? what did he have to say? well, his main message was that he wanted to choke down talks of an imminent attack of an
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imminent war. he said that the, the western media and also politicians of allies are talking about an imminent attack was creating panic on the markets. that capital was withdrawing from ukraine investments were being canceled and that was who, that this was posing his government in a difficult position at the same time. he also of course, said that he needs the support of western countries and he said that the country is under threat. um, so there is a bit of a dilemma here and that this contradiction, you could not really, he could not really solve this contradiction because at the one hand he does not want to create panic or the other hand needs to prepare for everything. for any scenario. they are walking a very fine line there much. yes. is there? is there disagreement between president biden and prisons, zalinski about the risk that ukraine is facing?
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there seems to be a disagreement. i'm. he has always a denied that he was disagreeing with president biden, but he has called, for example, a withdrawal of embassy or a missy personnel, or, or families of embassy personal by the us and by britain, a mistake that was creating a that was premature. and then was creating a difficult situation for his government am dead. the risk is not about the structural a threat to ukraine and about the possibility of an invasion. but he has said that this possibility has been there before. it was as imminent as it is now a half a year ago, a little more than half a year ago in spring when russia harvey's maneuvers next to the border. and he has said that they do not have any indication that russia is actually
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actually making they like final preparations that you would need before an attack. but, but what all the while, keeping it the soldiers next to the border and being able to ramp up its forces to attack quickly. so this is, this is the, the fine fine difference between what he wants to communicate and what allies have been communicating, attack will not happen in the next few days. he thinks. do you think that the ukrainian leadership is relying on military help or from the u. s. and nato? well, you as a nato are helping ukraine military by delivering weapons trainings, et cetera. he has that clearly, that he does not, that ukraine will have to defend itself, that nobody will come to ukraine's hope in the form of troops or any or any other action than support with weapons or support behind the lines with intelligence
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possibly. so he's definitely not expecting any foreign direct, foreign minister, military or in involvement when he is filling a reporting from kiev. thank you very much. we pivot our attention now to, to don in the broadening crack down on pro democracy protests. scores of demonstrators have been killed by security forces since the military coup. last october. demonstrators gathered earlier this week in the capital, hard to, to demand justice for the victims. and 2 more were shot dead while despite the danger, more people are taking to the streets, increasing pressure on the regime. t w corresponded increase, filed this report from hatton, a call for action for demonstrators incidence catheter to including sheriff up to
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the since the military crew in october, people have taken to the streets every week, calling for democracy. i took my letter, i want the civilian government to return to power to ensure that the military turn back the clock, because they don't want a civilian and democratic government. gala, they raped women with any they killed. revolutionaries asked us, i hope, home aqua with our protest fighting. we will make sure the democratic system comes back up a lavish about dental to lab. no mom die, me know me, any or sharif abdulla the fight against the military regime is personal on the banner. a picture of her son was a doctor, shot dead while trying to help other protesters. recently sedan had been moving towards becoming a democracy, but this latest military take over his crushed all hopes. general upton, idaho han is now in charge and the protesters want him out. but once again,
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they're facing a stiff pushback from the security forces. so this has been the reality of 4 weeks ago. she is a lot of people who are getting injured during the protest. the security forces are responding with violence towards the demonstrators, more than 70 demonstrators were killed since the military coups in october and thousands were injured. neighborhood committees are blocking access to their streets, fearing attacks by the security forces. it's a grass roots movement. the protests are not being organized by political parties. the people want a civilian government and no compromises with the military. but the military has lots to lose, says human rights activists without e blame adam after the cool. he was offered the position of a new civilian prime minister by the military to a peace protesters. but he refused. he doesn't believe they wants to reform on the discussion. i said, you know, i know you ask is that young giving for police civilians and evelyn to live
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in it and in you're going to press charges, you know, would be taken to local justice is also what sharif abdulla once back at her house . and moral reminds her every day of her son, bobby co. aaliyah kane toya will say this is ada. he would be happy seeing us continuing what he started to feed us and what he believed in a ma haifa septa. oh shall alice and it would make him even happier. but if we succeed in getting democracy, this all up in the 5th or this on by telling you the truth is, is that people are still dying. that is very tragic. will issue that we will succeed. i'd go and this will make him very happy, this list says and then m as added. louis said, hurry far. duleigh says she will continue to join other protesters in their goal of democratic change for some done. she says they owe that to the many people who have
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paid the ultimate price was get you up to speed now with some of the other stories and headlines right now. malawi has declared a state of natural disaster after tropical storm anna made landfall. much of the country lost power for several days. mozambique and madagascar were also hit by the storm. at least 77 deaths have been reported in the 3 countries. a group of canadian truck driver staged a protest with their vehicles against the government's back see mandate for cross border drivers. they're due to arrive in the capital ottawa on friday, industry official saying 90 percent of drivers commuting between canada and the united states are already vaccinated. they put a long time co leader of the german far right. a if d party says he stepping down and quitting the party, juerg morton says he lost a power struggle after a long fight to get the party to take
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a more moderate course. the 6 year old that wants to focus on keeping his job in the european parliament. 6 men have gone on trial today in germany over there, a lunched roll and the green vault museum. jewel theft, or the robbery at the driest and museum took just 8 minutes investigator say the suspects made off with lute worth at least 113000000 euros, though their cultural value is priceless. stolen gems are still missing. security was high as the trial of 6 men got underway in dresden. they are accused of belonging to the criminal gang that masterminded the theft of the priceless treasures from dressings, green vault, mozilla. canada, opened it. it is one of the most complicated cases of recent years with huge media interest. people are fascinated by this case. one of the offers on the schools and the reason the crime took place on november 15th 2019,
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shortly before 5 am. an electricity distribution box near the green vault burst into flames and local street lights went out. the burglars climbed into the jewelry exhibition room through a window screen that was tampered with an advance. they used an axe to smash the security glass and pocketed priceless diamonds and precious jewels. the 1st arrests were made one year later. the prosecution based its case on traces of dna found at the crime scene, videos, and witness accounts. the jewels themselves have yet to be found, but the museum hasn't given up hope that they can still be recovered. bus woodside, but it is very helpful that this case is getting international publicity once again within jonathan, out of it increases our chances of finding the precious jewels. the highest prompted criticism over the green vault security. it's now being upgraded to help
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keep the museums remaining treasures safe sports news. now the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations get underway on saturday with 8 teams still vying for the title for many soccer fans on the continent. the beautiful game is a source of hope and inspiration. that's certainly the case for the girls and our next report. after fleeing from nigeria to cameroon, they formed their own soccer team. finding piece on the pitch that they were denied at home. practice is in session on this dirt pitch. i mean, when i, when you might are inspired by the afghan taking place at the moment, these young nigerian women formed this all female football. tea. resources are scarce and conditions could be better. so come when we are playing, we don't have a shoes of playing, outweighs the problem. spirits were lifted when the team was invited to an africa
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cup of nations match to watch their nigerian team play. since they came to the gum by think the will $79.00 dennis l, when we come to they come now do $1417.00 it in it is a full time for them to go out of become an adventure for them. and with nigeria winning that match, their adventure ended well locally to support our team. and julia, well, was very happy. says we and thought to the car. yes, that there will be all as smiley did he did, or did he angry at all? i did read the girls are among the thousands in nigeria who fled across the border to cameroon, to escape violence by boca her arm jihadists ringing day, now counting, leaving his and his duty happily running, truly rush so that he will have to run them. we are running old nancy, nancy,
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didn't i have this make by? i know it to finally it is who no way to do anything. i will want to easy pride. many here have hopes of returning to nigeria, but for the time being football has provided an escape for these young women. from every day, hardships are matter of the top stars that we're tracking for you right now. ukraine's vallarta marissa lensky has said there has been no further escalation with russia is urging the west to avoid creating panic about a potential invasion he's calling for more diplomacy. coming up next, our documentary series doc fell, focuses on mum by and make a city with 20000000 inhabitants. that a huge wealth gap on layla rock. phoenix,
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soccer is a sport of the many dollars.


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