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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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ah, what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle open world this week on d, w ah ah, this is debbie news life from berlin, diplomatic discussions and military maneuvers in europe as ukrainians braced for
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a possible russian invasion. the u. s. and nato offer more dialogue, but no concessions to moscow. security demands. it currently says it's views are being ignored. also coming up solemn tribute. germany's parliament marks holocaust remembering state for the special ceremony, commemorating millions of jews and other minorities who were murdered by the nazis during the 2nd world war and a catastrophic oil spill off the coast of peru says, donating their hair to help with the clean up glass jana jackson, as you've never seen her after 15 years in the spotlight, the famously private singer, dave, use a new documentary, giving her fans a handed to look at for a long career and strained family ties. ah,
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ah, on level hi, thank you so much for joining us. we open this broadcast with the growing tension between russia and western nations were increasingly the russian forces build up on the ukrainian border race fears of an imminent invasion. the u. s. and nato have rejected moscow security demands, including a ban on future nato membership for ukraine. and says, this leaves little ground for optimism, but as dialogue is still possible. meanwhile, russian foreign ministry spokesman has described the thought of war with ukraine as quote, unacceptable. that's despite massing some 100000 troops. now the ukrainian border let's take you were to terry schultz in brussels. she is closely following developments and can give us the perspective from nato h q. terry,
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wonderful to see you just right now, before we came on the air, the russian foreign ministry spokesman said that nato should withdraw forces from eastern europe, and that this would reduce tensions in, in europe. what's the likelihood of that? there's no likelihood of that lila and one of the reasons is because eastern european nations are allies in nato. of course, they're not going to somehow stand down their armed forces as, as a russian demand that simply not possible. and that was one of the things that russia said when it came here to the nato, russia council meeting a few days ago that it nater should go back to its pre 997 borders. and that was before the baltic states joined on the other eastern european countries. the other point that nato makes is that it is because of russia's threatening stance that they reinforce nato troops on the border with, with russia. so there are now standing forces in estonia, latvia, lithuania,
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and poland because those countries felt threatened by russia. and so this is something that you'll hear nato secretary general stillberg say, all the time that you know, we had to put up more deterrence forces because of the russian stance. so, i mean, it's a chicken and egg thing perhaps, but certainly those troops aren't going anywhere as long as the situation remains as tenses it is today as tensile as it is today. terry ukraine, not the only country that is feeling threatened by a russian, the military maneuvers. that's right. and this, this troop build up as, as you mentioned earlier, at least 100000 troops on the border with ukraine. that sends a chill far beyond ukraine. and one of the countries that is, is looking very closely at that now is a country that does not belong to nato. so it doesn't have these guarantees that other countries would come to its defense. and that is sweden with this very beautiful big island of garland right there in the middle of the baltic sea. and
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that is it, that's a place that war gamers always sees 1st when they're pretending to be russia. because from there, you can control the air space into the baltic countries and into sweden and finland . you can control the, the waterways. and if you could block that the, that baltic bay from, from got land. no one would be able to go to the rescue of the baltics. so i wanted to take a look at got lind for myself, and i went there last week. in normal times, the only large groups of foreigners coming to gotten and are the $1000000.00 tourists who flocked to the swedish island every year. but now the swedish government is preparing for the possibility of unwelcome visitors as russian president vladimir putin's military maneuvers spread concern far beyond ukraine. we cannot exclude an armed attack against sweden. and what we want to do, we us know is to be very clear that we are ready to turn sweden and the course of that. we are also doing what we're doing on dial on mclaughlin. kirkland is
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a do strategic prize duel in the baltic. c, a central for nato's access to its baltic allies and its swedish and finished partners from this island you cannot control both of the air and sea waste in the region. garland was a key military asset for sweden, for centuries, until 2005, when the swedish government assessed post cold war tensions as so low that it disbanded all the permanent military units here in what turned out to be just wishful thinking. that's why the swedish government has been re arming the island since shortly after russia's seizure of ukraine's crimea region and has intensified it in recent weeks. that glockland could be next in the kremlin site is no longer unthinkable for swedes watching the russian government continue to escalate a bit like a game of chicken. we're one of the drivers rush on this case as your stronger. ready steering wheel out the window, so we're having to unfortunate to some kind of crash in my view, defense minister hook this believes the country has enough friends to feel safe,
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even without being a member of nato. we have deep corporation with united states who have us. you care, so we're a close partner, we are a name to partnership. we have a not nordic solidarity, a doctrine. and we also have the solidarity doctrine in the re p and union. but being a partner to nato doesn't provide the guarantee of mutual def, since that allies get and which pull yonce in head of the swedish parliaments, defense committee feels his country needs. we can hope we can assume we can wish that we get the support from nato, but we can look no longer rejoined alliance. a recent poll shows an increasing number of swedes support nato membership. but that still only amounts to about a 3rd of the population. for now, anyway, if something very serious would happen in this part of the world, mister fulton decided on something in the baltic region here. i think we would apply very quickly. but then the question would be whether nato would accept
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a country already in dire straits, especially if got land were gone. terry us the sweets there, the swedish leadership walking a very fine line. yeah, a lot of, of their strategy relies on hope. hope that vladimir putin does not decide to extend his reach beyond the border where he's now massing his troops and go there into the baltic sea. and nobody really thinks that there's a high probability that will happen. but given the unpredictability of the kremlin right now, nobody can say that probability is 0. and that's the problem that sweden has. the defense minister told me that they're having to plan for things they don't even want to think about. and yet they must. and so the strategy here is to show russia that it would not be able to, to just walk in and take got land that these new forces that have been sent to,
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to the island would be able to hold off a russian attack. no matter how unlikely that may seem at this moment, these abuses, terry. oh sure sir. reporting. thank you for bringing us that are very, very interesting perspective. thank you. let's bring up to speed now at some of the other stories in the headlines right now. we're keener foss. those military junta has met with members of the ousted government. the former ministers have been ordered not to leave the country without permission. the army seized power on monday and detained burkina faso, democratically elected leader. the crew has been condemned internationally, badly needed international aid has been delivered to the pacific island nation of tomba, vessels from australia, britain and china have now arrived, bringing water and basic medical and sanitation supplies. the island kingdom was devastated by an underwater volcanic eruption and su nami, 2 weeks ago. it distorts villages and knocked out communications.
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germany has seen another record number covered 19 with infections. the countries disease control center, the robert car institute, registered or than 203000 new cases and a single 24 hour period that some 70000 more than the same time. last week. experts say that the increase has been driven largely by the on the convent. the german parliament has marked holocaust remembrance day with a special ceremony including tributes to victims and witness testimony. remembrance day marks the day more than 75 years ago when soviet troops liberated the auschwitz, extermination camp. 11000000 men, women, and children, including 6000000 jews, were, were ultimately murdered in the holocaust. she survived the delays inch dot concentration camp, which she entered with her parents when she was just 7 years old. 20 members of
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english, our back has family, were killed by the nazi regime. she endured horrible conditions, antilles inch that for 3 years and was bedridden for, for more such was the dire effect on her health. to day on holocaust memorial day, i will buffer warned the german boon this tug that anti semitism is still alive. a horrid bead. oh ha, no, i still have very clear memories of that dark time, a time of terror and hate. sadly, this cancer has returned and hate of the jews has become commonplace again. in many countries of the world including germany, this disease has to be eradicated, the same as swiftly as possible. emer, your high a cool echoed by the president of germany's parliament who said
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january 27th is not only a day of remembrance. hortense, this being off today is also a day of shame, for what previous generations of germans have done. shame that the perpetrators never showed far too few had to answer to the courts, which forgot far too many got off with punishments that amounted to a mockery of the victims, phone number or fact. life also in attendance was israel's parliamentary speaker, mickey levy who recalled how democracy can descend into tyran me eyes. so it is here, a new look within the wolf at this building i little deem which stand a silent stone and still witnesses. he had them. oh god, yeah, we remember and knew how fragile democracy is. me gone and we are reminded of our duty to protect it at all cost. longfellow levy recited the jewish mourners prayer,
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reading from a book used by a german jewish boy on his bar mitzvah. and then he broke down in tears. oh, it's lead to love. never again, the cold that echoed through the german moon. this tag, on this day of remembrance, many holocaust survivors who are alive today were children at the time that they were imprisoned. d w met with a survivor held and germany's bergen belsen camp. she endured unspeakable horrors, but remains determined to bear witness. and i'd like to caution you. our next report contains graphic images that are disturbing. gone to the barracks, their bodies, the lice and the disease. but even nature can not fully
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reclaim this site, because for now, some a still passing on what they know. the 1st thing that hit to us was the smog and the smell. there was a terrible smell. and then you through that smoke, you saw people. and then people by their really skeletons and, and their shuffling along like zombies. and they'll shuffle along and off, collapse and die. marla trib itch is back at the place which nearly killed her. bergen belsen and nancy concentration camp, which killed tens of thousands of others. the 91 year old is here to tell her story . with ever fewer living survivors, it feels increasing the urgent to pass it on. when she arrived at bergen belsen,
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marlo was just 14. she had already spent years in a ghetto, in hiding and as a slave laborer. she was polish, and jewish, and every one in her family was either dead or missing, a part from her cousin anne who was 7. the girls arrived together. they were so over crowded, they had no room for us, and them a dead bodies all over the place and the piles of bodies and piles of naked twisted decaying corpses. it was a horrific sight when british forces liberated bergen belsen on the 15th of april. 1945, they found tens of thousands of unmarried bodies and 60000 prisoners on the brink of death. whether moments that you you didn't think that you would
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survive off. so look there we didn't think anybody would survive. people were just dying at such a rate and it was obvious, even if helped it didn't come when a deed, i mean the whole camp would have just died out pals to mentally after the war mana and her cousin anne was sent with other children to sweden and then a letter arrived from marla's brother ben. he had survived a different camp and made it to the u. k. she soon went to join him for many years . molla tripage didn't talk about her childhood experiences. but now she feels she has a duty to speak about the past while she still can there, is there been a fresh oil leak at a refinery off the coast of peru? authority say it happened during work on an underwater pipeline at the la,
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on p la refinery, owned by a, by the spanish energy giant reps all. it comes as the country grapples with a massive oil spill earlier this month, triggered by the volcanic eruption and the south pacific ocean spurring residence in the capitol, lima. to take part in a unique campaign to tackle the mass cleanup crews in peru racing to contain the oil spill. a painstaking task inland. a call to action has residents lining up to donate their locks. it turns out hair of all kinds is an excellent oil absorber. a method discovered by a hair stylist in the 1990s. the strands are collected and stuffed into sausage like buoys, off the coast. the spills have contaminated more than 20 beaches in peru,
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and people are willing to sacrifice more than vanity for the greater good if they don't have it, i have a small breed that belongs to my sister who died 2 years ago from leukemia. the original idea was to donate it to an organization that makes wiggs for people with cancer, but i forgot to take the breed. no, you. so i said, well, there will be another opportunity some time. and i thought that this is a great opportunity order for others. the chop is a small price to pay w. okay, so it got hair grows in abundance and fast. if animals die, it's also an economic loss. they are living creatures, hair grows back, i don't care much about it. i care more that i can help a cause of what the less,
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gay give well you that out or you'll spills are not uncommon in peru more than 1000 have been recorded in the past 25 years. environmentalists accused the government of prioritizing foreign investment over the environment. steal authorities are adamant that the company will be held accountable and may even be forced to shut down. but ecologists fear the damage is done. it took reps out 2 days to react to the 1st oil spill now peruse, worst ecological disaster. in recent history. dozens are dead. after tropical storm anna reeked havoc across south eastern africa . mozambique, madagascar have reported widespread flooding and damage and in malawi to rental rains, have destroyed crops, cut off town, cut off towns and left tens of thousands homeless people are assessing the damage
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and bracing for the hardship they see coming their way. these people are fighting to escape the rushing water, but make shift rafts. are there only refuge? one women who couldn't find dry land only just survived the bulls. i just started swimming. but i did not know where i was heading. i tried to grab hold of a tree along the way, but it felt as if i was being pulled down into the water. i had to swim for a long distance before i found a pall of washed a garbage. i held on to it and slept there until early morning. right. i could feel snakes were there too. i know with the residents of this southern malawi in town, say this is the worst destruction they've ever experienced. one farmer has lost
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everything. he now government many long is devastating up to slow coming. all my mays crop has been buried into. i planted one and a half acres robert, now rather over crops, had gone among value for you. i am, or i know where darcy, i'm right. this is the 2nd disaster i've experienced in my life. well, my and it's the worst meaning about wilma. i'll go, bombard, now warner, go one, be thousands of homes were destroyed by storm. anna across malawi and mozambique, and locals have been left with italic tricity due to power cuts. this is the latest natural disaster to hit southern africa, which has been badly hit by storms and se clones in recent years. experts say they're worsening as water's warm due to the climate emergency.
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fans of jana jackson are all a buzz about a new front promising an unprecedented look at her life, childhood and relationship with her larger than life. brother michael or the documentary title, simply jana jackson makes a debut on friday. it includes never before seen footage and was produced by miss jackson herself. chris, a sneak peak. i love janet jackson's many, many women. she's an empowered woman. he's alleging the greatest show there were in new york. we were just there. there are neuron melody's. i sent you right. your versus alright my because i know he had something to say what,
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what was your opening piece? i just want to write yours down. so i'm tired of injustice. i'm tired of the scheme . julissa disgusting. so what does it mean? i think that is something that surprised me just how much she did get involved in the documentary, you know, kind of on a one to one basis with me. my father was very strict. ah, he was in charge of my life, my career. my father said you're going to say he gave up his spot to get them in the business with jap mother how you feel, talking about my i can't ah, you've been very private about your personal life open. so now, why didn't you want to do this documentary? it's just something that needs to be done. it's janet jackson there to
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talk more about this superstar karen homestead is here from our culture department . i know so interesting. intensely private person. yeah. so why did she decide to release this documentary now? well, in a technically, it honors the 40th anniversary of the, of the release of her debut album, janet jackson, which came back in 1982. so there's, so there's kind of that as the hook, but, you know, it actually, they started filming around the time of her father's death back in 2018. and they've actually been really working on this already for over 5 years. so i think, you know, just as it was a gradual process to get out of the shadow of her brothers, i mean, she was the youngest of 10 children in that family. it's incredible to think of that. it's taking her some time to really understand her own story and extricate it really from the public narrative that's been around the jackson's for so long. so, at 55, you know, she's ready to tell it in your own words, and let's not forget that she's one of the most successful recording artists ever. and, you know, her career, her, her stage shows her choreography is really had,
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were hugely influential for so many artists, but also for the music industry itself. so this is, you know, it's, she's definitely, as relevant as ever, long overdue, i should add, as well. i understand there are 2 parts to this documentary. and of course, the only thing that people talk about is the incident noise i cameo out of court weighs more than a cameo. i think, i mean, 1st of all, you know, she does talk a lot about her, her childhood and sort of how, how innocent she was. i really feel, i think you really see the woman taking control of this narrative. as i said, you know, to, to quote, sort of the title of her breakthrough album. but yes, of course, she does talk about nipple gates and we'll address that. that's the incident, of course, from the super bowl halftime show in 2004. when justin timberlake, of course, he often gets forgotten. he ripped off her course and revealed her breath for i think a fraction of a section 2nd. and unfortunately it's, it's really been
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a defining event in her career. it is one of the most searched events, apparently in the history of the internet, and even inspired the founders of youtube, which is something that i didn't know. so it's interesting that with all of that, she was massively shamed by this, by this incident for years, while justin timberlake really got off scot free. it had huge implications for her career. so she's saying that it's very important for women today to actually have this conversation around that event to understand that her confidence is changed. if we look at stories like britney spears, to see how women get put into these narratives that, that they definitely were not necessarily entirely responsible for. and we're in a time and an era of reckoning. so hopefully there we revisit that. what about her relationship with her brother, michael? well, she does address her relationship with him, especially to, to mention of course that it started to change very much with the advent of the
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hugeness of his start with, with thriller for instance, with a release of that album. it's understandable that there's an awful lot of pain around that conflict, a complex for her, for and for the family, obviously, because of the scandal reflected very badly on all of them. but i think quite understandably, also because of the pain that this inflicted at having lost him a 2nd time. really. so she so often been criticized in the past for not being such a word. smith. i think she's really, this is the chance for her to open up and tell her story in her own words. and in one word we're can we watch it on a and e, and it will be on another channel. and so i for friday and saturday night, it's coming up very much into part must see. thank you so much for watching. i will be back up with
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ah ah mm mm mm. with a, it's important not to discourage on this because i'm in my country. i'm doing
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anything wrong and i'm just trying to protect my my to korean. she wants to defend her country against the likely russian invasion. that's why she's training along with other volunteers. can the ukrainian army count on them during a conflict? in 60 minutes on d w. 2016 as like a bunch of the queen customer wants to see if germany was for me. the last few years have been quite a ride early in touch with averted on the home of when it comes to germany is and of course i always look in the eyes birch is, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of mine, i'm no longer approved i love to be and then you'd better repose americans, but when you're feeling altogether, you'll realize that coach is just another way of living. are you ready to meet the driver and then join me, right? just do it on b, w. ah, one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach
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or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. the d. n. a molecule though has 28000000 different our glasses . they are peers and rivals with one during goal, 2 out smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w. a laser did have been used asia coming up to date, controlling the message chinese style called film.


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