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with community in hanover performing during this member to the ceremony taking place in the german bonus tag on holocaust remembrance day. the music that was just performed like all music that is being performed during the ceremony today, are composed by someone who had been in turn at the and we're about to hear. now, mickey levy speaker of the israeli parliament the connect it gives you the in the see ada borned as doug village boss. danina see, give ammonia stun mile, donate gansler gill manya shawls. drilled the sword at a shoe. ah,
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but me m j o bah, hello. my name o cream, michael, would i pull up? i know men will family. oh my gosh, my lay another bill, my shoe, i've been little me johan psychological benoit, and that feel neither so chillies. elliott's egg, dumb denial date that it is on this day of remembrance of the victims of national socialism. i stand before you today with humility and with great emotion. and i am proud to do so as a representative of the state of israel as a speaker, unless at the israeli parliament, the beating heart of his ready democracy are really the bus and president of the bonus tag. i would like to begin by thank you for the invitation to speak to day shane mailer. by all means, thank you for the invitation to take part in this seminar today,
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which takes place on the day of the liberation of the outfits zodiac. now liberation can wait on this universal day of remembrance which were met, where we remember the most terrible events in human history. barrett had fallen here on this very place. if scholl in this historic building will open up a day of color, chill, now does it is possible. there haps, at least, to some degree, have yourself to try and understand all grapple with the capacity of humans to use democracy itself to destroy democracy. it is here in this place where the limits of evil were expanded. it is a place where values were lost and where the democratic framework descended into races, tyranny, keel all providers. so it is here, a new blood within the walls of this building, i believe which stand a silent stone and still witnesses. he had them. oh god. yeah, we remember and knew how fragile democracy is gone and we are reminded of our duty
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to protect it at all cost. littlewood day. she malls, if lorna shaw, ladies and gentlemen that miss girl was keeping alive, remembrance at the holocaust is a difficult. busy task round a task which must be shoulder by every generation. innumerable la gourd. this task of passing on knowledge of the horrendous events of the past of future generations . and when remembering the holocaust often huge figures are cited. they are incomprehensible. statistics often paused with bow get more, she said, can you figure like 6000000 or glee or communicated anyway about the little mystery of it? because in the sheer scale and all of this number creates
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a certain distance, they made the order we dug, hired are huge. and this does a disservice with the victims and survivors of the holocaust withdraw him because it further dehumanizes them on me on see boy, 6000000 jews murdered hulu. you're are 6000000 individual stories. stories of lives not live to have stories of lives, of people who are no longer with us. you better and get all walker. so in our heart i have it's all the deepest respect for you or late your 3rd or you have describes your memories of the holocaust girl. and in doing so, she'll see you have created a clear and unusual voice go. busy learn more about this voice, which shows the power of a human story. the ability to really get into people's ha and to communities in such a poignant way. how else would it be possible to understand this message?
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the fact that a girl was only able to be a girl for 7 years before she was deported to a concentration camp. it is impossible to comprehend that a child's rubella in a childhood is stolen from a girl in this way. her family dignity was stolen from her. i would like to thank you. good luck, shot anger, thank you for managing to make the incomprehensible comprehensible. thank you for sharing your personal joy with us in deep with the whole of the world or in order for memories of the holocaust to be passed on to future generations billed by global day. worth with gorgeous young ladies and gentlemen, go it goblin decisions which changed in his life were taken 80 years and 7 days ago, not far from here in the van z partial villa. it's marla mall or, well, i was able to visit this grandiose for the yesterday hush and tell me it rendered
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me speechless. while you felt the incredible, the discrepancy between the innocuous flower beds not the lake shimmering beyond or another. and the terrible cruelty which was planned here in this place, the machinery conceived to annihilate european jewelry. martha, the blood, the blood chilling van se conference was intended to coordinate the different areas . rechieve, the overarching goal of the nazi regime rebels to say, which was to increase, extinguish every memory of the jewish people, to fuel dollars tional gum. this was an i elation a mass murder, which was planned in advance on the she watched them from inexplicable hatred and was carried out in a systematic fashion. her aud, lord, 18 years and 7 days and nothing in historical terms. but they are not enough to heal all wounds. torture, lloyd lead rick, there are many rules which have still not been healed. many people still carry.
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those won't wounds, and indeed those wounds will never be able to be heal of a thought of the corner. ladies and gentlemen, hold your heart, damn sherland. the work of remembrance unites our people's, the israeli, and the german people on. so we have remembrance, but we also have a recreation, a rebuilding still over these 8 to years and 7 days our 2 countries have been successful with dodge and rising again with the official from these still national traumas and to create something new to nations hovering between death and life and to nations choosing life every day. and you a say ema val marvin not that the listening car. i bought a car there to la la. i have what's called a buffet my lemma on this thing. so i filled the bowie and choose another color made that bow may live still, body 1st name,
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still more job. all messiah said dorothy, but let buell. so these 2 countries have embark on an unusual journey on the partial reconciliation, al, consolidating their relations. i, on the basis of a courageous friendship, germany and israel had built a bridge law. and we believe in the strength and importance of democracy. and you're in the absolute necessity actually of working to prove served this democracy again and again, no lot of people to people, ties of hosted with go in the cultural and creative field in technology, innovation, trade, science, lobby, academia in medicine. we worked together fe, i'm ugly, cooperates in the security and intelligence fields. and we have important and far reaching corporation between our 2 parliaments, which we have developed. laudermill, deer, germany has made responsibility for the security of israel. one of the cornerstones
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of our foreign policy. they get called germany stands steadfast against anti semitism, few la, including in the form of anti zionism. ha ha, why we sure. and in fly, lateral and international forums. germany has proved again and again, roy, it's awareness of the moral and historical responsibility it has for the existence and security, a state of israel kit, not so our relations are based on trust me, honesty and solidarity of nerd. really, mom if you and this allows us already to tackle challenges being faced by our 2 countries. and indeed challenge is being faced by humanity as a hope we can tackle those challenges together. hola overall, which those challenges include the corona virus and all it's virus idle all his parents but also the climate change change crisis which is posing a challenge to the whole other world. oh,
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clearly only me look good lord lord g. i would like to say thank you once again for the previous federal transfer angle america for all of this a, she'll be suicide. she only recently retired from her long term in office. lamar and i have, she has consolidated german niece strength and has worked on untiring lee in consolidate relations between our 2 countries. so thank you very much. angle american middle were do god's little girl marya, ladies and gentlemen. federal chancellor oliver shot record of it. the state of israel, she's counting on you actual names and we know that you will continue this tradition which has been developed over so many years. and we know that we'll continue to work on the relations between our peoples and state. single ladies and gentlemen,
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we have done a great deal, or yet we still have our responsibility or responsibility to do even more or less. and we retain hundreds of this remembrance in order to don't shoot gone support humanity in the future with the whole and for eternity. li delish graham. in the end however, we need to create a vision from this remembrance on a we need to plan a future together with how, which is based on the shared values and shared our dreams. we must bring together our young children at the doors, the generation of the grandchildren, great grandchildren, the 3rd and 4th generations, and all those generations still to combine licky dual deed. we must encourage them to work together. liberals lost in the interests of a history or fall of inspiration and founded on the values of democracy, freedom and tolerance. mcgill my will. these are values with germany and israel sharing shalana, but we must hust foster the good in our young men and women. there must warn them
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against hating others simply because they are different. that all that the that the war did the law, the eternal war and terrible warning, short holler cause a bill of the european jewel is more or never again, never again. little were dole with this morning. sure ladies and gentlemen. 80 years and 7 days ago, the mel. yeah. they wanted to annihilate the jewish people. what amino will it since
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then are people has risen once again we have an independent states, maybe not our historic homelands. the state of israel high school domain is to day we want to remember we will always remember and we want together to build a bright future. legally smith's the uni waggish law at the land before i finish by my promise, i would like here in this place to remember the dead scottish i will read an excerpt from the cottage prayer, the jewish prayer motto, which honors the souls of the deceased. a cow damage doff. see door, you would please. i will read the cottage from a jewish cray. i bought my at bush, which i borrowed, especially for to day from the yard for shame, holocaust remembrance center. how you this prayer book was used by
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a jewish chairman, boy by slim washed knots, his bar mitzvah on the 22nd of october 1930 acre. in april or shortly before the november pilgrim. i do all the killing, also known as christina lee, finish up shortly before that life hardly thought he was meant to live. so was chatted, mitzi, or begin manya, was shattered by reality in germany. a mother do mamma. that was prayer book ebony which against the background of the atrocities of the holocaust hill, both silent witnessed light the walls of stone and steel of this building. feel good dish. so you, slade, i will now read their kaddish prayer for israel. it good loudly kadesh him a blow from belmont. the bill off killed day family. manhood day. bates must
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balcony vehicle ever miss you behave hon. oberon, cornel. obey the horn. betty. sail burglar with his mom, curry v mo. a mean o says shalom. be more bub hoover coma vs is shalom a little cold. oh, i knew to the alba to doorbell nicky levy speaker of these really parliament.


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