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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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we and not a because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to a 77 percent now. every weekend on d w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is did every news live from berlin and hot water? britain scandal,
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head prime minister fights for his political life wars. johnson tells parliament he welcomes a new police investigation and parties held at his residence during lockdown. as public anger grows, also coming up on high alerts. russia launches combat readiness drills near the border with ukraine. the kremlin accusing the united states of escalating tensions after it orders 8 and a half 1000 troops to be prepared for potential deployments in eastern europe. also tragedy at the africa cup of nations in cameras. at least 8 people are killed and dozens injured in a stampede. eddy stadium entrance and heavy snowfall causes havoc in the turkish city of istanbul and leaves passengers stranded at the airport.
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ah, i'm loyal heart. thank you so much for joining us. well, we begin this broadcast in the u. k, where all eyes are on prime minister bores johnson in a dramatic development. police are now investigating allegations that parties were held ad downing street that breached cove at 19 log down restrictions. mister johnson now faces perhaps the biggest crisis of his leadership, with calls for his resignation growing louder by the day. bonus. johnson is under fire again for attending his own birthday party. at downing street in june 2020 a body that broke lockdown rules at the time. london metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry. so well, cook permits decision to conduct its own investigation. but to go, i believe this will help to give the public with clarity. it needs and helped to draw a line under matters at the time cove and restrictions did not allow more than 2
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people to meet in doors. and a series of leaks suggest that a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is that 30 people gathered that his wife was there and that the interior designer was there as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife and an interior designer rocked up at work. ah, there was kristi's k o birthday cake and a celebration. it preaches the rules, labor profit as the investigation, luna light calls for johnson to resign are increasing across the political spectrum . yes, i think the public might there, melissa, i think public opinion has already concluded that he broke the rules that he might on that he hasn't told the truth about it. i mean,
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he hasn't got the authority to lead the com freight when we're in the middle of huge challenges, and therefore he has to go for the good of the country. i commission in the pin. now, johnson may still found bullish, but if enough, con the weight of m. p. 's decide their leader has gone too far, the prime minister could be forced to resign, apologized sincerely for the 2nd hour to london. did his correspondence, bigot mos is covering this the ongoing unfolding a story, a beer gets? i understand mister johnson addressed a parliament earlier, but he didn't have that much to say. it was very short, leyland, a little bit peculiar, almost like he was distancing himself as though he wasn't really implicated in this investigation. whereas we know this is exactly the subject of the police investigation now into their,
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the conduct of the prime minister and also other staff in downing street where he lives and works and also across other government building. so he is definitely deeply implicated in all this bigot. it's been a relentless stream of damaging revelations that have come to light. you've been reporting on them. and it seems that public opinion is now starting to turn against the prime in a so sick listen to what some people in london a think and then we'll pick it up after that. well then a 2nd, so long as mean so many controversy so far hasn't kicked him out of officer smith teflon pm at the moment, so i've never expected any more from him. totally disappointed. it's just one thing after another rating, and i think that excuses around joy really well to be honest. it's like you said, she probably grew chicago. tribune excuses are we coming from and you know, everything, excuse an apology. the other died a slot and so in all our intelligence failures in teaching, so that dom that we're going to play with. yeah,
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i'll be on this. always vote for it's got go in, roseville goes, singing criticism, their beer get out. how significant is it that the police are investigating a sitting british prime minister? is there a precedent for this it's really a hugely, hugely significant and you can hear it. and the voices of their londoners that are interviewed. people are really better because many of them have made personal sacrifices. there were not able to be with loved ones when they died or were not able to attend funerals. so this really is evoking a feeling and in many people as though there is one rule for them, very strict locked on rules. and another rule for, for the people who make the rules who don't really stick to them at all. and this really gives the impression that the, the moral authority of bonds borrows johnson's leadership is really challenged.
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hugely. and for example, mark drake for the 1st minister of wales, has questioned that moral authority. and he said he is really not fit to leave the country. so, you know, when, when somebody who is the leader of evolved nation and wales, say something like that, that really speaks a very very loudly and the m. p. 's will now have to decide about boys. johnson's future will really be debating amongst themselves whether he really is the right person to lead them into the next election. reagan mass reporting from london burger. thank you. french president emory on my call and german. that chance that all our shorts are meeting in berlin to coordinate their response to tension between russia and ukraine. it was their 2nd face to face chart says mister schultz went to paris days after taking office last month. their meeting comes the day after the 2 leaders agreed that further russian aggression
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against ukraine would have looked very serious. house one says in the sunshine today while the media comes, as russia launched as combat readiness drills involving some 6000 troops near its border with ukraine. that's as the kremlin says, it's watching u. s. actions with quote, great concern. on monday, the u. s. put it in half 1000 troops on heightened alert to be ready to deploy to eastern europe if moscow attacks ukraine. a military standoff and a diplomatic deadlock. almost 2 months since russia began mustering troops on the ukrainian border. the situation remains as tents as ever. with negotiation, stalling between russia and the west, the pentagon has placed 8500 troops on high alert. in case nato decides to deploy. these troops already to support nato state surrounding ukraine rather than ukraine
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itself. again, i want to reinforce that as of now, the decision has been made to put these units on higher alert and higher alert. only no decisions have been made to deploy any forces from the united states at this time in an abundance of caution. the u. s. has also withdrawn personnel from its embassy and key f, mainly family members and children. the while the u. s. readies itself of the west, ukraine's president has called for calm and unity among western nations, touch growth. everything's under control, but there is no reason to panic them. ukraine, secretary of the national security and defense council, downplayed the likelihood of russian invasion yet, but a swine assuming has been exceed literacies glare, amusements of russian federation, armed forces in its territory. only it takes place. oh said, we detect it when law said, but there's nothing that can surprise us. suffolk him of them. perhaps it surprised our foreign colleagues for, but they finally saw the russian armed forces moving wiser. but in his voice, russia continues to demand
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a promise that nato will never allow ukraine to join the alliance. a negotiation non started for nato. yet as long as the diplomatic deadlock remains. so to do fears of an invasion, a silly about the other stories and the headlines right now, the european union has condemned a decision by russian authorities to ad jailed opposition leader alexson of ali, and h of his top allies to a list of terrorists and extremis after surviving being poisoned with a nerve agent, listen, a volley was jailed last here for elizabeth, reaching his parole. the european court of human rights has ruled that turkey's detainment of a german turkish journalist was an infringement of his personal rights with turkey . arrested dennis, you shall in february 2017. accusing him of reading terrorist propaganda. it was attained for $290.00 days. the court ordered on birth to pay 30000 euros
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compensation. the last day of talks between a taliban delegation and western diplomats is underway in all slow norway. tuesdays . meetings include non governmental organizations and are focusing largely on humanitarian aid and greater inclusivity aid groups. estimates that nearly 9000000 people in afghanistan are you. on the brink of starvation. hundreds of people have marched through the streets of bertina, fossils capital in a show of support for the new military lead hunter. it also president or fit, cowboy on monday and suspended the constitution. his government face heavy criticism for it's ineffective response to islamist fight violence, which has left one and a half 1000000 people internally displaced. at least a people have been killed and dozens more injured after fans stormed a soccer stadium, hosting an africa cup of nations match and cameron the stampede took place at the
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entrance of the newly built allan bay stadium in the capital one day. ah, it was supposed to be a night of celebration, but it quickly turned deadly as fans inside limby stadium settled in to watch cameron's national team play camaros tragedy was unfolding outside of oklahoma. the stampede began as thousands tried to force their way into an already packed stadium. as the crowd surged through, the gates security personnel were overwhelmed. those trampled in the crush will rushed to hospital. but the casualties soon became too many for stuff to handle with homes would love me at all my family van to the stadium, and afterwards i get a call to come to the hospital. when i arrived, i find my big sister screaming and my little brother is lying down here and i want them a little further. my nephew, it me,
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i can find the others listening columbia in papa santa kidney. pregnant women just died under your results to a baby yet. you know, you can't find the mother, but the baby's here. now and one insight. there are so many dead into the la yet, and i'm under ml cameron. ian president pulled via, has ordered an investigation into the tragedy, but it will come as little consolation for those whose loved ones were caught in the crush. a large snow storm and cold front is causing chaos and turkey's largest city, a stumble, traffic as ground to a halt, leaving thousands of people stranded overnight and freezing conditions. hundreds of passengers were also left stranded at assemble airport after flights were cancelled travellers stranded in istanbul main airport where hundreds remain in limbo after a heavy blizzard. plains are grounded on snow covered runways, but the scene is far from serene. all flights in and out of the airport are suspended
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. passengers feel their left on their own and one of the biggest airports in the world. when a lot that other we've been him on the 24 hours, we have to go to parents, but we have no information. the apple didn't give us any advice. look enough of muscle. passengers documented chaotic scenes after many were evacuated from stranded flights on monday evening. all over the course of airport cruise worked to free a passenger bus stuck in the snow. one of the cargo terminals collapsed under the heavy snow. miraculously no injuries were reported. outside the airport, the city of around $16000000.00 was also brought to a standstill. thousands spent the night in their cars, waiting to be rescued. istanbul disaster coordination center said over 1500 vehicles. and 7000 people were working to manage the situation. putting the and on the auction with i scattered powerful snowfall but to day,
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especially after 3 pm. there was serious amounts of nonstop snow particular on the european side. his and that is cause a lot of problems out in the field. and work continues either shy, childish molar their mom and you back at the airport. passengers face more hours of waiting as the city digs itself out. a real live days. one moment may soon no longer be the stuff of fantasy, at least and when european countries, abacus, transport ready has deemed a flying car to be air worthy. the air car earned its wings after extensive test flights. the company says certification opens the door to mass production and a revolution from mid distance travel, but aviation experts say it will likely be sometime before transport by flying car really takes off. okay, so you're watching. did every news? we'll see again at the top with


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