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tv   Doc Film - In the Realm of Women - Chinas Mosuo People  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 5:15am-6:00am CET

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sub byron's clean sheet go up in smoke, but you're going eco, comes go with a mere consolation for one, the final score as buyer and extend their lead at the top of the bonus. take a table back to 6 points. and his reminder of our top story, united states has ordered the families of all american personnel at its embassy in ukraine to leave the country non essential. stoffel also asked to leave. the state department says the decision has been under consideration for some time and made concerns over a possible russian invasion. you're watching the dubious life from berlin up next is doctor bull taking a look at some of the hottest music from nigeria. moving people around the world and watching take care bye. ah
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ah, what interest in the global economy? our portfolio. d w business b one. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance . judas, debit head with b, w. business beyond on youtube. ah ah, ah,
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isn't that come with my name is natca natca at 2. like my mother love with you for the most you people, the family name always comes from the mother. it's easy who i am 18 and i live in a large house with my mother's family. ah, how does your disease in one year? you don't live with your father on those who are not mozilla often asked me. where is your father? do you know him and why don't you live with him? show more you again and i explained that the more so don't live with their father. i mean, my father only sees my mother at night. then he goes back home yet. they don't live together. you get heads. ha ha, i mean, i did that helium woodrow cook
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but to do it for the really to sub with with me. mm hm. good. claire. me that wasn't every but the dry not to breathe. dyslexia gala christian was in, in a few days, it will be new year to teach with the do at home. we are preparing for a gathering of the whole family yet year. my aunt are chima is teaching me because i'm supposed to take over from her and yet i see at him while you're chima is are matriarch the head of our family? yes. the most important person in the household joy on. yeah. i know what. yeah. well that is up so know that the jewels would you miss the nurses the for the most so people a man can never be head of the household or a dog or that's for jaw out. as the matriarch i am in charge of the house for
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the meals, the animals that that lundy, i'm in charge of. everything are all harpoon brittany to do that. although he uses when a decision needs to be taken, we discussed it together. was it every one gives their opinion, but at the end of the day, i'm the one who decides yet a lot with me is divinity. we have wall clock. no, i was lucky. i have a lot to learn. if i'm going to become head of the family, especially as ammonia, but i'm not sure that's really what i want. and i'm not very good at it. how gratitude, jamara, martha hazel valley was in old hood, natalie vision does her god, lucy ha! miss. couple closing on you
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to your tablet wasn't what other loudly arc met at all? she ordered her. i was in good be la world class. i believe she she, she usa. we were all on the go. which had had either taught us having them over the can you remember your school manama who household. the matriarch also looks after the family finances tickler marble shuttle you left was all off. what do you think her for dream? we eat dried pig for all festivities and funerals. you were to go, if there's
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a celebration, right, you need to be able to serve it will be, you have had you be georgia and if you have a lot of dried pigs, that means you're rich. you be, it means you've worked hard. you need your hill at home g, she let her 2 years you do. the thought i rich family might have as many as a dozen dried pegs please until da, quantity ship all ga your. we have 7 or 80 in the radio chip up. we'll de la gordon is should your bullet? yeah, i would you on your ever i live with my uncle's. yeah. dear my aunts, my greed, uncle. and my mother. i'm wow. there are about a dozen of us who live in work together and they're here yet. yes,
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cool. another hour was you are. we don't live in couples. we live in our mothers home, all our lives. wow. what men and women, i'm, what is it? it was a luck misaligned. at that a ban. yeah. yeah, yeah. the new j article did there way you know, i don't think it's good to leave is a couple on you. how can 2 people run a whole family, even though quite if you can't take care of everything already? not on a young man in the year, you're better off living like the more so in large families exquisite. by the number you can go, please are you are low in until i take over as me chair can i? i work in the fields with my mother and ask another, it's mainly the women who care for the crops and heard a poor girl. the ear logictree,
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the men handle things like construction work leacock, my ref ah, mistook was in yeah, we manage on her own in the winter vesit to visit at harvest time. my uncle's come and help kenya that you are. my father isn't involved in our daily routine, even though he's been with my mother for 25 years. on one in the near desert, i will, i've never considered living in a couple. and that's one of the most sewell people don't hold hands or kiss when others are around in my companion, and i only see each other at night. i do not join the daytime. he was laughing. as the result, the time we spent together is very pleasant people at that we don't argue which is a good thing though of a year. tim sinead to she did when i got up in the morning,
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i sometimes hear my father leaving or my uncles coming back home averted. ya. how wonder luke was in the senior year young at that time of day, the village is always full of men leaving their companions to go home. yes, good, torn. these are called walking marriages to c. c, because you should be discreet. if you see the man return at home to let sergio teaching ads which nab him a door door to re humans, google, you will go, i have a companion in the village with whom i have 3 children. ours is a walking marriage agreement. and when our relationship started, you know,
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i had to go to her place in the dead of night and return home before sunrise hodges in it, you know, hiding like a thief began. i feel that the tradition usual later when every one knows about it, when you have children, you don't have to be so careful the old quicken. you know, this is a chair, chima is always the 1st out of battery. one of her tasks as matriarch is to keep the fire burning and grandmother's room danya hub will awesome when it isn't when the horror jude this is the most important room for the most zulu of the one. yeah, everything takes place here. lasonya keith. well, this is where we cook, where we eat, where we welcome gasoline, a digital volatile mulatto ruffled being as a nudity. our own apparatus,
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fire must never be allowed to go out. see our new because if the ancestors see that the fire has gone out after thou sink that, we're not going to prepare food for them. and that we forgotten them. digital that are just you and yet in the colonial to, didn't it not . but to william, the matriarch really has a central role in the family or family visit j g organizes everything we do throughout the year. everything we do each day rogers and when she says something you have to do as she says hardware usually, i don't know if i want to be the next matriarch. i'd rather be
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a dancer. need to read you. i spent a few months on tour with the dance group and i'd like to leave again after new year's day. but my family is worried no 8 years from one to one day. my aunt, her chima, will be too tired to go on near em. when that happens, a girl must take her, please walk and all my female cousins have left the village. they're all counting on me to be the future. head of the family could be sure it was the other one in the military via or when i was young. i also thought about leaving the but i convinced myself that i should stay and become the matriarch quarter dirty in weatherford, but that her, it is true. it's a big responsibility he had was it says source of pride as well to flesh you like
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how much in her or to die little due to be t as the soon to be t. i don't know what natca will decide to do with her life as i hope she stays at home depot. and yet i am the 8 here. i would love me. good, you know, get, can you agreed you should though, that our family is counting on naca to be the next matriarch and, but we know she wants to leave it, says lucy, judy in obviously that's worrying. florida took her. she took no good. we have no choice in there are no other girls in the family to take over the new did you. it's to you when you t and yeah, our hands are da da, so i know what's expected of me. i've given myself until the new year to decide sequel i junior le ledger d as a one you there. oh
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no mm yes go what would you do that there are 50 or so families in the village that what do we live from our harvests and our heard sonia. wonderful. we're going to be yeah. well that, yes, with your during my childhood we were very isolated a lot recently as a lick. we all have cell phones now it should still add some wine id. dad, you are his no you but a lot of young people are leaving the village shadow and often they don't return for life. is it?
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yes, should i go to, you know, when you heard though? yeah, but i have a friend who is in a similar position to a junior as i take a big a day. i got the television. i yeah. i kinley. yeah. dirt de merger tear to duma is also expected to take over his head of the family. this washer, she laughed and came back. julia told yorba when i come in the down the go to little what would you like some tea in the cover? oh no, thank you. just as a joke, if you leave who's going to lead the dancing of the village parties will be lost
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without you either. oh, well you just always come back for new year. ceo had fun but you but you are a lot really. you my get. i'll be back for the parties, and anyway, every one knows how to dance. now. i can't dance at that glum. won't go africa. one if you do leave, when would it be on the line right after the holidays here, so soon? yeah. and what are you going to do after new year viejo, aka, and yeah, i'll stay in the village and carry on. doing the same thing. i you can either eva eva through or do you like it here in the village to valhalla no. g o, it's all right. in any case i don't have a choice. i'm going to become the matriarch is the one we're handling. i'm sure you'll be a great me chair close to us like, you know, to do when you know how to little one with the ah kinyata dom. well i am i ready to have the same life as duma, alicia, the mother,
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i know it hasn't been easy for her either to deal with. ah, as from the one i was very undecided when i was younger to i wanted to live in a couple like there do elsewhere know, you know, when i got my family wouldn't allow me to leave because i'm the only girl in my generation. i want to know they insisted i stay at home with them. i've gotten used to it and now i like it washer said hey, am i pod they all i i never year woke up in missouri culture. i boy would usually have to come and scratch at my door to tell you that. and if i don't want to sleep with him or do you that i just don't open it. are you? are you the only my companion and i met outside the village and so he couldn't come and scratch it, my dog. hello, good. now we have
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a walking marriage. law says, i see, i mean as it were, while law other on the bill is all with was acquitted among yeah. troy and maria new cartridge. however. say at the yoga i 90 or so when you were now her dear that the major let down now to mesh i know that i bring up my son alone you're i live here with my mother's family and he works in town to earn money. he only comes back once a year that we've adapted the tradition of it is here. he spends a few days at my place and the rest of the time we talk on the phone in my room
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though you won't get it done. yoga, i jump in the yard and i went into the advantage with a walking marriage, is that the woman is independent. i did one where you really i just her queen. you can live without a husband, or there's no need to be in a couple to bring up a child. i little in our missouri community. children are reared by the entire family on a job. i english teacher law said the coin. i think it had the c'mon car, then they look that yes is i see your logo. oh, this enormous sewell couple. there are many things you don't share that when you do see each other, you're always happy to be together mit. i will listen faster, busy on till the nuclear you where in other cultures ward, it's fine. if a couple gets on well, what if they don't they separate and the children end up just with the father a with the mother and they're unhappy. they lack affection with her to live with
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them or so a separation doesn't change anything with you. the whole family is still there to look after the children did the lumber over my rama. with lou teenager, the one i'm not sure i'll make the same decision as duma be in love, but if i leave, what will become of my family. yeah. oh yeah. ah .
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did you really want to go? no, for just the last. i want to be a dancer. i'd like you to stay on the what are you sure. no good. i'd like to leave on the 15th of this or that. we're yeah, every dirges you around my uncle do g as upset. roger, i don't like that. i was you for us and uncle is very important to you on. yeah, he's taken care of me since i was really young. boy micra. all good. it would really be so much better if you stayed to help us. don't you think? welcome was a girl. our 3rd, yes i want to help you, but 1st i want to leave just for 2 years and then i'll come back. i've already contacted a dance curvey. awfully senior up with even though you want to leave. but you know nothing of the outside world. to be careful. do g o, we're still strong enough to work in the fields via law. my uncle, they led knock her go and, and some money to see her. could she still young?
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let her see a bit of the world. we'll, we'll go via logo, but knacker, you know, when we get older, we'll be counting on ya. emily's o'neill, all go to st. louis, missouri to god. we're short handed at home. i can't afford to hire anybody. we need you electric was let go. what am, what, what that's enough as her let her decide to do her cuz she's young. if she leaves us when she'll come back. well, if the matriarch gives you the go ahead, i'll go along with it. on got her today. mm. yeah. there's someone else who might be able to help me
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decide or job with. i've been invited to go and see the neighbors this evening. they're having a party because their daughter lama was back for a few days. lama left the village a few years ago senior. oh, i knew that because i wasn't know that i wouldn't go with i'm a genius, good milan who has given up our traditions to do now. she runs a restaurant unit area with a lot of tourists of the latitude. you can use it all of a high end by what do you see? tough to go to that. but yeah, i had to do a joke with near to who have already been to see lamar, her restaurant, her life is nothing like ours. i'm envious. i'll admit it. oh no one is albany
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a human. what a while ago that is a new quote with oh, you can get with with keith
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senior. i've accepted llamas invitations yet. i'm going to spend a day with her not call a less law test editor suki though. if you have hulu, push it out from them. go. ah, i'm legit. she's lama lives at lou galena viejo. it's a 2 hour drive from the year. ah, well, did you a few years ago with like traveling half way around the world, it was an 8 hour journey along a dirt track to get to the lake. ah . kiss and let the turmack road comes
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a little closer every day with you. it'll reach the village soon with. what was it? ah, yes. if i leave to go dancing, it will be in one of the lakeside towns not far from where my friends restaurant is . ah, what does your cla she cheese you are there didn't induce to be many people here? did my job now it's become very touristy about it's you graduate. they're careful with your ah, jimmy, a kid, sit there, a new roads and an airport. thousands of visitors come here now. hampton, you see us through la masula. he's a junior high school. they come to hear a language and discover customs. ah,
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yeah. you can yet if i dance it will be for tourist. he said to me, and i'll be able to earn some money towards the tree or g, she led value. i love, i love a ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, several. so he's and he'd be love with him. i wasn't a good this is diana. i'm with her while i'm who didn't just leave the village. she also got married. here she, valero, she no longer lives like a more through oh, there. her marriage caused a big scandal toward the daughter our hand to come off any of this time for a break. i'm exhausted about her can understand so many customers. and when you know, you know, you shouldn't pay too much attention to what your family says in your,
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it's your life, or for profit. your, that i'm so i'm over to back when you decided to leave her. how was it? i should thing love for you. i really love for, oh wow. we really went through the mill into hinesville is his, like he decided to get married, but the family was totally against it yet. no said to me, you want to leave us now that we're old for all gone. you don't want to live with your family any more while and your cousin is still in school. it's your duty to be head of the family diesel rizzo. and how are we supposed to code me the opinion? no more that i got to read that must have been really tough for you. and i didn't know what to do. i had a lot of misgivings, but i was in love, so i decided to get married her year. that's all a young and, well, you can't argue with love to buy your why he didn't come
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towards santiago, we just celebrated the marriage with the small meal. and tanya and my uncle didn't speak to me. my mother didn't speak to me. in fact, no one spoke to me because of my decision awkwardly, he'll all longer ah, emblematic potential with her. you've seen the piece you as a mozilla. you. so dearest, always think that the more sewer a promiscuous that we're always changing partners. highland i to one night with one man the next night with another on winning as manually been the us for yeah. you feet. yeah. although i'm always telling them that it's the opposite. we're very faithful to who to lee judy. if each roberta did, you left it here, i was vain says touch. they say no, you more sue or don't get married. you have
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a different man every evening as to jada, the guides have told us all about it. that really gets on my nerves so delicious. what i do, she didn't leave the israel deshar. yes. and i explained that even if we're not officially married, we're only with the man. we love our thy mia asia in our midst. if i t to play and it was the same thing in our parents time, year on board or you could, you did your, you won't be as you turn narrative with us as worn. like, like what is true is that more sewer women have more freedom than women elsewhere in here do. she vowed love lives or our business to wish we choose to love. and he is on the corner with your unequal historical door to your school. the 1st tourists have started appearing in the village. now kesh
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it's, it's wild. oh, oh. oh, ah supply junior, would you tonight were hosting a group of 30 at the house for the 1st time at the u. haul long? yeah, i can tell that our cima is a bit overwhelmed. we've been preparing for quite some time. especially uncle dugeon raj accurate be there yet. oh, there's you. as it took him 5 years to build the 1st guest house in the village without a single nail 100, that's how it's done here for you. but he needed authorization from our matriarch 1st ads, which actually took some convincing. what poison thus more clear to, sir, do to say it was complicated at 1st,
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upon the family didn't agree or to show that they said we already have a house in. there is no point in building another one. your gang. there'd be less land for farming pavilion letters to burns roulette. jacqueline, so i said, but even if we harvest 2000 kilos of potatoes you will barely earn 2000 you on duty or know which to get. but if we build a guest house isn't gonna, we'll earn a lot more money on paper. just as it is. that's what convinced them, alexandra, i never got there are 2 bathrooms. if you want to take a shower, you could you explain what rules we need to follow here. oh, which one? good. well, when you're with more so people remember if there are brothers and sisters in the same room, hope you don't talk about walking marriages message. that's all okay, fine for talk radio. oh i oh, everyone. come here. you go. the one who here her she's not very
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difficult to respect the local cultures rules. so don't worry. you can gender who appeals. roger, just one thing, no questions on sexual matters. oh, like all your group was a and another no swearing, they all understand chinese new i was for sure. i give her fuller, full order from hop, oliver your how are apart from that, you can take as many photos as you like. but ask permission 1st to what we were. we problem for you to put up did you, did you live here or you could some people say that the arrival of tourists will make our customs disappear. ma'am much my uncle do g doesn't agree. he thinks that if we want to keep our traditions alive, i think we will sure, dresser. double you could say i think it's fine. it will bring in a bit of money. yeah. hey,
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lisa. ah. kids feel for the day, the new year's festivities began. i need to decide with my, with ah. 2 my indiana to virginia school saw me pray for a good year. lower level, let her be near gwinnett, if i leave, it may turn out to be the most in or to your of my life. oh,
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i long. yeah. and i will do. my cousin dower has come back for the celebrations on you visiting your under normal circumstances. she would be our families next matriarch patricia was but she laughed to look in town. we could do that. she is a child with a chinese man. who isn't marcella? dear walk, would you it's unusual to see a couple in the village which is jamar g o valencia, pleasure. i see. it used to be a big problem when people from the village. so a couple everyone would mock them bank to barrier. she said, but it's different now or the people are more open minded. numbered in my bedroom, i think it's good to bring up children with your partner. i'm gisela and they're the same time when you're a coupled. you don't get that same family atmosphere where everyone helps each
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other. so who landed? it's very individual and i'm like, they're very egotistical. and i me and it's true. i sometimes regret not having stayed where me up, but it's normal that my cousin is thinking about leaving her with the to the young . she wants to broaden her horizons here. her friends of left him. if she leaves, i hope she comes back in a few years to crush it. hello, lee. good. tear the vendor collateral ah, a tricky bas dancers and lightening along with those in look,
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that's me. bear with me father. huh. oh and you'll mowgli her. you have to be careful. if you go to live in town. it's dangerous. they're not kind like they are in the village for thieves out there and liars, up after work, you must go straight back home. don't go out walking in the evening so there is no you're which do you prefer? was the living as a couple in town. they are living here our this, our birthday. i missed the more so a family life a bit and a good meal are in town. i look half to my daughter alone. our beauty where is with the more so everybody lends the hand. all, you know, i'm young dylan, it's true. yeah. here everybody would help out with your daughter now that would allow along the line to saddle song to little ah,
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the by word you with your work with this evening. i'm going to dance in the village. had you that one of my aunts helps me get ready. you do a good lit, hooking mobile mobile in missouri culture. you look off to your sister's children in the same way as you look after your own. they all need to be treated the same. if you show any favoritism, it creates problems. it's because we don't distinguish between our own children and those of our sisters, that the family always lives in harmony with their home. to so good in your school was one of the neighbors. sons turned 13 this here. in missouri culture, this march, the transition to adulthood. it's a very important moment to you that a ah
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ah ah, i know my mother has come to watch me. she should be in the man playing the flute as her companion. my father, when you have a you do i really love dancing for? i think that my decision is made. oh i did. if you could give me
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a call. this also was yes most. oh yes, it's with whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, now. oh wow, oh, mm t is here, the horn yaeger on your, on the 8th day of the year, did we all go to the hill side to prayer? it's the end of the new year celebrations in and for me it will be the last village party for a long time. good on your world. decide it. i leave to morrow,
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california a with be a see i'll i know i'm going to miss them all with ah ah .
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with 219. 19. ah, thank you. you bet. oh good. now i
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did this. tina scott: my good luck with you when someone leaves you the more so i don't care for more, they don't embrace and they don't cry in my door leaving must be done with joy as though you will return very soon as you add one year geography. ah, ah ah aah! farm the 1st they meet in japan. school kids are learning early on
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where their food actually comes from. and to respect, nature is provisions. the result a healthier diet and like obesity, school him take so good. 3000. next d w. ah, the super latino is simmering, being with euro and if agree and field near naples, rumbling once again, researchers are monitoring a change in their volcanic gases. they are familiar with the signs of a potential blast. but spontaneous super volcanic eruptions are still shrouded in mystery. to morrow to day in 30 minutes on d w. o
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. thinker is a sport of the colors and the children in this mountain village of them all. but can every one be adorned with them regardless of gender? emma, where is blue, the color of her favorite. but sexist traditions prevent her from going to games and play with an insurmountable obstacle. little girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah.


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