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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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ah, some of this, i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i shall my got my license to work as a swimming instructor here. sure, now i teach children not adults to swim just what's your story? take part, share it on info, migrant dot net. ah, ah, ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, mutiny in became a facet soldier safe control at the barracks, demanding military bras resign. as anger rises over the countries inability to stop
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an islamist insurgency will get the latest from like a dog. also coming up ukrainian soldiers patrol their border as more than 100000 russian troops, mass on the other side, us and its allies and defensive weapons to kill. but germany faces growing criticism for refusing to help. ah m. anthony howard walk into the program. the government of bikini faso has called for com after soldiers mutiny, demanding more support for their fight against islamist militants and the resignation of military leaders. hundreds of protesters have gathered to show their support for the meat in is some burned and looted the headquarters of the ruling party. the ominous sound of tear gas fired on protests as by
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security forces. on saturday, a crowd gathered in the keno fast those capital wagons do, grew dissatisfied with the government and president rock of boris inability to control that you had an insurgency. this troubled the country for 7 years. your full crew, earth or maps. rock must go. we all agree on that. we believe that the government is catastrophic. listed. well, good luck. we're not a catastrophic, catastrophic in always, especially when it comes to security. you could apply reply jiggly dear when i'm panel member. the next day fir, the signs of unrest. this time from the army. heavy gunfire coming from several barracks in the capital plus disrupted internet connections prompted fears of a clue. the defense minister was quick to get on the air to deny the government had lost control mobile immersion dooku rama. the government has confidence in the army
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which remains committed to the republic. we asked the people to remain calm to carry out their duties. we are following the developing situation so we can provide information on the real reasons for the shootings who handle good. so i can tell you that for the moment everything is under control and we ask our army to continue to support our republic and carry out its mission to protect its territory. and its people, it is, it was you and the protection of t. twa it plus, the unrest comes just a week off to 12 people, including a senior army officer, were arrested on suspicion of planning to d, stabilize institutions in the country. on the streets that were support for the army in the wake of attacks linked to al qaeda and the islamic state group, thousands of died in recent years, and around one and a half 1000000 have been displaced. all right, let's talk to henry wilkins. a journalist in wagon to good, thanks so much for your time, henry. there are rumors of a possible qu in became
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a foster, but the government denies an army takeover. what is actually going on then? yeah, i think what we're seeing at the moment is a full scale to for this morning when i wake up, this is already been gone. since about 5 i am. so i could see the capsules largest military base. i was down there around about 7 morning in the military from that base have taken over the entire base. i in fact, detainees also half an hour off. so i was trying to take pictures and get your list is long. it will show control to be the government was in detention. the minister to friends was on national television
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a saying that the situation was troll. obviously, a situation not the right. one of the people support for this, henry, a military revolted, such an extreme solution. what problems to the people face that they are? they believe that this is a workable viable solution to what i currently have. well, between the 1st so it's been a war with terror groups linked to al qaeda and islam explained for 6 years now is the conflict which they are not the state is not winning. so the military has to stream pressure. this is one of the least developed countries in the world with the military to match. and then in november of last year, a military base laws, why a temporary link to al qaeda which hadn't been supplied with
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food for, for 3. we'd like to protest in the capital, watching tv and widespread military as well about the, the government's ability to handle the insecurity which has been suffering for 6 years now. in re wilkins. great to get your insight. thanks so much for your time. thank you for having ok, let's take a look now. some of the other stories making headlines around the world. belgian police had fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse, demonstrate as protesting against covey. 19 measures. tens of thousands took the straits of brussels after the government announced that people will need booster shots to gain access to bars cinemas and some other venue. a fire at a popular nightclub in the camera, indian capital, yet one day as killed at least 17 people were 30,
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say the play spread to an area where cooking gas was being stored, triggering loud explosions. a tragedy comes as cameron host, the africa cup of nations football tournament. talk to runaway in our slow between the taliban members, evac and civil society and western diplomats. it's the tell events 1st, official exchange with the western european soil, after seizing power, last august or military aid is arriving in give from the west, poland, britain, and other democracies as ukraine faces the threat of a possible new invasion by russia. one country, so far, refusing to help ukraine, is germany and its coming under pressure from its allies to take a stand as russia masses, its forces along ukraine's borders. moscow, however, insists it has no plans to launch an attack. it's been dubbed the new cold war with relations between russia and the west as
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biting as the weather on ukraine's eastern borders. with the british foreign officers publicly accused president putin of planning to install this pro russian politician as a new ukrainian leader model. you have had more, i have a fee is critical key. if pivot to the west has denied the claims even lost the and the russian foreign ministry branded the assertion fake news. the united states is continuing to send military equipment to ukraine. the britons, deputy prime minister on sunday, played down the probability of boots on the ground. i think i think it is extremely unlikely. and, but that doesn't mean that we won't do everything that we can short of that to sure up and strengthen the position of ukraine in taking defensive measures. and also to be clear that there would be a very severe economic price to pay up to
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a $100000.00 russian troops have a master ukraine's boulders over recent months with moscow demanding that ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. putin is also denied. he is planning to talk, but those living on ukraine's frontier with russia are far from reassured with life on the edge of something very terrible. it's caring. so yes, i can say i'm of scale for now daily life continues. but as a political temperatures plummet, people here are all too aware how quickly that could all change as great as michael committee with us now. he's a history professor at the catholic university of america, and a former state department expert in the president obama era. welcome to you.
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western politicians say there is a very real of risk of a russian invasion into your crime. michael, what's your system? i think that's absolutely correct. well, you want to be a little bit careful about the word invasion. there are many kinds of russian tools of interference that may not be technically speaking, a kind of ground invasion. but that to a sort of conventional ground invasion is absolutely within the realm of the possible u. s. and the other countries have sent already sent are of agreed to st weapons to ukraine. michael, you talk about pulling different leavers. is this enough to make russia reconsider its position? does this change anything? it may change a few of the kind of smaller calculations that russia is making. i don't think it's enough to change the overall calculus to do that. the west would have to assist with air power,
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which would be an enormous step. and i think we could credible promise or threat to russia, putting boots on the ground to the event of a wider action, or if there's really skepticism or, or like just do that from washington to london to berlin de brussels. germany market has been accused by the crating and government of not showing enough support compared to its nato allies. do you see a truth in that? i don't. i think that germany is being consistent. the chancellor, america's policy is going back to 2014 in which chapter america and sat at the argue that there was no military solution. obviously, the situation is, is changing, but germany remains integral to the current sanctions regime on russia and germany would be of interest in future sanctions regime in the event of a wider war. it seems to me that it's germany is right, you know, not involved with talk militarily and what's going on. and i think that's probably consistent with the use of the german public. so it's germany's choice me and,
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and i think it's a reasonable and, and from the, the russian side, vladimir putin has always warned of an eastwood expansion of nato. if this conflict this relationship solvable in any way, even if the current tensions are resolved, i think it is, but it's, it's immensely difficult. it would require extraordinary diplomatic efforts and luck really from both sides of this. at this stage, russia has increased the temple of things that such an extent has militarized situation that has levied a series of unreasonable demand on the west. it's, it's near impossible to respond to that in the short term. but if innovation is averted and there's time, perhaps the temperature goes down a little bit. there isn't center on both sides to figure out a solution to prevent future that doesn't involve a wider regional war. so i think a small bit of hold, but you have to be very, very optimistic to believe in a, in the short term mark. okay. great daddy long. really appreciate it. thank you so
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much for having me. ah, sport down doors. menda, keeping the pressure on by munich at the top of the bundle like a table after bidding hoffen heim, in a $32.00 thriller curling hall and open the scoring early on after some craft eating play in the builder. and on break from marriage equalized before half time for half an hour with his 100 to go for the club after the break. dockman captain marker royce, with the visitors back ahead before own go further extended their lead. another late go for hoffen home was not enough as dormant went home for once. with all 3 points on your building have moved up in the champions league qualification places . would you believe it after a victory away from home against per shipment? in glad back. it was max cruiser who wrapped up the 3 points with this winner in
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the 84th minutes. it's been incredible. wait for when you on the bait local rivals hatter to book a place in the german cup for the final. they now find themselves 4th. in the bonus league, a table in only the 3rd season in the top flight. remarkable. all right, let's take a look at the rest of this weekend's results. in said bonus league away last year's 4th place finishes both burg, have suffered yet another loss. the fate against leipzig means of the wolves are now windless. in 9 games in the league. the final game of match day 20 is currently underway between hatter and and bon munich. the league leaders of course on satellite la vacation thrashed out spoke bolcom drew with cologne, foot managed a 2nd victory of the season. over mites and fryeburg, one against a lowly stood guard friday's game. so billy fell bait frankfurt to nail away from home. and you can see the rest of the boat revolts there. now. now the 10000 sports fans attending an indoor hockey game in the u. s. last night
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near the forecast i down pole. and after the 1st gulf scored by the hunting, the hershey bears as they known. well, the rain began teddy bears by the thousands, the 10s of thousands. the teddy bear toss is a kid's charity event held every year by the 2nd tier club in the state of pennsylvania. and the players seem to like it to, they're in there somewhere, but organizes were confident i would surpass the last is teddy total of nearly $45000.00 bays the children in need. okay, that's a way to put you smile on your face for the end of the show you watching daily news up next. will stories coming up after a short break? don't forget the website is there at all times of day to be found at d. w dot com stay with us.


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