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finally, they gave up and went by me on my side with a sewing machine. so and i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing them . and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties and social rules. and inform them about their basic rights. my name is the about the home and i work with this is dw news life from berlin, more lethal aid on its way to ukraine as
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a u. s. and its allies to send a defensive weapons to care of germany, faces grow in criticism for refusing to help ukraine as tens of thousands of russian troops prepare for a possible you invasion. also coming up, nigeria, i in blustering form, has to knock out stage, gets on the way the africa couple of nations. we talked to our correspondent in lagos, to catch the mood before the big game against tenicia. ah, i am eddie micah junior and you are welcome to the program. military aid is arriving in kiev from the u. s. poland. britain and about democracies as ukraine phases, the threat of the possible new innovation by russia. one country so far, refusing to help you train is germany. and it's coming on the pressure from its allies to take a stand as russia masses. its forces along the grains bought us moscow insist house,
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no plans to launch on a talk to the russian military flexing its muscles in the worn at region bordering ukraine. moscow denies its planning and invasion, but with this slick video released by its defense ministry, it at least wants to send the message that it's ready to fight. there is real concern in the region about russia's motives. russian troops are now positioned in bella, rues, all along russia's border to crane and our mast in eastern ukraine, where fighting has been ongoing for years. further to the north, the baltic states of estonia, latvia and lithuania, are promising to support ukraine with shipments of weaponry and military support. arguing that diplomacy alone can't prevent an armed conflict.
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aggressiveness, who said the 1st letter guide him was the aggressor always weighed impossible. losses also use and likely damage also i did in my, i think i had a strong state or capable of defending itself for the steve is really the only way in to increase the chances of a peaceful resolution. oh, really me there plus years to be just was that it however, it's a principle of deterrence not endorsed by germany, which has disappointed kiya by refusing to supply weaponry to crane. because now off the cuff comments by germany's naval chief have added more fuel to the diplomatic fire chi of him shown by on a visit to india, said russian president, vladimir putin probably deserve respect. and that the crimean peninsula annexed by russia would not return to ukraine. just looking to somebody who could you call me up in los is go look um this is this effect. uh,
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we have to do that. oh oh, the go issues ah, actually squished you most. these remarks have now cost him his job, and the fo paw has added to the misgivings in kiev over germany stance on ukraine. but with the uncertainty looming, ukraine has been assured that it doesn't stand alone. the u. k. sent anti tank missiles earlier this week, and the 1st delivery of u. s. military supplies has already touched down. meanwhile, residents in kiev formed a human chain in celebration of ukraine's national unity day. hoping that opposing sides can still come together and hold on to their stated goal of a diplomatic solution. oh, wow. that's bring indeed of ye correspondent of my t as burlingame who joins us funky of mother. yes. tell us exactly what has been
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provided and what this means for the conflict now. whereas ukraine is now procuring mostly light weapons, anti tank missiles, also systems to detect our cheerily artillery positions on the other side. and it has been procuring jones everything that might be needed in the case of a land invasion by tanks and by, by troops are from the other side. there is a long shopping list in ukraine, of other systems of more complicated, more sophisticated systems. but this is not the priority right now, they would need to years to build vessels for example, and they would need additional training. so right now ukraine is trying to my everything that can be used against the tank invasion. now, while tensions are being diffused, the u. k says that kremlin is trying to install pro ration leadership in ukraine.
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what has the reaction been to this accusation? well, this, this or the, the u. k. has released the list of 5 names that russia considers her to install somehow here and key of as a proxy government, but it has provided no additional information. so this communication raises more questions than it does answer and a we, we do absolutely not. know what the scenario is that the, that the ukraine u. k. services have intercepted here. are these people who are in line for a possible government? if russia would invade ukraine? are they planning to do something here behind the lines? what is clear, however, is that a popular uprising is probably not going to bring these people into positions. they are form officials from a government that has been housed it in 2014 by the people. 4 of them have fled to
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russia and they're mostly very unpopular here in ukraine. and meanwhile, in germany there's also been controversy about comments made by the countries now for my navy chief, our s k. every act into that well, one could say that these remarks by the navy chief, has some are tipped emotions over the top here, has long, long been unhappy with germany for 2 reasons. one is the north gym to pipeline that is seen here as a weakening ukraine's position by circumventing it's in terms of gas deliveries to europe. and the other thing that key of this unhappy about is germany is refusal to provide weapons to ukraine. and not only to sell weapons on its own, but also blocking weapons from other countries. for example, the baltic states, one to re sell weapons that they once procured in germany,
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to ukraine, and germany has so far, not given green light for these trans actions. so germany, while a voicing support for ukraine, is accused here of not standing to its words, dw correspondent, my the as bellinger reporting from kia, thank you. the border between poland and bella. ruth has been in the headlines for months now. since those scenes went around the world of migrants, stranded in bella, luce and desperate to cross into poland, which is a you territory. now pull on plans to build a wall to replace the raise a wire fence between the 2 countries. it's a mr. stop dose. illegal crossings by undocumented migrant residents of the ancient be of asia forest. this links and these walls caught on camera traps at the end of last year. this 600 year old forest is home to an
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estimated 12000 species of wildlife. christoph smith studies these animals, and he says the government plan to build a 186 kilometer wall, 5 and a half meters high on the countries border with paras will have a devastating effect on the genetic mix. from the moment when the war will be fully constructed, then we will have 2 different populations, completely separated from each other. and it will affect the day, the future. it will affect the sustainability of this population. because if we divide populations into smaller and smaller in a sub populations, then they survival is, is more and more a vulnerable he moved the forest is already divided for animals by roads and intersected by multiple rail lines. the government wants the wall to keep out asylum seekers who were crossing the border pushed by the government of neighboring
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belarus. i've been reporting on the issues on the border for a number of months now, and this is the closest i've been able to get to the border just over there, maybe 300 meters away is the board offense. and the border guard say that while the numbers have continued to drop, the numbers of people crossing the austell attempts to break down the razor wire fences and to get people into poland who the gods intercepted 32000 people in november last year. now though, there's just a handful per day people in this area continuing their usual winter activities, while the heavily guarded exclusion zone remains in place. the government says the building of the wall is happening in consultation with wildlife experts. mr. ms promised that i'm aware that there are places in the national park, the boucher forest, which needs a special conservation. she called you looking out the details. i'm sure that all the gods who are completely responsible for building the wall. they are tasked to
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build the wall with consideration of the natural environment. benji brought up with a quest is, goes on zillow. sure, the risk back in the forest crystal says his institute has provided the government with a plan for wildlife pathways through the rule to prevent the division of animal populations . and he hopes it will be followed. let's now look at some more stories making headlines around a wild. heavy gun fire has the wrong out from several military backs on the prison and looking at fossils capital. they do go as messages circulate and social media, more gunshots. any possible military. cool. the defense minister says the president of the country has not been detained. a fire the popular night club in the communion capital. yeah. only has killed at least 16 people authority see the blaze. it spread to one area where cook and gas was being stored, triggering loud explosions. the tragedy comes as cameroon hose,
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the africa cup of nations football tournament. talking about the african couple of nations. it's getting serious as the knockout phase begins in cameroon, sunday's big match fits one of the favorites. nigeria, excuse me, nigeria will play and again see to mission, team ravaged by coven, i jerry a cruise to the group stage, a 3 time champions where the only team to win 3 games out of 3. they are heavily tipped against tenicia, who sneaked into the last 16 after coming 3rd in the group. but he did well to qualify at all after a cuban 19 now to week left them with 10 players, unavailable. now from one to largest football competition, i'm joined live from legacy by did abuse lisa shakuma. eloise, up, nice to see you again. well, my jerry, i have your favorites against tenicia people in league as a spect thing, a big win or hello eddie. as expected
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delegate shes right here in nigeria. i expect an a very big win for our for the super eagles. are led by this year. a manager august in elk grove. i just like your pointed out, the only seem it is i've count on him so far to win all through that group state matches maximum 9.6 scores, quarterly. one goal considered clarity are favors against just like he pointed to in his yahoo kind of stuttered into the la 16. yeah, well, you can see that again are tournaments deville sounds also camaros. they've been hit hard by covert i had of the, our game against host cameroon. tell us a little about that. or is they a big blow now? sad news for camaros. i did see man who clearly shocked that you know, took are gonna are in their group that they've got about 12 or our team members include in your coach or amir abdul are with gov. it 19 and as include several players and you know, a goalkeeper who got injured against ghana and another goalkeeper out covered night in so it's a big blow for game. don't forget, eddie,
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before the storm and started caff indicated at it seem most plea, provided it can have at least a level glass under pitcher. but if you don't have it recognized goalkeeper, so to speak, a player from that see must going to the post and feel so low yet to see how calmer also navigate this. the, you know, interesting one against that, one of the favorites to and host cameron, who's got that a top strike and, and the goals got weed. 5 goals are vaunted abaca in our cameron. seem of enrollment the reliance. yeah, definitely leave a car. seems to be on fire. oh is hats me elisa when you remind me that gun i was kicked out by a cameras, but i'll let us lay this down. there are some other excited matters in the round of 16, which are you most looking forward to? yes, a puff. i'm the big one between nigeria antony sets a day which a people i will talk about. i'm keeping my eye on the game between. yes, i would happened of the week that is ivory coast versus egypt. not the ivory as when it back in 2015. when it goes in generation offer the likes offer them for the
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match as a city our midfield player, but they've gotta, well, i, myself or egypt. now they started a bit in a group city, but it still qualified behind nigeria, ivory coast blew out. algeria. 3 goes to when a dallas group came to have got that big struck up, i access the past and i lay so many will be waiting to see perhaps if egypt will get themselves against every cause who ivory coast will continue. and his good form to knock out egypt as the game are be looking to watch in this when there are other matches. clearly i have because it has a egypt is the big one. a powerful denise against nigeria. ok, looking forward. elisa shakuma. thank you. watching did of the news up next shift live in in the digital age. i am eddie mike junior, more news at the top of the r. and remember, you can get the latest from around the world any time i d, w dot com, stay with us because it's more coming up
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